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School of Education Portfolio University of Wisconsin – Platteville Artifact Reflection Title of Experience/Artifact: Date Experience Completed: Practicum

in Adapted Physical Education Journal/Adapted Aquatics Reflection Fall !"#

Describe your educational experience/artifact:

$ had the opportunity to %eep a &ournal throu'hout my experience of (or%in' (ith children (ith disa)ilities* throu'hout the course of Practicum in Adapted Physical Education+ $ (as a)le to (rite a &ournal reflectin' on the experiences $ had throu'hout my teachin's and o)ser,ations+ $ also (as a)le to reflect on teachin' children (ith disa)ilities (hile )ein' in the aquatic area+ $ reflected on (hat $ learned* (hat $ may (ant to chan'e for next time* ho( $ felt durin' the teachin'* and ho( $ felt after the teachin'+
Wisconsin eacher Standard Ali!n"ent

These artifacts 'o alon' )est (ith standard num)er -* Reflection+ Teachers are a)le to e,aluate themsel,es.The teacher is a reflective practitioner who continually evaluates the effects of his or her choices and actions on pupils, parents, professionals in the learning community and others and who actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally. $ )elie,e this experience )est ali'ns (ith standard -* )ecause $ had the opportunity to reflect on my teachin'+ $ (as a)le to e,aluate (hat $ li%ed a)out ho( $ tau'ht my lesson and (hat $ (ould chan'e for the next time $ teach the lesson+ $ (as a)le to reflect on ho( (ell $ tau'ht the students and (hat $ could do to impro,e their learnin' experience+ $ also (as a)le to reflect on my o)ser,ations in the classroom and (hat modifications could )e made for the classroom* to run more smoothly and effecti,ely+ $ (as also a)le to reflect on ho( $ felt throu'h the experiences and (hy $ felt that (ay+
UW#Platteville School of Education $no%led!e& S'ills& Dispositions Ali!n"ent

These artifacts )est ali'ns (ith /0#+a Reflects on Teachin': “The candidate makes an accurate and thoughtful reflection of his/her teaching effectiveness, is aware of specific elements of his/her teaching that contribute to successful instruction, and can offer alternative teacher action to predict the future successes of alternate approaches.” $ )elie,e these artifacts address /0#+a* )ecause $ (as a)le to reflect on my teachin'* and reali1e (hat $ needed to chan'e* or ma%e modifications to* for the students to 'et the )est learnin' experience+ $ (as also a)le to reflect on ho( (ell $ thou'ht $ did at teachin' the lesson* and ho( (ell $ 'a,e instructions* praise* and constructi,e criticism+ $ (as a)le to reflect on ho( (ell the students responded to the different instructional strate'ies $ used durin' my teachin's* and chan'e them so the students could learn in the )est (ay possi)le+
Explain %hat you learned about teachin!/learnin! fro" this experience:

Throu'hout this experience $ learned that reflection is essential+ $ learned ho( to reflect on my teachin' and (hat to loo% for durin' my teachin's+ $n order for the students to )e successful in the classroom* the teacher needs to teach them in the )est (ay possi)le+ $f the

teacher is not teachin' in a (ay the students understand* he or she needs to reflect on their teachin' methods* and ma%e the necessary modifications+ $ also learned that &ust )ecause you ha,e a certain (ay you thin% the lesson is 'oin' to 'o* it chan'es (ith e,ery student* and class that you ha,e+ For example one lesson may (or% for one class* )ut not (ith a different class+ As a teacher you must reflect on the lesson for the different classes that you teach* and ma%e chan'es accordin' to the class or students+
Explain %hat you learned about yourself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience/artifact:

2a,in' the opportunity to reflect on my teachin's has tau'ht me that reflectin' is ,ery important* not only for me* )ut my students as (ell+ As $ reflect on my teachin's* $ learned that chan'es (ill need to made to different lessons* and that not all students are 'oin' to respond the same to the lessons+ $ (ill chan'e thin's accordin' to my reflections that $ complete after my teachin'+ This (ill impact my students* )ecause it (ill help 'i,e them the )est learnin' experience as possi)le* and implement different instructional strate'ies (ithin my classroom+