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Hello There! Welcome to the World of Pokemon! My name is Oak. People call me the Pokemon Professor! This world is inhabitated by creatures known as Pokemon. Some people use them for battles. Others use them as pets. Myself? I study them as a profession. First, what is your name?


Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Green Green 4-7 4-7 Gold, Gold, Silver Silver 8-11 8-11 Ruby, Ruby, Sapphire Sapphire 12-15 12-15 Fire Fire Red, Red, Leaf Leaf Green Green 16-17 16-17 Creepy Creepy Pokedex Pokedex Entry Entry 18-19 18-19 Diamond, Diamond, Pearl Pearl 20-23 20-23 Heart Heart Gold, Gold, Soul Soul Silver Silver 24-25 24-25 Black, Black, White White 26-29 26-29 X, X, Y Y 30-31 30-31 Pokemon Pokemon Alternatives Alternatives 32-33 32-33

C C o o n n t t e e n n t t s s





Red, Blue and Green Version
Febuary 26, 1996

It was a rough development for the original Pokemon video games. It was originally titled Capsule Monsters which was a nod to the Japanese Gochapon machines. Because of trademarking issues though, the title was changed to Capumon, and then to Pocket Monsters, because essentially, these Pocket Monsters will be able to fit inside of your pocket. Outside of Japan, Pocket Monsters was shortened to Pokemon. The concept of the game originally traced back to Satoshi Tajiris hobby of bug collecting as a child. Capsule monsters was pitched to Nintendo seven times before Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of such industry standards such as Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda and Metroid) stepped in to help pitch the deal. It was a success. Development began in 1990, but due to financial reasons the game was put on hold as the development team was put in charge of games such as Yoshi to make a little extra dough to continue development. The game finally released on Febuary 26, 1996 in Japan and became a phenomenon. Children had to have it, teenagers

rolled there eyes with disgust and adults started refering to this new mangled kids game as the infamous title Poke ee man. The popularity of this game was huge...and I mean VERY huge! A television show quickly came onto the scene and before you know it, kids were tuning in every saturday morning to watch Ash and his Pal Pikachu travel across the Pokemon land and become the “Very Best”. Pokemon is a title that set you inside the living, breathing world of Kanto. Inside this
Capsule “ monsters was pitched to Nintendo seven times!

world lived the creatures known as Pokemon, 151 of them to be exact.


Poke-Busters: Is Mew Under the Truck?
Probably the earliest rumor in the ever expanding Pokemon Rumor Mill. Mew, the 151st and hardest Pokemon to catch in the game due to the fact that there isn't a way to catch mew at all! This led to many rumor and speculation on how to catch mew. One of the most popular rumor was the Under the Truck method. In Cerulean's boat dock there is an island that you can swim to which has a truck on., This led to many rumor and speculation as what they point of this truck was for, as it served no purpose in the game. A rumor that circulated around the internet and the school playground was that Mew was hidden underneath of the truck. There was many rumors of how to obtain mew from underneath, one of the most popular rumors was to push the truck aside when using the strength technique. This was obviously false and the truck did not move an inch. Turns out that Mew wasn't under the truck after all, it was just a silly school yard rumor. Players later found out that they are able to obtain Mew by abusing an in game glitch.






Ten Reasons
is not


1.  Red almosts catches them all in the Manga, Ash gives up. 2.  Red evolves his Pokemon, Ash doesn't seem to grasp the idea that Starter Pokemon evolve early. 3. Red actually ages in the manga, in the TV show, Ash appears to have been 10 for his entire 15 year journey. 4. Red becomes the Pokemon League Champion, Ash loses early on. 5. Red choses his starter Pokemon because he arrived on time. Ash slept in and had to settle for Pikachu, a non starter. 6. In the rereleases titled Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, the designers changed Red's look to make it look less like Ash. 7.  Ash has visited every main series Pokemon region, Red stays primarly in Kanto and Johto. 8.  Red is the only protagonist from any Pokemon game to make a return in not only one game,but two games! 9. Red's a solo traveler, Ash has been traveling with Brock and a female protagonist (depending on the season) since he first started out. 10. Ash is dumb, 'nuff said.

Pokemon Yellow Version
Shortly after the release of Pokemon Red, Blue and Green, preperations for the next installment of Pokemon was taking a little longer than expected. To tide us over, we recieved Pokemon Yellow, which was essentially the original Pokemon Red, Green and Blue except it stuck more closely to the storyline of the popular television series.Instead of picking either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, you had no choice but to stick with Pikachu. On top of that, you couldn't even evolve the little guy, so the only way to catch them all was to trade with someone who owned Pokemon Red, Blue or Green who owned a Raichu, the evolved form of Pikachu. This game (even with minimal changes) still holds up to the original games in every aspect in the mind's of avid Pokemon players.

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Pokemon Gold and Silver Version
November 21, 1999

a more ancient Japan feel. The original Pokemon games Over 100 new Pokemon, the where a smash hit! Develgames total Pokemon count opment soon began on the came up to 252 Pokemon all second game, titled at the together! People who thought time Pokemon 2, Gold and 151 Pokemon was big enough, Silver.They soon dropped the 252 was absolutely mind blow2 and shortened the name to Pokemon Gold and Silver. Funny ing for the time! New starter Pokemon took enough, development on the the places of Bulbasaur, Chargame started before Pokemon mander and Squirtle, in the even came to shore of North forms of Chikorita, Cyndaquil American audiences. Soon it came to the Japanese audienc- and Totodile. Unlike the first starters, these es in the Nostarters kept vember of 1999. their origiCritics praised With over nal types all the game and a 100 new throughout their claimed that it Pokemon evolution. Totawas every bit dile the water as good as the type stayed a original 3 games. Some changes that they made water type all the way until his to the game included a breeding final form Feraligator, and the same with the others. system, giving the Pokemon Genders and the ability to mate to acheive new attacks and skills that they would never normally be able to learn on their own. Some new baby Pokemon were introduced such as Pichu, the baby Pokemon of Pikachu and Elekid, the baby Pokemon of Electabuzz. Instead of the Kanto region, this game took place in the new region of Johto, which had


My Pokemon Gold and Silver Experience

I remember buying these games at a pawn shop when I was younger. I rushed home and plugged these things into my Gameboy color and flipped the ON switch. What waited for me after that Gameboy color logo was something I could never forget; the opening. It was like nothing I have seen before, it was so much more dramatic and epic compared to the opening of the original Red and Blue. Then I was greeted with Ho-oh, flying in the sky with the "Pokemon Gold" title. I was instantly excited. I started a new game and set out on my Pokemon adventure. I chose Cyndaquil and left New Bark Town on the road to be a Pokemon master. Along the way I battled hard, searched high and low and faced against the evil Team Rocket as they plan to revive themselves and yet again, use Pokemon for their devias ways. I collected all 8 badges and put my skills to the test against the new Elite Four. It was tough but when I finally took down Lance’s 3rd Dragonite using my Wobbafet’s Destiny Bond, which was a move that took out the opponents Pokemon once Wobbafett was knocked out, and then it was over, I became the Pokemon Master once again. When I went back to New Bark Town I was greeted by Professor Elm, who gave me a boat ticket. But to where I wondered? Once the boat arrived I took a long look. It started to sink in, I was in Kanto! I was thrilled! I loved 10

visiting old towns and seeing what has changed over the course of three years. Not only could I visit the home in which my previous character grew up in, but I could also challenge the gym leaders from the previous game! I put my skills against the best of the best on Kanto and came out on top each time. I felt unstoppable, I fel like I accomplished something. I was soon informed that a new path opened up, leading to a new area titled “Mount Silver”. My curiousity got the better of me and I headed straight to the mountain. Inside was pitched black and populated with very tough Pokemon. As I fought my way through I reached what seemed to be the top. I walked forward and saw a figure standing there. I had no idea who this was and when I approached to talk with him, he turned his back and it turned out to be RED, the main character from Pokemon Red, Blue and Green. I was shocked, and before I knew it, the battle tuned started and RED sent out his first Pokemon. I changed gears and prepared to battle. It was fierce battle on top of the mountain. The music was pumping and RED sent out his Pokemon one after another, reaching levels reaching around level 80! It was tough as my Pokemon were falling one by one. I used revives, potions, and strong attacks to knock out his Pokemon such as Venasaur, Charazard, Espion and Snorlax!

The wind was feirce and I kept repeating to myself, “I can pull through, I can do it.” Soon it was done to his last Pokemon, Charazard. I sent out my Wobbafett. His Charazard used a Fire Blast and my Wobbafett managed to hold onto his HP by just 8 points. And then, it happened, I casted Destiny Bond. Once my Wobbafett fell, so did RED’s Charazard. The battle was over, I was victorious! RED just stood there, shooken. He was no longer the Pokemon Master, I was. He muttered his last few words, “...”. It faded to white, and then the music started. The credits have begun, I fall back in my chair and reflect on my adventure. All the trainers I have met, the hardships of raising my Pokemon, every route, every sea and every cave I ventured through. The evil Team Rocket I have defeated, my Rival I worked with and the regions I have explored. Before I knew it, the credits were over and the words “The End” greeted me. And then the music started up again, not the same version though, but a more “music box” version. And so, my Pokemon Gold and Silver journey was over. It was more than just a game in my eyes, it was a journey, an important milestone in my life. And so, I put down the Gameboy color, packed up and headed off to elementry school to resume my ordinary life.














original games had EGGS as a Pokemon. How much more uncreative can you get? Also you were introduced to a new team and they differed according to what version of the game you bought. If you bought Ruby you got Team Magma. If you bought Sapphire, you got The graphics Team Aqua. The music got a got a huge overhaul to and is often MASSIVE Overhaul! considered to have the best soundtrack of any Pokemon where starting to grow tired game. Not only did you get of the old Pokemon formula. a rival, your rival different according to what gender you So this game was shrugged off by many. But the people picked. Overall, Pokemon who stuck by it was treatRuby and Sapphire is one of ed with an excellent game. the most underrated Pokemon What set this apart from games and if you ever have the the originals? The graphics chance, you should defiantly got a MASSIVE overhaul. Everything was beautiful and try it out. had a level of detail that the GameBoy color can only achieve in it’s dream. We where also treated a dozens of new Pokemon. While some people call it off as the worst Pokemon roster of any of the games, you have to think for a moment, the Three years after Pokemon Gold and Silver, Game Freak released Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire version. This part in the Pokemon craze was the time where popularity was dying down and kids


Choose your Starter

Why I love Pokemon
Hello, my name is Rick Stephens and I am a huge fan of Pokemon. I love the video games more than the anime’ and I even remember exactly which version I played first. I played the amalgamation version of the generation 3 Pokemon games, Pokemon Emerald. I remember it well because it was also the first video game I have ever purchased with my own money and but it was a hassle to get into. For starters, I actually didn’t know how to save the game. Keep in mind that I was very young at the time, around 10 years old, and the only games I have played had automatic save points or no save points at all. The first starter I chose was Treecko but after a bit of playing I decided to

switch starters and I restarted with Torchic and I never looked back. I had the time of my life with that game. It introduced me into the real world of Pokemon. It was a game unlike anything I had played before, the sprites were colourful, the Pokemon designs were inspiring, and the storyline was really interesting seeing as how this was the first generation to include 2 enemy teams to face. I had a lot of ups and downs with that game. Being a first time Pokemon trainer, I made quite a few mistakes and made some bad move choices, but I enjoyed every minute of it. However, I loved it even more when I discovered how much post-game content there was. I recently started replaying the game and it is still as fun as I remember it was from all those years ago, and Blaziken is still my favorite Pokemon.


Pokebusters: Can you go to the moon to capture Deoxys?

Hidden inside Mossdeep City is the Space program. Everyday they conduct tests and research to go to the moon. A rumor that sprung up is that you can actually go to the moon and capture the alien Pokemon; Deoxys. How do you do this? If you talk to this man who claims that “The conduction went well, number ###”, if you keep talking to him until the number reaches 100, he’ll take you to the moon to capture Deoxys. Is this true? Unfortunately no. No matter how often you talk to him, he’ll never take you to the moon. Oh well, maybe in the long rumored remake it’ll happen, but for now, just keep dreaming.
Pokemon Emerald

A few years after they released Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald was introduced into the wild. It was an upgraded version of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire but with a slightly new storyline, both teams introduced, you could capture both of the legendaries unlike the other versions, and a new trainer design.

Pokemon Emerald was a very interesting title. It was released after the rereleases of Pokemon Red and Blue title Pokemon Firered could capture both of the legendaries

unlike the other versions

and Leafgreen. Some people claim this to be the definitive version of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and I agree.


Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen
November 21 2002

This was an interesting time in the lifespan of Pokemon. Because of the GBAs inability to trade with the original Pokemon video games for the original gameboy, Game Freak released remakes of the game entitled Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green. Built on Ruby and Sapphire’s engine, the graphics and sound were much improved and you also had the ability to capture newer and better Pokemon from later games that never made and appearance in the original games. Since the memory was much larger than the original games, there were new locations that you can visit, such as the Sevii islands. The Sevii Islands were introduced and allowed you to

capture newer Pokemon from the Johto region that never made an appearance in the original game. Overall the remakes where
New locations such as the Sevii islands allowed you to capture newer Pokemon.

series a shot. It’s not even that difficult to find, only a single ebay search will give you tons of results. What are you waiting for? Go out and find a copy.

a great additions to the original games. It added so much more spice to an already great game and improved on it significantly. When people think of the originals, they usually go to this game to get there fix. If you ever want to play the originals, give this game a shot. It’s improvements and easier way to jump right into the experiences makes it better than ever to give the


Pokemon Questionnaire
Questions: 1.What was the first Pokemon game you played? 2.  What is your favorite generation and why? 3.  Which is your favorite starter Pokemon? 4.  Which is your favorite Pokemon? 5.  Do you watch the anime or do you just play the games? 6.  What is your favorite feature in Pokemon? 7.  Do you have any unique, surprising, or memorable stories with the game? 8.  Do you still play Pokemon today? Quinton Heard: 1)  Pokemon Red was the first Pokemon game I played, while my brother got Blue at the same time. 2) First gen was my favorite it terms of the general creativity of the pokemon, while fifth gen (I.e. Black/ White) had the only really credible story line. 3)  There’s too many starters for me to pick from lol. For Fire types, either Charmander or Cyndaquil, For Water: Oshawott, Squirtle, or Totadile. And Grass: Bulbasaur, Chikorita 4)  My favorite Pokemon is Gengar. He’s a ghost, so he’s intended to be scary, but just seems a little mistaken. He’s conceived as being a trouble maker, as opposed to this, and just seems soo happy all the time. Even considering he looks like an undead Clefairy. 5) I used to watch the anime up til around the beginning of the third generation of Pokemon. 6) Just the subtle complexity of the battle system, simple, but if you dig deep into it, it’s richer then expected. 7/8)  For me, hours and hours were spent on Pokemon, while it wasn’t the most I’ve ever played for a single game, it has to be the most cumulative time over the series that I’ve ever spent. I’m looking forward to the newest generation later this long as the pokemon aren’t ice cream cones again.... (I’m watching you, you derpy icy bastards)







Pokemon Diamond and Pearl September 28 2006

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was probably the longest generation out of all of the Pokemon video games, spending around 5 years until the next generations came out. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was the first step into the Nintendo DS console line. While on the surface it
what it did offer that the Gameboy Advance didn’t was depth and 3 Dimensions.

doesn’t look any different from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, what it did offer that the Gameboy Advance didn’t was depth and 3 Dimensions. Never had a Pokemon game on a handheld look this good and with the combination of

crisp graphics and the welcome back of the night/day mechanic, this game was a fresh introduction back into the days of Pokemon Gold and Silver. With the introduction of this game, the Pokemon count reached almost 500! The amount of Pokemon in this game was mind boggling, with many old Pokemon evolving into new types such as Weavile, Lickilicki and Rhyperior. It was great seeing all your old favorites evolving into new types and new creatures. While some may not like these titles, other claim these as there favorite. With all the new features and Pokemon, its hard not to enjoy this game at least a little bit.


Following the tradition of releasing new and improved versions of released Pokemon games, Pokemon Pearl bursted onto the scene with many new features. One of the biggest new features was a new area to explore, called the distortion world. The distortion world was a new area where you can capture Giratina, the dimension Pokemon. What set the distortion world a part from any area in the game was how all the platforms you walk on went from being upside down to horizontal, as if you were in space. One huge complaint about Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was the speed at which the battles went. Some people

complaint that it took way too long to complete a battle. While not as much of a leap like Pokemon Crystal or Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Platinum was a great addition to the Pokemon Library.





Pokebusters: Diamond Dust

There is a rumor in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum that if you go to a snowy area such as SnowPoint city during a specific day of the year the snow with twinkle and sparkle. Now whether it is true or not, I have the answer. Amazingly it’s true. The snow does, in fact, sparkle. Theres even a schedule that tells of when the snow does sparkle. February 29th March 15th April 22nd

May 1st July 27th September 20th October 30th Diamond Dust is even a real world occurence. And there you have it. Diamond Dust is a real thing in the game. Who would have known.












Now this is how remakes are made. Everything that remakes should be are done right in this game. Not only is Pokemon Gold and Silver my favorite Pokemon games, but the remakes take everything that was awesome about the origninals and multiplies it by 3 by adding more crisp and beautiful graphics, 3D depth, updated
I have that memory burned into my retinas

music, more Pokemon, more streamline touchscreen use and one of the most content packed Pokemon games to date. I love this game and

you should too. I remember when I first bought this game, I preordered it out of such huge excitement. I remember when I first picked it up, I was waiting in line with a bunch of other die hard Pokemon fans of all ages. As I reached upto the desk of the local EB games, I told them that I preordered Pokemon Heart Gold. He reached behind the counter and brought up that glorious and beautiful box. It was magnificent. I have that memory burned into my retinas, it was such a great day, not only did I recieve the game, it was also the day I relive my old childhood experiences and meet all the old Pokemon I was once familiar with.










Pokemon Black and White was probably the biggest departure out of any Pokemon game to date. For the first time in the entire handheld Pokemon lineup, the Pokemon had animated, fully moving sprites! It added so much more personality to the game than ever before. The battle backgrounds were also given a 3D makeover, giving it more depth than it was before. The environment was also given a big update. This time around, the environments really pushed what the DS could do. Castelia City was one of the most impressive DS graphics to date and it really used the DS’s capability a lot better than Pokemon Diamond and Pearl ever did.

The graphics werent the only element to get a massive overhaul. The story was such a big shake up. The story in Pokemon games were very shallow, it usually starred a 10 year old kid taking a starter Pokemon and going off on a Pokemon Journey while also being on the lookout for evil Pokemon Teams. This time around it was the same old deal but with a different twist. Instead of an evil team who wanted to “Take over the world”, this team wanted to free the Pokemon from their Pokemon Trainers because they believed it was cruel. This added a more moral twist to the same old Pokemon formula and it was very refreshing for the time.

This Pokemon game was a very nice refresher, something that the series after the series was claimed as getting stale. Other than Gold and Silver, this would be my favorite Pokemon game.


Pokemon Black and White
By now we are all use to the old “third version” of a Pokemon game. This time GameFreak took a different approach. This time they made a sequel. The game took place a couple years after Black and White. In this game you played as a new character in a new starting town. This

Plasma returned, but with different goals than before. Pokemon Black and White 2 was a very refreshing change compared to previous generations. I hope this is a standard that will return in later iterations of the Pokemon Series.

time around old faces have moved onto new things. Your rivals from the last game are now a Gym Leader and the Professor’s assistant. You were also able to find older Pokemon in the wild that you werent able to find in Pokemon Black and White. The story also continued as Team





Is Genesect a Kabutops?

Genesect; the android bug Pokemon has a very interesting rumor surrounding it. It’s also has very solid evidence surround it. Genesect’s Pokedex entry is as followed. “Over 300 million years ago, it was feared as the strongest of hunters. It has been modified by Team Plasma.” The Pokemon Kabutops is a fossil Pokemon that existed millions of years ago and it’s Pokedex entries claim that it was a very feirce hunter. It appearance compared to Gene-

sect are pretty similar as well (Comparison to the right) It’s body and head shape are also very similiar. It then begs the question, is Genesect actually a modified Kabutops? There is no solid evidence backing this up so nobody really knows. For the time being, it’s best to leave this idea in your imagination.










This is the very most recent addition to the Pokemon line of video games. It is called Pokemon X and Y. Very little is known about this game and not much information has been unveiled. Some new Pokemon have been announced such as the starter Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin and it is rumored to take place in France. This game is dated to come out October 2013 and it’s on my calender of games to look out for in the future. I cannot wait for this game to be released into the public.

Some information released so far about this games have included new Pokemon, such as Sylveon, the new eevee evolution. It’s type has still not been revealed and rumors and speculation surrounding it’s typing have been running wild. What is Sylveon’s type. Some people think flying, others think bug, but one of the biggest speculations is that Sylveon’s new type is actually a new type all together. This would be amazing and would be a welcome addition to the Pokemon library.

Another Pokemon that has been revealed has been a Pokemon that has a striking resemblance to Mewtwo. It’s name hasn’t been unveiled but some are speculating that it’s going to be called Mewthree. This game is set to release October 2013, so mark your calender. The next generation of Pokemon is almost here.



I would reccommend any of the Persona games out there but Persona 4 is my personal favorite. The 4th entry in the series has (in my opinion) the best characters, the best style, the best music and the most redefined gameplay out of all the persona series. You play as a transfer student who moved into the little town of Yasoinaba. Everything is quiet and normal at first until a bizarre murder occurs where the body is hanging from a telephone poll. Soon someone close to you is murdered and you decided to investigate further. You also hear of a rumor called the “Midnight Channel” where if you look into a turned off TV during Midnight on a rainy day you can see your soul mate. Turns out your friend who was murdered was the one on the TV during the Midnight Channel. You soon find out you are able to enter the TV and fight off bizarre shadow creatures using your found power called “Persona”. You can collect these personas and fuse them to create new persons, adding a sort of “Catch them all” aspect. A gripping story and great gameplay makes Persona 4 one game that a Pokemon fan looking for something different shouldn’t pass up. If I could sum up this game, I would say that this game is a mixture of Pokemon, Tales of, and Final Fantasy. The character designs and animation were also done by Studio Gibli, the studio that made movies such as “Spirited Away” and “Howl’s Moving Castle.” If you are looking for an alternative to the Pokemon series, this is a game you shouldn’t miss out on.


I love the Tales of series but the reason I am recommending this game other than the other games is because in this game you are able to to recruit monsters to your party to fight alongside with you. Since this is a sequel to the game “Tales of Symphonia” series, you are able to meet the old protagonists from the previous games. This game may not be the most recognized of the Tales of series, but if you are a fan of Pokemon, or the Tales of series, you shouldn’t pass this up.

Back when the Pokemon craze was at it’s peak, one of the biggest competitors of the Pokemon series was Digimon. Who doesn’t remember watching both of these TV shows when you were young. One of the best Digimon games to come out of that generation was Digimon World on the PS1. It may not be as remembered as the original Pokemon games but you should still give it a shot.



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