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Diana Berlanga Professor Mcdougall ED 321 02 Lesson Plan: Before the Voyage Context: Class Particulars arget Language

: !"anish #$ %th graders Descri"tion of learners: • !tudent s"ea&ing le'el is no'ice (id$ )ritten le'el is no'ice (id$ reading le'el is no'ice (id$ and listening le'el is no'ice (id* • !tudents are a+le to use the target language to ans)er si("le ,uestions and to )rite short sentences* hey are a+le to do this +y recalling "ast learned 'oca+ulary )ords and gra((ar structures* • !tudents ha'e no ex"erience )ith the !"anish s"ea&ing country !"ain* • Bac&ground &no)ledge and Ex"eriences: !tudents )ill get (ore infor(ation a+out !"ain in their other classes* • This lesson will be a two day lesson plan. Desired -esults: .oals /reas0 argeted 1ational and !tate !tandards: 2orld Language !tandards • !tandard 1*1: !tudents engage in con'ersations$ "ro'ide and o+tain infor(ation$ ex"ress feelings and e(otions$ and exchange o"inions* • !tandard 1*2: !tudents understand and inter"ret )ritten and s"o&en language on a 'ariety of to"ics* • !tandard 2*1: !tudents de(onstrate an understanding of the relationshi" +et)een the "ractices and "ers"ecti'es of the culture studied* • 2*1*1*3*e Ex"lain the "ractices and significance of an i("ortant: "ersonal or fa(ily holiday or cele+ration )ithin a co((unity or culture in )hich the target language is s"o&en* • 1*2*1*L*c 4nderstand (ain idea of a 'isual (edia or li'e "resentation 5fil(0DVD$ V sho)s and co((ercials$ theatre and (usical "roduction6 • 1*3*1*!*a Present songs$ "oe(s or stories in the target language* Co((on Core !tate !tandards • CC!!*EL/7Literacy*2*%*2 2rite infor(ati'e0ex"lanatory texts to exa(ine a to"ic and

con'ey ideas$ conce"ts$ and infor(ation through the selection$ organi8ation$ and analysis of rele'ant content* 9+:ecti'es: • !tudents )ill +e a+le to )rite and discuss a+out !"ain in !"anish* • !tudents )ill +e a+le to co("are and contrast !"ain and their nati'e country* • !tudents )ill +e a+le to organi8e infor(ation a+out !"ain and share it )ith the class* Materials: • /ccess to a co("uter or la"to" • Lin& to hinglin& • Po)er"oint a+out !"ain • Lin&s to short 'ideos a+out !"ain /cce"ta+le E'idence • o "ro'e students ha'e achie'ed the desired results$ students )ill ha'e )riting and oral assign(ents related to the to"ic of !"ain* #n this lesson$ there )ill +e t)o )riting assign(ents* #n the first )riting assign(ent$ students )ill ha'e to )rite do)n ; interesting things they learned a+out !"ain* #n the second )riting assign(ent$ students )ill ha'e to create a +rochure a+out )hy "eo"le should 'isit !"ain* !tudents )ill co(+ine all the infor(ation they ha'e learned a+out !"ain* hese )riting assign(ents )ill +e )ritten in !"anish* <o)e'er$ the first assign(ent )ill +e )ritten in English and then translated to !"anish* Besides )riting assign(ents$ students )ill ha'e the o""ortunity to con'erse in !"anish a+out the country )ith a "artner* #n addition$ # )ill chec& student co("rehension +y as&ing the( ,uestions related to !"ain* 3or exa("le$ # )ill say in !"anish =2hat is the ca"ital of !"ain>? Learning Ex"eriences • 9n the first day of the unit$ # )ill state to the students the learning targets of this lesson* !tudents )ill ha'e an idea )hat they )ill +e learning in the next t)o days and they )ill +e infor(ed that it )ill +e related to !"ain* • The purpose to stating the learning targets is to prepare students for the lesson. Also, students will know the value of learning about Spain. In this way, students will know what they have to accomplish for that day. • 1ext$ # )ill start the lesson )ith a class discussion a+out !"anish7s"ea&ing countries* # )ill as& students )hat they &no) a+out !"ain or any !"anish7s"ea&ing country* /lso$ # )ill as& if they )ant to 'isit a !"anish7s"ea&ing country* By as&ing si("le ,uestions

• •

related to !"anish7s"ea&ing countries$ they )ill start to get (oti'ated to learn a+out a !"anish7s"ea&ing country li&e !"ain* !tudents are ex"ected to share their thoughts and ex"eriences* his con'ersation )ill last 10 (inutes* The purpose of this class discussion is to motivate students to learn about Spain and set the student engagement that is expected from each student. By starting off with a conversation about Spanish speaking countries, students will want to learn more about a country where they speak the target language they are learning. hen$ # )ill gi'e students the o""ortunity to search a+out !"ain in their o)n la"to" or +orro)ed la"to" fro( the li+rary* !tudents )ill ha'e 10 (inutes to search a+out the country !"ain and to )rite do)n any infor(ation they found on a +lan& "iece of "a"er* <o)e'er$ they )ill ha'e to create an i(age using hinglin&* By using hinglin&$ students )ill u"load an !"aniard i(age and search for a !"aniard song and tag the( together* !tudents )ill share this infor(ation to the class* he )ritten infor(ation they gather can +e )ritten in English$ ho)e'er$ it )ill +e "resentation in !"anish* The purpose to this computer activity is students will have the opportunity to use technology to search and organi!e information related to Spanish. This activity will set student engagement because students will want to learn more about the country Spain. /fter students ha'e shared their infor(ation a+out !"ain$ # )ill do a "o)er"oint "resentation a+out the country !"ain* !tudents )ill learn )here !"ain is located and other i("ortant cultural infor(ation* /fter # finish (y "resentation$ students )ill )rite 2 reasons )hy they )ill 'isit !"ain and 2 reasons )hy they )ill not 'isit !"ain* his )ill +e their exit sli" for day one of this lesson "lan* The purpose of this powerpoint presentation is for students to have a wider view about Spain. Also, students will be practicing their Spanish listening skills by listening to my powerpoint presentation in Spanish. 9n the second day this lesson "lan$ students )ill re'ie) the fe) first (inutes of class )ith a class(ate on )hat they learned a+out !"ain so far* his con'ersation could +e done either in !"anish or English* The purpose of this partner conversation is for students to review what they have learned about Spain. This conversation will refresh their memories about the topic and set motivation to continue to learn. 2hen students finish re'ie)ing )ith a class(ate$ # )ill as& a fe) students to share )hat they ha'e learned so far* #t )ill +e a short class discussion* The purpose of this class discussion is students will have the opportunity to share with the class what they have learnt so far. Also, this will be a time for some students who are struggling with the lesson to ask for help by asking me "uestions. hen$ # )ill sho) the( t)o short cli"s a+out !"ain* he first cli" )ill +e a ne)s re"ort a+out )hy /(ericans 'isit !"ain* #n addition$ it (entions the i("ortant traditions of !"ain* hen$ # )ill sho) the( a short cli" of i("ortant (onu(ents in !"ain* his )ill set the engage(ent of history in !"ain* By sho)ing these 'ideos$ students )ill )ant to &no)

(ore a+out the history of !"ain* !ince the 'ideos are in !"anish$ # )ill re"eat the 'ideos t)o ti(es +ecause it@s i("ortant that students the understand the infor(ation* #n addition$ # )ill (ention that Christo"her Colu(+us )as fro( !"ain* By (entioning this i("ortant infor(ation$ students )ill reali8e the i("ortance of the country* • The purpose of this activity is students will have the opportunity to watch and hear things about Spain. They will have a better view on how Spain looks like and will be able to compare it and contrast with the #nited States. $urthermore, I will set student engagement when I mention %hristopher %olumbus is from Spain and will reali!e the importance of the Spanish speaking country. • 3inally$ students )ill ha'e the rest of the hour to create a +rochure a+out )hy "eo"le should 'isit !"ain* #n addition$ # )ill )ant the( to include a section )here they )ill co("are and contrast it to the 4nited !tates* • The purpose of this lesson is for students to summari!e all they have learned from Spain and understand that this Spanish speaking country is very different than the #nited States. This entire lesson will motivate the students to know more about the history of Spain and students will be more engaged to learn about %hristopher %olumbus.