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Exactly how long In fact awful Smart Mistake got awful scared

exactamente Cuanto tiempo De hecho, Horrible, en realidad, efectivamente, etc inteligente Error, equivocación horrible espantado

 En inglés, dependiendo del medio de transporte que se utilice, se emplean distintas preposiciones.

 Cuando subimos a un transporte utilizamos el verbo "to get" (en algunas expresiones el verbo "to go"), acompañado de las siguientes preposiciones:

 "On / onto" en las expresiones:

To get on a bicycle To get on a motorbyke To get on a horse To go on board To get on a bus To get on the train

Subirse a una bicicleta Subirse a una moto Subirse a un caballo Embarcar Subir a un autobús Subir al tren

 "In / into" en las expresiones:

To get in the car To get in the taxi

Subirse al coche Subirse al taxi

 Para indicar como nos estamos desplazando hay distintas alternativas:

 Si nos referimos al tipo de transporte que empleamos, utilizamos "by", salvo en la expresión "on foot" (andando):

To go by bicycle

Ir en bicicleta

según el medio de transporte: To go in my car To go on the bicycle To go on the black horse To go on the 8.To go by car To go by train To go by plane To go by bus Ir en coche Ir en tren Ir en avión Ir en autobús  Pero si especificamos el vehículo concreto que estamos empleando.15  Cuando descendemos del transporte. acompañado de las siguientes preposiciones:  "Out of" en las expresiones: To get out of the car To get out of the taxi Bajar del coche Bajar del taxi  "Off" en las expresiones: To get off the bus To get off the bicycle To get off the train To get off the motorbike To get off the horse Bajar del autobús Bajar de la bicicleta Bajar del tren Bajar de la moto Bajar del caballo VOCABULARIO Hierro Oro Plata Cobre Estaño Plomo Platino Aluminio Mercurio Azufre Iron Gold Silver Copper Tin Lead Platinum Aluminium Mercury Sulfur Hidrógeno Carbono Nitrógeno Uranio Calcio Sodio Potasio Fósforo Fluor Magnesio Hydrogen Carbon Nitrogen Uranium Calcium Sodium Potassium Phosphorus Fluoride Magnesium .15 train Ir en mi coche Ir en la bicicleta Ir en el caballo negro Ir en el tren de las 8. entonces utilizamos las preposiciones "on" o "in". utilizamos el verbo "to get".

Oxígeno Oxygen Go                  go abroad – ir al extranjero go astray – extraviados go bad.quedarse calvo go a la quiebra go blind – quedarse ciego go crazy.comenzar get the impression – dar la imagen de get the message – recibir el mensaje get upset – molestarse get wet – mojarse get worried – preocuparse .ir mal go bald.volverse loco go dark – apatar go deaf – quedarse sordo go mad – volverse loco go missing – faltarán go on foot – ir a pié go online – ir en línea go out of business – ir a la quiebra go overseas – ir al extranjero go quiet – ir tranquilo go to war – ir a la guerra Get                    get a shock – llevarse una impresión get a job – conseguir trabajo get angry – enojarse get divorced – divorciarse get drunk – emborracharse get frightened – asustarse get home – ir a casa get lost – perderse get married – casarse get nowhere – llegar a ninguna parte get permission – obtener permiso get pregnant – embarazarse get ready – estar listo get started.

My dog loves kids. volverse loco to go a long way to go along for the ride to go ape/bonkers/crazy/nuts/wild to go around in circles to go around the bend/ballistic/bananas/berserk       John thinks it goes against the grain to walk if you have a car. . Keep up the good work. We saw a car going at a good clip a few minutes ago. descarriarse a toda velocidad trabajar mucho echarse a perder quebrar arruinarse This month's report has misteriously gone astray. to go astray to go at a good clip to go at it to go bad to go belly up/bust to go broke       extraviarse. no wonder it's gone bad. I had a small business but it went belly-up in 2001. son. We've been going around in go against the grain ir contra de los principios de uno llegar lejos aprovechar el aventón volverse loco dar vueltas enfurecerse. he goes bonkers whenever he seees my 7-year-old niece. The milk's been in the fridge for ages. If you keep spending all your money like that you'll go broke. and you'll go a long way. When Peter likes doing something he really goes at it. The kids were playing cards and they invited me to join them so I went along for the ride. we need to find a solution now! My mom went berserk when she saw the mess we'd made in the kitchen.

the machine was working perfectly but then it went haywire! They were talking about me because they went into a huddle as soon as I came in. you don't have to go into details. Jen didin't stop talking and I needed to study so I told her to go fly a go by the board to go by the name of to go downhill to go easy on someone to go fly a kite/jump in the lake to go for a spin       dejar a un lado. Things just went downhill after I lost my job. I already have a lot of clients. one of the candidates went for the jugular and talked about the bribes. we'll be back in an hour! to go for broke to go for the jugular to go great guns to go haywire to go into a huddle to go into detail       jugarse el todo por el todo tirar a matar ir viento en popa desbaratarse. During the debate. Just give me the most important facts. irse por la borda hacerse llamar ir cuesta abajo no ser muy severo con alguien irse a freír espárragos ir a dar un paseo (en auto) All the efforts to keep the peace went by the board with the last terrorist attack. I don't know what happened. Simon and I are going for a spin. He goes by the name of Thomas Hansen. Go easy on Sally. . My business is going great guns. the accident wasn't her fault. volverse loco hacer grupo aparte entrar en detalles I couldn't study much for the test but I went for broke and sat for it. Here's a picture of the man we're looking for.

It'll be better for both of us if we go our own way. to go public to go steady to go strong to go the distance to go the extra mile to go the whole hog       revelar algo formalizar una relación ir bien llegar hasta el final ir más allá no quedarse a medio camino It took some years for the whole affair to go public. When we told the kids we were going to Disneyland they went overboard. You can't just do an average job to get promoted. You've only lived here for two months and you've already gone native! The President's opinion on the matter will go on the record tomorrow. we're very pleased. you have to go the extra mile. We've been going out for six months! It's about time we go steady! Our company's stock is going strong. I was just going to get a nose job but I decided to go the whole hog and get a liposuction. . The blue team was losing but they didn't give up and went the go it alone to go native to go on record to go one's own way to go overboard to go places       hacer algo por su cuenta adoptar las costumbres de un país anunciar públicamente irse por su lado entusiasmarse locamente llegar lejos After ten years as a band. You have to work if you want to go places. each member decided to go it alone.

The business wasn't doing well but it went to hell in a handbasket after the crisis. A millionaire offers him a lot of money to let him go to bed with his wife. Please. Nobody stands Sheryl now that she's famous because fame has gone to her head. no escatimar en nada to go to pot to go to the wall to go to town on something     If Marty comes bothering you again just tell him to go to go through the motions to go through the roof to go to any/great lengths to go to any trouble to go to bat for someone to go to bed with someone       cumplir con las formalidades irse por las nubes hacer todo lo posible tomarse la molestia darle una mano a alguien irse a la cama con alguien All this paperwork is just part of the procedure. Prices went through the roof due to inflation during the 80's. Helen's going through a difficult time and I'm going to go to bat for her. to go to hell to go to hell in a handbasket/the dogs to go to one's head to go to pieces irse al infierno/demonio ir de mal en peor subírsele a la cabeza sufrir un ataque de nervios. venirse abajo echarse a perder. just to go through the motions. I can sleep on the floor. don't go to any trouble. . Mrs. Cook went to pieces when they told her about the accident. I am willing to go to any lengths to find my daughter. venirse abajo fracasar tirar la casa por la ventana.

It goes without saying that my parents are furious. The company went to the wall because of a lack of investment. We always talk about going to Greece but all our plans go up in smoke. it'll go to pot. I used to get very upset when my parents had a fight but then I just went with the flow. Everything was going according to plan but something went wrong and the plan failed. My dad's turning fifty and he's going to town on his birthday. We have to eat all this rice or it will go to waste. The interviewer went too far when he asked her about her drug problem. . He wants a big party! to go to show to go to waste to go too far to go up in smoke to go with the flow to go without saying to go wrong        demostrar echarse a perder ir demasiado lejos quedar en la nada seguir la corriente demás está decir equivocarse. I'm dropping out of Med school. salir mal That witch won the pageant? This goes to show that you don't have to be pretty to be a beauty queen.   If we don't take this project seriously.