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BiPAC 7401V(G)P R4

VoIP/ (802.11g) ADSL2+ Firewall Router

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide .

If the router is too hot. -1- . utility. Attention Place the router on a stable surface. Do not open or repair the case yourself. turn off the power immediately and have it repaired at a qualified service center. THIS QUICK START GUIDE WILL HELP YOU INSTALL THE DEVICE PROPERLY AND AVOID IMPROPER USAGE. QSG) RJ-11 ADSL/ telephone cable Ethernet (RJ-45) cable One 2dBi detachable antenna (Wireless model only) Power adapter RJ-45 to RS-232 Console Kit Quick Start Guide Splitter/ Micro-filter (Optional) Warning Do not use the router in high humidity or high temperatures.11g) ADSL2+ Firewall Router PLEASE READ THE QUICK START GUIDE AND FOLLOW THE STEPS CAREFULLY. IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION ON THIS SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION. Do not use the same power source for the router as other equipment.Billion BiPAC 7401V(G)P R4 VoIP/ (802. Package Contents BiPAC 7401V(G)P R4 ADSL2+ Router CD (containing manual. PLEASE REFER TO THE USER MANUAL ON CD-ROM. Avoid using this product and all accessories outdoors. Only use the power adapter that comes with the package. Using a different voltage rating power adaptor may damage the router.

Connect to the ADSL / telephone network with RJ-11 cable (telephone). Connect to the telephone jack on the wall with RJ-11 cable. Blink when data is being Transmitted / Received. Port 4 can be either a LAN or Console port at a time but not both. * Note: For WPS configuration. Lit Green when the device is successfully connected to an ADSL DSLAM. Flash green when the device is sending/receiving data. Lit green when the inbound and outbound calls are transmitted through PSTN. please refer to the WPS section of User Manual. Lit green when WAN port gets IP address successfully. -2- . Lit green when the system is ready. Lit off when device in bridged mode or WAN connection not present. Connect to PC or an office/home network of 10Mbps or 100Mbps with UTP Ethernet cable. Lit orange when power is ON. Connect it with the supplied power adapter.Quick Start Guide Hardware Overview The Front LEDs Lit green when one of LAN ports is connected to an Ethernet device. The Rear Ports Press the RESET button for 6 seconds and above to restore the factory default settings. Connect with the detachable antenna. Connect to an analog phone set with RJ-11 cable. Lit red means system is fail. (“line sync”) Lit green when a wireless connection is established. Lit green when the SIP Registration is OK. Power ON/OFF switch Push to trigger Wi-Fi Protected Setup function. Lit red when WAN port fails to get IP address. Lit green when the phone is off hook.

Please note that the plug type may differ according to different countries. 2.Billion BiPAC 7401V(G)P R4 VoIP/ (802. -3- . and the other side to the PC’s Ethernet interface. Power Connection Plug the supplied power adapter to the wall jack and the other side to the router. LAN Connection Connect the supplied RJ-45 Ethernet cable to one of the Ethernet ports.11g) ADSL2+ Firewall Router Hardware Connection Hardware Installation 1.

c) Connect RJ-11 cable to the splitter Line port and the phone jack on the wall. b) Connect RJ-11 cable to the router DSL port and the splitter ADSL port. EWAN Connection Connect RJ-45 Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port # 1 (EWAN). Line Connection a) Connect RJ-11 cable to the router Line port and the splitter phone port. VDSL. and connect the other side to another alternative broadband device. such as Cable Modem. Fibre Modem or PON optic lines. Phone Connection Connect RJ-11 cable to the router’s phone port and the analog phone set. Please refer to User Manual for detail instruction. -4- . 5.Quick Start Guide 3. 4.

Follow the step-by-step configuration wizard & it will guide you to setting up the basic network configuration. Splitter/ Micro-filter Connection The Splitter / Micro-filter are important for ADSL installation. -5- . a) Splitter connection If the installation has only a single telephone and a single ADSL modem. b) Micro-filter connection If the installation has several telephones or other analog devices.11g) ADSL2+ Firewall Router 6. they help direct high-frequency signals to the ADSL modem & low frequency signals to the telephone or other analogue device to prevent inter-modulation distortion & get good speed/stable ADSL sync rate.Billion BiPAC 7401V(G)P R4 VoIP/ (802. The setup utility will auto-run. then a splitter can be employed. then an internal micro-filter can be employed at each analog device. Setup Utility After you complete the hardware installation insert CD into the CD Drive to run the setup utility.

Frequent loss of ADSL line sync (disconnections). Contact Billion WORLDWIDE http://www. Missing line filters or line filters installed the wrong way around can cause problems with your ADSL connection. you may have a hardware problem.168. telephones. Make sure you have uninstalled any software firewall for troubleshooting. 2. Can’t ping any PCs on the LAN. Press Enter. Ensure that all other devices connected to the same telephone line as your router (e. including causing frequent disconnections. Check the Ethernet LEDs on the front panel. If it is off. check the cables between your router and the PC. analogue modems) have a line filter connected between them and the wall socket (unless you are using a Central Splitter or Central Filter installed by a qualified and licensed electrician). Troubleshooting 1. A username and password window will appear. None of the LEDs are on when you turn on the router. Product Support and Contact Information Most problems can be solved by referring to the Troubleshooting section in the User Manual. Verify that the IP address and the subnet mask are consistent between the router and the workstations.Quick Start Guide Connecting to the Router 1. Check the connection between the adapter and the router. 3. This number is the default IP address for this router. If you have a back-to-base alarm system you should contact your security provider for a technician to make any necessary changes. The LED should be on for a port that has a PC connected. 2.254 in the browser's address box. Open the web browser and type http://192. In this case you should contact technical support. Press OK to proceed.g. You will get a status report web page and main menu screen. If the error persists. please contact the dealer where you purchased this product. and password is “admin”.com BiPAC 7401V(G)P R4: V1.1. 3.billion. Please see the relevant sections of user manual for detailed instructions on how to configure your router. If you cannot resolve the problem with the Troubleshooting chapter. fax machines.01EN -6- . The default username is “admin”. and ensure that all line filters are correctly installed and the right way around.