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Learning Outcome: Communication Skills This orientation Prezi presentation effectively demonstrates the Communication Skills learning outcome

of the program. I created this presentation for the new Chicago Center students beginning the program during the Spring 2014 semester. This was created in an effort to communicate information vital to the success of a new student to Loyola University Chicago campus and organization. The presentation was designed for an international audience and was then sent to each student as a reference tool during their studies with the Chicago Center Program. I believe that this Prezi demonstrates my communication skills that I have acquired while working with this population because of the changes that I made from the previously used PowerPoint presentation. I included more visuals and photos to make the 2.5 hour presentation more interesting, but to also provide the students with a tool that would be helpful throughout their semester. The photos of “People to know (outside the International House)” were intended to introduce students to new Loyola faces that they likely do not see on a daily basis and to help them conceptualize U.S. higher education. As an entry level professional in this field I have developed communication skills in guiding students through understanding the education system in which they will participate. Elements that I would like to include in the new version of this presentation are more interaction between the students and professionals they meet during orientation and ice-breaker games for the students to get to know each other on a personal level. These additions to the Prezi will add length to the time to the orientation, but I hope to create a space for the students to feel more confident in asking questions throughout the presentation and they will retain more of the information that we are providing to them. By having them interact more with each other during these initial gatherings, the students will be more likely to gain

Learning Outcome: Communication Skills confidence in speaking English as well as begin building relationships with other students coming from different cultures.