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STUDY AND LEARN THE CORRECT USE OF THE WORDS BELOW FOR A QUIZ ON __________ Their: shows possession, meaning belonging to them; EX: “Their team” There: means in that place; EX: “Over there” They’re: the contraction (combination of two words with an apostrophe) of they are; EX: “They’re the best team in the league. Yo r: Shows possession by you (belongs to you); EX: “Those are your shoes” Yo ’re: The contraction (combination of two words with an apostrophe) of you are; EX: “ ou’re my best !rien"” Too: Means also or e#tremely; EX: “The shirts are mine$ an" the shoes too.” O% “There are too many people in the &itchen.” lso means more than enough. EX: !' have gaine" too much (eight.! T!o: The n"mber two To: means to(ar" or as !ar as; EX: “)e (ent to the store.” Where: #n or at what place$ EX: “*here is he+” We"r: ha%e on: EX: ,-he (ill (ear her ne( "ress to the "ance., We’re: &ontraction (combination of two words with an apostrophe) for (e are; EX: “*e’re going to eat "inner.” Were: 'orm of (to be); EX: “*e (ere shopping (hen you calle".” Who#e $ possessi%e case of who; ownership: !*hose hat is this$! Who%# $ contraction of (ho has or (ho is: !*ho+s going to the store$! I&’#, contraction of it is or it has EX. “'t’s time to go home no(.” “'t’s been raining !or "ays.” I&#$shows possession, meaning belonging to it: EX: “The cat "ran& its mil&.” DIRECTIONS: -ead the following sentences and choose the right word to complete the sentence. CIRCLE YOUR ANSWER' So(e ) e#&io*# h"+e (ore &h"* o*e !or, &o -ir-.e' .. /o yo" ha%e (their, they)re, there) address$ 0. 1enny threw the ball (too, to, two) 2at for the second o"t. 3. (*e)re, where, were, wear) interested in b"ying a ho"se. 4. /o"g said that (yo")re, yo"r) mo%ing to 5ew 6or7. 8. (*e)re, *here, *ere, *ear) did yo" p"t the food$ 9. # p"t the food o%er (their, they)re, there). :. # will ha%e the salmon (too, to, two). ;. (*e)re, *here, *ere) yo" mad at me yesterday$ <. &an yo" please remember to do (yo")re, yo"r) homewor7 ne=t time$ .>. Some people ?o7e when (their, they)re, there) scared.

(Two.3. (*ho+s. to. where.<. two) %isit &alifornia for years. this tree is already losing (its. to) scoops of ice cream. two) b"sy (too. There) are three 7ids in o"r family. *here. (6o"+re. There) all girls. and yo" may come (too. (Their. two) tired (too. two) . # ha%e wanted (too. 00. *hose) going to the store for me$ 0. it)s) hot. yo"r) own beha%ior. (*ho)s. There) best friends.:. wear. *e)re) is (yo"+re. it+s ) lea%es. wear) are yo" going to see the mo%ie$ . it)s) a sign that cold days are coming soon. (were.. 34. wear. two) a phone booth and called a cab.4. where) appropriate clothing.8.. ltho"gh (its. two. 3>. 09. it+s ) not yet fall. two) &alifornia. (#ts. 5e=t wee7 # am dri%ing (too. 6o"r) not really going to @raAil. Meg was (too. The dog bro7e (its. (*ere. . to. wear. . They)re. are yo"$! . 0. wear. . (6o"+re. we)re. or (its. the dog sleeps in (its. *hose) dri%ing tomorrow$ 33. it)s) hiding place "nder the porch. (Their.. There) sister is at home. they)re. *hose) t"rn is it to dri%e$ (*ho)s. we)re. 6o"r) responsible for (yo"+re. yo"r) homewor7$! . *hen (its. 0>. it+s) leg. it)s) dying. where) we (were.. They)re. 5e=t time we tra%el. to. ( #ts. to. #t+s) ne%er too late. to. (6o"+re. two) go. where). too) of them are sitting o%er (their.0. 3. *here. (Their. 6o"r) going to ha%e to mo%e yo"r car. # will ha%e (too. two) tired (too. (Their. please. 6o" can+t (were. we)re. two) so we wal7ed (too. *e)re) are yo" planning to %isit$! .9. 0:. to. Either (its. . (*ere. *e (were.. to. were. we)re. 6o"r) car is bloc7ing mine. we)re. to. They)re. two) wal7 home. *ear. where) that o"tfit to the dance. . wear.. 03. where) lost in the middle of Timb"7t".. to.. 5o one 7new (were. where) going to bring along a map and (were. (*e)re. b"t # ha%e always been (too. 0<. (6o"+re. They)re. 30. *ear. # was (too. #t)s) impossible to lea%e the dri%eway. 04. wear. to. we)re. there) 08. to.