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MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Initiation to task is the degree a to which the salesperson has managed to prioritize tasks in a way that will ensure . success. b of personal satisfaction that the sales trainee feels in his or her job. . c to which a sales trainee feels competent and accepted as a working partner. . d of training that the sales trainee has received. . e of the sales trainee's understanding of how time should be allocated among tasks. .

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(. A study of manufacturers' salespeople found )))) relationship between job satisfaction and salespeople's commitment to the organization. a no direct . b a positive . c very little . d a negative . e a parallel .

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+. Activities that sales managers might spend time on during the planning and implementation of sales training include all of the following e,cept a arranging for salespeople to work with key personnel in various departments in the firm . to become familiar with their functions. b enrolling salespeople in professional workshops or training programs. . c accompanying salespeople in the field to criti-ue their sales behavior and reinforce other . training. d selecting literature. sales aids. software and materials for study. . e managing the recruitment and selection of new salespeople. .

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/. 0he sales training process includes all of the following interrelated steps e,cept a follow1up and evaluation. . b designing the sales training program. . c assessing sales training needs. . d performing a salesforce audit. . e evaluating training alternatives. .

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3. 0he purpose of sales training needs assessment is to compare the specific performance1related skills. attitudes. perceptions. and behaviors re-uired for salesforce success to the a salesforce rating results of a customer survey. . b performance test results of each salesperson. . c job analysis of each sales position. . d state of readiness of the salesforce. . e personal observations of various salespeople recorded by sales managers. .

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&. 0he final step in the sales training process is a design sales training program. . b assess sales training needs. . c perform sales training. . d conduct follow1up and evaluation. . e evaluate training alternatives. .

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4. All of the following are methods of needs assessment e,cept a salesforce audit. . b performance testing. . c observation. .

the audit e. . 1&+ 7. of sales . d customer survey. diagnostic. c a salesforce survey.amines -uestions such as the following e. AN ! $ #$%! pg. 6ethods of needs assessment include all of the following e.cept a performance audit. c salesforce survey. b sales management observation. A systematic.d salesforce survey. . .ternally8 . . In the sales training area.cept a Is the training program ade-uate in light of objectives and resources8 . . AN ! A #$%! pg. e job analysis. d 2oes the training program contribute in a positive manner to the socialization. d an anonymous -uestionnaire sent to customers. prescriptive tool that can be employed on a periodic basis to identify and address sales department problems and to prevent or reduce the impact of future problems is a a performance test. 1&+ 5. . e a salesforce audit. . c Is there an ongoing training program for senior salespeople8 . e job description. b 2oes the training program need revision8 . . 1&+ . . b observation. . AN ! $ #$%! pg. 1&+ 1'. . . AN ! $ #$%! pg. trainees8 e hould the training program be conducted internally or e.

A )))) is an investigation of the task.ample of a performance test would be a asking first1level sales managers to criti-ue the performance of the salespersons with . a customer survey . 1&/ 1/. and responsibilities of the sales job. . b giving salespeople a written e. If personal selling is prominent in the firm's marketing strategy. b job analysis . AN ! A #$%! pg. such as an ashtray. 1&/ 1+. c competitor survey . a customer survey . 1&+ 1(. AN ! * #$%! pg. b job analysis . d performance testing . e salesforce audit . e salesforce audit . rated as good as or better than a competitor9s. An e. . whom they work. e asking the salesperson to give an impromptu sales presentation for a convenient item. a customer survey . . c competitor survey . over product knowledge to check their retention rate. d checking the results of a customer survey to see if the performance of the salesforce is .11. some sort of )))) to help determine sales training needs is highly recommended. AN ! * #$%! pg. d performance testing . b job analysis . c appraising the salesforce activities and the environment in which the salesforce operates. A ))))))))) helps determine how competitive the salesforce is compared with other salesforces in the industry. .

. e failure to effectively confirm the sale. 1&3 1&.cept a ineffective listening and -uestioning. b failure to build rapport and trust. AN ! A #$%! pg 1&/ 13. c not spending enough time with old customers. A common mistake made by salespeople who need training on sales techni-ues is a under1controlling the sales call. . 1&3 14. d lack of sales strategies for different accounts. AN ! 2 #$%! pg. d performance testing . . .c competitor survey . e spending too much time building rapport and trust with customers. "ommon mistakes made by salespeople who need training on sales techni-ues include all of the following e. d failing to effectively confirm the sale. . . b lack of preplanning of sales calls. . . . . . . e ineffective listening and -uestioning. b too much preplanning of sales calls. e salesforce audit . . c not spending enough time with old customers. c not spending enough time with old customers. d failure to effectively confirm the sale. . . .cept a over1controlling the sales call. AN ! " #$%! pg. "ommon mistakes made by salespeople who need training on sales techni-ues include all of the following e.

AN ! A (1. .AN ! " #$%! pg 1&3 15. . b the buyer9s e. e =ow to handle rejection . AN ! * #$%! pg. which is one of the most popular sales training topics8 a alesperson eti-uette . some firms use classification methods to categorize buyers according to a personality and the buying situation. :hich of the following is not one of the competencies of successful salespeople outlined in the te.t8 a aligning customer.pense reimbursement vouchers . #$%! pg. e their level of input to the sales decision. Among the following. b <roduct knowledge . 1&3 17. c =ow to file e. 1&4 ales training covering aspects of customer knowledge may include information on all of the following subjects e. d their interest in trying new product lines. . e consultative problem solving . b understanding buyers9 social needs . 1&4 ('. %or sales training purposes.cept a buying motives. .supplier strategic objectives . c the firm9s account size and products purchased. AN ! * #$%! pg. . c listening beyond product needs . d =ow to handle the replacement of defective products . d orchestrating organizational resources .pertise and ease of making sales. .

1&5 (+. buyer personalities. 1&5 (/. A sales training workshop devoted to teaching psychologically oriented sales strategies >such as transactional analysis? would be aimed at teaching salespeople how to work with this type of buyer a the sales job facilitator. AN ! 2 #$%! pg. c the hard bargainer. customer needs. A sales training workshop devoted to discussing the ethical and legal implications of transacting business would be aimed at teaching salespeople how to work with this type of buyer! a the sales job facilitator. b the persuader. . . b the persuader. AN ! " #$%! pg. c the hard bargainer. . . . b . . . e the straight shooter. e . . A sales training workshop devoted to teaching the importance of selling the @substance@ of the product offering and not just the @sizzle@ is aimed at teaching salespeople how to work with this type of buyer! a the sales job facilitator. buying procedures. . . d the socializer. . buyers9 competitors. . 1&4 ((. c . AN ! 2 #$%! pg. .. b the persuader. d . . e the straight shooter. c the hard bargainer. d the socializer.

. AN ! * #$%! pg. A sales training workshop devoted to communicating the importance of obtaining marketing information from customers would be aimed at teaching salespeople how to work with this type of buyer! a the sales job facilitator. AN ! * #$%! pg. salesforce automation can boost productivity by as much as! a 1' to +' percent. e the straight shooter. . . . c the hard bargainer. . According to the te. . . . 1&5 (4. d the socializer. . AN ! $ #$%! pg. e 3' to 4' percent. 1&5 (&. b the considerate. . . .d the socializer. c +' to 3' percent. d the socializer. A sales training workshop devoted to communicating the importance of -ualifying prospects would be aimed at teaching salespeople how to work with this type of buyer! a the sales job facilitator. c the hard bargainer. e the straight shooter. .t. . e the straight shooter. b (' to /' percent. . d /' to &' percent. b the persuader. . 1&5 (3. . .

. panacea for all the problems faced by the salesforce.pectations of sales training rather . AN ! * #$%! pg. b the reputation of the sales trainer. c 0raining simply for training's sake is a good doctrine for most companies to follow .ception of a increasing sales or profits. other interested parties about upcoming training. . . . 14' (7. specific objectives and may be more . In the evaluation of sales training alternatives. than to view training as a -uick1fi. sales training objectives are set to support one or more of the following with the e. d developing salespeople for future management positions. 141 +1. 1&7 (5.AN ! * #$%! pg. AN ! $ #$%! pg. Ane of the key -uestions to be asked when considering the evaluation of alternative types of sales training is a :hich method and media are best suited for conducting the training8 . training. the following criteria should be considered! a the popularity of that form of training. b teaching administrative procedures. :hich of the following statements regarding the benefits of setting objectives for sales training is false8 a pecific training objectives provide a standard for measuring the effectiveness of . willing to provide budget support for the training. . In general. e :ritten objectives become a good communications vehicle to inform the salesforce and . e increasing the observation powers of first1level sales managers. because it keeps salesforce product knowledge current. d the intensity of the training. . b 0op management is responsive to well1written. c the location of the training. c minimizing salesforce turnover rates. . AN ! " #$%! pg. . e the level of interest among salespeople in that form of training. . d ales managers are forced to define the reasonable e. 14' +'. .

d popularity of the form of training. companies rely most heavily on )))) to conduct sales training. e industry association conferences . e time re-uired to implement an alternative training method. AN ! 2 #$%! pg. 141 +(. b . a outside training consultants . . #$%! pg. In general. central training facilities. d . manufacturing plants. all the following criteria should be established for preliminary screening e. . b specialized schools .pensive8 :hich media is the most attractive to upper1management levels8 :hich method re-uires the least amount of preplanning on the part of the sales manager8 AN ! A #$%! pg. hotels. a .. d .cept the! a cost of the training. .ibility of prepackaged training materials. c mass1produced videotapes . e . d their own personnel . c fle. c . :hich method will re-uire the least amount of time away from active selling8 :hich method is the least e. c . :hen criti-uing training alternatives. AN ! 2 +/. . b . . 141 ales training is conducted in home offices. . b location of the training. 141 ++.

e none of the above . :hich of the following is not one of the four categories of training methods discussed in the te. demonstrations. . c <articipants should be actively involved in the program. adopt new skills. 14( . participants. AN ! $ #$%! pg. AN ! 2 #$%! pg.t8 a An1the1job . and learning style of . d 0he trainer must clearly understand the program's objectives. and desire .cept! a "ontent and delivery must consider the skill level. .pert trainers serving as instructors! a on1the1job . b *ehavioral simulations . 141 +3. continued training. and group discussion with e. c absorption .conference . .conference . d classroom. d "lassroom. AN ! " #$%! pg. b behavioral simulations . . 14( +4. c "ase studies . AN ! * #$%! pg. e Absorption . e 0he program should motivate participants to drop old habits. 14( +&.e any of the above. education level. 0his method features lectures. "haracteristics of a useful outside training program include all of the following e. b Anly sophisticated technology should be used.

and role playing! a on1the1job .conference . 0his form of on1the1job training is often used to groom salespeople for management positions! a filling in for vacationing salespeople . 14( +7. d working with a sales manager who acts as a @coach@ . d classroom. 14+ /'. e none of the above . AN ! * #$%! pg. e a @sink or swim@ form of on1the1job training . and another trainee acts as the .conference . . and legal issues! a on1the1job .+5. b behavioral simulations . c absorption . case studies. b 0ypically one trainee plays the role of the salesperson. 0his method is fre-uently used for training on basic product knowledge. b behavioral simulations . a poor performance in the presence of a live customer. e none of the above . d classroom. b job rotation . new product introductions. c working with a senior salesperson . c absorption . :hich of the following statements regarding role play as a training techni-ue is false8 a 0he role play is often videotaped for criti-ue by a group of salespeople. . AN ! 2 #$%! pg. buyer. c 0his can be an e. without the risk of .tremely effective means of teaching personal selling. AN ! * #$%! pg. 0his method includes business games and simulations. 14+ /1.

imize the criti-ue is to have the person who has played the role of salesperson offer opinions first and then solicit opinions from observers. b computer simulation e-uipment .d . 14/ /+. e absorption. :hich of the following media can be used to train the salesforce8 a Internet . AN ! " #$%! pg. e none of the above . . 14/ //. AN ! " #$%! pg. . . c ease studies. d classroom. <roperly conducted role play includes a prompt criti-ue emphasizing the negative points of the performance that need improvement. 0his category of sales training methods involves furnishing trainees or salespeople with materials which they peruse without opportunity for immediate feedback and -uestioning! a on1the1job . c absorption . . b behavioral simulations. d classroom. c videoconferencing . A good way to ma. or to provide basic materials to be covered in more detail at a later date! a on1the1job. . AN ! $ #$%! pg.conference. b behavioral simulations . 0hese methods are best used as supplemental training to update the salesforce.conference . d satellite television . . reinforce previous training. e any or all of the above may be used . 14+ /(. e .

e evaluate training alternatives . when. b monitor the progress of the trainees and ensure ade-uate presentation of the training . sales managers may have to seek budget approval from upper management! a assess sales training needs . 14/ /3. b perform sales training . d follow1up and evaluation .AN ! $ #$%! pg. and how -uestions are finalized during this step in the sales training process! a assess sales training needs . c design sales training program . where. AN ! 2 #$%! pg. . 143 /4. b behavioral simulations . e evaluate training alternatives . AN ! " #$%! to measure the level of retention. Ane study found )))) to be the most common method used to train salespeople. 143 /&. d classroom with instructor . a public seminars . 0he primary responsibility of the sales manager while the training is being conducted is to a perform a final e. b perform sales training . 2uring this step in the sales training process. c design sales training program . 143 /5. AN ! " #$%! pg. d follow1up and evaluation . c "21#A6 . e Internet . Answers to the what.

make sure that the training session does not e. According to a survey of industrial salespeople. post1training self1assessment may not be predictive of the salesperson's actual learning ability. which of the following was considered the most ethically troubling situation or practice salespeople would like addressed by company policy8 a Biving physical gifts such as free sales promotion prizes. c a final e. 0he problem with an evaluation of sales training effectiveness is a it is hard to attribute future performance variations strictly to sales training. . e Biving preferential treatment to customers who are also good suppliers. . e salespeople generally overestimate the good they get from sales training sessions in the . d eeking information from purchasers on competitor's -uotations for the purpose of . .ternal trainers. AN ! * #$%! pg.ceed budgetary limits. 14& 3'.cept a use factual data rather than general statements of praise during the sales presentation. d . make travel arrangements for the trainees and e. e .isting purchaser that e. 14& /7. 147 31. submitting another -uotation. . buyers. c 6aking statements to an e. b do not overstep authority. . d offer the same price and support to all buyers who purchase under the same set of . d sales volume per salesperson is hard to measure accurately. problem in order to obtain a bigger order or other concessions. determine if the training facility is meeting the needs of the trainees ade-uately. . c discuss only these topics with competitors! sales territories or markets to be served. . AN ! A #$%! pg. circumstances. the . Important legal reminders that should be included in a sales training program include all of the following e.. b an evaluation can only be made after the training has occurred. c . AN ! " #$%! pg. rejection or termination of customers. as the salesperson's actions can be binding to the selling firm. . e do not tamper with a competitor9s product. b Csing the firm's economic power to obtain premium prices or other concessions from .aggerate the seriousness of the . . topics.

0he preferred role of sales training is to prevent problems and improve salesforce productivity on a reactive basis. some research indicates a negative relationship between training e. 1&( 1'. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. .t. managers. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. According to our te. AN ! % #$%! pg.'''. AN ! % #$%! pg. 1&' 3.. 0he need for salesforce socialization to e. 147 1. 0here is an ongoing need to conduct sales training to improve salesforce performance. they are more committed and satisfied with the job. AN ! " TRUE/FALSE #$%! pg. 1&1 &. 1&( 7. AN ! % 5. AN ! 0 #$%! pg.penditures and the firm9s share price. #$%! pg 1&1 ales managers may spend considerable time conducting periodic training meetings and personal training conferences. 1&' /.tend past the initial training period is unnecessary for salesforce members with limited personal contact with peers. Initiation to task is the degree to which a sales trainee feels competent and accepted as a working partner.perienced salesperson might include training in advanced sales techni-ues. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. #ole definition is the degree to which a sales trainee feels competent and accepted as a working partner. and other company personnel. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. 0he average cost to train a new salesperson may run more than D7. 1&' (. 1&' +. 0he training needs of an e. AN ! % #$%! pg. :hen salespeople believe their company is taking action to reduce the difficulties associated with their position. 1&1 4.

uccessful salespeople engage in self1appraisal and continuous learning. 6ost formal sales training programs spend little time on sales techni-ues since most salespeople who are hired have some sales e. 6ore emphasis is being placed on developing trusting. AN ! 0 #$%! pg.amine the -uestion. 0he salesforce audit might e. 1&+ 1/. 1&/ 13. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. 1&/ 14. 1&+ 11. 1&+ 1+. . AN ! % #$%! make it easy to design. 1&3 uccessful salespeople align customer. #$%! pg. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. 0he customer survey can be particularly useful in defining customer e.pectations and determining how competitive the salesforce is compared to other salesforces in the industry. enduring relationships with customers. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. and responsibilities of the sales job. deliver and analyze :eb1based customer surveys. AN ! % #$%! pg. AN ! 0 ('. AN ! 0 #$%! pg.perience or have taken a personal selling course in college. 1&3 17.AN ! 0 #$%! pg. A common mistake salespeople make in their sales techni-ue is failing to match call fre-uency with account potential. @2o we have an ongoing training program for senior salespeople8@ AN ! 0 1(. A sales job analysis is an investigation of the task. Anline services such as Euestion<ro. 0he salesforce survey can be particularly useful in defining customer e. #$%! pg. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. 1&+ ales managers using observation techni-ues to assess sales training needs sometimes address the need instantaneously by criti-uing the salesperson's performance after the sales call has been completed. 1&/ 1&. 1&3 15.pectations and determining how competitive the salesforce is compared to other salesforces in the industry. duties.supplier strategic objectives. 1&3 (1.

#$%! pg 1&4 alespeople who will be sent on a foreign assignment should be trained in intercultural communication.ploit a new salesperson's lack of competitive knowledge by negotiating terms of sale that may be costly to the selling firm. AN ! 0 (3. competitive strengths. 0he buyer described as a Fsales job facilitatorG would be featured in a sales training workshop stressing how salespeople can handle objections. 1&& alespeople's product knowledge should include product benefits. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. 1&7 elf1management refers to an individual9s effort to control certain aspects of others9 decision making and behavior. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. "ustomers may e. 1&5 (4. 1&4 (/. 1&7 +'. AN ! % +1.AN ! 0 ((. =igh1performing salespeople typically have significantly greater product knowledge than moderate performers. applications. 0he buyer described as a FsocializerG shows compassion for salespeople. 0raining programs should address multicultural differences and business protocol within different subcultures and countries. AN ! % #$%! pg. AN ! % #$%! pg. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. AN ! % #$%! pg. 14' .imum work efficiency. 1&4 (&. or receive materials. AN ! % #$%! pg. 1&5 (5. #$%! pg. salespeople should not use their left hand to hold. In Arab countries. offer. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. #$%! pg. 1&& (+. 1&5 (7. and limitations. 0he purpose of sales orientation training is to teach salespeople how to use time and effort for ma.

141 /1. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. 0oday's sales manager has more alternatives for training the salesforce than the sales managers of the past. 14' +/.ed. AN ! % #$%! pg. 14114( /(. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. 0raining in the field is best conducted by e. AN ! % #$%! pg. 14' +3. or arranges for other company personnel to do it.+(. 14( . 6ost training occurs in a location away from company premises. A common sales training objective might be to minimize the salesforce turnover rate. 14' +&. #$%! pg. It is recommended that only one training method be used in the course of a training program in order to ensure continuity and avoid confusing the participants. 14' ++. AN ! % #$%! pg. AN ! 0 #$%! pg.imum impact. Hideo broadcasting and teleconferencing generally increase the costs of sales training. AN ! % +4. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. AN ! % #$%! pg. alespeople trained in self1management are likely to increase their short1term performance. *y setting specific sales training objectives. the sales manager finds it easier to prioritize various training needs. 141 +7. it is recommended that the criteria used in screening them be fairly rela. 141 /'. AN ! 0 #$%! pg.ternal sales consultants. In order to consider as many sales training alternatives as possible. AN ! % #$%! pg. 141 enior salespeople are often involved as sales trainers. it is easier to control the content of the program and to coordinate the training for ma. but not their long1term performance. 141 +5. :hen the sales manager does the training.

during. AN ! 0 3'.ams and overnight homework assignments. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. 144 31.''' sales professionals. AN ! % #$%! pg. According to one study. $lectronic media typically allow trainees to learn at their own pace in a risk free environment.her future performance. AN ! % #$%! pg. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. it is very costly. AN ! % #$%! pg 145 3+. #$%! pg.t. 14/ /&. AN ! % #$%! pg. 14+ //. According to one study reported in the te. #ole playing is a good way to bolster an individual's self1confidence and improve his. and after the sales training occurs. 14+ /3. AN ! 0 #$%! pg. It is relatively easy to measure the effectiveness of sales training. 14& /7. 14& ome research indicates that trainees who are satisfied with their training are more likely to retain and use what they learned. sharing sales methods and language with the sales team is the most important method for reinforcing new sales skills. coaching by outside specialists is the most important method for reinforcing new sales skills. Absorption training methods often include regularly scheduled e. 144 3(. A salesperson involved in job rotation might work for a while as a customer service representative and then work as a distribution clerk. AN ! 0 #$%! pg 145 . 14/ /4. AN ! % #$%! pg. participants in sales training remember only a third of what they learn within five weeks of the training. $valuations can be made before./+. AN ! 0 #$%! pg 14/ /5. According to a study of over &. Although the Internet offers an effective media for sales training.

AN ! % #$%! pg. #$%! pg. Ane catalyst for sales training concerning ethical and legal issues is product liability litigation. AN ! 0 33.3/. 145 alespeople would prefer to handle any ethical dilemmas on the job by themselves without having to consult their managers. salespeople are asked to avoid making promises that will be difficult or impossible to honor. 147 . It is legally permissible to use one product as bait to sell another product as long as the customer ends up satisfied. AN ! % #$%! pg. 147 34. 145 3&. As part of a list of legal reminders. AN ! 0 #$%! pg.