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Educational Planning & Running Start

Katie C. Pinney
Internship II & III 200 Hours

About HCC Internship Objectives Running Start Theory/SDA LO Questions

Highline Community College

1 of 34 Community & Technical Colleges in WA Founded in 1961 as first community college in South King County Most diverse college in the state- 70% students of color Transfer degrees, Professional Technical degrees and certificates, ABE/ESL/GED Prep program 65% - credit bearing classes, approx. 11,000 35% -non-credit (ABE), approx. 4,500 2nd Largest Running Start Program in WA

Internship Objectives & Accomplishments

Educational Planning and High School Programs #1: Advise students in a community college setting

#2: Summer orientation (C.O.R.E) and class registration #3: Running Start College Success Orientation

What/Who is Running Start?

High School Students in 11th and 12th grade take college classes at community/technical colleges in WA and some of the 4 year schools High school and college credit at the same time School district pays for tuition. 1,111 RS enrolled at HCC- 6% of student body Add to the overall diversity at HCC Students can take any HCC course Get involved on campus
HOPs (Highline Orientation Presenters)

Pair up!
What are the benefits of the Running Start program? What might be some challenges or limitations for the student, parents, and/or the college?

College Success Orientation

Goal: to orient new students (and parents) to HCC and what it means to be a college student Breakout sessions: Associate Degrees, Honors Program, Professional Degrees, Nursing Program, Undecided, Leadership & Involvement Opportunities, and Success in Online Classes

Student Development Theory

Schlossbergs Transition Theory
Situation- timing, role change, duration Support- social, family, institutional

Baxter Magoldas Self-Authorship Theory

Phase 1 & 2

Chickerings Identity Development Theory

3rd Vector: Autonomy Interdependence

SDA Learning Outcomes Met

# 2 Understanding students and student issues # 4 Understanding and fostering diversity, justice, and a sustainable world formed by a global perspective and Jesuit Catholic education # 5 Adapting student services to specific environments and cultures # 8 Communicating effectively through speech and in writing # 10 Establishing and enhancing professional identity

HCC is awesome, unique, & diverse Has some great opportunities for all kinds of students Running Start as non-traditional college student Theory to Practice