Volume 1

Issue 4

February 2008

yehwadong, Seoul — Delegates from different countries and migrant centers participated in the annual celebration of Migrants’ Day last Feb. 3 at Tongsong Auditorium. The event aimed to promote the spirit of unity and unwavering resilience of migrant workers and to showcase pageantry of diverse culture of our neighbors in the Asia-Pacific region. The Archdiocesan Pastoral Labor Center


(APLC) of Seoul welcomed all participants and guests. APLC is committed in the promotion of social justice, peace and human rights. It also advocates measures and campaigns against unfair labor policies and racial discrimination. In the cultural presentation, the delegates from Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, China, Thailand, Ecuador, Kazakhstan and The Philippines showed off talents and pageantry.
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by Elizer Penaranda ongno-gu, Seoul—Philippine Edu-Culture Center (PECC) arranged a tie-up with the Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA) last Jan. 17. Loreto Agustin (FEWA President) and Rebenson Recana (SULYAPINOY EIC) with the members of the organization and editorial staff visited the Philippine Korean Cultural House where the Philippine Edu-Culture Center is currently based in. Hyung Jong Yoo, chief officer of the cultural house welcomed the group.
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Photo in courtesy of Edward Castro

Maria Grace Boiser holding the image of Sto. Nino with the HFCC co-volunteers during their cultural presentation.

by Elizer Penaranda

yehwadong, Seoul - Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Senior Welfare Officer Elizabeth Marie R. Estrada fell into tears as she gave thanks to the Filipino Catholic Community at the St. Benedict Church last Feb.10. Welfare Officer Estrada received recognitions from the Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA) and Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community (HFCC) for her invaluable service to the Filipino migrant workers in South Korea since June 1, 2006. In 1984, she started her public office in OWWA and assumed positions in the respective years of service:
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Hyung Jong Yoo, chief officer of PKCH (standing - 3rd from right) poses with FEWA adviser, officers, and members at the Philippine Korean Cultural House.

by Edward Castro

by Sofonias Paragsa waseong-si, Gyeonggi-do — Another Filipino migrant worker was hurt in a work-related accident last Jan.14.


Francisco Espiritu, 38, single a native of Marilao Bulacan, employed as a painter, was seriously injured in an accident that happened in his factory at around 7 p.m. when a steel block skidded and went rolling over him injuring both his legs and spinal column. With the immediate aid from his employer, Francisco was immediately rushed to the emergency room of Hwaseong Jung Ang General Hospital for turn to page 2

heong-ju City, Feb. 7 — Officers and members of the Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA) attended the general assembly of the Human Rights Welfare Organization- Filipino Community (HRWOFC) in its effort to promote unity and contribute towards maintaining friendship and partnership among Filipino organizations of Filipino migrant workers in different cities and provinces of Korea. Hosted by HRWOFC officers and members, guests from different organizations gathered at Kabayan Function Hall to partake in the occasion that is subsequently combined with the commemoration of Seollal Korean Lunar New Year. HRWOFC, a non-profit and nongovernmental organization is dedicated to the protection of human rights


HRWOF Assembly: Ana Marie Adante, HRWOFC President (left) and Franklin Caturla HRWOFC Vice-President (right) presented the SULYAPINOY newsletter to all participants in support to FEWA’s donation program campaign “Help us to Help you: Share Now!” turn to page 2

Weloff Estrada ...
1998-2000, Welfare Officer Designate, Philippine Embassy in Japan; 2001-2004, Head Executive Assistant, Office of the Administrator; and 20042006, Director II, OWWA Regional Office-NCR. She left Korea last Feb. 16 to serve the Filipino workers as labor attaché in Taichung, Taiwan.

yehwa-dong, Seoul – SAGAD Team picked up their first title with a well-fought and pulsating 64-58 win over MINDORO team in the final of the 10th Hyehwadong Basketball Conference held at the Bomundong Basketball Court last February 3. Trailing through the first half, the SAGADos – with their first appearance in this tournament upped the tempo four minutes remaining of the 2nd half to run away with the championship. Frt. Moises Robert T. Olavides, MSP, chairman of the basketball conference and Aiko, HFCC chairman for sports and recreation committee, presented the winners' Bangs Musngi of SAGAD Team driving into basket after escaping the zone defense of the MINDOROs while his teammate Arnold is screening the MINDORO trophy in the presence of Fr. Alvin center tower. B. Parantar, MSP, chaplain of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center for Filipino Migrants, The Scores: and Mr. Edgar Balista, HFCC President. After the awarding ceremony, Fr. Alvin delivered SAGAD VS MINDORO: his inspirational message to all organizers, sponsors, 1st half: 18 - 23 2nd half: 45 - 35 and participants of the 10th Basketball Conference. He congratulated the winners and emphasized the ILONGGO VS ISABELA: deeper meaning of victory and success. “Victory and 1st half: 20 - 20 2nd half: 48 - 45 success do not only mean receiving trophy and award, and becoming famous as champion. What Other awards: matters most is learning the important values that will make us a better community and champions in the Most Valuable Player: larger tournament that we call life” he said. Bangs Musngi - Received cash and trophy He also affirmed the wisdom of Fr. Glenn, the 3-Point Shoot Out Winner: former HFCC chaplain for organizing the year-round Jun Tapaone - Received cash and trophy basketball tournament. “I support the objectives of this project. For us organizers, this tournament is not Best Player of the Conference: Bryan Daracan simply about winning the game; it is also about the Best Coach of the Conference: Romeo Saria promotion of our physical well-being, sportsmanship, Rookie of the Conference: Jeff Balderama healthy competition, and positive diversion” he Best Defensive Player: Edwin Dacusin Most Improved Player of the Conf.: Louie Gitang added. In a short interview conducted by Rebenson Tapal King of the Conference: Floyd Reyes Recaña, Editor in Chief of SULYAPINOY and Sofo- King of the Board: Jun Servania nias Paragsa, SULYAPINOY Cameraman, Fr. Alvin told SULYAPINOY that the 11th conference is ex- Committee Choice Award: Richard Serrano pected to start in April of this year. Changes of Best Sportsmanship Team of the Conf.: South Life specific committee assignments, number of partici- Most Disciplined Team of the Conf.: Yongsan Team pant teams, and sponsors are also expected. He also Mythical Five: emphasized the proper maintenance of the basket1 - Mark Garcia ball court to ensure its continuous and comfortable 2 - Majun Trinañes benefits offered to the conference. 3 - Arnold Manalastas In the earlier game, Ilonggo Team beat the Isabela 4 - Melvin Gonzales Team with a thrilling win 68-65 to clinch the 3rd placer 5 - Anthony Magallones award while dropping the Isabela Team to 4th placer.


Filipino Worker Hurts ...
therapy and medication. Accident and health insurances have helped to subsidize his hospital and medication expenses. As of the moment, he is well recuperating after following the rehabilitation therapy program accustomed to him by his surgeons. His older sister from the Philippines is expected to arrive to assist him during his recovery.

PECC to Support ...
Also, Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat conducted the Leadership Training among FEWA officers and members in the said cultural house. Prior to the arrangement, FEWA officials welcomed the group as represented by Hyung Jong Yoo, chief officer of the Philippine Korean Cultural House. Together with some members of the Seoul Bar Association (SBA), Yoo visited Woori Bank where the FEWA is headquartered. FEWA officials headed by Loreto Agustin and Sofonias Paragsa introduced some work-related problems of the EPS workers. The two have agreed on working hand in hand to curb the increasing number of labor problems of the EPS workers. “It aims to function as the hub of cultural exchange between Korean and Philippine by having the two countries understand their cultures mutually and narrowing the gap through providing information on culture, tourism and arts of Philippine to Korea and developing various educational and experiential programs (etiquette, basic law, language and culture) so that Filipinos staying in Korea can adapt themselves to Korean culture,” Mr. Yoo said . More so, PECC provides free legal services and job support on every second Sunday of the month and free eye service by appointment basis for a number of Filipinos residing in Seoul and nearby provinces.

FEWA Visits ...
of Filipino migrants here in South Korea. It investigates and exposes human rights violations and holds abusers liable to the law. HRWOFC also supports Filipino migrants who are being persecuted from their work and in need of financial assistance or temporary shelter. Shortly after arriving at the venue, the FEWA delegation listened as Ana Marie Adante, HRWOFC President, and Franklin Caturla, HRWOFC VicePresident addressed the assembly and presented an overview of the organizations planned activities for 2008, along with current membership updates and parameters. In addition, HRWOFC donated KW 166,000 won in support to FEWA’s “Help us to Help you: Share Now!” campaign for the continual printing of SULYAPINOY.

International Delegates Join Migrants’ Day...
Also, the annual singing competition paved way to highlight the said event. Once again, The Philippines captured the grand prize while Thailand won the first runner-up and Vietnam for the secondrunner-up awards. HFCC Chorale with the Youth Group climaxed the occasion as they performed the Philippine folk dances such as Singkil, Maglalatik, Pandanggo sa Ilaw, Igorot and Sinulog with the live rendition of the song “Kalesa”. Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat, chairperson of the HFCC Education Committee and Bro. Allan Rodriguez, HFCC Secretary and member of El Shaddai Prayer Partners hosted the event in line with the Lunar New Year celebration.




ecently, after the new guidelines on direct hiring of Filipinos which by foreign employers – the so called POEA MC-04 Policy set by Philippine Overseas Employment Administration took effect last January 15, had received different criticisms and protests from OFWs around the world. And in fact, due to the mounting protests and calls for scrapping, on February 14, almost a month after its implementation, the POEA decided to put on hold the said policy to further discuss the possible modifications in the memorandum as instructed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The current suspension of MC-04 Policy shows a positive sign that the POEA and the Arroyo administration are listening to the cries of our OFWs but the suspension is not enough. The unity of our Filipino migrant workers will not stop unless MC-04 is scrapped or revoked. What is POEA MC-04 Policy? What are its objectives and benefits to the Filipino migrant workers? Why is it that our OFWs around the world have shown their strong protest against it? According to the detailed guidelines posted at DOLE website on January 19, 2008, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration’s Memorandum Circular No. 4 (POEA MC-04) that was approved by the POEA board on December 18, 2007 requires foreign employers directly hiring Filipino workers to post a repatriation bond of $5,000 plus a performance bond of $3,000 or equivalent to the worker’s three months salary. The new guidelines also required foreign employer to provide with medical insurance to the worker at an amount equivalent to those provided to nationals of the host country. The repatriation bond shall guarantee the actual cost of repatriation of remains of directly hired OFW following death from any cause, and actual cost incurred for repatriation from other causes such as violation or non-compliance with the contract among others. The performance bond shall guarantee payment of the employee's salary for the duration of the employment contract. The bond shall be secured from any Philippine bonding companies. Premiums for the bonds shall be paid by the employer. Furthermore, if employers do not want to comply with the bonding and insurance requirements or with the standard employment contract will not be allowed to hire OFWs directly. But they may hire thru licensed placement agencies which are willing to assume responsibilities over the employees, including payment of salaries and other employment benefits. In this case, POEA MC-04 Policy seriously puts Filipino workers under the control of recruitment agencies and makes them vulnerable to overcharging and other malpractices of unscrupulous recruitment agencies. It also belies the fact that recruitment agencies are not there to protect OFWs but are in fact accessories to, and even promoter of many cases of abuse. On the same website, DOLE Secretary and POEA Board Chairman Arturo Brion had stressed that the adoption of a stricter policy on direct hiring is aimed to strengthen the protection mechanisms for the OFWs. He further explained that the policy was meant to reinforce the provision of the Philippine Labor Code that prohibits direct hiring of Filipino workers, except for selected employers such as diplomats, heads of international organizations and other employers as may be approved by the secretary of labor and employment. In this case, POEA MC-04 Policy puts more severe restrictions for name-hired or direct-hired OFWs. Jobseeker sectors that will be directly affected in this new policy are those applicants and workers under household services, ITs, Bankers, and other skilled category jobseekers. In South Korea, all future workers who will be directly hired under E-7 type visa, household services visa, and other professional jobs related visa will be directly affected. Protecting OFWs who currently play as the living heroes of our country is the government’s main job. No question about that. It is its duty to create effective laws and policies that would sincerely provide benefits and welfare of all Filipino migrant workers. During the creation and approval of POEA MC-04 policy, they should have considered the negative outcome of this policy to all present and future OFWs. They should have realized that upon imposing the expensive bond payments may push foreign employers to recruit workers from other countries that do not impose bond payments, which will definitely result to loss of jobs and employment opportunities abroad. Although the bond payments will be shouldered by the foreign employers but the big chances is that they shall also recoup recruitment costs from OFWs themselves, either through maximum exploitation of their labor or through direct deductions from their salaries. For many OFWs, the said policy can be viewed as “ANTI-OFW” because it is not meant to protect Filipino migrant workers as it is squeezing more money from them in the name of protecting their rights. This policy could be another moneymaking venture of the current opportunist and corrupt government officials to further render OFWs as milking cows for their never ending greedy pockets. Our OFWs do not need MC-04 Policy to protect their welfare, what they need are those embassy officials who have experience in labor-crisis management that would not compromise their rights especially of those having been economically, physically and sexually abused. We need the real “protection mechanism”, not the shameless phrase called “protection racket”.


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by Maria Regina P. Arquiza “ But not anymore for we have proven our love as it becomes stronger through the years since we get married on Oct. 6, 1995 at Manila City Hall,” Virgie added. “Honestly, we’ve made some adjustments when it comes to culture but it was not as big as expected for we Koreans are used in working so fast, ”Mr. Kim shared. For 10 years of living together in the Philippines they were blessed with a son, Sarang, who was born in 1996. They lived so happily as a family until problems concerning finances and business ventures obliged them to go to Mr. Kim’s homeland, South Korea.


sn’t it ironic that the sweetest words in which a person likes to hear from others are also considered the most difficult words to say? “I love you.”

Why is it so difficult to say this sentence? Why it feels so good to hear this sentence? Saying or hearing these words might not be important to some people, but they have the power to touch and change lives. Mushy, as what people always say when love is being talked about. However, there is a season that highlights the theme of love and this time generates various feelings such as sadness, happiness, hatred, contentment, pain, excitement, nostalgia, etc. Some people are waiting and some are ignoring, but February can’t be avoided. This month is usually regarded as the month of love. Lovers or couples originally consider the 14th day as the time for them to express their love for each other. On the other hand, the very essence of the celebration is rooted in the principle of love which means that this is also a day for everyone. Despite the vagueness of the concept of love, it is something that has always been evident in so many aspects of human life. Millions of examples can be given to prove how strong it is and how far can it go. The perfect example in Korea of how strong love is can be seen in the sacrifices being done by the Filipino migrant workers for their families. Working abroad isn’t as easy as what other people think. The very fact that a certain individual needs to be away from home just to earn money for his family clearly defines love in its deepest essence. Working for six or seven days per week, the freezing coldness during the winter season, the humidity during summer, years of not being able to buy a plane ticket going to the Philippines, violence, abuses, discrimination, not being paid fairly, and a lot more are the things that a lot of Filipinos need to face in exchange of their love for their families. Sometimes it’s sad to think that there are several instances that people should suffer because of love, but maybe it actually opens the opportunity for its genuine realization. Valentine’s season might just be an ordinary day to so many people, but this is a very good opportunity to at least remind others how much love and care we have for them. Even if it takes a lot of courage to tell others

Love is Shared...
“In Korea , it was a struggle in the beginning for we need to do some adjustments but our Lord is so good for providing us good opportunities to work together in OK AIRTEL VISION ASIA and helping our fellow Filipinos at the same time, ”Mr. Kim said. Mr. Kim used to volunteer as a social worker for he became a translator for the Korean community in Korean Embassy, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Immigration and Camp Crame in the Philippines. However, Virgie commented on the issues dealing with international marriages. Many of these women compromised with the agreement of getting married for money sakes. They expected these wellgroomed Koreans are very rich here in Korea which they don’t know these men live in the provinces and worked in the farms who need women to be their wives and co-workers too. Pity for these women who indulge on this so- called’ human trafficking’, for they do not know what the consequences will be. Today, they are enjoying their stay and work here while Sarang is doing well on his studies with “flying colors” and soon to enter middle school. They have plans of going back to the Philippines when they retire and enjoy the good times there once again. They have traveled for quite sometime to prove their love for the family and now it becomes wider as they help our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers who keep in fighting for work in Korea and for their loved ones miles away back home.

A Journey of Love
by Elizer Penaranda


o love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”

Among the couples of international marriages in Korea, there is one who has become known and special to every Filipino: Jae-gi Kim and Virginia Pereda. Jae-gi who is popularly known to many as Mr. Kim, a Korean and a graduate of B.S. Management in Japan and Virginia, a Filipina and a graduate of B.S. Accountancy in the Philippine School of Business Administration (PSBA). Let’s find out how these two different individuals from two different worlds went through as we passionately wander with them in their journey.

Love Finds its Way...
Mr. Kim worked for Korean Airlines at Gimpo International Airport and he traveled other countries like Japan and the Philippines as well in 1992. While he was assigned in the travel agency in the Philippines, he met Virginia and noticed the meekness on her face and concluded she was very kind and positive in life. He asked for her schedule and frequently visits the Philippines just to see her. He was so assertive at that time for no one would take Virgie away from him. “I remember our first date was in Pizza Hut. Since then we visited places like Luneta Park so that we could enjoy each other’s company,” Mr. Kim said.

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Love Conquers All...
On the early stage in every relationship, problems are always expected. “In our case since we’re both foreigner for each other, language was never a problem. I took up English lessons in the University of the Philippines-Diliman. However, we had a problem on her sister who kept spying on me. Her sister didn’t trust my good intention to her for I understand the reason,” he mentioned. Another problem happened when his manager in the travel agency he worked for reported him to the police officers and put him under investigation to know his whereabouts while he was often visiting her.

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Knowing Monthly Tax Withholding of South Korea
Simplified by: Dondave Jabay
hen you are employed and being paid a salary income, you are obliged to pay your personal income tax to the Korean government. The income tax shall be monthly withheld by your employer which is to be deducted from your monthly salary. An employer paying wage and salary income must deduct income tax monthly from the earnings of their employees based on Simplified Tax Withholding Table issued by National Tax Service (NTS) and the total of these deductions has to be paid over the NTS (district tax office concerned) every 10th day of the following month. However, a person who has no more than ten employees on average from January to December of the preceding year may pay taxes withheld to the government every half-year, after obtaining an approval by the head of the tax office concern. Monthly Tax Withholding Calculation Guidelines: 1) Monthly Total Income from Emloyment 2) (-) Non-taxable Income (Night-duty allowance) Note: Night-duty allowance includes night overtime rate and night differential rate (basic salary x 50%) 3) (=) Monthly Gross Wage & Salary Income 4) (-) 30% of Gross Wage and Salary Income (excluding Non-taxable Income) 5) (=) Monthly Taxable Income 6) Equivalent Monthly Tax Withholding = Refer to Simplified Tax Withholding Table Monthly Tax Withholding Calculation Example: Salary Details: A) Gross Wage: 1,350,000 B) Night-duty allowance: 50,000 Calculation: 1) 1,350,000

Monthly Wage&Salary (in thousand won)
(non-taxable income excluded)

Monthly Wage&Salary Equivalent Tax Withholding (in thousand won)
(non-taxable income excluded)


Equivalent Tax Withholding
4,630 4,580 4,670 4,760 4,840 4,930 5,010 5,100 5,180 5,270 5,350 5,440 5,530 5,610 5,700 5,780 5,870 5,850 6,000 6,150 6,300 6,450 6,600 6,750 6,890 7,040 7,190 7,340 7,490 7,640 7,780 7,930 8,080 8,230 8,230 8,380 8,530 8,680 8,830 8,980 9,120 9,270 9,420 9,570 9,720 9,870 10,020 10,160 10,310 10,460 10,610 10,760 10,760 10,910 11,060 11,210 11,350 11,500 11,650 11,800

over 0 870 875 880 885 890 895 900 905 910 915 920 925 930 935 940 945 950 955 960 965 970 975 980 985 990 995 1,000 1,005 1,010 1,015 1,020 1,025 1,030 1,035 1,040 1,045 1,050 1,055 1,060 1,065 1,070 1,075 1,080 1,085 1,090 1,095 1,100 1,105 1,110 1,115 1,120 1,125 1,130 1,135 1,140 1,145 1,150 1,155 1,160

less than 870 875 880 885 890 895 900 905 910 915 920 925 930 935 940 945 950 955 960 965 970 975 980 985 990 995 1,000 1,005 1,010 1,015 1,020 1,025 1,030 1,035 1,040 1,045 1,050 1,055 1,060 1,065 1,070 1,075 1,080 1,085 1,090 1,095 1,100 1,105 1,110 1,115 1,120 1,125 1,130 1,135 1,140 1,145 1,150 1,155 1,160 1,165 0 40 120 210 180 270 350 440 520 610 690 780 860 950 1,040 1,120 1,210 1,290 1,260 1,350 1,440 1,520 1,610 1,690 1,780 1,860 1,950 2,030 2,120 2,200 2,290 2,380 2,350 2,430 2,520 2,600 2,690 2,780 2,860 2,950 3,030 3,120 3,200 3,290 3,370 3,460 3,430 3,520 3,600 3,690 3,770 3,860 3,940 4,030 4,120 4,200 4,290 4,370 4,460 4,540

over 1,165 1,170 1,175 1,180 1,185 1,190 1,195 1,200 1,205 1,210 1,215 1,220 1,225 1,230 1,235 1,240 1,245 1,250 1,255 1,260 1,265 1,270 1,275 1,280 1,285 1,290 1,295 1,300 1,305 1,310 1,315

less than 1,170 1,175 1,180 1,185 1,190 1,195 1,200 1,205 1,210 1,215 1,220 1,225 1,230 1,235 1,240 1,245 1,250 1,255 1,260 1,265 1,270 1,275 1,280 1,285 1,290 1,295 1,300 1,305 1,310 1,315 1,320

Only on the Stellar
by Maria Regina P. Arquiza the middle of the night while looking at the sky, words slipped from my tongue “I think he’s my destiny”. A simple thought from a young mind that can’t be substantiated. It’s a thought that might become an eternity of regret. Is it just about courage? Or can it also be a fear of rejection? While reminiscing the moments that I had spent with you, it’s a sweet serenity. It’s as if you’re whispering words in my ears saying that you love me. I may be convincing myself that it is reality, but it’s not even a dejavu… or maybe not even a nightmare that awakes me every time that I will dream about you. There’s no truth in it and those are just things and images that I can see on the stellar. Those are just writings that are written on the water of the rivers… But it keeps on haunting me. I cannot let go… Why can’t it be real? Why can’t I have you? Why can’t I have a genuine smile? Why can’t I stop weeping? Melancholic… You are so far and distant. I am shouting and you cannot hear me. You cannot recognize. Or maybe you just don’t want to listen. I feel miserable. There’s no bitterness, but I feel empty inside. Dreaming is the only thing that keeps me moving… But that is indeed senseless… I am living in my dreams and I am dying in mystery.



3) 1,300,000 4) Refer to Simplified Tax Withholding Table 5) Answer: 910,000 is equivalent to 690,000
\ \




2) 1,300,000

x 30% = 390,000 – 390,000 = 910,000



- 50,000

= 1,300,000



1,320 1,325 1,330 1,335 1,340 1,345 1,350 1,355 1,360 1,365 1,370 1,375 1,380 1,385 1,390 1,395 1,400 1,405 1,410 1,415 1,420 1,425 1,430 1,435 1,440 1,445 1,450 1,455 1,460

1,325 1,330 1,335 1,340 1,345 1,350 1,355 1,360 1,365 1,370 1,375 1,380 1,385 1,390 1,395 1,400 1,405 1,410 1,415 1,420 1,425 1,430 1,435 1,440 1,445 1,450 1,455 1,460 1,465



)yrtnE-eR( 정과 용고재 내 국한

Woe-Guk-In Geun-Ro-Ja Swip-Ge Han Han-Guk Choe-Jeo Im-Geum Je Compiled by: Aquilino J. Juanites Jr., Dondave Jabay, and Loreto Agustin



.다니랍바 기시하의문 로9191-8851




문 로)0531 이없번국( 터센담상합종 부동

노 나거 시하조참 을인국외 드이가릭클원





.다니랍바 기시하의



이 일01 터부로날 한착도 가자로근 는주용고-

개1 로으준기 을날 한국출 서에국한 는자로근-

다 는자로근 인국외한의동 에용고재 가주용고 -

가불 둥 불지미 금임 의주용고 나이업폐 의주용

재 에국한 ,며으있 수 할국입재 에국한 에후 월

분 여하위 기받 급발 를자비 9E 에전 기하국입

를고신용고 에)retneC boJ( 터센원지용고 에내

고( .다니합 만야해 을일 와주용고 전이 시드반

됩제면 서에상대 육교재 과험시어언 는자로근-

,며으않 지되용허 이경변무업 는게 에자로근 -

.다니합출제 을번2 ,1 류서 위 에관사대 국한 국

.고보 에)retneC boJ( 터센원지용고 .3

효실 터부 일1 월6 년7002 :고참

주용고 : 자행진 .6

)외제 는우경 한피



mroF noitacilppA tnemyolpme-eR


rekeeS boJ 서에 단공력인업산국한-



.다니합 을록둥 tnemyolpme-eR 에retsoR

.다니갑아돌 로으국본 여하비구 를류서 음

부무법 단공력인업산국한 자행진 4 부무법 단공력인업산국한 자행진 4 부무법 단공력인업산국한 :::: 자행진 ....4 부무법 단공력인업산국한 자행진 4


.다니합급발 를IVCC 서에부무법 -

.용고재/국귀 의자로근 인국외 -


자로근 자행진 5 자로근 자행진 5 자로근 ::: 자행진 ...5

.급발 를IVCC


.다니합 야해


서에 )retneC boJ( 터겐원지용고후이 그

2005 2006 2007 2008

1) For companies still implementing the 44 hours work-week system - must use OPTION A Overtime Rate/Hour Computation. 2) Starting Januray 2008, all companies implementing the 40 hours work-week system - must use OPTION B Overtime Rate/Hour Computation for a period of 3-years from its implementation date. After its 3-years of implementation, the computation must be reverted back to OPTION A.
Computation: (How to get 226 average working hours per month)? Data: 1year = 12 months 1year = 365 days 1year = 52 weeks * In 1 year 52 weeks also 52 Saturdays 52 Saturdays x 4 hours/Saturday = 208 hours (Half of 8 hours, for Sat. working days) 208 hours/ 8 hours x 1 day = 26 days 365 days - 26 days = 339 days 339 days/year ÷ 12 months/year = 28.25 days/month 28.25 days/month x 8 hours/day = 226 hours/month Ways of computing Minimum Wage 1)Minimum Wage/month = 226hours/month.x rate/hour 2)Minimun Wage/day = 8 hours/day x rate/hour 3)Minimum Wage/month= 28.25 days/month (average working days/month) x rate/day

For 2007: 226 hours of work/month (Less than 50 workers) 3,480 won/hour x 226 hrs/month = 786,480 won/month 3,480 won/hour x 8 hours/day = 27,840 won/day 27,840 won/day x 28.25 days/month = 786,480 Won/month
For 2007: 209 hours of work/month (50 workers and above) 3,480 won/hour x 209 hours/month = 727,320 won/month 3,480 won/hour x 8 hours/day = 27,840 won/day 27,840 won/day x 26.125 days/month = 727,320 won/month

1. An employer has to renew labor contract within 30-90 days prior to expiration of worker’s VISA. 2.The employer applies for worker’s Visa, within two (2) weeks upon application and if approved, a Certificate of Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI) is issued by the Immigration Office. In some cases, only a Secret Control Number is given to the employer. Only the CCVI or he Secret Number is required by the Korean Embassy in the Philippines,

\ tinU


(KRW) 2,840 3,100 3,480 3,770

8hrs x rate/hr 22,720 24,800 27,840 30,160

Three Years Re-Employment System Procedure




됩 게하고신 에단공력인업산국한 와부무법

은받 를서청신( .다니줍 해급발 씩부1 각각 게

에자로근 와주용고 을본사 서청신 한말 서앞 ,면

서청신 서에 )retneC boJ( 터겐원지용고


Rate/Hour Rate/Day

44hrs/week 226hrs/month 641,840 700,600 786,480 852,020

40hrs/week 209hrs/month 593,560 647,900 727,320 787,930

OPTION A rate/hr x 150% 4,260 4,650 5,220 5,655

OPTION B 1st 4hrs After 4hrs OT/week OT/week rate/hr x 125% rate/hr x 150% N/A N/A N/A 4,713 N/A N/A N/A 5,655

For 2008: 226 hours of work/month (Less than 50 workers) 3,770 won/hour x 226 hours/month = 852,020 won/month 3,770 won/hour x 8 hrours/day = 30,160 won/day 30,160 won/day x 28.25 days/month = 852,020 won/ month

For 2008: 209 hours of work/month (50 workers and above) 3,770 won/hour x 209 hours/ month = 787,930 won/ month 3,770 won/hour x 8hours/day = 30,160 won/day 30,160 won/day x 26.125 days/month = 787,930 won/ month

when the worker applies for Visa. 3. At the POEA, proceed to BALIK MANGAGAWA section.

SULYAPINOY called up both HRD-Korea and POLO and confirmed that the rumor about the cancellation of the Re-Hire Program for EPS is NOT TRUE. Fr. Alvin Parantar, Chaplain of the HFCC, warned the community that there may be some groups that initiated a misinformation campaign to pursue their agenda. Beware!

)당간시 당수야심(

)급간시 무근과초(

)금임 저최 월(

법 과급발 서인확 용고재 의자로근 ,인국외

청신 서에 )retneC

의주용고 : 류서 련관( .다니합 야해 출제 고하

성작 를mroF noitacilppA tnemyolpme-eR 서

고 ,에전이 일03 간기 료만 자비 의자로근

2. •

주용고 : 자행진 .출제 서청신용고 자 로근인국외 에)retneC boJ( 터센원지용고
noitacilppA .다니


LABOR STANDARDS ACT (Amended by: Act No. 6974 on September 15, 2003): (1) Standard working hours per week shall not exceed fourty four (44 hrs.) excluding recess time.(For workplaces with less than 50 workers) (2) Standard working hours per week shall not exceed fourty (40 hrs.) excluding recess time. (For workplaces with 50 workers and above) (3) Working hours per day shall not exceed eigth hours (8hours) excluding recess time. NOTE: Effective July 1, 2008, the 40-hour workweek system shall also apply to any workplaces with 20 workers and above. In other words, the standard working hours per week shall not exceed 40-hours. And by the year 2011, 44-hours workweek shall be completely abolished. SCOPE Of APPLICATION: This wage system shall apply to all Korean and foreign workers working under businesses or workplaces in South Korea in which more than 5 workers are ordinarily employed.

Min. Wage/Month Overtime Rate/Hour Night Differetial

제 금임 저최 국한 한 게쉽 자로근인국외 제 금임 저최 국한 한 게쉽 자로근인국외 제 금임 저최 국한 한 게쉽 자로근인국외 제 금임 저최 국한 한 게쉽 자로근인국외

,본사 서가 허용고 인국외 ,본사 증록둥자업사

)우경 는하약계 재 와주용고 전예(
)둥 본사 서약계용구 ,권여 의자로근 .고신 에단공력인업산국한 및 부무 boJ( 터겐원지용고 가주용

re neC boJ 자행진 3 rettneC boJ :: 자행진 ..3

10:00PM to 6:00AM rate/hr x 50% 1,420 1,550 1,740 1,885

)내이 일7 터부로날

tnemyolpme-eR‘ .다니


See you next time!
다니습먹 을밥 는나 다니습 다니합 를구축 는나

When it ends with a consonant, 1)

is used. 2) .

Let`s practice… Change the basic form verbs to formal ending verbs.

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Thank you to your constant support. SULYAPINOY is wishing you the best throughout the year!







The answers are 1)

. 2)

. 3)



(to see) → _____________________ (write) → _____________________ (read) → _____________________

(meet) → _____________________ (listen) → ______________________ (buy) → ______________________ . 5) . 6) .

. 4)




has a verb stem ends with a consonant, so 다하

that ends a vowel, so – is used.

is used. While

, its verb stem

20 - Edgar Allan Reyes Gerald Jaypee Gramaje Jovencio Araque 21 - Jose Allan Bernasol 22 - Joel Tavarro 23 - Alfredo Miralpez 25 - Gloria Hadap 26 - Reynaldo Tabuena Marvin Nobleta Lilani Sinahon Dondave Jabay 27 - Alex Regaspi Raquel Arche 28 - Teofilo Camo

1 - Hernan M. Gutierez 3 - Philbert C.De Guzman Nelson G. Valenzuela

Different opinions are encourage to stimulate member input and involvement. SULYAPINOYs role is to provide information that permits FEWA members to develop informed opinions on subjects that will affect their status as migrant workers and, in some instances, their personal lives. FEWA does not hold itself responsible for statements made by any contributor. Statements or opinions expressed in SULYAPINOY reflect the views of the author(s) and not the official policy of FEWA unless so stated.

요나만 에간시음다 요나만 에간시음다 요나만 에간시음다 요나만 에간시음다 다니합사감 다니합사감 다니합사감 다니합사감





If you want to use – tense. – or – used.

in the sentence, put together the – or – . It shows the present is the formal present ending. When a verb stem ends a vowel, – is

다먹 을밥 는나



Thank you.


5 - Marvin L.Aparici 10 - Rodelio F.Crisostomo 11 - Nelisa G.Coliat 13 - Moises C. Marcial 14 - Allan R. Lalu 17 - Marciano G.Gonzalez Jr. 18 - Alvin Rexon L.Santillana 19 - Joseph P. Dugayo 20 - Joel C. Calopez 21 - Ricky G.Fetizanan 23 - Ariel J. Defeo 24 - Ireneo D.Samson Leonilo E.Caubalejo Juevel P.Maglangit 26 - Manolito C.Crooc 27 - Orlando V.Presincula 29 - Romulo M.Panambo Jonas P.Dula 31 - Aristotle Benjamin Gamiao


다하 를구축 는나


For example, 1)

is to do;

is to eat.

Time is up! We will study about – and subject next time. The verb is so important. Please study more and find more words.




is commonly used in writing a newspaper, book or something else. It is also Let’s start with – . ‘used at formal speech like a presentation. When you speak in front of people, you must have used – . And - is usually used in a statement sentence.
다 ’다 다 다




Our second lesson is about verb grammar. As we knew in our first lesson, a verb is the last group in a sentence. A verb is very important in Korean. It shows different types of tenses, statements or questions, and honorific expressions. When you did my assignment, you saw different kinds of verb grammar such as – , - , or – .
요 까 다








This is our second Basic Korean lesson. Can you still remember our last lesson? We studied about S, O, and V last time. If you had studied them hard, I’m sure you already knew some basic Korean sentences. Have you tried my assignment? You can see the correct answer in the Miriam Center`s blog http://kr.blog.yahoo.com/hischang82. Please spare time checking it.



다니입간시 째번 두 다니입간시 째번 두 다니입간시 째번 두 다니입간시 째번 두

. Basic Korean


Let`s try…. Base Form Formal Ending . Question ? ?

요세하녕안 요세하녕안 요세하녕안 요세하녕안

창 희홍


(Hong Hee-Chang), Korean Teacher of Miriam Center School - Hyewadong



Basic Korean Lesson 2

Transformation has a rule. It is very easy. ‘– is same as – . But it is used in a question sentence. If you ask something, change – to – . And use a question mark also

다보 다쓰 다읽


1) Fill the white squares with numbers 1 to 9 so that they add up to the sums shown in highlighted squares (gray color). 2) A gray color square will show one or two numbers separated by a diagonal line. 3) A number that is above the diagonal line is the sum of the row of white squares to its right. 4) A number that is below the diagonal line is the sum of the column of white squares beneath it.

By: Dave & Alwyin Reviewed by: Angela, Korean Teacher of Miriam Center School
사회 조제 부 산생

By: Dondave Jabay

2 6 3

4 3 1

1 4 2

9 6

Supplier ( ) Gong-Geup-Ja Establishment ( ) Sa-Eop-Jang Finance Department ( ) Jae-Mu Bu ) I-Sa-Nim; Meeting ( ) Hoe-Ui Director (
부 학공 부무재 장업 사 자급공

Fire Exit ( ) Bi-Sang Gu; Fire Extinguisher ( ) So-Hwa-Gi

Immigration Office ( ) Chul-Ip-Guk Gwan-Ri Sa-Mu-So Police ( ) Gyeong-Chal, Police Station ( ) Gyeong-Chal-Seo Export Sales Department ( ) Su-Chul Pan-Mae Bu



서 찰경

소무사 리 관 국입출

부매판 출수

관리 관 국입출

원 직 국 입추

Immigration Officer ( Immigration Official (

험보 강건 민 국

험 보 강건

National Health Insurance ( Health Insurance (

) Guk-Min Geon-Gang Bo-Heom ) Geon-Gang Bo-Heom ) Chul-Ip-Guk Gwan-Ri-Gwan ) Chul-Ip-Guk Jik-Weon

1) officer 2) student 4) perhaps, maybe 7) song title ( ) 9) center for Filipino community in South Korea 11) conversation 12) window

21 21 21 21

험 보 용고

Employment Insurance (

) Go-Yong Bo-Heom

Answer to January Issue

01 01 01 01

11 11 11 11

9 9 9 9

약계 용고

험보 해 재

Raw Materials/Ingredients ( Employment Contract ( Accident Insurance (

) Weon-Ryo ) Go-Yong Gye-Yak ) Jae-Hae Bo-Heom

1) illegitimate child 3) map 5) to drink 6) self praise, pride 7) sketch 8) one way 9) advantage 10) market place






책 방예 재화

사 감 부내

기 화소

일 제 전안

Internal Audit ( Safety First ( Fire Precautions (

) Nae-Bu Gam-Sa ) An-Jeon Je-Il ) Hwa-Jae Ye-Bang-Chaek



사기 차게지

자 작조 계기

Machine Operator ( Fork-lift Truck Operator (

) Gi-Gye Jo-Jak-Ja ) Ji-Ge-Cha Gi-Sa


일 과 일 과 일 과 일 과 21 리 요11 급 일 요 월 99 일 요 월 일 요 월 99 일 요 월 01 01 01 01 방 방 니 니 방 방 니 니 운 다 름 아 운 다 름 아 운 다 름 아7 운 다 름 아 8 마 마 이 이 마 마 이6 이 장 고 본4 5 공 공 러 자 22 러 자 공 공 러 자 22 러 자 3 름 여 11 름 여 름 여 11 름 여

자 작조 산생

사기 산생

Engineering Department ( Production Engineer ( Production Operator (

) Gong-Hak Bu ) Saeng-San Gi-Sa ) Saeng-San Jo-Jak-Ja

By: Sofonias ‘Chabok’ Paragsa










Bankruptcy ( Buyer ( Customer (

) Pa-San ) Gu-Mae-Ja ) Go-Gaek



쇄 폐 장공

팀 질품

Quality Team ( Plant Shutdown (

) Pum-Jil Tim ) Gong-Jang Pye-Swae

8 7

9 4 1 3







Procedure ( ) Jeol-Cha Guidelines ( ) Ji-Chim-Seo Assembly Plant ( ) Jo-Rip-Gong Jang
장공 립조 서 침지 차절






장공 리수


Repairman ( Repair Shop (

) Su-Ri-Gong ) Su-Ri-Gong Jang




Assembly ( Repair (

) Jo-Rip ) Su-Ri Ha-Da






Sales Division ( ) Yeong-Eop Bu Output or Yield ( ) Saeng-San-Ryang Process ( ) Gwa-Jeong
량 산생 부업 영 정과

2 5 6 2 1




03 3

Administration Department ( ) Gwan-Ri Bu Operation Division ( ) Sa-Eop Bu
부 리관 부업 사




Manufacturing Company ( Production Department (

) Je-Jo Hoe-Sa ) Saeng-San Bu



Two important rules:
1) There are no zeroes. 2) Do not put the same number in each sum of the row of white squares to its right or column beneath it.

The most exciting part!!!
Anyone who can answer first the puzzle correctly will receive a reward in courtesy of SULYAPINOY Editorial Staff. How to r eport your answer? Please call 010-9294-4365 or email sulyap_managing@hotmail.com.

Answer to January Issue


ni Jun Bagman

Isang batang tatlong-taong gulang pa Ang nagtanong sa kanyang ama, "Tay,saan ang iyong punta Di mo ba ako isasama?" Sabi ni ama,"Wag ngayon anak, Diyan sa di kalayuan ang aking pupuntahan. Sa pinakamalapit na kanto Kung saan may inuman." Dahil sa inusenteng pagmamahal ng bata Ay hinayaan ang kanyang ama Na magtungo sa di kalayuan At sa piling niya muli'y mawawala. Umaasang ang ama'y di makakalimot, Sa matagal na niyang pinapaalala. Na ngayo'y kaarawan niya, At apat na taong gulang na siya. Isang pamilyar na yabag sa hagdan, Sinalubong ang ama sa pintuan. "Tingnan mo itay,ako'y lumalaki na, Kaarawan ko'y aming ipinagdiwang." "Gumawa si mama ng keyk, Na may apat na kandila. Di namin kinain lahat, Para sa'yo kami ay nagtira."

Aniya,"Itay dumito ka muna, Para ako ay may kasama. Nakakalungkot kasi dito Habang naglalaro akong mag-isa." Sagot ni ama,"Wala akong oras anak, Ako'y nagmamadali pa Sa pinakamalapit na kanto'y Naghihintay ang mga barkada." Parang kahapon lang nang nagtanong Ang anak kong tatlong-taong gulang, "Saan ang iyong punta itay, Di mo ba ako isasama?" Pero kay bilis ng panahon Sinabi niya sa akin ngayon, "Di mo ba naaalala ama Ako'y biente-kuatro na?" Maraming taon ang nasayang Si ama'y kay dami nang dinaramdam. Nabibigatan ang puso Habang ang sinasabi ng anak ay pinakikinggan, "Maiwan ka muna itay, Diyan sa di kalayuan ang aking patutunguhan. Sa pinakamalapit na kanto Ako'y makikipag-inuman."

By Amie Sison

How do you celebrated your Valentines Day? Consider your working hours and place of work it's not easy to celebrate that on that day. Well, all knew Valentines is the wonderful day for people who is in love. I don't know why I had never had a date on that special day. Usually I was a heart broken. On my age, I realized waiting for the right guy is only my imagination. Or maybe God wants to test me before he introduce my dream man. I found him but some problems occurred. Honestly I love him. I accepted everything about him. His personality, nationality, and religion. Between us, we realized we need each other. We support each other in time that we have no place to go. When we felt we are so down. When we knew we went so far. We promised that we will try to exert all effort we can to save our relationship. We encountered troubles, of course it's all his fault. He is a womanizer. However, I still can managed to forgive him. You may be surprised it was happened for the fourth time. Thus my heart and my mind have same ideas. The highlight question must be like this. Am I stupid? Admittedly, I love him so much. However, the time is reaching its limit. And one question changed our lives. I will be a Muslim or not? I'm expecting for this tough question. On the other hand, I'm prepared because I knew it will happen. I answered him without any hesitation. In a truly impressive way I replied. " If i will still have my son, my family, and my faith. I will stay with you." I believed God. He believed Allah. I can't change my faith. By contrast we decided to part our ways. The dramatic scenario is to give up. A restless mind happened to me after only one question. Above all, that decision is the most valuable gift I can keep as a Christian. Until my last breathe I will believe on him. He is behind on my circumstances. Victory or Failure. I also believe that for every moment I felt so down. He's carrying me. I knew I met my dream boy. The person I want to spend in my whole life. But if I will change my faith. Ooops. I need to quit. This was remarkable decision I ever made in my life. The love for him. One evidence I love Jesus. How about you? How do you love him?




Maria Regina P. Arquiza
A genuine smile that touches my heart Is it a dream or reality? Is it truth or is it a lie? A shadow behind is pulling me It’s indeed heavy I cannot move and I cannot escape But do I have the courage to say the things that need to be said? Or to write the words and reveal the actions that need to be expressed? Or is this some kind of an idiocy? Will you ever understand? It’s you whom I have cared about It’s you whom I have waited It’s you whom I have loved And it’s you… Just you… Who had changed my life… You, who had changed my heart. And now It’s going to be forever My eternal pain and sacrifice.

Amie Sison

Maria Regina P. Arquiza

The uniqueness of love that bringing Making two heart beats ringing Cherishing the love obviously flowing From their eyes that look like shining Cheers to someone out there As I call them sweet lovers And the guys carrying flowers His special love he wants to offer Gladly are those people who are in love Listening for their heart beats command The true love that they finally found Share it's joy to the people around But who am I on that day Still waiting for a guy to come my way To celebrate the wonderful Valentines day A nearly perfect date I always pray.

being cared by those people whom i love the most not having the feeling of isolation always happy for not being neglected i am not alone. every failure means victory every tear means gladness every burden means glory and every sadness means tranquility. this different place separates me from my world the world that gives a definition to my being i am a total stranger a wanderer strolling around the corners of the world and a lost soul who is missing home wanting to come back to where she originally started her journey i am hoping, indeed the place with my friends the place with my family my haven my home.


by Amie Sison

I just nodded when the staff behind SULYAPINOY suggested me to handle a permanent column about "love questions and insecurities”. In other words, “love consultant”. I demanded for a hats-off if only this may sound relatively. I always left helpless. I heard a comment from one man once on the busy scenario of after mass moment outside of Saint Benedict Parish Church (also known as Hyehwadong Catholic Church). He boldly said that he was interested to meet me. On his face I saw the sincerity from his words as he read my poems. Maybe he is an avid reader of my love stories that was written through poems on SAMBAYANAN. Or maybe he wanted to give an advice about my love life. If some Universities offer a course about learning to handle a relationship to opposite sex maybe I would hurriedly put my name on registration. And so after graduation I can be a woman version of Joe D' Mango as love consultant. Top of my question was...Is it wrong to be honest, dedicated, loving, and loyal for our partner. Absolutely love for me is the hardest problem to solve. Sometime we are not aware that there are people who love us truthfully. They were there for any situation. They were happy if we are happy. They're most upset if we are downed. And if we are in need they're like a bullet train as they come. And we are lucky one if we will know we are special for them. But some people act differently. Instead to acknowledge them they will not accept the praise. Not saying thank you as well. And it will be sad moment for that kind of person. In contrast, some just keep that treasured feelings until it will unnoticeably forgotten. On my college years one of the course is about to make a research a love from opposite sex my professor rejected because it was too broad. I agreed and it will take a lot of time to gather the details needed. How does love become so simple and complicated to other people? On the other hand in one relationship one became so selfish and inconsiderate. And expected to be unfair. That was me who left a numb? I'm not perfect and I did all I can but still neglected. Really, I can't stretch myself to satisfy them nor I can't just afford to change my whole personality to please them. In return that will be best time for them to say “hi” to one or two or three or more girls on the crowd until they got a hot girl to replace me. So I was reminded of my definition of love..."Love is the hardest problem to solve" Unfortunately, when things wrapped up and I'm ready to move on… that is the only time they realized I'm such a shining star on the darkest night. Followed by an award winning statement...Of course since I move on the new journey I can't give back the trust and love before. It's a very sad story of my love life. Once, I asked myself why does I never dictate myself that I will hate a man or I don't want to fell in love again even it always left me hurt. Instead, I’m hurriedly looking for a new boyfriend. And I can't imagine how I will survive without a boyfriend. Admittedly, sometime in a relationship even it's like on and off love still existing. Why does we let Love ruled our lives. Superstar, politician, and businessman… any person lies beneath on the power of love. Therefore, I’m not alone. Maybe you are one of us… one of the people who are contented to love someone without listening on the rumors. Simply happy with our special someone…



Dear Ramil, Bilang Overseas Filipino, one of the most important things to learn is financial discipline. Mayroong dalawang important elements ng financial discipline. First ay ang self-discipline o disiplina sa sarili kung ano ang gagawin sa perang kinikita. Parati mong isipin na kaya ka pumunta sa Korea ay para bigyan ng magandang buhay ang iyong pamilya. Ang perang inuubos mo sa iyong bisyo ay perang mailalaan mo sana sa kinabukasan nila. Masaya tayo kapag nakakapagpadala tayo ng malaki sa Pilipinas. Kaya lang kailangan ng plano at sistema sa pagpapadala. Planning is an important part of self discipline. Decide how much and how often you’ll send money to your family. This way sigurado tayong sapat at tama at darating sa tamang oras ang ating padala! The lack of a systematic plan in sending remittances is the main reason kung bakit karamihan sa atin ay hindi nakakaipon. Second ay ang family discipline. Ito ay ang pamumuhay ayon sa nakapagkasunduang budget at pagiingat sa gastos ng padalang pera. Magkano nga ba ang tamang family budget? Ganito po ang suggestion ko. Magandang pagusapan bilang isang pamilya ang current na gastusin. Kailangan pagkasunduan ang monthly expenses. Kung noong bago ka umalis ay nagkakasya ang monthly budget na P15,000 ay maaari lamang tumbasan ito ngaung nandito ka na uli sa Korea. Responsibility ng pamilya mo na mamuhay ng tama at pagkasyahin ang agreed upon monthly budget. Itabi ang extra para sa savings na magagamit para sa emergency needs o special occasions. Bukod sa regular na padala ay darating din ang oras na hihingi sila ng additional money for unplanned expenses or emergencies. That is why it is very important to stay connected or to keep in close touch with your family. Kailangan updated ka sa mga latest tungkol sa iyong pamilya. Lalo kung may important developments requiring financial decisions o additional na gastusin. Be involved! Ikaw ang kumikita ng pera. Kahit na malayo ka sa pamilya, you have a right and a responsibility to help your family spend that money wisely. Para di mapunta ang ating pinagpaguran sa wala let me share with you the secret kung paano tayo makakaipon ng sigurado. Ang secret ay sa pagbabago ng relationship between income, savings and expense. Sa ngayon, chances are ganito ang formula na ginagamit natin. Income minus expense is equal to savings. Itinatabi lang naten ang perang natira pagtapos tayo gumastos. Minsan ay wala pang natitira dahil ang ating expenses ay kasing laki lang ng ating kita. Worse ay ang ating expenses ay higit pa kaysa sa ating kita kaya tayo nagkakautang. Paano kaya kung baguhin kaya natin? Income minus savings is equal to expense. Yan po ang suggested formula that is GUARANTEED to help save money for your future. Kung mayroon po kayong tanong on how to manage your finances ay maaaring mag-email sa rsgeronimo@hotmail.com. Sa inyo namang remittance, maaari po kayong magpadala sa BPI through Woori Bank at very low remittance fees and competitive exchange rates. Ang Woori Bank Hyehwadong Branch ay bukas kada lingo. Maaari kayong magpadala credit to your BPI, BPI Family Bank and BPInoy Savings Account. Pwede ring pick up at any BPI branch, door-to-door and credit to other banks. Ate Rose

Magandang araw po sa lahat! Salamat po sa pagtangkilik sa pahayagang ito. Simula po sa isyung ito ay matutunghayan ninyo ang aking column. Naisip ko pong maglabas ng ganitong column sapagkat maraming mga Pilipino na hindi makauwi sa Pilipinas o makahinto sa pagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa dahil sa kanilang palagay ay di pa sapat ang kanilang naipon o perang naitabi upang magpatuloy ng bagong buhay sa Pilipinas. Naisip kong masmagandang makapagbahagi ako ng financial management advice para sabay sabay naten maiuwi ang pangarap ng ating mga pamilya. Let me share with you a letter sent by an OFW in Banwol.

=================================== Dear Ate Rose,
Ni-renew po ng employer ko ang aking contract sa Korea. Hindi po ako nakapag-ipon nung una kong punta dito dahil akala ko ang maginhawang buhay ay walang katapusan. Naubos ko po ang pera sa kakainom at kaka-noraebang. Ang asawa ko naman po ay naubos ang aking padala sa kakapunta ng mall para magshopping. Bigyan nyo naman po ako ng financial management tips para this time ay makap-ipon naman ako para mabigyan ng magandang kinabukasan ang aking pamilya. Sincerely, Ramil Dimaguiba



Congratulations to the Filipino EPS Workers Association on the publication of SULYAPINOY. It is especially encouraging to know that FEWA is working closely with HRWOFC in pursuing their common goal in helping Filipino migrant workers here in Korea. Korea is a better country because of the presence of many Filipinos. You are diligent workers and a help to the local economy. You are family -oriented and you give the Koreans a good model of family life. Also, your deep faith and devotion to God is a model and inspiration to Koreans. I have been personally moved by the religious spirit of the Filipino people as they participate in Sunday Mass here in Cheongju. I hope all the Filipinos here will also learn much about Korea while you are here. The Korean language is difficult but with a little effort, you can learn the alphabet and some commonly used expressions. Koreans appreciate even your simplest attempts to speak their language. Above all, it helps to make friends with a few Koreans. They are not all "bosses" and uncaring people. Many of them want to know you personally and they are concerned that your stay in their country is a happy one for you. FEWA and SULYAPINOY are good instruments for promoting a happy and meaningful stay in Korea. As the Koreans say, "Fighting!". (Sgd) Rev. Edward Whelan, M.M. HRWOFC Spiritual Adviser

Sing with glorious praise to the Lord! Join the Messenger Choir of God


The Human Rights Welfare Organization-Filipino Community has achieved another milestone as new set of officers was inducted last December 23, 2007 at Kabayan Function Hall in Cheongju City. Labor Attaché Atty. Delmer R. Cruz presided the induction. HRWOFC SET OF OFFICERS President - Ana Maria M. Adante Vice- President - Franklin U. Caturla Secretary - Imelda C. Dahan Asst. Secretary - Riclay T. Abadejos Treasurer - Rosario A. Balgua Asst. Treasurer - Melody A. Tumala Auditor - Evangeline R. Retuta Asst. Auditors - Myla G. Sanchez, Virgilio G. Santos Public Information Officers - Emily Cabañog, Jeffrey Mendoza, Alerico A. Barrozo, Marino Demaangay, Jovito Gregorio Peace Keeping Officers - Roosevelt L. Velayo, Danilo D. Palac, Rolly P. Gerona, Ruben T. Manuel, Mario D. Pusung Jochiwon Representative - Arnel S. Hebra Jeongpyeong Representatives - Oswaldo D.Lipata, Ma. Gracelina D. Ramos Oksan Representatives - Elmer S. Sarad, Melchor C. Calma Ochang Representatives - Richard C. Somngi, Christian Ylen COMMITTEES Chairman - Funds & Projects - Moreno D. Esla Vice- Chairman - Funds & Projects - Antholyn S. Hernandez Chairwoman - Legal Affairs - Helen N. Balgos Chairman - Sports - Christopher J. Guerra Co-Chairman-Sports - Joel Pahate Chairwoman - Program - Hera Jubelag Chairwoman - Community Services - Surala D. Vega Adviser- Ahn Geon Soo Spiritual Adviser - Rev. Edward Whelan, M.M

Officers and members of HRWOFC together with Labor Attaché Atty. Delmer R. Cruz during the induction




In our Commitment & Determination...

Handog ng FEWA kay Fr. Glenn for his unconditional support to the Filipino Migrant Workers in South Korea

Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat, Ph.D. (rightmost-center) giving leadership lecture to FEWA officers and members, SULYAPINOY staff, and other community volunteers at Philippine - Korean Cultural House in Jongno-gu Seoul

With Generosity & Compassion...

FEWA Christmas Party and Raffle for a Cause - Dec 16, 2007

FEWA and PMWAK Officers lead by Loreto Agustin (3rd from left) visited an accident victim (3rd from right - sitting besides his wife) at Incheon Chamsarang Hospital

We dedicate our Volunteerism & Selflessness...

FEWA Officers and members posed with Labor Attache Atty. Delmer R. Cruz, Fr. Alvin Parantar, and POLO Officials (standing 1st line - 5th from left, 6th from left, and 4th to leftmost respectively), during SULYAPINOY launching on November 2007

Loreto Agustin, FEWA President (2nd from left) and Rebenson Recana, SULYAPINOY EIC (leftmost) received donation from the HRWOFC of Cheongju City in support to HELP US TO HELP YOU: SHARE NOW campaign Printed by



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