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LESSON PLAN (Theme Module)


: Seri Cahaya


: 02 April 2014 : 10.40am 11.20pm (40 minutes)


Number of Students

: 25 students ( 1 students are 5 years old; 24 students are 6 years old)


: Theme


: Self-esteem

Integrated Strands

: Communication, Physical and Aesthetic


: Myself

Sub theme

: Emotion

Contents Standard

: BI 3.1 BI 1.6

Identify the emotions shown in the video. Sing a song and do some movements.

KTI 2.1 Mengambil bahagian dalam aktiviti nyanyian

Learning Standard

: BI 3.1.1

Recognize the types of emotion shown in the video.

BI 1.6.1 KTI 2.1.8

Sing a song with some movements. Menyanyi lagu dengan iringan music


: At the end of this lesson, the students are able to: 1) Identify the types of emotions such as shy, angry, sad and happy. 2) Expressing emotions in certain situation. 3) Making large collage emotion.

Existing Knowledge

: Students know the types of emotions and they can express the emotions in their daily life.

Thinking Skills

: Analyze

Moral Values

: Confidence, respectful, cooperation, concentrated

Focus MI

: Spatial, communication

Teaching Materials

: Mahjong paper, cards, laptop, song lyric.


: Angry, sad, happy, scared, excited, shy

Steps / Time Set Induction (5 minutes) -

Learning content The students are exposed to the types of emotion through the video played. -

Teaching and learning activities The teacher will play a video with different types of emotion. The students will watch the video and at the same time, they will learn the different types of emotion at different situation.

Teaching materials / Record - TM: Computer - MV: Concentrated - TS: Generating ideas

Step 1 (10 minutes)

Students identify the emotions

The teacher will prepare different emotions card in a box and a piece of mahjong paper that divided into four column for different emotions.

- TM: Mahjong paper, emotion cards - TS: Analyze, generating ideas - MV: Confidence, concentrated

Teacher will give turn to the students to pick the cards in the box.

The teacher will call the students randomly to stick the card on the mahjong paper in the right column.

Step 2 (10 minutes)

Students make a large collage emotions

The teacher give back the card to the students. At the back of the cards, there are three different

- TM: Mah-jong paper,

colours. The students need to stick the card again in the different side of mahjong paper to make a large collage emotions. The teacher have prepare a piece of A4 paper as a guideline for the student to make the collage.

colour card

- MI: Spatial

- MV: Confidence

- TS: Analyze Step 3 (10 minutes) The students can identify the types of emotion that is shown correctly. The students will be given exercises to test their understanding of the lesson learnt. The teacher will give an exercise whereas the students have to identify the types of emotion as shown in the picture. The teacher will play the song The more we get together and the students will listen to it first. The students will sing together and do some movements together. The teacher will conclude what they have learnt - TM: Work sheet - MV: Cooperation - TS: Generating ideas Closing (5 minutes) The students will sing a song entitled The more we get together Reflection and discussion of moral values between - MV: Cooperation - MI: Music - TS:

teacher and the students. -

during the lesson. The teacher will give some appreciation to the students due to their response during the lesson.


Student reflection:

Teacher reflection: