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Private and Confidential

Joining letter

Address Dear .,

1. JOB OFFER Company Name is pleased to offer you the position of Executive-Software Development. We trust that your nowledge! s ills and experience will "e our most valua"le assets. #s you accept this $o" offer! as per company policy! you%ll "e eligi"le to receive the following in the "eginning on your hire date& ' Salary: #nnual gross salary of (s. )! *+! +++,- during your four months pro"ation period! salary would "e revised after the completion of your pro"ation. ' Appraisal: #s per the company rules appraisal will "e done according to the wish of management and your performance. -ne yearly appraisal will always "e there. ' Benefits: Standard! Company Name provided "enefits for salaried-exempt employees! including the following o Sic leave o .acation and personal days . PROBA!"O# #s per the Company policy! the pro"ation period! is for four months w.e.f ) st /e" 0+)+. During the pro"ation period or any extension thereof! you will "e lia"le to "e discharged from employment with Company Name at any time without any prior notice and without providing any reason. $. !A%A!"O# #ll payments provided "y the Company will "e made in accordance with the taxation system prevalent within 1ndia! including without limitation! tax deduction at source. &. DOC'(E#!S 2ou are re3uested to fulfill "elow mentioned $oining formalities. #long with your offer letter! please provide the following documents& ). 4erox of #ll mar sheets and certificates. 0. Copy of (esidence 5roof& 5hotocopy of 5assport, driving license,.oter6s identity card,(ation Card.

7. Salary slips from previous employer 81f any9 :. Experience certificate of previous companies 81f any9 ;. <wo passport si=e photographs. >. Copy of latest C. *. Sign and date this $o" offer letter where indicated "elow. ?. Sign and date the Code of Conduct #greement at the time of $oining. ). !ER("#A!"O# OF E(P*O+(E#! 1f you don6t a"ide "y the rules and the regulations which are mentioned in the code of conduct then you can "e terminated "y the company. 2ou can not leave the company without giving one months notice or in lieu of that you will have to pay one month6s salary to the company. 2ou can not resign without the resignation acceptance of the Company head. @pon termination of your employment with Company Name! you have to return all such notes,memoranda and every copy thereof to the company. 2ou can not leave the company without completing one year! if you do so then! company can charge any amount in accordance to the law. -ther wise we can ta e legal action.

!o de,line t-is .o/ offer:

). Sign and date this $o" $oining letter where indicated "elow "y mentioning non acceptance. 0. Aail all pages of this $o" offer letter "ac to us in the enclosed "usiness-reply envelope! to arrive "y )st /e"! 0+)+.

"f yo0 a,,ept t-is .o/ offer! your $oining date will "e on the day of )st /e"! 0+)+.

We at Company Name hope that you%ll accept this $o" offer and loo forward to welcome you in our company. 2our immediate reporting authority will "e B... /eel free to contact at "elow mentioned num"er during office timings if you have any 3uery.

" 0nderstand t-e ter1s and ,onditions of e1ploy1ent as des,ri/ed in t-is letter and a,,ept t-e offer.



2A0t-ori3ed Si4natory5