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"The world would make way for the man who works with great perseverance" I regard this saying as my motto as it inspires me to advance forward in my life. Whenever in adversity, I can hear my father's words that as long as you stick to it, the final result will always be good. My father is the most common but the most unusual man who has brought up five children with his callused hands and instilled us with great expectations and aspirations for the future. I believe a meaningful life should be all about aiming high and working hard to reach that height. Searching through the web considering a suitable country and competitive university has been biggest task for me and after a breath taking search. I finally made my mind to apply in University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) one of the best universities in China, which is imminent colossal nation in the field of Technology. The subjects of mathematics and physics have always fascinated me and I knew very early on that I wanted to pursue a career that involves science. As I progressed through school I found that I was much more interested in the application of the theory rather than the theory itself. In my past years growing up I have looked up to engineers as my role models and I have always aspired to be one myself. My passion for science is as old as my school days, an aptitude for Physics and Mathematics enabled me to excel in all my science subjects at school exams. I have been living in hostels since I was in eight. Through those years I was proud to take part in several science projects which in particular made me aware of how new technology must be introduced During my college level I was appointed as sports sergeant of my hostel. I had been authorized to manage number of sport events in the hostel. Being appointed as sergeant was a great honor to me. My leadership skills were greatly enhanced by holding this position, as I often have to arrange number of sports event and to select the best ones for inter-college events. Under my leadership our hostel remained champion throughout year in sports. I learnt the worth of different leadership skills and that it is important to treat everyone as an individual in order to get results. As I progressed to university level I persuaded electronic engineering as my Undergraduate degree due my personal interest in the field. I have always been fascinated with the leaps of invention that electronic engineering has given modern civilization. The microprocessor has revolutionized the way we store data, communicate and way we control and manipulate everyday electronic objects. Electronic engineering has helped computers to be a significant part of our lives. I graduated from Mehran University of engineering and technology, one of the best universities in Pakistan. Through four years of study of electronics engineering, I have not only accumulated plentiful skills and theoretical knowledge in major subjects such as control engineering, measurement & instrumentation, Automation & robotics, feedback control system, modern control system, basic electronics ,digital electronics etc but also participated in number of projects exhibition and project competition such as 2KES Alumni Student Project Competition

2010, Competition of ECOTRONICS 2011, competition of MESPEC11. I attended seminars with other universities to exchange views and ideas on variety of subjects especially on control engineering and measurement & instrumentation as one of the major fields of electronics engineering. Subjects such as control engineering, Automation & robotics, basic electronics, digital electronics were my major interests. I with other four group members did a six months project titled as FPGA based Robotic arm using servo motors. We attempted to design, simulate, and synthesis the servo motor interfacing with XILINX NEXYS2 SPARTAN 3E FPGA development board. Through NEXYS2 board we controlled angles and speed of servo motors, using these servo motors we designed Robotic arm and controlled its all movement. We programmed the design by using VHSIC Hardware description language (VHDL). Besides class learning I had study tour to different companies and organization such as Siemens Pakistan ,Atomic Nuclear Power Plant Karachi,500 KV grid station jamshoro ,Steel mill Karachi which enhanced my theoretical knowledge and new techniques used in companies. My decision to get masters degree in Control Theory & Control Engineering, at this point of my carrier is the reflection of what I did bachelors degree. Though a four year of bachelor degree in the field of electronics engineering has given me a plenty knowledge and initial base to understand the challenges, yet I feel that current fast growing and competitive world need vital strategic thinking and an adept to change which I believe can be achieved in an atmosphere which is research oriented rather than cramming already done work and printed books. Information technology is going very fast therefore I think I must equip myself with tools and techniques provided by research and development in the field of Control Theory & Control Engineering. Besides a masters degree I believe socializing is very important to me and I am always keen to meet new people. I enjoying trying new foods to increase my knowledge of different cultures and my culinary skills will prove very useful in independent university life and it has been my dream to visit china which has been friendly neighboring country to us.

HAFIZ SHAFIULLAH Cell: +92-3322855092