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Final Examination BASIC GEOGRAPHY I. Multiple Choice : Choose the letter of the correct answer.

Write only the letter on the space provided before the number. ______ 1. It is the second largest continent in the world. a. Asia b. Africa c. North America d. South America

______ 2. Which of the following statements is false about Africa? a. it is the home of the home of the worlds oldest civilization b. few areas of Africa possess fertile soils c. the dominant religion is Catholicism d. it contains a complex variety of peoples, languages and cultures _____ 3. The modern European colonization of Africa was begun by the what? a. Portuguese b. Spanish c. British d. Dutch

_____ 4. Suez canal is part of what African country? a. Nigeria b. Libya c. Somalia d. Egypt

______ 5. It is the worlds fifth largest continent. a. South America b. Europe c. Antarctica d. Ocenia

______ 6. The following are facts about Antarctica except one a. it is the southernmost continent b. it is mostly covered with ice d. The continent is fertile

c. The continent is more than half as large as the U.S

_____ 7. This landmass is both a country and a continent? a. Europe b. Australia c. Oceania d. Africa

_____ 8. Which of the following continents is the smallest? a. Europe b. North America c. Australia d. Antarctica

_____ 9. Which of the following statements is false about Australia? a. the sixth largest country in the world c. it has a low population density b. it has lesser desert land than any other continent d. The last to be explored by Europeans

_____ 10. Who of the following explorers first sighted Australia in the 17 th century? a. Spanish b. Portuguese c. British d. Dutch

_____ 11. What attracted immigrants to settle in Australia in 1778? a. gold b. tourist spots c. climate d. All of the above

_____ 12. Its name refers to the scattered islands of the central and south pacific. a. Australia b. Oceania c. America d. Asia

_____ 13. Which of the following islands is called the black islands? a. Melanesia b. Micronesia c. Polynesia d. All of the above

_____ 14. It is often called the little islands. Refer to item no. 13 for the options _____ 15. This term means many islands. Refer to item no. 13 for the options _____ 16. Which of the following continents is popularly known as Latin America? a. North America b. South America c. Australia d. Europe

_____ 17. He was the first European explorer to sight the coast of South America. a. Amerigo Vespucci b. Magellan c. Marco polo d. Christopher Columbus

_____ 18. Which continent is the largest in the world? a. Africa b. Asia c. North America d. South America

_____ 19. It is the most populous continent in the world. Refer to item no. 18 for the options _____ 20. Which region in Asia is politically known as the Middle East? a. Southwest b. South c. East d. Southeast

_____ 21. It is the only Andean country facing both the Pacific and the Caribbean. a. Ecuador b. Chile c. Peru d. Colombia

_____ 22. Which South American region serves as a land bridge that connects North America and South America? a. Caribbean Nations b. Central America c. Southern Latin America d. All of the above

_____ 23. Which waterform separates the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean? a. Isthmus of Panama b. Atlantic Ocean c. Rio de Janeiro d. Suez Canal

_____ 24. Which region is not part of the Caribbean Islands? a. Bahamas b. Southern Latin America c. Greater Antilles d. Lesser Antilles

_____ 25. The following are countries that composed the Greater Antilles except one a. Cuba b. Jamaica c. Virgin Islands d. Puerto Rico

II. A. Identify the country being described in the following items. Write the answer on the space provided before the number. ___________ 1. It is where the largest cities are located. ___________ 2. The largest country in Latin America ___________ 3. The worlds largest producer of coffee ___________ 4. The richest of the Latin American states ___________ 5. The poorest country in South America ___________ 6. The smallest state in South America ___________ 7. Europes busiest port ___________ 8. It is composed of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ___________ 9. It dominates Western Europe territorially ___________10. The largest country in the Scandinavian Peninsula B. Identify the location of the following. Write the answer on the space provided before the number. ___________ 1. Yucatan peninsula ___________ 2. Pampas

___________ 3. Amazon river ___________ 4. The Great Rift Valley ___________ 5. Opera House ___________ 6. The primate city of Paris ___________ 7. Administrative headquarter of NATO ___________ 8. Andes mountain range ___________ 9. The Gold coast of Ghana __________ 10. Gobi desert III. A. Supply the missing data in the entries below. Country 1. Australia 2. Argentina 3. Bolivia 4. Austria 5. Belgium B. Classify each of the following countries according to its geographical location in Asia. 1. China 6. Taiwan 2. India 7. Mongolia 3. Korea 8. Indonesia 4. Saudi Arabia 9. Nepal 5. Kuwait 10. UAE Capital City Continent