IATMI 2006-05

PROSIDING, Simposium Nasional & Kongres IX Ikatan Ahli Teknik Perminyakan Indonesia (IATMI) 2006 Hotel The Ritz Carlton Jakarta, 15-17 November 2006

Paper anda yang berjudul :

Challenges in Production Logging Using Gas Holdup Tool
Reza Iskandar Halliburton Energy Services Abstract A new quick well analysis has been developed, along with a new generation of tools used for production logging and reservoir monitoring. This suite of tools is used to improve understanding of downhole flowing conditions and to expedite the evaluation of the reservoir. The Gas holdup Tool is used to provide an across wellbore holdup measurement in any flow regime and at any well angle, this means that where there is stratified flow in deviated and especially horizontal wells that using Gas Holdup Tool data will result in a more accurate interpretation. The tool principally is a gas holdup tool as it responds to electron density. Water and oil have similar electron densities and gas has a lower electron density. GHT is less than 3 feet in length with a 1-11/16-inch-OD through-tubing production logging tool, which directly and accurately determines the volumetric fraction of gas over a cross-sectional volume element of the wellbore. It uses a low-energy cobalt-57 source and a sodium iodide detector located a short distance from the source and separated by a tungsten shield. The detector counts gamma rays that are scattered back from the production fluid to the detector; the magnitude of the count rate is directly related to the gas holdup. The measurement is not affected by the composition and density of materials outside the casing. Thus paper illustrates a variety of applications of the fullbore gas holdup tool measurement. It also explains both operational and interpretation challenges in running the Gas Holdup Tool that deals with varieties of production problems. Karena Paper belum kami terima dari narasumber, maka belum dapat kami tayangkan, mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanan ini

Terima kasih, Sekretariat Simposium & Kongres IX IATMI - 2006

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