Chicken Tortilla Soup

Recipe Rating: Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 35 min Makes: 4 servings

6 corn tortillas (6 inch), divided 1-1 ! tsp" vegeta#le oil, divided 1 ! l#" #oneless skinless chicken #reasts, cut into #ite-si$ed chunks ! cans (14 o$" each) chicken #roth 1 cup T%C& '()) *&+( &,-.-/%)S Thick 0/ Chunk1 +edium Salsa 1 cup 2ro$en corn 1 cup 3,%4T Shredded Cheddar Cheese PREHEAT oven to 45564" Cut ! o2 the tortillas into strips7 toss 8ith 1 ! tsp" o2 the oil" Spread in single la1er on #aking sheet" 'ake 15 to 1! min" or until crisp, stirring occasionall1" MEANWHILE, 2inel1 chop remaining 4 tortillas" *eat remaining 1 tsp" oil in large saucepan on medium-high heat" %dd chicken7 cook and stir 5 min" %dd chopped tortillas, #roth, salsa and corn" Nutrition (per ser ing! 'ring to #oil7 reduce heat to medium-lo8 and simmer 15 min" "alories 3:5 LADLE soup into serving #o8ls7 top 8ith cheese and tortilla strips" Total #at 15 g $aturate% #at :g /9T,-T-&/ -/4&,+%T-&/ "&olesterol 65 mg $o%ium 1455 mg "ar'o&(%rate 34 g Dietar( #i'er 4g $ugars 5g Protein !: g )itamin A 15 ;<= )itamin " 6 ;<= "alcium 35 ;<= Iron 15 ;<=

sp *il / cup #hic0en Broth + cup "icante Sauce -+ o Tomatoes )) canned + 1imes + cup #hic0en )) coo0ed + tsp 2orcestershire Sauce / o Tomato "uree 1 (vocado / #orn Tortillas 13+ cup #heese T.sp #ilantro )) 4optional5 Sour #ream )) for garnish Saute onion. and cilantro6 Simmer -! minutes6 #ut tortillas into strips and simmer + minutes6 1adle into . March 1991 Serving Si e : ! "reparation Time :!:!! #ategories : $e% Te&t 'mport Soups (mount Measure 'ngredient )) "reparation Method )))))))) )))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 1 med *nion )) chopped + clove . and a dollop of sour cream6 . celery and garlic in oil until tender6 (dd all the remaining ingredients e&cept the tortillas.o%ls and top %ith cheese6 *ther options are to top %ith avocado. cheese.Tortilla Soup Recipe By : Flavors of Simon David.arlic )) minced 1 cup #elery )) chopped T. cilantro.

ac" or a com#ination 1''4 c!p so!r cream /n a 0!tch oven or large pot. stemmed and seeded. 1dd chic"en #roth. oregano and red chile powder. 3hile #roth simmers. finely chopped 2 (14. :njoy.) can %otel diced tomatoes with green chiles 1 c!p coo"ed chic"en #reast. onion and chopped jalapeno in olive oil !ntil onion is soft. +an #e do!#led. water. chopped or shredded &'4 c!p water 1'4 c!p white wine 1'2 tsp.) cans low sodi!m chic"en #roth 1 (1$ oz.a"es two genero!s servings. stemmed and seeded.e-ican asadero. +heddar. red!ce heat. chopped 1 fresh serrano pepper. . finely chopped 1 fresh jalapeno pepper. =ia5+hile 7ead . fresh serrano pepper. dsheets@ameritech. )o serve5 place tortilla strips in the #ottom of two so!p #owls. add the 2 )#sp. s"im off 1'& c!p #roth into a glass meas!ring c!p. *rom5 0orothy <heets. . and garnish with yo!r choice of cilantro leaves. / wo!ld have !sed it.5 . wine.ichigan. cover strips with so!p mi-t!re. #!t not #rown. 2ring the so!p #ac" to a #oil then t!rn heat #ac" to low after it #oils. (ro!nd p!re red chile powder 2 )#sp. . flo!r to the meas!ring c!p of #roth.ailing >ist ?osted 2y5 0orothy <heets. finely chopped 2 cloves garlic. 2ring to a #oil. or !ntil crisp. %emove strips from coo"ie sheet when done and set aside to cool. finely chopped 1'2 c!p shredded cheese. 6ote to +hile 7eads5 8o! can certainly !p the 9!antities of jalapeno. sa!te garlic. stir !ntil smooth and ret!rn the #roth'flo!r mi-t!re to the so!p. %otel tomatoes and chiles. shredded cheese and so!r cream. chopped or shredded chic"en. serrano and red chile powder. Oregano 1 tsp. sliced into 1'4 inch strips 1'& c!p *resh cilantro leaves. cover and simmer 2$ min!tes. /f / co!ld get the 7O) %otel mi-t!re here in . Olive oil 1 small onion. flo!r & small corn tortillas.Dorotea's Tortilla Soup o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 2 tsp.onterrey . 1fter so!p has simmered 2$ min!tes. #a"e tortilla strips on a coo"ie sheet at &5$ degrees for a#o!t 4 min!tes.

store-bought corn tortillas into %.Joan Lunden's Chicken Tortilla Soup Joan: this is absolutely one of my favorite recipes -.( tsp hot sauce! Simmer for (/ minutes! "n a small bo)l$ combine . ounce can green chiles -.1 cup non-fat sour cream$ salt$ and pepper to taste! " love to make my o)n tortilla chips for garnish$ they are easy to make$ lo) in fat and delicious! Cut . tbsp flour )ith %.chopped$ a %*-ounce can italian-style ste)ed tomatoes &chopped and )ith their o)n -uice'$ .( cup )ater and )hisk into soup! 0ring the soup back to a boil and simmer for * minutes! +dd % pound skinless boneless chicken breasts$ cut into small cubes! Simmer for * minutes! Stir in %. inch strips! Lay them on a baking sheet )ith nonstick vegetable oil spray! 0ake in a . cups chicken broth$ % tsp lemon pepper$ ( tsps )orcestershire sauce$ % tsp chili po)der$ % tsp ground cumin and brings back great memories of my college years in Me ico City! "t is a delicious Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup that is #uick$ easy and great for an outdoor lunch or a light summer supper! "n a large saucepan$ saute: • % chopped medium onion &about % cup' and • ( minced garlic cloves &about ( tsps' in • ( tbsps vegetable oil over lo) heat for * minutes until onion is softened! +dd: • • • • • • • • one ..// degree oven for %/ minutes or until they are lightly toasted and crispy! Sprinkle lightly )ith salt if desired! 2arnish strips across the top of the finished soup )ith fresh coriander! Tortilla $oup .

2or no more than ! da1s. chili po8der. #a1 lea2. stirring o2ten. 8hich is suita#le on 8arm spring da1s as 8ell as cold 8inter nights. en>o1ed this soup at the venera#le %rg1le Clu# in San %ntonio and suggested its adaptation 2or the menu o2 The +ansion on Turtle Creek" This heart1 soup. it is #rought to the ta#le in a tureen 2or individual service #1 the 8aiter. 2inel1 chopped 1 avocado. #a1 leaves. and simmer a#out 1 1 ! to ! hours. and chicken stock" 'ring to a #oil again. cut into strips 6 cloves garlic. reduce heat. coarsel1 chopped 1 cooked chicken #reast.e2rigerate. pushing solids 8ith a 8ooden spoon to eEtract as much li@uid as possi#le" <iscard solids" Skim o22 an1 sur2ace 2at" . peanut or vegeta#le oil 1 small #a1 lea2 1 c" coarsel1 chopped onion 1 t#sp" 8hite pepper corn 3 4 c" coarsel1 chopped carrots 5 c" 8ater to cover 3 4 c" coarsel1 chopped celer1 3 sprigs 2resh th1me *ave #utcher cut carcass into small pieces or use a cleaver to do so at home" *eat 1 t#sp" in oil in a large saucepan over medium heat" %dd carcass" Cook. and celer1" Cook. A cu#ed 1 t#sp" chopped 2resh epa$ote (or 1 t#sp" chopped 2resh cilantro) 1 c" shredded cheddar cheese 1 c" 2resh onion purBe 3 corn tortillas. creator o2 . stirring 2re@uentl1. 2or 35 minutes" Skim 2at 2rom sur2ace. until reduced to 4 cups" )ine a #o8l 8ith an eEtra 2ine sieve (pre2era#l1 a chinois)" Dour miEture into the sieve and strain.ose *unt. stirring 2re@uentl1. tightl1 sealed.ose8ood *otels and The +ansion on Turtle Creek. canned tomato purBe. and peppercorns" Stir to #lend and add 8ater to cover" 'ring to a #oil. cut into thin strips A 2ried crisp ! c" 2resh tomato purBe 1 t#sp" cumin po8der ! tsp" chili po8der ! #a1 leaves 4 t#sp" canned tomato purBe *eat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat" SautB tortillas 8ith garlic and epa$ote over medium heat until tortillas are so2t" %dd onion and 2resh tomato purBe and #ring to a #oil" %dd cumin.arnish each #o8l 8ith an e@ual portion o2 chicken #reast. shredded cheese. peeled. avocado. skimming sur2ace as necessar1. or 2ree$e in small . until 8ell #ro8ned" %dd remaining oil 8ith onion. has #een on the menu since The +ansion on Turtle Creek opened" ?hen Tortilla Soup is ordered. then reduce heat to simmer" %dd salt and ca1enne pepper to taste and cook. until vegeta#les are golden #ro8n" Dour o22 oil" %dd th1me. and crisp tortilla strips" Serve immediatel1" Serves C-15 A% ance Preparation: Soup ma1 #e made 1 da1 ahead and gentl1 reheated #e2ore serving" "&icken $tock: 1 chicken carcass 3 sprigs 2resh parsle1 ! t#sp" corn. carrots. seeded. parsle1.Caroline . i2 necessar1" Strain and pour into 8arm soup #o8ls" . 8ho garnishes each #o8l according to the customer0s desire" 3 t#sp" corn oil ! @ts" chicken stock (recipe #elo8) salt to taste ca1enne pepper to taste 4 corn tortillas.

@uantities 2or ease o2 use 2or up to 3 months" .