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: TEKNIK INFORMATIKA BASISDATA 2 5 Pebruari 2014 120 Menit Tutup BUku

1. Kerjakan soal dari yang termudah 2. Kegiatan yang tercela (menyontek dan kerjasama) akan mengakibatkan lembar jawaban tidak dinilai secara keseluruhan (Nilai UAS = 0) 3. Berdoa sebelum mengerjakan soal ! ____________________________________________________________________________
1. Which of the following types of statements can use a temporary tablespace? A. An index creation B. SQL statements with a GROUP BY clause C. A hash join operation D. All of the above 2. Which of the following system privileges can allow the grantee to masquerade as another user and therefore should be granted judiciously? A. CREATE ANY JOB B. ALTER USER C. CREATE ANY PROCEDURE D. All of the above 3. Which of the following is not an object privilege on a table? A. SELECT B. DEBUG C. REFERENCES D. READ 4. Where can the database write audit_trail records? A. In a database table B. In a file outside the database C. Both in the database and in an operating system file D. Either in the database or in an operating system file 5. Which of the following activities can be audited? A. Unsuccessful deletions from the audit_trail table B. Unsuccessful selects from the employee_salary table C. All GRANT and REVOKE statements on procedures executed by user system D. All of the above 6. Which of the following conditions prevents you from being able to insert into a view? A. A TO_NUMBER function on one of the base table columns B. A CONNECT BY clause in the view definition C. A column of type RAW D. All of the above

7. Changes made with an UPDATE statement are made permanent in the database after what occurs? A. DBWR flushes the changes to disk. B. You issue a SAVEPOINT statement. C. You issue a COMMIT statement. D. A checkpoint occurs. 8. Which of the following is not a PL/SQL program? A. Library B. Trigger C. Function D. Procedure 9. Why would you execute a CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE statement instead of a DROP PROCEDURE and a CREATE PROCEDURE? A. It is less typing. B. There is no difference between the two. C. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE does not invalidate dependent objects. D. DROP PROCEDURE and CREATE PROCEDURE require regranting of privileges. 10. Which of the following is not a trigger event? A. UPDATE B. SELECT C. NOAUDIT D. SERVERERROR 11. Which of the following statements can be used to enable triggers? A. ALTER SYSTEM B. ALTER TABLE C. ALTER USER D. ALTER PACKAGE 12. Which of the following is not a mode for Data Pump export? A. Database B. Tablespace C. Table D. Metadata 13. Which type of PL/SQL program can be called in the select list of a SQL statement? A. Trigger B. Procedure C. Function D. None of the above 14. Which of the following INSERT statements raises an exception? A. INSERT INTO ORDERS SELECT * FROM STANDING_ORDERS B. INSERT FIRST WHEN ORDER_TYPE IN (2,5,12) THEN INSERT INTO ORDERS SELECT * FROM STANDING_ORDERS C. INSERT FIRST WHEN ORDER_TYPE IN (2,5,12) THEN INTO ORDERS SELECT * FROM STANDING_ORDERS D. INSERT INTO ALL WHEN ORDER_TYPE IN (2,5,12) THEN INTO ORDERS SELECT * FROM STANDING_ORDERS 15. Which of the following commands returns an error if the transaction starts with SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY? A. ALTER SYSTEM B. SELECT C. ALTER USER D. SET ROLE

16. The highest level at which a user can request a lock is the ________ level. A. Schema B. Table C. Row D. Block 17. Which of the following commands returns control to the user immediately if a table is already locked by another user? A. LOCK TABLE HR.EMPLOYEES IN EXCLUSIVE MODE WAIT DEFERRED; B. LOCK TABLE HR.EMPLOYEES IN SHARE MODE NOWAIT; C. LOCK TABLE HR.EMPLOYEES IN SHARE MODE WAIT DISABLED; D. LOCK TABLE HR.EMPLOYEES IN EXCLUSIVE MODE NOWAIT DEFERRED; 18. Which of the following is not one of the three primary sources of performance metric information in the EM Database Control Performance screen? A. Host B. Session C. Instance D. Network 19. Your users have called to complain that system performance has suddenly decreased markedly. Where would be the most likely place to look for the cause of the problem in the EM Database Control? A. Main screen B. Performance screen C. Administration screen D. Maintenance screen 20. Using EM Database Control, youve identified that the following SQL statement is the source of a high amount of disk I/O: SELECT NAME, LOCATION, CREDIT_LIMIT FROM CUSTOMERS What might you do first to try to improve performance? A. Run the SQL Tuning Advisor. B. Run the SQL Access Advisor. C. Check the EM Database Control main screen for alerts. D. Click the Alert Log Content link in the EM Database Control main screen. 21. The option on the EM Database Control backup scheduling options screen that allows you to refresh an image copy on disk with an incremental backup is known as which new RMAN feature? A. Incrementally updated backups B. Incremental level 0 backups C. Compressed image copy refresh D. Compressed incremental backups 22. In the Disk Settings section of the EM Database Control Configure Backup Settings page, which of the following backup settings is not configurable? A. Disk Backup Type B. Control File Autobackup Format C. Disk Backup Location D. Parallelism 23. Which of the following pieces of information is not available in the control file? A. Instance name B. Database name C. Tablespace names D. Log sequence number 24. What is the biggest advantage of having the control files on different disks? A. Database performance. B. Guards against failure. C. Faster archiving. D. Writes are concurrent, so having control files on different disks speeds up control file writes.

25. Which of the following can help prevent database network failures? (Choose all that apply.) A. Configure a backup listener process on the server. B. Open more than one session when updating the database. C. Configure multiple network cards on the server. D. Create a standby database.

SOAL Essay
TABEL BUKU KODE_BUKU DB001 AK001 AL001 MU001 MT001 ST001 JUDUL Database system Arsitektur computer Algoritma Pemograman Multimedia dan grafik Matematika Diskrit Sistem Telekomunikasi STATUS_PINJAM Y T T T T Y

TABEL PEMINJAM Kode_Peminjam P0001 P0002 P0003 P0004 TABEL PEMINJAMAN Kode_pinjam Pinj-001 Pinj-002 Pinj-003 Pinj-004 Pinj-005 Pinj-006 Tgl_pinjam 21/3/2008 21/3/2008 21/3/2008 21/3/2008 22/3/2008 23/3/2008 Kode_peminjam P0001 P0002 P0003 P0004 P0001 P0003 Kode_buku DB001 AK001 AL001 MU001 MT001 ST001 Lama_pinjam 5 5 5 5 5 5 Tgl_kembali 27/3/2008 26/3/2008 28/3/2008 26/3/2008 30/3/2008 28/3/2008 Denda 500 1000 1500 Nama_peminjam Asep Dian Sahrini Yanti No_Anggota A090001 A090002 A090003 A090004 Alamat Jl. Cijerah 30 Jl. Pajajaran 50 Jl. Sukaraja 12 Jl. Sarijadi 23 Telp 0226005976 0224736358 0226734377 0227436436

1. Gambarkan ER Diagram dari skema database di atas 2. Buat DML untuk : a. Tampilkan daftar seluruh buku a. Tampilkan daftar peminjaman buku yang di kenakan denda b. Tampilkan daftar buku yang tidak di pinjam

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

c. Tampilkan daftar seluruh buku yang melebihi lama pinjam d. Tampilkan data peminjam yang meminjam buku sebanyak 1 kali e. Tampilkan data peminjam yang meminjam buku lebih dari satu buku Apa beda database schema dan dan database state Apa perbedaan Two-tier architecture dengan three-tier architecture Sebuah data di sebut self describing sebab database tsb dapat mengurangi duplikasi data pernyataan tsb benar atau salah berikan penjelasannya Pada two-tier architecture agar pemrosesan lebih cepat maka digunakan application Server di samping Database Server benar atau salah berikan penjelasannya. Data Model merupakan representasi phisik (physical representation) dari struktur basis data . pernyataan tsb benar atau salah berikan penjelasan Apa bedanya multi user database dengan single user database?