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Th ! a""ea# ha! $een "re%erred $& the "#a nt %%'a""e##ant

aga n!t the ()dg*ent and +rder dated ,-../.,/.. "a!!ed $& the 0 gh C+)rt +% Kera#a at Erna1)#a* n O.P. 2C3 N+..-4, +% ,/... 5& the *")gned ()dg*ent and +rder6 the 0 gh C+)rt 7h #e e8er9 ! ng t! "+7er )nder Art 9#e! ,,: and ,,- +% the C+n!t t)t +n +% Ind a6 !et a! de the "#a nt and %)rther "r+9eed ng! n t ated +n the $a! ! +% the "#a nt n the !) t6 ;)a!hed the +rder "a!!ed $& the <)n! %% C+)rt and *"+!ed 9+!t +% R!.,=6///>' +n the a""e##ant %+r

"a&*ent n %av+)r +% the re!"+ndent'7r t "et t +ner.

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The +n#& ;)e!t +n 7h 9h ! re;) red t+ $e deter* ned n th !

9a!e ! 7hether the 0 gh C+)rt 7h #e e8er9 ! ng t! "+7er )nder Art 9#e! ,,: and ,,- +% the C+n!t t)t +n +% Ind a ! 9+*"etent t+ !et a! de the "#a nt ?


The 9a!e +% the .!t re!"+ndent here n $e%+re the 0 gh C+)rt

7a! that the !h+" $ear ng n+. @>A/: 7a! #ea!ed t+ the %ather +% the .!t re!"+ndent n the &ear .4:, $& an +ra# #ea!e $& the %ather +% the ,nd re!"+ndent6 na*e#&6 A11ara""att& J+!e. A%ter the death +% the %ather +% the .!t re!"+ndent6 the a""e##ant here n6 h ! $r+ther! and *+ther 9+nt n)ed a! tenant! +% the !h+". The& are r)nn ng a $)! ne!! +% Ph+t+!tat6 te#e"h+ne $++th6 %a86 #a* nat +n et9. n the !a d !h+". A%ter the death +% the %ather +% the , nd

re!"+ndent6 h ! "r+"ert& dev+#ved )"+n h ! 9h #dren.


A "art t +n !) t ! !tated t+ $e "end ng n the S)$ C+)rt6

Thr !!)r $ear ng O.S. N+. B4. +% ,/// 7 th re!"e9t t+ the "r+"ert& +% the %ather +% the ,nd re!"+ndent n 7h 9h the $) #d ng ! the !)$(e9t *atter. Aga n!t the "re# * nar& de9ree n the a$+ve !a d !) t an a""ea# ! !a d t+ $e "end ng $e%+re the 0 gh C+)rt +% Kera#a. C)rther 9a!e +% the . !t re!"+ndent 7a! that ! n9e the nt+ the

9h #dren +% <r. A11ara""att& J+!e tr ed t+ tre!"a!!

"r+"ert&6 he and h ! *+ther % #ed O.S. N+. ,BB. +% ,//: $e%+re the <)n! %% C+)rt6 Thr !!)r %+r n()n9t +n re!tra n ng the* %r+*
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%+r9e%)##& ev 9t ng the* %r+* the "r+"ert& and t 7a! de9reed n the r %av+)r $& de9ree and ()dg*ent dated .:../.,//B.


The 9a!e +% the a""e##ant ! that the !9hed)#e !h+" 7a!

")r9ha!ed $& the a""e##ant v de deed! dated ,:.=.,/./ and +n .:.,.,/.. %r+* the 9h #dren +% <r. A11arra"att J+!e. The . !t

re!"+ndent 9+ntended that a%ter ")r9ha!e the a""e##ant here n atte*"ted t+ tre!"a!! nt+ the "r+"ert& #ea!ed t+ the . !t

re!"+ndent and tr ed t+ de*+# !h the 7a## +% the r++*. 0en9e6 the .!t re!"+ndent and h ! *+ther % #ed O.S. N+. ,.B/ +% ,/./ $e%+re the <)n! %% C+)rt6 Thr !!)r %+r n()n9t +n and the !a*e ! "end ng.


The a""e##ant here n % #ed O.S. N+. ,D,: +% ,/./ $e%+re the

<)n! %% C+)rt6 Thr !!)r aga n!t the .!t re!"+ndent6 h ! *+ther and h ! $r+ther! 9#a * ng a$!+#)te t t#e +ver the "r+"ert&. A99+rd ng t+ the .!t re!"+ndent6 he 7a! hara!!ed $& the S)$ In!"e9t+r +% P+# 9e6 Thr !!)r and aga n!t the !a*e he % #ed re"re!entat +n $e%+re the h gher a)th+r t e! ! n9e the& have n+t ta1en an& a9t +n6 Er t Pet t +n 2C3 N+. A:4,D +% ,/./ 7a! % #ed $& h * $e%+re the 0 gh C+)rt +% Kera#a and the !a*e ! "end ng 7 th+)t an& +rder!.


C)rther 9a!e +% the .!t re!"+ndent 7a! that the a""e##ant

here n ha! % #ed an a%% dav t n O.S. N+. ,.B/ +% ,/./ "end ng $e%+re the <)n! %% C+)rt6 Thr !!)r *a1 ng an )nderta1 ng that he 7+)#d n+t %+r9e%)##& d !"+!!e!! the .!t re!"+ndent %r+* the
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Even th+)gh there ! an )nderta1 ng g ven $& the

a""e##ant here n6 the a""e##ant 9+nt n)ed t+ hara!! the . !t re!"+ndent. There%+re6 the .!t re!"+ndent *+ved $e%+re the 0 gh C+)rt +% Kera#a $& % # ng E.P. 2C3 N+. .,:AB +% ,/.. %+r "+# 9e "r+te9t +n. In the !a d 9a!e6 nter * +rder 7a! "a!!ed $& the 0 gh C+)rt +n ,:.D.,/.. d re9t ng the a)th+r t e! t+ "r+te9t . !t re!"+ndent and h ! ! $# ng! t+ 9arr& +n the $)! ne!! n the !h+" r++*. Therea%ter the 0 gh C+)rt d !"+!ed +% the E.P 2C3 N+.

.,:AB +% ,/.. $& *a1 ng the nter * +rder a$!+#)te.


The .!t re!"+ndent 9+ntended that )nder the 9 r9)*!tan9e!6

7 th an ntent +n t+ ev 9t h *6 the a""e##ant here n 9+##)ded 7 th the ,nd re!"+ndent % #ed O.S. N+. .:=D +% ,/.. $e%+re the <)n! %% C+)rt6 Thr !!)r +n :.=.,/... The <)n! %% C+)rt6 Thr !!)r $& an

nter * +rder dated ,-.=.,/.. n()n9ted the , nd re!"+ndent %r+* 9+nd)9t ng an& "r+h $ ted $)! ne!! d re9t#& +r thr+)gh !+*e+ne e#!e. n the !h+" r++* e ther

5& v rt)e +% the !a d 9+)rtF!

+rder6 Ard re!"+ndent here n Thr !!)r <)n 9 "a# C+r"+rat +n !!)ed n+t 9e +n ..:.,/.. t+ the ,nd re!"+ndent d re9t ng h * t+ 9#+!e the $)! ne!! n the !h+" r++*. The .!t re!"+ndent6 therea%ter6 *+ved $e%+re the 0 gh C+)rt +% Kera#a $& % # ng Or g na# Pet t +n 2C3 N+. .-4, +% ,/.. "ra& ng nter a# a t+ 9a## %+r the +r g na# re9+rd! +% the O.S. N+. .:=D +% ,/.. "end ng $e%+re the <)n! %% C+)rt6 Thr !!)r and t+ ;)a!h the "#a nt % #ed $& the a""e##ant n the 9 v #
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!) t. On n+t 9e6 the a""e##ant a""eared and % #ed 9+)nter a%% dav t $e%+re the 0 gh C+)rt a!!a # ng the ver& *a nta na$ # t& +% the +r g na# "et t +n. On hear ng the "art e!6 the 0 gh C+)rt "a!!ed the *")gned ()dg*ent and +rder +n ,-../.,/...


Eh #e a99+rd ng t+ the a""e##ant Er t Pet t +n )nder Art 9#e!

,,: and ,,- +% the C+n!t t)t +n +% Ind a 7a! n+t *a nta na$#e t+ ;)a!h the "#a nt +r the !) t "r+9eed ng! and>+r the n()n9t +n +rder "a!!ed $& the tr a# C+)rt6 "er 9+ntra a99+rd ng t+ the . !t re!"+ndent t 7a! +"en t+ the 0 gh C+)rt t+ !!)e !)9h 7r t +n $e ng !at !% ed that the +rder +$ta ned $& the a""e##ant 7a! $& de9e t%)# *ean! n +rder t+ har* the .!t re!"+ndent.


Cr+* the

*")gned +rder6 7e % nd that the a""e##ant

9ha##enged the ver& *a nta na$ # t& +% the 7r t "et t +n and arg)ed that the 7r t "et t +n 7a! n+t *a nta na$#e t+ ;)a!h an& "#a nt +r a 9 v # !) t. The 0 gh C+)rt n+t 9ed the !tand ta1en $& the . !t

re!"+ndent 7h+ "#eaded a! %+##+7!G The a""e##ant ha! %ra)d)#ent#& % #ed the !) t t+ hara!! the .!t re!"+ndent and t+ en!)re that the $)! ne!! r)n n the !h+" ! 9#+!ed d+7n. The !a d !) t 7a! % #ed $& the a""e##ant a%ter hav ng %a #ed n a## ##ega# atte*"t! t+ ev 9t the . !t re!"+ndent %r+* the !h+" r++* 7h 9h 7a! n h ! "+!!e!! +n a! a tenant %+r a ver& #+ng t *e. The a""e##ant de# $erate#& and %ra)d)#ent#& +* tted t+ have
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*"#ead the .!t re!"+ndent a! a de%endant t+ the !) t n +rder t+ +$ta n an +rder %r+* the 9+)rt !+ that t 9+)#d $e * !)!ed t+ 9a)!e <)n 9 "a# C+r"+rat +n t+ "a!! an +rder t+ 9#+!e d+7n the !h+".


The 0 gh C+)rt hav ng n+t 9ed the r va# 9+ntent +n! a99e"ted

the "#ea ta1en $& the .!t re!"+ndent and +$!erved a! %+##+7!G
49. There can be no doubt that though Ex.P2 and P3 orders are procured by 1 st respondent against 2nd respondent, those are intended to be misused to harass petitioner. It is also clear that those orders are obtained to ensure that petitioners shop and the business run by him or !ery long period are closed do"n. The means and methods adopted by 1st respondent to obtain Ex.P2 and P3 orders are most undesirable and those cannot be appro!ed by any court. 50. It is un ortunate that an argument is raised by learned counsel or 1st respondent that Ex P2 and Ex P3 orders are passed against 2nd respondent and not against petitioner and hence, petitioner has no locus standi etc. # person "ho has obtained an order rom a court, on the basis o pleading o acts "hich are alse to his o"n $no"ledge, "ithout ma$ing the person "ho is actually targeted a party to the proceeding "ith the sole intention to misuse the order against him, the ormer shall not be heard to say that the latter has not locus standi to challenge such order, only on the ground that the order is passed against some other person and not the targeted person. 51. I the court is satis ied that an order is obtained by any person by deceit ul means to harm another, it can e!en suo motu undo the harm. %o the &uestion o locus standi etc. is not !ery rele!ant in cases o this type. #t any rate, no person shall be permitted by the court to ta$e undue ad!antage o his o"n dishonesty and contend that the other party "ho is illegally "ounded by him has no locus standi. 'e has no right to re&uest the court to sho" a red signal to the other "ho rushes to the court or (ustice.)

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In v e7 +% !)9h +$!ervat +n!6 the 0 gh C+)rt a##+7ed the 7r t

"et t +n and ;)a!hed the "#a nt and +ther +rder!. 14. The *a nta na$ # t& +% 7r t "et t +n n a *atter +% #and#+rd'

tenant d !")te 7a! 9+n! dered $& th ! C+)rt n S0a1i!i S02a3 S04%%2 a!5 a!#%04r 6. Ra74!5ra S0a!8ar Pa%i1, (2010' / SCC 32(. In the !a d 9a!e6 th ! C+)rt n+t 9ed the !9+"e +% nter%eren9e $& the 0 gh C+)rt n 9 v # *atter!>"r vate d !")te! )nder Art 9#e ,,: +% the C+n!t t)t +n +% Ind a and he#d that the 0 gh C+)rt 9+** tted an err+r n enterta n ng 7r t "et t +n n a d !")te

$et7een #and#+rd and tenant and 7here the +n#& re!"+ndent ! a "r vate #and#+rd.


Nat)re and !9+"e +% "+7er )nder Art 9#e ,,- +% the

C+n!t t)t +n +% Ind a 7a! 9+n! dered $& th ! C+)rt n Jai Si!"0 a!5 #%04r 6. M$!i9i:a1 C#r:#ra%i#! #& D410i a!5 a!#%04r,

(2010' ( SCC 3/5. In the !a d 9a!e6 th ! C+)rt he#dG

15. *e ha!e anxiously considered the submissions o the learned counsel. +e ore "e consider the actual and legal issues in!ol!ed herein, "e may notice certain "ell, recognised principles go!erning the exercise o (urisdiction by the 'igh -ourt under #rticle 22. o the -onstitution o India. /ndoubtedly the 'igh -ourt, under this article, has the (urisdiction to ensure that all subordinate courts as "ell as statutory or &uasi,(udicial tribunals, exercise the po"ers !ested in them, "ithin the bounds o their authority. The 'igh -ourt has the po"er and the (urisdiction to ensure that they act in accordance "ith the "ell,established principles o la". The 'igh -ourt is !ested "ith the po"ers o superintendence and0or (udicial re!ision, e!en in matters "here no re!ision or appeal lies to the 'igh -ourt. The (urisdiction under this article is, in some "ays, "ider than the po"er and (urisdiction under #rticle 221 o the -onstitution o India. It is, ho"e!er, "ell to remember the 7 Page 7

"ell,$no"n adage that greater the po"er, greater the care and caution in exercise thereo . The 'igh -ourt is, there ore, expected to exercise such "ide po"ers "ith great care, caution and circumspection. The exercise o (urisdiction must be "ithin the "ell,recognised constraints. It can not be exercised li$e a bull in a china shop), to correct all errors o (udgment o a court, or tribunal, acting "ithin the limits o its (urisdiction. This correctional (urisdiction can be exercised in cases "here orders ha!e been passed in gra!e dereliction o duty or in lagrant abuse o undamental principles o la" or (ustice.)


The ;)e!t +n 7hether the +ne +r +ther +rder "r+9)red $& the

a""e##ant aga n!t the ,nd re!"+ndent 7a! 7 th the ntent +n t+ hara!! the .!t re!"+ndent ! a ;)e!t +n +% %a9t 7h 9h 9an $e deter* ned +n the $a! ! +% ev den9e. There ! n+ !)9h !!)e

%ra*ed n+r an& ev den9e $r+)ght +n re9+rd t+ !)gge!t E8. P, and PA the +rder! +$ta ned $& the a""e##ant aga n!t the , nd re!"+ndent 7 th ntent +n t+ * !)!e the !a*e and hara!! the . !t re!"+ndent. I% the .!t re!"+ndent 7a! aggr eved aga n!t the +rder! 9+nta ned n E8.P, and PA 7h 9h 7ere "a!!ed $& the 9+)rt! n +ne +r +ther !) t aga n!t a th rd "art& 2,nd re!"+ndent3 and t+ 7h 9h .!t re!"+ndent 7a! n+t a "art&6 he 7a! n+t re*ed #e!! and 9+)#d have 9ha##enged the !a*e $e%+re an a""r+"r ate %+r)*.


A "et t +n )nder Art 9#e ,,: +r Art 9#e ,,- +% C+n!t t)t +n +%

Ind a 9an ne ther $e enterta ned t+ de9 de the #and#+rd'tenant d !")te n+r t ! *a nta na$#e aga n!t a "r vate nd v d)a# t+

deter* ne an nten!e d !")te n9#)d ng the ;)e!t +n 7hether +ne "art& hara!! ng the +ther "art&. The 0 gh C+)rt )nder Art 9#e ,,8 Page 8

ha! the ()r !d 9t +n t+ en!)re that a## !)$+rd nate 9+)rt! a! 7e## a! !tat)t+r& +r ;)a! '()d 9 a# tr $)na#!6 e8er9 !e the "+7er! ve!ted n the* 7 th n the $+)nd! +% the r a)th+r t& $)t t 7a! n+t the 9a!e +% the .!t re!"+ndent that the +rder "a!!ed $& the <)n! %% C+)rt 7a! 7 th+)t an& ()r !d 9t +n +r 7a! !+ e8er9 !ed e89eed ng t!

()r !d 9t +n. I% a !) t ! n+t *a nta na$#e t 7a! 7e## 7 th n the ()r !d 9t +n +% the 0 gh C+)rt t+ de9 de the !a*e n a""r+"r ate "r+9eed ng! $)t n n+ 9a!e "+7er )nder Art 9#e! ,,: and ,,- +% C+n!t t)t +n +% Ind a 9an $e e8er9 !ed t+ ;)e!t +n a "#a nt.


C+r the rea!+n! a%+re!a d6 7e !et a! de the


()dg*ent and +rder dated ,-../.,/.. "a!!ed $& the 0 gh C+)rt +% Kera#a at Erna1)#a* n O.P.2C3 N+..-4, +% ,/.. and a##+7 the a""ea#.

;;;..;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;..J. (SUDHANSU J*OTI MU+HOPADHA*A'

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.J. (S.A. BOBDE' NE< DELHI= APRIL (, 2014.

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