7 Elements of Design

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Width- Thin/Uneven Length- Short/Broken Direction- All Angles Focus- Blurry Feeling- Jagged Outlines- The object is not made by any edge so there for it is silhouette. Contour Lines- The lines that describe the picture are the lines that are in groups to make it look like an information web. Gesture Lines- The lines around the edges give it an energetic feeling making me believe it is spreading. Sketch Lines- The picture Gives me the impression that it’s a galaxy from outer space. Calligraphic Lines- The image does not have anything to do with beautiful writing. It doesn’t give me an image in my head showing it was done by flowing hand work. Implied Line- There is no implied lines.

This picture shows us four main colours which are Blue, Red, Green, and Orange. Two of these are Primary (Blue and Red) and two are Secondary (Green and Orange). This image shows a light reflection giving an impression on coloured, glazed glass.

The red and orange show warmth while the blue and green show relaxed cool breezes with the help of a blue sky background.


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Geometric Shapes- Three circles (one outside, one inside the rim and one in the middle) Twenty Two triangles (the spokes). Organic Shapes- No organic shapes. Positive Shapes- The bike wheel is the positive shape. Negative Shapes- A hand and red background is the only things other than the positive shape (bike wheel). Static Shape- The wheel looks as if it was resting on the person’s hand. Dynamic Shape- Nothing feels moving or active because the whole picture looks frozen in time.

Space is the three-dimensionality of a sculpture. With a sculpture or architecture you can walk around them, look above them, and enter them, this refers to the space of the sculpture or architecture.
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Positive Space- The jellyfish sculpture. Negative Space- The surrounding blue background. Picture Plane- The canvas is a digital layer produced on computers.

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Composition- The jellyfish is placed to create left swimming motion. Focal Point- The jellyfish is what the artist wants you to look at first with its bright colours.

Texture is the surface quality of an object. Texture also refers to the way the picture is made to look rough or smooth.

Real Texture- Shows strong desert like rough texture all around the scene. Implied Texture- No Implied Texture is added.

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Tint- Light blue has been added. Shade- Small areas of shade have been added. High-Key- It is used all over. Low-Key- Not used at all. Value Contrast- Not used. Value Scale- Not used.

Form is the three-dimensionality of an object.

Different spheres are used to create this picture.

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