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GCNS: GEAS 3 1. A 5 lb monkey is attached to a 20 ft hanging rope that weighs 0.3 lb/ft.

The monkey climbs the rope up to the top. How much work has it done. ANS. 160 ft. lb.


A 40 kg. block is resting on an inclined plane making an angle of from the horizontal. Coefficient of friction is 0.60, find the value of when a force of P = 36.32 is applied to cause motion upward along the plane. Ans: 20o


A rectangular block having a width of 8 cm and a height of 20 cm. is resting on a horizontal plane. If the coefficient of friction between the horizontal plane and the block is 0.40, at what point above the horizontal plane should a horizontal force P will be applied at which tipping will occur? Ans: 10 cm.


A spring with a natural length of 10 cm. is stretched by cm. by a 12 Newton force. Find the work done in stretching the spring from 10 cm to 18 cm. Express your answer in joules. Ans: 7.68 Joules


A block weighing 400 kg us placed on an inclined plane making an angle of from the horizontal. If the coefficient of friction between the block and the inclined plane is 0.30, find the value of , when the block impends to slide downward. Ans: 16.70o


A certain cable is suspended between two supports at the same elevation and 50 cm apart. The load is 50 N per meter horizontal length including the weight of the cable. The sag of the cable is 3 m. Calculate the total length of the cable. Ans: 50.4758 m


The cable supported at 2 points of the same level has a unit weight of W of 0.02 kg per meter of horizontal distance. The allowable sag is 0.02 m and a maximum tension at the lowest point of 1200 kg. and a factor of safety of 2. Calculate the allowable spacing of the poles assuming a parabolic cable. Ans: 69.28 m


A cable of 800 m long weighing 1.5 kN/m has tension of 750 kN at each end. Compute the maximum sag of the cable. Ans: 200 m


An object experiences rectilinear acceleration at a(t)10-2t. how far doe it travel in 6 seconds if its initial velocity is 10m/s. Ans: 168m


An object is accelerating to the right along a straight path at 2m/sec? the object begins with a velocity of 10m/s to the left. How far does it travel in 15 seconds? Ans: 125 m


A shot is fired at an angle of 45o with the horizontal and a velocity of 300 fps. Calculate to the nearest, the range of the projectile. Ans: 932 yds


A solid disk flywheel (I=200 kg-m) is rotating with a speed of 200 rpm. What is the rotational kinetic energy? Ans: 888 x 103 J


A man borrowed P2000 from a bank and promise to pay the amount for one year. He received only the amount of P1,920 after the bank collected an advance interest of

P80. What is the rate of discount and the rate of interest that the bank collected in advance. Ans: 4%, 4.17%


A bill for motorboat specifies the cost as P1,200 due at the end of 100 days but offers a 4% discount for cash in 30 days. What is the highest rate, simple interest at which the buyer can afford to borrow money in order to take advantage of the discount? Ans: 21.4%


Find the discount of P2000 is discounted for 6 months at 8% simple discount. Ans: P80


If the rate of interest is 12% compounded annually, find the equivalent rate of interest if it is compounded quarterly. Ans: 11.49%


How long will it take money to double itself if invested at 5% compounded annually? Ans: 14 years


A person borrows 10, 000 from a credit union. In repaying the debt he has to pay 500 at the end of every three months on the principal and a simple interest of 18% on the amount outstanding at that time. Determine the total amount he has paid after paying all his debt. Ans: P9,725


A man borrows 500 for one year at a discount rate of 8% per annum a.) How much does he actually receive? b.) What rate of interest is he actually paying? Ans: a.)460, b.)8.70%


A man borrows 2,000 for 18 months at a discount rate of 12% per annum. a.) How much does he actually receive? b.) What rate of interest is he actually paying? Ans: a.) P1,640.00, b.) 13.64%


A man borrows some money at a discount rate of 15% per annum for one year. If he wishes to receive 1,000, how much must he borrow? Ans: 1,176.47


Find the amount at the end of 8 years if 1,000 is invested at 6% per annum compounded a.) mothly b.) quarterly Ans a.) 1,614.14 b.) 1,610.32


How much must be invested now in order to have 10,000 at the end of 10 years if interest is paid at the rate of 6% per annum compounded a.) annually b.) semiannually? Ans. A.) 5,583.95 b.) 5,536.76


Find the effective rate if interest is compounded quarterly at the nominal rate of 9.6% per anum. Ans. 9.95 %


How many years will it take for an investment to a.) double itself, b.) to triple itself if invested at the rate of 4% compounded annually? Ans. a.) 18 years b.) 28 years


Find the effective rate if interest is compounded monthly at the nominal rate of 12% per annum. Ans. 12.68%


A compressor can be purchased with a down payment of 8,000 and equal installments of 600 each paid at the end of every month for the next 12 months. If the money is worth 12% compounded monthly, determine the equivalent cash price of the compressor. Ans. 14,753.05

CHEMISTRY 1. Which of the following elements is not naturally found in the human body? a. manganese b. sulfur c. iron d. thorium *


This important tool provides most important information in one place on the elements a. the Periodic Table * b. the octave rule c. chemical nomenclature d. the Bernouli rule Rust is the material that is formed when a. copper is exposed to air and moisture b. iron is exposed to oil c. titanium is exposed to oil d. iron is exposed to air and moisture * In Australia, the temperature in January is often 24oC, what is it in Fahrenheit? a. 90 b. 94 c. 97 d. 101 * If 12 out of 48 songs become number 1 hits in a 6 months period, what percent reach number 1 in that period? a. 15% b. 20% c. 25% * d. 32% Hadrons are made up of a. mesons and orlons b. baryons and nylons c. baryons and mesons * d. mesons and quarons Arsenic sulfide was added to whiten copper by alchemists, this step was called a. melanosis b. leucosis * c. cystosis d. xanthosis Nano is the Greek prefix for a. 102 b. 106 c. 109 * d. 1012 Color, form, density, electrical conductivity, and melting and boiling points are example of a. liquid particles b. physical properties * c. chemical properties d. solid properties The first period contains how many elements









a. b. c. d. 11.

2* 4 6 8

Noble gases are also called the a. actinides b. chlorofluorocarbons c. transuranic elements d. inert gases * Seawater is an example of a a. homogeneous solution * b. isotonic solution c. heterogeneous solution d. pasteurized solution Sodium hypochlorite is commonly called a. ammonia b. saltpeter c. bleach * d. rock salt Sulfur is a member of a. halogens b. actinides c. inner transition metals d. chalcogens * Which of the following is not a type of quark? a. top b. magic * c. up d. bottom Approximately what percentage of the elements are metals? a. 25% b. 40% c. 80% * d. 90% The actinide series of elements are a. all lighter than air b. radioactive * c. silver in color d. all found in nature Diamonds have what kind of crystal structure? a. pentagonal b. planar c. elliptical








d. cubic * 19. The molecular formula of fructose is a. C2H206 b. C6H12O6 * c. C6H10O2 d. C12H6O2 A molecule is the a. reduction of elements to their basic structure b. combination of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds * c. support framework for the atoms inner sub-particles d. Latin origin for the element molybdenum The heavy zig-zag line to the right of the Periodic Table separates a. metal salts b. halogens c. the actinide series d. the metal and non-metals * A phase a. is a division between metals and non-metals b. something everyone goes through at on time or another c. describing the number of different homogeneous materials in a sample * d. similar to the day and night cycle of the body The halogens are all a. non-metals * b. hydrocarbons c. metals d. lighter than neon Americium is a. a patriotic element b. a member of the rare earth (lanthanide) metals * c. always a red metalloid d. has the chemical symbol Ar The atomic number of boron is a. 5 * b. 8 c. 10.8 d. 12.2 A Bunsen burner is a. a type of chili b. a kind of sweet roll c. a heat source in the laboratory * d. is invented by Sir Alexander Bunsen A cathode is another name for









a. b. c. d. 28.

cat carrier positively charged electrode carbon dating device negatively charged electrode *

Samples that can be broken down into simpler chemicals are known as a. particles b. complex c. compounds * d. cubic Transuranic elements a. have two-letter shorthand names b. are not naturally occurring * c. are made in light nuclei reactions d. are not highly defined The total diameter of an atom is about a. 100 times larger than the nucleus b. 1,000 times larger than the nucleus c. 10,000 times larger than the nucleus * d. 100,00 times larger than the nucleus The shorthand chemical name for protactinium is a. Pt b. Pr c. O d. Pa * The periods have the following number elements a. 2, 8, 8, 18, 18 * b. 2, 8, 12, 16, 18 c. 2, 8, 10, 12, 18 d. 2, 8, 10, 18, 18 Orbitals of the d-type come in a. sets of 2 b. sets of 3 c. sets of 5 * d. sets of 7 Bromine is a. commonly added to toothpaste b. the only liquid nonmetal at room temperature * c. an alkaline earth metal d. never found as a vapor The atomic number of neptunium is a. 37 b. 42 c. 93 *








d. 101 36. Who presented On the Relation of the Properties to the Atomic Weights of the Elements? a. Lars Nilson b. Antoine Lavoisier c. Lothar Meyer d. Dimitri Mendeleyev * It is 3oC in Edinburgh, Scotland, in February, what is that in oF in Portland, Maine? a. 29 b. 45 c. 63 * d. 71 If the shell of an orbital is 2n2 = 8, what is n? a. n=1 b. n=2 * c. n=3 d. n=4 Early humans thought rust was a. red-brown dirt b. a mystery * c. a trick of the eye d. a problem with the sample The lanthanides and actinides are also called the a. noble gases b. halogens c. heavy metals d. inner transition metals * Common table salt is made up of a. lithium chloride b. potassium chloride c. sodium chloride * d. cesium chloride Fer is the French name for the element a. iron * b. phosporus chloride c. sodium chloride * d. cesium chloride The pH of milk is roughly a. 5.4 b. 6.4 * c. 7.4 d. 8.4









Oxygens filled is orbital diagram has how many up and down arrows? a. 1 b. 2 * c. 3 d. 4 The Pauli exclusion principle was written by a. Alfredo Pauli b. Pablo Pauli c. Wolfgang Pauli * d. Jane Pauli When all orbitals of a certain sublevel have to be occupied by a single electron before pairing starts, it is known as a. the Pauli exclusion principle b. Schrodingers equation c. Williams rule d. Hunds rule * Oxidation describes a. electron (+) gain b. electron (-) loss c. a helpful diet plan * d. a better spending plan Nitrogen reacts with which element to form ammonia? a. hydrogen * b. oxygen c. chorine d. lithium Mixtures can be divided into two types a. up and down b. homogeneous and heterogeneous * c. thick and thin d. sweet and sour The combing power of one element with the atoms of another is called a. grouping b. sensitivity c. valence * d. nomenclature This elements make up 25% of the earths elements a. phosphorus b. potassium c. calcium d. silicon * Early alchemist related the planet Mars to which element? a. iron *









b. gold c. lead d. mercury 53. The first step the alchemists took to change a metal to gold was a. to heat heater b. to get a good nights sleep c. called melanosis * d. to check the weather There are how many base units in the International System of Units(SI)? a. 4 b. 5 c. 7 * d. 9 A thermometer measures a. color gradients b. a themos c. volume d. temperature * The shorthand chemical name of bismuth is a. Bi * b. Bm c. Bs d. Bt Metals that are ductile means that a. they are used as a supplement in duck food b. they can pulled into wires * c. they can be flattened into sheets d. they are used in air-conditioning ducts The Nobel Prize for chemistry is awarded to chemists a. who can chew gum and ump on foot at the same time b. studying in Switzerland c. with really big laboratories d. who discover something new or explain something not well understood * If the temperature of sample is 14oC, what is the temperature in kelvin? a. 224 kelvin b. 259 kelvin c. 287 kelvin * d. 295 kelvin Two electrons in each filled orbital must be a. opposite in charge * b. really cozy c. chemists d. of the same charge









About 1% of the earth resources are made up of thus element. a. silicon b. manganese c. phosphorus * d. magnesium These elements are usually shiny and good conductors of heat and electricity a. halogens b. metals * c. noble gases d. non-metals The pH of bleach is a. 5.0 b. 7.4 c. 9.2 d. 14.0 * Ice is the solid form of a. lead b. helium c. water * d. crystals NASA Spinoffs are an example of a. government insights b. applied science * c. space equipment used only in space d. pure science Early alchemists used this to represent the elements. a. Greek letters b. sign language c. Arabic letter d. signs of planets * The SI standard unit for mass is the a. gram b. pound c. kilogram * d. bushel Which of the following is not a correct measurement? a. grams per litter b. degrees Fahrenheit c. kilometers per hour d. degrees per meter * The atomic number of hydrogen is a. the same as its atomic weight *









b. not known c. only calculated when in solid form d. 2 70. Elements found along the border of metals and non-metals are called a. transition metals b. noble glasses c. metalloids * d. rare earth metals Kvicksilver is the Swedish name for a. potassium b. mercury * c. silver d. tin Thorium is part of which group? a. halogens b. lanthanides c. actinides * d. metals Nearly 2% of the earths elements is made up of this element a. calcium * b. chlorine c. strontium d. zinc Early alchemists related the planet Jupiter to which element? a. gold b. titanium c. silver d. tin * Which Greek philosopher called tiny particles atomos (atoms) ? a. Plato b. Aristotle * c. Democritus d. Lucretius The distance from the sun to Pluto is roughly a. 108 meters b. 10 13 meters c. 1010 meters * d. too far to think about Hydrogen and Helium are located in which period? a. first * b. second c. third d. fourth









The SI standard unit to measure a pure substance is the a. chipmunk b. gopher c. mole * d. squirrel Gallium was discovered one year before a. copper b. germanium * c. calcium d. selenium In a binary covalent compound, phosphorus is named before which of the following elements? a. carbon b. silicon c. boron d. chlorine * In an ion of one atom, the oxidation number is equal to a. two b. zero c. the ions charge * d. the ions atomic weight The iron form of permanganate is a. MnO4- * b. MgO2 c. MdH2 d. PO4Which of the following would not be considered toxic at this ppm level a. silver (0.05 ppm in water) b. arsenic (0.5 ppm) * c. diethyl ether (400 ppm) d. mercury (0.0022 ppm in water) The word radioactivity was first used by a. Lothar Meyer b. Plato c. Han Christian Andersen d. Marie Curie * Which element is the only one that has been given separate names for its different isotopes? a. hydrogen * b. nitrogen c. idodine d. carbon









The two types of nuclear reactions are radioactive decay of bonds and the a. billiard ball type * b. tennis ball type c. golf ball type d. ping pong ball type The electronegativity value of lead is a. 0.6 b. 1.5 c. 1.7 d. 2.2 * Six-sided structure with alternating single and double bond are called a. inverse isomers b. orbitals c. aromatic hydrocarbons * d. noble gases Lead forms how many kinds of ions with unique charges a. 1 b. 2 * c. 3 d. 4 What is approximately the pH level of blood? a. 6.5 b. 7.0 c. 7.4 * d. 8.0 All oxidation numbers added together in a compound must equal a. zero * b. one c. the total number of atoms d. enough to make the experiment working The B-subgroup of elements are also called a. transition elements * b. metals c. halogens d. gases Which of the following is an aromatic compound? a. methanol b. ethanol c. butane d. cinnemaldehyde * Radioactive iodine is used in the marking and treatment of a. emphysema b. thyroid cancer *









c. flat feet d. halitosis 95. Molecules with chiral isomers are a. not superimposable * b. acid-base pairs c. superimposable d. elastomers In binary covalent compound, sulfur is named before which of the following elements? a. carbon b. oxygen * c. boron d. hydrogen How many elements are there in the sixth period? a. 10 b. 28 c. 32 * d. 40 Early alchemist related the planet Saturn to what element? a. boron b. lead * c. sulfur d. scandium A pH meter measures the amount of a. hydrogen ions in a solution * b. oxygen ions in a solution c. nitrogen in a solution d. sodium ions in a solution The pH of most carbonated drinks is about a. 3.1 b. 3.9 * c. 6.2 d. 8.5 The measurement of the charge separation between each part of a molecule is called a. an extra-terrestrial moment b. an embarrassing moment c. a tripole moment d. a dipole moment * The size of an average water molecule is a. 10-2 meters b. 10-4 meters c. 10-8 meters * d. 10-10 meters









Lawrencium is located in which period a. third b. fourth c. sixth d. seventh * If the shell capacity of an orbital is 2n2=32, what is n? a. n=1 b. n=2 c. n=3 d. n=4 * Hierro is the Spanish name for a. lead b. iron * c. mercury d. hydrogen Covalent bonds occur between two a. bases b. metals c. non-metals * d. a metal and a non-metal If the temperature of a sample is 273 Kelvin, what is the temperature in Co? a. 0 * b. 10 c. 32 d. 73 Which element melts in your hand like a chocolate bar? a. krypton b. tantalum c. strontium d. cesium * Carbon single-walled, nano-scale tubular structures are called a. buck balls b. rare earth metals c. nanotubes * d. chalogens One of the first acids a beginning chemistry student uses in the lab is a. hydrocholoric acid * b. cyanoic acid c. propionic acid d. barbaric acid Proteins give hard structural strength in all but which of the following? a. ankle bone









b. crab shell c. spinal column d. earthworm * 112. The electronegativoty value of hafnium is a. 0.7 b. 1.3 * c. 1.8 d. 2.2 Lutetium is part of which group? a. halogens b. lanthanides * c. actinides d. metals What is the approximate pH of stomach acid? a. 2.0* b. 4.9 c. 6.2 d. 7.5 Many people with milk sensitivities have trouble with the milk sugar a. fructose b. lactose * c. sucrose d. glucose If a solution measured 5.8 on the pH meter, it would be a. a radioactive solution b. a noble gas c. a base d. an acid * Lithium paper changes from blue to red when a solution tested is a a. a blue dye b. an acid * c. a red dye d. a base Bases react with acids to form a. dark chocolate and white chocolate b. acetone and water c. water and salt * d. propane and butane An uncombined element has an oxidation number of a. 0 * b. 1 c. 2 d. 3









In a binary covalent compound, iodine is named before which of the following elements? a. bromine * b. silicon c. sulfur d. nitrogen Early chemist related the planet Venus to which element? a. iodine b. copper * c. potassium d. sodium The SI standard unit for length is a. centimeter b. decimeter c. meter * d. kilometer Cesium is located in which period? a. second b. third c. fifth d. sixth * The pH of vinegar is a. 3.0 * b. 3.6 c. 4.2 d. 5.0 Nickel forms how many kinds of ions with unique charges? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 * Which of the following is an aromatic compound? a. propanol b. isobutene c. vanillin * d. ethylene Which of the following is the most widely produced acid in the United States? a. sulfuric acid * b. nitric acid c. boric acid d. malic acid If a solution measured 7.7 on the pH meter, it would be









a. b. c. d. 129.

a halogen a base a macromolecule * an acid

If a solution measured 8.9 on the pH meter, it would be a. a brittle solid b. an inert gas c. a base * d. an acid When oxygen is part of a compound the oxidation number is -2 except a. salt b. peroxides * c. hydrocarbons d. nanomolecules If the temperature of a sample is 343 Kelvin, what is the temperature in oC? a. 50 oC b. 90 oC c. 70 oC * d. 110 oC Early alchemist related the Sun to which element? a. gold * b. silver c. copper d. iron In 1923, two chemists, Johannes Bronsted and Thomas Lowry, described a. mesons and hadrons b. acids and bases in the scientific literature * c. the Periodic Table d. how to construct nanotubes Litmus paper changes from red to blue when a solution tested is a. a blue dye b. an acid c. a red dye d. a base * Which of the compounds below do most people learn about first in chemistry? a. lava b. vanillin c. water * d. ozone Reduction is the chemical name for a. when a balloon loses air and shrinks b. a decrease in oxidation number * c. the loss of energy from a gas








d. the process of writing a name on a grain of rice 137. Oxygen has an oxidation number of a. -1 b. -2 * c. -3 d. -4 Helium is how many times dense than water? a. 2 times * b. 3 times c. 4 times d. Helium is the same density as hydrogen The invention of the Gutenberg printing press in 1452 helped spread which theory? a. Theory of Relativity b. Nano-technology Theory c. Conservation of Energy Theory d. Atomic Theory * In 1995, three chemists, Molina, Rowland and Crutzen became concerned about damage to the a. polar ice caps b. ozone layer c. Golden Gate Bridge * d. Canadian Bridge Chemically, simple sugars are also known as a. something to avoid when on a diet b. monosaccharides * c. the only cause of dental cavities d. disaccharides Antimony forms how many kinds of ions with unique charges? a. 1 b. 2 * c. 3 d. 4 Argon is located in which period? a. first b. second c. third * d. fourth Early alchemists related the Moon to which element? a. manganese b. vanadium c. chromium d. silver *









The pH of seawater is roughly a. 5.2 b. 6.1 c. 7.7 * d. 8.9