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K 1. Capital of Chile? Santiago 2. Capital of Cyprus? Nicosia 3. Madrid is capital of? Spain 4. Old name of Thailand ? Siam 5.

Arab Spring started from Tunis 6. TAPI Agreement is related to? Gas 7. Azerbijan situated in? Central Asia 8. Baghilar Dam constructed on? Chenab 9. EU headquarter? Brussels 10. Siachin is situated in which range? Karakrom 11. Pakistan Become neuclear power in? 1998 12. Which Organization formed in 1919? UNO/NATO/Arab League/SEATO? Arab league/ILO 13. Who assist Pakistan to build Gawader ? China 14. Who was defeated in Waterloo? Napoleon 15. Last USSR president? Mikhail Gorbachev 16. Pakistan played first cricket match in 1952 Vs? England 17. Founder of Wiki leaks? Julian Assange 18. Current population of Pakistan? 184 M 19. Yen is the currency of? Japan 20. Simla Agreement signed in? 1972 21. Largest ocean? Pacific 22. Leader book written? Richard Nixon 23. Biggest export market of Pak? USA 24. H.Q of OPEC? Vienna 25. Angela Markel is? Germen Chancellor 26. In 2008 in which city of India was attacked by terrorist ? Mumbai 27. Iranian revolution took place in ? 1979 28. 38th parallel line is b/w? N. Korea and S. Korea 29. Durand line is border to which country ? Afghanistan 30. Pentagon is? Military H.Q of USA

MATH portion(10 marks) 31.9999+8888+777+?=19700 :36 32.Numbers divisible by 7 upto 100 :14 34.if certain numbers multiply with each other give 120 and sum of their square is 289 what is the sum of the numbers :23(15,8) many pieces of 0.85 m can be cut from 42.5 m wire : as options were 30, 40, 60 and none of above. (50 was not in option) do answer in the options was none of the above. 36.average of the numbers is 20, first two numbers are 16 and 22: 22 37.if one forth of number is subtracted from one third of that number is equal to 12 what will be the number: 144

38.earning of three days is 20.56, 32.90 and 20.78 he spends half of his income during three days what the remaining amount he has : 37.12 39.4x + 13 = 7 - 2x, what is the value of x : -1 40.if a train 100 meter long passes a bridge with speed of 72 km/h in 25 seconds what is the length of bridge ?(it is 500 meters but was no in option),none of these was correct from given options. Professional test (management,economics) 41.Contribution of Keyens in Economics? 42.Economics is (Both normative and positive science) Micro means? 43."An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes wealth of nations" was written by?Adam smith 44.Macro economics can be defined as? 45.Giffen diagram is related to? 46.Law of demand is based on? 47.Training can be defined as (applied form of education, etc) 48.Economics is (Science of choices, science of possibility etc).science of choices 49.Human relations is (Art, Science, both art and science) 50.Good Personnel management is (rules and regulations, high level of wisdom, quite reasonable level of tolerance, all of these) 51.Training is (Long term investment, short term investment, futile, high level investment) 52.Non-programmed decisions are (broad, repetitive, all of these) 53.Programmed decisions are mostly taken by (Top management, middle management, lower management, high management) 54.Decision making authority is given to (owner, administrator, entrepreneur) 55.Factors of production include (Land and Labour, Capital and entrepreneurship, both, none) 56.Four level model for evaluation of training by? 57.Father of Scientific management? 58.What is EQUILIBRIUM? 59.First step in planning? 60.Evaluating performance is part of (planning, organizing, controlling, leading) 61.What is technique for idea generation in groups? (brain-storming, Gorden choice, Syntectics, all)

62.Evaluating and selecting from two or more choices is (decision etc) 63.Achieving more than the of numbers is ( synthetic, synergy, energy) 64.Achieving more outcome with less cost is (cost efficacy, management, planning etc) 65.collecting data and making future assumptions is (planning, forecasting,etc) 66.Which is not a quantitative technique? (linear programming, statistical analysis, etc) 67.micro means; one milliont English portion 68.The reaction plan are called?------------ Strategy? 69. Policy in which more custom duty to support local industry is. localism/domesticism/restritism? 70.Growth of GNP is ----------------- external/internal 71.Span of administration is --------- Size of administration/size of administrated 72..max weber:german sociologist 73..After succeeding in exam,she felt....elated,exhilaration etc 74.In govt offices people do not work without ... Monetary inducement etc 75..arm's length... Distance 76..Not antonym of delicate: