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Observation Assignment Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center


Introduction: For assignment one in English 1102, the students were supposed to choose a figured world to observe and describe how it functions and whatnot. We had to determine artifacts, discourse communities, and actors, and even interview some participants of the figured world all in the name of collecting primary research for our next assignment. Our professor told us to pick a topic that we were genuinely interested in because the semester long course is based on the first chosen topic For my topic I chose health and fitness on the UNCC campus with a focus in group fitness classes. I routinely attend a few group classes including the three I have chosen to observe. Ever since arriving on campus I have tried to stay active, and the many options offered in the Student Activity Center have been to my benefit. Im a fan of staying active and being able to share the experience with a friend and know that I can stay interested in my topic for the whole semester. Description of the Location: The room is a fairly large space with a wooden floor and a few fans in the ceiling. One wall is lined with mirrors from top to bottom with a clock in the middle of the wall with mirrors. In one back corner against the wall is a pile of mats, a medicine ball rack, and a jump rope rack. On the wall parallel to the wall with the mats is a PVC pipe rack for the exercise balls. There is a closet in the wall opposite the mirrored wall that contains the yoga mats and blocks, more weights, and other various equipment items. The lights can be turned on to half way for the more slow paced classes like Yoga or Tai Chi. The lights can also be turned on completely illuminating the whole room so everyone in the class doesnt have a problem seeing, especially if weights or equipment are being used in the class. When you walk in the door, you walk in next to the mirrored wall (the front of the room) and a table and sign in sheet are directly on the left. Figured World: A figured world is a large social group full of multiple discourse communities that all function together to achieve a specific goal or purpose, while having specific or unique ways of communicating and behaving to reach the goal. Anyone can participate in group fitness classes and without a doubt there are new people who have never taken the class before every session/week. Participants are supposed to arrive on time but some still do come in later. They dont get in trouble though because its not an academic class and I think it is understood that classes or work affect timeliness. The attire for the class is tennis shoes, running pants/capris/shorts, yoga pants, and a t-shirt or a tank top. The girls usually put their hair up so its out of their face and soon to be sweaty body. You arent required to bring a water bottle to class because there is a water fountain down the hall, but most people do. No one ever listens to their own iPod/music source because music is provided with the class and usually goes along with the movements you are doing. Plus that is considered rude to the instructor. When you arrive, there is usually a class from before just finishing up and as soon as they are done the next group walks in. The new group gets the equipment needed for the class and wait for the instructor. While waiting there is a little talk allowed between the participants, but as soon as the instructor says lets start the talking stops. All attention is paid to the instructor who is positioned at the front of the classroom. The participants are supposed to do everything that the instructor says or demonstrates, to their best ability, and if they cant do it they are encouraged to try to do something close. Minor alterations and mistakes are nothing to freak out about or make a big deal out of. No one is expected to all of a sudden stop

Observation Assignment Pincus 2 Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center participating because they are worn out, but there are usually some who cant keep up and do the bare minimum of moving. That being said, you are only supposed to push yourself to a certain point and know where that point is so that you dont harm yourself. In every class the instructor encourages you to get into the movements and music and have fun while getting a good workout.

Actors: Within a figured world are people who take on certain roles. We have expectations of how they are supposed to act and what they are supposed to accomplish based on their role. The Class Instructor- The instructor serves as someone who is confident and in control of the class participants. He/she usually stands in the front of the room and encourages everyone to keep going while demonstrating the move or position. A lot of times the instructor will go to individuals and help them with the move before returning to the front of the room. Their primary goal is to keep everyone motivated about being active and pushing themselves to do more. Participants- The participants choose to come to a group fitness class so they are expected to do as the instructor asks and try their best. Everyone tries to keep up with the instructor and doesnt complain about a move the instructor is making them do and just follow through. They arent expected to push themselves to where it could be harmful. Either way, all the participants are to try their personal best to get something out of the class.

Artifacts: Artifacts are physical objects, emotions, or thoughts that carry a specific meaning for a group of people. It usually has another more personal meaning to the group. Wall Mirrors- The mirrors serve as a guide for the participants in the class to watch what they are doing and compare it to the group in general. No one really wants to stand out in a group and the ability to see what most others are doing lets you correct yourself without directly asking for help from the instructor. In my opinion, the mirrors are also a reminder of what kind of physical fitness you are in, though Im sure thats not the direct purpose. Nonetheless the students in the class see themselves the entire time and for some the reflection may be a motivation. Music- The music is also a major motivation, and if not it certainly sets the mood for the class. The music is turned up and the floor is shaking with the beat so its safe to say that the blaring music discourages talk between other people. In Kickboxing and Zumba, the music is wild and upbeat and just listening to it makes you want to get up and move. The rhythm of the songs usually line up with the movements that you do so it also functions as a way to get back into the rhythm of the routine if you mess up and whatnot. When the going gets tough in class, the music encourages you to continue. In contrast, the music for yoga is calming and easy-listening because you are supposed to focus on slower stretching movements. Instructors Microphone- The microphone puts the wearer into a position of power to instruct the class as they see fit. It is also one of the numerous motivators in a group fitness class. The instructor is constantly verbally encouraging the group as a whole to

Observation Assignment Pincus 3 Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center keep it up and keep going while making sure to be heard over the pounding music. The participants know to listen and heed whatever the microphone wearer says. Idea of being fit/doing something active- The idea of being fit, or gaining fitness from these group fitness classes is what keeps people coming back. People feel good about themselves after attending a class, and many return time and time again to bring back that feeling of accomplishment. Some people channel their insecurities about their fitness or body into the intensity of their workout. A group fitness class happens to be a good place to facilitate the need to work out and have someone constantly encouraging you. Yoga Mat(yoga only)- The yoga mat is always used during class and theres one for everyone who participates. The mat is a personal space for the participants to practice their positions and focus on balance and breathing. Anytime you see a mat, it is immediately associated with yoga. Discourse communities: These are groups of people who have a common goal and communicate in numerous ways to achieve the goal. There is usually a prescribed way to act and/or speak when within this group that is a distinguishing factor of the group. Those who always give 100%- Just like in an academic classroom, there are overachievers in the group fitness classes. They are the people who are already in decent enough shape to constantly keep up and usually choose to be in the front of the classroom because they are more confident and know the steps. These people are also models to the other students who may not be able to see the instructor. Those who can only do so much- Once again, like in an academic class there are slackers in the class who are attending the class in hopes of getting in shape. I use that term loosely because they are at least showing effort by coming to class, but they may not be pushing themselves enough and give up too soon. Just by observing you can tell that are few are worried about looks or looking silly so they didnt put in their best effort. They tend not to place themselves in the front line of people for whatever reason. Those who are there for fun- There are people who come to some group fitness classes just to hang out with friends which is perfectly fine. I see them as the ones who can unintentionally mess up the routine that the class is doing, laugh about it, and carry on. They arent trying super hard, just trying to follow along as best as possible while making silly faces or giggling with their friends.

Literacy Practices: Literacy practices are the ways of communicating that can range from body language, physical writings, conversations, and so on. The communicating can be anything that makes a point, verbal or nonverbal. Instructor speaking over the headset: During fitness classes, everyone is pushing their performance level and the instructor is like a personal coach telling you to keep going and there are only a few more reps left! (Five more! Four! Three! Etc.) Everyone needs the encouragement, and it helps the participants get the most out of the class. During the class, the instructor asks how everyone was doing over the microphone to be answered by whoops and hollering. Instructor demonstrating: The instructor typically stands at the front of the class to demonstrate the choreographed moves. This guides everyone along and is a good model

Observation Assignment Pincus 4 Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center for form and energy. By watching the instructor, you know what is expected of you to do. Music: The music communicates the air of the class and you can immediately tell what kind of tempo the class will be. For kickboxing the music is loud and fast-beat to match the difficulty of the content. It gets the people moving and pumped for getting sweaty and working out! For Yoga on the other hand it is very calming and easy listening to allow you to concentrate your mind on something other than your thoughts. Observation One: Kickboxing Sunday, January 26, 2014 Time: 5:00 PM-5:55 PM nStaniccom_51810_013.15752657_std.jpg

Observation: Note: My descriptions of what happened in the classes are always repeated for a few rounds by the participants. It isnt only done once, and sometimes I mention the repetition and sometimes I do not. All throughout the exercises Alicia was encouraging and keeping track of the count down to the last rep. 5:05- The class directly before Kickboxing was finished late, so the kickboxing class filed in quickly and signed in on an attendance sheet. While waiting for everyone to finish signing in many girls were stretching and Alicia asked them to space out across the room. She mentioned for those who were present for the first time that the beginning would be some basic moves that they would do repetitively throughout class. The class then began bobbing from side to side and doing some simple punches/jabs on the command of Alicia. They added in blocking and upper cutting to the bobbing too. 5:10- Jumping jacks were started, for the most part at everyones own pace. Most people kept time with the music. Then a rep of front punches. Direction switch and more punches. Facing the front, everyone took steps towards the front and punched four times, then stepping back while punching four more times with an elbow thrust thrown in there. This was repeated several times. Soon after Alicia added in a side kick. 5:15 -Alicia called for the students to jog it out in place to get ready for the next set. Bobbing started again from foot to foot and the group turned and faced different sides. This served as a semi-cool down. Next was right, left, elbow with a soon added back kick that everyone seemed to enjoy.

Observation Assignment Pincus 5 Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center 5:20- Jogging out again, but they went back to right, left, elbow, back kick for a few minutes and you could see the group tiring. Alicia called for jogging out and jumping jacks and after jumping jacks said that anyone who needed to get water was welcome. Alicia couldnt stress enough that even when the students went to get water, they couldnt stop moving. Everyone else was bobbing until they were told to do a punch, hook, front kick, back kick series. 5:25- Jogging out again then bobbing, waiting for orders! Squats were next on the agenda with some squat pumping. That wore everyone out (seen in their face) and Alicia told them to jog it out. 5:30- Once again they picked up the punching up front and jabbing cross. Also mixed in was using the knee to pretend like you are throwing someone against your knee. There were many reps with the knee movement which eventually lead up to another water break and caution statement about not stopping your movement. 5:35- Started with some simple jabbing and then switched to jabs and cross jabs. Alicia slowed down a lot next in order to demonstrate a turn in the routine that went like this: jab across, jab, pivot on one foot turning sideways, back kick, turn again and repeat. 5:40- Alicia yelled keep moving and let the group have another moving water break while the others bobbed side to side. She reminded everyone that this is the last push and that they were going into and abs workout. Facing left, the group punched to the front, hook and jabbed to the front, and finished with a kick to the front. Alicia then walked a lap around with the students did another rep of that to catch her breath and take her own advice about not stopping immediately. The group jogged in place to face the other wall and sped up the same combination. 5:45- Alicia told everyone to go get a mat, and everyone promptly did. While on the mats, the participants did quite a few variations of crunches including elevating the legs differently and crossing your ankles like you were sitting. Next the legs were straight up in the air with crunches, as well as one leg lifted while the other was firmly planted on the ground. Everyone did this at their own rate, and it was obvious that most everyone was getting tired and doing the exercise slower and slower. 5:50- It was now time for the cool off stretching that consisted of grabbing one leg and holding, reaching an arm across your body to push, and stretching out the multiple arm muscles as well as the ankles. Most everyone was outwardly relieved to do the cool down, and honestly the only reason I really took notice was because that has been me many a time. 5:55- Alicia declared that class was over and the participants were starting to clean up the supplies. It seemed as though everyone was running out in a rush. Alicia reminded the group that if they enjoyed it to go tell her and otherwise she will see you next week!

Observation Assignment Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center Observation Two: Yoga Sunday, February 2, 2014 Time: 6:05 PM- 7:05 PM


Note: The instructor was telling the students what to do and was explaining and demonstrating every step for those who didnt know or who needed a model. About every two to five minutes, she would rhetorically ask the class whether or not they were breathing because all of the movements and stretches wont benefit you unless you are breathing and pumping oxygen through your veins. The entire time nobody was talking and there were quite a few times when people closed their eyes. 6:05- Everyone came into the classroom, took off their shoes, and headed to the closet where the mats and blocks are kept. As everyone was getting settled, many of the participants were stretching. The instructor came to the front of the room and spoke about the class. It is called Vinyasa Yoga, which means breath-synchronized movement or one move, one breath. You are supposed to pay attention to your breathing while doing these exercises and not get frustrated if you cant do it. The instructor told them to start in childs pose so everyone moved to the appropriate position which is sitting on your heels, placing your forehead to the ground and extending your arms up towards the top of the mat. Then they walked their hands to the right, center, and left. Next everyone got on all fours and slowly changed from arching their back to bending it the other way at their own pace. 6:10- Everyone moved into downward facing dog which is hands and feet shoulder length apart on the mat with your bottom in the air while trying to put your heels all the way down on the mat. This position was held, then the hands were walked to the feet and everyone straightened up while taking a deep breath in. The instructor made everyone take a few more deep inhales before leaning to the right and left and clasping the hands behind the back to stretch out the chest. Next was the chair which consists of inhaling, bending the arm at the elbows, and sitting back into the imaginary chair. 6:15- Everyone then started sitting in the chair, inhaling up, bending in half reaching for the toes, and inhaling up again. There were quite a few reps of this move until the instructor said to face left. Arms went up like a field goal and everyone squat to where their legs looked like their arms upside down. The instructor asked how everyone was feeling and if they were warm yet from the warm up. Everyone kind of mumbled an okay or yes, and then the participants bent halfway so that their back was parallel to the ground and held it.

Observation Assignment Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center


6:20- The class started more deep inhales before transitioning into the chair, then stretching back up, bending in half, placing both feet at the end of the mat, lowering the body to the mat, and raising the upper half of the body for cobra. After cobra the participants relaxed into childs pose again before switching to all fours and down dog. Lastly, stepping the feet to the hands and inhaling up again to complete the circuit. This was done multiple times at the discretion of the instructor. 6:25- Everyone okay? Everyone began the circuit again and added an lunge at the end before standing up straight. Eventually they held the lunge and transitioned into a 30 second plank. The instructor reminded the class that there are modifications of the position if something is too difficult to do. This is when you could see some faces twisted into determination to do the complete plank. After to plank everyone shifted into childs pose to relax their screaming muscles! 6:30- Next the class knelt on one knee and stuck the other leg out to the side fully extended. Then the opposite arm from the extended leg was stretched over the head towards the extended leg. Then everyone transitioned into a side plank by placing the opposite hand from the extended leg down to the mat with the other arm straight in the air above the head. One could keep the knee kneeling or place it with the extended foot for a challenge. The same process was repeated on the opposite leg/side. 6:35- Then the class laid stomach down on the mat and proceeded to raise their legs and hold for a few seconds, release, and repeat. With the forehead on the forearms, the upper body was raised, held, and released while the lower body rested. The upper and lower body were then raised at the same time, held, and released. Childs pose was next to relax the muscles. Then back onto their stomachs, the participants raised their upper and lower bodies and pulsed them up and down for 30 seconds before taking a deep breath and returning to down dog. 6:40- Next everyone moved into pigeon which is like a lunge except one leg is resting on the floor, your body is facing your bent knee, and arms are extended down towards the mat. This was held for a few counts until the instructor said to move into down dog again. Then pigeon was done on the other side. Everyone was told to grab their foam block and head to an empty space on the wall for a sixty second wall sit. After the wall sit was completed, the participants went back to their mats and started doing the balancing tree with the right foot. This is placing one foot on your inner thigh right above your knee and either raising your arms above your head or holding them in a prayer position to your chest. 6:45- Then the balancing tree was done on the opposite side. The next move, called air plane, is when you bend in half at the waist but stop at a 90 degree angle, keeping your back straight and arms stretched out to the sides. The instructor walked around while the class held the pose and fixed the forms of a few students. She told then to take some deep inhales, stand up, and roll the shoulders. They proceeded to bend to touch their toes, step their feet back, and do a one minute plank. After the plank everyone slouched into childs pose.

Observation Assignment Pincus 8 Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center 6:50- Next sitting on the ground with both legs extended in front of you everyone relaxed. Knees were hugged and everyone carefully fell back to rock back and forth and give their back a massage. After a few rolls everyone splayed out flat on their back with toes and fingers pointing to opposite walls. Then a few crunches were done and the knees were hugged separately to the chest. 6:55- Everyones favorite part, the relaxation time, was next. Lying on their backs with arms at their sides and palms facing up, everyone began to shut their eyes and focus on breathing (or taking a quick nap). 7:00- The instructor gently said to start slowly wiggling fingers and toes and eventually sit up to a criss-cross position. She then thanked the group for coming out and said see you next week. If there were any questions or concerns she was all ears. Everyone then wiped down, rolled up, and put away their mats and blocks and left. Observation Three: Zumba Monday February 3, 2014 Time: 5:30PM- 6:30PM

Note: There is so much movement done in this class including some actually named dance moves but also move that the instructor came up with herself. Because it is such a fast pace, I didnt get to write down everything that I observed because I had to explain every other move that was done. Many of the moves are done in a pattern or repeated at the desire of the instructor and not just done once like I have written. There were many reps of the same movements in the five minute span; I just dont say the reps happen every time that they happen. Also the instructor lead all of these movements even though I dont state that very often. 5:30- Everyone came filing in for the class and lined the walls with their bags and water bottles. Most people took a spot on the floor and stretched some or made conversation until the instructor, Tamara, started talking. She introduced the class to everyone and talked about how the class is designed for people to get moving to the beat of some cultural songs and learn some dance moves. The class is 70% actual dance moves, and 30% whatever the heck I want to do. Everyone laughed at that. The music started and everyone started doing a salsa step and then moving forward raised their arms and lowered them backing up. 5:35- Shoulder-rolling was next while bobbing on your knees soon followed by reaching arms side to side still on bent, bobbing knees. Tamara yelled for squats to the beat, pulsing at certain

Observation Assignment Pincus Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center times. Everyone was on the same pace for the most part because the class was just beginning and no one was tired yet. High knees were started switching from left to right and then more pulsing squats. Karaoke to the left and right, facing different walls every time.

5:40- The song switched and the instructor started a fast pada-bu-rae to the tempo of the lively song. There were a lot of reps of this pada bu rae and then there was some pumping fists and booty shaking. A slow lawn mower was done to the right and left and a box square was started. High knees and arm reaching were added. Then the pattern was repeated from the top at the pada bu rae. Fast feet came next along with a few box steps, booty shaking, and reaching arms/ chacha fists. The class started some wild windmills with their arms. Then some steps were added moving towards the front and then slowly wind milling back. After a few rounds of this they did a ride the pony move which looks like you are riding on an imaginary horse swinging a lasso. There arent too many smiles but Im willing to guess that there arent simply because the participants are focusing a little too hard on getting the steps down without enjoying themselves too. 5:45- Grape vine to the left and right then windmill to the front and back! High knees with alternating arms were next, and this was repeated numerous times until the song ended and Tamara called for a water break for anyone who wanted. She then decided to do a breather song which wouldnt be as intense to give everyone a chance to somewhat catch their breath. Everyone side stepped to the front facing the right, and then side stepped to the back facing the left. Running arms to the front, arms above the head sticking the right leg out and quickly switching to the left. Everybody liked this move because it was simple and went along with the song and showed their playfulness you could say. This pattern was done facing every wall in the room until the song ended. There was a slight variation but not enough to actually take note of. 5:50- The song switched and the instructor paused it. She was explaining the brand new routine that she had just choreographed before she let the song play. Everyone seems excited to learn and reluctant to have a lull in the constant moving. It started with fast toe touches to the front and then some single, single, doubles or high knees. 5:55- Everyone switched back to toe touches but many people were tiring by now and more were putting in less effort. Grapevines were next and everyone seemed relieved to do a move that was known. Then there were more high knees and some booty shakin before it switched back to the single, single, double pattern and toe touches. Everyone sambaed left and right, shook out their booty and the song finished. There were lots of smiles in this song. 6:00- When the song changed, Tamara had everyone gather in the back center of the room for the start of the song. The room was all smiles of anticipation. The song began and everyone sauntered up to their spot like a gangster and did this knee pose then stepped back with arms reaching side to side. This was done for quite a few reps until Tamara switched the song. Now there was clapping, fist pumping, and high knees. Then Tamara instructed them to reach down towards their toes, back up, and then fan themselves saying, Im hot. Everyone laughed at this but did it to play along and get in the groove. There were a lot of reps of that.

Observation Assignment Pincus 10 Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center 6:05- The song switched and everyone started doing a window washing move from right to left and then on both sides. Samba was next from right to left and back again and again. The sambaing got bigger with bobbing and clapping until the move was switched to lunges. 6:10- Tamara stopped the music and called for requests from those who knew the songs that she works with and everyone took a second to think. It is really nice of the instructor to allow the students a choice. She plays the first requested song and everyone starts side stepping to the left and right and kicking at the last step. There were a lot of reps of this move. Then a salsa started to the left and right, then hoping on one foot and facing another side. Most people struggled with this move at first but didnt let that stop them from completely moving. The dreaded squats started again and you can tell that the majority of the class is tired because they arent bending their knees very much anymore. 6:15- There was a shake your booty move that matched the music directly then a hip moving pivot around in a personal circle. Booty shake again, then pivot circle. Seeing that this class is mostly girls, everyone enjoys those booty shaking moments! Lunges to the left then a pivot circle then repeat to the right. The song switched yet again and Tamara asked for a vote between a tango cool down or a Reggae-thon and most everyone voted Reggae-thon. 6:20- Jump, jump, circle arm motion was the first thing in that song. Everyone seemed to miss the other songs that were more secular as dance tunes than these cultural songs. The dance was one pretty loosely because it was a cool down. There was some shuffling left to right and scary feet next. After more shuffles, scary feet, and high knees, Tamara put on the Electric Slide as the final cool down. She split the class in half so that they were facing each other like a big dance party and everyone did the electric slide! If they didnt know how they caught on fast. It seemed like most people enjoyed taking it back to the 80s. 6:25- After the electric slide finished there was a lot of clapping and the instructor lead the students in a stretching cool down. Everyone seemed to enjoy the final stretches and took off quickly after Tamara dismissed class and said not to forget about coming next week! Interview #1- Stephanie Note: The first interview with Stephanie was done face to face and I recorded it with possible intentions to put it in my portfolio later. The second interview was an email correspondence. Heres the link to my interview with Stephanie if you would rather listen to it! -So could you tell me how you stay active through the changing seasons? - Well during the winter I go to fitness classes and the gym and then during the summer time I exercise outside like running and I do a lot of walking. - Okay. So how do you try to live a healthy lifestyle? - Um, well I try to incorporate fruits and vegetables into my meal, um and a lot of water. I drink a lot of water. I try to stay away from soda because thats not healthy.

Observation Assignment Pincus 11 Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center - Thats good. Me too. Has living on a college campus like, um, allowed you to become more active or stay more active? - Yes because of the constant walking. And especially with UNC Charlotte there are a lot of stairs so you cant avoid them. -Thats for sure! (laughing) Are you more willing to work out or be active if you are with a friend? - Yes. Um I think that friends are good to exercise with because they keep you motivated, especially with the fitness classes. I always go with a friend. - Yeah same here. I always bring a friend with me. Is there a reason you my like going to the gym over going to the classes or vice versa? - Um, I like the classes because I like having the teacher motivate you. I like the music. Um the gym seems more isolated and Im not really a fan of that. - Okay. So how did you get your start in fitness, in general? Being active? - Um, my mom started doing a lot of active stuff before I even came to college, and then she got me into it. So when I got here I just kinda took off with it from there. -Okay, good to know! Thank you for the interview! - Youre welcome. Recap of the Interview with Stephanie: Stephanie tries to live a healthy lifestyle with food choices and a seasonal exercise routine. She notes that living on campus has helped her stay more active with all the classes offered plus the hilly terrain of the actual campus! You will find her at group fitness classes more often than the gym because she likes the motivating teacher and the togetherness of the class. I completely understand how working out with a friend is more appealing because I go to the group classes for similar reasons. Interview #2- Eryn -Tell me about how you stay active through the changing seasons. -I try to walk no matter what the season. The only time I really wouldn't is if it was raining. -How do you try to live a healthy lifestyle? -I just try to eat somewhat healthy and I focus a lot on mental health because if I didn't have that, I couldn't begin to worry about my physical health. I'm not perfect though, I still eat probably less healthy and don't exercise as much as I should. -Why do you attend these group classes? -I attend group classes because I like the idea that everyone is doing the same thing so there's no judgment that someone is better and I like to meet people. -Has living/being on a college campus helped you become or stay more active? (explain) -Honestly, no. If anything, I've gotten worse with my health. I eat more fast food because it's available and I don't exercise as much and I've gained some weight which hasn't helped with my confidence and mental health. I feel as though much of this was because my time is more limited with everything that I do. -Are you more willing to be active/work out if you are with a friend? - I am more willing to be active with a friend. I invite friends to walk with me or go to group classes all the time. -Is there a reason you may like the gym over the group classes or vice versa?

Observation Assignment Pincus 12 Site Location: Group Fitness Room UNCC Student Activity Center - Like I said before, group classes just feel less judgmental in my opinion. Many of my friends that have gone to the gym mention that guys stare at them and it's hard to find some equipment because a lot of people want to do the same thing. -How did you get into fitness? -I think it was mostly my parents and family. My brothers are extremely active and both my parents play tennis. I am not quite so athletic as all of them but I still try to be active like them. And they help to get me out there as well. Recap of the Interview with Eryn: Eryn is always trying to do something active, whether it be walking or attending a group fitness class. She admits that she doesnt always eat healthy and that being on campus doesnt make it any easier with all the fast food type options. Eryn is a firm believer that mental health is a much bigger part of being healthy than just the physical aspect, which is something that Ive never thought about until now but completely agree with. She finds the judgment and staring in the gym a reason to go to the group classes instead and loves to bring a friend along!