Tuesday, March 4, 2014 International maritime news for seafarers

Clean tankers to benefit from US oil market growth
Owners of clean tankers can expect better days ahead as the continues to expand" ! oil product market #ccordin$ to a report by shipbroker %ibson, &ashin$ton is experiencin$ an o'ersupply in fracked crude as the $o'ernment has yet to decide whether or not to allow crude oil exports" This has resulted in ! refineries to ha'e an abundant supply of cheap feedstocks, which also means new opportunities for clean tankers" The (ondon)based shipbroker said ! refinery input reached 1*"+ million barrels per day ,bpd- last week, up by ./*,000 bpd in the same period last year" O'ersupply in production led to the shiftin$ of trade flows, also creatin$ new markers for such products, %ibson noted" The tanker market has been relyin$ on impro'ed export 'olumes of clean petroleum products in $ainin$ profit throu$h trian$ulation since last year" 0ut a lar$e product stock draw caused by winter storms and cold snaps had a ne$ati'e impact on ! exports, also affectin$ the shippin$ sector1s earnin$s" 2owe'er, %ibson said demand for ! products to the 3aribbean, (atin #merica and &est #frica is a$ain on the uptick, indicatin$ a positi'e si$n for the clean tanker market" The shipbroker likewise said that the expandin$ products export trade will unlikely be affected by whate'er the !1 decision on crude oil exports will be, notin$ that the country will probably $i'e consideration for the tanker market 4be it clean or possibly dirty ,or both-4 o'er the years to come"

SAFETY London P&I Club issues cargo liquefaction warning
(ondon 56I 3lub has alerted its members about the problem of car$o li7uefaction in connection with the liftin$ of an iron ore ban in India and the recent total loss of two ships, which were carryin$ iron and nickel ores" 4There are specific challen$es in'ol'ed in the export of iron ore fines from Indian ports durin$ the monsoon season which can

increase the moisture content of the car$o to le'els where li7uefaction can occur" This can result in se'ere loss of a ship1s stability8 in extreme cases to the 'essel sinkin$" Other car$oes such as nickel ore are also prone to li7uefaction. roll)off . Indonesia and the 5hilippines" The warnin$ said9 4%reat care must be taken when handlin$ these car$oes and the rules $o'ernin$ them under the IM!03 3ode must be closely obser'ed" !hips can be offered car$o which is unsafe due to their moisture content bein$ abo'e the Transportable Moisture (imit"4 4Owners who are considerin$ carryin$ iron ore fines or nickel ore are stron$ly ad'ised to contact the club early on. %uatemala. 5. !ierra (eone.# to hand out appro'als on its behalf re$ardin$ =anish)fla$$ed 'essels" :I. to ensure that the risks and associated precautions are fully explored.# reported" The crew and nine other passen$ers decided to stay on the ship and wait for the hi$h tide" The incident happened at dawn Monday" The 'essel was extracted from its $roundin$ spot at around <9+0am" !anish "aritime #uthorit taps $I%# for L%G fuel certification The =anish Maritime #uthority has allowed classification society :I. before concludin$ a fixture.:O:O'essel that ran a$round 2* metres northeast of 5ilar 5ort.4 the 56I 3lub bulletin noted" The (ondon 56I 3lub warnin$s for carria$e of iron ore fines and nickel ore is also applicable for loadin$ such car$o from India.# !er'ices head of inno'ation #ndrea 3o$liolo has welcome the =anish Maritime #uthority1s decision to reco$nise the classification society1s capabilities" . !orso$on in the 5hilippines" The 'essel was conductin$ an undockin$ manoeu're when a stron$ current forced it to drift to a shallow portion of the port. promptin$ the transfer of 12 passen$ers from the ship" The 53% said the distressed 'essel1s sister ship scheduled to depart next for Masbate 3ity was immediately contacted by 3oast %uard !ub)!tation 5ilar 0oardin$ Team and successfully transferred the passen$ers.has come to the aid of a roll)on.4 it added" !ource9 (ondon 56I 3lub PH Coast Guard rescues passengers from grounded ferr The 5hilippine 3oast %uard .53%.

the ship collided with another destroyer while also headin$ to 2awaii. up.% as a fuel in north >uropean waters.% fuel.4 3o$liolo said" 4&e belie'e there will be a rapid and acceleratin$ switch to (. but the mo'e to $as must be done safely and with $ood mana$ement of all the risks in'ol'ed" That is where we can make a real difference.4 3o$liolo stressed" &ow ops on stranded suppl ship encounters new problem The arri'al of a stranded 3anadian supply ship currently at the 5earl 2arbour is likely to be pushed anew after the 'essel encountered another problem while bein$ towed toward 2awaii" #n official said the operation to brin$ back the 'essel was a$ain hampered after the tow line bein$ used snapped" 4Towin$ operations are hard enou$h but you1'e $ot these bi$ war ships and they1re bein$ tossed around in the water. pushed ri$ht.#" 4&e are helpin$ owners mo'e to $as. with a 2*0)member crew aboard arri'ed at Tien !a port in the central city of =a .#1s expertise with $as and will allow us to assist owners in =enmark who are acti'ely considerin$ con'ersions to and newbuildin$s with (. back and forth" That really puts a strain on the tow line. down.4 he added" ?essels that will use (. the supply 'essel1s en$ine room cau$ht fire last Thursday.4This authorisation reco$nises :I. strandin$ the ship and its nearly +00 passen$ers" !e'eral of its crew members were also reported to ha'e been inAured while tryin$ to extin$uish the blaBe" >fforts are bein$ hastened to ha'e the 'essel back at 5earl 2arbour within a week so an in'esti$ation to determine the cause of the blaBe can start soon" It is not the first time that the 3anadian na'al supply 'essel fi$ured in a sea mishap" In #u$ust last and is the first na'al ship from !in$apore to 'isit the city this year" . by helpin$ owners and yards to adopt new fuel solutions in a safe and timely$ on March +" The ship is on a four)day 'isit to ?iet . and we are makin$ sure they a'oid the pitfalls as well $ainin$ the benefits.% or compressed natural $as will need to meet the rules and re7uirements set up by :I. pushed left. sustainin$ minor dama$e" The supply ship is expected to be decommissioned next year" Singapore ship 'isits !a %ang !in$apore1s landin$ ship tank :!! 20.4 accordin$ to (t 3mdr =esmond @ames" 2e added that a ! deep)water ocean tu$ is now headin$ the towin$ operations" &hile headin$ to its home port of >s7uimalt on ?ancou'er Island from 2awaii.

the /"2 ma$nitude earth7uake and the super typhoon 4Eolanda4" 4These fees pose an additional burden to the calamity sur'i'ors who are in the process of rebuildin$ their li'es" Much has been said about the sur'i'ors of last year1s calamities . the !in$apore .am" (ast October.The crew is scheduled to participate in a ran$e of acti'ities such as a friendly 'olleyball $ame with the ?ietnamese .and related a$encies to wai'e for a year the collection of fees of processin$.filed 2ouse :esolution D</ ur$in$ the 2ouse 3ommittee on O'erseas &orkers #ffairs to direct the 5hilippine O'erseas and >mployment #$ency . membership. without confirmin$ how many boats were affected" REGULATIONS PH lawmakers want go't fees on seafarers) *+.5O>#. but the $o'ernment insisted its Operation !o'erei$n 0orders continued as normal" nder 3anberra1s hardline immi$ration policy. #C5 reported" (ar$e cracks were disco'ered in six of the 14)stron$ #rmidale fleet 10 days a$o.a'y. also 'isited the city on the occasion of the 40th anni'ersary of theestablishment of diplomatic ties between ?ietnam and !in$apore. would)be refu$ees arri'in$ by boat can be turned back at sea to Indonesia where many board rickety 'essels to make the perilous crossin$ to #ustralia.4 a spokesman for Morrison said in a statement.OC&s.a'y1s ship. bilateral exercises at sea and 'isits to the city and other destinations in the central re$ion of ?iet . Medicare.s wai'ed (awmakers want re7uired fees of o'erseas Cilipino workers .# reported" :eps" >mmi =e @esus and (uB'iminda Ila$an . forcin$ the ships back to port in =arwin. 5.and seafarers from pro'inces de'astated by calamities be wai'ed for a year. The #ustralian newspaper reported" 0ut #ustralia1s Immi$ration Minister !cott Morrison said the military)run operation was unaffected by the problem" 4This is not affectin$ Operation !o'erei$n 0orders )) any 'essels that seek to ille$ally enter #ustralia will be intercepted and safely remo'ed from our waters. seafarer1s re$istration certificate and seaman1s book of OC&s and !eamen from pro'inces affected by typhoon 4!anti4. %abriela.early half of the #ustralian na'y patrol boats used to detect asylum)seekers ha'e been confined to port with structural cracks. a report said Tuesday. :!! 5ersistence.# reported" %earl half of #ustralia(s as lum patrol boats damaged . 5.5artylist.

Melaka" #(#M1s story be$an in 1<//.4 she told #C5" 4&e had little or no security. collects fees like.#kademi (aut Malaysia-.for new re$istrants and 5251*0 .00 . !eafarer1s :e$istration 3ertificate at 525*0 . and we e'en had a ni$htclub in the port.M#:I. inefficient Creeport of Monro'ia" 4&hen my administration took o'er we had operational challen$es" >7uipment was down.for the three)day processin$ or 5251*00 .Coundation" . also known by its Malay initials #(#M. is seein$ an expansion of its industrial and manufacturin$ sectors on the back of stron$ economic $rowth which hit . when the $o'ernment took on Matilda 5arker.# also collects 525. !=+"+*. #C5 reported" # decade after the end of the hostilities that brou$ht it to its knees.4 Ila$an said" Ila$an said the Maritime Industry #uthority . (iberia."< percent in 2012" The transformation be$an in 200<.O5-. a poor but mineral)rich country. when the need to train and prepare Malaysians for the maritime industry was addressed with the establishment of a non)profit or$anisation called the Malaysian Trainin$ and >ducation for !eamen . !=1"11.for lost !:3s" 4M#:I. so people could Aust enter at will and drink. to become what remains the world1s only female port authority head and asked her to turn around the fortunes of the underperformin$. none of the ports had reached international standards and we had administrati'e challen$es when it came to accountability for re'enue . !=++"*. a !) educated pri'ate sector mana$ement specialist.for one day processin$ of the !eaman1s 0ook.#-.and.and it is about time the $o'ernment further extend a hand to help them rebuild their li'es.M#T>!.for expenses"4 MARITIME INSTITUTION "ala sian "aritime #cadem The Malaysian Maritime #cademy .4 Ila$an said" PORTS Liberia(s re'amped ports dri'e post-war boom # maAor re'amp of (iberia1s four seaports is pointin$ the way to an economic transformation that aims to definiti'ely put the ra'a$es of this west #frican nation1s ci'il wars behind it. an attached a$ency of the Office of the 5resident . !=1/"<. is a maritime trainin$ academy in Malaysia" The main campus and trainin$ centre are located in Fuala !un$ai 0aru.

weldin$ workshop.5>T:O.#!-.asional 0erhad . electrical and electronic lab. 5etroliam . International !hippin$ 3arriers.en) !1!!"82" *or+ay (6rone) !11623 0&D in . #(#M sits in a well)de'eloped /4 acre campus at the pristine Fuala (in$$i.M#T>! was sponsored by the Malaysian International !hippin$ 3orporation 0erhad . Melaka o'erlookin$ the busy !traits of Melaka" #(#M is committed towards bein$ a reco$nised leader in re$ional maritime trainin$ excellence" The school has $ained reco$nition as a reputable $lobal M>T institution" #(#M has 42 classrooms on campus and an array of workshops for de'elopin$ its students1 technical.MM#-./n C'rrency in 0&D Britain (#o'nd) 11662" Canada (Do--ar) !1"!2( China (.#L&IC /0CH#%G/ Market snapshot: (March 3) Dry Index BDI 1276 Capesi e Index BCI 218! #ana$ax Index B#I 1!8! &'pra$ax Index B&I 11!7 )andysi e Index B)&I 666 +18 +"6 %1" +( %3 /0CH#%G/ $#&/S *e+ . #(#M was pri'atised to the Malaysian Maritime #cademy !dn 0hd . diesel power plant. control lab. mechanical and electrical skills" There is also a modern steam power plant. plant maintenance workshop.MI!3-. bench fittin$ and machinin$ workshop.ork (Mon C-s) . 5enan$ !hipbuildin$ and 3onstruction !dn 0hd and Flan$ 5ort Mana$ement !dn 0hd" 5resently. a consortium comprisin$ the state)owned institutions Malaysia International !hippin$ 3orporation.'an) !11627 3'ro 11373( India (4'pee) !1!161 Indonesia (4'piah) !1!!!!86 5apan (.1. seamanship workshop. 2on$ Fon$ and the Malaysian Ministry of Transport" The 'enture resulted in the establishment of the Maritime Trainin$ 3entre in 1<//" On 1* #u$ust 1<. MT3 was up$raded to academy status with a $o'ernment charter. material testin$ lab and sectional models of machineries" SHIPPING DATA ./n C'rrency !16!!3 111!82 611(6( !17281 621!(2! 112"21!! 1!11(3!! 61!(8! . by 5rime Minister Tun =r Mahathir Mohamad" The school was named #kademi (aut Malaysia" On 1 @anuary 1<</.

#hi-ippines (#eso) #o-and (7-oty) 4'ssia (4'8-e) &in/apore (Do--ar) 0kraine ()ry9nia) !1!22( !13222 !1!27( !17867 !11!31 ((16(!! 31!7!! 3612172 112711 "17!(! .

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