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Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)

T h e Ma z e o f Nu r o me n
L e v e l 1 : 1 S q u a r e = 1 0 F e e t

Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)









Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)



Nuromen the Black was a powerful and evil necromancer who attracted a number of like-minded followers to his tower set upon a rocky knoll in the wilderness. Here they built a small town, known as Law's End because it lay beyond the reach of all kings of the Realm. Nuromen took advantage of an extensive cavern network beneath his tower, expanding and fitting it out with fine stone and woodworks. This underground lair became the abode of his family and his henchmen and, according to legend, the site of terrible debaucheries, rituals and experimentation. Nuromen finally brought destruction upon himself and the people of Law's End by tampering with forces beyond even his power to control. People living in the nearest settlement, an isolated hamlet 50 miles distant, saw a terrible lambent blaze over the region of Law's End. An expedition was mounted, but the folk of the town were discovered dead in their streets and homes , with no clue as to what caused them to fall where they were No trace of Nuromen or his adherents could be unearthed amongst the smouldering wreckage that was all that remained of his tower. From that day forward people shunned the vicinity of Law's End, and the wilds slowly reclaimed the town. To this day the events of that night are told by mothers and good clerics to warn youngsters of the just recompense that is visited upon folk for evil doings as well as tales of the perilous Maze of Nuromen, and of the fabulous treasures said still to be buried there The wood elves that still dwell in the deep forest around Law's End set a watch over the ruins as surety against any ill-conceived venture to rebuild the ill-fated township, but their numbers are declining. As the elves leave the forests for unknown lands beyond the sea, goblins have come down from the mountains to fill the dark woods. More feared and distrusted than the wood elves, the goblins have proved an even more efficacious deterrent to wouldbe settlers of the knoll.

On the way to Laws End, the party will be met by a band of high elves passing through the forest on their journey out of the Known World. Upon learning of their quest (or surmising it if players are tight-lipped) one of their number will recount how his cousin, an elf prince, once approached Nuromen in attempt to turn sway him to the side of good or, failing that, take a measure of the danger he represented. Unfortunately, the true evil of Nuromen the Black was far greater than the prince had suspected, and he was never seen again


Law's End lies some fifty miles from the former hamlet, now a thriving village, on a limestone outcrop in the forest at the foot of the mountains. Below the ruins of the village a river springs forth from the roots of the mountain, eventually becoming a mighty river.
The referee may roll for e ncounte rs along the way, or impose the m as se e ms appropriate ; wood e lve s and goblins are the most common inte llige nt be ings to be found. Eve n if the party me e ts nothing e lse along the way, howe ve r, one e ncounte r should be playe d out as be low.

The necromancer killed the elf and took his crown; a magical circlet of silver which the elves would like to see retrieved from the Maze. Should the party agree, they will be given a token which will guarantee free passage from any wood elves guarding the ruins. If the party should recover this heirloom and restore it to the kingdom of the high elves, they will thenceforth be known as elf friends. The characters will be further rewarded with other gifts of esteem, of a nature as deemed appropriate by the referee (but probably magical).

Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)



On the flat summit of the hill stand the broken remains of Nuromen's great tower and, around this, the fallen down buildings of a small town. The statues and carvings still visible amongst the ruins indicate that it was a place of great wickedness and depravity, but the crumbling structures are overgrown with moss and its streets lie broken by weeds and saplings . All is still and silent, except for the occasional crack of old bones underfoot. There is nothing to be salvaged as the goblins of have picked it clean, though few ever found the way into the Maze from the underground river chamber until a few days before the party arrived and none have yet come out again ...

The catacombs are filled with dust and cobwebs and spiders and the skeletal remains of its inhabitants, struck down in the act of whatever they were engaged in at the moment of doom. The doors and woodworks of the Maze are still serviceable; most can be forced open if locked or jammed. Nuromen set an array of traps and magicks around his Maze before his untimely demise and some of them reflect the necromancers morbid sense of humour. The steel traps are a little rusty but unfortunately still function unless otherwise noted in the dungeon key.

WANDERING MONSTERS The normal rule s for de te rmining and re solving wande ring monste r e ncounte rs apply within the Maze . Howe ve r, be cause of the isolate d nature of the maze the table s be low are use d inste ad of those in the Pre ntice Rule s. Some wande ring monsters are limite d in numbe r whe n the y are slain, no more will be forthcoming and the re fe ree should re -roll until a monste r that is still available is rolle d. The e lve s are wood e lve s, e xploring the uppe r le ve l of the maze against the be tte r judge me nt of the ir e lde rs. First Level 1d12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Monster Bandits Ce ntipe de s, Giant Elve s Ge latinous Cube Goblins Gre e n Slime Rats, Giant Scre echer Ske le tons Ske le tons Stirge Zombie s Second Level 1d12 Monster Ce ntipe de s, Giant Ghoul Goblins Gre y Ooze Grick Shadow Ske le tons Ske le tons Spide r, Giant Troglodyte s Ye llow Mould Zombie s Number 1d6 1 1d6 1 1d2 1d2 1d4 1d6 1 1d4 1 1d4 Total Unlimite d 1 10 1 2 2 Unlimite d Unlimite d 1 Unlimite d 1 Unlimite d Number 1d4 1d4 1d2 1 1d4 1 2d4 1 1d4 1d4 1d4 1d2 Total 6 Unlimite d 2 1 10 1 Unlimite d 1 Unlimite d Unlimite d Unlimite d Unlimite d


The Maze of Nuromen is a marvel of engineering. Carved from the natural limestone caverns beneath his tower, the halls and corridors are grand and imposing with fantastically sculpted columns supporting high, vaulted ceilings. Nuromen had the inhabited portions dressed with stone, frescoes and wood which, in spite of the age and neglect that have taken their toll, are still impressive in their hedonistic and decadent splendour. It is dark except in those areas lit by magic as mentioned in the dungeon key. The party will need torches, lanterns, magical light, or infravision to be able to see.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)


DUNGEON KEY E: Empty Room The re are a number of rooms which are e mpty of anything othe r than mould and inse cts. The size and shape varies as shown on the map; othe rwise the se rooms are unre markable . LEVEL 1 1: Broken Shaft Burie d be ne ath the old ruins of the ne cromance rs towe r lie s a de e p shaft. Once the side s he ld chambers for visitors and guards, accesse d by a spiral stair that has long since collapse d. Once the party discove rs the ope ning in the rubble , the shaft may be de sce nde d using about 100' of rope . Surprisingly, the re are signs of re cent disturbance of the ove rgrown e ntrance, and the re is alre ady a set of ropes going down into the darkne ss The bottom of the 50 diame te r shaft is fille d with the de bris of the collapse d towe r and staircase , and is cut in half by a fast flowing unde rground rive r. The rive r is cold and de e p e nough to cre ate de adly rapids. A se t of imposing double doors, partly burie d and slightly ajar, le ad out of the shaft to the e ast. The rope s be long to a small party of goblins who have re ce ntly e ntered the Maze. An e lf or dwarf may notice the goblinoid manufacture of the rope s (1-2 on 1d6). Two goblins have staye d be hind as guards. Unle ss the party can achie ve surprise, one will hide in the rubble while the othe r runs ahe ad to warn the ir compatriots . Goblins (2) hp:4, 5; #AT:1; D:1d6; AC:6; I:11; T:1

1b: Bottomless Pit Things droppe d in cannot be he ard to hit bottom, and a cold wind issue s upwards out of the de pths. If anyone e xplore s the pit on a rope or using a long pole , a colony of stirge s will fly out of the abyss and attack. The re is nothing e lse in the pit. Stirge s (4) hp:2,4,5,6; #AT:1; D:1; AC:9; I:10 2: Underground Courtyard This huge hall is litte re d with se veral ske letons, some still in armour. All he re die d in the disaste r that be fe ll Law's End. A se arch will re ve al a fe w coins and little e lse ; it is obvious the are a has be e n re ce ntly loote d. The re are sconce s on the pillars, black from whe re the torche s burne d the mselves out; the lofty arche s of the ce iling are lost in darkne ss. Nothing of re al import is to be found in this chambe r. Large double doors are se t in the north and south walls; the north doors are plate d in brass and de pict sce nes of fe asting and de bauchery, those to the south are coppe r-covered and moulde d in a charne l horror of de ad, disme mbe re d and de caying bodie s. 3: The Old Armoury He re Nurome n's guards store d the ir shie lds, armour and we apons. The re is an assortme nt of ruste d swords, old pole arms, rotte n shie lds, and de caying suits of armour lying in pile s against the walls whe re the she lve s and racks that once he ld the m collapsed. If carefully se arche d, a suit of magical +1 mail can be found, still gle aming unde r a laye r of de tritus . 4: Barracks

1a: Underground River The original cave s we re cre ate d by this rushing stre am, which e nte rs the shaft through a still-solid iron portcullis in the north. The channe l is choke d with tumble d stone blocks from the collapse of the towe r. The re mnants of an ornate stone bridge can be seen in the water. Characte rs crossing the slippe ry rubble must roll the ir De xte rity score or le ss on 1d20 or fall in, dropping any hand-he ld ite ms. Characte rs we aring me tal armour will sink unle ss the y can dive st the mse lve s of the ir panoply (roll 1-3 on 1d6). If the ir Stre ngth is 14 or lowe r, the y will be swe pt out of the chambe r and through the troglodyte cave s. In chamber 19 another d20 che ck against De xte rity can be made to ge t out of the rive r be fore being carrie d out of the mountain. Cle ver party me mbe rs can make use of rope s to try and rig up a re scue from the shaft, but the y ne e d at le ast 200. Once a party me mbe r crosse s and faste ns a rope to the other side of the rive r, no d20 che ck is ne e de d for those following.

This is whe re the soldie ry who patrolle d the Maze of Nurome n quarte red while on duty. The re are moulde ring table s and be ds, and in some of the be ds lie ske le tons. Four more are seated at a table, accoutre d in rusting mail. Plate s and cups still sit on the table as do dice from a game . The dice are of e xquisite ly carve d ivory, staine d in de licate shades of white , ye llow, blue , re d and gre e n; the y are worth 20gp for the se t. If anyone picks the m up, howe ve r, the hand of one of the ske le tons will re ach out lightning quick to clutch the ir wrist! All four ske le tons will come to life the y have be e n turne d into unde ad by the curse of Nurome n. The y will fight to the de ath. One be ars a shield distinguishable from the othe rs in that it is not corrode d at all. It is in fact a magical +1 shie ld (this ske le ton has AC3). Scattered on the floor are a fe w coins whe re the y fe ll whe n the ir owne rs purse s rotted away (8cp, 12sp, 2e p). The re is nothing e lse of value in the room. Ske le tons (4) hp:1,2,3,3; #AT:1, D:1d6; AC:4,4,4,3; I:12; T:1

~ 3 ~
Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)


5: The Pantry All the foodstuffs as we ll as the she lve s the y we re store d on have long since disinte grated, so that e ve n rats find no suste nance he re. In the hall the re is little e lse to be found, although, as with most othe r areas, ske le tons lie about. A se arch of the re mains will yie ld a gold ring and a je we lle d ne cklace worth 23 and 50gp, re spe ctive ly.

and casks of soure d wine line the othe r walls of the large food pre paring are a. Ragged sacks spill the ir ancie nt grain across the flagstone s , mummifie d carcasse s ha ng from iron hooks, and the ske le tal re mains of the cooks lie falle n at the ir tasks. Anyone se arching the room is like ly to disturb a ve nomous giant centipede that has crawle d into the Maze through some unknown fissure . On a roll of 1-3 on 1d6, a character has agitated the centipede and it attacks (see the BLUEHOLME rule s for the e ffe cts of giant ce ntipe de poison). Giant Ce ntipe de (1) hp:2; #AT:1; D:Poison; AC:9; I:13

5a: Storage Area The coppe r-plate d door to this room is we ll se ale d (and jamme d). This has ke pt the worst de cay from its conte nts, toge the r with the ir careful packing. The re are 5 boxe s of 20 torche s e ach, 3 lante rns, a crate with 20 flasks of oil, a case of 50 candle s, and various tools such as awls, hamme rs, picks, and so forth that we re inte nde d for use in the planne d e xpansions to the Maze whe n its occupants ye t live d.

5b: Wine Vault He re are many barre ls, lining the walls from floor to ce iling. Some are e mpty, many are spoile d, but the re are 20 casks of wine of the be st and most ancie nt vintage , se aled and in good condition. The be ve rage has a value of 500gp back in the village ; double or more if the characte rs can figure way to transport it back to a town or city. The wine is e lfin, a gift from the doome d e lfin prince who trie d to be frie nd Nurome n. The re is also a ghost here, the phantom of a drunkard who re side d with ne cromance r in Law's End. Anyone se e ing the apparition will imme diate ly know it as a spirit, e the re al and white from he ad to toe , le e ring in anticipation as it draws a cup of wine . All characte rs e xce pt cle rics must save vs. paralysis or run scre aming from the hall for 1 turn in te rror. The ghost doe s not attack; it will drink from the cup, but the wine flows through its immate rial gulle t and splashe s on the floor. The spirit will the n proffe r the cup to the characte rs. Should any of the m drink, the y will turn ghostly white from he ad to toe and re main in this strange state until a Re move Curse spe ll is cast by a cle ric of sufficie nt powe r. Whe the r the party acce pts the ghost's offe r or not, afte r this ge sture it will vanish and the cup will fall to the floor to add its re maining conte nts to the multitude of stains.

7: Banqueting Hall Upon e nte ring this room, a foul ste nch will assail the party, as we ll as the grisly sight of a banque t table surrounde d by ske le tons dressed in de caying fine ry. Some le an back in the ir chairs, othe rs slump forward, and some have falle n to the floor. Four chairs of varying de gre e s of magnifice nce are e mpty. The table is lade n with an assortment of gold and silve r se rving ve ssels, chalices, and plate s, which are of 300gp value if cle ane d of the e ncrusted re mnants this final fe ast. The e xpire d re ve lle rs we ar je we ls worth 200gp. Finally, the re is a fine bottle of wine on the table , ove r 150 ye ars old and worth 50gp in town. Se t in the e ast wall of the hall, be hind the high table on its raise d dais, is a gre at fire place whose chimne y e xits some whe re in the mountains. An old, gre e n coppe r pot hangs ove r the cruste d ashe s. Hiding in the shadows of the 40 high vaulte d ce iling are two harpie s who found the chimne y spout and have se t up the ir lair he re in the hall. The place is be foule d with the ir e xcre me nt, which is the source of the ste nch. The bone s of e lve s and goblins, as we ll as the odd human, can be seen amongst the le avings of the ir me als. If the party looks strong, the y will try to use the ir song. The y will attack whe n the y have the advantage , shrie king and s quawking. Harpie s (2)hp:9,14; #AT:3; D:1d4/1d4/1d6; AC:7; I:10; T:12

6: Kitchen He re we re pre pare d the fe asts which Nurome n he ld for his gue sts in the banque ting hall (Chambe r 7). The large he arth in the ce ntre of the we st wall is share d with the banque ting hall. Rotte d cupboards, rusted kitche n ute nsils

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Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)


8: The Grotto Ope n to the southe rn cliff face of the hill, ove rlooking the rive r be low, Nurome n cause d to be fashione d a re markable garde n with a cle ve r fountain fe d by one of the many unde rground stre ams. The fountain fe ature s many le wd and impish figure s that spray pa sse rs-by with wate r whe n the y ste p on a hidde n switch, and it still functions pe rfe ctly.

evil deity worshipped by Nuromen and his followers). Contrasting with this monstrous tapestry is a delicate painting of a lush garde n with a little girl and a be autiful
woman se ated on the rim of an ornate fountain (the y are Nurome ns wife and daughte r in the grotto). The re is a canopie d be d, many couche s, a vanity with a mirror, and othe r assorte d luxurious but now sadly de te riorate d furnishings. The re is a wardrobe fille d with worn and moth e aten fine ries. The re are also many fine ly de taile d toys; in fact, the re is a magical toy which Nurome n made for his daughte r. It is a fine ly wrought silve r puppe t which dance s a nd spins by magic whe n take n from one 's pocke t and se t upon the floor. It is lying on the be d ne xt to the ske le ton of a small girl and he r nanny. This is whe re the two we re sle e ping whe n the calamity of Law's End struck. The two ske le tons are dre ssed in fine but rotting garme nts and are cove re d with the dust of age s. The girl's bony wrist be ars a silve r bracele t which has the name Anthe a e ngrave d upon it. If the re was any ray of light in Nurome n's wicke d he art it was the affe ction he bore for his daughte r and wife . The girl's name is the password to the magical study (chambe r 12). Aside from the magical puppe t (worth 300gp), the re is nothing of value e xcept possibly some old pe rfume s that be longe d to Zime na, Nuromen's wife (150gp if sold to the right me rchant).

A multitude of strange but be autiful plants once adorne d de e p plante rs scooped out of the floor of the chambe r but, unte nde d, the y have all grown wild; the ir rampant vine s and bulging fruits are de adly poison. The fountain still flows and the wate r is swe e t and good. Hidde n amongst the ve ge tation are 2 giant fire be e tle s. Giant Fire Be e tle s (2) hp:4,7; #AT:1; D:2d4; AC:4; I:9

9: Nuromens Apartments This ornate and we ll-furnishe d room was the private quarte rs of the ne cromancer and his family. The cold stone walls are clad in rare timbe rs and drape d with long tape stries which de pict the life and career of Nurome n, as we ll as the founding of Law's End. Anyone e xamining the tape strie s will gathe r that Nurome n was a vain and conce ited fe llow who saw Law's End as the pinnacle of his life 's work. The re is also a de piction of gigantic, multi-

armed baboon-like creature with great fangs and a single eye set in the centre of its face (this is the image of the

~ 5 ~
Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)


10: Hall of Prisoners Once the holding are a for those who disple ased Nuromen, ske le tons in irons now occupy the se ce lls, e xce pt for the last; he re an old man languishes in chains, seemingly we llple ase d with his lot and e vincing no de sire to le ave . He will babble gratifying things about Nurome n and warn the party to le ave the Maze . He is but a phantasm, an ancie nt spe ll cast by Nurome n in an idle mome nt of fancy. He will be gin to re pe at himself after a while , which should be a clue to the playe rs. De te ct Magic will re ve al the o ld mans nature , and Dispe l Magic will cause the illusion to vanish.

The study house s a wondrous assortment of table s, books, contraptions, maps, globe s, jars of small pre se rve d cre atures and appendages, bottles, alche mical apparatus, astrological charts, bones, fe athe rs and so on. The library is full of historical, alche mical, and scie ntific tome s , most in a state of comple te de cay. Spide rs and cobwe bs are e ve rywhe re .

11: Gallows He re is whe re the ne cromance rs e ne mie s we re hung by his guards, raising the m by a noose around the ir ne ck until the y strangled. The gallows are moulde re d; on a roll of 1-3 on 1d6 anyone walking on the m will bre ak through and take 1d2 points of damage whe n the y hit the floor be low. The re is still one ske le ton clothe d in rotting rags, hanging by its ne ck from a fraye d rope that will bre ak if inte rfe re d with.

12: Nuromens Study Whe n anyone approache s the coppe r-plate d door to this hall, a corpse face moulde d into its surface will animate and state , None may pass unless they know the word. The password is Anthe a, the name of Nurome n's daughte r. If this is offe re d, the face will moan, " You may pass." as the door swings ope n. If the party cannot gue ss the password, the face will only re pe at its que stion and occasionally ask, " Did Nuromen send you? I shall tell him you tried to enter here." Should anyone try to force the door, it will sparkle with lightning and shock all within 5, doing 1d6 damage (saving vs. magic for no damage). Dispe l Magic will cause the magic to vanish. It can be batte re d down by doing 15 points of damage with a blunt we apon or axe , but it will loose lightning strike s until the ve ry e nd. If the door is force d or the magic dispe lled, the corpse face will cry out, " Nuromen! Nuromen! Strangers have breached thy Maze! " This cry will boom throughout out the Maze , ale rting all within.

Strappe d to a table lie s a halfling ske le ton, its bone s be aring faint marks of incision an unfortunate victim of Nurome ns e xpe rime nts. A thorough se arch of the room will turn up a backpack containing the pe rsonal e ffe cts of the halfling, and a le tte r which ide ntifie s him and te lls of the land from which he hails. Pe rhaps this will le ad to furthe r adve nture s for the party ... On anothe r table sits a frog inside a glass jar and the frog is alive . If fre e d from the glass jar, the frog will howl as it care ens randomly through the room, smashing vials and striking one characte r for 1d4 points of damage as it make s its e scape . A bookstand holds a te xt re adable only by magic use rs or e lve s. The re is an instruction to, mix the blue elixir with the green in order to transmute stone to gold . Se ve ral stone s lie be side the book and the re is in fact a be ake r on a me tal stand fille d with murky gre e n liquid and be side it a glass cup fille d with blue liquid which still bubble s afte r all the se ye ars. If anyone should mix the se liquids, a tre me ndous e xplosion will re sult that doe s 1d6 damage to anyone within 10', or 1 point of damage to anyone up to 20' away. The table , book and be ake rs will be de stroye d and a large portion of the books and she lve s will catch fire . Inte llige nt playe rs may fe rret something of value from the surviving books, but most are in obscure scripts or can be re ad only by magic use rs. The contraptions are quite worthle ss as the y are incompre he nsible . If anyone is foolish e nough to drink any of the e lixirs around the place the ir only re ward is a 1d8 roll on the following table and a saving throw vs. poison or magic as appropriate :

~ 6 ~
Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)


1-4: Be come viole ntly sick for 1 turn, no move me nt or actions othe r than uncontrollable re tching (poison). 5-7: Turn into a frog, a bird or inse ct (magic). 8: Writhe and scre am in pain for se ve ral minute s be fore dying a horrible de ath (poison). Also, hanging on a hook are two large me tal ke ys that ope ns the door to Nurome ns v ivise ctory (chambe r 14) and the door to the Hall of Statue s (chamber 16), although the latte r, like its lock, is of strange make and not imme diate ly re cognisable as a ke y.

daily allotme nt, although he still ne e ds to me morise it as normal. In addition, any magic-user re ading the book will imme diate ly gain sufficie nt XPs to advance half-way to his ne xt le ve l. The book is ve ry valuable to magic-use rs, who will pay thre e time s book's 5-pound we ight in gold to have it or e lse try to take it! Nurome ns wraith come s he re to me morise his spe lls, commanding one of his ske le ton guards to turn the page s it is obvious that the books have been re cently disturbed. The re is also a magical +1 dagge r in a scabbard slung ove r the back of the chair.

14: The Chamber of Misery

This room is held fast by an iron door with a view slit. The door cannot be forced, it can only be opened by a thief or the key from Nuromens Study (chamber 12). Inside a skeleton dressed in black rags and hood lies on the floor, clutching a rotting whip, 10 more are chained to the walls, and one is hanging in an iron cage from the ceiling. In a pouch under the skeleton on the floor is a jewel worth 70gp. The skeleton in the cage is still clothed and concealed in the remains is a map of the nearby village, when it was still a tiny hamlet. According to the map, there is a chest of treasure buried below the stones of the altar in the village chapel.
If anyone se arche s for se cre t doors and spe cifically me ntions che cking the bookcase s, the y have a 1-5 in 1d6 chance of finding the hidde n door be hind a hinge d bookcase against the northern wall. The se cre t door le ads to the hiding place whe re Nurome n ke pt his most valuable magical artefacts. Close by, hidde n unde r a table and cove re d by a thre adbare rug, is a trapdoor which ope ns on a shaft le ading 135 down to a se cre t door into the Te mple (chamber 23). The iron staple s set into the wall are still solid.

There is also a table with what appear to be goreencrusted torture implements (but are actually Nuromens vivisection tools). Propped up in one corner is what appears to be an iron maiden. The iron maiden is rusty but a character with Strength 14 or higher can force it open. Inside is the decayed corpse of a zombie, which will attack immediately.
Zombie (1) hp:10; #AT:1; D:1d8; AC:8; I:6

13: The Necromancers Goods This bare room contains a chair and table . On the latte r re st several magical artefacts. The re are three spe ll scrolls: Dispe l Magic, Invisibility, and Charm Pe rson. The re is also a potion of ESP and a 2 potions of Cure Light W ounds, cle arly labe lle d. The re is also a small bottle marke d "Ane cdote " which is an antidote to the poison gas in the Tre asure Vault (chambe r 22). On sturdy stands, still sound, are three massive grimoires. Two are Nurome ns magic books , the third is the Book of Powe r. It is claspe d with a lock, and the wraith of Nurome n has the ke y (although a thie f can pick it). The tome is an e nchante d 1st le ve l magic book. If re ad by a magic-use r the re is a 1 in 1d4 chance he will be imbue d with the knowle dge of a random 1st le ve l spe ll from the book. The magic-use r pe rmane ntly adds this spe ll to his

~ 7 ~
Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)


LEVEL 2 15: The Empty Hall If the party liste ns at the door be fore e nte ring the y will he ar goblins cursing and spe aking (in Goblinoid) of the horrors of the Maze and the lack of tre asure s. The goblins are unable to pass be yond the door to the Hall of Statue s (chambe r 16) since none have found the ke y from the ne cromance rs chambe rs and the door is too strong for the m to burst. The hall is occupie d by five goblins but is othe rwise empty e xce pt for some ruine d furniture and broke n statue s. The referee should roll on the re action table to de te rmine how the y re act to the party, bearing in mind the ir pe rce ption of the partys re lative strength . The y have some coins, a bone talisman, and the ir we apons. The bone talisman has a spe ll cast upon it that make s its we are r irre sistible to any goblin of the opposite se x. Goblins (5) hp:2,3,3,4,6; #AT:1; D:1d6; AC:6; I:11; T:1

of Nuromen's treasure chests, its brass fittings still gleaming. However, it is guarded (and polished) by a ghoul who was once a master thief. He appears as a sad but bestial looking figure who greets the party in a seemingly unthreatening way. Thieves may have heard of how the reputedly greatest thief who ever lived mysteriously vanished in these parts many years ago. Nuromen transformed the thief in his experiments, whereupon it amused the necromancer to bind him to the chest as its custodian. However, the thief retains some will and he will allow the party to pass and obtain the treasure if they can answer a riddle: My life is measured in hours. I live by being devoured. Thin I am quick. Fat I am slow. The Zephyr are my foes. Who or what am I? The answer is a candle. After 1 full turn or if the party makes three incorrect guesses, the ghoul will attack. If the party answers the riddle correctly, he will bow and gesture towards the treasure, telling them that his charm will be released when the treasure is taken. He will speak of nothing else in the Maze. If the party empties the chest (even if they didnt answer the riddle), the ghoul will leap into the pool and disappear. The chest is locked and trapped with a poisoned needle, still efficacious after all this time. Inside are kept 300gp, a magical +2 short sword engraved with the thiefs former name, a ruby worth 100gp, and a potion of gaseous form.
Ghoul (1) hp:8; #AT:3+paralyse , D:1d3 e ach; AC:6; I:11

16: Hall of Statues The iron door to the hall can only be ope ne d with the strange ke y from Nurome n's Study. The lock cannot be picke d by any thie f be low 10th le ve l. He re is a vast hall fille d with the statue s of Nurome n and his ance stors , as can be de duce d by the inscriptions on the base s of the large r-than-life , we ll sculpte d statue s. Characte rs e xamining the statues will find that the re are two ide ntical statue s of Nurome n. Be hind e ach is a se cre t door which will ope n if the he ad of the statue is turne d to the le ft; one le ading to the Cave of the Magic Bone s (chambe r 23) and the othe r to the Unde rground Lake (chamber 24). I f turned to the right, a poisonous gas is re le ase d. The characte r turning the he ad must save vs. poison at +2 or take 1d4 points of damage the poison has lost some of its pote ncy ove r the de cade s. If anyone states they are searching the base of the statue s, the re is a 1-4 in 1d6 chance (automatic for thie ve s) of discove ring a hollow base in one of the m, containing a brittle le athe r coffe r of 200gp.

17: The Underground Lake

A small but deep lake fills much of this partially enlarged cavern. On a small island in its centre some tantalising glints can be seen in the light of the party's torches one

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Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)


18: Cave of the Magic Bones

21: The Priests Rooms He re live d the e vil cle ric who once attended to the Te mple (chambe r 23). His ske le ton lie s on the floor, still we aring the tatte red ve stments of his re ligion. The re is an image of the e vil god in a small pe rsonal shrine se t into the wall. The ske le ton's ha nd clutches an e mpty vial of poison that the cle ric drank whe n doom came to Law's End. A ne cklace with anothe r idol lie s around its ne ck, e voking a se nse great e vil if touche d. Any character who actually put it on will be curse d and must save vs. spe lls or pe rmane ntly drop to a score of 3 in Charisma. The re is also a book writte n in the common tongue , fille d with de scriptions and illustrations of te rrible rite s. If any good cle ric of 3rd le ve l or highe r se e s the book, he will re cognise it as be ing curse d and urge its de struction. A good cle ric who burns the book will pe rmane ntly gain 1 point of Wisdom. Evil cle rics will pay handsome ly for it. Howe ve r, anyone taking the book out of the Maze will suffe r a 1 attack pe nalty against all e vil cre atures until the book is dispose d of. Unde r the rotting be d, the re is a locke d iron box containing 100gp and a je we lle d ring worth 300gp. There

Upon entry, the party will see on the far end of the cave a small clay pot overflowing with precious gems and a scabbarded sword. There are 400gp gold worth of assorted jewels, a beautiful golden necklace (100gp), and a delicately wrought circlet of white gold (500gp). Here is the elven crown, stolen from the elf prince whom Nuromen tricked, tortured and killed. Any character who wears the elf crown will immediately add 2 points to their Charisma score. This effect is permanent and remains even if the crown is taken off. In addition, the character will form a spiritual bond with elves from that moment on, which will be reciprocated in kind. Dwarves, however, will henceforth be disdainful and cold toward the character. The crown will impart this gift but once, until the character dies at which point it will pass the gifts to the next wearer. At the back of the cave a recent rock fall has re-opened a narrow passage to the deeper caverns, blocked by Nuromen in years past. Lying in the middle of the chamber is a single skeletal arm clutching a rusty sword. If anyone approaches it or the treasure pot, the arm flies into the air and attacks! The magic bones must be defeated before the treasure can be had.
Ske le tal Arm (1) hp:3; #AT:1, D:1d6; AC:4; I:16

is also a magical +1 mace, but it has been dedicated to the clerics evil god. If wielded b y a good character any damage inflicted will be turned upon the user as well as his opponent.

19: Caves of the Troglodytes

Any character swept away by the underground river in the broken shaft (chamber 1), will emerge into this large cavern, taking 1d6 damage on the way. A roll equal or less than his Dexterity score on 1d20 will allow him to scramble onto the sandy shore next to the body of a drowned goblin with 5gp and a dagger still in his belt. An older skeleton lies on the other shore, its bones gnawed and scattered. On a roll of 1-3 on 1d6 a search will turn up the skeleton's finger with a Ring of Plant Command. These caves are the abode of a tribe of troglodytes who will soon arrive to investigate the arrival of their next meal. The reptilians have lived in the deeper caves for centuries. Nuromen knew of them, but instead of destroying them he set magical wards to keep them out of his Maze which were destroyed in the cave-in in chamber 18.
Troglodyte s (3) hp:6,8,9; #AT:3, D:1d4 e ach; AC:5; I:10

22: The Chamber of Instruments

20: The Antechamber

There is a 10 deep pit trap in the centre of this room, hidden under an illusory floor here. A detect magic spell or probing the floor with a pole will reveal the trap, but anyone stepping on it unawares will fall in and take 1d6 points of damage.

In here were kept the robes for the Temple's devotees as well as the musical instruments and incense that accompanied the evil rituals. There are some old stringed instruments which will break to pieces if picked up. However, the incense is still good; a pungent substance which produces a narcotic effect when inhaled, resulting in 1 to all rolls for 1d6 hours. In large quantities and in the right surroundings the user will experience wild hallucinations. It can fetch 300gp on the market. There is otherwise nothing of value.

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Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)


23: The Temple

The door to this room is painted with the image of its evil multi-limbed god. Within, the place is permeated with an aura of evil. Here it was that Nuromen paid homage to his deity, a malevolent northern god unknown in the Realm. There is a giant stone carving on a high central platform. Four braziers lit by Continual Flame burn perpetually, between the steps leading up to the platform. The god is depicted as a giant baboon with huge teeth, one large central eye, and eight arms clutching wicked scimitars. Clerics will recognise the carvings and runes for their evil, if not the god himself, it is obvious that the stained, man-sized wooden basin at the feet of the idol was most likely used for unspeakable rites. If any character touches the altar or any of the items on the dais, they must save vs. spells. If they fail, they are smitten with leprosy. Only a powerful cleric will be able to remove this curse, requiring both a Remove Curse and a Cure Disease; but he may lay a quest upon the character in return. If the basin is pushed aside there is a shaft which leads 20 down, opening to a corridor leadin g to the Burial Crypts (chamber 24). The wooden ladder has disintegrated.
24: The Ancestral Burial Crypts This dark, haunte d hall is vast and cold. Carve d re lie fs on the walls are painte d with sce ne s of Nurome n's family history going back ce nturie s, inte rspe rse d with image s of the e ight-armed baboon god. The re are stone sarcophagi in the alcove s, fourte e n in all. All appe ar to have artistically carved e ffigie s of the ir de ad occupants on the lids. Nurome n paid handsome ly to have his family's re mains brought to Law's End for inte rme nt. At the e ast e nd of the crypt is a large se pulchre ornate ly carve d. Whe n Nurome n himse lf die d in the disaste r that be fe ll his de me sne, his cle ric laid him and his wife Zime na to re st in the se pulchre be fore taking his own life . Nurome n was de voutly re ligious and it is for this re ason that he did not pass into the world be yond but has re mained as a wraith! If not ale rted be fore now, he will be awake ne d by the party's e xploration of the crypt and he will arise , as will Zime na and two of his ance stors from the stone sarcophagi. What look like e ffigie s are in fact the ir dusty, de siccate d corpse s the mse lve s! Nurome n may e ngage the party in ve rbal e xchange before attacking. He spe aks in a hollow, e choing voice as cold as the grave and whe re his e ye s once we re burn two crue l re d e mbe rs. Around the ne ck of his corpse on the bie r lie s the amule t that is the ke y to the tre asure vault (chambe r 25). Zime na and the two ance stors are mindle ss zombie s, while Nurome n will fight as a wraith but re tains the ability to cast some spells (only as a 4th le ve l magic -use r).

Wraith (1) hp:11; #AT:1; D:1d6+drain; AC:3; I:10 Spe lls: Dancing Lights, De te ct Magic, Floating Disc, Magic Missile , De te ct Invisible , Phantasmal Image . Zombie s (3) hp:4,7,7; #AT:1; D:1d8; AC:8; I:6 25: The Vault of Nuromen

This chamber is where the necromancer hid his wealth. The door to the chamber is of bronze-plated iron and can only be unlocked with the special amulet key worn by Nuromens wraith (chamber 24). If the amulet is fitted into a depression in the door, the latter will swing inward of its own accord. Otherwise, no amount of force, lock picking or magic will work. As the door opens , three small capsules in the upper lintel will crack and eject a stream of poisonous gas . Anyone within 5 must save vs. poison or die. If they save, they still take 1d4 damage. If the characters survive this gift of Nuromen, they will see a room magically lit by Continual Flame torches on the walls. The chamber is cut in half by a 10 wide and 10 deep trench, its bottom bristling with row after row of iron spikes whose tips are gleaming with a coating of slime. Beyond the pit are gathered chests and coffers overflowing with coins and jewels. Unfortunately, this is all yet another parting gesture by Nuromen the spiked pit and the treasure are both illusions. The real treasure lies at the bottom of the trench. Anyone who falls or climbs into the pit will pass through the illusion and find Nuromen's treasure (and the floor of the pit) 20 below. The treasure on the far side of the pit is also an illusion it is a crossbow rigged to fire 3 bolts if anyone comes within 5 of the illusion. The referee must determine who is in the arc of fire; targets must save vs. ray or take 1d4 damage. Nuromen's hoard is great indeed: 4,500gp, 10 diamonds worth 300gp each, a magical +1 hand axe which can be thrown and returns to its master's hand, a rope of climbing, 3 potions of Cure Light Wounds, 2 potions of Invisibility, a potion of Diminution and a ring of water walking.

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Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)

T h e Ma z e o f Nu r o me n
L e v e l 2 : 1 S q u a r e = 1 0 F e e t

Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)


The Maze of Nuromen is a modular quest designed to let the referee introduce a group of 1st level characters to the thrills of Underworld exploration as they attempt to unravel they secrets of the evil necromancers lair. To play this adventure you also require the BLUEHOLME Prentice Rules, a table top fantasy roleplaying game that emulates the game play of the original basic rule book, popularly known as the Holmes Edition or simply the Blue Book. Other Dreamscape Design books to keep an eye out for are the greatly expanded BLUEHOLME Compleat Rules for 1st to 14th level characters with expanded monsters, spells, magic items, the multi-system campaign setting Adventures in Blueholme , presenting a fully-fledged fantasy world for time-strapped referees. Enjoy!


Stephn Yendl (orde #560382)