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Friday, March 7, 2014 International maritime news for seafarers

Disabled Canadian supply ship brought to Pearl Harbour
A Canadian refuelling ship, with nearly 00 sailors on!oard and was disa!led !y an engine fire, has !een !rought to "earl #ar!our$ %n &hursday, '( )a*y tug!oats too+ the ship to a pier after ma+ing a slow ,ourney from #awaii through the "acific waters$ &he fire !ro+e out last wee+, lea*ing 20 sailors with minor in,uries, su!se-uently causing power failure$ &he '( )a*y has !een called as the ship failed to regain power$ &he 44.year.old supply ship, which pro*ides food and e-uipment to )a*y *essels on duty, was scheduled to retire ne/t year$ Commodore 0o! Auchterlonie, the leader of the Canadian "acific Fleet, said that the ship encountered 1an a!solute scenario1 of a ma,or fire on!oard a tan+er in the middle of the ocean at night, compounded !y the power loss$1 1&he leadership on!oard, the professionalism of the sailors and the courage displayed to get through this has !een a!solutely e/ceptional,1 he told reporters$ Auchterlonie e/pressed his gratitude for the '( Coast 2uard and '( )a*y3s help during the ordeal, saying4 1I cannot than+ them enough for the great ,o! they did in helping our sailors get !ac+ to port safely$1 "etty %fficer 2nd Class (hawn Mosson said that he had ,ust sat down to ha*e a cup of coffee in the cafeteria when he heard the alarm$ #e immediately went down !elow and gra!!ed a hose to cool off the dec+$ &he heat was so intense, his eyeglasses melted when he set them down$ 1&he !oots were starting to melt to the dec+ from the heat,1 he said, adding4 156e were7 o*ercome with smo+e$ 8ou couldn3t see your hand in front of your face$1 Mosson, from 0randon, Manito!a, stressed that his training +ic+ed in and his mind went !lan+ as he focused on fighting the fire$ &he fire was under in*estigation and Commander Al #arrigan of

he said$ 9arlier this wee+. had fallen asleep. with no malfunctions or failures to the hull. who was the sole loo+. with a master.Maritime Forces "acific #ead-uarters said that getting the ship !ac+ to a doc+ was the first step in that process and e*entually guiding the *essel !ac+ to Canada$ &he 44.00 and another four hours from 1 00 hours to 1700$ &he ne/t day. an American guided. the second officer was on watch on the !ridge for four hours from 0100 to 0. collided with the sea wall as it neared port at around 04 : hrs$ &he day !efore. and the escort saw !etter conditions later in the wee+$ 5A"7 SAFETY STUDY COLLISION AGAINST A SEAWALL A cargo *essel nearing port collided against a seawall when the officer on !ridge. a second officer and 1 crew mem!ers on !oard. who was alone.missile destroyer too+ 1: relati*es of the Canadian crew !ac+ to #awaii$ &he family mem!ers had !een tra*elling with the ship as part of a regular programme allowing relati*es to .year. all na*igational e-uipment was operational. e*en though he had wal+ed around in the !ridge to relie*e his drowsiness$ At the time when the accident occurred. fell asleep at the helm$ S !!A"# A container ship. #arrigan said$ &he tow was initially complicated !y rough seas that caused the tow line to !rea+ on (unday$ 0ut the deep.old ship was on its way home from a three. engine.wee+ deployment. with the autopilot steering at night$ As to why the 2% had fallen asleep. e/cept one crewmem!er who had cut his hand. to four. he was alone on watch on the !ridge for si/ hours from 0100 hours to0700 and another si/ hours from 1 00 to 1:00$ It is pro!a!le that the accident occurred !ecause the 2%.oin crews on return trips from long missions$ &he rest of the crew stayed with the ship. it is pro!a!le that he was sitting on the !ridge chair in front of the radar trying to fight off sleep. after the ship left port.water ocean tug '(( (iou/ too+ o*er the towing. e-uipment and other instruments$ &here was no !ridge na*igational watch alarm system on the ship$ .out on the !ridge.

and he thought that he would !e a!le to stay awa+e$ #owe*er.time$ If the watch+eeping duty had !een performed !y multiple persons on the !ridge. !ecause the area where they passed through at that time was highly congested with sea traffic and it was night. and if the Master of the (hip had replaced or increased the persons in charge of watch+eeping. it was li+ely that the accident would ha*e !een a*oided$ (ource4 <&(0 &arge 're( sued o)er 'ollapsed Eggner*s %erry &ridge =entuc+y transportation officials ha*e sued the crewmem!ers of a cargo ship for causing significant damage to 9ggner3s Ferry 0ridge o*er the &ennessee >i*er$ &he ship struc+ the !ridge on <anuary 2?.or !ariti-e Se'urity Strategy announ'ed In a !id to impro*e the security of seas and oceans. recesses and scratches including !ro+en holes. it was also mentioned that the wrec+ caused a 22ft section of the span to collapse$ +oint proposal . it is pro!a!le that the instruction to ma+e the 2% to +eep watch alone in that situation was inappropriate. in addition to water flooding of the forepea+ tan+$ &wo pillars of the seawall suffered damage$ &here were no casualties$ $E# %INDINGS 6hen the Master left the !ridge.&he ship was damaged around the !ul!ous !ow along with crac+s. the 9uropean Commission 59C7 adopted on &hursday a <oint "roposal for a 9uropean Maritime (ecurity (trategy in 0russels$ . it is li+ely that the accident would not ha*e occurred$ It is pro!a!le that the 2% did not report to the Master that he had !een feeling drowsy. triggering partial collapse of the structure and forcing the authorities to di*ert the traffic for four months$ In their lawsuit to the Federal Court. he instructed the 2% to loo+ out alone$ #owe*er. the (tate &ransportation authority stated that they had spent some '(@ 7 million to repair the !ridge$ &hey also stressed that the crew had ignored warnings from the '( Coast 2uard that the western =entuc+y !ridge3s na*igation lights were out$ In the lawsuit. !ecause he had not slept during his pre*ious watch+eeping duties. 2012. if he had reported appropriately to the Master.

said that it is 1a prime o!.ects will increase India3s annual cargo. the 9' Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. while effecti*e and relia!le partnership relations will !e promoted$ Meanwhile.ects$ &he Indian (hipping Ministry has said in a statement that the go*ernment has awarded !ids for 0 ports in the current financial year that will end on March 1$ &al+ing to the local media in )ew @elhi. piracy and international crimes$ @escri!ing the mo*e as a first step towards a co. such as armed conflicts. drug traffic+ing and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.ordinated action !y the 9'. the a*erage turnaround time for ships at Indian ports has !een three days compared with a!out one day in (ingapore and (hanghai$ According to the secretary.a'ilities India has decided to e/pand port facilities in order to pro*ide !etter ser*ices to sailors$ &he (outh Asian country has already got success in this regard. as it managed to attract an in*estment of a record I)> 207 !illion 5or '(@ $4 !illion7 in port pro.handling capacity to 217$? million metric tonnes at the end of the current financial year$ &ri*edi also said that the 0 !ids will also help ease congestion at Indian ports$ In the last 11 months.ects !y deregulated tariffs$ In the last two. terrorism.200 million metric tonnes of port capacity !y attracting an in*estment of I)> 2$C7 trillion$ .14 and the e*ent will !e organised under the auspices of the 2ree+ 9' "residency$ &he conference will !e formally inaugurated !y 2ree+ Foreign Minister 9*angelos AeniBelos$ &he two. e/isting resources will !e !etter utilised. it was also announced that @amana+i will host an International Conference on (ustaina!le Fishing Capacity Management in &hessaloni+i on March 1 .pands port .Maria @amana+i. the Indian go*ernment has ta+en a num!er of steps to implement *arious port pro. @amana+i e/plained that the ne/t discussion will focus on 2 action plans aimed at !oosting regional co. (ecretary of the (hipping Ministry Aishwapati &ri*edi said that the *olume was more than three times !igger compared to the last financial year$ &he secretary claimed that the pro. 0ritish !usinessman (ir >ichard 0ranson and International 'nion for Conser*ation of )ature 5I'C)7 2oodwill Am!assador "ierre 8*es Cousteau$ 5A)A7 COMMERCE India e. operation$ According to her. 2ree+ >ural @e*elopment and Food Minister Athanasios &saftaris. it will certainly !e possi!le for the (outh Asian country to meet a 2020 target of .ecti*e of the 9'1 to sa*e the seas and oceans$ According to her.three conference will !e addressed !y @amana+i. the mo*e will ena!le the 9uropean community to properly address threats.

along with chemical traces that could !e passed on to humans through fish consumption$ &he team conducted their study on the second.year period. @irector of "ricewaterhouseCoopers India )ripesh =umar said4 1Indian port capacity woefully falls short of demand in some sectors$ Considering its growth potential.controlled ma. (ingapore3s "(A International "te !agged the largest Indian order to !uild the fourth container terminal at <awaharlal )ehru "ort in Mum!ai for I)> 7:$1 !illion$ &he company is currently operating terminals at ports in =ol+ata.or ports in an attempt to increase rates with the pro*iso that performance goals are met$ In 2014. with results pu!lished in the . Chennai and &uticorin$ ENVIRONMENT *Danube 'arries / tonnes o.ects at state. they disco*ered that there were more microscopic plastic waste particles in the water than lar*ae$ &he researchers also found 17 plastic particles 54$Cgm7 and 2.9/pressing satisfaction o*er the de*elopment.ournal 9n*ironmental "ollution$ GALLEY .longest ri*er in 9urope o*er a two. causing !loc+ages internally gi*ing them a false sense of satiety and potentially leading to their death. plasti' (aste into &la'0 Sea* >esearchers from the 'ni*ersity of Aienna ha*e found that the @anu!e >i*er carries an estimated 4$2 tonnes of plastic waste to the 0lac+ (ea e*ery day$ &he team of researchers from the @epartment of Dimnology and %ceanography carried out the research mainly to in*estigate the distri!ution of fish lar*ae in the @anu!e$ #owe*er. there is a great scope to e/pand port capacities in India$1 India made some important mo*es in <uly 201 .000 cu!ic meters of waters in different points in the stretch of the second.longest ri*er in 9urope !etween Aienna and 0ratisla*a$ 0ecause the current is stronger in the middle of the ri*er and capa!le of transporting more.7 fish lar*ae 5 $2gm7 per 1. the situation could !e a 1glo!al phenomenon1$ Fish could also !e harmed !y ingesting the particles. researcher #u!ert =ic+eis said that the estimate may actually !e on the low side$ #e told Einhua that almost C0F of the plastic waste appears to !e of industrial origin and is in the form of fla+es and pellets$ According to him. when it stopped setting port tariffs and allowed future terminal pro.

Co. 2 cups of whole chocolate mil+. stirring constantly for C. to 10 minutes !efore ser*ing$ Cho'olate1al-ond i'e 'reaIngredients: (weetened condensed mil+ 51 can or 14 ounces7. 2 cups of mil+ 52F reduced.1G2-t electric ice. remo*e it from heat$ 2radually whis+ egg yol+ until slightly thic+ened and also whis+ a!out 1 cup of hot cream mi/ture into yol+$ Add the yol+ mi/ture to remaining cream mi/ture and whis+ constantly$ "our the mi/ture through a fine wire.cream ma+er and place in freeBer for 1. whis+ in mil+ gradually and coo+ o*er medium heat. discarding solids$ Cool it for one hour and stir occasionally$ "lace a plastic wrap directly on cream mi/ture and chill it for eight to 24 hours$ "our the mi/ture into freeBer container of a 1. minutes$ (tir almonds into prepared ice cream and transfer to an airtight container$ FreeBe until it !ecomes firm 5for a!out 1 to 1. ounces7.10 minutes$ 6hen the mi/ture thic+ens slightly. 2t!sp of instant espresso. 1 egg yol+.cream ma+er and freeBe$ (tir in chocolate !a+ing !ar halfway through freeBing$ Det stand at room temperature for . G4 cup of almonds 5toasted and sliced7$ Method: 6his+ the first four ingredients in a large !owl until !lended$ Co*er it and chill for 0 minutes$ "our mil+ mi/ture into freeBer container of an electric ice. 1GCtsp of salt..mesh strainer into a !owl. 2t!sp of cornstarch.1G2 hours7$ Det stand at room temperature and ser*e$ SHIPPING DATA &ALTIC E2CHANGE Market snapshot: 11:30 GMT . e*aporated mil+ 51 can or . 1G4 cup of sha*ed semisweet chocolate !a+ing !ar$ Method: 6his+ together the first three ingredients in a !ig saucepan$ )ow.fat7.cream ma+er and freeBe it$ >emo*e the container with ice cream from ice. 2G cup of chocolate syrup.ee1'ho'olate i'e 'reaIngredients: 1G2 cup of granular sweetener 5for ice cream7.

ar023913 1kraine +'ry:nia0210#8 1%D in .Dry Index Capesize Index !ana"ax Index %&pra"ax Index 'andysize Index BDI BCI B!I B%I B'%I 1480 830 10#$ 11 $$3 +89 + 34 +3 +$ + E2CHANGE "ATES (e) *ork +Th& C./n C&rren0y in 1%D Britain +!o&nd12$344 Canada +Do.and +8.02000083 6apan +*en02009304 (or)ay +7rone021$33 !hi../n C&rren0y 02#93 120983 $21188 023 1# $1211#0 11#1#200 10320#00 #2933$ 442##00 320 00 3$21#00 12 $31 924#3# .s.ippines +!eso020 4 !o.ar02910# China +*&an021$34 4&ro 1238$0 India +5&pee0201$4 Indonesia +5&piah.e020 33 %in/apore +Do.oty02331$ 5&ssia +5&9..

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