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Palm oil trade a boon for tanker market: analyst
The global tanker market is likely to recei e a much!deser e push from edible oil trade as e"perts forecast palm oil production to post a significant hike this year# $aterina %estis, an analyst with shipbroker Intermodal, said the world&s palm oil output is e"pected to reach '8#' million tons in 2014, up 2#() from last year# *emand for palm oil, a key commodity that people ha e been using for the last ',000 years, has gradually been rising especially with the emergence of new opportunities for its commercial use such as lubricants and edible oils# According to the shipbroker&a analyst, global consumption of palm oil will probably hit 1+' million tons this year# ,owe er, leading producers of palm oil such as Indonesia and -alaysia are currently e"periencing an output decline due to the .l /i0o phenomenon, raising concerns regarding diminishing stockpiles# And as a prolonged dry weather continues to push palm oil prices up, more tankers are needed to transport the commodity to leading consumers such as 1hina and India, as well as se eral .uropean nations# 2ut in the past month, %estis noted that palm oil prices ha e plunged to below mineral costs, which may indicate the need for its current forecast to be re ised#

SAFETY New SOLAS regulation on release hooks
The 3415 has issued a policy letter to pro ide guidance to 34 flag ship owners and operators in complying with recent 467A4 amendments re8uiring all ships to be 467A4 compliant, regardless of build date# This will help to identify and replace e"isting on!load release mechanisms 9release hooks: that do not comply with specific pro isions of the International 7ife!4a ing Appliance 974A: 1ode# 4hips sub;ect to 467A4 or which carry a 467A4 4afety .8uipment 1ertificate are re8uired to comply with the new 467A4 re8uirement in 1hapter III no later than the applicable compliance date# <ailing

ect to 467A4 should use this guidance to assist in the e aluation of their lifeboats and rescue boats fitted with on!load release mechanisms to determine what steps the 1oast 5uard recommends be taken to meet the new 467A4 re8uirements# 4ector 1ommanders and 6fficers in 1harge. the official added# AThis is their situation till the ne"t court decision# It isn&t known at the moment when the ne"t court decision might come but the defence lawyer has submitted an application on dropping charges and the hearing takes place ne"t week.stonian anti!piracy guards detained by Indian authorities after their ship was alleged to ha e entered Indian waters on 6ctober 18.8uipment 1ertificate# This may cause the ships to be detained by foreign port state officials and other administrati e action by port states# 6wners and operators of ships sub. 201@# The .mbassy consul in /ew *elhi. -arine Inspection 961-Is: and 1lassification 4ocieties authorised to issue 467A4 4afety .A he said# Ship pathways at fro!en "reat Lakes being leared The 34 and 1anadian coast guards are racing against time to make the ice!clogged 5reat 7akes passable again for maritime essels following a cold snap that created icy walls up to 14 feet high# -aritime traffic at the 5reat 7akes has been se erely affected by the presence of ice sheets# 4ome shipments were also delayed as essels transporting arious commodities were forced to take a longer oyage# 1oal trade likewise slowed down o er the past few weeks as only three ships carrying coal were able to haul their cargoes last month# The froBen pathways for essels also prompted 4teel 1orp ! the 34& largest steel factory ! to halt operations for a whole week.stonian official said the guards were released on bail but are re8uired to stay in 1hennai and register with the local police twice a day# The guards& employer will be taking care of their accommodation in 1hennai. has announced the release of .which they will not meet the re8uirements in 4= 1<% 2#01!2' for maintenance of a 467A4 4afety .ect to 467A4# 4ource> 3415 Bail granted for Estonian anti-pira y guards The . -argus 4?rgleppm.stonian .8uipment 1ertificates to 34 flagged ships on behalf of the 1oast 5uard should use this guidance in the o ersight of their respecti e 34 flag fleets sub. The Associated Cress reported# .

archaeology and e"ploration.A the retired Air 1hief -arshal . a debris field as people would say#A The de ice was designed for offshore sur eying. who heads the agency coordinating the eight!nation hunt. which anished on -arch 8# Angus . if the de ice detects something unusual using the sonar.ouston told the A21# AEe will continue sortie after sortie until such time as we pick up e idence that there&s something unusual on the ocean floor# Ee would then send down the camera# AEhat we&re after is wreckage. particularly during the winter# AThey know that e ery winter the 5reat 7akes freeBe o er. oceanography and mine countermeasures and its modest siBe makes it easy to transport# 2ut it will be a smallish de ice operating in a ast ocean search Bone.A he added# 6perations to clear the pathways are being hastened as more essels carrying ital raw materials are e"pected to pass through the lake o er the coming days# The shipping season officially began two weeks ago with the opening of na igational locks on the 4t# -arys %i er connecting 7akes 4uperior and . a 4+@ centimetre long sonar de ice is e"pected to be deployed to the ocean floor in the days ahead to look for debris from 2oeing (((.ouston. Industries. Inc# continues to be a dominant force in the maritime F4AT market as shown by a recent report by .uron. and .4teel industry analyst 1harles 2radford said local firms need to o erhaul their operation tactics.ouston said it would take a long time to find anything without more information about a possible crash site# ()$ boosts maritime )SA* market share $F. but the task is set to push the machine to its limits. search and sal age operations. it&s one or the other. it can be brought to the surface and sent down again e8uipped with a ideo camera to pro ide the isual e idence of a crash# ADou can&t ha e the side sonar and the camera down there together. said that after more work to detect ApingsA consistent with those issued from aircraft black bo"es the autonomous submersible could be deployed in the remote area off western Australia where the search is focused# 6nce in the water. a bottleneck for essels hauling iron ore and coal to manufacturers and electric power plants# Sonar loaded underwater robot to hunt for #$%&' A torpedo!shaped mini!sub could pro ide conclusi e proof that missing -alaysia Airlines <light -.uroconsult# . A<C reported# The 2luefin!21.@(0 crashed into the Indian 6cean.

shipping its 4.dition#A $F. which was 2.100km south of the 1ook Islands# The <idelio reached the scene shortly before 11pm and manoeu red in 4'km per hour winds and swells of two to three meters to allow the sailor to climb aboard ia the pilot ladder# The sailor had been hand!bailing his yacht since it sustained a serious lead during a storm fi e days ago.''' migrants on three boats %6-.000th TracChone system for the ser ice . holds a market share of 2=) of the 11.000 migrants from three boats o er the past 24 hours that were spotted by a helicopter and a drone. has been making significant strides on its mini!F4AT 2roadband ser ice.ust recently# INCIDENTS Swedish +essel praised for rough weather res ue in Pa ifi /ew Healand rescue authorities ha e praised the crew of a 4wedish!registered car!carrier ship who rescued a solo 1anadian sailor from his sinking yacht in rough conditions at night!time in the south Cacific. titled A-aritime Telecom 4olutions by 4atellite> 5lobal -arket Analysis G <orecasts. 1'1 were women and +1 children including three babies.A the na y said in a statement. @rd . Iinhua reported# The %escue 1oordination 1entre /ew Healand 9%11/H: said on Tuesday that it had recei ed a signal from a distress beacon .The independent industry report showed that $F.@00km northeast of /ew Healand and 1. %11/H search and rescue mission co!ordinator *a e Eilson said in the statement# . ! Italy&s na y on Tuesday said it had rescued more than 1. A<C reported# A6ut of the 1. but the bilge pump failed and the water flow was too much.000 acti ated maritime F4ATterminals# The market share is significantly higher to the 1=) market share held by $F. adding that the migrants were transferred to na y ships and would arri e in Italy later Tuesday# . two years ago# The details are part of the report.ust after 10>@0am on -onday# A /ew Healand air force C@ 6rion was sent to the scene and found the 11!meter single!masted yacht 7&Antillaise in danger of sinking after being damaged in a storm last week.04+ migrants sa ed. said a statement from the %11/H# The 2@8!meter car!carrier <idelio was directed @(0 km to the scene.taly res ues -.

Aklan# 6ther ports where help desks will be set up are at 6rtiB. C/A reported# -arina will be setting up help desks on April +!20 following the acti ation of the *epartment of Transportation and 1ommunications& 9*6T1: special operation in all ports in the region particularly in 1agban Jetty Cort.Italy began a na y operation A-are /ostrumA ! 9A6ur 4eaA: a 7atin reference to the -editerranean ! after more than 400 migrants from . as appointed by the -inister of Transport# . including the 1hair and *eputy 1hair. also known as 4A-4A. -uelle 7oney and Carola in Iloilo cityK *umangas.oly Eeek# MARITIME INSTITUTIONS South Afri an #aritime Safety Authority 0SA#SA1 The 4outh African -aritime 4afety Authority. IloiloK and 2redco in 2acolod 1ity# Cassengers could make their in8uiries and ask for their needed assistance at the help desks where personnel of the -arina. which is the transit to the famous 2oracay island in -alay. C15 and CCA will be assigned# The 7and Transportation <ranchising and %egulatory 2oard 97T<%2: has also started its A6plan 7akbay Alalay#A The 7T<%2 accepts applications by bus company owners for special permits so that their units can ply popular pro ince!bound routes during the .6 and si" non!e"ecuti e members.oly Eeek acation. is a state organisation organised on 1 April 1++8 pursuant to the 1++8 4outh African -aritime 4afety Authority Act '# 4A-4A is responsible for the implementation of 4outh Africa&s national maritime laws as well as international shipping con entions and regulations# It is also responsible for policy regulation of all recreational marine essels# The organisation is go erned by a 2oard made up of the 1.ritrea and 4yria perished in twin tragedies off Italian shores in 6ctober 201@# PORTS P$ in reases port se urity in time for $oly /eek The -aritime Industry Authority 9-arina:. Chilippine 1oast 5uard 9C15: and Chilippine Corts Authority 9CCA: ha e tightened their watch on all ports in Eestern Fisayas in the Chilippines with the influ" of foreign and domestic tourists coming for their .

as custodians and stewards of maritime policy.2 E32$AN"E Market snapshot: (April 7) Dry Index BDI 1186 Capesi e Index BCI !!9" #ana$ax Index B#I 81! &'pra$ax Index B&I 98! (andysi e Index B(&I )88 -19 -1" -1% -!1 -1% E32$AN"E 4A*ES *e+ .ecti e is to lead and champion 4outh Africa&s maritime interests. igorous promoters of the maritime sector and gi ing full and complete effect to our obligations for the benefit of all stakeholders# 4A-4A ia the administration of all things marine related is in effect the go erning authority and as such is re8uired to in estigate maritime accidents and to pro ide arious marine related ser ices to go ernment organisations# The agency&s main functions are> safety and en ironment protection standardsK an infrastructure for monitoring and enforcing compliance with safety and en ironmental protection standardsK respond to marine pollution incidents and other maritime emergenciesK and detect.n C'rren/y in 0&D Britain (#o'nd) 116611 Canada (Dollar) %19116 China (. locate and rescue people and ships in maritime distress# In July 2012.4A-4A&s ob.n C'rren/y %16%!% 11%969 61!1!" %17!77 6%11!)% 11")31%% 1%"113%% )1996% 33191%% "1%"%% ")161"6 .ork (Mon Cls) -. the authority ac8uired the former Antarctic supply essel 4A Agulhas as its training ship# The Agulhas is meant to Areignite the minds of decision!makersA about the alue of the maritime industry.en) %1%%9696 *or+ay (6rone) %11668 #hilippines (#eso) %1%!!" #oland (7loty) %1"!9) 4'ssia (4'8le) %1%!81 0&D in -.'an) %1161% 2'ro 11"73! India (4'pee) %1%166 Indonesia (4'piah) %1%%%%88 5apan (. according to the 4A-4A web site# The training ship will be used to train young people under the aegis of a 4outh African -aritime 4kills *e elopment Crogramme# SHIPPING DATA BAL*.

apore (Dollar) 0kraine ((ry9nia) %1793% %1%86! 11!)93 1116%)% .&in.

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