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ICS pushes for 'simple' emission reporting system
The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS belie!es that an emission reporting system for ships sho"ld first be de!eloped before a mandatory policy is implemented# ICS e$ternal relations director Simon %ennett said that the chamber s"pports the International Maritime &rganisation's (IM& efforts in de!eloping a global system of monitoring and reporting of C&2 emissions from !essels# (owe!er, he stressed that an emission reporting system that is simple to administer sho"ld be implemented first# S"ch a system sho"ld also not res"lt in a )f"ll*blown Mar+et*%ased Meas"re#) )The priority of ICS is to ass"re the primacy of IM& as the ind"stry's global reg"lator# The s"ccessf"l de!elopment of a global system will re,"ire the s"pport of all IM& Member States, incl"ding nations s"ch as China,) according to %ennett# )In order to ma+e progress and disco"rage regional reg"lation, we thin+ that the M-.C sho"ld initially foc"s on how information abo"t emissions sho"ld be collected before la"nching into detailed disc"ssions abo"t efficiency inde$ing of ships, on which there is little global consens"s,) he added# /ays to f"rther enhance and de!elop a global monitoring system for ship emission are set to be disc"ssed d"ring an IM& Marine -n!ironment .rotection Committee slated to start ne$t wee+# The ICS official therefore called on all parties to refrain from p"shing for ship inde$ing "ntil the IM& ma+es a final decision on a global system for monitoring C&2 emissions from ships#

0espite lac+ing in training in the proper "se of -C0IS, an &&/ relied on the e,"ipment and dro!e his ship into the shallows#

"ino III# . incl"ding f"ll -C0IS capability. b"t the conto"r and colo"r settings selected on the -C0IS made this diffic"lt to differentiate on the system's display# 3ater. and the &&/ was relying hea!ily on this despite ha!ing not been trained in its "se# 1s the !essel approached the ban+. -C0IS co"rse followed by familiarisation with the e."ipped !essels sho"ld ha!e attended an appro!ed. the &&/ altered co"rse to gi!e more room for a ship his !essel was o!erta+ing# 2nfort"nately. a !ery large container ship gro"nded at f"ll speed on a clearly*mar+ed sandban+ in a b"sy traffic separation scheme# The !essel was e. or are "sed incorrectly. 4"dicio"s "se of the )Mar+ 1 eyeball) sho"ld still a!ert an accident# So"rce6 27 M1I% MARINA "hief "onfi#ent of h$n#ling ne% #uties The head of the .SUMMAR 0"ring the early morning. this alteration p"t the ban+ right ahead. it has many "ser*defined selections which can be set inappropriately by an "ntrained "ser# &fficers who are appointed to -C0IS e. two flashing lights were seen. it was not easy to see the ban+# The settings selected colo"red all areas within the 50*metre conto"r in dar+ bl"e.hilippines' Maritime Ind"stry 1"thority (M18I91 has ass"red that the agency is capable of handling the !ario"s tas+s assigned to it following a new legislation signed into law by ."ipped with an integrated bridge system. which the &&/ tho"ght to be fishing boats# (e decided he co"ld pass safely between them abo"t half a mile off# (e contin"ed to steer between the lights instead of bringing his !essel bac+ onto trac+# The officer was still "naware of the ban+ when the !essel came to a s"dden stop and se!eral alarms so"nded# 3"c+ily. generic.resident %enigno 1. therewere no in4"ries and only minor damage was s"stained# -!en when the -C0IS recording was replayed after the gro"nding."ipment on board# To a!oid miss*application of settings and warning alarms the company or the master sho"ld define the settings to be "sed rather than lea!e it to the personal preference of each &&/# /hen aids to na!igation fail. incl"ding the ban+ and the b"oy symbols# The echo so"nder and -C0IS depth alarms had been set to minim"m# !ESSONS -C0IS is an effecti!e aid to na!igation when "sed correctly# (owe!er. one on each bow.

the M18I91 chief said that they co"ld easily "nderta+e all the f"nctions earlier performed by the fi!e agencies# Chinese i"e&re$'er to $rri(e $t se$r"h $re$ Tues#$y Chinese icebrea+er . e.) left the 1"stralian port of >remantle for the so"thern Indian &cean on >riday after it recei!ed an order to 4oin the h"nt# 1"stralia said Th"rsday they had spotted two ob4ects in the so"thern Indian &cean possibly related to the Malaysia 1irlines >light M(5<0# >ollowing that.rofessional 8eg"lation Commission. . . and it will ta+e the icebrea+er another 40 ho"rs to get there# ."elong is e$pected to arri!e T"esday at the area in the so"thern Indian &cean where possible debris of the missing Malaysian 4etliner M(5<0 had been spotted in satellite images# The long*ser!ing 1ntarctic research !essel is still some 1.) he added# The helicopter*carrying . or )Snow 0ragon. Chinese and >rench satellites also spotted s"spicio"s ob4ects with a possible lin+age to the missing 4et in nearby waters. and 0epartment of (ealth#. Maritime Training Centre. Commission on (igher -d"cation. yet the on*going search operations ha!e so far failed to locate any." Ting. Technical -d"cation S+ills 0e!elopment 1"thority."ipment in order to perform its d"ties efficiently# (e noted that there is a 12*month transition period before M18I91 ta+es o!er the f"nctions pre!io"sly held by other agencies# Me4ia said the transition period wo"ld allow the agency ample time to form"late the b"dget.inh"a reported# SHIPPING .04=+m away from the search area. we are combat*ready for an all*o"t search mission."est to the 0epartment of %"dget and Management# &nce these are appro!ed."elong's search operations.M18I91 administrator Ma$imo Me4ia :r said that the agency will now handle the manning. dep"ty director of ."elong. said all the crew members ha!e been doing their best to loo+ for any possible traces of the missing plane# )Tho"gh we are still h"ndreds of miles away from the targeted waters.91 reported# Me4ia said the agency 4"st needs proper f"nding and e. certification and training of local seafarers# These f"nctions were formerly "nderta+en by the ."ipment and personnel re.

the shipbro+er noted# )>ebr"ary ended with firmness in secondhand p"rchasing and ordering appetite of shipping players. pro!iding not only the great antenna performance that TracDision is +nown for. b"t with a declining trend from the record highs of the first month of the year# The Chinese 3"nar 9ew Cear may ha!e impacted negati!ely the in!estment trends with shipping players waiting to see the direction of asset prices and freight rates d"ring March. tablets.) ?olden 0estiny said# DEVELOPMENT *+. smart TDs and comp"ters# The TracDision TD*series also s"pports 0IS( networ+s and 72*band ser!ices world*wide.*enabled belowdec+s h"b and a de!ice* friendly "ser interface that allow easy system access from smart phones. with 14B ships ordered for a total of 2S05#<1 billion# /hile both newb"ildings and second*hand !essels posted increases compared to the pre!io"s year. the n"mbers are lower compared to :an"ary fig"res. a powerf"l stabilised marine satellite tele!ision antenna systems designed to pro!ide s"perior TD and high*definition TD performance for yachts and merchant !essels across the globe# The fo"r new antenna systems are e.) said 7D( chief e$ec"ti!e officer Martin 7its !an (eyningen# .Ne%&uil#ings) se"on#h$n# (essels post strong or#ers 3atest data compiled by shipbro+er ?olden 0estiny has shown high demand for newb"ildings and second*hand !essels."rchases of second*hand !essels also impro!ed in >ebr"ary. b"t also the ease of "se that today's yacht owners and ship operators e$pect. "p 55A from the pre!io"s year# ."ipped with I. l$un"hes more Tr$"+ision $ntenn$ systems Seafarers will soon get to en4oy better satellite TD entertainment at sea with a new TracDision prod"ct from 7D( Ind"stries Inc# 7D( recently "n!eiled the TracDision TD*series. with shipowners in!esting aro"nd 2S014#< billion in >ebr"ary# 1 total of 20@ !essels were ordered in the said month amo"nting to aro"nd 2S011 billion. meaning seafarers will be able to access h"ndreds of digital TD and mo!ie channels while at sea# )The TracDision TD*series brings satellite TD at sea to an entirely new le!el.

The barge loaded with a million gallons of tar*li+e )b"n+er) oil collided with a ship Sat"rday. and the 2S Coast ?"ard said that some 1=E. were detained. Te$as was closed Monday as clean "p crews str"ggled to remo!e oil that spilled in a wee+end barge crash.) the S"nday statement read# /or+ers siphoned the remaining oil from the barge's damaged compartment into a second barge. reported. and the damaged !essel was later mo!ed to a shipyard."ng"e 8i!er at 3ongit"de 54 degrees @0' .000 barrels of oil. 1>.) the statement read# Coast ?"ard said let two cr"ise ships thro"gh the area on S"nday )to minimiFe incon!enience to the tho"sands of passengers aboard and limit economic impacts from the spill#) N$(y. bro+e into international waters from the rebel*controlled port 1l*Sidra earlier this month. the 3ibyan na!y said# Three 3ibyan militias onboard and 21 foreign crew. three Sri 3an+ans.inh"a reported# The !essel.and 3atit"de 1B degrees @1' S# .INCIDENTS -usy US Gulf ship l$ne "lose# #ue to oil spill 1 b"sy shipping lane to the port of (o"ston. two Syrians.91 and .000 feet of containment boom near the crash site )and along sensiti!e shorelines in the area.alestinians.rime Minister 1li Geidan# PORT OF THE WEEK 0ort of -eir$ The port of %eira in MoFambi. Militi$-sei/e# oil t$n'er &$"' to Tripoli 1 commercial oil tan+er held by rebels came bac+ to Tripoli on S"nday. . two S"danese and two -ritreans. si$ Indians. Te$as state officials said# The (o"ston Ship Channel )remains closed to traffic."e is sit"ated at the mo"th of the . incl"ding si$ . loaded with more than 200.000 gallons of oil had spilled in the accident# Clean*"p agencies deployed more than =B.) the Coast ?"ard said in a statement# Some 24 !essels )are acti!ely wor+ing to s+im the oil. trying to sell their stoc+s to potential b"yers# The 3ibyan na!y said they failed to bloc+ade the Morning ?lory from escaping d"e to )bad weather#) The 2S 9a!y S-13s stormed the ship in the international waters near Cypr"s and seiFed control of it last S"nday# 3ater theyhanded it o!er to the 3ibyan go!ernment# The incident f"elled a political crisis in 3ibya that led to the parliament's remo!al of .

ro!ince is c"rrently being reb"ilt# The %eira terminal has a total of 11 berths stretching o!er a total length of 1BB4!e de 1ndrade# The port is directly lin+ed to the hinterland of Gimbabwe and Gambia.000s.000 T-2s per year# The port is ser!ed by an ill"minated container yard spread o!er 200. by road and rail networ+s. accommodating 5. 240. a pilot boat and a mooring la"nch.ANGE Market snapshot: (March 21) Dry Index BDI 1599 Capesize Index BCI 3 3! "ana#ax Index B"I 1112 -22 -93 -$ . which consisted of 240. after ha!ing been identified as a potential port by the .<<@ T-2s.==B tonnes shipped and 4E. e$cl"ding berth 9o1. !egetables and other fresh prod"cts# SHIPPING DATA -A!TIC E1C."ipped with two @0 tonne ship*to*shore gantry cranes. which can be accessed by the internet to pro!ide acc"rate information on the stat"s of their cargo# %eira is ser!ed with two 2200%(. in addition to E0 coastal !essels# The container terminal handled 4=. and c"rrently by road only to Malawi# %eira is 51B+ms from the Gimbabwe border at Machipanda and =E@+ms from Malawi !ia well*maintained road lin+s# The Sena railway line lin+ing %eira with Malawi and the Tete .ort"g"ese e$plorer .555 tonnes landed. a fleet of reachstac+ers and one rail mo"nted gantry crane with a @0*tonne capacity# There is also a dedicated refrigerated cargo berth incl"ding citr"s e$ports. 5@ tonne bollard p"ll t"gs."id b"l+ incl"ding petrole"m# 1ccess to the port is !ia the dredged Manc"ti Channel# 1ll acti!ities at %eira are f"lly comp"terised "tilising a port management system. in the late 1Bth cent"ry.m co!ered storage facility# The port is e. and a f"lly sec"red 5=@0s.The town of %eira was fo"nded at the same time as :ohannesb"rg. which is reser!ed as a fishing harbo"r# 1 pipeline constr"cted in 1B=0 lin+s the port with Gimbabwe# The port handles a !ariety of cargo from brea+b"l+ to li.11< T-2s incl"ding 144 electrical reefer points and dedicated IM0? storage area.4@= tonnes of coastal traffic# The m"lti*p"rpose and container terminal is one of the most modern in so"thern 1frica and co!ers =4@ metres of berth length with a depth alongside of 12 metres# The terminal design capacity is 100. a!ailable 24 ho"rs a day# 0"ring 200@H= a total of 20E ocean*going ships called at %eira.m..

ay (6rone) 21!52 "hi/ippines ("eso) 2 221 "o/and (7/oty) 232$5 4&ssia (4&8/e) 2 2*! %in0apore (Do//ar) 2*$51 1kraine ()ry9nia) 2 95 1%D in .ANGE RATES +e. -ork (.%&pra#ax Index )andysize Index B%I 12 9 B)%I !*( '( '3 E1C.0n C&rrency in 1%D Britain ("o&nd) 12!(95 Canada (Do//ar) 2$921 China (-&an) 21! ! 3&ro 123*95 India (4&pee) 2 1!( Indonesia (4&piah) 2 $* 5apan (-en) 2 9*$( +or.0n C&rrency 2! !2 12121 !22253 2*2(9 ! 292 11(* 2 1 2221 !2 5(3 (522* 32 ( 3!22525 122*3$ 1 2525 .ri C/s) .

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