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//===System Errors TooLow3dCardT Your 3D video card doesn't support the capabilities needed for t he game.

\nYou can try to start anyway, but it won't work properly.\nDo you want to continue?\n(If you do and can't see anything, press Esc to exit) TooLow3dCardH Too low 3D Card ExceptionT The program met an unhandled exception.\nCrash logged in file "S ystem.Log".\nSend report to ? ExceptionTns The program met an unhandled exception.\nCrash logged in file "S ystem.Log". ExceptionH Program error MemoryH Memory Error MemoryT1 Something is really wrong with the memory system!\nTry to close all other applications before launching this program again.\nYou need at least 1 28 MB of system memory. MemoryT2 No memory left !\nTry to close all other applications before lau nching this program again.\nYou need at least 256 MB of free system memory. NoDisp1 NoDisp2 MissingData ll the game. MissingDataT //===Init loading LoadingGame Can't initialize display.\nCheck your video driver version. Display Init Error Missing, Wrong Version, or Corrupted Data Files. Please re-insta Init Error \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nLoading Game... Loading...

NagDayLeft You have %s evaluation days left.\n\nDuring the last 7 days of t est,\nyou cannot play matches anymore,\nyou can only do warm-ups.\n\nPlease regi ster your version if you appreciate this game !\n(once registered, this reminder won't appear anymore) NagDayLeftTitle %s - Trial reminder InvalidKey Your key appears to be invalid!\nPlease contact us at contact@ma,\nwith your first name, last name, and customer ID.\n InvalidKeyTitle %s - Invalid Key TrialOver The trial period is over.\n\nIf you want to enjoy all %s's featu res, please order the full version.\n\n%s TrialOver01 Now, you can only do warm-up and play online; match isn't availa ble anymore; 3D courts aren't available anymore when playing online. TrialOver02 Now, you can only do warm-up; match isn't available anymore. TrialOverTitle Trial time over //===Doc Doc_Order Doc_Readme1st Doc_Rd1stName Doc_Menu Documentation NW_Doc Forum ForumLnk EULA EulaLnk //===Global En_OrderFullVersion Doc\En_QuickStart.html Read me 1st Help Documentation Doc\En_Documentation.html Forum User License Doc\En_License.Txt

On Off Default Back Ok sOnOff01 sOnOff02 String[] MenuName01 MenuName02 MenuName03 MenuName05 MenuName06 MenuName11 MenuName12 MenuName13 MenuName14 MenuName15 MenuName16 MenuName19 MenuName20 MenuName21 MenuName22 TitleB02 TitleB03 TitleB04 TitleB05 TitleB06 TitleB07 TitleB08 TitleB09 TitleB11 TitleB12 TitleB13 TitleB14 TitleB15 TitleB21 TitleB22 TitleB23 TitleB31 TitleB32 TitleB33 TitleB34 TitleB35 TitleB41 TitleB42 TitleB51 TabTitle01 TabTitle02 TabTitle03 TabTitle04 TabTitle05 TabTitle11 TabTitle12 TabTitle13 TabTitle14

On Off Default Back OK Off On [%s] Main Menu Training Club Play! Play Options Credits Audio Video Misc Options Profile Controls In-game World Tour Tour Info Network Recordings STATISTICS Choose Difficulty Choose Number of Sets Enter your name Singles Ranking Doubles Ranking Singles Activity Doubles Activity Coach Player's Talents New Game Choose Tour Settings Choose Force Year Singles Draw Doubles Draw Past Champions Tournaments Qualifying Doubles Partner Practise Partner Match ! Streak Stats Last Week News Head To Head TRAINING PLANNING SPONSOR TEAM COACH CONTRACT ACCOUNTING YEARLY STATS CAREER TITLES SELECT TOURNAMENT

NotInBeta //===Main TrainingClub WorldTour EnterWorldTour TeCopyR CopyR GameName //===Exit Quit Yes No HT_Quit HT_SaveQuit

Not available in the Beta Training Club Resume current game World Tour %s %s - Copyright Mana Games 2010-2012 %s %s - Copyright Mana Games 2007-2012 %s (Build %s) Exit? Yes No Exit Save match and exit

//===TrainingClub Play Play CharacterSheet Character Sheet PlayOptions Play Options Court01 Court02 Court03 Court04 Court05 Court06 Court07 Court08 Court09 CustomCourt01 CustomCourt02 CustomCourt03 CustomCourt04 CustomCourt05 CustomCourt06 CustomCourt07 CustomCourt08 CustomCourt09 CustomCourt10 CustomCourt11 CustomCourt12 CustomCourt13 CustomCourt14 CustomCourt15 CustomCourt16 CustomCourt17 CustomCourt18 CustomCourt19 CustomCourt20 CustomCourt21 CustomCourt22 CustomCourt23 CustomCourt24 CustomCourt25 CustomCourt26 CustomCourt27 CustomCourt28 CustomCourt29 Roland Garros Wimbledon Championship Australian Open US Open Barclays ATP World Tour Finals BNP Paribas Indian Wells Master Sony Open Tennis Monte-Carlo Rolex Master Mutua Madrid Open Roma Internazionali BNL d'Italia Toronto Rogers Cup Cincinnati Western & Southern Open Shanghai Rolex Masters Paris BNP Paribas Masters Rotterdam ABN AMRO Tennis Memphis Regions Morgan Keegan Championships Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships Acapulco Abierto Mexicano Telcel Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell Hamburg bet-at-home Open Beijing China Open Tokyo Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Valencia Open 500 Basel Swiss Indoors Qatar ExxonMobil Open Chennai Aircel Open Brisbane International Sydney Apia International Auckland Heineken Open Montpellier - Open Sud de France Via del Mar VTR Open Zagreb PBZ Indoors San Jose SAP Open Sao Paulo Brasil Open Marseille Open 13 Buenos Aires Copa Claro Delray Beach International Houston US Men's Clay Court Championship

CustomCourt30 CustomCourt31 CustomCourt32 CustomCourt33 CustomCourt34 CustomCourt35 CustomCourt36 CustomCourt37 CustomCourt38 CustomCourt39 CustomCourt40 CustomCourt41 CustomCourt42 CustomCourt43 CustomCourt44 CustomCourt45 CustomCourt46 CustomCourt47 CustomCourt48 CustomCourt49 CustomCourt50 CustomCourt51 CustomCourt52 CustomCourt53 CustomCourt54 CustomCourt55 CustomCourt56 CustomCourt57 CustomCourt58 CustomCourt59 CustomCourt60 CustomCourt61 CustomCourt62 CustomCourt63 CustomCourt64 CustomCourt65 CustomCourt66 CustomCourt67 CustomCourt68 CustomCourt69 CustomCourt70 CustomCourt71 CustomCourt72 CustomCourt73 CustomCourt74 CustomCourt75 CustomCourt76 CustomCourt77 CustomCourt78 CustomCourt79 CustomCourt80 CustomCourt81 CustomCourt82 CustomCourt83 CustomCourt84 CustomCourt85 CustomCourt86 //===PlayMode

Casablanca Grand Prix Hassan II Bucharest BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy Munich BMW Open Estoril Portugal Open Belgrade Serbia Open Dsseldorf Power Horse World Team Cup Nice Open Cte d Azur Halle Gerry Weber Open London Queens AEGON Championships Eastbourne AEGON International 's-Hertogenbosch Topshelf Open Newport Campbell s Hall of Fame Bstad SkiStar Swedish Open Stuttgart Mercedes Cup Umag Vegeta Croatia Open Atlanta BB&T Open Gstaad Crdit Agricole Suisse Open Los Angeles Farmers Classic Kitzbhel bet-at-home Cup Washington D.C. Citi Open Winston-Salem Open Metz Moselle Open St. Petersburg Open Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Open Bangkok PTT Thailand Open Moscow Kremlin Cup If Stockholm Open Vienna Erste Bank Open Mubadala World Tennis Championship Davis Cup #1 Davis Cup #2 Davis Cup #3 Davis Cup #4 Davis Cup #5 Davis Cup #6 Davis Cup #7 Davis Cup #8 Davis Cup #9 Davis Cup #10 Olympic Games of London 2012 Davis Cup Prague 100th Final Challenger #1 Challenger #2 Challenger #3 Challenger #4 Future #1 Davis Cup #11 Davis Cup #12 Davis Cup #13 Challenger #5 Challenger #6 Challenger #7 Challenger #8 Challenger #9 Davis Cup #14 Davis Cup #15 Challenger #10

WarmUp Match SavedMatchScore GoOnLoad GoOnDelete GoOnKeep //===Language Language Lang1_01 Lang1_02 Lang1_03 Lang1_04 Lang1_05 Lang1_06 Lang1_07 Lang1_08 Lang1_09 Lang1_10 Lang1_11 //===Network OpenWeb Network WebDirectX NoNetwork NW_Port NW_SkillMode NW_SMode01 NW_SMode02 NW_SMode03 NW_SModeI01 NW_SModeI02 lls remapped to NW_SModeI03 30-90%%) NW_Host NW_Join NW_JoinTheGame NW_JoinLocal NW_DistantIP NW_JoinDistant NW_FindPlayer NW_Chat NW_CreatingHost NW_Status01 NW_Status02 NW_Status03 NW_Status04 NW_Status05 ion NW_Status06 Ping PingAvr PacketLoss NW_AutoLag NW_Lag NW_LagV01

Warm-up Match Saved match score:\n%s Load saved match Delete saved match,\nand Start a new match Start a new match Language: Croatian Deutsch English Espaol Franais Italiano Magyar Nederlands Polski Serbian Slovak Open Website Network Play No network interface found!\nPlease install TCP/IP. Port: Skills: Free Mode Fair Mode Realistic Mode (players can have 100%% at all skills) (Skills average: 80%% = 780 points left;\nService & Forehand ski 20-70%%,\nBackhand skills to 15-65%%, other skills to 25-75%%) (Skills average: 80%% = 780 points left;\nAll skills remapped to Host Game Join Game Join this game Find local games Remote IP: Join remote game Chat Lobby Chat Creating Host\nPlease wait... An error occurred, can't create connection Waiting for a player to join the session... Connecting... Connection lost! Can't reach central server!\nPlease, check your Internet connect Connected Ping: Ping Average: Packet Loss: Auto-Delay: Delay (half ping): Auto

NW_LagV02 None NW_LagV03 17 ms NW_LagV04 33 ms NW_LagV05 50 ms NW_LagV06 67 ms NW_LagV07 83 ms NW_LagV08 100 ms NW_LagV09 117 ms NW_LagV10 133 ms NW_LagV11 150 ms NW_LagV12 167 ms NW_LagV13 184 ms NW_LagV14 200 ms NW_LagV15 217 ms NW_LagV16 233 ms NW_LagV17 250 ms NW_LagV18 267 ms NW_LagV19 284 ms NW_LagV20 300 ms NW_LagV21 317 ms NW_LagV22 333 ms NW_LagV23 350 ms NW_LagV24 367 ms NW_LagV25 384 ms NW_LagV26 400 ms NW_LookingHost Searching Games\nPlease wait... NW_Refresh Refresh list NW_NoGame No game available ! NW_HostInfo Host Build: %s (Local Build: %s) NW_Full Full - cannot join ! NW_NotSameBuild This host doesn't have the same build version than your local ga me.\nPlease check that the host and you both have the latest version available f rom the website. //%s = name of other player NW_NotSameMod This host have installed the Mod '%s' and you have '%s'. NW_HostHasMod This host have installed the Mod '%s' and you have the official game. NW_NotOfficial This host has the official game and you have installed the Mod ' %s'. NW_OPState01 %s\npaused the game NW_OPState02 %s\nis in menus NW_OPState03 Waiting for\n%s NW_OPState04 Connection Lost ! NW_OPState05 Trial time elapsed ! NW_OPState06 %s\nswapped to another application NW_OPState07 %s\nis watching replay NW_OPState08 %s\nis watching stats NW_OtherQuit01 %s retired NW_OtherQuit02 Connection lost NW_OtherQuit03 Trial time elapsed ! NW_OtherQuit04 %s's trial time elapsed NW_InPing %s ms NW_InLag Delay: // NW_LagRatio Lag Ratio: %s%% NW_ServerID ServerID: %s NW_CreateHost NW_MaxPing NW_HostType NW_HType01 Create Game Max Ping: Type: Public

NW_HType02 NW_AllowTrial NW_ATrial01 NW_ATrial02 NW_WaitedTime NW_AvrWait NW_MinWait NW_MaxWait NW_Pinged NW_GlobalStat NW_RunningGame NW_NbPlayers NW_WaitingGame NW_TotalGame NW_RefreshPing NW_JoinInternet NW_InternetGame NW_Hide Players Court Sets Games Mode Trial NW_Ping Max NW_TrialM01 NW_TrialM02 NW_TrialM03 NW_MaxRunning NW_LastRequest NW_TotalRequest NW_NoGameExt NW_SModeS01 NW_SModeS02 NW_SModeS03 NW_Preview

Private Permission: Accept all players Only full version Waited: %s Average Waiting: %s Min Waiting: %s Max Waiting: %s Someone just asked your game info! Global Internet Statistics Games in Progress: %s Connected Players: %s Other Waiting Hosts: %s Overall Played Games: %s Refresh Ping Find Internet games Internet Games Hide unavailable games: Players Court Sets Games Mode Demo Ping Max Yes Accepted No Max in Progress (Month): %s (%s) Requests in the last hour: %s Total list requests: %s No game available...\nCreate your own! Free Fair Realist Preview: %s

NW_ConnecTest Connection Test NW_ConnTest01 Testing connection... NW_ConnTest02 Can't contact global server! Your Internet connection is down ? NW_ConnTest03 It seems your PC is not reachable, other players from Internet m ight not be able to join your game.\nPlease check that UDP port %s is open in yo ur Firewall and/or Router. NW_ConnTest04 Everything seems alright, a player should join your game soon !\ nFor your information, your ping with the central server located in France is %s ms (but it doesn't have any influence during the game). NW_ConnTest05 Test unavailable... Retry Retry NW_Resync NW_Running NW_Score NW_OtherPlayer NW_Cant01 NW_Cant02 Desynchronization detected...\nResynchronization done ! Game in progress (%s vs %s) Score: Connected with: Wait end of point... You can't do that now

OnlineLadder OnlineTourney NW_ELO NW_ELO+ NW_ELONW_Ranking YourName: NW_DetectedIP NW_Override NW_ClearOvIP NW_Tagline NW_ClearTag NW_Reject NW_Ban NW_Yes&Ban NW_NoEloPenalty NW_Rematch01 NW_Rematch02 NW_Rematch03 NW_Rematch04 NW_Level01 NW_Level02 NW_Level03 NW_Level04 NW_Level05 NW_Level06 PresetChat01 PresetChat02 PresetChat03 PresetChat04 PresetChat05 PresetChat06 PresetChat07 PresetChat08 PresetChat09 PresetChat10 PresetChat11 PresetChat12

Online Ladder Online Tournaments (ELO: %s; Games: %s) (ELO: +%s) (ELO: %s) Your level: Your Name: Detected IP: Override IP: Clear Override IP Personal Message: Clear Message Reject this Player Ban this Player (for this session) Yes, and Ban this Player (for this session) Ok, but cancel his ELO Penalty Propose a rematch Play Rematch ! Rematch proposed ! Restarting... New Player Club Junior Pro Master Incredible Nice shot Great shot ! You got lucky ! I was just lucky I own ya ! :-p Thanks Good game Great game ! LOL ! Sorry... It's hot...! Sorry, you're too good for me, I'm quitting

PresetChatKey F%s: PresetChatKey1 Preset Chat #1 PresetChatKey2 Preset Chat #2 ChatBlock ChatUnblock ChatBlockKey [Block Chat] [Unblock Chat] Tab:

ChatStart *** This Chat may be recorded by ManaGames. Please keep polite & respect your opponent. ChatStart2 *** Mana Games will never ask for your License Key details. Shar ed Keys will be banned. PresetChat21 PresetChat22 [Chat Unblocked] [Chat Blocked]

SetFairSkill Would you like to set your skills to the recommended ones for Fa ir & Realistic Modes ?

SetSkillRally SetSkillVaried SetSkillLater SetSkillNo

Set Skills for Baseline Play Set Skills for Varied play Ask again later Don't ask again

//===PlayOptions PlayerCfg01 Singles PlayerCfg02 2 against 1 PlayerCfg03 1 against 2 PlayerCfg04 Doubles NbSet01 NbSet02 NbSet03 Best of 1 Set Best of 3 Sets Best of 5 Sets

SwapEndsOn Swap ends every 2 games SwapEndsOff Swap ends off // attrition of the grass court Attrition Court Attrition //===Options Profile DefaultProfile Audio Controls Video MiscOptions Advanced

Profile Default Audio Controls Video Misc Options Advanced Options: //

//===ConfirmAdv AdvOptions Advanced options are useful for experienced users.\nIf you just want to quickly play, leave them disabled for the moment!\n\nTurn on advanced op tions? //===Audio Apply Fx FxVol FxFreq FxBit Music MusVol AnnLang AnnLg01 AnnLg02 AnnLg03 Apply Effects: Volume: Frequency: Bits: Music: Volume: Umpire announcements: Auto English French

FaultAnnounce Fault Calls: FaultAnnounce01 Realistic FaultAnnounce02 All Crowd: Crowd:

//===Grunt Grunt: Grunt: Grunt Grunt GruntFrequency Frequency

GruntFreq01 GruntFreq02 GruntFreq03 GruntFreq04 ListenGrunt

Only Service Also Acceleration All Tough Strikes All Rally Strikes Listen

//===MiscOptions Fps Draw Fps: Mph Speed in: MphOn Mph KmhOn Km/h BallMotion Motion Blur on Ball: BallMCode01 Off BallMCode02 Normal BallMCode03 Like on TV ScoreB ScorebCode01 ScorebCode02 ScorebCode03 ScorebCode04 ScorebCode05 ScorebCode06 ScorebCode07 ScorebCode08 ScorebCode09 ScorebCode10 ScorebCode11 ScorebCode12 ScorebCode13 ScorebCode14 ScorebCode15 ScorebCode16 ScorebCode17 ScorebCode18 ScorebCode19 ScorebCode20 ScorebCode21 ScorebCode22 ScorebCode23 ScorebCode24 ScorebCode25 ScorebCode26 ScorebCode27 ScorebCode28 ScorebCode29 ScorebCode30 ScorebCode31 ScorebCode32 ScorebCode33 ScorebCode34 ScorebCode35 ScorebCode36 ScorebCode37 ScorebCode38 ScorebCode39 ScorebCode40 ScorebCode41 ScorebCode42 ScorebCode43 Scoreboard: Default Australian Open Roland Garros Wimbledon US Open ATP Master 1000 ATP 500 ATP 250 ATP World Tour Finals Davis Cup Olympics Challenger Indian Wells Master Sony Open Tennis Monte-Carlo Master Mutua Madrid Internazionali BNL d'Italia Toronto Rogers Cup Cincinnati Master Shanghai Master BPN Paris Master ABN Amro Rotterdam Memphis Acapulco Dubai Duty Free Barcelona Rakuten Open Tennis Beijing Swiss Indoor Basel Valencia Open 500 Hamburg Open Oeiras Portugal Open Doha Qatar Open Dusseldorf Brisbane International Montpellier Baires Bucharest Tiriac Trophy Kremlin Cup Moscow Kuala Lumpur Marseille Open 13 Delray Beach Munich BMW Open

ScorebCode44 ScorebCode45 ScorebCode46 ScorebCode47 ScorebCode48 ScorebCode49 SoundP SoundpCode01 SoundpCode02 SoundpCode03 SoundpCode04 SoundpCode05 SoundpCode06 SoundpCode07 SoundpCode08 SoundpCode09 DevMode PauseCPU GamesPerSet TieInLastSet TieInLastSet01 TieInLastSet02 TieInLastSet03 SplitScreen SplitScr01 SplitScr02 SplitScr03

Zagreb Indoor Metz Halle Atlanta Winston Salem San Jose SAP Open Shot Sounds: ITST Mixpack Bunburry Roland Garros (El Croato) AO (El Croato) Indian Wells (El Croato) USO A.Ashe (El Croato) USO Auxillary (El Croato) Wimbledon (El Croato) WTF London (El Croato) DevMode: Auto-Pause in CPU vs CPU: Games per set: Tie Break in Last Set: No Yes Master Split screen: Off Auto On

CheckingBd01 Checking if a new version is available online... CheckingBd02 Online Account Verification... CheckNewVersion Check for new version: OnceWeek Once a week // Newversion01 is -1 NewVersion01 Cannot connect to the website.\nPlease check your Internet conne ction. NewVersion02 No new version was found on the website NewVersion03 A new version is available on the website NewVersion04 If you want to play over the Internet, you should install Direct X 9.0c (or later version), else you might experience insane lags! NewVersion05 Online account verification failed ! NewVersion06 You have to install the latest version to create a public game NewVersion07 You have to install the latest version to find Internet games NewVersion08 Your ping is too high to enter this game! NewVersion09 This game didn't answer! NewVersion10 Game already full - cannot join ! NewVersion11 You need the full version to enter this game NewVersion12 You have to download and install the demo version to play online against other human players. NewVersion13 Your license key is already in use.\nIf you got disconnected, pl ease wait 5 min before to connect again. NewVersion14 This host wants to play with someone else.\nTry to join another game. NewVersion15 The name you chose is similar to an existing name, so it has bee n changed. NewVersion16 If you want to play Online with a Modded game, you have to buy t he Full version. DownloadNow Download now!

ChangeLog BanInfo DrawAfterMatch DrawAfterM01 DrawAfterM02 DrawAfterM03 DrawAfterM04 AutoWeeklySave ShowWeeklyNews WeeklyNews01 WeeklyNews02 WeeklyNews03 WeeklyNews04 ViewCpuMatch CpuMatchView CpuMatchPreview CpuMatchStart CpuMatchViewAll CpuMatchViewQ CpuMatchViewC CpuMatchScore MatchLog SkillMode //===Language Language Lang1_01 Lang1_02 Lang1_03 Lang1_04 Lang1_05 Lang1_06 Lang1_07 Lang1_08 Lang1_09 Lang1_10 Lang1_11

More Info More Info Show draw after match: Never Only after win Only after loss Always Auto Show No Yes Only Only Weekly Save: Weekly News: when played when not played

View All Matches View CPU matches: Match presentation: Auto start: View by default: View Qualies: View Competition: Enter Score: View Match Log Offline Skills: Language: Croatian Deutsch English Espaol Franais Italiano Magyar Nederlands Polski Serbian Slovak

//===Upgrate To TE2011 Upgrade2011 You have to upgrade your License to enjoy the 3D Courts.\nMore i nfo in the newsletter. Newsletter Newsletter UrlUp2011 l //===Profile NewProfile SetBaseProf ShowOnStartup DeleteProfile //===Credits Credits Create New Profile Set Default Profile Select on Startup: // Delete this Profile Credits

CreditTOO \29\30 ManuTOO \30\31\n(aka Emmanuel Rivoire):\nCode, Design, So unds, Menus CreditZic \29\30 Music \30\31\nStockMusic.Net CreditTrans \29\30 Localization \30\31\nGerman: Woeger / Markic\nCroatian: B lacky - Serbian: stefdza90\nItalian: swissmade\nEnglish: Rob4590 - Dutch: Niels - Hungarian: Libre83\nSpanish: Santiago Spaltro - Polish: CreditQuality \29\30 Quality Assurance \30\31\nWolfgang Woeger, Eric Rivoire,\ nRob4590, Aldecius, jolamouche TeCreditTOO \29\30 ManuTOO \30\31\n(aka Emmanuel Rivoire):\nCode, Design, So unds, Menus, Animation TeCreditModel \29\30 3D Art \30\31\ TeCreditZic \29\30 Music \30\31\nStockMusic.Net TeCreditTrans \29\30 Localization \30\31\nGerman: Woeger - Italian: swissmade\ nCroatian: Blacky - Serbian: stefdza90\nEnglish: Rob4590 - Dutch: Niels - Hungar ian: Libre83\nSpanish: Santiago Spaltro - Polish: TeCreditQuality \29\30 Quality Assurance \30\31\nEric Rivoire, S.Williamz, Brad1 981, Tom Paulman, CC\nbtaylor, solarisaint, kyuuji, ahmedcoolio, milos, stuey, a lgo TeCreditModders \29\30 ATP Patch 2013 by phucnguyen0209 \30\31\n phucnguyen0209, torto14, Neeko, jaydraco, Sam Modder,El Croato,Elias,\nKneza, Lucian86, megyaem 30, rogerfed1, kersou VersionSW VersionReg Hello%s InstalledMod //===Recordings Recordings RecordMode RecordMode01 RecordMode02 RecordMode03 ShowOldBuild RecordOrder RecordOrder01 RecordOrder02 RecordPage //===Ingame ReturnGame GiveUp LeaveCourt Replay PlayerStat MatchStat ConfirmGiveUp ContinueLater HudInfo01 HudInfo02 HudInfo03 HudInfo04 HudInfo05 HudInfo06 HudInfo07 HudInfo08 HudInfo09 HudInfo10 Trial version - Freely distributable Registered version to: %s Hello %s Installed Mod: %s Recordings Recordings: Off Real-Time Buffered Show Incompatible Records: Record Order: Normal Reversed Page (%s/%s): Return To Game Give Up Leave Court Replay Player Statistics Match Statistics Are you sure you want to give up this match? Continue Later Serving for set Serving for match BREAK POINT SET POINT MATCH POINT Serving to stay\nin Set Serving to stay\nin Match %s winner #%s Ace #%s Double Fault #%s

HudInfo11 HudInfo12 HudInfo13 HudInfo15 HudInfo16

%s error #%s Last Rally:\n%s strikes Winner Speed:\n%s %s Dropshot Winner: #%s Volley Dropshot\nWinner: #%s

//===TE In-game Help IGH_Help Help InGameHelp In-Game Help IGH_DangerZone The "Danger Zone" visual marker helps you to see where you shoul d position yourself to strike the ball. IGH_HiDanger Hi Danger ! IGH_Unsafe Unsafe IGH_Safe Safe IGH_Preview Ball Preview: IGH_Prev01 Off IGH_Prev02 Service IGH_Prev03 Service + Rally IGH_Prev04 All + Danger Zone IGH_Prev05 All + Danger Zone + Aiming IGH_SweetSpot When you do an acceleration, a drop shot or a volley, you have t o strike the ball with the cords, not with your body ! IGH_SsBad Ball outside cords\n=\nUnsafe IGH_SsGood Ball inside cords\n=\nSafe IGH_AutoPos Auto-Positioning: IGH_AutoPos01 Slow to Left, Right & Forward IGH_AutoPos02 Average to Left, Right & Forward IGH_AutoPos03 Fast to Left, Right, Forward & Backward IGH_Control Controls: IGH_Control01 Simulation : High Danger + Slow Precision IGH_Control02 Arcade : Low Danger + Fast Precision IGH_Control03 Elite : Even harder than Simulation mode! IGH_AutoShow Show this Help at Startup: IGH_SeeAgain To see the Help again, press 'Esc' during the game, then click o n 'Help' IGH_Strikes List of Strikes IGH_StrikeList All available strikes :\n(By default: b1 = Left Alt; b2 = Left C trl)\n\n\7 b1 = Normal Strike\n\7 b1 + up = Short Strike\n\7 b1 + down = Top Spi n\n\n\7 b2 = Slice\n\7 b2 + up = Drop Shot\n\7 b2 + down = Defensive Lob\n\n\7 b 1+b2 = Acceleration\n\7 b1+b2 + up = Short Acceleration\n\7 b1+b2 + down = Aggre ssive Lob\n\n\7 No button = Safe Strike\n\nOn Service :\n\n\7 b1+b2 = 1st servic e at max speed\n\7 b1 = Safe 1st service, but slower\n\7 b2 = 2nd service, 100%% safe\n\7 up = Add slice spin\n\7 down = Add top spin\n\nUp and down are inverte d when you control the player who is on the top of the screen. IGH_Tiredness Tiredness: IGH_NeedButton You have to maintain the button(s) pressed when you hit the ball .\n\nIf you don't, then you will only do the safe strike that goes slowly to the center of your opponent's court. IGH_ShowAgain Show this message again ? //===TE In-game IG_Options ShowInfoOnError ShowStrikeSpeed ShowStrikeCount SimulMatchTime BallSize options Options Show Info On Error: Show Strikes Speed: Show Strikes Count: Simulated Match Time: Ball Size:

//===Camera Camera CameraMode CameraMode01 CameraMode02 CameraMode03 CameraMode04 CameraMode05 CameraMode06 CameraMode07 CameraMode08 CameraZoom ZoomStart ZoomStart01 ZoomStart02 ZoomStart03 CameraHeight CameraFocal CameraTrans CameraFollow CameraFollow01 CameraFollow02 CameraFollow03 CameraFollow04 CameraFollow05 CameraSave CameraLoad //===Video VidBase VidAdv KeepNewMode NoTimed SetLow SetMed SetHi //===VideoBase WxH VideoSize VidBits VidHz Hertz Window FSAA AA01 AA02 AA03 AA04 AA05 AA06 AA07 AA08 AA09 AA10 AA11 AA12 AA13

Camera Camera Mode: Still Scrolling Constant Zoom Mild Dynamic Full Dynamic Subjective 3rd Person Follow Ball Camera Zoom: Zoom Start: After Serve During Serve Before Serve Height: Aperture: Left / Right: Ends: Auto Player 1 Player 2 Normal Opposite Save Camera Load Camera Basics Options Advanced Options Keep new mode? No(%ss) Fast Normal Quality Resolution: %sx%s Bits: Refresh Rate: %s Hz Windowed: FSAA: Off 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x 9x 10x 11x 12x 13x

AA14 AA15 AA16 LOD LOD_01 LOD_02 LOD_03 LOD_04 HiResCourt AnisoL01 Anisotropic MeshLOD MeshLOD01 MeshLOD02 Shadow Shadow01 Shadow02 Shadow03 HwRatio HwRatio01 HwRatio02 HwRatio03 HwRatio04 HwRatio05 ForceRatio ForceRatio01 ForceRatio02 ForceRatio03 ForceRatio04 Stadium3D //===VideoAdv VSync DoNotClip HwTnL HwTL01 HwTL02 HwTL03 Dx3d DXTL01 DXTL02 Texture TexMode01 TexMode02 TexMode03 Filter BiTri01 BiTri02 DensityNear DensityFar

14x 15x 16x Level of Details: Very Low Low Normal High Hi-res Court: Off Anisotropic Level: Player Details: Normal High Shadows: Circle Detailed All Monitor Aspect Ratio: Auto-Detect 4:3 16:10 16:9 Custom Force Aspect Ratio: Off 4:3 16:10 16:9 3D Court: VSync Frames: DoNotClip: T&L processing: Software Mixed Hardware 3d Engine: DirectX 7 DirectX 8 Textures: Auto 16 bits 32 bits Filtering: Bilinear Trilinear Near Crowd Density: Far Crowd Density:

CrowdDensity01 Off CrowdDensity02 Lower CrowdDensity03 Low

CrowdDensity04 Normal //===Controls Ctrl PlCtrl01 PlCtrl02 PlCtrl03 PlCtrl04 PlCtrl05 PlCtrl06 PlCtrl07 Player MseMode MseSense MseFilter MFilter01 MFilter02 MFilter03 Up Down Left Right Button1 Button2 Button1+2 Menu ButtonLift ButtonSlice Button10 Button11 UseAltStrikeY PressKey PressButton //===Joy Button Hat HatLeft HatUp HatRight HatDown Axe0< Axe0> Axe1< Axe1> //===Mouse Mup Mdown Mleft Mright //===Remap Remap01 Control: Mouse Keyboard 1 Keyboard 2 Joystick 1 Joystick 2 Joystick 3 Joystick 4 Player // Visual Cursors: Mouse Sensitivity: Filter: Off Soft Strong Up: Down: Left: Right: Fire 1: Fire 2: Fire 1+2: Menu: Fire 1+Down\n(Top Spin): Fire 2+Up\n(Slice): Alternate Strike Up: Alternate Strike Down: Use Alternate Strike Up/Down: Press a key Press a button Button Hat Left Up Right Down Left Right Up Down Up Down Left Right

Remap Strikes

Remap02 Strike01 Strike02 Strike03 Strike04 Strike05 Strike06 Strike07 Strike08 Strike09 Button01 Button02 Button03 Button04 Button05 Button06 Button07 Button08 Button09 Axe01 Axe02 Axe03 Axe04

Assign Keys/Buttons Normal Strike: Short Strike: Top Spin: Slice: Drop Shot: Defensive Lob: Acceleration: Short Acceleration: Aggressive Lob: Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire 1 2 1+2 4 5 6 7 8 9

Up Center Down Any

//===TrialVersion NotInTrial To enjoy this feature, please order the full version. NotInTrial_bis Not Available in Trial Version TrialVersion Trial Version GetFull1 Get full version now! GetFull2 Get\nFull Version\nNow! BuyFull Buy Full Version //===Nag NagTitle

Reminder Screen

//===End of Match EOM_Retired (retired) EOM_RetiredELO (retired; ELO Penalty: -%s) Small_Frame (%s) Crushed Impressive, you totally crushed your opponent !\nWould you like a more challenging opponent for your next game? Crush_Strong1 Yes, a bit stronger Crush_Strong2 Yes, stronger Crush_Strong3 Yes, really stronger Crush_No No, Thanks //===Match Summary Summary01 MATCH SUMMARY Summary02 SET 1 SUMMARY Summary03 SET 2 SUMMARY Summary04 SET 3 SUMMARY Summary05 SET 4 SUMMARY Summary06 SET 5 SUMMARY Ace ACES

DoubleFault 1stServe Win1stServe Win2ndServe Winners Unforced NetApproach BreakPoint TotalPoint AvrSpeed1st AvrSpeed2nd FastestServe Ace2 DoubleFault2 1stServe2 Win1stServe2 Win2ndServe2 Winners2 Unforced2 NetApproach2 BreakPoint2 TotalPoint2 AvrSpeed1st2 AvrSpeed2nd2 FastestServe2 ShortRallyWon MediumRallyWon LongRallyWon SetPointSaved MatchPointSaved ReturnWinner ReturnPointWon BreakvsGameBP


ShortRallyWon2 Short Rallies Won MediumRallyWon2 Medium Rallies Won LongRallyWon2 Long Rallies Won SetPointSaved2 Set Points Saved MatchPointSaved2 Match Points Saved ReturnWinner2 Return Winners ReturnPointWon2 Return Points Won BreakvsGameBP2 Breaks / Games NetApproach3 Winners3 Unforced3 1stServe3 NetApproach4 Win1stServe3 Win2ndServe3 1stServe4 BreakPoint3 Winners4 //===HUD HUD_Training HUD_Match Net Approach Points Won Total Winners Total Unforced Errors 1st Serves In %% NET APPROACHES WINNING ON 1st SERVE %% WINNING ON 2nd SERVE %% 1ST SERVE PERCENTAGE BREAK POINT CONVERSIONS TOTAL WINNERS Warm-up Match

HUD_TieBreak HUD_MasterTB EndsWillChange Service1 Service2 TeamWin PlayerWin Deuce# ChangeOfEnds SpeedMph SpeedKmh Fault Net LilBall

Tiebreak Master Tiebreak Ends will change 1st Service 2nd Service Team %d wins Player %d wins Deuce #%d Change of ends %s mph %s kmh FAULT! NET! \7

IG_Message01 Pause\nPress Pause or F12 to Toggle Pause IG_Message02 %s\nRun to your partner if you want to change return side.\nPres s a button to skip\n%s... //=== Scoreboard SCB_CenterCourt SCB_CenterCourt2 SCB_CenterCourt3 SCB_CenterCourt4 SCB_CenterCourt5 SCB_CenterCourt6 SCB_CenterCourt7 SCB_CenterCourt8 SCB_CenterCourt9 SCB_CenterCourt10 SCB_CenterCourt11 SCB_CenterCourt12 SCB_Name3L SCB_TrnNameYear SCB_TrnNameCountry SCB_CountryRank SCB_CountriesForDouble SCB_NamesForDouble SCB_Rank SCB_RankForDouble SCB_Seed01 SCB_Seed02 SCB_ScoreAdv01 SCB_ScoreAdv02 SCB_MatchTime SCB_Set1Time SCB_Set2Time SCB_Set3Time SCB_Set4Time SCB_Set5Time SCB_MatchTime2 SCB_SetTime2 SCB_State1 SCB_State2 SCB_State3 SCB_State4 SCB_State5 SCB_State6 SCB_City1 SCB_Stadium1 CENTER COURT CENTRE COURT COURT CENTRAL STADIUM MANOLO SANTANA CAMPO CENTRALE NATIONAL TENNIS STADIUM CANCHA CENTRAL PISTA CENTRAL AGORA CENTRAL COURT STADIUM COURT %-3.3s %s %s %s, %s %s (%s/%s) %s/%s (%s) (%s/%s) %s (%s) %s 40 MATCH TIME 1st SET TIME 2nd SET TIME 3rd SET TIME 4th SET TIME 5th SET TIME MATCH DURATION SET DURATION FLORIDA OHIO TENNESSEE FL NC GA MASON ARENELE BNR

SCB_Stadium2 SCB_Stadium3 SCB_Stadium4 SCB_Stadium5 SCB_Stadium6 SCB_Country1 SCB_Tournament1 SCB_Tournament2 SCB_Category1 SCB_Category2 SCB_Category3 SCB_Category4 //===Cheat code WinAllPoints NormalPoints CheatingSet BallGrows NormalBall HighSpeed NormalSpeed Bozo NoBozo //===Replay ReplaySpd01 ReplaySpd02 ReplaySpd03 ReplaySpd04 ReplaySpd05 ReplaySpd06 ReplaySpd07 ReplaySpd08 ReplaySpd09 ReplaySpd10 //===PlayerStat Stat Skill Strikes In Out Success Percent Forehand Backhand VolleyFH VolleyBH Smash 1stService 2ndService Total TotalDec Form DistMeter01 DistMeter02 DistKm01 DistKm02 Rank SkillCrc

PALAIS DES SPORTS PUTRA STADIUM DOM SPORTOVA LAWN COUNTRY CLUB COURT PHILIPPE CHATRIER ENGLAND GERRY WEBER OPEN BMW OPEN MEN'S SINGLES MEN'S DOUBLES GENTLEMEN'S SINGLES GENTLEMEN'S DOUBLES Win All Points Normal Points A Cheating Set Ball Grows Normal Ball High Speed Normal Speed Bozo ! Let's keep serious... Rewind 2x Rewind Rewind 1/2x Rewind 1/4x Step by Step Slow motion 1/8x Slow motion 1/4x Slow motion 1/2x Normal play Forward 2x STATISTICS Skill Strikes In Out Success %s%% Forehand Backhand Forehand Volley Backhand Volley Smash 1st Service 2nd Service Overall %s // Form \32meters \32yards \32kilometers \32miles Rank Skill Crc


Form of Day

//===CharacterSheet PrevPlayer Previous Player NextPlayer Next Player NamePl Player Name SoulHuman Human SoulCPU CPU StyleDefender Defender StylePower Power Baseliner StylePuncher Puncher StyleVaried Varied StyleVolleyer Volleyer StyleCounter Counter Country Country Load Load game Save Save game PlayerLoad Load player PlayerSave Save player PlayerSaveWT Save player To Training Club CharHandLeft Left handed CharHandRight Right handed ColorHair Hair color ColorShirt T-Shirt color ColorCuff Cuff color ColorShorts Shorts color ColorSkin Skin color Character Change Character ChangeSex Change Male / Female CustomizeChar Customize Character Service Service Points Points ChangeValue Change Value NewGame Start a new game Level Skill Level01 Beginner Level02 Club Level03 Junior Level04 Pro Level05 Master Level06 Incredible Preview Preview Preview01 None Preview02 Service Preview03 All CharSheet01 CHARACTER SHEET CharSheet02 MATCH OPPONENT CharSheet03 TRAINING CharSheet04 MATCH BRIEFING CharSheet05 MATCH OPPONENT CharSheet06 PARTNER CharSheet07 OPPONENT'S PARTNER SkillName01 Forehand Power SkillName02 Forehand Consistency SkillName03 Forehand Precision SkillName04 Backhand Power SkillName05 Backhand Consistency SkillName06 Backhand Precision SkillName07 Service Power SkillName08 Service Consistency

SkillName09 SkillName10 SkillName11 SkillName12 SkillName13 SkillName14 SkillName15 SkillName16 SkillName17 SkillName18 SkillName19 SkillName20 SkillName21 SkillName22 SkillName23 SkillName24 SkillName25 SkillName26 SkillName27 SkillName28 SkillName29 SkillName30 SkillName31 SkillName32 SkillName33 SkillName34 SkillName35 SkillName36 SkillName37 SkillName38 SkillName39 SkillName40 SkillName41 SkillName42 SkillName43 SkillName44 SkillName45 SkillName46 SkillName47 SkillName48 SkillName49 SkillName50 SkillTechnic SkillPhysical SkillMental SkillSurface IrLevel01 IrLevel02 IrLevel03 IrLevel04 IrLevel05 SkillFH SkillBH SkillVolley SkillFitness SkillService SkillSpecial Slice

Service Precision Return Lob Passing Drop shot Counter Forehand Volley Backhand Volley Smash Net Presence Top Spin Speed Stamina Tonicity Reflexes Strength Short Term Form Long Term Form Injury Risk Concentration Cold Blood Consistency Tactics Positioning Self Confidence Motivation Experience Doubles Spirit Slow Mid Slow Normal Mid Fast Fast Surface Speed Energy Stress Energy Max Points Level SubLevel Preview Auto-Positioning Technical skills Physical skills Mental skills Surfaces Very Low Low Medium High Very High Forehand Backhand Volley Fitness Service Special Slice

ReturnWaiting ArcadeSimu01 ArcadeSimu02 ArcadeSimu03 Tiredness01 Tiredness02 Age Height %scm Weight %skg SeeTalents NoTalent RankSD SingleHandFH DoubleHandFH SingleHandBH DoubleHandBH SetFavPartner UnsetFavPartner AutoPos01 AutoPos02 AutoPos03 //=== Customize CsHat CsHair CsGlasses CsEyes CsShirt CsCuff CsRacket CsRacketHandle CsRacketString CsShorts CsSkin CsSocks CsShoes PresetStyle PresetStyle01 CsType TypeNone CsTypeNum CsHue CsSaturation CsBrightness CsInvert SetOutfitCfg GetOutfitCfg

Return Stance Simulation Controls Arcade Controls Elite Controls Tiredness Off Tiredness On Age Height %scm Weight %skg See Talents No Special Talent %s\n%s Single-handed Forehand Double-handed Forehand Single-handed Backhand Double-handed Backhand Set favorite doubles partner Unset favorite doubles partner Slow Average Fast Player Hat Hair Sunglasses Eyes T-Shirt Wristband Racket Racket Handle Racket String Shorts / Skirt Skin Socks Shoes Style Custom Model None %s / %s Color Saturation Brightness Invert Enter Outfit Code Copy Outfit Code to Clipboard

CreatedBy AltAccAnim AltAccAnimOn

Player Anim :\n%s Alternate Acceleration Style: When available

//===PlayerTalents Talents Talents Talent01 Early ball hit: Talent02 Ball feeling: Talent03 Fast learner: Talent04 Injury resistance: Talent05 Slice serve: Talent06 Topspin serve: Talent07 Kick serve: Talent08 Slice mastery: Talent09 Champion: Talent10 Chameleon: Talent11 Globetrotter: //===LoadSave LoadSave01 LoadSave02 LoadSave03 LoadSave04 Slot01 Slot02 Slot03 Slot04 Slot05 Slot06 Slot07 Slot08 Slot09 Slot10 Slot11 Slot12 Slot13 Slot14 Slot15 Slot16 Slot17 Slot18 Slot19 Slot20 Slot21 Slot22 Slot23 Slot24 Slot25 Slot26 EmptySlot LoadSlot SaveSlot DeleteSlot InvalidSlot LockedSlot AutoSaveSlot Round:%s

LOAD PLAYER SAVE PLAYER LOAD TOUR SAVE TOUR A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z -- Empty -Load Slot Save Slot Delete Slot !! Invalid !! !! Locked !! Auto Save Slot Round: %s

Day:%s Week:%s Year:%s (%s)

Day: %s Week: %2s Year: %s (%s)

LoadCrashed Last attempt to load the current saved game crashed ! Starting a new game instead.\n\nYou can still try to manually load your current saved game from the Load menu, though. CheckAccount Check Online Account Locked01 Your saved games have been locked. To unlock them, you have to c heck your online account.\nIf you didn' buy the game, you should buy it now. Locked02 Your account is valid, your saved games have been unlocked ! //===WorldTour WT_Players NextMatch TourInfo CurrentDate //===NewGame NewGameSure Done NameNG1_01 Qualif QualifSet01 Tournament NormalRound Final Satellite Future Challenger TET250 TET500 MasterSeries GrandSlam MasterCup TeamCup OlympicGames Exhibition PressEnterDone NbPlayer01 NbPlayer02 NbPlayer03 NbPlayer04 TourMen TourWomen StartingRank %s&%s CatType01 CatType02 CatType03 CatType04 CatType05 CatType06 CatType07 CatType08 CatType09 Coached Players Next Match Draw Sheets, Rankings & Scores Year %s, week %s Start\nnew game? Done Player Qualifying Off Tournament Normal\nRound Final Satellite Future Challenger ATP 250 ATP 500 Masters 1000 Grand Slam Masters Davis Cup Olympics Games Exhibition Press 'Enter' when done 1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players Men Tour Women Tour Starting Rank: %s & %s Grand Slam Masters Cup ATP1000 Davis Cup ATP500 ATP250 Challenger Future Satellite

IntlSeries PlayPeriod: CareerPeriod CareerPeriod: PlayYears Height: Birthday Month: Day: Players: GameMode: GameMode01 GameMode02 PlayYear: NG_PickPlayer NG_CreatePlayer NG_ClickToPick NG_PickIt StartRank: YearEndRank:

TET250 & 500 Play Period: Play Period Play Period: %s - %s Height: Birthday Month: Day: Players: Game Mode: Full Career 1 Season Year: Pick an existing player Create a new player Click on a player's Play Period to pick him Pick this player Start Rank: Year End Rank: // For Career Play Period // For Player Pick Screen // For Player Pick Screen

BestYearEndRank Best Year End Ranking Auto Auto

NewGameStarWarn You have to spend all your available stars before going to the n ext screen. NgHelp01 ... NgHelp02 The more stars, the higher bonus you'll get when training the sk ills associated with this specialty. NgHelp03 The 1st star of Charisma gives you a bonus when recruiting new p layers. The following stars allow you to hire more trainers. NgHelp04 The more stars, the more money your players will get from sponso rs contracts. NgHelp05 Allows you to know the potentials of players you want to recruit . If the potential is beyond your detection skill, then it will be hidden. NgHelp06 Luck will give your players more chance to have easy 1st round m atches; ie: against qualifiers or low ranked players. NgSpeciality Select your training specialty NgHeight The taller you are, the better you could be at smashes and servi ce power. The shorter you are, the faster you could run. NgCoachCountry The coach center will be located in the coach's country NgHelpP01 NgHelpP02 NgHelpP03 me NgHelpP04 NgHelpP05 t surface NgHelpP06 low surface NgHelpP07 al surface NgHelpP08 Ability to hit the ball on the rise Ability to softly control the ball, especially at the net Learn faster from training, but also forget a bit faster with ti Lower chance to get injured Serve giving a slice effect to the ball, most effective on a fas Serve giving a topspin effect to the ball, most effective on a s Serve giving a kick effect to the ball, most effective on a norm Perfect control and use of slice effect during rallies

NgHelpP09 NgHelpP10 g a match NgHelpP11

Ability to play your best level against lower ranked players Lower the negative effect when changing your playing style durin Less tired after trips, especially long ones

//===PlayerEd PlayerBnk Edit Player Bank Num Num PlayerEd \29\30 Player Bank Editor \30\31 ResetPlayer Undo changes to this player SavePB Save Player Bank LoadPB Load Player Bank PB_Default Default Bank PB_Alt Alternate Bank PB_Bak Previous Bank PB_Current Current Bank R <R> SortRank Sort Players by Rank L <C> SortCountry Sort Players by Country N <N> SortName Sort Players by Name W <W> SortWinRatio Sort Players by Win Ratio AvrForce Rally+Volley Force // percentage of games won on Serve/Return depending of the strength of the oppo nent SvVs0 Serve Win %% Vs 0 SvVsEqual Serve Win %% Vs Equal SvVs50 Serve Win %% Vs 50 SvVs100 Serve Win %% Vs 100 RetVs0 Return Win %% Vs 0 RetVsEqual Return Win %% Vs Equal RetVs50 Return Win %% Vs 50 RetVs100 Return Win %% Vs 100 GameVs0 Game Win %% Vs 0 GameVsEqual Game Win %% Vs Equal GameVs50 Game Win %% Vs 50 GameVs100 Game Win %% Vs 100 //===TourInfo LastWeekNews BoardDraw BoardRanking BoardActivity BoardTeamCup BoardAllDraw Last Week News Tournaments of the week Ranking Boards Activity Davis Cup Board All tournament draws

//===BoardRanking NavDown Down NavUp Up NavLeft Left NavRight Right BoardSingle Singles Competition BoardDouble Doubles Competition BRanking01 Entry System BRanking02 The Race Name Name PosMoved Pos.\nmoved TrnPlayed Tourns.\nPlayed

SeeActivity See Activity // Davis encounter SeeEncounter See Match Team Team TeamSep / TeamNoOne --- / --Infinite +\14 SortH2H Sort Players by Head to Head SelectH2H Select Head To Head Player Head-Head %2s - %-2s Head-HeadSmall %s-%s HeadToHeadBR Head\nTo Head H2hInfoOff Click on a rank to see Head To Head of a player H2hInfoOn Viewing Head To Head of: %s H2hTurnOff Turn off Head to Head ExportRankToCsv Export To TEM_Ranking.csv ExportCharToCsv Export To TEM_Player.csv ExportYearToCsv Export To TEM_YearlyStat.csv //===BoardH2hDetail H2H_LeftName %s (%s) H2H_RightName (%s) %s Year\nWeek Year\nWeek Rank\nVsRank Rank\nVs Rank Winner Winner Score\nRound Score\nRound y\nWeek SvsS %s\nWeek: %s %s vs %s

//===BoardActivity Week Week Partner Partner LostRound Round EntryPoints Entry\nPoints RacePoints Race\nPoints EntryRank Entry\nRank RaceRank Race\nRank LastYear Last Year NoActivity ... CountForRankE Counts for Entry System CountForRankR Counts for Race SeeTournament See Tournament NoRecord ( No record yet ... ) Round01 -Round02 WINNER Round03 FINAL Round04 SEMI-FINAL Round05 QUARTER-FINAL Round06 ROUND OF 16 Round07 FIFTH ROUND Round08 ROUND OF 16 Round09 3RD ROUND Round10 2ND ROUND Round11 1ST ROUND // in Masters Cup Round12 ROUND ROBIN // when missed forced tournament

Round13 Round14 Round15 Round16 Round17 Round18 Round19 ActivityStreak HelpStreak

--Missed-Qualified Playoffs Qualy R1 Qualy R2 Qualy R3 Qualy R4 View streak stats in main tournaments Main tournaments are TET250 and above

//===BoardReview ReviewYear Current Year: ReviewCareer Career Review: ReviewWins Wins ReviewLosses Losses ReviewTitles Titles ReviewPrize Prizes Dollar $ SeeDetails See Details AllTitles %s / %s AllTitlesHT Main Titles / Other Titles Titles01 Year Summary Titles02 Career Summary : : //===BoardActivityStreak CurrentStreak Current Streak BestStreak Best Streak Cumulative Total StreakStat01 StreakStat02 StreakStat03 StreakStat04 StreakStat05 StreakStat06 StreakStat07 StreakStat08 StreakStat09 StreakStat10 StreakStat11 StreakStat12 StreakStat13 StreakStat14 StreakStat15 StreakStat16 StreakStat17 StreakStat18 StreakStat19 StreakStat20 //===BoardDraw PrevTournament NextTournament NoTrnSingle NoTrnDoubles DrawFinal DrawQualif DrawRank DrawCountry Wins: Finals: Titles: Wins in Masters Series: Masters Series Titles: Wins in Grand Slam: Grand Slam Titles: Clay wins: Grass wins: Synthetic wins: Hard wins: Indoor wins: Clay titles: Grass titles: Synthetic titles: Hard titles: Indoor titles: Wins against Top 10: Weeks at #1: Years ended at #1: Previous Tournament Next Tournament No Singles Tournament This Week No Doubles Tournament This Week Main Draw Qualifying Draw (%s // - %s) //

DrawRankP EntryPos DrawBye DayOfWeek01 DayOfWeek02 DayOfWeek03 DayOfWeek04 DayOfWeek05 DayOfWeek06 DayOfWeek07 String] DrawPage Encounter NoMatchHere NoDrawHere NoDavis SpaceRight SpaceLeft SpaceBoth Seed WC WildCard Q Qualified LD LastDirect DrawDraw DTS_Left DTS_Right RoundRobin DrawWin DrawWinH DrawLoss DrawLossH DB_Retired DB_WO Week[] (%s:%s) RankingPoint EntryRacePoint

- %s) Entry Rank Bye Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday %s] [Page %s/%s] [Match %s/%s] Still no match played\nin this part of the draw This tournament doesn't have this draw Davis Cup didn't start %s // \32%s \32%s\32 Seed [WC] Wildcard [q] Qualifier [LD] Last direct acceptance [Draw: %s] \32- %s %s - // [Round Robin] [%s // Wins - %s] Losses \32ret. W.O. [%s; Week: %s] (%s:%s) Ranking Points Entry & Race Points

ViewAllMatch View all matches ViewNoMatch View no match ViewToggleMatch Toggle selected matches ViewMatch01 ViewMatch02 //===WT_common WT_Week WT_Title01 WT_Title02 WT_Title03 WT_Title04 WT_Title05 WT_Title06 WT_Title07 WT_Title08 WT_Title09 WT_Title10 Skip Match View Match Week: %s World Tour MATCH RESULT WEEK RESULT WILDCARD ENTER SINGLES QUALIFYING ENTER DOUBLES QUALIFYING MASTERS DAVIS CUP TOO LOW RANKING QUALIFYING

WT_Title11 WT_Title12 WT_Title13 WT_Title14 WT_Title15 WT_Title16 WT_Title17 WT_Title18 WT_Title19 WT_Title20 WT_Title21 WT_Title22 WT_Title23 WT_Title24


//===WT_ShowMatch WT_Play Play! WT_PlayMatch Play Match HeadToHead Head To Head: //===PlayerTab Training Training Planning Planning Sponsor Sponsor PlayerCant02 You can't choose a partner for this week anymore! PlayerCant03 You can't choose a partner if you are in a doubles tournament or if you have one planned for next week! PlayerCant04 Too late to book for this week! PlayerCant05 Too late to cancel booking for this week! PlayerCant06 The tournament you registered for on the previous week lasts 2 w eeks, therefore you can't book a tournament on this week. SwapOrderPrev SwapOrderNext SwapOrder Swap Order with Previous Player Swap Order with Next Player Are you sure you want to swap order of %s with %s ?

//===PlayerPlanning Type Type Prize Prize Ground Surface Single Singles Double Doubles EnterSingle Enter Singles Draw ExitSingle Leave Singles Draw EnterDouble Enter Doubles Draw ExitDouble Leave Doubles Draw DoublePartner Doubles Partner: ChoosePartner Choose doubles partner NoDoublePartner - none DoQualification Enter qualifying: DoQualif01 No DoQualif02 Ask DoQualif03 Yes LastResult Latest Result: %s PlayerLowRank01 Ok for qualifying ?\n\nYour ranking will probably not be high en ough to enter the Main Draw directly. So you might have to play in the qualifyin g tournament.\nDo you still want to plan this tournament ?

PlayerLowRank02 Ranking Too Low!\n\nYour ranking will probably not be high enoug h to enter the Qualifying Draw. So you may not be able to play this tournament a t all!\nDo you still want to plan this tournament ? PlayerLowRank03 Low Ranking!\n\nYour ranking will probably not be high enough to enter this tournament draw!\nDo you still want to plan this tournament ? PlayerLowRank04 Partner will retire!\n\nYour partner will retire at end of this year. You should take a new partner if you want to play this tournament. PlayerLowRank05 Cancellation Fee\n\nAre you sure you want to cancel your partici pation to this tournament ? If yes, you'll have to pay a fee of $%s. Cancel Cancel EnterLowRank00 EnterLowRank01 EnterLowRank02 EnterLowRank03 Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking high enough to enter the Main Draw not high enough : Might need to qualify probably not high enough to enter qualies probably not high enough to enter the draw

CantEnterQ01 Your ranking is not high enough to enter the qualifying draw of: %s. CantEnterQ02 Your ranking is not high enough to enter the main draw of: %s; a nd this tournament doesn't have a qualifying draw. CantEnterQ03 Because you still haven't lost in the main draw of your current tournament, your participation in the qualifying of %s has been cancelled. CantEnterQ04 Because your partner still hasn't lost in the main draw of his c urrent tournament, your participation in the qualifying of %s has been cancelled . CantEnterQ05 Because you are too late to enter the draw, your participation i n the qualifying of %s has been cancelled. EnterOtherQ CancelOtherQ OtherQualif EnterTournament Do you want to see other available qualifying ? Don't play this week Enter this qualifying Enter this tournament

EnterEowQualif Do you want to enter qualifying of another tournament before the end of the week ? WorldRegion01 WorldRegion02 WorldRegion03 WorldRegion04 WorldRegion05 WorldRegion06 WorldRegion07 WorldRegion08 PremierM Premier5 Premier IntlWTA North America Central America South America Africa Europe Middle East Asia Oceania PremierM Premier5 Premier International

AutoWC Because of your nationality, the tournament director will give y ou a wildcard to enter directly in the main draw! //===WT_Training & CharSheetSkillBar & TrainHour NbTrainingDay Training days: %s NbTrainingHour Training hours: %s TrainSkill Train Skill TrainRally Train rally skills (50%% time bonus) TrainService Train service skills (25%% time bonus)

TrainSpecial TrainVolley TrainMental TrainHour01 TrainHour02 TrainBody LowerLift TH_Min TH_Max TB_Footing TB_Building TB_Bicycle TB_Swimming TB_Sprint TB_Yoga TB_Rest TrainCant01 TrainCant02 TrainCant03 TrainCant04 TrainCant05

Train special skills (100%% time bonus) Train volley skills (50%% time bonus) Mental Training Train for how many hours ? Rest for how many hours ? Body Training Lower Top Spin Min Max Footing Body Building Bicycle Swimming Sprint Yoga Rest You don't have any experience points to spend ! No one is available to practice with you ! You don't have any time left to train ! There's no one with you who is able to train you ! You're too injured to train now. Wait %s more day(s). bonus) anymore!\nYou should rest, fr left!\nAre you sure you want be used to rest.

TrainPartner Practice with a player (150%% time TrainNbSetWon You won %s set(s) TrainNbSetLost You lost %s set(s) TrainExhausted You're exhausted, you cannot train om the Body Training menu... WarningHourLeft You still have some training hours to continue?\nIf you do, your remaining hours will //===WT_TravelPlan From: From: %s To: To: %s Plane: Plane: PlaneClass01 Economy PlaneClass02 Business PlaneClass03 First Coach Coach Hotel: Hotel: HotelStar01 1 Star HotelStar02 3 Stars HotelStar03 5 Stars PlanePrice$ $%s HotelPrice$ $%s / night CoachCL01 Already at Center CoachCL02 is not with this player CoachCL03 Must go with this player CoachCL04 Already going to this tournament CoachCL05 Available CoachGo04 Player pays for Coach's trip : CoachGo05 Go with player : CashNow CostForWeek TeamCostForWeek CashAfter01 CashAfter02 TravelNow Cash now : Travel cost for one week : Team cost for one week : Cash after trip : Cash after one week : Go back to Coach Center now ?

//===Hire & Buy HireBuy Hire & Buy //===Match StartMatch SeeResult InTieScore Break MiniBreak MatchSpeed MatchSpeed: Malus: EnergyMode Bonus_No are off Bonus_PowerH Bonus_DropShotH Bonus_DropHiH Bonus_PSpeedH Bonus_PSpeedHiH Bonus_AccH Bonus_TacticH Bonus_TacticHiH Bonus_SSpeedH Bonus_LeftHandH Start Match Skip to result (%s) Break Mini Break Match Speed Speed: Malus: %s%% Energy Spending No\32 // added to the following bonus names, when they

%sPower Bonus %sDrop Shot Bonus %sDrop Shot Super Bonus %sPlay Speed Bonus %sPlay Speed Super Bonus %sAcceleration Bonus %sTactic Bonus %sTactic Super Bonus %sService Efficiency Bonus %sLeft Handed Bonus

// only 2 letters from the translated words Bonus_Power PW Bonus_DropShot DS Bonus_PlaySpeed PS Bonus_Acc AC Bonus_Tactic TT Bonus_SSpeed SE Bonus_LeftHand LH XpBoost XpPoint XpBoostChoice XpCost XpBoostOff WinLoose01 WinLoose02 WinLoose03 Experience Boost Experience: %s %s%% boost need %s points No boost NoCheat Win Loose

PointByPoint01 Game By Game PointByPoint02 Point By Point Score01 Score02 Score03 Score04 Score05 EnterScore MatchEvent01 MatchEvent02 0 15 30 40 Ad Enter Score Ace Ace on 2nd Serve

MatchEvent03 MatchEvent04 MatchEvent05 MatchEvent06 MatchEvent07 MatchEvent08 MatchEvent09 MatchEvent10 MatchEvent11 MatchEvent12 MatchEvent13 MatchEvent14 MatchEvent15

Double Fault Winner Winner at Net Fault Fault at Net Winning Lob Winning Passing Missed Lob Missed Passing Net fight won with a Lob Net fight won with a Passing Net fight lost with a missed Lob Net fight lost with a missed Passing

//===WT_MatchResult ReachRound You reached the: InTournament In the tournament: Congratulation Congratulations! QualifFinal You have qualified\nfor the main draw //===WT_Victory YouWon WonTeamCup TrnName01 TrnName02 You won %s! Your team won the Davis Cup! the Davis Cup the Masters Cup

//===ChooseTournament CurrentWeek Current week CT_Week Week\n%s CT_NoTrn No Tournament This Week PrevWeek Previous Week NextWeek Next Week SelectCompet Select Competition CT_Single Singles Draw CT_Double Doubles Draw CT_ESD01 No singles draw CT_ESD02 Missed singles qualifying CT_ESD03 Failed to qualify in singles CT_ESD04 Enter singles qualifying draw CT_ESD05 Select singles competition CT_ESD06 Forced to play singles CT_ESD07 Got a Wildcard for Singles! CT_ESD09 Singles qualifying full CT_EDD01 No doubles draw CT_EDD02 Missed doubles qualifying CT_EDD03 Failed to qualify in doubles CT_EDD04 Enter doubles qualifying draw CT_EDD05 Select doubles competition CT_EDD06 Forced to play doubles CT_EDD07 Got a Wildcard for Doubles! CT_EDD08 No partner for doubles CT_EDD09 Doubles qualifying full CT_EDD10 Partner busy CT_ESnD Select singles & doubles CT_NextQualif You can enter qualifying for the other tournament before the end of the week (click Back to cancel) CT_More More Tournaments CT_NoRecord Still no tournament archived TrnWeekWarning This tournament will occur in more than 30 weeks. Are you sure y

ou don't want to play any other tournament before this one ? //===WT_GotWildcard GotWildcard01 Because of your good results this week, the director of your tou rnament next week has offered you a wildcard to enter the main draw! GotWildcard02 Because your next tournament takes place in your home country, i ts director has offered you a wildcard to enter the %s ! ProposeWC TrnName+Type Do you want to accept it ? %s (%s)

//===WT_ComfirmEnterQualif // %s is name of the tournament EnterQualif You have to qualify to enter the main draw of %s.\n\nDo you want to enter the qualifying draw? //===WT_Cant/EnterMaster/Davis CantEnterMaster Sorry, but you don't have the ranking needed to enter the final of the Masters. EnterMaster You entered the final of the Masters! CantPlayDavis01 Sorry, but your country didn't reach this round of the Davis Cup . CantPlayDavis02 Sorry, but the team captain didn't choose you to play this Davis Cup round in %s, because you're not ranked high enough. NeededDavis Your country needs you to play for the Davis Cup team! NotInDavis Sorry, but your team is not in Davis Cup.\nDo you want to select this round anyway? Playoff Play-offs DavisPlayoffWon Congratulations!\n\nYour country won the Davis Cup's playoffs, a nd have qualified for the main draw next year. DavisPlayoffLost Bad luck!\n\nYour country lost in the Davis Cup's playof fs, and will have to play the qualifiying draw next year. HomeTeam Receiving Team // PartnerCat0x will be inserted into the 1st '%s' of PartnerToDavis PartnerCat01 Davis Cup PartnerCat02 Doubles Masters PartnerToDavis Your partner is going to play the %s, so you can't participate t o the doubles draw of this tournament : %s. //===WT_WeekResult Tournament: Tournament: Round: Round: NoPlay Didn't play this week Prize: Prize: Taxes: Taxes: TotalPrize: Career Prize: EntryPoint: Entry Points: EntryRank: Entry Rank: RacePoint: Race Points: RaceRank: Race Rank: NoRanking None //===ChoosePartner CurrentPartner Selected Partner: SelectPartner Select this player CP_HowToSelect Click on his rank to select your partner EnterSingleToo Do you want to enter singles draw, too ? //===Injury

Injury: Injured InjuryNbDay Injury01 Injury02 Injury03 Injury04 Injury05 Injury06 Injury07 Injury08 Injury09 Injury10 Injury11 InjuryLevel01 InjuryLevel02 InjuryLevel03 GotInjured CpuGotInjured InjuryType InjuryLevel InjuryDay TrainInjury

Injury: %s Injured %s days Exhausted Gastric problem Ankle sprain Blisters Stress fracture Tennis elbow Knee Shoulder Back Adductor muscles Nausea Light Medium Serious You got injured ! %s got injured ! Injury: Severity: Full rest days\nto recover: Injured ! Efficiency reduced to %s%%

CantEnterInj01 You can't enter the %s tournament because you are currently inju red. CantEnterInj02 You can't play your next match in the %s tournament because you are currently injured. //===Sponsor Nuke Adadas Rebook Babe-ola Willdad OceanicAir StarFlipCoffee Halt-onHotels B-AxeInsurance BargrassBank SportDiscount MacMickey WholeMud MalBaret EdSupermarket NoSponsor Name: TaxePercent TotalWage: WeeklyWage: DollarsSum ContractLenght: NbWeek: NbMonth NbYear NbWeekLeft SponsorAdv: SponsorAdv01 SponsorAdv02 SponsorAdv03 Nuke Adadas Rebook Babe-ola Willdad Oceanic Air StarFlip Coffee Halt-on Hotels B-Axe Insurance Bargrass Bank Super Sport Super Discount MacMickey WholeMud MalBaret Ed Supermarket No sponsor offer this week... Name: %s%% Contract worth: Weekly wage: $%s Contract Length: Weeks Left: %s months %s year(s) %s / %s Special Advantage: None Free Equipment 50%% Plane Discount

SponsorAdv04 BonusObjective: YearlyObj: NoObjective SponsorObj SponsorObj01 SponsorObj02 SponsorObj03 SponsorObj04 ObjTrn: SponsorTrn01 SponsorTrn02 SponsorTrn03 SponsorTrn04 SponsorTrn05 SponsorTrn06 SponsorTrn07 SponsorTrn08 SponsorTrn09 SponsorTrn10 NbObjective: ObjectiveDone: ObjDone ObjWage: Reputation Cash:n$ ConfirmSponsor SignContract SponsorEnded SponsorBonus t the $%s bonus Accounting //===Accounting LastWeek Career Sponsor: Coach: Team: Equipment: BankAgio: BasicNeeds: Leisure: Profit: //===Team TrainerSkill01 TrainerSkill02 TrainerSkill03 TrainerSkill04 TrainerSkill05 TrainerSkill06 TrainerSkill07 TrainerSkill08 TrainerSkill09 TrainerSkill10 TrainerSkill11 OtherSkill

50%% Hotel Discount Bonus Objective: Yearly Objective: None %s (in single)\nor %s (in double) Victory Final Semifinal Quarter-final In tournaments: Grand Slams Grand Slams & Masters Cup Grand Slams, Masters Cup & Davis Cup Masters Series & above TET500 & above TET250 & above Challengers & above Futures & above Satellites & above None Number of times to achieve: Done: %s / %s Objective worth: Reputation Cash: $%s Are you sure you want to sign a contract with %s ? Sign Contract Your contract with %s has just ended. You just reached the objectives set by your sponsor %s !\nYou go ! Accounting details Last Week Career Sponsor: Coach: Team: Equipment: Bank Interest: Basic Needs: Leisure: Profit: /!\ Note: accord these names with the ones used in WT_Training --Rally: +%s%%%% Service: +%s%%%% Special shots: +%s%%%% Volley: +%s%%%% Physical: +%s%%%% Mental: +%s%%%% Physiotherapist: +%s%%%% Sparring Partner: #%s Assistant: +%s%%%% Girlfriend: +%s%%%% +%s%%

TrainerFilter01 TrainerFilter02 TrainerFilter03 TrainerFilter04 TrainerFilter05 TrainerFilter06 TrainerFilter07 TrainerFilter08 TrainerFilter09 TrainerFilter10 TrainerFilter11 //===CoachTabs CoachTabTitle01 CoachTabTitle02 CoachTabTitle03 CoachTabTitle04 CoachTabTitle05 CoachTabTitle06

--Rally Service Special shots Volley Physical Mental Physiotherapist Sparring Partner Assistant Girlfriend

Coach Info Trainers Recruit Players Coach Contract Coach Center Contracts History

//===Hire & Fire Wage&Travel Pay and\nTravel Trainer Trainer MajorSkill Major\nSkill MinorSkill Minor\nSkill OtherSkills Other\nSkills WeeklyWage Weekly\nWage Plane Plane\nClass Hotel Hotel\nStars Previous Previous Next Next PlaneClassS01 Eco PlaneClassS02 Biz PlaneClassS03 1st NoOtherSkill --TrainerFilter Filter: ConfirmH&F01 Are you sure you want to hire %s for $%s per week ? ConfirmH&F02 Are you sure you want to fire %s ? CantHire01 You can't hire %s: none of your players have enough cash ! CantHire02 You can't hire %s: you cannot have more than %s trainers per pla yer ! Hire Hire %s Fire Fire %s TrainerQuit %s just quit because there was no one able to pay him ! SparringPartner Sparring Partner PayFor01 PayFor02 TravelWith01 TravelWith02 Not paying for this team member Paying for this team member Not travelling with this team member Travelling with this team member

TrainerInfo01 You hired your first Trainer !\n\nTrainers give you a bonus to y our training efficiency, in the fields they are skilled. TrainerInfo02 You hired your first Physiotherapist !\n\nPhysiotherapists give you a bonus to your resting efficiency when you choose to rest, and a bonus as w ell to your everyday rest time and your injury healing rate. TrainerInfo03 You hired your first Sparring Partner !\n\nSparring partners can practise with you, at the coach center, or at tournaments. Their skill level sh

ows the rank they could reach if they were playing tournaments. TrainerInfo04 You hired your first Assistant !\n\nWhen you travel without your coach, assistants allow you to lower the motivation handicap you get, and allow you to do all kind of training. //===CoachInfo Country: Difficulty: Speciality: Charisma: Business: Potential: Luck: Cash: CareerScore: (Percent) (+Percent) (+Num) CoachTrainBonus CoachTeamBonus CoachBizBonus CoachPotBonus CoachLuckBonus Contracts: NbGoalSuceeded NbGoalFailed NbGoalCancel NbGoalDissolve NbGoal NewDiffWarn

Country: Difficulty Level: Specialty: Charisma: Business: Potential Detection: Luck: Cash: Career Score: (%s%%) (+%s%%) (+%s) Training bonus Bonus on maximum number of trainers Bonus on sponsor contracts Maximal potential detected More frequent easy 1st rounds Contracts: Successful Failed Cancelled Dissolved Total Are you sure you want to change the difficulty level ?

EndCareer Retire RetireWarning Are you sure you want to end your career ?\nIt will end the game and you won't be able to play anymore. //===CoachAllContracts From-Ranks From\nRanks To-Ranks To\nRanks NoContract Still no contract with additional player Result Result YearWeek %s - Week: %s ContractEnd01 ContractEnd02 ContractEnd03 ContractEnd04 ContractEnd05 ContractEnd06 ContractEnd07 Ended Dissolved Retired Cancelled Succeeded Failed Running

//===CoachRecruit & PlayerContract NoPlayerToCoach No player is willing to hire you.\nWait for your reputation to r ise a bit. HowToRecruit Click on the ranking of the player to recruit PlayerObjective Objective

Commission CoachGoal01 CoachGoal02 CoachGoal03 CoachGoal04

Commission Maintain ranking #%s Win a tournament Reach rank #%s Be the best player possible any more p and you re and you ha need to ha

CoachCant01 You're already coaching 4 players; you cannot recruit layers. CoachCant02 You cannot recruit more than 1 player every %s weeks, cruited your last player only %s week(s) ago. CoachCant03 You cannot recruit more than 1 player every %s weeks, ve already recruited one this week. CoachCant04 You don't have enough space on your hard drive !\nYou ve at least %s free MB to save your game. RecruitPlayer RecruitPlayer01 RecruitPlayer02 RecruitPlayer04 Commission: Objective: Competition: Type: Dissolved eks. Recruit Player

Recruit %s for 1 year ? Coach %s for 1 more year ? Coach %s till he retires\nat the end of this season ? Commission: Objective: Competition: Type: Contract dissolved if drop below\nrank #%s for %s consecutive we

GoalDone -- Done! -NbYear: Years left: WillDissolve Contract will be dissolved if below\nrank #%s for %s more week(s ). CancelContract Cancel contract ReleasePlayer01 Are you sure you want to end the contract with this player ? ReleasePlayer02 Are you sure you want to end the contract with this player ?\nIf you do so, you'll lose some reputation, as he's in a lesser state than when you started to coach him. GotDissolved Your player stayed under the rank #%s for %s weeks. Therefore, t he contract has been dissolved, and you cannot coach him anymore. CurrentRank: Current Rank: ContractRes01 ContractRes02 Failed : objective not done ! Succeeded : objective done !

//===Player's Team PlayerTeamFire You're the only one paying for %s. If you don't pay for him anym ore, you have to fire this team member. Are you sure you want to proceed ? CantPayForTeam You don't have enough money to pay for %s. TooMuchTravelT You can't travel with more than %s team members. TrainingBonus Training Bonus: TeamTravel01 You can't change this setting when the team member or the player is not at the Coach Center. TeamTravel02 You can't fire %s because this team member is currently not in t he Coach Center. // Coach Center is same than 'Training Center' CoachCenter Coach Center CurrentLocation Current Location: %s

//===CoachCenter & Equipment BuyEquipment Buy // %s for $%s Equipment01 Equipment02 Equipment03 Equipment04 Equipment05 Equipment06 Equipment07 Equipment08 Equipment09 Installation: ... Cost: clay court grass court synthetic court cement court indoor carpet court indoor hard court blue-green cement court fitness center spa center Installation: Cost: // Camp installation: court, etc // price of installation

Bonus: Bonus: BuildingBonus08 Body building +5%% BuildingBonus09 Rest +5%% SurfaceSpeed: SurfaceSpeed:S CourtSpeed01 CourtSpeed02 CourtSpeed03 CourtSpeed04 CourtSpeed05 CourtSpeed06 CourtSpeed07 TooExpensive ollars. SelectSurface SurfaceNA Surface Speed: Surface Speed: %s Slow Fast Mid Slow+ Normal Mid Fast+ Mid Fast Normal+ You don't have enough money to purchase this. You need %s more d Select Training Court Court still not built

//===WT_ForcedTournament ForcedTrn Due to your ranking, you have to participate in the %s tournamen t, in %s, or not play any tournament. ForcedSD02 Singles ForcedSD03 Doubles ForcedSD04 Singles & Doubles DoNoEnter Don't play this tournament //===WT_Performance Performance01 You are Number One in %s for the 1st time in your career ! Performance02 You reached the top %s in %s for the 1st time in your career ! Performance08 What an amazing achievement, you just did the Grand Slam in %s ver 2 calendar years !! Performance09 What an incredible achievement, you just did the Grand Slam in s in one calendar year !!! Performance10 You finished the season at Number One in %s for the 1st year : ou just entered tennis history books ! Performance11 You finished the season at Number One in %s for the 2nd year : ou're amazing !

o % y y

Performance12 You finished the season at Number One ennis fans will remember you forever ! Performance13 You finished the season at Number One our talent has no limit ! Performance14 You finished the season at Number One ou're a living legend ! Performance15 You finished the season at Number One ou're a god amongst men ! Performance16 You finished the season at Number One s there anything or anyone able to stop you ? Performance17 You finished the season at Number One hat is your secret ? Performance18 You finished the season at Number One ou've really entered the pantheon of tennis legends ! Performance19 You finished the season at Number One you're the best player ever ! Performance20 You finished the season at Number One rs : you're just unbelievable ! Compet01 Compet02 Compet03 Singles Doubles All

in %s for the 3rd year : t in %s for the 4th year : y in %s for the 5th year : y in %s for the 6th year : y in %s for the 7th year : i in %s for the 8th year : w in %s for the 9th year : y in %s for the 10th year : in %s for more than 10 yea

//===WT_EndOfGame EndOfGame Career results EogTitle01 Best Coaches EogTitle02 Most Titles EogTitle03 Most Weeks at #1 EogTitle04 Most Grand Slams EogTitle05 Most Years ended #1 EogTitle06 Overall Rankings PrevEog NextEog Previous ranking Next ranking

EOG_RealResult (Real Life Results) EOG_Players (%s) GameOver GameOverTxt01 is now time to r ranking. GameOverTxt02 r.\nLet's have SeasonOver ForceRank: RankSingles: RankDoubles: Game Over Congratulations, you have played many years on the tour, and it put an end to your career.\nLet's have a final look at your caree You have decided to put an early end at your presence on the tou a final look at your career ranking. Season's Over Force Rank: Singles Ranking: Doubles Ranking:

//===WT_TrialEnd TrialEnd End of Trial TrialEnd01 Congratulations, you've just reached the Top 20 in %s !\nIf you want to continue your rise, you have to order the full version now. TrialEnd02 Congratulations, you've just reached your 1st final of a major t ournament in %s !\nIf you want to try to win this tournament, you have to order the full version now. TrialEnd03 You just finished your 2nd year of the game.\nIf you want to pla y the following years, you have to order the full version now.

TrialEndInfo Important: your game has been saved to slot '%s', so as soon as you have ordered the full version and got your license key, you'll be able to co ntinue your current game ! StartNewGame Start a new game //===WT_ misc info NbGameYearLeft You have %s years left of play. GameLastYear This is the last year of play ! OldAge01 You've become older now. Your technical skills train and drop sl ower. Your physical potential is lower. Your risk of injury increases faster. Yo ur mental skills drop slower. OldAge02 You've become older now. Your skills drop faster. PartnerRetired Your doubles partner just decided to put an end to his career.\n You'll have to select a new partner if you want to play doubles. //===BoardWeekNews WeekResults Results NoWeekResult No tournament last week in this competition ResultDefeated def. Rise&Drop Best rises and worst drops MajorTour Main Tour MinorTour Minor Tour //===PlayerCareerEvolution CareerEvolution See Yearly Stats Year Year NbMainTitle Main Titles TotalPrize Total Prize Cash Cash CoachScore Coach Score FutureYear --//===PlayerPalmares Palmares Career Titles NoPalmares No titles so far #alternate 1 //=== Text for women ; add here any sent ence that may need to be changed for women players CatType03 PremierM&5 CatType04 Fed Cup CatType05 Premier CatType06 International IntlSeries MasterSeries TeamCup BoardTeamCup WT_Title08 NoDavis WonTeamCup TrnName01 CantPlayDavis01 CantPlayDavis02 up round in %s, Premier & International PremierM&5 Fed Cup Fed Cup Board FED CUP Fed Cup didn't start Your team won the Fed Cup! the Fed Cup Sorry, but your country didn't reach this round of the Fed Cup. Sorry, but the team captain didn't choose you to play this Fed C because you're not ranked high enough.

NeededDavis Your country needs you to play for the Fed Cup team! NotInDavis Sorry, but your team is not in Fed Cup.\nDo you want to select t his round anyway? DavisPlayoffWon Congratulations!\n\nYour country won the Fed Cup's playoffs, and have qualified for the main draw next year. DavisPlayoffLost Bad luck!\n\nYour country lost in the Fed Cup's playoffs , and will have to play the qualifying draw next year. PartnerCat01 Fed Cup SponsorTrn03 Grand Slams, Masters Cup & Fed Cup SponsorTrn04 Premier5 & above SponsorTrn05 Premier & above SponsorTrn06 International & above