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clo Clerk of the Governing Authority Manuel J. Maloof Center 1300 Commerce Drive t" Decatur, Georgia 30030 \~


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The Board of Ethics is authorized to receive and hear complaints of alleged.

6 e1~\CS

<J ~ \... O~~O

. ns of the matters set forth in Persons alleging a violation of the Code ofEtbics should complete the following information, sign. and deliver in person, or by U.S. Mail, or by . overnight delivery service to the Clerk: at the above address. Complaints received by the Clerk at least ten (10) days prior to a scheduled meeting will be considered at that meeting.

Section 22A of the DeKaIb County Code of Ordinances, known as the Code JfEthics.

1. Name of the individual filing the complaint:


2& 7-7



D 0a.t<Orl


Ilf(a.da_ bpLXP'O<
Daytime phone number: Evening phone number: ( ) E-mailaddress:IJ&.Z7(J7((QLya~I)O.Ci)\1j

('ttfJ 9f?Lf - 70-05:


Id~:eC::,~::;J~;6;;::lM1:;dJ~ POSitionlDepa-.nUBoard:;J91I~dCo~/l..Ex ~it;LJb>5/~t

3. Identify the section of the Code of Ethics you allege is being violated. State with specificity the acts or omissions you allege constitute the violation. (Attach additional pages as necessary)

I hereoy

request that the Board of Ethics consider this complaint. 1certih that the above information

is true and ~~rrectto the ~bestOfmYkn~OWledge and belief.

Signature: \ Received bY~~


==- ,



c/o Clerk of the Governing Authority Manuel J. Maloof Center 1300 Commerce Drive Decatur, Georgia 30030 COMPLAINT
The Board of Ethics is authorized to receive and hear complaints of alleged violations of the matters set forth in Section 22A of the DeKalb County Code of Ordinances, known as the Code of Ethics. Persons alleging a violation of the Code of Ethics should complete the following information, sign, and deliver in person, or by U.S. Mail, or by overnight delivery service to the Clerk at the above address. Complaints received by the Clerk at least ten (10) days prior to a scheduled meeting will be considered at that meeting. 1. Name of the individual filing the complaint:


J;?c:.ej'/ ~wh4 Address:/?) /C &r/7 L~~Ay 12r:. / A:l2rcrCJ~s Ger. ~Soo9:s:.


~ '/ 2- -

Daytime phone number: Evening phone number: E-mail address: 2. Identify

( )


:S y-:- K'

'IOe W /7

e W -/-td/l @ CO ~c.a. s 7f /? e. -/is being filed:

the member of the governing


authority against whom the complaint



c )/eF-

- c-1d/7 (~





I hereby request that the Board of Ethics consider this complaint. is true and cor the best of my knowledge and belief.

I certify that the above information

Date: Date:











I, Thomas Mitchell Owens, sub Commissioner Elaine Boyer (District 1) for (1) Violation of the Code of Ethics (2) Violation of Oath of Office (3) Violation of the public's trust (4) Violation of the law (alleged)

t this ethics complaint e following violations:


I also submit this ethics complaint against Bob Lundsten, for violations of the DeKalb

ommissioner Elaine Boyer's top aide, ounty government's Code of Ethics.

The conduct prohibited by the De alb County Code Commissioner Elaine Boyer and Bob Lundste violated include:




Directly or indirectly request, re eive, or agree to receive anything of value which may influence or b perceived to influence, the member's official actions. Use his/her position to secure herself; warranted privileges for himself or

Engage in any activity or transaction that is prohibited by a law that is applicable to him/her by virtue of being a member of the governing authority; Etc. (Any other violations that the Ethics Board may find)

I have asked for the support of Restore DeKalb which includes Joel Edwards and Viola Davis in this complaint to ensure there is transparency, ethics, and accountability. We have joined as a coalition to hold elected officials accountable for violating the public's trust. I will use the following documentation and video as evidence:

1. The AJC article, "DeKalb official spent county funds on herself', by Johnny Edwards (March 22; 2014) - Mr. Edwards did an excellent article in the AJC which provided the following evidence to demonstrate Commissioner Elaine Boyer violated the code of ethics:


Elaine Boyer personal card purchases Elaine Boyer card holder agreement Elaine Boyer P-card travel agreement Audit of District 1 p-card use

2. Commissioner Elaine Boyer used her p-card or purchasing cards for personal use which is prohibited to include:

Boyer spent $800 of taxpayer money on two flights to Phoenix, one for her daughter and one for herself. Boyer purchased $1,000 in airline tickets for one of her and Y.~pC~_l~ identified ~~~ and nersonal d U .... LWV VplC ~t...~ l \..U "" 4" Y'ounY b Ul\..ll 4U P -1.
"ilL il4l

,.l". -h"'~"c U4Ubl~LCl."


Boyer used the card to pay thousands of dollars in advance costs for a trip to two Colorado ski resorts in December. Bever s... pnr
..J....JV) .L t-''--.J..J..l-

$1") nLi7 ;"., Y nersonal .--l",.r>-p<:, ..l..... ,v I --i.....L.J. ..L .1. -.l..1.4..1....6'-..,.


WonTPUe" ]'\If" .rh ~v '-" J... on .1. .Ll..LLl..L"-'J...l.

13, Boyer repaid an additional $4,083 for purchases made this year, and

others. These charges have no relation to county business and are not authorized for county business. Meals Charged on DeKalb's card by Elaine Boyer and top aide and chief of staff, Bob Lundsten, spent more than $11,000 for restaurant meals at taxpayers' expense. (See article attachment by the AJC titled, "Meals charged on DeKalb's card by Elaine Boyer and top aide"). Etc. (please refer to other additional media reports)

3. Elaine Boyer and Bob Lundsten have a pattern of misuse of the P-card; 4. Elaine Boyer and Bob Lundsten used taxpayer money as a bank for bridge loans; 5. Boyer did not repay 11purchases totaling more than $2,600 until the AJe filed an open records request for the receipts. Lundsten cannot substantiate his purchases as appropriate for county business; 6. Boyer and Lundsten failed to account for the manner in which she used the p-card or provide receipts for thousands of dollars in purchases which appear to have no legitimate DeKalb County business use. 7. Crossroads Newspaper Article, "Boyer uses county card for $12,000in personal expenses", by Ken Watts (March 28, 2014) 8. Commissioner apologizes for using county card for personal charges by Jodie Fleischer (March 25, 2014)(Video). Lundsten has shown no remorse and has failed to show any justification for his conduct; 9. DeKalb County Commissioner's credit card use questioned by Devin Fehely of Channel 11Atlanta (Video); 10. County leaders calling for change after commissioner found spending county money on herself bv Erica Byfield (Video):
..... J J \ /J

"Red Flag":
pl1., H";llf v.!.!..!..!..U.i. .. )

'Y';'''-'~er1 h-o. ..!...s..!.l.~!..l;:t U _.lL.!.

Comrrdssioner Rhine ... card dating back Ual. va..n..

P-lLd..1.iU. i..J.

"0 I..

Boyer deliberately and ]-Il ... "" 1 ')nH evidenced

..i.H....., . v.!....!. \...V.!UL .i.U"""\,,,U


1. Elaine Boyer was formally notified about her misuse of the p-card in a document from Internal Audit & Licensing dated November 15, 2011. She was notified by Cornelia Louis, the Acting Deputy Director of Finance and the document was sent to Kelvin Walton, Richard Stogner, Joel Gottlieb, and Dale Dague. Boyer's Office of BOC District 1 did not comply with DeKalb County P-Card policies and procedures. 2. The Internal Audit & Licensing document noted deficiencies that include a) Out of 50 transactions, 12 receipts were available, b) The transaction logs (logs) were not approved by card holders Manager or Director, c) During the audit period, 60% of all transactions were for food related purchases. 3. Cornelia Louis gave three recommendation in the November 15th document to include all P-Card transactions should be limited to business-related goods and services, and efforts should be made to reduce the frequent use of the P-Card at restaurants. This was also mentioned in the last P-Card audit report, dated April 2, 2010. Since Boyer and Lundsten signed the P-Card Agreement, they both deliberately and willfully violated the terms of the agreement. 4. Boyer and Lundsten conspired to carry out this pattern of improper and/or alleged illegal conduct with full knowledge of the agreement. Elaine Boyer has misled the public once again on this issue of P-Card by implying she did not know about the misuse. As a coalition, we call for an action plan to hold elected officials accountable and ensure their aides uphold the law. I, along with my other parties, demand elected officials uphold the law to include: Request a 5-10 year audit (2003-2013) of Commissioner Elaine Boyer's p-card use to evaluate if this was truly a mistake or a pattern of misuse which substantiates a violation of the law. If the evidence show a pattern of abuse, we demand Commissioner Elaine Boyer and others be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law;

Require Boyer and Lundsten repay all monies for inappropriate charges on the p-card and/ or charges reimbursed by the county. Request the p-card use of every County Commissioner and their aides to evaluate if these actions are a systematic problem that extend to more than one or two commissioners (please include the Interim CEO Lee May and his aide as they represented Commission District 5); Request the information be forwarded to the District Attorney for prosecution if the Board of Ethic determines a violation or violations of the law; Request the policy for p-card use be revised to include the Commissioners and all Board of Commissioners' staff; Remove Elaine Boyer and Bob Lundsten from their employment with DeKalb County and bar them from ever working for DeKalb County in the future.

I, Thomas Mitchell Owens, submit this ethics complaint with the support of Restore DeKalb to hold Commissioner Elaine Boyer, and her top aide, Bob Lundsten, accountable.


Thomas Mitchell Owens Taxpayer and Voter in Commission District I


Internal Audit & Licensing

Cornelia Louis Acting Deputy Director of Finance

CbicfEImrtivCl Ofl"lCer W_BwrelI Ellis.Ir.

Board ofCoJDlDissioBen
Dlsttict 1

Elaine Boyer



November 15,2011 Kelvin Walton, Director of Purchasing & Contracting Acting Deputy Director of Finance, Internal Audit &: Licensing Purchasing Card (p-Card) Audit Office of Board of Commissioner (BOC) - District 1

DiatrU:t3 Johnson

Sharon Bames Sutton

DIsttict5 I.eeMay District 6

Kathie Gannon District? S1anWatllon


GeDerai InformatioD On November 15',2011 Internal Audit (IA) conducted a P-Card compliance audit of the office of DOC -District 1. Internal Audit reviewed P..card transactions for the period December 1, 2010 through May 31, 2011. Purpose aDd Scope

ThC purpose of this audit was to determine if the Office of BOC- District 1 complied with DeKalb
County P-Card policies and procedures.

We reviewed cardholder transactions, signoff reports, purchase comments and invoices to determine that: (1) The P-Card Administrator maintained the transaction log on a monthly basis. (2) The cardholder attached applicable receipts to the monthly transaction log. (3) Transactions were appropriate for the department'S business. (4) Individual transactions did not exceed the amount specified by County P-Card policies and procedures (Sl,OOO maximum per individual purchase). (5) Total monthly transactions did not exceed amount specified by the County P-Card policies and procedures ($2,000 maximum per month). (6) Cardholders were not using the P-Card for non-business related goods and services. (7) The transactions were approved. (Manager and/or Department Head) Opiniog
In our opinion, Office ofBOC-District procedures. 1 did not comply with DeKalb County P-Card policies and

Deficiencies 1) Out of 50 transactions, 12 receipts were available. 2) The Transaction Logs (Logs) were not approved by cardholders Manager or Director. 3) During the audit period, 60 % of all transactions were for food related purchases.

BOC-District 1 P-Card Review Page 2 Res;ommendations 1) All P. Cardtransactions should have supporting documentation. Adequate documentation ensures ~expend.itures incurred are in compliance with the P-Card policy. 2) To ensure management's review of compliance with the P-Card policy, completed Logs are to be reviewed an.d approved by the Cardholder's Manager or Director. Cardholders should not approve their Logs. Approvers should be higher-level employees than the Cardholder . employee; this allows the approver to challenge transactions when the business purpose is not readily apparent .. . 3) All P-Card transactions should be limited to business-related goods and services, and efforts should be made to reduce the frequent use of the P-Card at restaurants. This was also mentioned in our last P-Card audit report, dated April 2. 2010. Comment
We reviewed the corresponding general ledger accounts for each transaction. Several operating

supply related expenditures were charged to "other miscellaaeous charges." These transactions could be misclassified, The following general ledger account may be more appropriate for the transaction type. ObeetCode 531101 Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns relating to this audit report.

Cornelia Louis CUAW cc: Richard Stogner, Chief Operating Officer I Executive Assistant Joel Gottlieb, Chief Financial Officer Commissioner Elaine Boyer. District 1 Dale Dague. Purchasing Card Administrator

1300 Commerce Drive 14th Floor IDecatur, Georgia IP: 404-371-2639 F: 404-371-2055

.. .


Th e. At1.~. ." '.. - --

-..- -DeKalb offici-al spent county funds on-herself..

Updated: 5:37 p.m. Saturday, March 22, 2014 12:00 a.m, Saturday, March 22,2014

I Posted:

June ~ ~~';';'" ~ . ~ Boyof, who

12, 2012-Oecatu,..."The


Is the D!"Ily authorttyto to dear

Io1In><IuCecs ,;,;;.~.

The DeKaibcOOnty


on rui..tay

that the cOunty halt aU "or!< being don.

landi~- .



DeK&i, Cc>tmtY~QD~ ~ ~

r8p0,i'on aim~_8pentM)fat.on the_~ecI.- VlND__ WONG IVWONG@AJC.COM F.Iainl!BoYer. a cru.8der for cottful gOvemm~ spending, baa rung up thousands of dollars in personal purchases time8 thi ~ner8ndher


her county VISacard.


husband were having financial problems, an investigatioo by The Atlanta Journal-


June 12. 2D12-D1ICIlu r-


CIlrIIIIIIaIon 10 the

only au1haIty to PII-

C8I>iIII ~

end _ding;

68Id Commlaelof1. E1.lne

Boyar, wIlo Introduoed!ho ~

She reimbursed

the connty fur many of the expenses within days, weeks or months. Some said that is tantamount to using taxpayer mooey as a bank for bridge loans.

She didn't repay 11purchases totallng more than $2,600 untO the.AJC filed an open recorda request for the receipts - more then a year after the county paid some of those expenses, Sbe simultaneously Inrned in a separate payment for another $1,440 in airline and rental car expenses that she put 00 her card since New Year's Eve. And she might have more to repay. She conceded that DeKalb County has been paying hundreds of doDars a month in bills covering her two cellphones, which she uses for both personal and county business.


O . .J()t.csoN/A.IC

2Ot3.DECATlJR ~EilllniiiiO)W~~


l>YlntorimDeKaIb CEO loe May (left) and~

No ope wIth the ';"unty l!~V~~t has ~ monitoii~~her spending~';'" under DeKalb's current structure, commissionera run their offices autonomously. They can run up thousands of dollarS thell"Visa cards and answer to no ODebutthemseIves. .


Their "P-cards," or purchasing cards, function like debit cards, drawing money directly out of a county account. Boyer, a Republican who is the commission's longest serving member, could not provide receipts for more than 70 transactions that the AJe questioned in spot checks of her VISapurchases In 2012 and 2013. Sbe says ahe lost them.

Elaine Boyer pe[Jon"

card PUrch85u

Boyer cardholder agreement

pCBtd travel agreemenl

AudIt of DIstrict 1 Pcard uH

She denies using the county to float her own travd costs, attributing her pattern of personal charges to sloppy record keeping and turnover among staffers who help her keep up with her own apending. She said she could not explain why she has repeatedly pulled out her county Vlaa card to pay for flight tickets, rental car charges and a ski resort stay, all of which had nothing to do with county busin . "I don't have a reason," Boyer said. "I've never had any intent of doing anything (wrong). , have been totslJy bonest and trying to be transparent in returning the funds. "I will advocate a stronger policy," she said, Oland I won't let it bappen again."

Boyer baoknJQtcy


But legal experts say using a govenunent expense card for personal purchases coold be a crime.
"It do...,'t look good, put it that way" Brung J. Pek, a former federal prosecutor and a white-collar aimiDai defense attorney, said. At the very least, Ira a breach of fiduciary duty hy an elected official. At worst, it could be crimiwll. .

County records ahow Boyer signed an ~

prosecution ..

that stipulated the cards could not be used for personal purchases and that such misuse could result in civil action or criminal

Her signature is also on an ~

to maintain a file of all receipts.

"I don't believe that I actually read it," the commissioner said. "But when my assistants band me stoff ... Unfortunately, there's a few things like that that happen." A Dacula city councilman wu charged with theft by taldng earlier this month for allegedly running up thousands of doDars In personal charges on his city credit card. Criminal law experts said repeated reimbursements would make a criminal case more complicated, with the question ultimately boiling down to whether the public official intentionally took public money fur personel use. Told of the AJC'. findings, DeKalb County District Attomey Robert James said he Deeds to see documents before deciding whether to investigate. "I wouldn't call it an investigation; Jam said, "but it's something that' definitely need to look at' Pattei'll of misuse

Boyer's V1Aa card misuse has been going on for years, made possible by DeKalb'slack of oversight over elected officials' spending, The AJe examined about two years' worth of recorda and found that at least six times she or her husband bave repaid the county for expenses put on her county card. In other instances, she paid for multiple airline tickets at the same time.

But none of that r~luod N!d fl.g. blH"l1lIo tho only pmlon monitoring Boyor' pal1c!lIsg ia Boy.
Elected officials function as their own department heads, and each department oversees its own receipt files and ensures charges are legitimate, according to spokesman Burke
Brennan. The county bas a purchasing But Brennan card poli~ that forbids personal usage, and records shew Boyer signed a statem.ent only employees who fall under the chief executive


to abide by that pchcy.

said the policy doesn't apply to commissioners,

officer. Boyer

said she will now seek to change that.

"There is no process or procedures that I violated,' she said ." And no one pointed it out to me. I would be happy to change my WllyS. and I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.' But someone brought problems to her attention years ego - an auditor. Commissiouers had their own P-card usage examined by the DeKaIb Finance Department in

and In 20~1.

Boyer's office was one of three cited for being out of compliance with county policy. Her 2011 deficiencies including having only 12 receipts out of 50 tranBactiOQ8. "Adequate dncumentatlon ~ that expenditures incurred are in compliance with the P-card policy; the auliit stat~

Boyer said she tried to do better after that audit, bat aleo said of receipts, "I'm sorry. I just don't keep them.' She slid her Card hahits ~ nothing to do with personal fln.,,'Cial issu"; reflected fn federal court records. which show she and her husband have each filed twice for each time.

bankruptcy in the past three years. However. they did not complete the filings and their bankruptcy petitions were ~ The ~onu said there has been no ~Ptcy and shewasn't tunili,g to her P-card for luxuries she "';"Idn't afford.

"You are trying to create a picture that I am not going to agree to.' she said. "You are tJying to spin it that I bad intent, I hid no intent. "I will confess to sloppy procedures," she said. "I will conf thlt

don't have a uniform policy f~~P-card 'use, and 1would be more than happy to comply and promote one. on theh- home near Stone Mountain.

A bankruptcy attorney said the Jk,yers appear to have,been using the bankroptcy filings 88 a legal tactie to stall ~

Scott Rlddl." who wasn't involved in the cases hut examined public records for theAJC, pointed to the commisoioner'. Sept. 3, 2012. filing. Foreclosure day was Sept. 4. "The original petition was a 'skeletal petition: which meana it was the hare minimum paperwork to start a (bankruptcy) case; Riddle wrote in an email. Skeletal petitions often are used to halt the foreclosure proc huying more time for the owners. Then the bankruptcy cases are dropped, as happeued with the Boyers.
Up, up and


Despite any financial cbalIenges. Boyer and her family members continued to fly. with help from DeKalb County. In the summer of 2012. Boyer .peat $800 of taxpayer money on two tlighu to Phoenix, one fo~ her and one for her daughter. She said she went there on behalf of DeKaIb firef!gblml to look into problems with Draeger Safety alr packs. which both Phoenix and DeKalb firefighters claimed were malfunctioning. Boyer said she didn't vo:ant to travel alone. But she didn't reimburse the $400 for her daughter'. tlight until earlier thia month,

.;au the AJC requested

the receipts,

Later that year, she returned to Phoenix for what she described as a vacation. She charged the county $5'3 for a rental car. but didn't pay that back either until the AJC began asking questions. Even though in znn she questioned why commissioners spent money traveUng to. National Asaociattonof Counties confl!rence in Washington, 2013 Boyer attended. NACO conference in Fort Worth. Texas. She used her P-<:ardto pay for $730 in airline ti!'ketli that she said were for her husband and two daughters. She repaid the county two and a balf months later. She later used the card to pay thousanda of dollars in advance costa for a trip to two Colorado ski resorts in December. In September. she purchaaed $1.000 in airline tickets for one ofher danght . and two people she identifled condominium booking in October. And she spent more than $r,300 in Denver at Dollar IWlt A Car. She reimbursed the county for those charges in December.

young men and personal friends. She then spent $1,400 on a

But she racked up another $735 in rental car charges tbat month that sbe hadn't paid back until the AJC asked questions. Sbe said she bad been in car accident and needed to drive while her car W88 being repaired. In two March 13 to the county, Boyer llikd personal purchases and eocloaed checks that her husband signed. Another check from her husband, turned in with another March 13 m=!!. paid back purchases ranging from Dec. 31 to Feb. 3. beyond the time frame covered by the newspaper'. inquiry, Still rnon::


The newspaper November.

alia questioned why Boyer has been using her P-card to pay T-Mobile phone bills. including a $303 bill in May. a $248 bill in September and a $488 bill in

The commIssioner said she doean't know why the bills are 50 high and that they pay fur two phones that she uses. Public officials often have two phones. one for themselves that they pay for, and one for official busin that their government provides, But Boyer said she doe. not have a personal ceiJphone, so she will consider paying back the county. "It', hard to interact between personal and business, because we get eaIls all day loog about everything.' she said. As for why SO many restaurant purch were on her and her top aide's P-cards - an average of two meaJa a wesk in 2012 and nearly three a week in for meal. with constituentli. -We're either having coffee or we're talking to constttuents, We spend a lot of time out in the field,' she said Thursday.
2013 -

Boyer said all were

The llollaudit had cited the number of food purchases a deficiency, All P-Card transactions should he limited to busin related goods and services, and efforts should be made to reduce the frequent use of the P-Card at restaurants.' the auditor wrote. "This was also mentioned in our last P-Qrd audit report, dated April 2, 2010." Boyer, 57, was ftrsl elected in 1992 to represent DIstrict 1. which includes Brookhaven. Dunwoody. Tucker and Smoke Rise, where she lives. Linda Smith. chairwoman of the DeKalb County Republican Party, said she would be surprised if Boyer misused public funds. "It would not seem in fitting with who she is. how she governs and what she believea in, both publicly and privately sbe said. Viola Davis. who leads the DeKalb Unhappy Taxpayer and Voter group, called Boyer's Visa card use disappointlng. "There should be some integrity, some ethics. transparency there, Davis said. "And we trust them that they're going to do that. and over and over again we keep seeing them violate that trust.

Digging deep

It started with missing records. The Atlanta JoumaI-Constit\ltlon bas spent months scrntlnizing elected officials' discretionary spending, and reporter Johnny Edwards found that DeKalb County Commissioner Elaine Boyer wasn't maintaining transaction logs ofber county Visa card usage. County policy mandates cardhOlders keep the logs, and most DeKaib commissioners keep up with them even though they say they don't fall under the policy. Boyer instead produced spreadsheets ofher VISa usage, and Edwanla noted several high-doUar charges that she reimbursed months later. The com:miBsioner'J chief of staff exp1ainedllllUlY of the expense!. But when EdwanIs requested receipts and back-up documentation for those and other purchases, Boyer'. office responded thst it could not locate them. .. . The AJC began drilling into those charges, deciphering such entries all $1,400 charged to in October. That turned out to be a ski resort booking for a bip that Included her daughter and two friends. Edwards also checked federal records and found thst Boyer Md her husband bad initiated bankruptcy filings multiple times in recent years but didn't proceed with the cases. Other publie records showed that the couple'. home was heading to foreclosure. When Edwarda pressed for receipts on dozens more expenses, such as plane tickets. rental cars. meal. and phone bill a, Boyer could only produce two. Then, on March '3. Boyer sent the county lists of other porch es sbe needed to repay and provided checks (or more than $4.000, Boyer told the.AJC last week that she may need to repay more, including T-Mobile bills that have funded two cells phones for ber. About Elaine Boyer

She is the longest-serving member of the DeKalb County Board of Commission ers, first elected in 1992. Her base pay is $38,375. but with her longevity supplement for being a "certified commissioner." she made $41.764 in 2013. according to that year's aonual budget Her campalgna have stressed tax relief. and she has drawn support from soda! conservatives such as officers of Georgia Right to Ufe, ChristIan Coalition and Eagle Porum, She baa long touted her record a fiscal conservative, voting against tax increases and criticizing other county ofIlciala for spending. Says her website: "While politics in the ~ounty may change, Boyer bas remained true to her ideals and continued to crusade for the basic tenets of conservatism: Iimitiog the tax burden, reducing the sl2e of government, fighting for constituents. and keeping families sate." She had a $742.16 garnishment for 2004 federal incomes taxes. This was satisfied in 2009. She had said the debt stemmed from a busineas disagreement between her husband and a former business partner. Also in 2004. the state ethics commission sought informatlen from Bayer in an investigation into her fund-raising activities. Boyer later agreed to pay $800 for not properly documenting contributions and expenditures. An allegation that sbe made loan repayments to herself for above the amount due was dismissed. as was an allegation thst she
accepted excess contributions, according to state records. .

In 2004. Boyer filed a complaint with Decatur police accusing former CEO Vernon Jones ofinteotionally bumping her shoulder as they passed each other. Jones denied the accusation but publicly apologized for using inappropriate language. No eriminal charges resulted, In 2011. Boyer questioned travel by now-suspended CEO BnrreB Ellis and five eommissioners, At the time, the county was trying to cut $33.6 milUon from iIBbndget. Boyer said travo:! needed to be one of the first things cut from every department budget "We have a limited budget as commisstoners," she said, "and I prefer to spend mine for other stuff in my district that directly helps my constitueDIs." In 2011. when DeKalb approved a 26 percent tax hike, Boyer criticized Ellis: "We are all cutting our budgets. yet the county has refused to embrace layoffs or significant budget reductions.' In 2012. Boyer was critical of county spending, calling for 5 percent budget cuts In every department. In 2012. Boyer and commission ers Chief of Staff Morris WIlliams asked compaoies thst do work for the county to help defray the costs of feeding commissioners during
meetings. CH2M' Hill, Jacoba Engineering with it because's

Group and Brawn &: caldwell

spent at least $500 are

per working

lunch for commissioners'

meals, records showed.

Boyer said she

saw no problem


process, aU seven commissioners

always present and staff are running in and out."

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The law which created the Board of Ethics, and as amended, specifically sets out certain conduct which is prohibited by those members who are subject to the jurisdiction ofthe Code of Ethics. Those members shan not: Give a reasonable basis for the impression that the mem ber may be improperly influenced in the performance of hisfher official duties; . . Directly or indirectly request, receive, or agree to receive any thing ofvalue which may influence or be perceived to influence, the mem ber's official actions; . Disclose or nse confidential information acquired as a result ofthe member's position for private gain; Appear on behalf ofbim self or anotber concerning any contract or transaction which may be the subject of an official action of Di!KalbCounty; . Use his/her position to secure unwarranted privileges for himself or others; Render Service to any private business which is adverse to or incompatible with the proper discharge ofhis/her official duties; Acquire an interest in any contract or transaction at a time when the member may have reason to believe that such an interest will be affected by his/her official actions or actions of the governing authority; Engage inany activity or transaction that is prohibited by a law that is applicable tobimfher by virtue ofbeing a member ofthe goveruiag authority; Enter into a contract with DeKalb County on behalf of himself or another involving services or property in which that member has an interest. This prohibition applies while that person is a member afthe governing authority, and for twelve months tbereafter.


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Board of Ethics Clerk of the Governing Authority Clark Harrison Building 330 W. Ponce de Leon AlIBnue Decalur. GA 30030 EmaUUs



Gmnty, Georgia


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pcard prosecUtion

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Subject: pcard prosecution Date: Mon. Mar31. 201411:31 pm



FWIW, I have no idea where exactly the Lewis/Pope case is in the court docket but I found an article about a , . similar case online. People do get convicted for misusing a government credit card.

Tuesday, September 8,2009 Fonner Perimeter College Student Life Director Pleads Guilty In P-Card Case

Patrice Wright, aformer Student Life Director at the Clarkston campus of Perimeter College,pled guilty this morning in DeKalb Superior Court over her misuse of her state-issued purchasing card (Pi-card). Wright entered a guilty plea to ten counts of theft by taking, and she was sentenced by Judge Robert Castellani to ten years intensive probation and 160 hours of community service. In addition, restitution in the amount of $3,463 was ordered to be repaid to the state. Part o[Wright's duties at Perimeter required her to make certain work-related purchases, including the purchase of gift cards for use by the school. On January 22,2007, Wright used her P-card to purchase four mall gift certificates with aface value of $500 each which she used to make payments on her car loan. On February 7,2007, Wright purchased several gift cards with aface value of $340, one of which she appropriatedfor her oW,nuse to reserve a hotel room in Hawaii. In addition, the state investigation discovered that Wright had used her Pi-card to make personal purchases while on a trip to Disney in September 2006 and while on a trip to Las Vegas in over the New Years holiday in 2006-2007. The total amount of Wright's thefts totaled $3,463.25. The case was prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Laura Pfister, and the case was investigatedjointly by the State Audit Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.





Meals charged on DeKalb's card by Elaine Bo;er and Bob Lundsten

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SUbJect: Meals Chargedon OeKalb's card by Elaine Boyerand Bob Lundsten Date: Tue, Apr 1, 2014 11:04 am


Meals charged on DeKalb'scard

DeKalb County Commissioner evidenced by purchases with their county Visa cards.

by Elaine Boyer and top aide

Elaine Boyer and her top aide apparently have their favorite restaurants,

Spending records show that in 2012 and 2013, Boyer and her chief of staff, Bob Lundsten, spent more than $11,000 for restaurant meals at taxpayers' expense. Together, they averaged about two restaurant she said. "We purchases a week in 2012 and nearly three a week in 2013. Boyer told the AJC that all the expenses were for meetings with constituents. "We're either having coffee or we're talking to constituents," spend a lot of time out in the field." Based on the records, the commissioner appears to favor MatlhewsCafeteria in Tucker. She used the

county Visa card there about three dozen times in the tvvo years. With Lundsten, it's Big Tex in Decatur, a short walk away from the county building, where he made 60 Visa card purchses. On this spreadsheet,Boyer's Read the AJe'sfull restaurant investigation expenses are in red. Lundsten's spent are in

funds on herself.

of how this DeKalb official


r' ...................... .. -.._ _

.. _





i~~r::ta~.~~.. ~.. ~
" ................................ -- .........

L~!.~~!.. a.!!!._
J ................................................................................

L~~'-'.'!! _. _ L . I!~i.r.!I .. ~~~~.c:t.


!................................................. 1/4/20121 Cafeteria _ ~ Matthews __ _ : 1/10/2012 i Big Tex !;' 1/11/2012 "i Big Tex

, ..................................


1/18/2012 .. I....Matthews Cafeteria 1/23/2012iTaco Mac -1; ~.-- -- - -~-. -. ----~ -.---

!t.1~!?Q .. ~?I .. t\..r.. ~~~r.!<J\9!1~~ ..~.. 90tt

.. ~


$33.60 i _ L $83.20 i 1 $28.64 _ _ L


J .........................................................

i $21.941 , . ; $46.921 1--._----_ - -.-----~.- ---f- _.---- ..


-----_.'__ ._ _





..~t.y?Q .. ~.. ~IQI~ ... t_!i~k~r.Y........... .... .........2/J!?Q1~U::~j~ .. y~.. ~ .. ~~~y.I<~Y

2/1/2012iOld Hickory 12() 121 Losl3'ra~s . ''2;~j2012rHom''eGl"own '. .. ?i~!~()1.?Ttt?{~d~,-p~dmeter ..'. 2/10/2012: Mariow's 2/12/2012 cracker B~;:':elAthen~

. .' L

~??: .. ~~I..
.. !
.. .l


: $24.701 .'.. 1$67.331


$36j2 : ~'{9i50I.'

2113/201' 21 ih"e -. -.!--

local No. 7
"-' _.'-,

$111.30: .. ...
.. _ ....

$ai73 ( .

$28.90 ;
$9.60 I


2/1:'312012;D()wnwind Restaurant ?J16/2012IM~tthew~C~fet~ria



$38.36 i

2118/20..12 i Old Hickory 212912012 Taco Mac:

http:/~'r1'Ioi "








Meals charged on DeKalb's card by Elaine Bo}8' and Bob Lundsten


[ I

:?!.?_~~9J~JQ~.~_W~y._g.?f~ 2123/2012iBifLTex


---.l~Q:Q.~J ..$57.94

f=.~= ..~~-~ 3/8/~Q.1il Ou~-W ~y=:=~~~~.~.:.~=-:~~=~-~.:=~-~~.l:~=.:~:i25. 051_..~~.-~~~ .. -..~~=~.~.~.:: .. :~~:_=-=~~~_~~ ..

r----- ..jj~~~~~~l~~~~:~~-~---- - _l..- ..



~~==~J}~~~w!f;;~,-;;--=---:=----~~-=t==!ii~~=-::=:~~~==== r~~--l!lllf~=~-~:~:;~=-I::~JJIF~-~---=~-~=--=:j
1,1. . .

!~+ J!io... b~_BL~r_ .._ _ __ i:.::.:=~~::=~~~~1~i~l~~j~~~~;~=4~t.T2~~~!~~L~ .. :.~~~t~~t ..... :... = .. :...~~~: .. ~= ..~=:::~.. ~.. : ~-=j
~ -..--..4gj}i~0
Huey.~...Q~ ..
L _ .. _ $3~:.~_.-.---...-.-.-_

L=~~~!L2.Q!S~i~~=-=-=-_~=:::::=t~= $l.9-19"t~_=~==~=~~:=::::==j &E ~:==t}~~~i1.:.:~~~riIC=:::=~=-::!f=:==::====-::=::==j f=-~~=~~~~~,~~~=~::==~E3!t=-=~====] ~-:--=~~~!i~t~i:~~~==::=~=+:~~~~~===:==::::=::::::j ~==::~~~~~Ii~d~====:=:+==r~i:==:~~:=~==::=::::~::::: t.~:.~==.~~~~?~[~0 ~JTI!~~0~,,~.' .. =?=~.=~::~:~.~~:"~=.=.:.r' .8~L.~~:.==~=~:=.:=~:=.:=~==.=:====] :~=.=~??

-~i~~i~.l.. - .... .. .. _ .. .. __ _-_f

.$24::..~L ..__ _.__. ._ _


a~_~.':l!a.~._._ ..

-- -- _


5/30/2012 ; Matthews Cafeteria


1-I i

t ~B.:$(]~}~.!~ii~~~~:~~e -..-.. l~lt~~I:..J


~t.~{~Q.1~~~!5~~~~c~.l:i. ~~.~~~h.9..~s.~.. ...l....11~?:_~q.I ~l~~?QJ.2JQyr .. yt~y.c~~~ ._ i ..11t?~L .

..( .1.?.. J~~g~~......_...

_......... .

. ::.1

i -.....
:. ..



. ,
i i

$ ..j ..~:~?J..

. ..1
.. ji

.,-.. '

6/19/2012iO'Brians . ..................... " _ _ Tawm _.. _ 6/2212012 Jj Big Tex --.,..~..- ..- -.-.. -.. ~.. 6/25/2012 iTaco Mac . ................ y................... 716/20121Taco Mac . .
-" ..,~.--..-

1 . $13.66 _ 1...

i r" '"" $41.57 -.. v--'~l ! $26.64i, ..


7/13i2'012 ; Matthews
..... .


$2~i 52 i .

7/17/2012! Peters 7/18/201'2! Big rex 7123/2012 :Ta~~Mac$23.16i

$72.67 i $31.78j ...


712?!2912 'Matthews 7/2!3!?O 12 Matthews


Cafeteria Cafeteria

$14.45 i
$12.4 7 i








Meals clwged on DeKalb's card by Baine Boyer and Bob Lundsten

t==~~~~~fav~:::~---~~==~::::~~-t-=~~~t=:::-=--::-::==-:-= f'-"'-"-""""~7%j~~-i~ li;~~~~jji;~Z~~~~:~---- .. ---t---~~:~~t-- ..

!.:~_~.==~=~=~i~/201~tM~tth~~;~_<iaf{;i~ii~.~=~_~~.= =-~~=.'-~~"~."~~~.~:~~:~~"~:~.:~=] :~~.:~t=~~J~~26.[:~~~-.---.=
1 .,,_ ..... _.''


.----.,,-.----.-.-. .-----, 9J----"".------- ... ---.--.-.-f-----1 .._ .._. ~t1!_201.~an~,?- ~ . .. .. -_L--.-..-$7.4Q

~---"'-----9J{~~~~~t~rc::~t~-~~9~LQ~.-~-Q-~~L,,+-.--.1%~:~it-"----"-------"' .. ---- --------- ..----------------\


9/8lfQ...1~Lc;3o~<!be~~-~ag~!.g-q,.~!?~ ... t----~~6. li- 9~_-----------.---... __ ------.".--.--.,,-j


..... _~L1~!..?Q1.~l P~!LteA_':!.~~~9.~_ .._. .__ ._ ... __..

I---..~~~~~~~~~; .~f_~!xJoh~~-----.. ------I----lt~- ---------..--------------1

: 11/9/2012~~atthews Cafeteria

1=~~r~~f--~.c==-=~l=:=j~~:~fL-::--===---==:-=~ t-.~= 1~~;ft~~:W.~.~~-~=:===~=~tt.=~~~::b~===~~:::--=::-::.=~~ L __

~JOJ13120121!3aci hL~_at
PllIIrr __ .__ . __ ._ $31.57. _.


2012lQ'B.~~n ..~_I~~'!I_,,-...--.-.-..


r ----.. -------------.-----. L __._...l1.9..:1~ _ ... __ . ._._ ... _. .__ .__ ... .__.~ r....
631__ . .. _.. . . ... __ .J


.. __ ..

.__ ._~

5~r.--_-..-. .-.--------.--..-.- --.----'1 1.::.-.:.:J~}~~}~t~:~1:=~~j[~~~~~----~~ :. ..~ . .. -t..~-:~!~ilt~-~.::---=~..--.=.=~~::~---.:=~=--~=~:--~"~l

f--- _. ~~.!J.L~Q.1 ~l~~!!!1-~~s S~~fet~.!!?",
.__ .._..~


t~-~i~~~~~~~E:E:~~ ~==-::::=~~_:::r=j2S;-r~r=:~_:::::_-==_=====::_~
12/4/2012 ' Chick-FiI-A I





-H~~6~-~ti~~!~ac--"-+--$~~~~~t- ---.._--- ..-..1


~F-: :---:.:..j li~~~g~l~~f~~,::---~:-T :~~~F== -1


l?'!1~1~tiiii~-c3iirdenll ~- :


1/23/2013' Matthews Cafeteria

!t..1?!?9j~_!..T~d's. fv!~r:'t~n~. Grill-Deca!ur .~_ i

-~:i3. _~2~:?~1_' ...


........1i2Siio1-3rChlck=F'ii=A--' - -"' 1j29/20131-TheLoca,-No.i

.-.--" ......__... -.. __ ..}-. _...-._ .. - ..- ..-..~... -.. - .,." ,.. - .', '-" -.

1/24/2013!Twisted Taco

-T- ..$15~9-r---- ,,- .. -....



r- "-$55~69'1-T"'" ....... --"'-'-'-~"-".,,~.,.....



1'-2.~!?g1~l:rCl~Q1IJ1.i3<:: '. . .....; 1/31/2013: Ted's Montana Grill-Decatur!

$3..1:~~1 $98.34 i

2,-?!?91. ~ 1$igf~~' .'

2{?12qJ318j9T~x.... 2J11/2

j/1/2013:GreCianGyro Tucker"


... r:


. .'

$63.50 !
.1 ..

~8!29.13 : Ted's Montana Grill-Decatur




. $19.50)'

2113/2013, Twisted Taco 21 ~TIJIC3.tthews Cafeteria

:(unclear why this charge

.. ' . ~J4' 70 ",Cls dropped).


, ,;.



http:.~\' ..-----

' /IPrntM _maJ I essage.aspx


Meals charged on DeKalb's card by Elaine Bo)er and Bob Lundsten

L _ .._?!.?~i?01~ Gr~ci_~~.y.~_:ru~~~! .. _I---J~28:.~~~ _._. ._._.
i 2127/201~Blue Ribbon GriU
3/4/20131 Panera Bread

~'-- :-~~7ici~~l.i~;r-~o~tanaGrtii:D~~;t~~-~

""-'-"'~:~k1-i'--"---"---'-"""'-""--""--' ..- - - -.--)


._. __ .. 1

l=~~~2o~~Tac~JI,~=~=-=-===:~~==j_3:l,041-~===--=-:~-=;~t=~===:===l E==~~;~~1~~~1=:~-]===E:~~~~~=~====J ---~:~::~J-------------------------------1 rex 1 ~==~lIiIlJ2~ewi~~;;:a==:-T=]2s:oF:~=:-===-:::=:==:::] ~~::~c~;. +--~;~~:


I~~-~:=.~~-.:_-~[~ .. ?O1_~_~~J9.}~x---~~=~=_~=.:~~~-: .. ~ :.~~=_1=-..-_ ..=~~1~[~~-:=.:~~.~:~=~::~~~=~:_:.~:::=~-.~~~.~._~]1 i


$86.90 I

L. .__ ..~~~~~~~~~ 1~:u:c:-~~:.i~------------i




c------------------r--- .... -$62:061---.------.----.------.----

.. ---.-...

I-..-~~~~~~~ ~

B~-ei-&-Deli--- ..

~~i' ---.-

--..----.---- -.--.------.- -.

r..- .. --- ..-..

1------% ~;~~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~e ~aUCberge--.. ----- .. t-----Cafetelia..~- ..-r---$15."01 -.-.---.----- ..- ..- - -------.-.

:!::i~t ..-----------"--- ---.-.. -..


.?!??/?.9.1:3.1 ~gl~~~rg~E3.c:lg~l~q~li.1 5/2212013 i Old Hickory House . 5;23;2-01"3TM~r1oWs....---- ....- ..-

$~1~ $25.93 i

--<+--------------...,.---..- - -.+ . -..--.--~--

.. _-.. -.- -- _

--.. -_

- .


- -....


s./~~j?Q~:~lth~~~i~~a.y.~~~-t~.~i~~~.~.].Jj:~?I... ..:.~:.' .. .. '1 Los Rancheros Restaurant i $35.371 ! __ 5j~Ol?Q1)J~!iI~~=::==.=.::- .. '1' .$j~:~L. .... ... 1
5/31/2013 ...............

i Matthews ( _...... .. Cafeteria


..6/?/?0~.3 t(3r~ci~~ GyrqTLJ,?ker 6/8/2013 ; Goldbergs Bagel & Deli .............. t: .................-..... 6/10/2..91:3 [qap!~~!.G~II~.. 6/12/2013 6/1212013 .., .. -- ~. .


lh~ l\.1a~~yHou~e
Matthews Cafeteria Matthews Cafeteria
".-.. -.,." .


$19.58 i -- ..f.. $i.l1'~~L $18.60"I" i $281~~ i $28.84 $43.15 -.


6/14/2013 6/18/2013 6!?1/2013 61241?013 6/251?013







Big.Tex Matthews Cafeteria A/sace . & S


$32.70' $53.29 i




.IIiIII.I~ : IIr_' 'iIit"!lnlMessage,aspx



http:/' -

. :IMessage.aspx 6/6

Restore DeKalb is a coalition of private citizens with a mission to hold elected officials accountable and restore public trust. We join private citizens that step out on the frontline to ensure transparency, ethics, and accountability. We join Thomas Mitchell Owens and Joe Newton in their attempt to restore public trust. We strive to hold elected officials accountable.

Viola Davis - Restore DeKalb

dwards - Restore DeKalb

Thomas Mitchell Owens - Taxpayer and Voter in Commission District 1

Restore DeKalb is a coalition of private citizens with a mission to hold elected officials accountable and restore public trust. We join private citizens that step out on the frontline to ensure transparency, ethics, and accountability. We join Thomas Mitchell Owens and Joe Newton in their attempt to restore public trust. We strive to hold elected officials accountable.

Thomas Mitchell Owens - Taxpayer and Voter in Commission District 1

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