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Deploying a StratusLab cloud

+C$ Summer Schoo, -udapest. /ungary! 1* 0u,y (111
StratusLab is co-funded by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme Capacities! "rant #greement $%SF&-'$-()1**( 1

Presentation Outline

Project overview and Goals StratusLab Cloud Distribution Reference Cloud Service Prerequisites Installation Configuration

!d"inistration Conclusions


StratusLab Project


Create comprehensive. open-source. $aaS c,oud distribution Focus on supporting grid services



● ● ●

1 0une (111321 4ay (11( ( years! ) partners from * countries -udget 5 262 47 (62 47 EC!



● ● ●

Site web5 http588stratus,ab6eu8 9witter5 :StratusLab Support5 support:stratus,ab6eu




Pri"ary #se Cases

Grid sites on top of cloud infrastructures
● ●

-ridge c,oud and grid techno,ogies <nderstand techno,ogy gaps and imp,ications from combining these two approaches in the same environment +emonstrate production ,eve, grid services on top of c,oud techno,ogies

Cloud$li%e approac&es for grid service provision
● ●

+ynamic management 8 E,asticity of computing resources =&-based authentication and authori>ation for accessing c,oud resources


Grid and Cloud Integrations

users "rid 'esource Center
"rid Services C,oud #P$ and Service 4anager #P$

StratusLab +istribution Private8Pub,ic C,oud

Pub,ic C,ouds

'arget #ser Co""unities( !pplication Do"ains
Syste" !d"inistrators

)ill use t&e StratusLab distribution to deploy t&eir own cloud infrastructure
*anual installation $nsta,,ation through the ?uattor system

Grid Site ad"inistrators
● ●

@i,, use a StratusLab-based c,oud infrastructure to dep,oy their "rid sites @i,, re-use eAisting app,iances with grid midd,eware or bui,d their own images

+nd #sers
● ●

Focus on Scientific app,ications same as with "rid app,ications! -ioinformatics community participates in the proBect C%'S8$-CP!6 Ear,y adopters of StratusLab techno,ogy @i,, run their app,ications either as "rid Bobs or by accessing computing resources direct,y from the c,oud #P$s6

So far, so good-

Series of public(preview releases of StratusLab distribution
● ● ●

Latest re,ease5 v161 0u,y (111! 'P4s avai,ab,e from the StratusLab repo5 http588yum6stratus,ab6eu &pen%ebu,a (6( core virtua, machine manager

Public reference cloud service
● ● ●

&perated by "'%E9 Provides access to eAterna, users6 'eDuests send to support:stratus,ab6eu -ased on the ,atest at time StratusLab re,ease

!ppliance repository
● ● ●

&perated by 9C+ &ffers base &S and app,iance images pre-cooked with app-,eve, software!6 $s evo,ving towards a E4arketp,aceF of =4 #pp,iances registry of =4 metadata G actua, images stored in the c,oud!

!rc&itecture of StratusLab v./0
#pp,iance 4anagement users
/99P S! 'ES9 $nterface StratusLab 4arketp,ace

$aaS C,oud
9C,oud Service 4anager C,audia! I4L-'PC J &CC$ =irtua, 4achine 4anager &pen%ebu,a! L=4 Ien =4ware M

#pp,iance Storage @eb. "rid. C,oud!

'ES98C+4$ Storage 4anager iSCS$ K! M

Physica, Computing 'esources

Physica, Storage 'esources

Reference deploy"ent

one/ )omman$s as onea$min a))t+

Cloud Admin.

F ron te nd
OpenNebula(XMLRPCon 2634) Ganglia StratusLab web monitor N S Ser!er (images" #Ms" onea$min)

h ps ://cloud-g rnet.s tra tus

Passwor$(less SS% a))ess *or onea$min a))t+

Nod e1
%&per!isor ('#M) Ganglia (gmon$) N SClient (images" #Ms" onea$min)

Nod e2
P&t,on CL- to %..P en$point %..P image trans*er ()url) %&per!isor ('#M) Ganglia (gmon$) N SClient (images" #Ms" onea$min)

User (Grid admin or app user)

Ap p lian c e sR e p os itory
h p://appliances .s tratus

. . .

Nod eN
%&per!isor ('#M) Ganglia (gmon$) N SClient (images" #Ms" onea$min)


In action1 2G$03$StratusLab

'&e first 456 fully virtuali7ed production grid site running on a cloud infrastructure

1 CE. H dua,-core @%s. 1 SE 29- of storage!. 1 gLite-#PEL monitoring node. 1 <$ Certified in "reek %"$. officia,,y part of the nationa, grid infrastructure "stat detai,s5 http588gstat-prod6cern6ch8gstat8site8/"-1C-StratusLab8


Grid admins

Grid end-users

Reduced ti"e to production *ini"i7e c&ances of downti"es due to &ardware proble"s +asier to quic%ly scale on &ig& load de"ands 2ardware ad"inistration delegated to cloud provider Cost$efficient access to co"puting resources

+8perience a "ore reliable Grid service

#dditiona, work is needed in order to eAp,oit the fu,, potentia, of the c,oud






e$ora454 Passwor$less4ss,4between4%24no$es4as4root 04running46%CP4ser!er (Optional)47ri$ge4)on*iguration


Installation Overview

Installation Methods

– –

%ot as manua, as you think 5-! Set up the repository and insta,, StratusLab using manua, commands and preferences from the designated frontend node6

– – –

Faster. more comprehensive insta,,ation procedure Everything in one p,ace but "reater risk of prob,ems during insta,,ation

For this demonstration

Manual4-nstallation4will4be4use$"4to4gi!e4s&sa$mins4a4better4 i$ea4o*4t,e4prere9uisites4an$4pro)e$ures


Installation Overview 4:6


.,e4o**i)ial4repo4at4,ttp:11&um+stratuslab+eu1releases1*e$ora5414 One4pa);age4install:4&um4install4stratuslab()li(s&sa$min Optional:4stratuslab(web(monitor"4stratuslab(mar;etpla)e

DHCP configuration HW Node installation and configuration Frontend and node install Operational est practices


D2CP configuration

A note on ONE net or!ing

( network types FiAed or 'anged

FiAed5 $Ps assigned on a per 4#C basis from unmanaged +/CP server G predictab,e $P assignmen 'anged5 $Ps are not assigned in a predictab,e fashion i6e6 it’s up to an unmanaged +/CP server!

"#C$ con%iguration

Provide each 4#C with an $P in a predictab,e manner &%E wi,, be notified during insta,,ation from StratusLab too,s


*anual 2) node configuration

Net or!

4ake sure that a,, nodes have the correct bridges to the correct =L#%s if you are using seperate =L#%s! Stratus-insta,, can dea, with it during insta,,ation caveat5 this is a uti,ity that shou,d not be used G a restart wi,, inva,idate the configuration!

Node storage con%iguration

&%E has two modes of operation
– –

SS/ with ,oca, storage Shared storage e6g6 nfs!

<sing either of those reDuires no configuration stratus-insta,,! Oou can use your favorite shared8distributed FS e6g6 "PFS. g,usterfs. ceph! with ,itt,e effort. provided you can mount it on 8var8,ib8one8

&etup pass ordless ssh %or root


PStratusLab-'e,easesQ nameRStratusLab-'e,eases baseur,Rhttp588yum6stratus,ab6eu8re,eases8fedora1; gpgcheckR1 Enab,edR1

)nstall pac!ages

yum insta,, stratus,ab-c,i-sysadmin 9hat’s itS


Installation 4:6

$re-install con%ig

stratus-config Gk stratus-config TkeyU Tva,ueU /uge number of options G few reDuired EAamp,e

*rontend and node install

stratus-insta,, stratus-insta,, Gn ThostnameU =erbosity is good -v. -vv!


)&at &appens5

User creation (oneadmin) ONE con%iguration (*E+ hosts+ ,nets) &er,ices con%ig (mainl( lib,irt/-emu) (Optionall() Net or! con%iguration (Optionall() N*& con%iguration

.uite a lot actuall(/


'esting t&e installation

Use current tools/ Cloud la(er admin (oneadmin) 0aunching )nstances 1roubleshooting

Get help %rom the communit(/ (


Installing goodies

3eb 4onitor

yum insta,, stratus,ab-web-monitor 8etc8init6d8httpd start


stratus-insta,, Gc,audia EAperimenta, sti,,S



Add/manage users

&ne-proAy or. the front-end! <ser credentia,s passwords or grid certs! Simp,y add8remove ,ines from a sing,e fi,e


oneauth Duota set M

5ac!ups 1ailoring (i.e. #ac!ing :-) )

O&<' user community shou,d drive the reDuirements6 9rade-offs e6g6 storage capacity vs disk $8&! EAtreme,y configurab,e dep,oyment G bash scripting know,edge


&tratus0ab or!ing on cloud / grid integration/interoperabilit( scenarios &tratus0ab 6.7 release 'e%erence cloud ser,ice publicl( a,ailable $roduction grid site running on re%erence cloud 3or!ing on elastic grid site %unctionalit( E8ploring grid-li!e access to cloud resources


;or "ore infor"ation-


i!i: http://

&upport mailing list: (also %or re-uesting access to the re%erence cloud ser,ice) Appliance 'epositor(: Git (source code): $ac!age repositor(: http://( OpenNebula tool!it: .uattor tool!it:


Copyright V (111. 4embers of the StratusLab co,,aboration5 Centre %ationa, de ,a 'echerche ScientifiDue. <niversidad Comp,utense de 4adrid. "reek 'esearch and 9echno,ogy %etwork S6#6. SiASD SWr,. 9e,efXnica $nvestigaciXn y +esarro,,o S#. and 9he Provost Fe,,ows and Scho,ars of the Co,,ege of the /o,y and <ndivided 9rinity of ?ueen E,i>abeth %ear +ub,in6 9his work is ,icensed under the Creative Commons #ttribution 261 <nported License http588creativecommons6org8,icenses8by82618