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Submitted By: Madhu Babu Bhogadi EBS ID: 01 1!"10# Su$e%&i'ed By: !%o() Shai*a+a Ma,o-ha

I, $a%tia* (u*(i**me,t o( !OS. "RAD/A.E DI!LOMA IN MANA"EMEN. A-ademi- Se''io,: 01 0 01#

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ERA Bu'i,e'' S-hoo* !*ot No) 1AF213 Se-to%243 D5a%6a3 Ne5 De*hi 0 110077 Dated: 8a, 913 01#

The changing needs and references of the customers are driving them towards the package Drinking Water. In this age of Globalization people experiment with the international tastes and flavors. They ust do not cater to the needs of the youth but also the children and even the grand parents. !ccording to a survey the demand for Drinking Water Industry will double by the year "#$% hence& there is a lot of potential for the existing and the new entrants in the package drinking water business. The shift in taste to more towards mineral water can be attributed to the increase in the number of the life styles like these days people are working in call centers where they have to work whole night& as a result mineral water is not only a luxury but also an essentiality for them. 'ne of the best feature of (ineral Water industry is that the staff is )uite well trained and hospitable and more importantly they understand the needs and perception of the customers. *or the above feature the customers are not even shying away to pay the high amount as they are getting value for their money.


+rand is the name& term& design& symbol or any other that identifies one seller,s product distinct from those of other seller,s. The making of this research pro ect on +rand analysis and market research will help me in many ways. This research work will strengthen and boost my knowledge of the industry- it will also help me to understand my choice of sub ect i.e. marketing and in a better manner. I sincerely believe that working on research pro ect like this will help me to gain huge practical knowledge of the sub ect and the industry.

In the .urrent scenario& many dramatic changes are taking place in mineral water industry in specific to /0ackage Drinking Water Industry/. *rom the sponsorship of cricket matches to advertising through the conventional media& every company is launching new model and striving to capture more and more market share. 1o far the market leader has been +isleri and it has tried to pro ect its brands in a very different manner. !s the Indian water industry is growing at an outstanding rate of $##2per annum from the last couple of years& which is due to the rising income levels& continuing poor public water transport system& and declining water )uality& wider availability of finance& decreasing product life cycles and increasing percentage of young population. The last few years have seen that many (3. are entering in to the mineral water industry. The market started growing at an outstanding rate of $##2 per annum. 4ast year the industry had around $5# brands. This figure is over 6## presently. The ma or foreign players are .oca7 .ola promoted 8inley& 0epsi !)uafina& +ritannia,s 9vian& 3estle,s 0errier& 8ingfisher. The pro ect focuses on finding the perception of consumer,s vis7a7vis image and positioning of brands of +isleri. 1ince +isleri has been one the company spending huge amount in advertising and sponsorship of events& it has been successful in creating a differentiated image. This study is descriptive in nature and has been undertaken through survey methods with structured )uestionnaire method as data collection instrument and it provides me the opportunity to explore the whole scenario.

OB8E:.I;E OF .1E S./DY

The following are the main ob ectives of my :esearch study;7 $. ".

To study the effectiveness of the promotional strategies of brand. To compare the market share of +isleri with !)uafina and kinley. To find out the preference level of respondents regarding +isleri brand of bottle.

Re'ea%-h Methodo*ogy
! :esearch (ethodology defines the purpose of the research& how it proceeds& how to measure progress and what constitute success with respect to the ob ectives determined for carrying out the research study. The appropriate research design formulated is detailed below. 9xploratory :esearch; This kind of research has the primary ob ective of development of insights into the problem. It studies the main area where the problem lies and also tries to evaluate some appropriate courses of action. The research methodology for the present study has been adopted to reflect these realties and help reach the logical conclusion in an ob ective and scientific manner. The present study contemplated an exploratory research


Data will be collected through direct interviews and by raising )uestionnaires to retailers. 1econdary data that is already available and published. <arious internet sites& newspaper& magazines were searched in order to find information useful for completion of this pro ect. It could be internal and external source of data.


I,te%,a* 'ou%-e: Which originates from the specific field or area where research is carried out e.g. publish broachers& official reports etc. E=te%,a* 'ou%-e: This originates outside the field of study like books& periodicals& ournals& newspapers and the Internet.

!%ima%y Data:

The primary data will be collected by conducting a survey in Delhi 3.:.

SAM!LE DESI"N Sam$*i,g u,it: Sam$*e 'i>e:

.onsumers = :etailers in the above mentioned areas. $## persons >i.e. %# .onsumers = %# :etailers?


1imple :andom 1ampling to select the sample


Sou%-e' o( data:

$? 0rimary Data which include the input received from directly the consumers and retailers through Interview. "? 1econdary data from the Industry manual& policy manuals& books and internet etc.

Method o( -o**e-ti,g data:

Interview method.

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