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M.A. Program in Liberal Studies Graduate Center, CUNY 365 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4108 New York, NY 10016-4309 EDUCATION Ph.D. in English, Certificate in American Studies, Graduate Center, The City University of New York (CUNY), New York, NY. October 2006. Dissertation: The Culture of Proof: Science, Religion, and Photography in America, 1780-1875. Committee: Joan Richardson (Director), William P. Kelly, David S. Reynolds. Awarded The Alfred Kazin Prize for the Best Dissertation in American Literature and Culture, CUNY Graduate Center, 2006. M.A. in English, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. May 1997. B.A. with Honors in English, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT. May 1995. APPOINTMENTS Associate Professor, Department of English, New York City College of Technology, CUNY. Brooklyn, NY. 2012-present. Acting Executive Officer, M.A. Program in Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center. New York, NY. 2012-present. Advisor to the Provost for Master‟s Programs and Digital Initiatives, CUNY Graduate Center. New York, NY. 2011-present. Deputy Executive Officer, M.A. Program in Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center. New York, NY. 2011-2012. Faculty Member, M.A. Program in Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center. New York, NY. 2011-present. Faculty Member, Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Doctoral Certificate Program, CUNY Graduate Center. New York, NY. 2008-present. Assistant Professor, Department of English, New York City College of Technology, CUNY. Brooklyn, NY. 2007-2012. mattgold@gmail.com (212) 817-8481 http://mkgold.net

Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Information. the prospects for new forms of scholarship and new models of scholarly communication. Among the issues addressed by over thirty prominent digital humanities scholars are the struggles to define the field. 2012. was released in January 2013: http://dhdebates. Aggregated Experiment.” Debates in the Digital Humanities. Ed.” Debates in the Digital Humanities. Leonardo Reviews. “Looking for Whitman: A Grand. This collection of essays presents perspectives on the debates that have surrounded the recent emergence of the digital humanities as an academic discipline.. and future directions of DH. open-access edition of the text. Matthew K.” Learning Through Digital Media: Experiments in Technology and Pedagogy. Spec. “Beyond Friending: BuddyPress and the Social.1 (2011). Principles. 2012.” Online Social Networking as a Site for Learning. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. With Jim Groom. 19. Ed.2 PUBLICATIONS Books Gold.” Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Practices. Information & Culture. Trebor Scholz.2 (Spring 2011).cuny. and Pedagogy. American Quarterly. and the institutional ramifications of DH. 2011. “The CUNY Academic Commons: Fostering Faculty Use of the Social Web. the methodologies that define DH inquiry. the range of possible cultural approaches to DH. the past.” Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric. the status of pedagogy within the field. With George Otte. Brett D. created by the GC Digital Scholarship Lab.edu Reviewed by Times Literary Supplement. Ed. Gold. the relationship of DH to theory. Cambridge: Open Book Publishers. An interactive. Matthew K. 2012. The Key Reporter Book Chapters and Articles “Looking for Whitman: A Multi-Campus Experiment in Digital Pedagogy. Communication & Society. Technology.gc. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. “The Digital Humanities Moment.. 15. 2012. ed. Networked. Hirsch. Gold. . and Politics. Matthew K. issue of On the Horizon. Open-Source Classroom. Visual Resources: An International Journal of Documentation. Ed. Debates in the Digital Humanities. “Becoming Book-Like: Bob Stein and The Future of the Book. present. New York: Institute for Distributed Creativity.

no. Sloan Foundation. Vittoz. National Endowment for the Humanities. $33.” $3. 2013-2014.edu/2011/11/22/the-cuny-academiccommons-announces-the-commons-in-a-box-project/. Dan Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt. 20102011. 2013. with Rebecca Frost Davis. 3-4 (Summer 2000): 519-534. Eds. Co-General Editor. Harris. Benjamin Robertson. “The Commons In A Box.gc.cuny. “The Expert Hand and the Obedient Heart: T. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. 2014. 2010. Dr. and Jentery Sayers (book proposal under review at the Modern Language Association). and Marie-Laure Ryan. Office of the Digital Humanities.500. Alfred P. Katherine D. 2009-2012.” $550.commons.gc. Principal Investigator. and the Therapeutic Possibilities of The Waste Land. “JustPublics@365: Reimagining Scholarly Communication for the Public Good. Project Director. http://justpublics365.235. Digital Pedagogy Reader and Toolkit. Eliot. XXIII. http://news.shtml. GRANTS Co-PI. . Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.citytech.” From A to <A>: Keywords of Markup. with Chase Robinson and Jessie Daniels.” $107.S." Hacking the Academy.edu/.100. “The Digital Humanities. ed.cuny.” The Journal of Modern Literature.000. 2011-2012.commons. Bradley Dilger and Jeff Rice. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.” Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant Level 2.3 “Breaking All the Rules: <HR> and the Aesthetics of Online Space.000. Under Review The Culture of Proof: Framing Belief in the Early Republic (book manuscript under review at the University of Minnesota Press). ed.cuny. “A Living Laboratory: Redesigning General Education for a 21stCentury College of Technology. Forthcoming "Against Learning Management Systems. Principle Investigator.S. Ford Foundation.” The Johns Hopkins Guide to the Digital Humanities. “Looking for Whitman: The Poetry of Place in the Life and Work of Walt Whitman. vol. Lori Emerson. Department of Education. http://www.edu/aboutus/newsevents/2010fa/living_lab/index. U.

” Fordham University. “Looking for Whitman: The Poetry of Place in the Life and Work of Walt Whitman.cuny. National Endowment for the Humanities. “Looking for Whitman. 2012-present. May 22-23. 2013.gc. http://lookingforwhitman. Project Director. http://gcdsl.org. National Endowment for the Humanities. $160.edu. CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative. Director. Project Director.4 http://lookingforwhitman. “Teaching to the Network: Digital Humanities and Public Pedagogy. PROJECTS Interactive Open-Access Edition of Debates in the Digital Humanities. $24. “Water and Work: The History and Ecology of the Brooklyn Waterfront.gc.commons. Charlie Edwards. Co-Director (with Steve Brier. 2011-present.gc. Ohio State University. 2008-2009. 2013-present.org. CUNY Academic Commons. OH.cuny. Co-PI.cuny. Summer 2008.” 2008-2011.commons. http://commons. CUNY Graduate Center Digital Initiatives.000. Research Grant.cuny. 2007-2008.edu.edu. http://cunydhi.” New York City College of Technology. Director. GC Digital Scholarship Lab. 2009-present.gc. Faculty Fellow. . and Amanda Licastro). Columbus.commons.gc. http://gcdi.” Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant Level 1.org PRESENTATIONS Invited Talks “Emerging Options for Scholarly Publishing. http://lookingforwhitman.gc.” PI: Raffael Guidone. PSC-CUNY.cuny.” Committee on Institutional Cooperation Center for Library Initiatives Annual Conference. National Science Foundation. 2010-present.commons. http://dhdebates.edu/. 2012-present. Office of the Digital Humanities.912. “Pathways to Revitalized Undergraduate Computing Education (CPATH). 2009-2011.edu Director. http://digitalfellows. GC Digital Fellows Program.cuny.edu.

director.” The Humanities Initiative.” Adjunct Institute. “The CUNY Academic Commons: Building the Social University. 2013. Program in English. Ph. “Debates in the Digital Humanities: A Roundtable. Fashion Institute of Technology.” University of Houston. 2013. “Beyond the Book: Scholarly Communication in the Networked University. April 30. “Reading and Writing at Scale: Digital Humanities and the Future of Scholarly Communication.eventbrite. Graduate Center. http://hidebatesdighum. The University of Pittsburgh. “Debates in the Digital Humanities: Issues from the recent University of Minnesota Press collection” with Stephen Brier. editor. April 12. http://clc. NY. 2012. 2012. “Debates in the Digital Humanities: An Evening with Matthew K.” Fordham University. NY. January 26. 2012.” Suffolk Community College. University of Minnesota Press. and Doug Armato. June 5. 2013.0 Collaborative. Closing Keynote. http://www. “Debates in the Digital Humanities.” College of Arts & Sciences Dean‟s Lecture Series. Gold. CUNY Graduate Center. TX. Program in English Friday Forum Series. Gold.com/.5 New York. Center for Excellence in Teaching. San Francisco.” Yale University Teaching and Learning Commons. October 1.” Ph. April 6. Charlie Edwards.” part of the “Innovations and Initiatives in Digital Humanities” panel at “Digital Humanities and the Transformation of Scholarship: A SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines Conference. Houston. February 7. CA.D. 2012. and David Greetham.yale. 2011. 2012 NFAIS Humanities Roundtable XI: Focus on the Library. “Debates in the Digital Humanities: book launch with Matthew K. February 17.edu/2011/03/02/thecuny-academic-commons-building-the-social-university/ . CUNY. April 20.” Institute for Advanced Study/Digital Humanities 2. April 5. National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS). University of Minnesota. “Building Open Scholarly Communications With the Commons in a Box. Elizabeth Losh. University of San Francisco.nfais. New York. February 22. http://dhdebates. Moderator.D. New York University. April 15.org/page/370-2012-nfais-humanities-roundtable “Defaulting to Open. May 1.” Digital Media @ Pitt.eventbrite. 2013. NY. 2012. 2012. Brentwood. New York. NY. 2012.com/. “Digital Humanities: Prospects for Research and Teaching. 2013. and Tom Scheinfeldt.

net/ “Looking for Whitman: Networking the Digital Humanities. 2009. “Melville and Whitman in Washington: The Civil War Years and After. MA.” Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association. 2009.” Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association. MA. May 17. Digital Pedagogy Lightning Talks (Session Organizer).” Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association. 2013. Boston. January 3-6.” Information 2. New York City.” The Melville Society. Raleigh. Seattle. January 7. 2013. Selected Conference Presentations “Debates in the Digital Humanities” (Poster Session). WA. January 8.” Norwegian E-Learning Delegation Visit. D. “Disciplinary Formations: Rooting Out the Digital Humanities. July 16-19. Panelist. Research and Educational Network. “Beyond the PDF: Experiments in Open-Access Scholarly Publishing.” Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention. 2013 Digital Humanities Conference. November 2. 2012. Boston. 2012.0: Knowledge in the Digital Age Speaker Series. http://mith. June 4-7. San Juan. 2010. October 16.6 “Beyond Friending: @cunycommons and the Emergence of the Social University. 2013. WA. “Whose Revolution? Toward a More Equitable Digital Humanities.umd. MO.” Computers and Writing 2012 Conference. Open-Source. http://guerrillapedagogy. University of Nebraska.C. Louis.” Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association. October 15. January 3-6. NE. “Digital Humanities Caucus: What Can the Digital Humanities Bring to American Studies.mkgold.” Digital Dialogues Series. March 23.” “Using . 2012. NC. 2012. Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH). Lincoln. Panelist. “Social Media and Scholarship: The State of Middle-State Publishing. Aggregated Course Design. November 15-18. LaGuardia Community College. Panelist. St. University of Maryland. Puerto Rico. 2013. Washington. and Vice Versa?” American Studies Association Conference. 2012. Seattle. “Composing New Partnerships in the Digital Humanities.edu/podcast/?podcast=99 “Guerrilla Pedagogy: A Hit-and-Run Guide to Mobile. Community: Using the CUNY Academic Commons. “Connection. Collaboration. “Digital Humanities and Rhet/Comp.

http://digitaluniversity. New York. “A Living Laboratory: Redesigning General Education for a 21st.” CUNY Graduate Center. Massachusetts. December 1.” 9th Annual CUNY IT Conference: The Tried and the New.” WordCamp Philly. Publishing. The New School. New York. Aggregated Collaboration. 2009. Northeast Regional Computing Program. “Building Communities on the CUNY Academic Commons” (session organizer and chair) 9th Annual CUNY IT Conference: The Tried and the New. Joseph Ugoretz.” Modern Language Association Annual Convetion.” 7th Annual CUNY General Education Conference. PA. “WordPress as Social Platform: BuddyPress and the CUNY Academic Commons.” and “The Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (ITP) Certificate Program‟s First Decade. New York. NY. NY. NY. November 5. “Beyond Friending: Doing Work With BuddyPress. Norwood. New York. Los Angeles. New York.” CoPresented with Mikhail Gershovich. 2011. 2011. December 10. CA. New York. Organizing Committee. Special Session Organizer and Chair. “The Digital University: Power Relations. December 10.” Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association. Gorges. and Luke Waltzer. “Academic Panel: Socializing Higher Education through Content Management Systems.cuny. December 28. October 16. “Looking for Whitman: New Models for Networked. Special Session Organizer and Presenter. NY. Philadelphia. October 11. With Boone B. April 8. “Open Education: The University and The Commons. John Jay College. 2010. NY. Session Organizer and Chair. PA. CUNY Graduate Center.7 Technology to Bring Brooklyn‟s History into City Tech‟s Future.Century College of Technology. NY.edu/. “The Open Professoriate: Public Intellectuals on the Social Web.gc. January 7. NY. Philadelphia. April 21. 9th Annual CUNY IT Conference: The Tried and the New. 2011. December 10. 2010.” 8th Annual CUNY . “Looking for Whitman: A Cross-Campus Experiment in Digital Pedagogy: A Roundtable. NY. CUNY Graduate Center. 2010. 2011. 2010. York College. CUNY Graduate Center. “Open It Up: The Prospect of a CUNY-Wide Online Student Publishing Platform. “Introducing the CUNY Academic Commons” and “CUNY WordCampEd and Beyond–The State of WordPress at CUNY. May 13. New York. Authority and Community in the 21st Century Academy. Boone Gorges. 2010.” MobilityShifts: An International Future of Learning Summit. New York.” 10th Annual CUNY IT Conference. 2011. 2010.” WordCampNYC 2010. Session Organizer and Presenter.” WordPress University Workshop.

New York. John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “TinySyntax: Twitter as Networked Discursive Space. NY. MALS 78100: Digital Humanities in Research and Teaching.0. San Francisco. NY.” 6th Annual CUNY IT Conference.” “Microblogging: Producing Discourse in 140 Characters or Less. Session Organizer and Chair. 2008. “Ample: Sizing Up Whitman‟s Brooklyn.” 7th Annual CUNY IT Conference. Spring 2012. 2009. TEACHING Graduate Courses: Graduate Center. Friday. and Practice of Interactive Media. ITCP 70010: History. “Whitman 2. ITCP 70020: Interactive Technology and the University: Theory. November 30. Co-taught with Stephen Brier. New York. Undergraduate Courses: New York City College of Technology One Major Writer: Walt Whitman Law and Literature: Feeling the Law Technical Writing in the Age of Social Media English Composition II: Urban Spaces English Composition I: Composing Abstractions (Learning Community) English Composition I: Writing Spaces/Building Poetry (Learning Community) English Composition I: Writing New York Introduction to Poetry: Beautiful Knots Introduction to Fiction: The American Short Story ADVISING . December 27-30. Brooklyn.8 IT Conference: Managing Complexity. Kingsborough Community College. New York. John Jay College. 2009. Design.” "Instructional/Information Technology in CUNY: The Catalyst for Transformational Change.” Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association. Spring 2010. CA. Theory.” Fall 2012. Open Communities: Exploring Alternatives to Blackboard.” “New Directions in the Digital Humanities at CUNY. Co-taught with Stephen Brier.” Dreamland Pavilion: Brooklyn and Development Conference. December 4. NY. Fall 2008. Cotaught with Stephen Brier. CUNY ENGL 89020/MALS 78100. 2007.” “Instructional/Information Technology in CUNY: Future Present. Open Learning. “Open Source. “Debates in the Digital Humanities: Towards a Networked Academy. and Practice. 2008. NY. December 5. October 2-3. John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Session Organizer and Chair.

Watters. List: “Theorizing New Media: Digital Texts. December 2009. PRESS COVERAGE Furlan. Geoffrey Marshall Dissertation Fellowship in the Humanities. . AWARDS AND HONORS The Mike Ribaudo Individual Award for Technological Innovation. City University of New York. English. http://digitalcampus. Anthropology. English. “‟Commons in a Box‟ & the Importance of Open Academic Networks.” Doctoral Oral Exam Committees Amanda Licastro. 2001-2002. List: “Mobile Learning | Embodied Knowing” Jill Belli.” Digital Campus Podcast.html “Death Knell for the Paywall. 2005-2006." Converge.” Hack (Higher) Education/Inside Higher Ed. 2012. Program in English. 2 December 2011. Charlie Edwards.tv/2011/12/02/episode-78-death-knell-for-the-paywall/. 2013.insidehighered. CUNY Graduate Center. Roscorla.convergemag. George Mason University. 2010. “Intellectual Exploration Is Not Just for Undergrads. Episode 78. 2012. CUNY Graduate Center. English.9 Dissertation Committees Jill Belli. "CUNY Plans to Share Social Network Tools That Break Down Silos. http://www. 28 November 2011. English.com/blogs/hack-higher-education/commons-boximportance-open-academic-networks. Center for History and New Media. & Collaborative Communities” Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Independent Study Project Supervision Aaron Kendall. The Alfred Kazin Prize for the Best Dissertation in American Literature and Culture. Tanya. Ph. 2011. List: “The Rise of Digital Scholarship” Jesse Merandy. Sarah Ruth Jacobs.” NY Metro. Lynn Kadison Dissertation Fellowship.D. 19 February 2013. English. “From Self-Help to Social Hope: Transformative Pedagogies of Happiness. 2011. English. 2010. CUNY Graduate Center. Audrey. 2006. Julia.com/infrastructure/CUNYSocial-Network-Tools. Networked Selves. http://www. 13 December 2011.

com/wiredcampus/article/3704/whitman-takes-manhattan.com/rtd/news/local/education/article/CAMP01_200904 30-220609/264980/.shtml.brooklyneagle.com/news/publications/cunymatters/may09/te aching-online. Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric.cityuniversityofnewyork. 2011-2013. Technology. http://chronicle. April 2009. Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. "Looking for Whitman: A Grand. Unlike Facebook. or „Shut the Front Door!‟” Bavatuesdays.cuny.com/archives/2009/APR/html/colcitytech.‟” Chronicle of Higher Education/Wired Campus. “City Tech Will Use Downtown as „Lab.” CUNY Matters. Modern . and Pedagogy. http://www. 28 October 2009.0. http://www. http://bavatuesdays. http://chronicle. Chandler. EDITING Editorial Board.” Converge.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. James.” Education Update 4 2009. 2013-present. Groom.” Brooklyn Eagle.” 7 October 2009. Spring 2009: 28-32.umw. “Creating New Academic Networks With „Commons in a Box. http://www. CUNY Graduate Center. http://chronicle.educationupdate. SERVICE Service to the Profession Computer Studies of Writing and Literature Group Steering Committee (Elected).” Richmond Times Dispatch.Chronicle.html “Mary Washington joins in on Whitman course.10 Howard. 2010present.” The Chronicle of Higher Education: Wired Campus. “Walt Whitman Goes 2.com/article/NewCollege-Networks-Unlike/124871/. http://www. http://www.edu/aboutus/newsevents/gold_whitman/index. http://www. Editorial Collective. 10 October 2010. “Wired Campus: Whitman Takes Manhattan . “UMW Faculty Collaborate on Digital Project. Travis. Jennifer. Harris. Reviewer: Digital Humanities Quarterly. http://bavatuesdays. Technology. May 2009. 8 Apr 2009. “City Tech Professor Captures Walt Whitman Spirit in Digital Teaching. and Pedagogy.net/docs/converge. Kaya.citytech.com/looking-for-whitmanor-shut-the-front-door/.com/looking-for-whitman-a-grand-aggregatedexperiment.html. Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric. “Walt Whitman‟s Democratic Spirit Lives on in Professor Gold‟s Multi-Campus Digital Humanities Experiment. 1 September 2009. “New College Social Networks. Jennifer. 28 April 2009. James. “Looking for Whitman.com/categories/category. 10 December 2010. 1 May 20009. Groom.com/blogs/wiredcampus/creatingnew-academic-networks-with-commons-in-a-box/34453.php?category_id=31&id=40086.timesdispatch. http://mkgold." Bavatuesdays. Foster Academic Interaction.‟ Thanks to $3M Grant.” University of Mary Washington.edu/news/?a=1699. Aggregated Experiment. 2009-present.pdf Howard. Assistant Editor. “CUNY Matters: Teaching Online in Real Time.com.

2008-2009. Departmental Letterhead Redesign. 2009-present. 2008. 2008-2009. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 2007-2008 Awards Committee. CUNY Graduate Center. New Faculty Orientation Presentation. NY. Literary Arts Festival. The New School. Chair. 2007-present. New Media Lab. Service to the College Technology Committee. Whitman Session. 2007. Co-Chair (With Elizabeth Losh). Tech Facilities Committee. 2013-2018. New York. Website Committee. 2010-present. Dean‟s Seminar Leader.11 Language Association. October 2009. American Studies Association. 2010-present. Center for Globalization and Social Change. 2007-2010. Literature Curriculum Committee. 2007. Service to the University Director.” 2013. Executive Council (Elected). 2010-present. Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program. New York Metro American . CUNY Committee on Academic Technology. October 10-16. 2008-2010. 2007-2009. 2008-present. CUNY Academic Commons. Founder/Chair. LAS Recruitment Committee. 2012-2015. 2011. Tech Writing Curriculum Committee. CUNY IT Conference Organizing Committee. Service to the Graduate School Advisory Committee. Task Force Report on Technological Literacies. 2007-present. CUNY Graduate Center. MEMBERSHIPS Modern Language Association. Chair. 2009-present. 2010-present. CUNY Academic Commons Subcommittee. CUNY Graduate Center. College Council. Academic Technology Committee. 2008-present Computer Room Scheduling. 2007-present. Architecture Learning Community. National Council of Teachers of English. CUNY Committee on Academic Technology (CAT). CUNY-Wide Comp/Rhet Group. 2011-present. College Representative. 2007. 2007-2009. “Digital Fluencies for a Mobile World” track. Contributor. Association for Computers and the Humanities. Service to the Department New Course Development: “Science Fiction. 2007-2008. Grants and Research Committee. 2007-present. Advisory Board. CUNY Proficiency Exam Departmental Liaison. English Department Secretary. Website Redesign. MobilityShifts: An International Future of Learning Summit. Association for Computers and the Humanities. Advisory Committee.

12 Studies Association last updated: March 14. 2013 .

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