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Tentamen ET4384 Design of Low-power power supplies.

14 May 2013 Problem 1 Given is the foliowing waveform & circuit:

Herein: Crss=5pF, Coss=40pF, Rd=2 Ohm, Rg=5 Ohm, Cgs=lnF, Co=10pF, Lp=400uH, Vt=3V Vdrainmax=550V, Vvalley=250V. The capacitances are all assumed to be linear (voltage independent). Rd denotes the internal resistance of the driver when it discharges the gate. Cx is an external capacitor that might be useful, when connected it is parallel to Coss. Questions: In case Ipeak^at switch-off = 5A: 1. What is tine switch-off energy? 2. What are the total switching losses (energy)? 3. Could the addition of an additional Cx reduce switchoff losses, and, if yes, what is the value to reach zero switch-off losses? 4. In case of additional Cx, what value of Cx leads to the minimum of the total switching losses? 5. For what level of Ipeak are the switch-off losses just zero?

Problem 2. Write down at least 5 possible circuits to limit the/iia )dnTum voltage across the switch in a mains isolated flyback. Give of all the pro's and cons.

which size of the individual wire should be used? 7. In case Litze wire will be used to reduce AC resistance.95A. Turns ratio: Np/Nsec=6. 2. In case of mains isolation is needed. which TRISO wire (massive) could fit? RDC? RAC? 6.331 9440 55. Which layers will have the most losses due to proximity effects? Could reverse order (first primary. What is the number of secondary windings? When massive wire is used. using a PQ32/20 core. Rg.5- Dimensions in mm. 9.Problem 3 A transformer is to be designed. what is your choice? RDC and RAC? 4. which type (when mains isolation is not required)? Calculate RDC and RAC. within safe margin from saturation. and which number of layers? (assume massive wire can be used). See data attached. switching frequency lOOkHz.9 169 142 «47 g UNIT nim"'' nlm^ mm mm^ -27. Calculate the core losses 8. than secondary) help? If so. Calculate the number of turns Np. what will be the AC resistance acc to Dowells graph? 3. BCM operation. Lp=450uH. Would paralleling wires help? If so. why? 5. Questions: 1.1 PQ32/20 core set 2 .5 ±0. Calculate the estimated leakage inductance CORE SETS Effective core parameters SYMBOL E(l/A) Ve le Ae Afnin m PARAMETER core factor (Cl) effective volume effective lengtti effective area minimum area mass of set VALUE 0. Which type of wire to choose.Suppose the primary winding is wound first. lpeak=3. material 3C95. What is the expected DC series resistance? When proximity effects are to be taken into account. Calculate the thickness of the air gap. For EMI reasons prim ary wound at inner side of coil former.

Winding data for 12-plns PQ32/20 coil former NUMBER OF SECTIONS 1 1 MINIMUM WINDING AREA (mm^) 44. 12-pins.-32.9 8.35 max 11.2 PQ32/20 coii former.15 m a x . 7.7 66.2 min Dimensions in mm.7 max - 22.9-*| j f 1S.8 NOMINAL WINDING WIDTH (mm) 8.05 max •-8.7 TYPE NUMBER CPV-PQ32/20-1S-12P CPV-PQ32/20-1S-12PD 3 .75 i( 2. () ( ) 1 Fig.8 44.9 c cI c }- 34.8 • min .9 AVERAGE LENGTH OF TURN (mm) 66.26.3 — 30 O 0.