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Strategic Management Assignment Report Topic Name - McDonald's

Competitors Environment Analysis - Identify the market share, profitability, growth, share price etc. o! can show information specific to the company as well as comparing with competitors. Show financial reports in comparing competitors. "resent information !sing #ario!s types of graphs, fig!re, pie charts etc. o! do not need to write abo!t other companies$ mission, ob%ecti#es, strategy etc. – 6 Pages

SWOT Analysis. Identify the firm$s strength, weakness, opport!nities and threats -


"lease remember that we need to discuss McDonald’s Case Analysis (Global perspective)
and we need to compare it with 5 other competitors such as (largest franchises in the world) Dominos pizza K C !ubway "izza hut burger #ing $ungry %ac# &ote ' under each draft you need to write a paragraph about the figure by descripting in sentences what are the result( )he draft should be created by collecting data( (Create your own graphs) don*t forget to reference each data

Additional !n"ormation a#o$t case analysis% and re"erences
Case Analysis &. Make a comparati#e analysis with other competitors in the market in terms of financial performance and market share comparing last se#eral years. '. o! need to talk abo!t the whole ind!stry incl!ding all ma%or players( competitors in the ind!stry and show where yo!r selected company stands. )or e*ample, if yo! ha#e selected +Apple, then yo! need to make a comparati#e st!dy of -ell, .", Toshiba, /ompa0 and other ma%or competitors. Similarly, yo! need to compare +1antas, with other ma%or airline companies s!ch as Malaysian airlines, Singapore airline, /athy pacific, 2ritish Airline etc. 3. Show information !sing #ario!s types of graphs, fig!re, charts 4bar(pie5, tables, time series analysis etc. -o not copy graphs, fig!re, charts 4bar(pie5, tables, time series analysis b!t create them !sing e*cel.

p. Report of the Research.@=5 4.air. St!dy finds symptoms wo!ld likely diagnose one in &. R.. Retrie#ed on< = >!ly. books. ?. o! need to !se A"A referencing style. M. "ro%ect sho!ld not be co!ntry specific s!ch as A!stralian market share or 7SA rather yo! need to present a global information( market share and how it is performing o#erall( globally. !nside te(t' 4Tal!kder. 7se m!ltiple so!rce of information incl!ding %o!rnals. Tal!kder. >. Multivariate data analysis.all. 4'.. &==@5 According to Tal!kder 4'. 4'. and 2lack. '. Tatham. Assignment sho!ld be printed in colo!r printer to clearly show the graphs and fig!res &e"erence Style' APA &e"erences' Agrawal. of the general pop!lation.:5 state thatEEEE )ote' • • • -o not p!t web address in the te*t -o not copy fig!res(graphs(tables from the Internet. Journal of Computer Information Systems. o! can show regional or co!ntry specific information as well. 9.6.5. '. Internet. ='-&. '. '.&& .air.:5 4Tal!kder D "a!l. 43435.:..35. New >ersey< "rentice .&.*ml.cdlib... /reate them !sing e*cel Make indent . Retrie#ed from http<((escholarship.. Anderson. 4&==@5.!spress(heydemann. Make s!re that yo! !se balanced so!rce of information meaning that yo! do not !se only internet or book as a so!rce. 8.. It is illegal to copy from the internet or any other so!rces b!t !se reference(so!rce. Tatham D 2lack. Anderson.35 4Tal!kder D "a!l.. A... :.. "erception of "rofessionals and Management "ersonnel on the Airt!al BrganiCation..35EEEEEE Tal!kder and "a!l 4'.