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The Jewish Lie
“By way of deception, thou shalt do war.” – Mossad “One of the greatest thinkers that mankind has produced has branded the Jews for all time with a statement which is profoundly and exactly true. He (Schopenhauer) called the Jew „The Great Master of Lies‟. Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.” – Adolf Hitler

It is useless to be aware that Jews lie without understanding how they lie. A common mistake is to believe, having learned about Jewish dishonesty (e.g. „Holocaust‟ hoax), that every single thing a Jew says is a lie. Actually, a liar who lies all the time would not be very successful at deceiving anyone, since he would be extremely easy to spot. A skilled liar tells a mixture of truth and lies in order to confuse his victim. For example, when Jewish schoolteachers teach pupils about the cruelties of historical racism by Western civilization against non-Jewish ethnic minorities, they are telling the truth. The only lie they add into the mix is to present Jews also as victims of historical racism, the exact inversion of what they really were. Skillful dismantling of the Jewish lie is as much about accepting the truthful parts (even if they are unflattering) as about rejecting the false parts. The power of the Jewish lie is its ability to deceive you even when you know it is trying to deceive you, so long as you do not see where the deception enters the picture. This is comparable to a magician‟s illusion; just because you know the magician is performing a trick does not guarantee that you will catch the key instants when the elements of trickery are executed, so that the illusion will still succeed. (It is no coincidence that so many famous performance magicians are Jewish. All performance magic is basically herding of the spectators‟ attention and senses.)

when in fact they are merely following the backlash scene in the Zionist script without knowing it – the same as every Zionist-predesigned reactionary group throughout history. Actually. “You cannot imagine to what extent the wisest of the GOYIM can be brought to a state of unconscious naivete in the presence of this condition of high conceit of themselves. It would be more accurate to say that the Jewish lie is like the deck of cards itself. the Jewish lie is also never the same to two different victims whenever these victims are also likely to communicate with each other and thus compare notes. but in its use of the words that constitute its statements.Those familiar with performance magic will be aware that skilled magicians often try to finish executing their trick before you realize they had even started. and therefore before you thought it was necessary to begin paying attention. Those who attempt to seek the lie in the statements are already thoroughly fooled. which is exactly what is happening. The Jewish lie tends to deceive not in its statements. and to reduce them to a slavish submission for the sake of winning a renewal of success. Even if they find factual falsehoods within the statements. different lies are told to these different victims in such a way that when they do compare notes and find that their notes do not match. that can be used to build house after house for the gullible to spend his entire life pushing down. hence tend to be most suspicious of lies whose negative consequences affect oneself or one‟s own group. Anatomy of a False Classification “What for us is an attempt to get to the bottom of things and express the inexpressible. they have not found the real lie. This is precisely the case with the current shift from PC to ZC or even BS. playing on his hubris. Instead. or indeed to create simulations of the slave‟s escape from slavery. the house of cards was built so that the gullible will push it down and think he has destroyed the lie. and least suspicious of lies whose negative consequences affect other individuals or groups. most people are selfish on either an individual or a collective level. becomes for the Jew a pretext for verbal juggleries. We recommend that the theory of magic be added to the studies of serious anti-Zionists. which functions on the level of controlling what words are used to debate over truth and falsehood in the first place. Those who do not understand the Jewish lie like to boast that the Jewish lie is like a house of cards that comes crashing down once pushed. and at the same time how easy it is to take the heart out of them by the slightest ill-success. is perhaps the most potent ingredient in the Jewish lie. To this end.” – Protocols of Zion In particular. which knows that the best method of slavery is to make the slave unaware of his own enslavement. Much the same is structurally true of the skilled liar.” – Adolf Hitler . the useful idiots think they are ”waking up”. the mismatch is designed to make each victim suspect the other of being deceptive rather than suspect they have both been deceived by the same outside agent. This illusion of achievement for the gullible. though it be nothing more than the stoppage of the applause they had. Hence it is always easier for the Jewish lie to encourage us to fight each other than to encourage us to harm ourselves.

” – Protocols of Zion The purpose of a false dichotomy is to pretend to cover the entire spectrum of opinion of a given topic. To see this. Imagine someone who constantly compares between “women” and “drivers”. with the effect of leading women to believe that they can neither be drivers themselves nor even have empathy for or shared concerns with drivers. This is a false classification: it mixes the subset dimensions of gender and car use. This is exactly what is going on when ZC propaganda chooses to constantly compare between “Europeans” and “Muslims” – it is mixing the subset dimensions of ethnicity and religion.) Anatomy of a False Dichotomy “Like the Indian idol Vishnu they will have a hundred hands. It is crucial to understand that the Jewish lie never tries to convince people to choose one position or the other within the false dichotomy. (They reinforce this same notion each time they refer to ”Muslims in Europe” rather than “Muslims of Europe”. EXAMPLE 1 “Gun control” vs “Gun liberty” . they are actually drawing lines of opposition between those subsets and then herding their victims along those lines until they crash into each other. is to train its targets in the subconscious notion that Muslims are foreign to Europe. When a pulse quickens these hands will lead opinion in the direction of our aims. The effect.The purpose of a false classification is to train subconscious notions that would otherwise make no sense. all it tries to do is keep the debate as a whole inside the false dichotomy. thereby discouraging them from considering the options outside. for an excited patient loses all power of judgment and easily yields to suggestion. so that people pick their position from within the confines rather than outside of it. It is informational garbage. and every one of them will have a finger on any one of the public opinions as required. This consists of constructing a dichotomy out of two apparent poles so as to lead people to assume all possible positions lie somewhere between these poles. The method of the false classification is to mix subset dimensions such that certain pairs of subsets appear mutually exclusive when in fact they are not. On the other hand. One easy way to construct a false dichotomy is by verbal obfuscation. but its purpose is to instill a subconscious notion that driving is somehow alien to women. thus weaving Islamophobia and ethnocentrism into one ZC thread. of course. it is necessary to understand that whenever Jews describe people in subsets. Jews are always referred to as “Jews of Europe”.

and religionists who try to prove that religion supports the findings of empirical science in order to prove that religion is reasonable. It. yet are always the same. … They are virtuosos at the art of transformation. This hides the position that truly threatens Jewish power: that money should be backed by the labour of a citizen of the country inside which alone the money has purchasing power. professional liar This has produced a wrongheaded debate between firearm-loving conservatives who believe that firearm ownership is a fundamental liberty. they chop the whole hand off. “One has to grant that extraordinarily clever tactics are being used. hides the truth that truly threatens Jewish power: that the people who hate firearms most are the ones who most deserve to be armed. because firearm ownership is not a liberty but a duty.Michael Wiener Savage (Jew). or police and criminals being better-armed than civilians. and then presenting this fake idea as one pole of the dichotomy. EXAMPLE 2 “Debt currency” vs “Gold currency” David de Rothschild (Jew). They can appear in a thousand forms.” – Joseph Goebbels Another easy way to construct a false dichotomy is by verbal misassociation. they claim injured innocence and send their guard of pity on ahead to beg for mercy. The only way to not be deceived is to destroy the pole by pulling the terms back apart. Whether the gullible agrees or disagrees with this pole. This consists of putting two irrelevant or even contradictory terms together as though they are two facets of the same idea. professional liar This has produced a wrongheaded debate between anti-religionists who believe that religion is intrinsically unscientific and unreasonable. EXAMPLE 3 “Science & Reason” vs “Religion” Sam Harris (Jew). and that it takes some intelligence or sound instincts to see behind the Jewish facade. professional liar This has produced a wrongheaded debate between creditbugs who support creating money as debt. But if one extends them even a finger of pity. neither of which threatens Jewish power. and firearm-hating liberals who believe that all civilian firearm ownership should be banned. however. If one has caught them. he has been deceived. . and goldbugs who support backing money by gold (or other precious metals). This leads either to conservatives being betterarmed than liberals.

EXAMPLE 5 “Racism & Anti-Semitism” vs “Anti-Racism” Abraham Foxman (Jew). Our best way to intercept is by enthusiasm on our part to accept non-Jewish Semitic-speaking peoples into our folk. EXAMPLE 4 “Freedom & Democracy” vs “Tyranny” Tzipi Livni (Jew). and that the anti-Zionist movement must therefore associate itself not with racism but with honest anti-racism. the racist side is the side which drew the line of ethnic apartheid in the first place. This hides the position that truly threatens Jewish power: that Jews should be opposed precisely because they themselves are among the most committed racists in the world. and well-meaning anti-racists who correctly condemn racism but who incorrectly insist on using Jews as the primary example of victims of racism.This leads to empiricism – hence materialism – becoming the standard by which the value of various religions are measured. but they who ever insist on keeping themselves separate from us. Jewish use of the term “anti-Semite” rather than ”anti-Jewish” is an attempt to camouflage this. In all cases. (If ever accused of racism against Jews during your anti-Zionist activism. professional liar This has produced a wrongheaded debate between racists who believe that opposition to Jewish domination is merely part of their glorified allergy towards anything and everything not of one‟s own ethnotribe. and thus the quest for freedom begins by rising against democracy along with all other forms of tyranny. it was never we who intended to keep us separate from them. professional liar This has produced a wrongheaded debate between proto-libertarians who believe they have to defend democracy in order to support freedom. and proto-fascists who believe they have to disparage the concept of freedom in order to destroy democracy. thereby hiding the truth that threatens Jewish power: that Aryan religion was originally designed as a way to transcend the material. Therefore it is not we but they who are the racists. never forget to point out that it was not we but Jews themselves who introduced the racial identity of ”Jewishness” into the discussion to begin with. This hides the position that truly threatens Jewish power: that democracy is a form of tyranny (of majority opinion over minority opinion). In other words.) .

and hence to fail to see that it is upon indulgence that Zionism thrives. professional liar This has produced a wrongheaded debate between four(!) sides: i) ZC Judeo-Christians who believe Muslims are the enemy and that Jews are on their side ii) BS Muslims who believe that both Jews and Christians are enemies iii) BS Judeo-Christians who believe that both Jews and Muslims are enemies iv) well-meaning nonreligious anti-Zionists who believe that Christianity and Mohammedanism must first be completely abandoned in order to effectively oppose Jewish domination thereby hiding the true position that threatens Jewish power: that Jesus and Mohammed – both of whom were murdered for fighting against Jewry . “In the long run they all swallow the same hash.” – Adolf Hitler However. the deeper false dichotomies rely not on the relatively crude technique of verbal misassociation. but on a more advanced technique of verbal misdirection. and a society composed of individually non-indulgent people can be .EXAMPLE 6 “Judeo-Christianity” vs “Islam” Geert Wilders (Jew). EXAMPLE 7 “Individualism vs Collectivism” Alisa Rosenbaum Ayn Rand (Jew). even though it be dished up with different spices. professional liar By setting individualism and collectivism in apparent opposition. An individual who desires survival or power or glory or any other indulgence for himself is structurally no different than an entire civilization that desires the same for itself. and that a genuinely united Christian-Mohammedan force today (hopefully under the prophesized joint leadership of the Second Christ and the Mahdi) could defeat Zionism with ease. This consists of choosing terms which together encourage movement within the topic inside the wrong dimension altogether. we are led to forget that both individualism and collectivism are manifestations of indulgence. In both cases the cook is one and the same – the Jew.would have been best friends and perfect teammates had they lived in the same era.

and it is impossible for Jews to anticipate (let alone prepare for) what _____ and _____ might be. Otherwise you might see the Jewish lie. he will reject that X is better than Y. such as “black” people and “white” people. The lateral thinker‟s response.) This technique is only overcome by lateral thinking that is willing to consider what has not been brought up. In presenting us a choice between two types of indulgence. Aryan individuals and Aryan folkdom) are able to leave the Goy Wheel. 2 and 3. around. 2 and 3. do we? For instance. 2 and 3 are invalid. encroaching.” (They do this all the time with various Xs and Ys. Only those persons or civilizations whose mindset is based on serving a non-self-referential purpose (ie. This is the Zionist pre-emptive defence against critical thinking. around. consider a Zionist agent saying: “X is better than Y because of Reasons 1. But don‟t worry about the words used to formulate those assumptions. destroying the life that . human-made. which is solely capable of scrutinizing the validity or invadlidity of what has already been presented. albeit by reverse-bluff. noise. The true dichotomy is not Individualism vs Collectivism. as it is perfectly possible for Jews to anticipate and prepare for this outcome. big government and small government. The uncritical thinker‟s response is to accept that X is better than Y. The Poison Needle “I fear for this world I have found – for fields such as this with their sights and sounds brought by their smallness bounded only by hedge and tree. machine. our enemies hope that we may forget the idea of service altogether. “homosexuals” and “heterosexuals”. The critical thinker‟s response is to examine the validity of Reasons 1.) There are three possible types of response. as they make the discussion sound intelligent while actually keeping it where the Zionists want it. there is development. Now you have a chance to break free. on the other hand. but Indulgence vs Service. Thus he is still being herded. If he finds that Reasons 1. etc. because it is also perfectly possible for Jews to anticipate and prepare for this outcome. Thus he is being herded. is to ask: “Why are we even comparing X and Y? Why don‟t we compare _____ and _____ instead?” The lateral thinker rejects the entire X-Y paradigm.indulgent as a whole – and be similarly manipulated. For there is noise. encroaching. and may even start believing that Y is actually better than X. Thus only lateral thinking is anti-Zionist thinking. and we don‟t want that to happen. (Critical thinkers thus become the most effective useful idiots. arguments and conclusions. and thus stay on the Goy Wheel forever.

but only between Aryans and non-Aryans. in order to persuade its intended audience to behave tribally also. professional liars At the heart of the Aryanist movement has always been the struggle to ensure that the fall of one evil is not replaced by the rise of another: that capitalism is not replaced by communism. this being. The Gentile lie that has done by far the most damage to anti-Zionism is the assertion that all ethnic groups behave tribally.” – David Myatt To get people to see that they are being herded. thereby heralding the time for the ultimate return of the Age of Truth.is this life. and that Jewish power is not replaced by Gentile power. Already we see this among the more cunning organized Gentile leaders who have learned to lie like Jews. (Here we see a crude Gentile attempt to manipulate words. This is the contagion that lies at the bottom of the Jewish lie: those who unravel it are now eminently equipped to become the new liars. the more vividly it appeared to him that everyone else wanted the Ring for themselves. with the added advantage that they can sell themselves as enemies of Jews in order to gain the credibility that Jews are currently losing.) It damages anti-Zionism because it negates disgust towards Jewish tribal behaviour by claiming that such behaviour is actually ordinary. this living and this peace. they can now use this knowledge to herd others. But once they know how herding works. in its place encouraging disgust towards those who refuse to behave in this way by calling them “race traitors”. that corrupted religion is not replaced by nonreligion. (This lie is easily believed by Boromir Syndrome (BS) infectees: recall that the more Boromir wanted the Ring for himself. David Duke (Gentile) and Kevin MacDonald (Gentile). It is possible that our victory will not come until Gentiles have become so adept at lying that it no longer makes sense to distinguish – semantically or even intuitively . In that event. Translator . And there is thus even more sadness.between Aryans. for how can one be a “traitor” to an identity that one never chose in the first place?) The end result is total replacement of the heroic motivation to oppose Jewish tribal interests with the cowardly motivation to look after one‟s own tribal interests. because of such things. they have to be taught how herding works. the struggle will at last be fully revealed on our terms. Gentiles and Jews. that debt-based currency is not replaced by metal-based currency. within me.

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