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Job Description: Head of Business Development

Company, Inc. requires a new Head of Business Development to lead and oversee the development and rowth of profitable new business and to develop and maintain effective !ey a ency relationships. "his position will be responsible for all aspects of mana in and motivatin the Business Development "eam. "his position will also ensure business rowth throu h directin and mana in business development activities to ensure these are delivered in accordance with the or ani#ational strate y. $esponsible to: Chief %peratin %fficer &'ternal relationships: Insurance ( ents and )ew Businesses Internal relationships: "he Business Development "eam, Directors, *enior +ana ement, (ccount +ana ement "eam, *&% team, +ar!etin , ,inance and (dministration *alary: Commission of new business profit, )e otiable Hours: )e otiable -ocation: (nderson, *C

.ey $esponsibilities and (ccountabilities
• Contribute to the development and refinement of Company/s vision and strate y • *upport the overall process of mana ement and corporate decision0ma!in to ensure the or ani#ation ma'imi#es its short, medium and lon 0term profitability and shareholder returns • -iaise with other e'ecutive heads on the implementation of the company/s strate ic and operational plans • Develop, review, and report on the business development division/s strate y, ensurin the strate ic ob1ectives are well understood and e'ecuted by the team

+ana ement of the %verall Business Development ,unction Includin :
• Impact the profitability of the company throu h ensurin strate ic and tactical mana ement decisions and new business development results • +ar!etin • Competitor and mar!et analysis • Develop and lead the Business Development team in sourcin , mana in and implementin new business opportunities • &nsure efficient and effective mar!etin , advertisin and promotional plannin throu h the +ar!etin department • 2resent a bud et for board approval and prudently mana e resources within those bud etary uidelines accordin to company policy and within ethical corporate overnance uidelines

or "his 2osition: *end a current resume to youremail6domain. suppliers. .Head of Business Development Job Description • +aintain and develop or ani#ational culture. partners and re ulatory3official bodies 2eople +ana ement • Build and lead an effective and cohesive mana ement team • *elf development and continuin personal development Basic (reas of . values and reputation in its mar!ets and with all staff.nowled e of business and mana ement principles *tron analytical s!ills %r ani#ational s!ills -eadership s!ills (bility to wor! collaboratively Company/s +ission 5our +ission *tatement Here How "o (pply .nowled e and *!ills • • • • • • 4ood pro1ect and time mana ement s!ills .