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User Guide for 3 axis TB6560 driver board

Product Features:
• • • Toshiba TB6560AHQ chip - High power, maximum 3.5A drive curren chipse ! "-"#"6 micros ep se ing - Higher accurac$ and smoo her opera ion han s andard ", "#% s ep! Ad&us ab'e drive curren se ings (or each axis - %5),50),*5),"00) o( (u'' curren can be se (or di((eren s epper mo ors • +ver'oad, over-curren and over- empera ure sa(e $ - ,u'' pro ec ion (or $our compu er and periphera' e-uipmen ! • • • +n board curren swi ching - .ower ou pu can be se according o speci(ic user re-uiremen ! ,u'' c'osed- $pe op ica' iso'a ion o pro ec he user/s compu er and e-uipmen 0e'a$ spind'e in er(ace - +u pu s 1ax. 362 *.5A (or spind'e mo ors or coo'an pump 3on'$ one device can be powered b$ his ou pu !4 • • • 5 channe' inpu s in er(ace- 6an be used (or 789 'imi and emergenc$ s op ! .ro(essiona' design - Two s age signa' processing wi h super an i-&amming ! Bipo'ar cons an curren chopper drive wi h non-resonan region - 6on ro's mo ors smoo h'$ hrough range wi hou creep e((ec ! • • ,our con ro' inpu s 3divided in o pairs o( :nives4 - A''ows se ing o( 'imi and emergenc$ s op ! ;niversa' archi ec ure - <uppor s mos para''e' so( ware 1A6H3,=6A15,>16% e c!

Dip settings:
Current Setting 100% 75% 50% 25% 1 ON ON OFF OFF 2 ON OFF ON OFF Decay Mode Settings FAST 25% 50% SLOW 3 ON ON OFF OFF 4 ON OFF ON OFF MicroStep Settings 1 1/2 1/8 1/16 5 ON ON OFF 6 ON OFF OFF


* Important Notes:
• .ower supp'$ ?6 "%-362 (not included) *Voltage Selection: 12-16V DC power supply for Ne a 1! stepper 16-2"V DC power supply for Ne a 2# stepper 2"-#6V DC power supply for Ne a #" stepper otors otors otors

<ui ab'e (or unipo'ar or bipo'ar s epper mo ors.uantity / 2) otors1 t%eoretically 2"V 11) DC power (0or e+a ple1 if you want to dri&e # * #) Ne a 2# stepper supply is reco ended1 'ut %ig%er power suc% as 2"V 12) also will 'e good3 4f you are not sure a'out t%e selection of power supply1 please feel free to contact us for %elp) • • • • The power ou pu o( "%2 sha'' be app'ied o he radia or (an o( "%2 ?river ou pu compa ib'e wi h % or 5 phase. 2o' age regu'a ed spind'e speed con ro''ed b$ para''e' in er(ace as (unc ion o( supp'$ vo' age. 3A max. Wiring Diagram: Simple introductions: .6 or @ 'ead s epper mo ors. 5. -ated current of your stepper otors * .($ig% &oltage will 'urn up t%e c%ips or stepper *) pertage Selection: otors((() *utput current of t%e power supply can 'e calculated 'y t%e following e+pressions: *utput current .

"" Anpu 3 6orresponding .The de(ini ion o( "-.ara''e' An er(aceC PIN9 PIN14 PIN7 PIN1 PIN2 PIN3 PIN PIN! PIN4 PIN" PIN1! PIN17 spindle motor # $na%le # Dir # Step & $na%le & Dir & Step ' $na%le ' Dir ' Step $(pand output 1 $(pand output2 The de(ini ion o( "-.-P P14 .AB %5 o( ."% Anpu 5 6orresponding .ND P1" "/01DD The de(ini ion o( 5 channe' inpu s in er(aceC Anpu " 6orresponding .AB"5 o( 1anua' An er(aceC P1 # Step P2 # $na%le P3 Spindle *otor P4 # Dir P" & $na%le P! ' Dir P7 ' Step P ' $na%le P9 & +imit P1) ' +imit P11 & Dir P12 & Step P13 S."3 Dimi se ing (or re(erenceC ."0 Anpu % 6orresponding .

"3 9BG .E 8B G ."% 9A." .ig."0 8B.5 7B G ."" 9AG . and hen c'ic: *7.* 8AG ."* 1+ - Ans ruc ions o( 5)C$# ." 2? ? ."6 FB ? . se'ec ac%#5466.6 7B.% FB ? .The de(ini ion o( ou pu An er(aceC ."5 1+ #2G .3 7A G ." +pen 5)C$# so( ware.ig."5 9B.5 7A.@ 8A.'ease re(er o . .

% The in er(ace o( 5)C$# is disp'a$ed as .%.. . He can con(igure 5)C$ so( ware a (irs .ig.ig. The (re-uen '$-used ac ion bu ons are 'is ed on he in er(ace.

A( er he se up o( basic (re-uenc$. . . . se'ec 6irc'e % where Configuration Scripting wi'' be de(ined.5 To se up he basic (re-uenc$ wi hin he above 6irc'e ".ig. p'ease re(er o .ig.3.ig. This parame er wi'' a((ec he ro a iona' speed o( he mo or.5.'ease re(er o .5 .3 6'ic: 8*-9 : 84N sub-menu o( config menu.ig.'ease re(er o .。 .ig.

ig.ara''e' An er(ace which is de ai'ed in he above circ'e. .ig.6 Then se'ec he output signals co'umn.ig. as shown in .5 To modi($ he so( ware se ings according o he de(ini ion o( ..6. and se up he corresponding i ems per he se up described in he circ'e. .

ig.ig.* .ig.. open he .* A( er a'' have been se up. C*D< ha needs o run.@ . as shown in .

ig.6 Please conform the parallel cable has been pluged tightly Please turn off the power supply before changing dip settings Please use stable high quality DC power supply for this driver Problems in ach! using" Please refer to the ach ! #ser anual $f problem persist" please feel free to contact us% . 6'ic: 0><>T o s op he ('ashing and hen press 686D><TA0T a he 'oca ion o( 6irc'e % *Simple solutions i2 t3e dri/er does not 4or5 properl6: • • • • • • Please double check the software settings according to the Fig.E A( er F 6+?> has been opened. $ou ma$ see he red bu on 0><>T ('ashing..5 and Fig.