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Drop All Charges!
WHEREAS, Argentinean citizen and writer, David Leandro Hofstadter, arrived at Tunisia on the night of Sunday, April 6th to perform his role as a free-lance journalist doing collaborative work with the Publishing House Socialist Editorial Rudolph Klement to conduct research for a book on the “Arab Spring” uprisings; WHEREAS, when he arrived at the Carthage Airport, he was imprisoned by the Tunisian police based on ridiculous accusations, treated as if he were a terrorist, and disappeared with no one being informed of his whereabouts for five days until it was reported he now sits in a Tunisian prison; he is still held incommunicado, after being moved to a dedicated prison for drug offenders!; WHEREAS, he is facing the ridiculous accusations of carrying binoculars, bullet proof vests and a bayonet, among other things, despite the fact that there are scanners in all the airports of the world, including Istanbul where he was arriving from, and that such scanners detect any kind of metal, even a simple scissor or clippers; and WHEREAS, Mr. David Leandro Hofstadter travelled to Tunisia to work as a translator of Mr. Jose Manuel Yantorno, and to collaborate with him as a free lance writer in the historical research on the Arab Spring uprisings; and WHEREAS, both Mr. David Leandro Hofstadter and Mr. Jose Manuel Yantorno, had hotel reservations in Hotel Dar El Yasmine; and such reservations were made with an American Express International credit card, and they had a place to stay as well as a designated date to leave the country; and WHEREAS, Mr. David Leandro Hofstadter has been isolated since his detention at the airport and the Tunisian authorities did not let the Argentinean Ambassador in Tunisia meet with Mr. Hofstadter and the Argentinean Ambassador was not officially notified that Mr. Hofstadter had been moved to the Interior Ministry; and WHEREAS, since the first day, the Argentinean Ambassador in that country could not see and speak with Leandro and none of his colleagues or friends in Tunisia could visit him either. David Leandro Hofstadter was not put under the orders of any judge and he did not receive help of any lawyer. He did not even have the consular right to call the Argentinean Embassy from the Airport of Tunisia; and WHEREAS, this violates all the regulations of International Law, as David Leandro Hofstadter was kidnapped by the police and Interior Minister of Tunisia, and this has been his status so far; and

WHEREAS, the aim of such actions is to keep Mr. David Leandro Hofstadter detained and isolated; and WHEREAS, considering all these events Mr. David Leandro Hofstadter is being accused of are a felony that is ridiculously false on the face of it, has not been verified at all and is completely inadmissible; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the San Francisco Labor Council condemns these actions as an attack on freedom of speech and the press, as an attack on the international working class, and demands that all charges by Tunisian authorities be immediately dropped against Mr. David Leandro Hofstadter and that he be immediately released; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the National Affairs Ministry and Tunisian authorities immediately cease and desist from any further persecution or harassment of Mr. David Leandro Hofstadter and Mr. Jose Manuel Yantorno; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the San Francisco Labor Council calls on the American labor movement to take up and pass this resolution in the union locals, Central Labor Councils District Councils, International Unions, and State and International Labor Federations and forward to the Tunisian as well as the Argentinean government; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the San Francisco Labor Council calls on the international working class to come to the defense of Mr. David Leandro Hofstadter and Mr. Jose Manuel Yantorno under the principle that "an injury to one is an injury to all!"