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Residence Re-Application Process for Accommodation - 2012 To Apply Lodge a completed Residence Application 2012 form at the Res

4 Office in Drop Off Box no later than the 14th October, 2011. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date. The Application form & the Conditions of Residency can be downloaded from the T Drive from the 19 September 2011.
Incomplete Application forms will not be considered.

The Residence Application 2012 form must include: Proof of payment of the residency deposit R2500.00 for current On & Off campus students. (Off Campus refers to Honey Park). Proof of payment of the residency deposit R4000.00 for new applications. (Students who are applying for accommodation for the 1st time). Proof of sponsorship letter (if you are a sponsored student). Signed last page only of Conditions of Residency. Fees statement (2011), with R0 balance or a credit balance. Students will be notified by email a letter of the outcome of their application (unsuccessful or conditional offer) from the 30 November 2011. Accepting a conditional offer: Accommodation will only be secured when an official Offer Letter is issued from the 30 November 2011, once payment of the full accommodation fee has been paid on or before the 31 January 2012. This deadline cannot be extended. Fax proof of payment to the attention of Residence Department on +27 11 950 4211. Submitting an application form does not guarantee that you will be offered accommodation. Very Important: If you do not provide proof of payment of the full accommodation fee by the 31 January 2012 your Conditional Offer will lapse. Eligibility Applications from students who have received a disciplinary warning(s) (verbal and/or written) will not be considered. Consideration will be given to students who have made early payment of the full accommodation fee. Incomplete Application forms will not be considered. Timelines Last day to lodge an application form at Res 4 Office in Drop Off Box Outcome letter (unsuccessful or conditional) sent to students via their Monash email addresses. Last day to pay full accommodation fee. Full offer letters will be sent from the 15 November 2011 on condition of full payment & Enrolment. 14 October 2011 30 November 2011 31 January 2012

I hereby grant Monash South Africa or their nominee. 1725.00) is NOT REFUNDABLE. 5. Residence 1.) Do you have any allergies or are you on any chronic medication Conditions Applicable for On-Campus Residence Accommodation is limited and allocated on a first come first serve basis. 8. as a reference.3 R 17. 144 Peter Road. Address Relationship (e. and with other such regulations and rules as are specified in the Monash South Africa Student Resource Guide. Code No. SIGNATURE ____________________________ (UNSIGNED APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED) DATE ___________________________ . 6.00. Applications can only be dropped off in the Drop Off Box in the RESIDENCE 4 OFFICE. Roodepoort. Proof of payments must clearly indicate your Student No. (include Country and Area Code) Postal Address Name of Private Sponsor Emergency Details In an emergency. Name Phone No. should you decide NOT to take up residency offered to you. 7. must accompany the application form IF YOU HAVE NOT CLAIMED YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT (R1500) AT END OF SEMESTER 2 2011 or else the Residence Deposit R4000 applies for your application to be processed. Email (compulsory) Proposed Course Faculty: Government Sponsor / Private Sponsor / Agent Details Failure to submit these details will result in you not securing your place for accommodation Private Sponsored Contact Phone No.405 per Semester Residence 4 R14. Male Female Nationality Surname Please indicate which Residence:*Subject to availability* Please note that Residence 6 and Off-Campus are Privately Owned. Inclusive of the above mentioned conditions. but assures you a place in the waiting list. 3. I agree to pay all requisite fees and invoices at the time specified.000 per Semester Managed by Monash South Africa’s Residence Department Monash Residence Services will be contacting you via e-mail. Residence Deposit: includes the R400 admin fees and R1500 Security Deposit and R2100 is credited towards the accommodation fees. 610 per Semester Off Campus – Honey Park R19. RETURNING STUDENTS: ON-CAMPUS AND OFF-CAMPUS RESIDENCE APPLICATION FORM PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS APPLICATION IS NULL AND VOID IF NOT ACCOMPANIED BY PROOF OF RESIDENCE DEPOSIT PAYMENT In order for your application to be processed all questions must be answered Student Number Given Names Date of Birth Country of Permanent Residence Mobile No. th I understand that consideration of this application is conditional upon my continuing enrolment as a student of Monash South Africa throughout my period of study. the authority to contact the person(s) detailed here under.g.ATTACH ID PHOTOS HERE Monash South Africa. I also accept the right of an authorized representative of Monash South Africa to access my academic results whilst I remain in residence. Please indicate these contact details below. The payment of the Security Deposit does not confirm your placement for accommodation. 9. (include Country and Area Code) Name of Sponsor / Agent Contact Phone No. If accepted I agree to abide by the conditions of residency of Monash South Africa and the Accommodation Fee Regulations for my year(s) of study. South Africa. I understand and accept that Monash South Africa has offered me accommodation on the condition that I remain a full time student throughout the year. th 10. subject to the conditions detailed below: 2. Proof of payment of R2500. Telephone +27 11 950 4193 facsimile +27 11 950 4211 Two copies of passport sized photos to be stapled here. Father. guardian etc. Applications must reach the Residence Office by no later than the 14 October 2011 Late applications will NOT be considered. Private Bag X60.2. 1. The Residence Deposit (R4000. 4. Home No. Any applications received after 14 October 2011 will be considered after finalisation of all other applications. accommodation will still only be granted to students who have accepted their offer to study at Monash South st Africa and FULL RESIDENCE FEES must be paid by the 31 January 2012. The outstanding amount for accommodation will be indicated on the Offer Letter that will be emailed to the address provided by the student. Ruimsig. Please ensure that they are attached firmly.

You have a right to access personal information that Monash South Africa holds about you. If you wish to seek access to your personal information. Personal information may also be disclosed to Monash South Africa and its controlled entities.BANKING DETAILS Account Name: Monash University South Africa Branch Name : FNB CRESTA CENTRE Branch Number : 254905 Account Number : 62062732485 REFERENCE NUMBER : PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR MONASH STUDENT NUMBER The information on this form is collected for the primary purpose of registering for accommodation. . subject to any exceptions in relevant legislation. please contact the Student Services Centre on +27 11 950 4000. If you chose not to complete all questions on this form it may not be possible for Monash South Africa to assist you with your request.