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Local taxing authorities, the Cook County Assessor and

the Cook County Clerk determine your property tax
amounts. Cook County Treasurer’s property tax duties
mainly include effective collection, investment safety
PIN -point
and maximum yield, efficient distribution to local
governments, and issuance of valid taxpayer refunds.
Service / Function Website Phone System Office
your property taxes
Our Office is responsible for collecting over $9 billion Balance Current Year   
in annual real estate taxes, on nearly 1.7 million taxable
parcels, and distributing those funds to about 2,000 local Change Name/
government agencies/units throughout Cook County. As Address
such, the Cook County Treasurer manages the second Current Military Waiver   
largest property tax collection system in the United States.
Our Office’s strong customer service accomplishments Duplicate/
Overpayment Form
have included:
Estate Search  
▪ expanded payment options, via Internet and at
450 bank locations Exemptions History  
▪ publicizing of available refunds, with overpayments Payment Status   
of $250,000,000 returned to taxpayers
▪ highly informative website: 5,000,000 visits since Payment by
2004; over 31,000 e-mail responses Legal Form
▪ automated phone system handling almost Refunds Search   
1,000,000 calls since 2003
Senior Citizen
▪ information available in 20 foreign language   
Tax Deferral
brochures and on our website
▪ enhanced public Outreach Program – e-mail Tax Bill Description to schedule Tax Bill Due Dates   
a speaker visit
Third Party
Notification Form
Website /E-mail Cook County Treasurer

Automated Phone System

24-hours, 7-days a week
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Office Address
118 N. Clark St., Suite 112
Tel 312.443.5100
Chicago, IL 60602
Mon. - Fri., 9:00 am - 5:00 pm County Building, Suite 112
118 N. Clark Street
Office of the Cook County Treasurer
Chicago, IL 60602
Count On Us! Count On Us!

Brochure Outside – Flat size: 3-5/8 x 8-1/2"

PMS #108, PMS #301 and black
Fonts: Guardi Roman and Optima
Dear Fellow Taxpayer, Updating the Name & Address on Your Tax Bill THE COOK COUNTY PROPERTY TAX SYSTEM
You must submit a “Name/Address Change Application” to
Your understanding of property taxes can save you money, Cook County property taxes provide crucial support for
our Office when you buy or sell your home, so the tax bill
time and hassle. This brochure explains assessments, many vital services and programs including:
is mailed to the correct owner and address. Applications
exemptions, payments and refunds. Contact us, by phone
are usually updated within three weeks of our receipt. If
or Internet, for clear, simple, effective answers and
the property location for your PIN is incorrect, notify the ▪ schools and community colleges
solutions. Be sure to reference your PIN (14-digit Property
Cook County Assessor at tel. 312.443.7550. ▪ police and fire protection
Index Number). Count on us! ▪ public health
With Tax Payment ▪ parks
Complete the back of the payment coupon stub with the ▪ libraries
new name and/or billing address. Have it notarized and ▪ water filtration
mail it with your payment. ▪ forest preserves
Maria Pappas By Mail The property taxes originate with over 2,000 local and
Cook County Treasurer Mail-in applications are at our Office, via the Internet at suburban taxing authorities (i.e., school, police and fire, (download and parks, library boards, etc.), which hold annual hearings
print the form), or they can be faxed to you by calling and set taxes for their specific needs. Meanwhile, the Cook
FOR NEW HOMEOWNERS our automated phone system, (select Option 6, “Forms”). County Assessor sets taxable values for each property
parcel. Following various appeals processes, the final
Paying on Your PIN At Our Office assessment values are given to the Cook County Clerk.
A Property Index Number or PIN (14-digits) is assigned to Visit our Office, have your PIN and state-issued photo The Clerk calculates the actual property tax rates, based
each specific property’s legal description. Check carefully identification (i.e., Driver’s License). See our website for upon the local taxing districts’ levies and the Assessor’s
to be sure that the PIN on your tax bill corresponds to the a list of acceptable documents. property valuations within those districts. Relying upon
PIN on your deed. If not, promptly call the Cook County
these computations, the Cook County Treasurer prepares
Clerk, 312.603.5656, to help identify the correct PIN.
and mails the tax bills.
Paying by Mortgage Escrow
Cook County property taxes are collected in two
Even if your property taxes are paid through an escrow The Treasurer’s Office provides many convenient savings
Installments. Every January, the Treasurer’s Office prints
account (i.e., mortgage company, bank), it is your opportunities and payment options. Through our website
and mails the First Installment tax bill, which is due on
responsibility to ensure that the tax is paid on time, in and/or automated phone system, you can easily verify
the first business day in March. The First Installment bill
full, and on the correct PIN. Be sure you receive a copy your payment status, search for exemptions and refunds.
is one-half of the previous year’s total tax. The Second
of the tax bill and monitor the escrow account payment. Always reference your PIN.
Installment tax bill is mailed to property owners later in
On the Internet, visit
Refunds the year. It displays each local taxing agency’s share of
status or call our automated phone system (select option
Often, taxpayers and/or mortgage companies inadvertently your bill and the change from the previous year. The
1) to verify payment.
overpay tax bills. Visit our website or call our automated Amount Due reflects new tax data, i.e., rates, final
Payment by Legal Description phone system to perform a quick search for possible assessments, and exemptions.
If you and other owners share the same PIN (as sometimes refunds.
If property taxes remain unpaid, the Treasurer mails Late
happens with new condo developments before individual
Exemptions Notices, showing amounts due plus late penalties.
PINs are assigned), you can “Pay by Legal Description.”
The Treasurer encourages you to learn more about Notices of unpaid taxes are mailed to property owners
This method helps you avoid underpaying, overpaying
exemptions and other tax savings. On the Internet, visit and published in area newspapers. If still delinquent, the
or having your taxes sold if others sharing your PIN are There, you can taxes are subject to an annual Tax Sale auction, and can
delinquent. Payment by Legal Description is available
also check your PIN’s exemptions history to make sure result in the owner’s property loss.
for current-year taxes only. To use this method, visit our
office or, by Internet, you were credited for all available tax savings. Senior
to download and print the application. Citizens and other homeowners can save hundreds of
dollars per year on their property taxes. We urge you to
Name & Address Information file for all valid exemptions.
To review your current record, visit

Brochure Inside – Flat size: 3-5/8 x 8-1/2"

PMS #108, PMS #301 and black
Fonts: Guardi Roman and Optima