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(1969-70) MESSAGE


Place: Life Tabernacle, Chicago,
Illinois, U.S.A

Date: 18.7.1969

Praise be to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I‟m really happy to be in the Life Tabernacle, Chicago as I feel a great love for this family, because when I came in 1959, I spent most of my time in Chicago as a different man, walking on the roads. And there was a friend with me, Johnny Austin, who is here; Johnny, put your hand up. When I came in 1959 all the Pentecostal Churches joined together and said, “We must not allow Bro.Lawrie to get into any church in Chicago”. So every place was blocked and I went all over the place as an unwanted cargo. At last I was just sitting here in North Sheridan Road and this brother, Johnny Austin and I walked out on the road, praising God and just had a fellowship on the road. You know, sometimes, we are so dignified that we don‟t learn lessons from the defeat we have suffered. When Christ was living in this world, the world could not find Him. I‟ll read from Jeremiah 18:1-6: “The word which came to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying, Arise, and go down to the potter‟s house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words. Then I went down to the potter‟s house, and, behold, he wrought a work on the wheels. And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it. Then the Word of the LORD came to me, saying, O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the LORD. Behold, as the clay is in the potter‟s hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel”. “Behold, as the clay is in the potter‟s ha nd, so are ye in my hand, O house of Israel”. Thanks be to God. You know, these are days when people read plenty of Bro. Branham‟s books, Prophet‟s books and they all talk in a prophetical manner. You know, they do not understand the vindication, the sacrifice, the persecution and the crucified life necessary. And they take it lightly. The prophet spoke. Yes, it is easy to hear, but very difficult to do it. And God said, I want the doers, not the speakers. You know, you can speak a lot, but I‟ll tell you wh en you

walk on the road, they must see Christ in you. The devil must know who you are, not only God. When I was in North India, I was going on the road with a preacher and some brethren who wanted me for a meeting. There was a demon possessed lady, speaking an unknown language that we don‟t know in South India. She suddenly started shouting in her own language, something which I didn‟t know. And the pastor and other people were shocked. Do you know what she said? “What have you got to do, Lawrie? We are peacefully settled here but you have come to disturb us. These people with you, they never could find me out.” Then these brethren said, “Brother Lawrie, how did this girl know your name? How did this girl know that God is with you?” So as we went near, we cast out the demon. So my friends, these are days when people are sleeping, and I tell you, I‟ve come to warn you that time is running out. You may think that you‟re a Bride, but still be sleeping. People talk, Oh, I‟m the Bride. Do you have the sacrifice a Bride should make? When a girl loves a boy, she is to forsake everything, and go away with him. And people say, “Oh, we are in the Bride.” But what sacrifice have you made for God today? What has that love done for you? God has done everything for you. What has the Bride done for her God? They say, “Oh, Brother, man is attempting to go to the moon, (but he cannot make it as the prophet had said). You know, people don‟t realize that this day, we are standing here at an important era. I call this the Bride age. In fact, the Bride age seems to start on the day men put foot on the moon. Because, I have been noticing all along that when there‟s an actual physical thing going on in this world, it‟s a shadow of the coming spiritual thing. God said, in this world, everything is a shadow. A shadow has something of reality behind. And he said, things which you see, shall be shaken, things which you don‟t see, shall not be shaken. So when you look at the things of this world don‟t jump about and shout. Jump and shout about the thing which is high; which cannot be shaken. Man has attained much knowledge (Daniel 12:4). Never in the history of man, could he go to the moon and fly near the moon. And now he‟s going to bring back some dry clay from the moon, which is not really his boundary. God gave the earth to man, and then He spoke the moon into space for signs and seasons (Jer. 27:5; Isa. 45:12,18; Psalms 115:16). When He spoke the sun into space, it came; for the moon and earth as lights and signs and for seasons but not as the property of man. When this world came under demon powers after the fall, one day, the Devil said to Jesus Christ, “If you fall down at my feet, I‟ll give the whole thing to you.” He is the very Creator; but, you know, our God is a just God. He won‟t cheat you. (In the worldly court there is no justice so He asks us to refrain from going to courts). He‟ll fight a real fight, no blackmailing or backbiting or

stabbing on back like human beings. God could just come down to earth and take the whole earth by force but He‟s a just God. Who will fight in the court of God? So, when you fight against another country, if you go across their boundary their army will cross your boundary. When man is reaching the moon, crossing the boundary of God; God is going to cross the boundary of the earth, and take some people made out of clay from this earth and make them immortal. And you can do so many things. I‟ve been travelling around the world. I have heard many speakers. My, where do they got these ideas? One will become mad. One man says already the rapture has taken place, and another man says, no rapture and no resurrection. Another man says, Oh! I saw this and that. And we are playing like children. Get God‟s power and be on God‟s word. That is why God called us children. When a prophet comes to a country, it means that country has gone away from God and His Word (not doers but hearers only)-(Ezekiel 33:3133; 2:3-10; 3:1-11; Hosea 2:8; 8:12-14). If you say, the prophet came to your country, be ashamed. Don‟t think that you are so righteous and spiritually advanced than others. You may be rich in earthly goods, but poor in spiritually advancement. If a prophet comes, you have no right to boast about the prophet. When prophet comes to America, it means America has left God‟s Word. If he comes in the Indian scene, India has left God‟s Word. But why did God raise the prophet in your country? And sometimes people talk like this, they say, “West is California, East is New York, South is Florida and North is Canada. Tucson is JERUSALEM and Jeffersonville is Bethlehem; this is what they think. They forget the whole world. If God were to only think about United States, I don‟t want that God. If God is telling, “Only United States people are my people,” then I don‟t want that God anymore. According to God, the centre of the world is Jerusalem in the STATE OF ISRAEL (PALESTINE of all). Thank God. God is a God who has no colour, class, or creed or nationality (Acts 17:21-26; 10:34-35). He loves people whose hearts are right with God. God told me, “I‟m taking you around the world. I go before you. Anyone who receives you receives Me. Anyone who will not receive you, has already rejected Me. I go before you.” (Isa. 45:2-6; 42:16). When I landed in New York in June 1959, I never was in United States, but I was like a man just landing on the moon. Going along the city of New York, I heard singing going on in a church building, what a glorious singing! So I thought that‟s the place for me. As I went in, one fellow came and put his hand on my neck and said, “Get out, you black fellow”. It was a Pentecostal group. So I got a blow on the neck and the fellow chased me out and I said, “I came to hear this beautiful singing.” “The beautiful singing is not for you, black fellow, so

it was midnight. My Lord. “I was not a white man when I was in this world. without any outward evidence. some girl will say. cows. scolding God. When children play together.” “I‟ll be the doctor”. if I meet anybody. I was chasing Him like a mad man.” What is the faith of the forefathers? Trusting God and taking God at His Word. You know what I said. you know.child). “You are a dirty God. . That is how the people are playing with God. I sat there. today. shout and do everything. “I‟ll be the cook”. “I‟ll be the nurse. I was not a white man”. I ran behind Him and He was just flying.” It wants to be everything (“it” . That is why God said. This meant something different to me. “I am more than angry.~4~ get out. Talk to Him. cooking food with sand and playing with clay. “I‟ll be the lady”. with my back to him.” I said. Then somebody came and sat next to me. I turned the opposite side. When I sat on the bench. You can sing Hallelujah. receding his legs above the ground. I got so wild. People are frightened. And He said. “I‟ll be the hero and heroine. it cannot be God. they think that because you cannot see Him. hereby multitude who followed him in India rejected Jesus Christ. I‟m very angry. “JESUS”. and laughed. “When I was in this world. “You seem to be very angry. like a child to a father. not in that church”. That‟s why I‟m telling this. You won‟t get any outward evidence. you know. you know what I‟ll do? „If any white man comes into India. But if you do want to see God. people want outward evidence. but God is right in your midst. So I was very angry and upset and scolded Him. BELIEVE and you will SEE. “I‟m sitting with you. I had a little money to get some milk. eagles. You do not read from a book but you talk out of your heart.” Then he said. I‟ll teach him a lesson‟. if I had only known that. Then suddenly this man sitting next to me said.” “Yes. Today. like images in wood and stones. Gentiles want to see something and worship as God. clouds. Children play with teddy bears.” I said. So I came out and sat on a bench. and playing the fool with people and you want me to worship you?” I got so wild. I‟ll throw stones. turn to the faith of the forefathers. Oh. You know. So I said. but God is coming down to move mightily in this earth. People think God is somebody far away. I would like to have caught Him there but I couldn‟t. We want to SEE AND BELIEVE. I thought. “Who is this man that can‟t be caught?” Then He turned towards me and said. I‟ll chase them out. but God will be just outside the door. I didn‟t want to look at a white man anymore.” Do you know Mahatma Gandhi who nearly accepted Jesus Christ had to reject it when he was pushed out in a “White Church” in Africa. a partial God creating one man black and one man white and one man yellow. “Children. what does the Bible say. That was the decision I made. sometimes children will mildly scold the father when they get angry and cry when they are hungry. you know. Shivering from cold.

First of all. I have come here not to discredit the women. I want to encourage your women.” I‟ll tell you. Is God going to accept you? That‟s the man whom Bible calls spirit of Elijah. to know about God is to learn at the feet of God. today.lungs and everything. they‟ll even boss Jesus Christ. You are natural Bride. not to LEAD. I believe that. what‟s the ministry of Elijah? People talk about Elijah. Branham was the Seventh Angel-Messenger for the Seventh Age. if you can only understand God. men are not natural but an artificial Bride. and that‟s life. He had to take one rib away (Note Man now normally has seven true ribs and five false ribs on each side). With that one rib. Men even boss Jesus Christ. God is working like a body. what does it say? To TURN! . What is the ministry of the Seventh Church Angel? And then talk about Bro. God compares the Bride ministry to His Body.Branham. What is this body? When God created Adam and Eve. So to become a Bride. you women are the m ighty people of God. Twenty five years. that‟s Christ moving.S.” That‟s what many people are teaching Jesus Christ. But the men are always used to boss the wives.~5~ photographs (which is a sign of God giving them up . Lord Jesus Christ. And today. “Oh. “What do you know about God?” You know. “Oh. And not only that. women have no ministry. you do not know. you must understand. But he is gone. Ex. Some of you people have learnt about God for only three years or four years. today. Do you know the leading of God? Do you know how God talks to man? Do you know what His next move is? Do you know how God leads His people? Just thank God that God sent a prophet. Bro. God spoke to him. Brother Lawrie. God‟s Word came to him. So He was in the midst of the candlesticks. Who is that man? That little man in Jeffersonville? I have gone to Oral Roberts. dealt already with the Church Ages and its Seven Angels. And inside that .Romans 1:21-24. I believe this. You are naturally married to a husband so you know how to be a Bride. and met all big preachers all over the U. Some say. not outside. Mind you. “Oh. how many people recognised Him? Yes. When Jesus was living in this world. I must teach you. this word came to me fro m Bible” then I would say. And you say that God is sending a man. and talk like 100 years old saints. as a dull student I‟ve been learning from the College of God and I still have not learned anything much. And God brought the Bride through the blood of that body-through the blood. when the prophet came into this world. God has sent. And that is the seven church ages. I tell you. through the life of that body. he was the Elijah sent to turn the hearts of the people back to the faith of forefathers. That ministry has finished. He brought forth a church. Do you agree with that? Good. but you will not listen to that man. 20:4-6) And the women are discredited. Today.

I read the books. my house . If you do not know how to comb your hair in the long way.” That Spoken Word books brought me back to God‟s Word and explained everything so that I‟ll be spotless. YOU ARE ON THE BORDER OF JORDAN.” Now. I‟m not cutting my hair. everything. some people say. no miracles. “What Word?” They reply “Spoken Word”. they read Malachi 4th Chapter and say. it‟ll be just a dust bin. doing nothing.” Good.~6~ Now you know some of the people say. thousand Hindus want baptism in India and they want me to come back immediately to baptize them. will you give up eating? Women should not eat. the souls are no more saved. suppose God said. If not for the wife. the ladies stay at home “Ladies can‟t preach. I got a letter. In India the women do not cut their hair. they know how to make it long and pretty. I say. husbands know what the women are. some of the far North Indian girls are so beautiful with their hair. You should read the Bible well. That home will be just like a market place. Everything is finished. “I‟m on the WORD OF GOD. The Word has got life. the Bride has mercy from the Bridegroom and the Bride intercedes like Abraham. and some socks on that side. and explain the Word. you know. We‟ll obey God and be without eating. miracles are over. be careful. Surely I tell you. And what do the women do today? “Oh. you have the tapes. they are on the Word. I know how it is: You go to a home where the man is not married. I challenge you. So the Bride to be spotless means. I listened to the tapes. (The Hindus want Brother Lawrie. they just read certain verses. I see the Indian girls. I know before I married. and sent information calling immediately to baptize thousands including some big Hindu families). Mercy Seat is over. brother.” You are definitely a foolish virgin. But people say. Only thing is. And he must stop there. you are not the Bride. “Brother. Shirts will be hanging on one side. check it with Go d‟s Word because the Word comes from God. You should read the whole chapter. Today you have the Spoken Word books. and a shoe will be hanging on another side. you must know what the prophet of God has said. People. And what do the people say? “Everything is finished. That‟s not ANOTHER BIBLE.” What about God‟s Word? That‟s life. you find it difficult to clean it. The Spoken Word books bring you back to the Word. There is still mercy. and see that home.” Shame! If any man preaches that. Yesterday. will you keep quiet. And if you read the whole series of books what do that women do? “Yes.” I‟ll tell you. God knows what you should not do. it‟s pretty. let us study from some of the Indians. You know more than the Indian people. He will turn the hearts of the people back to the faith of the forefathers. I‟m sitting quietly. God spoke to him. “Don‟t eat”. And that‟s when you are to go still further. But he‟s not God. don‟t think that‟s another Bible. But now. You stress “Mercy Seat is over.

He didn‟t build a temple. You go to my country and find that in every village and in every place. I‟m in the Bride. So God told the prophet. She had to go and tell Peter. shells are there. Don‟t be foolish. they love the ministry. God reveals all things. Oh. Which man saw that? Peter didn‟t see. but they‟re starting a chain prayer (non-stop) round the clock prayer. I‟m in the Bride. people are caught. do you know who are the back bone of the ministry? Ladies. shrimps are there. they only know that I was to leave India and you know what the women and men are doing now? Two men went of a forty day fast drinking only water. Jesus first revealed Himself to the Samaritan woman as the Messiah. how Jesus loved them! Many women ministered unto Him with their substance. But when my wife came. Solomon had to come. Now just before I started to come to U. And the prophet will do only what God said. I‟m in the Bride. you would want a wife. What do the people say? Everything is finished. and they will die for the cause. He. Pressure is coming very slowly. But this is the place I want you to understand and make things clear. marvellous! Many of them love God and for the sake of God. We can‟t go on like this any more. One lady with the love of God will do much more than hundred men. So if you want your house to be beautiful. And suppose somebody said to David. Jesus reveals more to women than men. You have a comfortable time. things are starting now. Some people are so big fish. “I‟m in the Bride. I‟ll tell you. they do not want to get caught in the net. And what do the men do? “Bad! Women cannot preach!” That just shows that you are a foolish virgin. When God told David to collect all the materials for the temple. And I‟ll tell you. So in the net. day and night and thousands of people are fasting and praying.~7~ was like that. It‟s true women cannot preach. you do not know who is doing that. I see a spirit of fear everywhere. why don‟t you build a temple? He would have done something against God.S. thousands of ladies back me up by constant fasting and prayer day and night. and then also real fishes. something should happen. Everything is nice. but for the Bride. But they are hidden. “I‟m in the Bride. when it was pulled out what are being caught? Stones are there.. But when it comes. all kinds of dirty things. a great apostle. came to know only through the woman. it‟ll come suddenly on you. to put a net on the world. I do not know every man and woman personally. I‟d be nowhere. And Martha and Mary. she made it beautiful. without the substantial hidden help of the ladies. moss is there. saw Jesus resurrected. because we have got increasing pressure in India. but what about the other side of it? I tell you. all are frightened of the prophet . And everybody says. in my ministry when I preach to millions and millions of people. Mary Magdalene.” But I‟ll tell you.” Even the shells and stones are shouting. They say. oysters are there. he collected and went his way. But for the prophet.

Oh. you won‟t smell it.” (listen) “he shall TURN. You need not tell me. Canada. and ye shall go forth. by revelation who Brother Branham is. People are sleeping and unless you take up my warning. “The dead don‟t praise God. Venezuela. (Now listen) REMEMBER YE THE LAW OF MOSES MY SERVANT. Don‟t think you‟ll go near. But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings. British Guyana. do you believe in that prophet?” He did not tell me that. behold. even though I‟m an Indian. David said. and grow up as calves of the stall. the Bible. Trinidad. we are just in the last days where the third pull is coming. they whisper praise the Lord. “We are in the message. shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up. “Oh. Malachi. Oh. that shall burn as an oven. that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. He did not tell me. United States. And these days. with the statutes and judgements (all pointing towards Jesus Christ). “Oh.” (I wish. Brother? I understand it differently. Don‟t think Brother Branham‟s name w ill take you to Heaven. I love that man. And people say.~8~ as well as the leaders much more than the Lord God Himself and His Word. But now. He is a man to whom God sent me. I know. I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: And he shall TURN. even the Spirit cannot move. Behold. saith the LORD of hosts. you all bring the Bibles please). Do you think everything is finished. you‟ll read the fourth chapter. England. everything is finished. Germany.” Are you dead? Secondly. which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel. And now I can tell you something that is happening here. yea. we‟re in the Word. we‟re in the message. since he met with an accident on 18th December 1965. for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this. and the heart of the children to their fathers. I‟ll tell you what happens. Australia. Brother Branham.” You know. and they say. I‟ve planned to travel all over.” and they are not even SAVED. I love Brother Branham. If you turn to Malachi. saith the LORD of hosts. Why are you afraid to praise God? In the Bible it never says not to praise God. They do not have a personal experience with God. they‟re stone dead. fourth chapter. Somebody read loudly. Africa. „anyone watching me‟. Jamaica. please. what‟s the matter? The people look here and there. “And all the proud. I‟ve been travelling a while and I couldn‟t give my opinion all these days. Japan and all over the world. And some of these people say. . I‟ll boldly say that you‟re lost. “For. And ye shall tread down the wicked. we are in the Word.” Without the filling of the Holy Ghost you won‟t even smell the Kingdom of God.” (it doesn‟t say he shall lead) “TURN the heart of the fathers to the children. and all that do wickedly. lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. It is 3 1/2 years since the prophet‟s message went forth. the day cometh.

this fellow Lawrie is trying to show himself a big man. I don‟t care whether you give me money or not. And one day I said. The good Shepherd would lay His life down for His sheep.a child ministry. And I don‟t know. come on. and may say. we‟ll quit. „This God I don‟t like Him. he‟s just like John the Baptist. what is the work of John the Baptist? Now see. “I don‟t want this life”. And people get angry. I tell you that you are children. so if you get angry. I‟m a black man coming from far away. He doesn‟t se e and believe. And what are you thinking? God is dead? The Shepherd has gone. Believing God and His Word without any outward evidence. And then He suddenly came down and lifted me. What is the fathers‟ faith. Elijah comes. Come on to the Word of God. you can fight with your own countrymen. „Brother. that he‟s a child. what is the children‟s faith? Children want to see and believe. That‟s the father‟s faith. nearly twelve thousand miles away. That‟s a higher form of faith. That is lack of growth. And what is it now? Listen. If you find anything wrong with the Word. So I went and saw him. Don‟t think you should be proud about it. My old days of fear and bondage are gone. And how much of suffering has come to you. But I‟ll tell you solemnly my friends. and you‟ll see. “Go and see my prophet in Jeffersonville: the voice of God came to me. Was He not the leader for 1969 years? Why they are concerned about the leadership of the Holy Spirit only now? Please show me one place in the Bible that He‟s not a good Shepherd. And if you think. he‟s not in the message. we‟ll see on the judgement day. But that doesn‟t mean he is a small man. Rolled and rolled like a stone. but I‟m boldly saying because I‟m a servant of God. I told my wife. I even came to the point of telling. John the Baptist comes from the wilderness. I‟m a man called by God and saved since 1943. But the day is coming when you‟re judged. and I got something. For whom? For the sake of the United States people. You meant to say that the Lord will leave the sheep and go away? Tell me did ever the Lord leave His people without a vindicated leader? They say now that the Holy Spirit is the leader. I challenge you people. But he gave a great man. This was something deeply impressed in my mind and God put it there. suffering I went. They‟ll believe only when they SEE. Now people say. God knows. where are the sheep? Sheep are scattered. Children‟s faith is to see and then believe.” I don‟t care. So what happens? God gave Brother Branham a ministry . your blood is on your head. he is no more here. I have not come for any money. He‟s treating everybody nicely and treating me very badly‟. houseless. “Oh. We‟ll see when the Bridegroom comes. but I‟m coming from Far East. you can challenge me. But if you hate me.~9~ He told me. can you see something and tell what is going to happen tomorrow?‟ That‟s child. “Oh. a child ministry. Bible says BELIEVE. You wouldn‟t say that He would send you without any Shepherd. and His work. my brothers? How much of persecution has come to you? You want to . One more message I‟m going to give you like this.

power descended on Him. that they had manifestations after belief. sacred letter. God hidden in a man. So they were afraid. then read it. and then put it in the trunk. I will tell you. You know the whole word. When God spoke. my dear. thirty times. I want to be a seasoned man. I‟ll fly away then. how He looked like. He didn‟t show that. Start now. John the Baptist was a man of father‟s faith. the Bride loves the Word. He said. Then God comes down. it appears like Bride. and then after five minutes take it back again. Jesus emptied Himself and walked like man filled with the Holy Spirit to show the living way to man. So what happens. when he spoke heaven and earth were shaken and something happened. you know. God will require it of them and they will be destroyed. tells Moses to tell them I‟m going to raise a prophet in whose mouth I‟ll put my words. She‟ll say. the same is He which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost (John 1:33). you‟re a false Bride. they didn‟t want God to talk in that way. He didn‟t start the ministry just when He was born. Only if you are on the Word can you stand that pressure or else you are just a stubble. Whatever He says. He didn‟t show a vision of that man. You know what the people say? “When the pressure comes. “but before the pressure. So in Deut. and He will speak. love letters. He didn‟t say I‟ll dwell in Him. False Bride. Because the ancient people. But. put in under the trunk. It‟s for today. I‟m sure you won‟t go in the rapture. let not God talk to us in thunder and clouds. they were afraid.18:16-22. And you know what happened really? In the time of Moses the Lord was speaking to people in clouds and thunders. John the Baptist had no miracles. I‟ll put my words in His mouth. minimum. no doubt. she has got a deep love for God and His letters. then what does God say to John the Baptist? “The man upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending and remaining on Him. olden days people of faith never believed in outward manifestations as a proof of belief. So what did that man do? He has been like a man. Listen. because He was in Him. If you don‟t read the Bible more than ten chapters a day. what colour. Don‟t wait for the pressure. if they don‟t believe. So John the Baptist was looking for a . That really means He‟s speaking something great through that man. she is not satisfied reading it once. they told Moses. But it took years for Him to grow to that standard. “children‟s faith”. You‟re not a Bride. You know when a girl gets a letter from a boy.~ 10 ~ say I will stand the persecution. when he spoke people repented. He had a Spoken Word Ministry. One day when He was fit for that. she‟ll read between the lines and twent y five times. When he went to be baptized by John the Baptist. and when she‟s coming in the evening. We don‟t read even one chapter a day. But Bride is not like that. He didn‟t say I will be in Him. again read it. but it was God speaking. my dear.

It is a sign for you to TURN and then go. But I have God in me. So He picked a man like an ordinary human being. Actually. you want to go to Chicago or some place. and when you baptize that man. turn. the Lamb of God”. So what happened. There are some people who make a circuit round it. that kind of hair. When you see a sign you read the sign. But what are the people doing today? Instead of making a turn.” So what did Jesus do? John the Baptist did not take the fathers back to the children‟s faith. their faith was. You don‟t stop there. no more will I talk to you in clouds and thunders.”So he started baptizing everyone. I got a headache one day which I could not get rid of one week. and turn. Oh. “Behold. they were afraid of God by thunder and cloud. HE TURNED them. they are going round and round like this and say. turn. If you want to have a lot of popularity. You want to go to a definite destination. Certain place I had to say. You don‟t go near the sign. turn. So God does not want you to be afraid. this kind of jacket. or want to go to Ohio. you drive in that direction. “Yes. go on as you go. and circle around the same broad way. If you don‟t tell the name of Brother Branham a hundred times. who had come from the wilderness. you won‟t get money. Brother Lawrie. This man is not in the message. you don‟t sing. He only told him. He will baptize you with the Holy Ghost. and they get angry and I can see out of fear many even omit to mention the name of Jesus Christ. in whom God dwelt. And if I mention Jesus Christ and His dealing personally they get angry. Brother Branham. That was the sign. but you are a tare and a foolish . You see the sign there and go that way. Brother Branham. they are making a big round about turn. that kind of clothes. we are on the message”. and go on the same broad way of destruction.”Oh wonderful sign. “Oh. “He is better than I. because the time is short. he was introducing like this. and going on the same way to destruction. God Himself. Then the people said. That was put by the Government of the United States. I lost all the money. I‟ll send a man”. what a wonderful sign”. Now suppose you go on the highway. So Jesus came like a small child. “A man who will come to be baptized by you. when you‟re going on a highway. So what do you do? You see the sign. That‟s the trouble now. if you tell the name of Jesus. So God listened to the plans and said. you are not in the message. the Word of God. you don‟t waste any time there. that‟s the man. because he just tells the name of Jesus Christ. Oh. a dove will come on Him. to find what? To find Jesus Christ in whom God is going to dwell. So what happened? When John the Baptist was shouting. Branham many time so I got so sick. Children are afraid of thunder. but it actually was God. So God did not specify a man. when he was baptizing the dove came.~ 11 ~ dove. because they were children. Oh.

hear His voice. But Peter. So what did they do? They followed Him. John the Baptist said. possessed of a denominational spirit. my friend? Do you want the Lord to come your way? Do you want the Lord to come just like you think? How did Jesus Christ come? He came as a carpenter‟s son. They‟re making a big denominational thing. “Where dwellest Thou?” Jesus said.” And what happened.” A lot of people were standing there.” But some people KNEW: Oh. but “You come and see and hear what I say. come back to God‟s Word. “What do you want?” When you would follow Him. So when these people left. now the way is open. “Come and see. and he must increase. you see God from the Bible. “Behold the Lamb of God.~ 12 ~ virgin. “What seek ye?” They replied. Somebody inside Him. prophet of God. The time is coming. He asked. Their world is already past. but only two people followed Jesus Christ. They know how the Lamb of God would look like from God‟s Word (Isa.” That is why the people don‟t understand. vindicated man. he said. or should I look for another?” A prophet is doubting? Why? He finds all his disciples having no power. So if you want to see God. James . But if you want to be unpopular. now the people have digested the message. “Hey. Now the next step is to happen. it‟s not just Jesus. He‟ s the servant of God. Come and see me whether I am according to the Word of God. that fellow is a carpenter‟s son. So what happens? He took the children and all of John‟s disciples and standing there. That same rejected people are the Bride. So what happens. many people remembered John the Baptist. Good. Are you ready to meet the Lord. they are in another sphere. Jesus said. But he didn‟t go beyond his period. that man who came after you.” He didn‟t say “I‟m so and so”.” And you know what they went and told John? “Hey. you know what the people said? “Hey. Many of John‟s disciples followed John and thought John was the Lamb of God as his head was cut off like a lamb.” So to find God follow Jesus. They knew that man from the eyes. “Are you the one to come. All the power is gone. the way is prepared. from the heart. But I‟ll tell you. “I must decrease. 53). Not from Spoken Word books. Three and a half years it takes for a message to get into the hearts of the people.” He didn‟t say. that fellow is baptizing all the people. not to see from a photograph. see from God‟s Word. and charging. taking our sheep. Christ has to COME AGAIN to take the Bride (John 14:3). “My sheep hear my voice. They were the sheep. And people are fooling about with God. “I must become a big man and that rival fellow must be ruined. Now three and a half years are over. this man came and stole our sheep. what do you say about that?” John the Baptist was a man of God. see and hear Him. John the Baptist‟s disciples started walking behind Him. And what happened? Even he doubted and said. it‟s somebody inside Him. may the Lord open your eyes. foolish virgins.

if you are in the Bride. And you call yourself Bride and miss the whole thing? My dear brothers and sisters. He was the prophet Elijah. If he was Christ.just children.” Imagine the pitiable condition when they said. what are you going to give us?” “You are going to reign with me. If you miss it. they missed His crucifixion. mind you. and what do the people say? Everything finished. they‟re all children playing with toys and everything. He has to take these children back to the faith of the fathers. Do you know who are in the Bride? Peter and all are part of the Bride. He‟ll live with him. “We are John‟s disciples. And he preached to the people just like children. They‟ll miss being in the Bride. go to the Word. they missed the miracles. feeding the thousands. this is the time to catch hold of God. Then what happens. under Paul. Then they come back later missing the whole glorious thing.” The Bride reigns with God. they missed the Pentecost and missed everything. they‟re children. Compare the twelve sincere disciples of John the Baptist and the twelve disciples who were with the Bridegroom Jesus Christ. walking on sea. you miss eternity. when I heard Brother Branham‟s message. we have left all and followed you. They missed everything. when you read the Spoken Word . they missed His resurrection. They missed Christ. they‟re the foolish virgins. “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?” Oh. If you have not yet come. the demons are running out. They missed being the children of the Bride Chamber. He came to Ephesus and he saw some of John‟s disciples and asked.~ 13 ~ and John had power to bring fire from heaven if Jesus permitted. John‟s disciples are not the Bride. he‟ll walk with him.” What did Brother Branham say? “Behold the Bridegroom cometh. They asked Him.Acts 19:1-7. The man who wakes the sleeping virgins is not the Bridegroom nor the sleeping ten torch bearers with or without oil (virgins) the Bride. he wouldn‟ t speak to him from a cloud. you miss everything. playing with God. They missed the triumphant entry into JERUSALEM. they missed His walking with His disciples for forty days. Now see. Branham with a children ministry. John said. Discernment-seeing and believing which is the inborn nature of the Gentiles always cherish and desire.” He is the man who introduces the Bride to the Word. But he was not Jesus. But do you know where they came in? Under another dispensation. God was speaking to Him. So. missed all the persecutions. I became doubly strong on God‟s Word. I don‟t know what you read. But he was not God. The Bride is in her chamber while the Bridegroom comes to take her. you miss rapture. Why John‟s disciples have not even the Holy Ghost? And. everything happening. Two thousand years . Then God grows weary of these children. God raised a man called Bro. they proudly said. they missed all. “Lord. “Behold the Lamb of God. the dead being raised. But did you see that cloud. “We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost” . they missed it. in the heavens and the revelation of seals and did you notice one thing? After that cloud in the air. they missed His burial.

“The Third Pull is coming” and he didn‟t say I‟ll die and rise up again. “It thundered. to find out how much they‟re worth. And when she decides to marry that boy. the girl sends a messenger. First of all he laughs. that Third Pull comes when God comes down and leads the Bride. “Do you know. the prey will escape. Now suppose a girl loves a boy. So what happens? When Brother Branham turns us to God‟s Word.” The thunders are not revealed yet and the seventh seal too. the mystery of God should be finished. to catch away the prey. he wanted to see and believe. but you don‟t use it because you‟ve been feasting with the Master and because the Master has come to take direct action. And so very few of the Bride. he gives something.~ 14 ~ books. he has everything”. to find out what kind of man. Only after she catches the prey will she start roaring loudly. The gifts are there. Even last week many people were healed. Bible says. then the boy slowly invites her to have a cup of coffee. (majority of the Bride is still out-the Big Fishes) the Lamb comes down roaring like a lion. the foolish and wise virgins and others are gradually pulled and caught in the net. but dormant. Brother Branham was the prophet who. That is why the first roaring was not roaring but speaking. Then when all the mystery of the boy is revealed. Another thing is coming! When Moses was there. He knows only beating the rock and getting the water. I‟ll marry him. and what kind of girl they are. she gets a revelation of Bridegroom who comes again to receive her to Himself. Brother Branham clearly says. this girl says. Surely he says check everything by God‟s Word. Is everything finished? I challenge all who falsely say they have been revealed. First of all it roars to set the net by speaking to a prophet (silently without roaring noise). “How are you? How are you? How are you?” That‟s the first time. So. Then it goes on like that. Can you imagine God coming down? I‟ll explain it to you the day after tomorrow. the boy sends a messenger. when he introduced us to the Word of God. So. She gives something. through the prophet and setting the net. So I came running to the Word with double force. So . the messenger comes and tells. when the seventh angel sounded. Then they exchange gifts for their birthdays. And that‟s the thing I plead with you not to miss. And you know. all the gifts cease because what‟s the use of gifts after that? The gifts are there. People can‟t bear to see that another ministry is coming. When the Bride decides in her heart to be doubly true to God‟s Word. And this roaring means. this boy is a very rich boy! He‟s got a lot of money and he belongs to a rich and decent family. When very few of the Bride has been caught in the net. A lion roars two times (Lion of the tribe of Judah). Because if she starts roaring before. But then the lion never roars till she catches the prey. Read the Seven Seals book carefully and find out for yourselves. and the boy doesn‟t know what kind of girl she is. This girl doesn‟t know what kind of boy he is.

feet are like this. “I see and believe. But the children who were on God‟s Word. But the least ones in the living Bride who would meet the Lord living in this generation ready to be “Changed” putting immortality without tasting death is greater than him. when the foolish virgins will find they want oil. March on. God will reveal Himself to you. not outside. Don‟t think you can know Christ by SEEING AND BELIEVING. as He appears according to God‟s Word. saw the whole thing in Canaan and said. what He is like? What does the Word say? The Lord‟s hair is like this. voice is like this. but by BELIEVING AND SEEING only. If you are not on the Word of God. shouting in a corner of Jeffersonville? No man born of a woman was ever raised like him and no man born of a woman was greater than Brother Branham. . The oil is in the Word of God. because that‟s God leading you. who is that man. Brother Branham? Is he a strong man? No. body is like this. So what happens in Moses time. I don‟t care. and make your life exactly like that. but they could not enter because they were “Seeing and believing” people. believed God could open a passage through Jordan River and marched on by faith and the river simply opened. I‟ll go back to India losing all my friends. that‟s the description and the Bride will not be deceived but will recognise the Lord Jesus. 1:12 15. But the time is coming. But if you are totally on God‟s Word. That‟s the Bride. 7:9. But who is this man. So if you don‟t take it. as this is Bride age. did he have meetings like Oral Roberts and Billy Graham? No. he stood before Moses.~ 15 ~ you know what God said? “Moses. Because all the description of God is there.” But you cannot get into Canaan with just seeing and believing. I tell you. Songs of Solomon 5:10). So today. You may hate me. you are a fellow trained in seeing and believing. without going through death. notice carefully. And thank God for sending that Elijah. not in the Spoken Word books. it‟ll simply open. But I promised God. 10:1-6. I don‟t care. So that Bride time is on. That book brings you back to God‟s Word to get oil for you. if you do not come first on God‟s Word you‟ll never be in the Bride. how the Lord will appear. Get on Mount Pisgah and see and believe. (Rev. Moses brought the people out of Egypt but he didn‟t enter into Canaan. The Bride puts on immortality. eyes are like this. The Bride‟s body is different. All the people came with him.” So he got on the mountain. the Bridegroom. Many people don‟t like this. rather than losing God. a heavenly glory comes as a covering which Adam and Eve lost. and you can never see God coming down in this generation. Because you find Christ in the Word only. Does he have radio? Television? No. you don‟t go in the rapture. Dan. you have no oil. The oil is in the Bible. So if you don‟t read the Word of God. God is meeting the Bride on the Word of God. That‟s the faith of the fathers. I know.

So a vegetable kingdom can become an animal kingdom. and what‟s the price? What are we going to pay as the price? When God comes to claim the Bride. this world is clay. But how did the earth come? What do you eat? We eat cabbage and salads and such things. put two coats and two pants. This is a miry clay. So God took the earth. through His life. what do you do? Are you going to take the whole house and car on your head and go with all the things? You‟ll dispose off so many things. man has got life. a human body can become a spiritual body. she was forced out of Sodom and Gomorrah. But the mineral kingdom can become a vegetable kingdom. hundreds of grains. man is made of clay. That‟s why Jesus said “Except a man forsakes everything he has. watery clay. One had to die to give life. that‟s God. animal kingdom. water has life. How? A God-man (Jesus Christ) had to die and he planted and gives a harvest of similar manifested sons of God today. that grass gets into the body and becomes an animal. spiritual kingdom. all coming from the earth. you will make ready for that. So for every man some amount of earth has been taken. When I came to United States from India. animals have life. only in a different form. that tree sucks minerals from the earth and brings juice to the fruit. All right we are to be in the Bride. This has got life. all the Bride came. but she gets hits. it is like this. there your heart will be. you cannot see the kingdom of God. Seven Church Messengers. That is why except you be born again. but if your heart is in heaven. the head comes. I didn‟t bring my things and book store and books and trunks and mirrors and tables. but you must understand that this clay is different from the moon clay. for the human kingdom.” . Except you be born of water and of the spirit. Just like Lot‟s wife. And that‟s how we are now in the spiritual kingdom. he said.~ 16 ~ But you know the Seven Church Messengers came. mind you. made the clay and made it like a man and breathed the strength in man and it became life. make yourself light. That is why when Jesus Christ died. Now see there is a mineral kingdom. I didn‟t carry on my head all that. When an animal eats the grass. God told Jeremiah “Go to the potter‟s house”. Everything has got life. should he carry all the things he has? Where your treasure is. So. “I‟ll make you. you cannot enter into the kingdom of God. In the same way. he cannot be my disciple. these animals live in your body and thus an animal kingdom can become a human kingdom. How? If you plant a tree. Then the neck comes. if a man wants to go to New Jerusalem. just like Jesus Christ (original planted seed). So we are in the kingdom of God. So your heart won‟t allow you to go. landed here. paralysed unable to move further because her heart was there in Sodom.” So. So when you eat hamburger and hotdogs and all these things. took a suitcase. So. I put all my things in my room. vegetable kingdom. If somebody wants you to leave Chicago and go to Florida.

where lot of Brahmins and priests were taking bath. So this king sent a messenger to get that man. So there was only doubting Thomas having no opening for the ministry.” Then Thomas went to a river. “How is the palace getting on?” And the king‟s friends said. And this doubting Thomas came to India. Thomas Church throughout India.” Then the king called him and put him in jail. So they said this fellow was with the carpenter. And I come from the doubting Thomas‟ . In the middle of the night. By that time Jesus died and rose again and went away.” Then he took the water. in which he was taken to some place. come on. Thomas Mount. Thomas said. “This is what Thomas did for you there. beautiful palace with the name Gonderferrys palace. You know how he started his work? When a king called Gonderferrys wanted to build a big palace. hundreds and hundreds of churches. who was able to build big buildings and his name was Jesus Christ. So the king gave a lot of money and gave the building plans and said.” So he was persuaded and brought into the country of India. I‟ll do it provided. “What God are you believing?” They said. And he was killed in Madras City at St. our king wants to put up a big building. the water must remain in the air.” This fellow took the money. “Mr.~ 17 ~ You know I come from a place where doubting Thomas the Apostle arrived in India. so he said. So the king came. this doubting Thomas. got up and told the people.” The king. threw it in the air. “All right. in the name of Jesus. “Is this for me?” “Yes. “No. He said. there was a hole in the river water. if I do this. and there must be a hole to the amount of water in the place from where the water is taken out. walked up and down the towns. “We believe in many gods. “Here is the money. now put up the building. cities. Thomas. Can you do that?” “Yes. took it up. will you come? Are you one of the carpenter‟s family?” “Yes. The whole group was baptized in the name of Jesus and the ministry started. “Thomas. the king had a dream. And he started churches and they named them (Mar Thoma Church) St. the water stood there.” “Can your gods do anything wonderful? My God will do wonderful things. All the others had a ministry.” replied the angel and said. gave all the money to the poor people and finished. in the morning. beautiful buildings and he saw a very big building. you can do the ministry. somebody told him that in Palestine. to be killed the next day.” Then they said. sir he has given the money to all the poor people and no building has come. Whatever you do. there was a very able carpenter. all over the country. I can put up a big building for you. you‟ll all accept Jesus Christ. You know that? One of the Lord‟s disciples was called doubting Thomas. He saw the palace and asked the angel. So they referred him to the disciples. I thank you for building a big palace for me in Heaven. Will you take a bucket of water from here and throw it in the air. listern to this man Thomas and commanded Thomas.

Don‟t stop.” Now suppose he says. Why are you foolish? Turn to Romans 1:21. you are not a Bride. who will go and book the ticket? Will I sit at home and say. men suffered. you must join the School of God for training. “I am the highway. you are a foolish virgin. Then she recognized it is Christ.” That means I came and made a smooth road for you. Professing themselves to be wise. “Yes. Just walk through because He has done all the work for you.“Because that. So you don‟t worry in this life by your efforts. But think how many people suffered to put that road? And Jesus said. “Hey. we see the prophet and keep on thinking that all the things are finished. That‟s what King David said. when they knew God. But today. the husband does the work for the Bride. they dug up and dynamited the stones. and made a big highway. you are not the Bride.” We think we are wise. don‟t make circles. But if you don‟t recognize Him. you are just driving. you go and book the ticket.~ 18 ~ Spiritual family. Suppose my wife comes to United States. and cut down the trees. What do you read? “ I am the way. was ups and downs and mountains. Go to your home and think. we believed. so that you may just drive on me. You know.22 . ditches and stones. But I‟ll tell you Brother. Let us be led moment by moment casting all care on God. “I am the way. “My God which performeth all things for me. God comes down by the Word! God comes down by the Word! And if the Bride cannot recognize this.” “I am the door. us. If you read all the books. they became fools.” what‟s a highway? This highway before. the truth and the life. but though we didn‟t see the Master. I‟ll tell you. Not through a man or anybody. But one day. And now we go easily. every moment counts. not a Bible School. They don‟t know what it is.” For whom? For those who have no oil. he saw the Master. If you go by YOUR EFFORTS. You may hear all the tapes and be without salvation. but became vain in their imaginations. and book a room for me?” Suppose I come to Chicago. we belong to that doubting Thomas. If God has left mercy seat. the mercy seat is over. valleys. Not by outward evidence not by clouds and everything. you‟re gone. don‟t get into denominations. “You go and book a room at the Holiday Inn?” No. sufficient unto the day of the evil thereof. What is a denomination? It‟s like a . they glorified him not as God. But for the Bride there is mercy. and their foolish heart was darkened. God has come down. how many people missed Christ in that generation? Whom do you think Christ will come to? What do you think he is going to look like? Do you want Him to come just as you like according to your theory? But the Bride will know by the description how the Bridegroom looks. then God has come down to this earth.” You don‟t work. will God give a revelation step by step what you should do? Thank God that God has been training. will I sit on a bench and say to my wife. my friend.

Oh. It is not an easy thing. When I came on like that. So pastors feed the sheep. There‟s something in the Bible which man cannot utter without experiencing it personally. If an evangelist stays for about one month. Suppose you have no fingers. You have been fooled by many people.these five fingers. Why should you tell what is in the Bible? If God wants to tell you something. then why should they say. when God moves and tells you something from the Word of God. No man can add or no man can take away but something has not been written by God. You know. what do they do? They prophesy. to do everything. it is something great. to comb my hair. because I have been a pastor myself. if God has called you to be a teacher. you get another fifty two sermons. to clean this body. “Oh. I am with you” (prophecy). “Lo. you‟ll kick that man out.” God in the Word says. for three hundred and sixty-five days or 52 weeks. But as an evangelist. He is with the people. that is God‟s Word. be a teacher. you cannot be this or that. you can only be a pastor and a teacher. God can make you over-night a big man. your church will go away. If you‟re a pastor. to put on my glasses. you yourself will get him out. what can the pastor do? Why is this pastor not preaching? He may be a duffer. You have given out nearly 156 sermons. going around. If you go as an evangelist. he is gone. Then comes pastor. They are special people. “My God in Heaven. Why were the thunders not written? Tell me. Why was it not written? Because God is going to reveal that. everything . “Yea. The whole Bible was written by God. New Year. I beseech thee.” And like the Pentecostal people. But you cannot be a pastor. If the pastor stays for three years. New year. That is why today. “Oh! Wonderful man that brother. Christmas. But. Understand? It is difficult for a man to understand the hand of God. same song and same prayer. you cannot be an evangelist. I am with you always even unto the end of the world”. you are in danger. “Yes. man. But you can do . But an evangelist comes with ten sermons. something happened. one day. Easter. I became a big man in the city. Then the people say. Easter. He‟ll tell you something very personal and turn your heart. But when God reveals. Man cannot do that. that man is a fire”. not an ordinary people. but you can never be an evangelist. I have fingers. he cannot stay at home and pastor in his church. only in his brain. to put on my coat. But the thing is. I am with you. So these five fingers are just kept by God to wash my teeth. Not just copy some verse from the Bible and tell you. he is not a good preacher. you have fifty two sermons or more. people were startled. Now see my body.~ 19 ~ gramophone record. all over the place. Where is the five fold ministry today? First of all teacher. to put on my tie. Then the next year. But let him stay her e another one year. what would you do? So God gave five ministries for the body. Once I couldn‟t even preach to a crowd of five people. Sometime people say. my friends.

Osborne came to India. big meeting. That is why today. Which is big? Come on. He goes to a mountain. two thousand people received the Holy Ghost. Once my wife told them. 2:20).5:2 . She‟s not afraid and say. he can be a teacher. he came and a big revival took place. Please don‟t be misled by these people. when the girl-friend sees her boy-friend. big man. but he can never be a prophet. “TOKEN” which is going to take you to heaven? You say. how does she feel? She forgets the whole world. I‟d rather shout and be wrong than be silent and be dead. Did you get anything from the Osborne meeting? No. “Mummy.” They started jumping. Everybody says. And today people say. an evangelist is a tall man. Today. but he can never be a prophet.” If I come and my girl-friend is afraid to meet . I don‟t want my children to be silent when I go back home. but not one man received the Holy Ghost. many people in this message. wherever you go. of the very thing. you should not shout”. shout again.(Hab. “When Daddy comes. “Oh.” Where did Brother Branham say not to receive the Holy Ghost? You read the Questions. That‟s all he can do. fasting ten days.~ 20 ~ one thing. puts in dynamite. it is not the crowd. That was a salvation ministry. Branham‟s daughter-in-law sought for the Holy Ghost. two thousand people wrote that they‟re saved. people received the Holy Ghost in our ministry. If these people don‟t believe this. fifth book. “I want my church members to be filled with the Holy Ghost. only two thousand five hundred people. Why were they jumping? Because the father is there. We had a small meeting. But nobody got the Holy Ghost. I don‟t know what people will think. They get mad. Brother Branham says. I want my children to shout when they see me. Billy Graham came. But when He comes down the heaven is silent . That was healing ministry. I feel like scolding them. But listen. And he can be a pastor. breaks the stone into pieces. you mean the Bride will sleep? Let‟s take the natural way. have not the Holy Ghost. not one man received the Holy Ghost. but I want to tell something very personal to you. Why the present day foolish virgins starve for praises and joy and are frightened because according to Eccl. “ Read the books. all over India.3:3). tall man.” After that he cannot do anything substantial. the earth should be silent (Hab. those days are gone”. Tell your pastor. “Brother. They are so afraid. They say. come on and shout again. “In which meeting did you receive the Holy Ghost?” “Brother Lawrie‟s”. Mummy”. he‟s like dynamite. I came from the bus into the home. They said. An evangelist sows the manna of God for our day. “Oh. Get on your knees and get the Holy Ghost. I tell you. this evangelist. “All right. and without the Holy Ghost you can‟t do anything much for God.When God is in His heavenly throne.” Bro. They‟ll say. when the children saw me. John‟s disciples were fasting but Jesus‟ disciples were feasting and shouting. he‟s a big man. How can you be afraid my friends. He can be three. When the Bridegroom comes. when the Bridegroom is on the earth there should be thundering praises. Daddy has come.

I don‟t know what to do with these people. Come on. You know. that‟s a ministry of God which is to come after . It‟s something like. “I‟m preparing the way. I‟ll take over now. and when he came to a certain place. What is that tent meeting? Eliezer. New Jerusalem is the mother of all. my friend. not in the message. He‟s taking the Bride that‟s the tent meeting. Just like God revealed to Moses the plan from Egypt up to Canaan. sending Eliezer to take over the Bride. don‟t be quiet. he takes her to his mother‟s “New Jerusalem” tent (Gal. praise the Lord! Everything that is dead be afraid and be silent. you‟ll do what the Bible says. my friend? These people don‟t pray at all. He said. What did Brother Branham say? Thunders are to come.” So the people asked. she has got the Holy Ghost and she is on God‟s Word.” then he said. we‟re in the message. No oil. “Well. If you‟re in love with God. “I‟ll take my girl. but when he came to Jordan. “mercy seat is gone.” They are in “MESS-AGE”.” Then the preacher said.” He comes there. “She will come through the tribulation. now the time has come. The Bridegroom coming and taking the Bride to His Home. “You have it”. to be with the Bride. But the Bride will not be confused and she will believe the Word rather than any man.” She had repented and been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. When did the praying stop. after the millennium. nobody will be saved”. But this girl won‟t. I‟ll take the girl” and took the Bride to that tent meeting. verily. I said. they talk through their hat but they don‟t have a drop of oil in their lives. “Oh. only this preacher will come through tribulation after millennium if he does not watch for the Lord and be on God‟s Word. “That‟s the Bride. Power filled her. and said that he had not seen anyone being saved for the last five years. So what happens. Oh.4:26). There may be something happening after me.” But you know. I‟m confused. “Brother Lawrie.God revealed the plan from that end to this end. That‟s why she is afraid. At that time one sister came in. I think something is funny because she loves somebody else better.” Verily. I say unto you. what will happen to her?” The preacher said. Pray. So what happens? People are confused. don‟t be quiet. and the devil puts forth error to confuse the Bride. when the pressure comes we will fly. we are the Bride. you are in the “Mess-age”.~ 21 ~ me.” But one thing . the preacher said. “God has left the mercy seat. if you read the books. You are completely messed up. That‟s false. Eliezer had to stop. if the Lord moves you. brought the Bride up to a distance. Then Isaac looked and then he said. When did the ministry stop? When I was going to one camp. “I do not know it. I feel I should get it as it is clear from God‟s Word. I want the Holy Ghost. read it without any partiality. if that girl received the Holy Ghost. “Because we‟re in the Bride. I got the Holy Ghost. she spoke in tongues. What does the Bible say? Everything that has got life. So. enough Moses. I get so mad. And Isaac said. I do not know when. They say. She went and told the preacher. “Brother. no oil.

I have invitation till December. Many tried to lead without God‟s call but were dead. But they knock at the door. but we‟ve gone to the wrong door. And one day. Why? They‟re not on the Word. But because I love you. Do not cling to “Peter‟s Sword” which chopped off the ear making one deaf to the voice of God. Yes. Are you really in the Bride? If you have thirst in your heart. They talk about Him. Brother Branham has got Christ ministry. if you have that thirst in your heart. come on. I know many people will get angry. I‟m the door. Because I‟m not staying here. and you go back home immediately.” “I must come . after they see the ministry of the Bride. you talk about Jesus. Bride must definitely come to the realization that they are missing something. What did Jesus say? “I‟m the door.” So Jesus is standing there. I want you to go to Life Tabernacle. then you‟re dead. and gave the Bride into the hands of Bridegroom with the Word of God ministry. They will come to the word in the end. The father has to hand over the Bride to the Bridegroom. I don‟t care. Only Jesus can heal the chopped deaf ear. The insignificant man Joshua was ready when commanded and he was the leader of the new ministry and even nature responded and sun stood still. in Sodom Gomorrah. We talk about everything. So I love you all my friends. as a prophet to whom came the sword of the Lord (Deut. one day you‟re going to realize it. they struggled but they could not find the door. They went to fetch oil on the Word. he came as Elijah. get the oil now. I wanted to be here six months. The Bride clings to God who holds the sword and worships Him but not just boasting about the sword without God and His Spirit. Elijah turned the children‟s heart to the faith of the forefathers. Here the foolish virgins know the door. And if you don‟t realize that now. the rapture is gone or coming. John the Baptist gave the fathers into the hands of Jesus Christ. they talk about the door. That will be eternal for you. The foolish virgins know about this message. But the door is closed. but the Lord spoke to me in Canada.~ 22 ~ Brother Branham. yes. “When the man reaches moon. everything we talk. Moses knew God face to face. you‟re not a Bride. Then they get jealous when they come to see the rapture had taken place. But to Joshua God came down with the sword . Chicago and I‟m going to reveal myself down there. doesn‟t catch you and take you. But Jesus was Bridegroom and Elijah came to prepare the way. Now you say.note the sword did not come but God who held the sword came down and Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshipped Him (Joshua 5:13-15). And if God doesn‟t come. So the ministry cannot be imitated by false self-styled leaders who have sprouted like mushrooms. Come to these two meetings. my friends. with the ministry for children just like Jesus came with a ministry for children. and find out Christ. You may hate me and call me anything. Why. I tell you. the door was shut. I‟m saying this and not for your money or anything. 34:10.11).

out to the town. Now listen. and talked with Jesus Christ. Brother Branham came with discernment to show the people. What is the time now? When they sleep say everything‟s finished. then he also shouts. That‟s why Brother Branham said. “He must increase. these are the two ministries in one place. When the thief runs away. Because miracles you can do only when you‟re awake. money everything. He comes right there to take the best of the cream and run away before day breaks! And the rest will be foolish. “I see a tent. when Abraham was living outside Sodom and Gomorrah. Then the thief comes right in the midnight in a dark dress silently and what does he come to steal? Does the thief come to steal your old pants and shirts and everything of no importance? Or something like a broken kitchen pot? Or does the thief come to steal your old rubber tube and all your old shoes? He knows where you keep your jewellery. So now there should be the pillar of cloud and not the pillar of fire. Now listen. “I will meet you there. to place the net. a thief doesn‟t come making a big noise when many are watching. the people try to catch him. He had a conversation. he came out.” But the second thing is He is talking to Abraham.” What did he see? He didn‟t say he was in a tent but. So what is this that is happening today? Have your hearts turned? What did Jesus say.” and sleep. “I‟m coming as a thief!” He‟s not coming in a big healing ministry. Now God comes to . he was interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah. The angel looked UP away from Brother Branham and said NOT TO BROTHER BRANHAM but Christ (Light) above. “I won‟t destroy the country if there are ten in the place. He‟s not coming as a man with publicity and by radio and all. He knows when you sleep.” The angel will meet in a place like a meeting place for the continuation of His ministry where Christ will be present for the coming Third Pull. God came and showed the discernment to Sarah. then what Brother Branham told is not coming to pass. Don‟t think there are lot of people. I thank God.” If America will not be destroyed that means there are more than ten in the Bride or multiples of tens according to the population. and sees then it‟s the right time when everybody is sleeping.” “I could not come down. thief. miracles finished. he promised that lady a child. trying to get here before that day. Now listen. “Thief. “I look down at a tent. And God said. not to Abraham. “If there are ten righteous people I won‟t destroy it. He promised Abraham. But do you know what Abraham did? He didn‟t take his wife. thief” and continues to run so that the people will not suspect him to be the thief. I must decrease!” If the ministry coming doesn‟t give us much more and shock the whole world than that which is already done.~ 23 ~ down before man reaches moon. and when the foolish come out and knock that means the cream is lost.” So we were driving about nearly three thousand miles without stop. Its day now and the night and the pillar of fire is gone. So what do the foolish virgins say? “Everything‟s gone.

and tells the whole world. when you go out. you‟ll say the Lord has come down. God touches the clay. God is finished”. And the Bride has still got mercy. So this dead clay is returning to the dust.” You can‟t go and sit down. as never before in the history of the world. the serpent‟s seed. you will say.” You think both are different? Both tell the same thing. not even able to teach about Brother Branham‟s books. ask God what to do. That is what He is going to do. It is not wrong to tell others what God has done to you. I‟m finished. “the mercy seat is over. So. Come and see how God is going to move the place. who chooses Christ. Don‟t think there‟ll be a big latter rain. on that day. countries. “Brother Lawrie has left the United States. the Bride. The Bride will have the mercy. If you are OUTSIDE the tent. and God fashions every clay according to His thinking. Every sister‟s got a ministry. A man goes to the moon to take the rock. I will take the clay and make it immortal and go up.” My wife will say. This time God will quickly gather them together (all religions. You could do mighty things on your knees. Oh. miracles are over. There is time no longer. God can speak to you. nations and politicians) into one. you‟ll say. Hear His voice. Dear Sisters! Don‟t think because you should not preach according to God‟s Word. and just tell them about Christ. you have no mercy. . “I‟m gone. God has left the mercy seat for the foolish virgins. just hold still . And every day live with God. “Brother. only the elect will come.” You are better without preaching (James 3:1). Who are you and I? The Bride. you‟re not the elected. You can pray. And tomorrow. Only thing is. I have done many things on my knees. You can meet many people in life. and I‟m on this side. You may not agree.~ 24 ~ talk with whom? Talk with His Bride. God can challenge the whole world in better ways. And I‟ll show you tomorrow a few more things. “My husband is coming.” If Russia could challenge America. That is why I agree with Brother Branham. I know just on my knees things happen. What is the greatest thing? Is it just preaching? The greatest thing is to have God in you. I‟ll deal with another subject like that. she is on that side. read the Bible. If you are in the tent. Everyone has a ministry to play.don‟t get angry. If you just keep quiet. the people are sitting quietly. That‟s the time God comes down to take the earthly clay and make it immortal (Gen.11:7). but do not try to preach using that as a chance. “You took that rock and come down. So God is concerned about you. The Bride is just the clay. but I‟ll tell you. But today. talk to some people. and the greatest thing in this world is that now God is coming down to take the people. the serpent‟s seed. See how quickly He scattered them. don‟t say. But God has come down to talk with the Bride. The ministry is only for the Bride. if man could touch the moon. everything has ceased. If that‟s so that is a sign. God is going to make this clay (a group of people) into an eternal thing. So suppose I go back to India.

there‟s a hole there in the earth. “Daddy. And that mercy will see you come. The Bride will have mercy. “You pass the examination. you are an outside tare. now the time has come for the Bride to go through the Word and studying everything and have the Word in the heart. Are these the Bride telling all kinds of things against the Word of God. But he said “I will lead you beside the still waters. These are days.” “You told me yesterday that if I pass the examination. So if you are a Bride. And what did this produce? Many headed monsters. there‟s a judgement. So.” He will say. When the Bride has gone up. it is dirty water. I‟ll give you a cycle. there‟ll be judgement. telling them he‟d come to get the cycle in a few hours. How can you know the Word. Next day he will come to receive. ordered the cycle. there‟s no mercy for this world. that‟s why King David said. I shall not want”. “Did I promise?” . I give you a cycle. “there‟s no mercy”. asked them to fit everything and keep it ready. So let God give you that thirst for people. The moment he strikes the earth. some small judgement. “Please give me. Come on. small judgement.~ 25 ~ So the Bride will reach out to the people. But if you sit down and say. If you have a real thirst for God. All trample and trample.” Suppose I say “Come tomorrow 9 O‟clock. Jesus ascended sending gifts to His people but now He descends to take away the gifted people with good fruits. God will put something in your life. come and buy it for me. come to the Lord. But if you are the Bride. you‟d buy a cycle and give me. Can you do something? Go to your God. as the Bride is claimed one by one by God. They can‟t stand before you. I told him. he just went to the cycle shop. after all? (Rom. So. The Bride has the Word which is in the heart. till a great judgement awakes the whole country. Not into the muddy waters of denomination and denominational spirit. please give me. He wrote the examination and got a pass. He will lead you beside the still waters. He‟s coming now. challenge them with the Word of God. right there. These won‟t stop here. 10:17) Suppose my son comes and tells me. “Lord is my shepherd. every Bride. the cycle‟s ready. take care of yourself.” How will he come? He won‟t come and beg.” He was happy. Because this is the time the Bride will come into power. “I don‟t have money now. when you don‟t read it? What is faith. One day when my son wanted a cycle.” I said. Then he came to me. humbly and silently to transform His Bride and go away VICTORIOUSLY. come to the Lord.” That is the message of the prophet which is the still waters and green pastures. “Daddy. Don‟t think Christ is coming to be born in a manger and be crucified. What is a denomination? Muddy waters. I want a cycle. Every clay which he‟s taking up. will see something happening. He didn‟t come to me. Every Bride claimed by God. So we enjoyed it for three and a half years. saw his name in the list of passed students on the Board. Why are you fooling me?” I said. That‟s why these days thunder storms are striking severely now.

You must send me to hell and be with me. Then you are something. hot season or cold season. well and good. One time my father had a money purse with plenty of money and put it inside his shirt.” So I had to get the cycle for him. it is only an explanation of the Word of God. If you are alone. I don‟t have the purse here. You know what prayer I uttered. But you are to go on right with God. If you send me to hell. So we were searching for the purse. you can go to hell even with that. that is God. Bride won‟t be allowed to compromise with anyone. can you sleep properly? Can you leave your room peacefully. my purse.” And from that day. And then Bible was written. there‟s no more Bible. In olden days. If I did something wrong. even if I go to hell.~ 26 ~ “Yes. don‟t bother. it is gone.” “Oh. he‟ll take care of it. You are not worried after that. if you have a thousand dollars in your pocket. I‟ll not join any denomination. “My purse. But let it not be an excuse for a lazy life. “What will happen to me when the plague comes? What‟ll happen to me when sickness comes? Somebody shot?” I‟ll tell you. that‟s a different Bible. What happened to you?” He said. the cycle‟s ready. Even on that day we just thought of going to a Pentecostal Church on our way. Are you having any problems in your life. Are you worried? Then you are not a Bride. you know. He said. “Thief must have come. come on.” So I searched for the purse and it had come to the back side of his shirt. I never thought it was safe. just keep quiet. I got a terrible chastening. seasons don‟t matter. claim with the word. the promises from the word and get the faith. So children. I won‟t be responsible any more. without going to a Bible School.” That man could not sleep. I just go on travelling up and down. If you are alone go on praying and searching God in the night time and day time. You do whatever you like.” He woke up the whole family. Daddy. my purse. I‟m sorry. I give my life to you. Now see we have problems in our life. Suddenly at 12 O‟clock he got up and said. we are worried. prophets brought the message of God. “Lord. . You can go right along with God. I got something nice. on Sunday. Except when God comes down and speaks the things. Because God is our Bible School.” So I said. Something happens you come and see me. nothing will happen to you. So I said. you can sleep well. our tyres got flat. don‟t worry. “I put the purse into my shirt. That is God speaking when he comes to the earth and speaks something. Suppose you believe the Spoken Word books. “Daddy. It is God speaking through the prophet. God has seasoned His clay. I‟ll not worry. everything is ready. you must be responsible for that and be with me. He slept in the night. So what happens? Children‟s faith. like that. but after the Revelation. explaining the whole Bible. “the purse is here. You will worry always. But if you put that in the bank and get a receipt. anywhere I went.

We are to pay a price of loneliness. In the same way. and his sister or some closely connected girl brings them with the bridegroom while the bridegroom is received by the Bride‟s party with great pomp. “Hey. You can‟t go with this body. Then she becomes the enemy of nine boys and becomes lonely. my friends. The bridegroom does not come to the city where the bride stays and blows the trumpet and calls the bride and the bride would fly and elope with the bridegroom. they are dirty people. you know. And another thing I want to tell you. but one day she says. “Can I get into your cart?” He said. you want to be holy. The bridegroom comes to the house of the Bride and takes her personally with him (Rev. “Take off your dress and put on my brother‟s dress. I‟m sorry. You don‟t carry your suitcase on your head and drive a car. And then. Today when you choose Christ to follow the Word.” So she puts on the dress given by the bridegroom.” So like that. a sari. the Bridegroom brings the dress for the Bride with him. we keep our problems on our head and say.” When he got in. He takes off this dirty body and puts on His body. “I‟ll marry that particular boy”. you put your suitcase in the back. the Lord is going to send his dress for us. I‟m worried. you must be holy when the Lord Jesus Christ comes.3:20) not a spiritual meaning of heart door. there was a man going in a wagon with a horse. have you succeeded in that? Some people say. Then she comes out. In India. puts it on a tray. go on with Him. But they preach about holiness and say. but how will it carry my potato bag?” Then the driver said. blouse etc. Oh. Be true to Jesus. “Okay. So the Bridegroom goes and gets the measurement from the Bride. it can carry you and your potato bag. You cannot have holiness unless God gives it. put it down in the cart man. And that doesn‟t come by just flirting about. So the driver said. “God. before the rapture.the bag was still on his head.. Don‟t try to compromise. But if you go and see their lives. His glory dress. “What are you making a noise here for?” “Oh. I thought your horse would find it difficult to carry me. he twists and gives a spiritual meaning to suit his unbelief. Lord. then whole world is against you. and that is what we are fighting for here. A man had a big bag of potato. So Christ can carry you.” Put it back off your head. When man cannot believe what God says. before the marriage.~ 27 ~ You know. That will show that you have got the Bridegroom. A girl can flirt with ten boys. All our righteousness are filthy rags. goes to the girl. The sister takes the sari and everything. When you get in the car. So this man said. . some preachers preach holiness. And then He‟ll take us up. and all your problems. he was making a groaning noise . then the bridegroom takes her to the marriage ceremony.

and taking her to the tent. I can‟t go on God‟s Word. but the world is full of people who seek power. I was on God‟s Word. If all the Spoken Word books do not bring you to double faith on God‟s Word and great love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a burning desire to be ever with Him. And when Christ leads us. We are right in the time when the Lord is taking the Bride out. You can‟t change that because. is this you speaking though this man?” When I read these books. So. I said. I know how. I know the Word of God. YOU ARE GIVEN UP BY GOD AS LOST . that period (three days of moon landing) is over. come back. you brought me back to God‟s Word more powerfully then ever before. And Brother Branham is not coming to have a tent meeting. that is God‟s Word coming to the Bride.the first roaring) to the world gone astray from God (Jeremiah 1:17). You may be a little flock. praying. actually I don‟t want to keep you long. “My God.” “You won‟t be accepted by God. don‟t worry. the sun will stand still. something happens but the Bride‟s body has a head. I‟ve experienced some reality. I loved the Word of God. my friend”. before Brother Branham‟s messages. “Lord. they shall walk everyone in his path”. But I tell you. I didn‟t want to accept him as the prophet. “Oh. And believe. and tomorrow and day after tomorrow. When the Bride speaks. And those days are coming soon. it all brought me to the Word and confirmed it doubly. money and they creep in by stealth which the Bride cannot cope up with. building only on revelation and of a passive type. broken vessels who will not “Break their ranks nor thrust one another. my dear sweet friends. but w hen I said. today. Then the people will realize that the Bride has got something which they don‟t have. and I do not want to hurt their sentimental feelings. Get right across and become overcomers. YOU ARE TOTALLY DECEIVED. In that subject people are so fanatic and sentimental. as she is soft like “Abel”. The Bride is comprised of very humble and contrite hearts. You have to cross that Jordan in three days. seeking God‟s glory alone. God bless you. I‟m not fooling about with you. magnifying the whisper of God (the spreading of the net silently to catch the prey . MEDITATIONS A prophet is like a loudspeaker. Some people say. position. So God uses prophets who are like a transparent clear glass and sees the whole thing and fixes “lures” according to the nature of the power seekers and casts out a net through the prophet and all the people full of “self -life” which is prominent in their heart and not thoroughly crucified with Christ are . all that the prophet says. Brother. because of knowing something different. but you will be blessed my friends. Christ is going to lead us. totally. You can‟t alter.1:21-32) and will behave worse than a heathen. That‟s my experience. I‟m not trying to get you for my personal profit.(Rom.” Then the Lord revealed Himself gloriously. name. Don‟t miss it. what I am doing.~ 28 ~ Thank God for the prophet.

6:10. as He cannot trust this work to any others. AND WILL DESTROY HIM FROM THE MIDST OF MY PEOPLE ISRAEL. BUT THAT THEY MAY BE MY PEOPLE. He prepared the way by breaking the mountains. and the stones for the temple were prepared and brought. No noise of tools should be heard when building (1 Kings 6:7). THAT THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL MAY GO NO MORE ASTRAY FROM ME. and with the FROWARD THOU WILT SHEW THYSELF FROWARD. The Apostle takes those polished stones and fits them into the proper place and cements the surface and constructs the building.“With the merciful thou wilt show thyself merciful. The duty of the men who prepare the way is to take all these obstacles and dump them in a far away place ( far away from the True Way) so that they will not be brought back to the road again to block the free passage of the constructed road where the Bride walks with a beautiful mien (S. Who are the people who are mostly caught in the net? (even vipers Matt. God answers them Himself. with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright. especially verse 9 God will deliver you from all fear and help you to proceed to “Overcoming Life” as He did deliver many of us: “IF THE PROPHET BE DECEIVED WHEN HE HATH SPOKEN A THING. NEITHER BE POLLUTED ANY MORE WITH ALL THEIR TRANSGRESSIONS. with the pure thou wilt show thyself pure. goes his way as his duty is over. When they come to a prophet with their self-life (idols) to enquire of Him. SAITH THE LORD GOD.but the Bridegroom comes to fetch the Bride and takes her along with him.” This clearly shows that the Bride should take only that part which is checked with the Word of God and be crucified to self without anything of an idol in the heart. All kinds of people. 2 Peter 1:20-21). AND THEY SHALL BEAR THE PUNISHMENT OF THEIR INIQUITY: THE PUNISHMENT OF THE PROPHET SHALL BE EVEN AS THE PUNISHMENT OF HIM THAT SEEKETH UNTO HIM. A prophet prepares the way. 3:6) leaning upon her beloved . Mountains mean proud men and pits mean humble repented people. Take for example John the Baptist (Luke 3:4-6). 3:7). I THE LORD HATH DECEIVED THAT PROPHET AND I WILL STRETCH OUT MY HAND UPON HIM. AND I MAY BE THEIR GOD. For thou wilt save the afflicted people.S. The man who prepares the way.not Eloping as people seem to think . foolish virgins and wise virgins (small fishes . to lay out a concrete road for the Lord Jesus Christ. but wilt bring down high looks” (1 Peter 1:11-12. If you would please meditate on Ezekiel 14:5-11. filling the pits. 8:5. cutting the trees and removing all the obstacles completely out of the way. or else chistles the stones to the proper size and removes the unwanted stones out of the way. but to show how surrendered and abandoned of their own will should the prophets be to speak the mind of God being dead to their thinking! If you will refer to Psalms 18:25-27 . This is not said to discredit a prophet.~ 29 ~ mostly caught. Please do not mistake me.

even if the net is cast by a vindicated prophet.S. but watch O Bride. but the shepherd taketh out of the mouth of the Lion two legs and a piece of an ear as they are part of the Bride. but always hinting at their sacrifices and needs and clamouring sympathy by magnifying their work for the Lord instead of waiting patiently for the move of God. Once the people are caught.” The Bride will hear the Voice of God and come out at this call and join with the Overcomers (S. The “Big Fishes” are the best part of the Bride who are too clever and strong to be caught by anything outside the Word of God. or personal glory. with a clear revelation of the Bridegroom. Only a very few of the Bride is caught without guile drawn into the net by human affections and blood relationship. If you turn to Amos 3:1-11. When I was in Canada. Even during the time of Moses God said in Deut. This speaking to the prophet is God “roaring” silently to catch the people to let the Bride humbly walk through to catch the Bridegroom as otherwise she will be pushed out by power seekers and watchmen and keepers of the walls who will smite her and take her veil away (S.~ 30 ~ who are caught by “lures” attractive). but can I have any hope. hell. or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your God proveth you. where is thy victory.S. to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. every preacher comes to me and calls me a serpent seed because I do not pay my tithes to them. the Lord (the Lion of the Tribe of Judah) descends and roars (second roaring) with mighty thunderings as the prey has been caught. you will find that God speaks through the prophet to cast a net. laying up no treasure in this earth. people seem to misunderstand and preach that the five wise virgins are the Bride. but are not satisfied as they could not see the Bridegroom and be with those who have no oil and say miracles and salvation are over and serve the Lord God for a reward. Even in the story of ten virgins. sensation and emotion. but the difference being five of them have no oil (Holy Spirit) and the other five have the Holy Spirit. 6:10) who will victoriously destroy the last enemy called death singing “O death where is thy sting? O.” I asked him to kneel down and he was filled with the Holy Spirit. and the people caught the “lure” according to their desire and according to the glass through which they see. If it is a red glass everything appears to them as red and if green everything appears as green. these virgins bear torches for a reward. but serve the Lord for reward without trusting Him totally for their needs. obeyed the Lord in water baptism and when I visited him again I found him to be much God‟s Word and sincere than any preacher. The man . under the direct leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ. 5:7). or a salary. 13:1-18 especially verse 3: “Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet. The Bride does not serve God for a reward but has fallen in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and serves Him for the sake of His love. a man came into my room and said “Brother Lawrie.

till Paul‟s period missing everything precious. they lost their way and could not find it even after seeking it. She cannot come out with her own clothing. 1 Kings 13. When the Bridegroom comes to take the Bride on this Earth.refused to leave the stand taken by them (gone beyond recovery as a denominational spirit possessed them). Jesus Christ really meant the Oriental Custom which makes it clear that the foolish and wise virgins are not the Bride. All of them sleep but the Bride is in her house sleeplessly waiting for the Bridegroom (S. He came only to PREPARE THE WAY AND NOT TO BUILD FURTHER. If the ministry stops with a . many left and joined with the Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ as their number evidently increased in the upper room. Their vision was blurred. 1 Kings 20:35-43). they were the twelve Imitation Apostles of John the Baptist about when you read in Acts 19:1-7 who were deceived by God through the Prophet. Even John the Baptist held on to his personal ministry instead of abandoning his group of people and following Jesus Christ. but because the wise have the Holy Spirit. watch. their leader. but he did not understand that Jesus meant his going to hades after his death to preach to the captives and set them free.~ 31 ~ who shouts “Behold the Bridegroom cometh” is not the Bridegroom. but not be partakers of the glorious calling of the Bride putting on immortality without tasting of death.S. His followers even after his death. including himself before His execution. dressed up with all glory by the clothes which the Bridegroom brought.9. Then the shout will be “Behold the Bridegroom and the Bride cometh” (Zech. He went up with the captives and gave gifts unto men (Psalms 68:18). People in the West mistake this marriage ceremony as they consider it according to their own custom where the boy and girl select their own and can go on together for years with real union before the marriage takes place with the consent of both parents. 2:14) to be united. When he was sure of his death he doubted and sent his disciples to find out. but after He has taken the Bride with Him. So. the Bridegroom comes to the Bride personally to take her to His Home which He has prepared for her. if Jesus were the one to come or should they wait for another! There are many incidents regarding the prophets throughout the Bible (1 Sam 13:8. because they had to eat their own words were not humble enough to accept the Bridegroom but along with John were in doubt (Luke 7:19) till the last minute. John the Baptist realized it too late as according to Isaiah 61:1. John the Baptist who himself was deceived . they can enter into the door (John 3:5). 14:5). The twelve special people. When John‟s disciples were quarelling with Jesus‟ disciples. the shout “Behold the Bridegroom cometh” goes before Him.a proof of a true prophet who came to prepare the Way only . he thought Jesus will come and open the prison and deliver the captives. Even real believers do this and call themselves blameless and ready for the rapture. He will come to reveal Himself to the Jews and fight for them.

the pointing finger and the thumb represent the teacher. face etc. According to the five-fold ministry. This has not only crept into the material world and also into the Spiritual sphere of the United States which is depicted as Sodom and Gomorrah. The most important of this is PRIDE which was the cause of the fall of the Angel Lucifer. dynamited by the evangelist. Everyone of them depicted about the future Lamb of God and restoration etc.“Let the Bridegroom go forth of his chamber. concerning only the Lord Jesus Christ. THIS WAS THE INIQUITY OF THY SISTER SODOM. PRIDE. after the prophet. the Lord took me to attend these meetings and I was a close observer . the middle finger. the prophet and the apostle respectively.~ 32 ~ prophet. shaping them as required of the Word of God and he can never proceed further to build which work requires only an apostle who alone is called for that work and can set the stones in the proper place and complete the building (1 Peter 2:4. it is incomplete.sanctify the body.Full of Sodomites in the land. the apostle should come and it is this five-fold ministry which serves to clean . and the Bride out of her closet” (Psalms 19:5). and the evangelist can be the evangelist. You see the prophet can only cut the stones (chistle them accordingly). Branham visited India for a short while. What was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah? Ezekiel 16:49.” (Also Jude 7. pastor and teacher but not the other two and the prophet cannot be an apostle but can be the other four and an apostle is also an important person as without him the five-fold ministry will be of no use and incomplete just as the four fingers of the hand cannot do anything without the shortest but strong of them .the THUMB. What does it mean? These are last days when the whole Bible and every mystery should focus on the Lord Jesus Christ Who comes to this earth for the Bride and comes with the saints of God for the deliverance of the Jews when God‟s army will be like Joel 2:1-16 . The so-called Spiritual People are so proud and thereby blind that they cannot see anything of God‟s hand outside the four walls of the United States and if God does not do anything through them and lead the whole world through them they call all the moves of God as “Phoney and Devilish.50. but what about the exaggerations and false reports of the Western Magazines? Even if Christ were to come to America.verse 16 . When Bro. mentioned in Ephesians 4:11-15. by the Prophet himself.. the pastor can be a pastor and teacher also. but not the other three. the evangelist. “BEHOLD. God asked the people to remember Moses and his commandments and statutes. AND COMMITTED ABOMINATION BEFORE ME: THEREFORE I TOOK THEM AWAY AS I SAW GOD. AND THEY WERE NAUGHTY. The five fingers the little finger and the ring finger (next to the little finger). The teacher can only be a teacher but cannot be the other four. He has to put on an American label.5). NEITHER DID SHE STRENGTHEN THE HAND OF THE POOR AND NEEDY. 2 Peter 2:6-9) Also LUST . FULLNESS OF BREAD AND ABUNDANCE OF IDLENESS WAS IN HER AND IN HER DAUGHTERS. the pastor.

First He came to the Jews and was rejected and only Andrews and Peter followed first with Him to the Gentiles.will bring forth similar grains hundredfold .00. In Greek this word means “Harpazo” meaning to seize. his coming again to die is not Biblical. how can the others be correct? God wants complete and every inch total truth. derived from “Haireomai” meaning to take for oneself. to choose. A lie in the name of the Prophet? When I pointed this out (not to be little the man of God). the Gentiles reject the mercy of God which brings back the Jews to full original position as “Elect holding the Oracles of God” but judgement on the Gentiles is very SHORT . which is called “without guile. fell under the power of God when the discernment gift operated through Brother Branham and Glory to God no servant of God from West had such an impact on the Indians within a short time even though the crowd was about three to four thousand (both inside the church building and outside the Methodist Church at Byculla. akin to “Airo” meaning to lift. There is no longer time element for her but eternity has started in reality. Bombay) daily for less than a week. We are now in the ripening time and God told that we should wait till the harvest time and not to pull the tares earlier as we could recognize the Bride putting on her God‟s glory while the others will have no glory at all. The Bridegroom appears normal to others but for the Bride it is rapture. to sail away.~ 33 ~ of all these meetings sitting behind him in Bombay. pull. but suddenly the wheat gets the grain while the tares do not get the grain.” This me eting was held in a church building belonging to the Methodist Church in Bombay.His own elect. but to fetch the Bride He comes as man hidden in God. “It is appointed unto men once to die and after this the judgement. If one thing is wrong. catch up.00.Jesus . to take up or away. How can you make the Indian people believe such a lie in our own country? About being “caught up”. in the Ministers corner. First He came hidden showing Himself as a meek and humble man . but now the Gentiles can see how the rejection of Jesus Christ brought such a judgement for nearly 2000 years to them .sons of glory. This clearly means the Bride has to be caught by the Bridegroom. but on honesty‟s ground they did not care a bit at all. Anyone visiting Bombay can see the building and find out whether 5. to prefer.000 people attended the meetings.” Once a man finishes his life-span. God used this man mightily and the non-Christians mostly wanting to see something great to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. The wheat and tares grow together and look alike till the time of harvest. According to Herbrews 9:27. take by force.“God hidden in a man”. The grain of wheat which fell into the ground . but persisted in publishing the same way.000 people could be seated inside together for all the days. God vindicated His servant but when the report came in the books published by his followers they stated 5. Jesus Christ came to taste death for us all. but he does not come to die again in this world any more. pluck. Now after enjoying the blessings of God in turn.

on a New Year Day in Ceylon a thief got into our home and stole everything precious. I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. Then he became very friendly and enquired about the welfare and the children and ladies without any guile related all the home news and how the New Year was to come and where we keep our best things and jewellery etc. Before dawn the doors were opened and all jewellery and best of sarees etc. except my mother and few children.3). He must flee before the day time. went to bed. and all those who claim that they have been revealed are false preachers and are promoters of lies. Then he would give sometimes clothing on credit even. These leaders cannot give immortality or rapturing faith. but why they trouble so much about this? The Bride cannot be deceived now because this follow-up ministry is from God direct and CANNOT BE IMITATED and these self-styled leaders will find themselves fighting against God themselves. but Jesus Christ is going to vindicate Himself by giving glorified body to those who stand for the Son of Man. but the thief without breaking it. I saw in the United States such a terrible clamour for power and leadership after Brother Branham‟s death and everyone talks about Joshua and those who help others by finance flatter the beneficiaries with false dreams as Caleb and Joshua. my Dad went to a nice film show and by this time in the midnight the thief has already crept into the house and was hiding. Coming again means come to the very place where he was before! Jesus said He was coming as a “THIEF”. Jesus said “In my Father‟s house are many mansions: if it were not so. During this Visitation of God on the Moon Landing days. the Lord spoke to me that “The Thunders were not revealed so far and the Seventh Seal has not been revealed as yet. Because man has imprisoned precious souls in the prison house of denominations.” I am not writing this to attack . I remember when I was a small child. First the thief came into the locality where we stayed and was visiting us as a salesman for nice clothes etc. but it is called thunder bird because it can reach only upto the place of thunder not anymore higher.the time of the pillar of cloud. I WILL COME AGAIN.and take away anything precious and of eternal value before the day dawns . And if I go and prepare a place for you. opened it after coming inside. When my dad came home he stumbled on the man but he was so unsuspective that he thought it was a misplaced firewood piece and scolding my mum. My mother already had a dream about the theft and they locked the rooms and doors well. that where I am. We talk so much about eagles . there ye may be also” (John 14:2. the Lord had to come as a thief in the night time . were stolen and in the morning there was no trace of anything worthy and the thief also and we spent the New Year in dismay without a cent in the hand knowing that thief is greater than the watchman.pillar of fire time . On the New Year Eve.the thunder bird..~ 34 ~ AND QUICK AND THOROUGH. May we be one of those precious jewels stolen by this Great God of ours. AND RECEIVE YOU UNTO MYSELF.

let your shout be heard and rejoice as this world will not catch us anymore into perdition because of the glorious life with our Master. thou art covered with fatness. the choicest of my jewels. I am not against anyone of you and do not want to hurt anyone and am quiet satisfied with my lot in India as I am waiting to “fly away with Jesus” and all of you indeed treated me very well and sacrificed a lot for me. Come on Bride wake up. Enoch‟s wife children missed. the Lord would have said: “O America. These glorified saints are not preserved for thousands of years in glory to die in this cursed earth again. anything which man possesses becomes Hell and Death. spread abroad my wings. or United States were in Jesus‟ time. thou art grown thick. took you and bore you on my wings like EAGLE but you have the name Eagle but have denied me altogether. Enoch was translated because God descended on him to warn the people before Noah and he could not die because anything which God touches turns immortal. Ohio. When I returned from Chicago to Troy. the vine of my planting. Thank God He has enabled me to take a stand for the Truth by giving me a clear understanding. but above all God and His presence have been always in this Life and JESUS NEVER FAILS. We pray for all of you who are marching on to Victory as very soon we will see pressure and untold sufferings. but we will be seen glorified for the “take off”.~ 35 ~ anyone. America. and I thank the Lord for all those who took pains to invite me.D. but plead with those nice brethren who are full of love for God and wonderful people to think for a while and change their views and not preach any more like that and lead the people astray. Please do not mistake me for not informing anyone. and humbly pray so that we will escape the coming great tribulation. thou hast forsaken the Lord God who made you and lightly esteemed the rock of your salvation. What can a Black Man. Elijah of old was a man but God came into him and he was God warning the people then and he could not see death. Except Noah and his family all perished. seek God as you never sought before. L. I am not writing this for people to call me a Great Man. but wait for the Mighty Angel‟s loud voice and the revelation of the Seven Thunders utterances. How often . fluttered over young. If Jesus Christ were today. Roger Gerrard and their families. waxed fat and kicked: thou art waxen fat. which despises the Word of God and builds temples and rejects them that are sent unto thee. how I bare you on Eagles wings and brought you unto myself to a land of milk and honey by stirring up the net and brought your Pilgrim Fathers. I spent the night with Bro. standing on God‟s Word and that too an Indian expect from this world when has chosen Christ? Enough of what we have got from the people of this world. Dale and Bro. having programmes all over States and other countries and was about to go when the Lord again met me and revealed something great for this generation in that “BETHANY” and asked me to quit United States immediately and go to India without meeting anyone.

Paulaseer Lawrie A PERSONAL MESSAGE TO THE BRIDE OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST “BEHOLD. . 24:27. SO SHALL ALSO THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN BE”. I COME AS A THIEF.Matt. in the height of Civilisation.~ 36 ~ would I have gathered thy children together as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings and ye would not! Knowing very well (how thy Sister Great Britain was lifted as a World Power by the power of God from a small beginning and fell down to such a low degree because of pride and in her height of glory sang “Britannia Rules the Waves” which God alone can do) you did not humble your heart. 24:44.” . “AS THE LIGHTNING COMETH OUT OF THE EAST.Rev. Behold your country. 9. led the Nations of the World.” . LEST HE WALK NAKED.Bro. R. “THEREFORE BE YE ALSO READY: FOR IN SUCH AN HOUR AS YE THINK NOT THE SON OF MAN COMETH.Matt. BLESSED IS HE THAT WATCHETH AND KEEPETH HIS GARMENTS. 16:15. AND SHINETH EVEN UNTO THE WEST.Matt. .” . is left unto you DESOLATE: and verily I say unto you ye shall not be able to see me or recognize my visitation except the choicest few whose eyes I opened because of their humility who shall say “Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord” to whom I will give the glory which I had before the foundation of the world and will take them to the place I have prepared for them. BOOK TWO “DEDICATED TO THE SPOTLESS BRIDE HAVING A REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO MEETS THE BRIDEGROOM ON THE WORD OF GOD WAITING PATIENTLY WITH THE FIRM HOPE OF OVERCOMING DEATH. 24:37. HEARS THE VOICE OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD POSSESSING NOTHING IN THIS WORLD TO HINDER ITS TRANSLATION PUTTING ON GLORY OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND WILL ESCAPE THE TRIBULATION” . “AS THE DAYS OF NOAH WERE. SO SHALL ALSO THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN BE. 1969. AND THEY SEE HIS SHAME.” JESUS NEVER FAILS ! 15.

In our country we don‟t have any radio freedom.~ 37 ~ THREE MEMORABLE DAYS OF GOD’S VISITATION IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO ON THE THREE GREAT MOON LANDING DAYS SECOND MESSAGE Place: Life Tabernacle. Light He gives free. we thank you because You brought us to that True Word. As I told you even to drink liquor. we thank you because you are a living God and you guide thy people. But here everything seems to be free. Lord open our understanding.. “He shall see of the travail of his soul. Lord. we have come to the end-time when man is reaching. Isaiah 53:11. then you can have some brandy bottles.1969 Let us pray. Lord we know that the Bride also will reach it’s knowledge of God. I thank You for bringing me so many miles to meet these children of thine.S. the air He gives free...A Date : 19. thy sheep in the proper way. Chicago. Sometimes I used to think that wealth and prosperity hinders them. You cannot have freedom as you have here. But God gave free everything. but yet they see God. In the name of Jesus Christ we ask thee.. We thank You for all that You have done for us. controls you will not be worried about slight control in this Government. Lord because thou art a good shepherd we shall not want anything. But the children of God do not seem to be free. Lord let not one child. rain He gives free. . Everything is free in this world.7. Lord. of his time and his knowledge. Lord in these dark days when people speak many things when people are away from God’s word. but there are countries where they treat you so hard that it looks like you have no freedom at all. Sit down please. and shall be satisfied. one sheep go astray. You know if you have been in countries where there are restrictions. But when man touches it. coming far from a country which does not enjoy much of your privileges. “I am a drunkard” and then they give you a license. it is all costly.the end of his destination. Illinois.” Praise be to the name of the Lord Jesus. You have to go to the Government and say. especially in the United States. I thank God for giving me another opportunity to be in your midst. oxygen in cylinders is costly. We thank You for Your care. You cannot speak over the radio. Lord. you have to have a drunkard‟s license. help us to know the correct way of thy leading Lord. U. water in bottles like Coco Cola you have to pay. Loving Saviour I thank and praise thee for this precious hour. I pray that you will bless the people that are here. Amen.

.” But how can the Bride come without a head? You say Bride‟s message. That is why Jesus said. it is not of God. That is the trouble now. the person who does not know the leading of God. They are preaching a headless message today.” In India I have not visited many places but I have seen people from all countries coming to our home. God will build a highway to your house. That is why in any evangelistic work when they start collecting money. Anything happening in this world is a shadow. Sometimes people say. In these days man is trying to reach to the ZENITH of his knowledge. if there is a little light of God in you. If God is with you. That is the thing man does not understand. you don‟t have to go all over the world laying a road. then something is wrong with you. “Oh. English people have come. “ A city that is on a hill cannot he hid. They are not worried about salvation. God also acts in the same way. but to bring the water into your home. there is your power. Germans have come. everything is free. Whatever happens in this world here is a shadow of the things which are to come in the spiritual life. Otherwise why should they marry at all? So if you cannot understand your God. the Bride is getting ready. If God is with you. Swiss people have come. You know these are days when there is a spirit of fear even among the children of God. But Russia tried to go a little earlier. Russia sends a lifeless robot rocket without any life going around a little earlier. That is the sign that God is not there. God said. you are supposed to be a serpent‟s seed. Water is free. But God never charges.~ 38 ~ Everything that man has such as tube lights like this. “Oh I must visit that place and this place. In the race of going to the moon. Bride‟s message. But you understand when America sends the rocket to the moon. they come right in and say.. “Oh we believe the message”. But my friend. What does this signify? You know America at least pays lip homage to God: but Russia says.” You try to hide yourself but you cannot.. my wife will understand me. you have to pay. you have to pay water tax. The Devil is trying to get at the peak of power and God‟s people are brought to the height of their power. so the people will come running to you. that is true but without the head what is the use of two hands? What is the use of two sets of five fingers? The message that is going out now throughout America in the prophet‟s name is the message without the head. because if you don‟t say that. you can see America and Russia competing at the same time. if you cannot understand God‟s leading. Many people have come into the message of the Prophet Branham merely by fear thinking that they should not be called a serpent‟s seed. how can he be a Bride? The Bride will understand God. That is what people seem to think..If God is with you. people will see that light in this earth. Salvation is free. “No God”. But what do the people preach? They are preaching the message without the head. So I used to wonder. Americans have come. . A young girl going to marry a young boy will understand the boy.

you do not know the moving of God. That day I heard a man preach. You know when I came to Chicago in 1959.” I went to every Church in Chicago. If you have the Holy Spirit.when the bend comes straight. That friend had a warm coat. But now Bible is not taught in schools. I went everywhere. they get angry.go to the Greyhound bus-stand and all other places. Bob Mazis and Bro. And today who saw us.. God told me “I go before you and if they receive you they receive Me. If you do not read the Bible. But mind you. “Brother Lawrie. I was walking all over the place. Thus the prophet came to TURN the hearts of the people. the moving of by what God has said there. if they reject you. but when the bend comes. My friend will have few dollars with him. the Church Ages are finished.~ 39 ~ Now see. When you are on God‟s Word you know.. but there was a group of people who were on God‟s Word. Of course in our days we had schools teaching the Bible. sleep on the benches throughout the night. Sometimes no sleep at all. Sister Rub Cox. But mind you. I used to sleep.of the Bible.. these friends helped me. Meek families and Richard and Henry Avicola‟s families are the ones who helped me. When you tell people to read the Word of God. When I see some sisters and brothers here in this tabernacle. you steal the American money. There is a bend in the shoulders. But these roads I have seen. no chance to pray. That is the thing which should come to the body to give life. I received the Holy Ghost in 1953 and that Holy Ghost is leading me wonderfully. And what is the use of these children just taking Brother Branham‟s books and say I believe the message? They do not know the A-B-C..went to the Pentecostal Church. they have put out God because according to what God told me. it thrills my heart.” When you go to a meeting. When Jesus was living in this world there were people like people today. went to big fellowship meetings. you must have something on it called the head. I know what the Holy Ghost is.. they put out God. Johnny Austin and Bro. But for people who have received the Holy Ghost. You have got shoulders signifying ribs. “You don‟t have the Holy Ghost till you believe the Spoken Word books. I have walked through Chicago roads many times but I have forgotten all these places now.” He will get friends with some people and take our money. no chance in all assemblies..” Even if you have received the Holy Ghost in Pentecostal groups and baptised in Jesus‟ name. .. that prophet‟s message is power and they need not seek the Holy Ghost because they already have it. you come back to God‟s Word not make circles around a prophet who is no more. I learnt Bible when I was five years old. we had only one coat or something like that. you must be re -baptised and get the Holy Ghost again. they put a guard on you. no chance to preach. I was saved in 1943... I have left them. They watched me like a tiger. He will come to see me after his work. The pentecostal believers have a union it seems and that union had decided not to give Brother Lawrie a chance to preach.” When I had no place to stay.

I was a bit nervous because everybody was laughing. where is your God? I just thought “Lord don‟t let me down. That was something. a Muslim from Iran. And he cried and knelt down and was converted right on the is .. this Muslim was challenging.~ 40 ~ That is why today I thank God I went to every denomination.” Jesus never fails. they say it is false even if it stood on God‟s Word. Then I will believe on Jesus..big preacher. that was vindication.people were watching and this man telling. But suddenly there was a man eating French fries and standing in a corner. “Hey.. So I am standing from 4 O‟ clock in the evening turning to the other side and I couldn‟t see anyone.Church of God. ministers preach.. Then there was a brother John Kluzet in Glendale. There were about 100 Americans there.. If God is there. I will tell you VINDICATION is not gone.. “On the roads of America?” So I went to a certain place called Glendale. That clearly shows God is not there. Why? They are dead and so no vindication. you are an Indian?” “Yes. Baptist people Lutherans. The Lord told me that His servant was coming to preach on the road and He asked me to take $100 and stand near the wall. You know many people try to talk about Brother Branham.” I said... California. We didn‟t know what to do. So this $100 dollars I dropped in his hand. Methodists and all the leaders and I tell you. But when I turned this side. “Come on. He was from Iran and this brother was there. And you know what happened? This man who was eating the French fries jumped into the crowd. let us preach on the road? He started shouting and I also started shouting on the road and a Muslim came and told may have had that chance to meet these people. Osborn meeting. you pray to Jesus and get me $100.I was in Florida at Bro..” “You know why I came.on the road.. So today people preach. I am coming from India. Assemblies of God.. you come for street preaching. “Come on.” I said.. they will know whom God sent. So he said. everywhere and when they put me out I am sure they have put out God.... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.I met them all personally and had a talk with them. And the crowd was increasing. “Why were you interested in me? You were not in the crowd but came running from outside. It has not been dead with Brother Branham.” “Now I take my hand. That was my experience you know. all kinds of meetings.. what do I know about Brother Branham? . Oral Robert‟s and Bro. I was sleeping yesterday and I had a dream. caught the Muslim by the hand and dropped $100 on his hand and said this is the way God leads that man. “Lawrie. where is the vindication? If anyone has a vindication.” “You talk Jesus is living?” “Yes.. Pentecostal people. they laughed. He told me.. “Where?” “On the road.. And then I asked this brother. They talk against each other. I talked with every preacher. I saw the crowd and I looked at you and it was the same man I saw in the dream... my friends. I got into every place and then God said go to Chicago. Billy Graham meetings.

You don‟t want any support.” Then he wanted me to promise that I will wait for him. If ten leaves stick together. I don‟t know how the tyres burst. But every leaf gets life in it from may say weak . Every child of God will have a vindication. You can talk about the Bride and not know the Bridegroom at all.. not from one leaf to another leaf. “Brother Lawrie. the Devil attacks man and woman not on any other place. why don‟t you get in?” I said I promised the taxi man I would wait for ten minutes.and according to the news today. They are sick. There is a fellowship of the leaves by rubbing at each other when the wind blows. If you see a tree. you call it adultery. If the leaves are sick. How can you say I depend on so and so and still depend on God? If you depend on God. you have to wait for about ten minutes or fifteen minutes.. Once I was standing on the road.. I will know who is my Bridegroom and the girl will know whom she is going to marry. I will go and drop this man and come and pick you up. Many people tell lies.. there was a taxi man.. The love of God in man is called faith. “Brother Lawrie.. Right then the two tyres burst. And do you say God will keep quiet? What is the life that pleases God? How are you going to please God? All right.. That is called spiritual adultery.also. Today the Bride doesn‟t seem to know the Bridegroom at all.. and another friend of mine came in his car. Do you think you are the Bride? What is the will of God for you in your life? There is a will of God for you in your life.. Yet say Bride.. why don‟t you get into my car I will take you. You have to guard this faith life like a girl guarding her life for her husband. man is now reaching the moon and Russia also is trying the same thing.not in any other way.. If a wife depends upon another man. And now these are days when we have come to the end-time. it is a sickness. every leaf is attached to the branch and no leaf is attached to another leaf. If I tell all my experiences. Where will you aim.. And the Devil aims at a taxi. In the same way. then you can call yourself a Bride.. Suppose you go to hunt you don‟t aim at the tail or the leg of the animal. not one... That is where the vulnerable point is. That is called faith.almost reached now... In the same way.” So he went away. in the Holy Ghost they love each other Hallelujah! That is the fellowship. but aims at the heart and your trust in God. he could have put another there and gone. but God‟s children couldn‟t tell a lie.~ 41 ~ coming with greater weight.just right through the heart or the head. Bride. “All right. you believe the message. But the life comes from God. God is supporting you. Every Bride will know who she is.POP! POP! Something like that was heard.. you won‟t believe me.” He pressed me so I put my leg in.I wanted to go about ten miles. “These taxi men tell lies... He said. Bride. Man is just landing on the moon. they get together and do nothing. And the taxi man said.. so I told him to stop. trying to make the person depend on something other than God.” If one tyre bursts.. I said.

So when. or something.” Then the taxi man came and said “Brother Lawrie (he was also a taxi man I know). Whatever man or this Devil does.” But sometimes man doesn‟t keep quiet you know. what will the jury say? “King David.first of all the Bible says. So we want to please God. that other can tell lies but you cannot.. the Devil will block the place. If you ask me. everybody talks what they know. everybody talks. But when God is going to come. If .” If you do something the Lord will do something quite opposite. watching. We are the Bride we can‟t go into everything. took another man‟s wife. Because the Devil sees the Bible also. In the same way in whatever God sent. something is going to happen. And the Devil wanted to stop all those who please God. If there are so many people in this ministry today. you are guilty. be careful. Now after. Well. The Devil is not worried. but he knows better Bible than all the children of God. When there is a block earlier. So we had to go and remove the tyre and fix another tyre”. so he will also prepare the way. BEFORE HE COMES.. but I ask you.. “my thoughts are not your thoughts. “God doesn‟t want us to go and mix with these people. old tyres. the Lord will come like a lamb for slaughter. And what will the jury say? “King Saul. “Thank God we didn‟t go there. there is no life. you are not guilty and so you are acquitted”.. you are a murderer. God says. My friend got afraid and said.~ 42 ~ tyres. So many people blocked the way. King David murdered. He was watching. that nature in man wants to do something... you are an adulterer. We want to be true to You. So what does the Devil do? He puts a block in that direction. hang him”. Christ came anyhow. by a jury here. In Elim Tabernacle or Ukranian church or something like that. If there is no block there is not any great thing to happen. When the prophet came with the gift of discernment. So I told my friends. mind you. Can you tell lies? You told me that you would stand here for ten minutes and why did you put your leg in the other car there? God won‟t allow that. He turned the car and the tyre got flat. for he doesn‟t know who is the lamb. So I put my leg in and two tyres burst. So he said. So in the Bible we see the lives of many people. everybody had the gift and everything. you only did a small mistake. but the Devil is not a fool. not only the children of God. The Devil knows how the Lord comes. you are a wonderful man. “Now I know Lawrie. “Oh we will have a look at that instead of doing nothing”. So there was singing going on in a church.. Take Saul and King David. That very blocking means somebody is coming. there is life. is God vindicating them? If God hasn‟t vindicated them. But that is a cover today. block them. If Saul and King David a re to be judged by the Life Tabernacle. your thoughts are not my thoughts. but Saul didn‟t do all this. They were not old ones but good tyres. they will read the Bible.He will come this way. We did not know any place to go for service. We said. committed adultery.” The other day we were coming from Canada on Sunday. King Saul was a better man than David.

~ 43 ~
you say God is not going to come, He says I will come. If you say God is going to come, He says I am not coming - Quite opposite...So be careful. “My thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways”. There is as much difference as the distance between earth and heaven and you say you understand God. Before you can understand God‟s ways........Man will not understand God. When Jesus came to this earth, how many people understood God? We must have a long look, we must have a faith look, not a short look. What did Lot do? He looked like this. “Hey that is a wonderful green grass. I select it. But Abram was standing in a place where it was all stones, but he was standing on God‟s promises in the Bible. So he knew he was going to get it. Lot lost it. That is why people of God will not believe in outward manifestations, but in God‟s Word. If God‟s Word agrees, they say “alright, I agree”. If God‟s Word doesn‟t agree, “get out, I don‟t want it”. But what does the world say? They want to see something big, “Oh what is happening, anything happening like that.” So what happens? A thief went to catch a lamb in a house of a circus company manager. So in the night he slowly went in to put his hand to catch the lamb. But a bear was inside and caught his hand. So he was trying to put in his hand but it was not a sheep, it was a bear. In a circus company that fellow has put that bear near there. So the thief puts his hand right inside. So like that, many people think God is there and catch that bear instead of sheep. That is why today everybody in this country.....if you know where to stand and what to do, then you are a blessed people. That is why today I have not come to support any one here, any denomination here; I don‟t come here as a great man, but I have a great message. You may say what does this fellow know? I challenge any people to say what experience they have got to handle God‟s Word with power. God dealt with me for 25 years on the road through thick and thin of life, without food - starvation. What difficulties have these preachers had, my friends? Let them have no food for 14 days, we will see what shape they will be left. I challenge you people, if they have no food for 14 days their ministry will go, their faith will go, their preaching will be different, everything will be different and you will get a lot of money, the preaching will be different. But when God has called you into the ministry, whether you get money or not doesn‟t matter, your preaching will be the same on the Word of God. And then you will see something happen to you. So how do you see God?......How do you see God? Through the Word you see God and believe the Word. You know this is the end-time. Today everybody is taking the Bible and they say, “God sent a prophet”; but after the prophet came what do the people do? They know a lot of Bible such as serpent‟s seed etc. That day a man came in Canada. Do you know what he said? I was staying there, a man called Peters came right into the room

~ 44 ~
crying. I said, “Peters, what is the matter with you?” “Brother I have no hope, I am a serpent‟s seed, because I don‟t give them tithes.” I said, “Serpent‟s seed? So long as you are sorry for and repented of your sins and worried about it, you are not a serpent‟s seed, come on, kneel down.” Power went into his life. He got filled with the Holy Ghost and took baptism the next day. He said, “Brother Lawrie, you are my brother.” I said, “Why?” “You are my brother, I have got something I never got all these days.” And he got up and took us to his home and he said, “Brother Lawrie, I would like to come to India with you.” I tell you, Brother Branham‟s book if you read clearly, in one place he says, Judas‟ name was written in the Book of Life and was scratched also. You say predestination. But why was his name written there? God knew what was going to happen to you when He predestinated you. Don‟t think you are like a MACHINE, doing only like a MACHINE DOES; if you are a MACHINE you are not a child of God. I can take a small child pinch her ears, beat her, scold her and say, “Call me daddy.” That child will call me Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, out of fear. But when I go home my son will come and say “Daddy” without pinching the ears. That is my child. If you are a child, you know what it is. So, many people can be forced into believing something and out of fear they say “God, God, God, God”, that doesn‟t make you a child. God can make you an automaton. He can write on the heavens and say “Jesus is coming soon.” Why, preaching would not be necessary. You would not need to preach here at all. He could arrange on the sky around all the stars together, the Lord who made all the stars, He can put it right on the heavens and say “Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.” And the whole world will believe it. That would be like a machine. People would believe it because God wrote it. But when the love of God comes into your heart and you say, “Lord I praise you”, then you are a child. But if the child still is afraid to even praise God, that clearly shows God is not in your midst. I tell you, Brother Branham never said not to praise God, never said not to shout, never said like this, but what is happening today? I go slowly; pray, praise the Lord, everyone looks like this and stares. I say, “Why do you look like that?” “No brother you mustn‟t shout.” You know who doesn‟t shout? They that are dead. When John the Baptist was here, his disciples were shouting, eating and happy, full of the joy of the Lord. And you know what happened? John‟s disciples said, “Master our disciples fast, why don‟t Your disciples fast?” When the Bridegroom is here ye shall eat. He said if Bridegroom is not here, just cry and watch. You know, the greatest time when we are going to pray to God is to praise Him (read all Psalms) and not to pray, Lord give me a big stomach to eat or big job or bless my home and work....Just praise God. You know when the dog wags the tail it has a meaning for that ... praising. He will wag the tail, shake his body, he is so happy, he jumps on you. That is love. It has no words, no language, it

~ 45 ~
cannot be written. The wagging of the dog‟s tail cannot be written on a book, but when the man who sees that in the dog, he knows the dog loves him. I had a dog. One day a man said, “Hello, Lawrie,” putting his hand on my shoulder. The dog caught his hand; so I said, “Well, he thought you were going to assault me.” For a little rice that I gave this little creature, it wants to guard me. But what God has done for you ..... He gives hamburger, hot dogs, everything, multiple dishes, but still we are not satisfied. Man is not satisfied. But see a cow, morning till evening grass, grass, grass, grass, all through it‟s life. It is satisfied, it has only that one diet throughout the life time. When we think we know something, we think God is foolish. One man was sleeping under a tree and he saw a big pumpkin close by on the plant. So he looked at the pumpkin and he looked at the big tree and he said, “You foolish God, giving a big fruit to a plant and a small fruit for a big tree. You have no brain.” Suddenly he slept there, one fig fruit on the tree droppe d right on his head. Then he said, “You are a wise God, if the pumpkin was on the top, my head would not be here now.” So sometimes we think God is foolish. God is wonderful, brother, everything He makes is wonderful. People say gravity, the rocket has gone from the earth. The lunar gravity, you know what it is? Depending on God...even that dead thing is depending on God. We don‟t have gravity. Where is our gravity? What did God say? Don‟t be naked; what is nakedness? Having no gravitation around you. Not having the glory of God. If you join a denomination, you are a naked man. If you depend on any MAN, you are a naked man but if you depend on God you get a gravitational force. When God said let there be light, the sun started rolling. Whatever God speaks will come to pass. One day God spoke to me and I am rolling from that day. He said, “Go, leave your job, sell everything and go. I left everything, sold everything, went mad. Madness....It is God‟s love. So I asked my wife if she were coming, “Yes” we both went. No home, sold everything, had some money in the bank and when the money was in the bank I told the Lord, “Give me some money to eat.” He said, “Take that bank money.” “That is for the children”, I said. “Unless you take everything, I won‟t help you”. I was a bit worried you know, “See this God, He wanted to take my money meant for my children”. So I took all the money and gave it to the poor people and when the money went, friends went with the money. Once you become a pauper and penniless you won‟t have one friend in this world. My wife and I lost all friends with the money and no one would want to talk with me. My wife went home and got a scolding from her daddy and she came back. I went to my earthly father, “You don‟t have a father anymore.” Thank G od I have not an earthly father but a heavenly Father. So my wife and I came out, we didn‟t have any friends in this world and we were persecuted by the

The Lord has left the Mercy Seat to come down. So I have six months programme and then Trinidad one month. He says.every Bride who looks on God‟s Word will meet Christ. Don‟t worry. I challenge you. I thought that Jesus would be appearing like this to everyone. Seven Thunders have not been finished. I wish we were there in those days again. “Don‟t be afraid. You know I tell you all what we did yesterday because something is coming. God was dwelling with me but there was not one more person friendly in this world. if you are a Bride you have a . God‟s direct ministry is going to increase. So when this thing happened. I don‟t want to be a big man. I challenge you. I want to be a humble man. don‟t think that I come like that. Build up Christ‟s ministry. I want to go like that. He said. If you want to change God‟s Word. hitchhiking all over the place and go a big man.. I tell you it will go down gradually when Christ ministry increases. So I said.~ 46 ~ Church of England and Episcopal Churches. Brother Branham‟s books. man can reach moon as never before in the history of the world. If you want to put up Brother Branham‟s ministry and c all everything finished. till January or February. Thunders are not over. “No!” So I love you all and I would love to stay in all your homes. “Come on.He came into the room. I said. If you look to Christ. If man can reach the moon. they will be revealed. If you say it is finished. and you know what He said. and then he said. God will reject her. Africa two months. the Bride will be rejected by God. It will be revealed. “Come on. He said. Christ is going to build this ministry. I am waiting for you all here.. But the time has come now. I am here with you. “Two messengers cannot stay in the same place at one time. the seventh seal he knew in part and the Thunders were not revealed at all.. “I will give you only three days for Chicago and go back”. Many people say everything is finished but I will tell you. let us see our Lord”. Why am I telling you this because in this life as you go.. If you want to build up a certain thing. I am going and he must increase and I must decrease”. You have been so nice but you know He told me like that. “Lord I have got program all the way in the United States”. I have read it. You will read the Bible.” And I told my wife I didn‟t know that Jesus Christ appears like this on special occasions in these days.. I do not know”. God has to reach the earth before that. he will decrease. Christ will increase.” I read the book where these things have been dealt with and Brother Branham clearly says. “It was an unknown language. He is roaring now. I challenge you. So I thought He was in this world like a man. God will reach this earth before that and meet you. on the way the Lord spoke to me. Christ is come.” You can say “Lawrie. it is certain that denominational spirit is going on.. y ou can‟t fool with God because God has come as the judge. But when I was in Canada. “Come on. but what did we find? As we came we rented a house for few dollars and went there with my wife and my three children and Who was standing at the gate? Jesus Christ. your wife and your children”.

but people have twisted it. She will search for it. do you know what they will do? You won‟t look at any manifestations. you have missed this great life.“When the seventh angel begins to sound. All the descriptions are there. That is like that man in the Bible. what did the tares do? “Hey John the Baptist had a big crowd. It is God‟s ministry. Look for God through God‟s Word. I look for somebody like that. I say? What does it say? Go back to God‟s Word! GO BACK TO GOD‟S WORD! So there are two kinds of people. The Bride will understand it. God wants people on God‟s Word. You have read most of the prophet‟s messages. He will shake the world. the mystery of God will be fulfilled. look to God. Until California has sunk Brother Branham‟s prophecy has not been fulfilled. He is not coming as a lamb but as a lion. people who have a long look and people who have a short look. But the Bride will understand it. but everytime I see. And the Bride found it out because it was according to the Bible.. God wants two people. They want something in manifestations. If you don‟t know your Bridegroom. You can‟t fool His ministry. some funny thing. Even to go forth as the Lamb for the slaughter. And he says. when he sounds. that is California going down has not been fulfilled. God gives the description of everything that is happening. All right. But what did the sheep do? They looked at the Word. Don‟t look for a Lamb. And it tells the description of the Lamb. His bones were not broken. radio time.. and bingos and all these things. So what happens today? Everyone tells strange things but the Bride cannot be deceived. So what do they do? They go and look like this. And there comes a man just speaking what the Bible says. Formerly what was Jesus‟ ministry? Two disciples shook the whole world. He is the Messiah. What did the Bible say? First. “Oh there is God. Oh. If you don‟t have that. Look at God‟s Word. they went. you people know the message thoroughly. He came as a slaughtered Lamb.~ 47 ~ positive revelation of Jesus Christ. Christ”. that will be fulfilled.. Christ. But John was not rejected. But that is not God.” But one thing has not been fulfilled. Look to God. He was a man of sorrows. Christ. rejected man. . But a seed. they pierced him. my friends. He had no beauty.” You want to see and believe. In Revelation 10:1-7 . But he said it will be fulfilled. Second. You want bigger programme and all financial drive. you will miss it. he is that one to come. oil in the hand or something. Now you say finished? No. and who is the Bride? The Bride knows the Bridegroom. television etc. you are a tare. God‟s not going to be fooled now. just be wise. He won‟t break. See God through the Word of God as in a glass. The prophet‟s message is totally correct.. how He moves. who stood here and said it is still going on. He now has come. Bride of God.Don‟t be deceived by preachers because I know many people are not satisfied in this life. Now Jesus is coming. And now if you look for a Lamb. Don‟t look to. I am not an authority on that. He won‟t shout.

a dead man has no hunger. At the end people bring glory and crown which he refuses and asks them to place it on God Who planned his life. He pulls wires. influences. He plans his life accordingly and finally Right Reverend so and so.Twenty days campaign from first message. so out of his own voluntary wish. a dead man has no ambition. a worldly man. A dead man will not be sick.” what is wrong with you? Sometime you know I forget to eat. He wants the world. In the same way that internal feeling of love with God and the Bride is something and till that marriage comes it will be veiled in secret. Now listen. love laughs at locksmiths. You don‟t have anything in this life. That is the worldly man. what is faith? Now why did God love this King David and He liked his son with all his failures. and he gets glory for himself. Pope so and so. So my friends. After choosing the world he plans his life how to become a big man. You must be dead in Christ. The third man voluntarily chooses God and dies to his self and allows the Holy Spirit to plan his life. first of all. If you have been in love with a boy or a girl. you know what it is. If you have that life. so he chooses the world and doesn‟t want God. But when the meetings are over. That is the worldly man. “Oh I must become a big man and become a big king”.~ 48 ~ how He moves and you know. Why did God love Jacob and not Esau? Predestination.. That means you don‟t have selfwill. a dead man has no pain. Certainly a religious worldly man. Are you dead in Christ? Don‟t think about the people who are dead and buried in the ground. He chooses God and becomes a denomination head and he plans his life. in these last days. He plans his life. All right. you know but I am putting another. I eat good fruits or fruit salad or something like that. But when the meeting is over then the hunger . First of all.I am very hungry. Then one day by his efforts becomes a big man. how to pull wires and get influence to become a big president. A worldly religious man voluntarily chooses God to be benefitted in this world. twenty days I don‟t eat at all. Why are you gluttonous man? “Oh. but I will tell you something. God doesn‟t want anybody to come to Him by force.. You say. You can‟t put a lock on that love. goes and catches the people. you don‟t have ambition.. He says I choose God. So this man looks at the world. if you are in love affair once in your life. chooses world. My wife says please eat something but I will say don‟t talk till the meetings are over. surely you are a seed. But when the meetings are going on I am still fat. there is some difference in their lives. he selects his life. Bishop so and so. When I go to big campaign. they may have restrictions. then all the people crown him. he receives the crown and glory for himself. predestination. how to come up in life. but somewhere she will smell it when the boy comes and the girl decided to follow him. and then he becomes a big man and people say here comes a big man and bring a crown on him. what is the life that pleases God? There are three kinds of people. and people bring crown and glory which he takes for himself.

Where is the Holy Ghost today? He is not gone away.... Joseph was loved by God but hated by his brethren. But this young boy. my friend. he told us not to get angry with the brothers”. What did Joseph say? “These are the children God gave me. there is mercy still in the Bride.... later his father came into Egypt and saw Joseph‟s children.. even the children on God.. So what happened? King David was accepted and Saul was rejected. “Have thine own way.. he was imprisoned.”God can do that. “Joseph I hear you have the gift of discernment. yes.fully follow behind the Lord. If you say no mercy. you can‟t play the Holy Ghost. the Holy Ghost has to come. but what did Joseph say. So when actually people sing.” If somebody asks you what do you say? Yes.. Lord” (Brother Lawrie sings mournfully).. So what do the people do? “Hey.You know what the man says. then he became the second most powerful man in the kingdom. “Don‟t put the crown on me. I know you will deliver me. you never go weak. you would have gone to the influential people and would say. “Lord you plan my life”. Then the wife of Potiphar. But today people don‟t want Holy Ghost. Not just “Oh I come to church.. it will start shaking it‟s head like this. they shake their head all over because even the snakes do that.. put it on God Who planned my life. He didn‟t make a move.. He never planned it. and what do the people want today in the message. I think if you were put in prison for one year. I have got a gift of discernment.” The king gave him all power. music”. then eat. What did Joseph say? “Am I in the place of God? I won‟t take a vengeance. Never bring the crown on him. Then I say what happened to me all these twenty days? I never went weak. You can‟t sing the Holy Ghost. “When our father died. For twelve years he never pulled wires to come out. we forget. When they play the flute what does the cobra do? Shakes the head like that. Thirty years old he was a big man. But when God started planning his life. Certain places you know twenty songs. If people make themselves like THEY desire.” He was putting everything. “Come on.. go to a hotel. that is another spirit. . get me deliverance”.~ 49 ~ comes. You will deliver the prisoners”. Then his brothers came. they want to play some music.” Today if a preacher or somebody tells something against us. you must have another spirit to follow the Lord fully. not halfheartedly. You say you have got love today? “Hallelujah.they don‟t want God. they have no plan of God. the Holy Ghost will be here.He is right in this building..Hypocritical love.” You can sing a song.. You can‟t sing the Holy Ghost. Caleb and Joshua had another spirit. He just said. Meet the Holy Ghost. I love you all.. “Lord. So what happened? The man who allowed God to plan his life becomes a big man. Until He is taken up in the glorified body. Then the King comes. she tried to pull him. I want to see.. music.” That is the man that pleases God. twelve years in prison reading the word. God will do that for you..... “Whose are these children?” We would say “My children” know when you sing a song to the cobra (snake)..

So today let us try to prove that God is in Israel. How can they walk together if they are not agreed? If I go this way and he goes that way how can we meet? So if you want to plan your life..” I said. I am with Christ. man wants to work. But what do the people say. why are you sitting in the home quietly like this?” I .don‟t think pleasing God is just giving an offering and going to the “Church of God. Lord you stir me. That is the difficulty. “Hey. he wants to do something. Let the head come on. “I will kill him and marry Saul‟s daughter”. can you kill Goliath?” “Why not? When I was in my field.” So today. I am not in the message.. that is our rest and Sabbath .. “Brother Lawrie.. nothing happened. But the prophet‟s words should turn you to God‟s Word.. I want God. “You fellow you want to kill me?” “Yes.. you are not a Bride. Then you will see something. But if you want to prove something that is false. you will be destroyed. How will you prove? We prove God is in Gentiles because the prophet came..” He wanted to prove that God was in Israel.. that fellow is not in the message‟.what did he say? “I will kill you and prove that there is a God in Israel. You say Bride ministry. Then Goliath comes there.they will not have the long look.”. Then God had to kill Goliath. I will kill you and marr y Saul‟s daughter. “You mean to say you will kill Goliath?” “Yes”. I killed them both. I am in the message of Christ.. Then they will march on to eternity.. “Yes. we understand you are not in the message. not in the message. You will please God. That means you are a blind man. next day they tell you. lion came. So my friends came and told me. Where is the Bridegroom today? If the Bride doesn‟t know the Bridegroom. Everybody says. Then Goliath was to be killed.~ 50 ~ Praise the Lord.. But it is very difficult.. if he wanted to prove that God is in Israel God will shake that country.You know how India was stirred? I just sat at home. You go to India. they have the short worldly look (seeing and believing). but before that the head has to come and the Bride has to recognise that Bridegroom. “Brother Lawrie. “what is this? I throw the letter and said let them be in the message I don‟t want it.. you cease from your working.but you know when King Saul said “You young boy. then a letter comes. are you preaching that King David was a bad man.. not in the message. So this boy goes and Saul says. David took a stone and Goliath laughed and said.. God cannot plan your life.. But today the people in the message are going without a head. are you in the message?” I say.. That is why you don‟t plan your life. Your will is not there. Praise the Lord”. But what did he do? Behold the Bridegroom cometh. some thing that is not the Word of God. „don‟t believe.” Why? Because you are a strong man?. Bride is going to have powerful ministry. Thank God I am not in the message.Because God was with me. One year passed.Hebrews 4:9-10. I said..he didn‟t say that. You can‟t go wihout the head. then afterwards you say. all right. bear came. So when I come back now they say.” Pleasing God is allowing God to plan your life..

Every dead man get filled with the Holy Ghost. brother. how do you get the Holy Ghost?” If you have the Holy Ghost.. After waiting for two years. march on.. revival is coming. You want to come into the Lord‟s leading. and everywhere people are pushing. but the pastor doesn‟t know in certain places whom God is leading. “That is none of your business.. They won‟t try to push.. you must go and find your chances. “You said God is going to take you to some meetings.. they brought a lady sick for fifteen years. “How are you managing?” We are just eating our crumbs. in one week time I was a big man. brother.” So I told my wife. brother wonderful.” Then the sister was happy she was healed. not just hypocritical love telling. three days time. The doctor said she was to die in fifteen days of tuberculosis of both lungs. “Go with him..” The tares will need chances but the Bride doesn‟t need a chance. not even have the Holy Ghost. If you don‟t have it. but the Bride is going to .” “Yes. see God is moving in your life.” Then they said. “Is that so?” “Yes!” “Well. take the book.. “How long are you going to sit at home like this?” After two years I was sitting in my home.” And when I went there he said. “My. If you don‟t allow God to move in your life and plan your life.” “Huh!.jumped out of the bed and came up and said. that night I was preaching for 5000 people that week. they brought me for the sleeping church. Love God and allow Him to use you. “Revival is coming after two years?” “Yes. Then say “Stop!” Then put the right hand. The Bride will mean it. “Brother. He will make you according to His plan in one day. That is the Bride. while people wait for fifty years and still they cannot get big meeting.. they just sleep in the meeting. they wouldn‟t do anything.. So what did I do? I was about to go. “Brother. So if you are a Bride. Brother Branham never said not to receive the Holy Ghost.. nothing happened. keep it like this.000. that is the Holy Ghost. Then the hands keep quiet. I said. Today more than 50 percent in this message are not even saved.~ 51 ~ said.” I said. then says march on. why don‟t you preach?” When I started preaching the twenty people were sleeping. a vision came..” They wouldn‟t sing. Two years passed. A preacher was coming towards me calling for a meeting and the voice of God said.. like a body members. BE FILLED. something is wrong with you. “Brother Lawrie. go and say Lord I want IT.touched her and she was healed instantaneously.” That is hypocritical love.. You may be filled with the Holy Ghost. you will know who you are. twenty people are in the assembly-group. Praise the Lord. “I don‟t want. Big man in two.. And the man said pray for this dying girl. One man wants to push another man. for you need one thing. People started fooling my wife.the head tells the week 10. Suppose I want to take this book. You know you may get angry with me but I want to tell you something. right there. But the Bride will not push like that. So all the body system is at work for the command of the head. Today everybody pushes.

Now again. Now the Lion is here.. A man comes with money. people should be afraid. Now secondly. you will surely catch something. I want to tell something there. turn to Amos 3. It is telling about Israelites who have gone out of the way..born again people. this is the secret. But a lion roars when it catches. So to walk with God. “Why don‟t you depend on us?” He is the enemy. Enoch walked with God and pleased God because he walked with the Word. you are something. So the Devil wants to attack the heart. but your life must be planned by God. the Devil gets angry and shoots at the man‟s faith on God. I will deal with that tomorrow. but a small lion it doesn‟t want to catch any animal a small cub. But if you don‟t put the net. you can‟t depend on anything else. But you overcome that and surely you will be taken in the rapture. will a lion roar in the forest when he has no prey? Now listen. But when it catches the animal. Now then a big are commiting spiritual adultery. so it keeps quiet.. Will it roar and make a noise before it catches anything? Come on! Because if it makes a big noise. If you have Jesus as your husband. you won‟t get any birds in that net. God wants to punish them. come here. Certainly will a young lion cry out in the den if he has taken nothing. He is telling about three things there. the Devil sends him. If you are God‟s people. You read at home that Chapter. Now listen. Lion will not roar till it catches something. When a man chooses God and depends on God to plan his life.not only the message of God. you cannot walk with God. Now listen. Let the message of God. God moves with the Word. not going after God‟s way.for what? To make you commit spiritual adultery.~ 52 ~ become very powerful. they cannot walk. But here.. God will punish you. you put a net to catch something.. that is the enemy. the roar starts.. if you did.. If a wife depends not on the husband and she wants to depend on somebody else that is adultery. Shall a trumpet be blown in the city and the people not be afraid? When the trumpet of God blows. “Brother why don‟t you join a church?” That will kill the fellow. it will come out and cry. But shall there be evil done in the city and the Lord has not done it? There is something to learn there. some of these people talk about lambs roaring. It is repeatedly told two things. If God plans your life.. That is the dependance on God. Listen. There must be something wrong . it is very hungry.. in the forest. you won‟t catch anything.. So if you turn against the Word of God. But if you put a net. you are to come to God‟s Word. can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth when no snare is laid for him? Suppose you don‟t lay a net in the ground. So will a young lion cry if there is food? No! If there is nothing. can two walk together except they be agreed? If God and man are not agreed. by the side of each other.. and that is the thing the Devil wants you to do.. So if it has no food there it will come out and say “Ohhh!” and start crying because there is no food. every animal will run away.

put the net on. People without the calling they make a living. That is why that angel came down and lit the world in Glory. every religion. eat the prey.” In India also every place. poor people. If God roars nobody will be caught. They will be satisfied with hot oil and blood in their hand. where there is a big flood destroying the people or some earthquake. I won‟t put a big frog to catch a small fish. And you say the King of Glory. throughout the world. Many poor people have become kings by just telling. Now when you put a net somebody will be caught. the living thing. “I will roar. not a devil. before catching anything. . I would have been a chief man in the Assemblies of God or Church of God or Indian Missionary for some Oral Roberts team or something like that. they became very rich people by telling false things. what happened? Devil doesn‟t want to destroy his people. But God. So God put the net on the world.. I have gone to Catholics.. all the Bride who have been believing all the Word with or without manifestations.they are the tares. many people have become very rich out of this ministry. before catching the Bride. mind you. But he said. even in India. they took this as an opportunity. I will tell you my friend... they were still not satisfied. who will not fear it? The Lord God has spoken. He puts something to catch the Bride. The lion comes to eat the people. So I will study the fish first and say what kind . “Tongues are not the sign.SPEAKS. We are a small people having a great God. That is what God said. now my prophets will prophecy”.. the Lord. if He wants to catch a fish He will put in the hook which the fish will like. If I had compromised. will the lion roar? Now listen very carefully. Oh. So God doesn‟t roar directly to man. Who cannot but prophecy? Now listen this is what I want to tell you.. when God starts roaring He is not coming to save you but He is coming to desroy the people. Speaking through the cloud He talks to the Bride and the Bride speaks . Will the lion roar before catching anything? He can only speak. you can get plenty of money. to catch in a net. human beings. You see the lives of many people. but I had God. So first of all the lion roared through the prophet to catch.not to save you but to eat you. If you compromise and commit adultery.~ 53 ~ somewhere. But when I said “No” I became small. God will reveal His secrets not to everyone these days. they are nothing but now they have plenty of money. He doesn‟t want Serpent‟s seed. The Bride will never be satisfied.God will reveal His secrets to the prophets. instead of working very hard. So what is the use of catching a stone. What for? By compromising. and I tell you God is not there at all. Why? They wanted outward manifestations. So God spoke to Brother Branham to bring the Bride into the Word. this will change your life. God wants to catch the animal. “I belong to God.” Now this made the Pentecostal people angry. they want something outside. Again surely the Lord will do nothing but He revealeth His secrets unto His servants the prophets. Lion is coming. The lion roared. So all the people who have been looking to God‟s Word. So when He said.

. now He comes directly to eat the thing.I am looking for that.. In that hand may be in Carribean Islands. And you know. So in these last days we have come to the time we are looking for something but do you look according to God‟s Word? People have been looking for the prophet John the Baptist. it takes three and a half years. And who shall save from the mouth of the lion? The Good Shepherd.” Out of all these. three and a half years are gone and something should have been caught.... So what did the Bride do? It was burning. there were fishes...~ 54 ~ of hook. all over. they are out.. walk with the Bridegroom. Now the prey is caught. so they saw a man coming from the wilderness and shouting. But some of the Pentecostal people and the Bride in seclusion. is this against God?” So they completely cut away.. He was interested in what? The Bride. when he took out. God bless you all. as the shepherd taketh out of the mouth of the lion two legs. the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Already I lost some friends and it will make me lose my money. or a piece of an ear. that is the man. You say everything is finished? You are mistaken my friend. one leg may be uhmm. Who is that .. one eye may be in China. But the Bride was very much angry. but I know this preaching will make me lose my friends. so shall the children of Israel be taken out that dwell in Samaria in the corner of a bed.. When the Lion has roared.. So the net was good. there were stones. he took out two legs and one ear. they got angry. So the Lord is not interested in serpent. He says I am the Good Shepherd. I follow Brother Branham not because he is an American but through the Word.. And the Bible says. Now the lion is roaring! He doesn‟t go through a prophet. there were shells. They followed him. So what did He do? He put something on the Word and the Bride caught it. come on. When a message goes out... very much upset because nobody shouted. I would rather eat bread than water but I want to be true to God and we have come to that day. for God spoke through the prophet His words and put the lure. “What is this. every kind of nonsense. Now listen. I never wanted to do it.they look at the Bible. so through the Word they followed the prophet. So two legs may be here. Amos 3:12 . and then fixes it up and makes the Bride and you say Christ is not going to come? That Lion is going to roar in this world. and other people who believe only on shouting and God‟s Word. But it caught some of the Bride.“Thus saith the Lord.and the Bride will see Bridegroom individually. He will press the Bride out. But come on. eat the prey. what kind of food I should put.. So this net didn‟t catch them.because I never preach like this. God takes two legs and one ear and that is the Bride. From Brother Branham‟s death till now is three and a half years past. A Children and patches and these legs and ears and everything and makes the thing and breathes into that again the life. Jesus is coming for you.because shouting should be there. and in Damascus in a couch. there were moss.

No! You want me to go and worship the cloud and the stone and other things. he stood in the cloud and spoke the revelation of Jesus. Now we all know that signified Brother Branham. They send gifts. Now when that angel begins to sound the mystery of God will be over. my friends. And a boy comes to a girl. I said. But I look for something big. I look for the bridegroom who is my sweet jewel. wonderful. My! My! That took all my pride. she treasures it.. Suppose she is in love with ten boys. Even now I see what has been brought. All right. when she says. “I will marry that boy”. And from that day all your friends will go away. I remember one day in Ceylon. puts the ring here looks at it very often. roaring. do you know that boy whom you love is a very rich man? He is a rich man‟s son. The tares use the gifts to earn and do business. The prophet.and such a man to call on a white man and say. I said. God spoke from heaven. So I didn‟t know what it is. But many people made money out of it because they look for money sometimes in this world.. Brother Branham was not God coming down.“In the days of the voice of the seventh angel. Don‟t leave him”. I could have earned a lot of money. “Oh. but some people use the gift to love the bridegroom. money. what does she do? “Oh I will marry you. She gives something. “Girl.. And if you turn to Revelation 10:7 .. and she is very much interested in that ring. No! You can understand God. Now Americans will boast about Americans..” When she decides to marry. what are you doing here?” “Oh that my boy friend gave me”. my boy friend gave. I saw love in the gift. That is the roaring that came to him and he spoke to the prophet and the prophet spoke. but will an Indian talk about an American? I was a nationalist. she has got the man. when he shall begin to sound. to make big money. He is roaring the prey and finally judgement is striking now. Some people use the gifts to enjoy worldly pleasures. He could have earned a lot of money. he gives something. take this white man as Elijah. the gifts are going on. But the Bride saw love in the gift. I couldn‟t see a white man. I was in the Indian Congress Party at that time. the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the prophets”. a girl and a boy want to marry each other but they do not know who she is and who he is but they love each other. I saw a girl rubbing a ring. Now listen. He has a lot of properties. “Hey girl.. nine will get angry and go . if it is caught God has to come down. These hands have beaten white missionaries. I looked at the Word. The Lord told me that very shortly you won‟t get a good time. “Hey here it is there in Malachi. And when this is clearly told by one of her own friends.I would slap him. put a net. May be given but that is not necessary. And they called everything finished. that day what ceases? Outward show of love ceases.” Now after that you want me to do foolish things. “That is Elijah”. that man you are going to marry.~ 55 ~ man? Whom do you think that man is? A small little man shouting. What about now.

“Well I want water”. But God immediately gave me a clutch and brake.(Deut. why you gave her. but still because God said I will keep quiet.” So if you fight along with Word.~ 56 ~ away.” “By pride cometh contention” in Proverbs 13:10. 21:18-21).. So. I called my son.” He said.. God gives us situations like the clutch and brakes in the car. this girl now. “Okay.. car moves. I will be a good boy.” Then she will say.” “I won‟t do that anymore at all father.” You can‟t run like in those days. So He gives us situations and fulfills His plan.. One day my wife and I were fighting. My wife will walk slowly like this. and came in the midnight and woke her up and went home.” “Okay.Why are you so late?” “Just keep quiet!” “No. “Why are you so dirty like this?” “All right. Fight came to certain extent. what is that flirting?” Till then he does not but now the punishment is there. So those days I used to beat her. “Why this shirt? You put on this other shirt. Then I got so wild one day I say. She can‟t flirt about.. Are you ready? But God is love.”.I am going to preach. I have got every right to ask you. Then I said l ike this. “Who started the fight. then you will see God in everything. She says. But not all. “Come on.” I said. “God.” I will be so angry. When you marry you get partner to consult and support.. in olden days if a son makes mistake they would have taken him to the elder and stone him to death . many people don‟t want to marry because they can‟t fool about. I was scolding her.. my wife.” “But you can‟t walk. “The wife has the authority over your body.. Seek in God‟s Word. “All right.I said. now He doesn‟t do that. Seek the Bible. this is like a big stone on my neck. “Oh..” I went for twenty miles walk. “I. Listen. “Stop! Don‟t walk like that. I have got power over your body”.” She said.” “Then you are proud.She took the Bible and said. If she starts flirting about he will slap her on the head.I started the fight. I say. One of my sons came who was doing some mischief. after decision she becomes lonely.” Then I said. you go slow but I want to go fast”. “God gave me to be a brake for you. When you want to do something. So every time it was like that. She brought the Bible and said. I will come with you. “Is it in the Bible?” “Yes. I have seen God everywhere my friends. Seek in our God‟s Word. “Come on girl. a big responsibility. You can see them you know. Now come on. there is a brake. If I didn‟t marry.” When she takes the Bible. Two or three agree on anything God will grant you. I would have gone like a rocket somewhere and knocked my head and gone.. “Sonny. When you release the brake.. then say. .” “All right. “I‟m hungry.. When you come back home. preach. not all.” Then she says.. You know I used to walk very fast because I am used to travelling miles and miles walking.” Then say. you can have better peace. One day I open the Bible.” I said “won‟t you stay home?” “No.” Bible will bring you life.. “You had better sit in this home till I come. because God‟s love has made me not have the punishment. “Where are you going tonight?.

Rev.” You know when God speaks. Now when Jesus came in this world people didn‟t know it. he does not go to the city of the Bride and blow a trumpet and the bride will not come running to elope with him. and his feet as pillars of fire. Look to God. and from this earth on. You know the way of God. when this is finished then the Bridegroom takes you. That is all the Bride knows. “I go to prepare a place for you and after that is finished. He said. with a rainbow. there is thunder. It is caught in the net. but Brother Branham was vindicated prophet. and you say you have the only prophet. I want to meet in the air”. If a boy is to marry a girl. Take you unto myself.. as when a lion roareth. And the Bride cannot live without revelation. now you must know who your bridegroom is. you don‟t run there. he comes to the house of the bride to take her. THUNDER IS GOD‟S ECHO.Lenley. And the Spirit of God showed me from . where the Bride is. God is going to touch you. and his face was as it were the sun. When Christ comes to the Bride. I will come again and take you unto myself”. and how does the Bride know the Bridegroom? Come on. My. He will decide to take you.This is the period when the Bride has a walk with God and not with anybody else. the angel comes with a cloud. everybody has a crowd. somebody is coming down which is God. Not only that. Everybody says “There‟s the prophet”. come to this very earth where He walked like a man. you know. Bride is come to God‟s Word. what happens. “Come on people. They call themselves prophets. Bridegroom knows he comes with the cloud and thunders. And the Bridegroom is come. He has no other opposition..~ 57 ~ The angel.. all blocks have been removed because the Devil blocks before God comes. Then the thunders are heard. So you can understand when God speaks that the thunder echoes. When He speaks.roaring.“I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven. He‟s the prophet. And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea. Dr. and his left foot on the earth. He will reveal it to you.. left foot on the earth and cried with a loud voice. God is going to meet you.. Read from the first verse. When He speaks there is THUNDER. The mystery is over. but something is happening here. You ask God secretly in your home. Come again means. mystery will be finished.. One man has about five thousand people. prophets are plenty. (now listen LION ROARETH) and when he had cried seven thunders uttered their voices. He will not come to the heaven and say. You have to decide. 10:1 . Now the prophet has got people all over the world. right at that moment the thunders will speak. but the Bride knew it. clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head. how many prophets are there in California? I saw six prophets. If you decide to marry Him. the Bride will know. When the prophet comes immediately there are impersonators. This is. And cried with a loud voice. That is what Jesus said. and catch hold of the hand. and he puts his right foot in the sea. That is not a Bridegroom.

Don‟t think God is going to leave you Bride. What happened to Moses? He led the people with the mighty pillar of fire and cloud. you go. The Bride is going to be the young people following the message not the old people. But when he had brought the people to Jordan. I will take them”.that place. God will take the Bride because He caught the Bride and He will take you to eternity. .. He said: “Moses and Aaron good bye. the Bride is coming out. God will take the Bride.. I asked for a place. I got a place in their car and we went there. God is not stopping at Jordan. they want to block it. I spoke through you and you led the flock and now Moses and Aaron good-bye. you can see my back side. The lion has started roaring. He said. THE SHEEP WILL HEAR GOD‟S WORD.” Then I went in. Because God said. If man could reach the moon. “We have come to the border of Jordan. Moon doesn‟t shine on one side. Nobody will take you. we won‟t take you. they said..I read the book that day. “Lawrie. I was in a corner.. So when Brother Branham went in he locked both doors. brother had a pain on the neck. Get out of there.. I will take them Myself into Canaan”.Remember that? They were going to see the prophet. the back side. be dead like Moses and He will take you. And He turns to start a new era. “You led them with great difficulty so far. other people didn‟t know my heart.. So the people blocked it but God won‟t block it.. I will take them.” He said I want to talk with him for one hour. Moses went to see the back side of God. he knew my heart.” The prophet said that.. thank you very much. But you know there was a back side of God.seen by Moses. The sheep will hear God‟s voice. You know what happened. and preachers they are dead preachers trying to preach a denominational spirit. That is the sign of the prophet. he got a pain in the neck and God healed him. but you have a denomination spirit. never before seen by man. “Only five minutes Brother Branham. come here. that is death! The denominational death people know.. Bride will be caught up. “Moses and Aaron. they are dead.. day and night. That is the prophet. Remember Moses. Leo Merciar said”.. He said.they took me to the prophet. Moses.He led them like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron. He said. but my friend.. Yes. finished for the dead people because they are all dead... But when they came to Jordan.~ 58 ~ Florida to come here and take Brother Henry Avacola. he came out and said. “Nothing will satisfy you except God. Yes. So how did the Spirit of God know that was Henry Avacola? I was given his address. and now you people don‟t join any denomination.I came there. How? He will pick up.. all right. that is the time when man reaches God. no man ever saw it...” You are standing on the border and saying everything is finished. Don‟t join any denomination. you are my children”. They are killing only God‟s power but all the people are dead. They said Brother Branham was very difficult to get to see. Oh. And you want to have dead meat.

this God. I won‟t remain any more in Chicago. If you are afraid of Russia and the Government. it is the Bride.For whom has the miracles ceased? For the people who died in the wilderness. Most of your people. fleeing for my life. “Tell and go.” So I said. But otherwise I lose my life. everything started after that. I was compromising with the people and many people help me. get you into this life. He could have shut the door for me now but God was in him. MARCHING! SUN STAND STILL! How can man stop the sun which obeys God only? Miracles cannot be done by man. if you read Brother Branham‟s message. I said. whether the people like it or not. Bu t .. So I thank God. I didn‟t want to. “Lord. he comes. Nobody can kill that Bride brother. I tell you and I will be put out for this. So you won‟t be sorry for this.. I escape.. Life is not with the dead. after three days. you sacrifice. you can‟t escape this God”. send me away.. “Lord I am running away now.” I lose my friends. if I am here he won‟t come”. “Lord.. not Brother Lawrie. God bless you. it is eternal life. where is your credentials? What Church? What is your doctrine?” Thank God that man opened the door.. IT IS GOD! God is going to do something for the BRIDE! Don‟t think it is the latter rain or anything. but millions of Indian people are there.. I thank God for all that. I have got meetings in December”. send money. miracles are finished. I never did anything like this. he would say. Brother Larry Smith. So I wrote to my wife today. I will destroy you. You say Joshua! NO.. If I go away. “If you don‟t tell this.for two days I was battling with God. The Bride is going to get a ministry that will shake the world. but I know if it is some other denomination pastor. “Do you want that money and friends or eternal life?”. and not for a terrible God. “Brother.~ 59 ~ And what did the Bride say? Not everything finished. I never got any help in any other country like you people. it clearly tells that Thunders were not revealed.the Government will never touch the Bride. But the next day. the miracles start. I am running back. I am not come here for money. but this message which preached to you is going all around the world. you are good people. How? No sword or no bullet can pierce the skin. People who died in the wilderness have lost the miracles. You really sacrifice. and how was the miracle? No visions. So I am afraid. “Brother Lawrie. He told me. “I am going my way.. my friends because I see something.. And I told my brother. I will lose all my friends and those poor Indian people will suffer”. Jordan river is parting after that. I have come to tell you something that God put into my heart. I love God. somebody is coming. And he said. God told me if I don‟t tell it like this I will take your life away. thank God for the American people. you may not agree with me. But I know when I preach like this which God showed me. Because people don‟t like it but I tell you something. Jesus will take you home. But the Lord asked me. we both cannot be here at the same time. I don‟t want to preach all over America like this.

And you don‟t want to go with God? And I can tell so many things but one thing I will tell you.. that will give you rapturing faith. You have all the message to fly but you don‟t have the key. water everything. That is what God is going to do. “Oh. he doesn‟t come with a great platform and crowd when people are awake.. Even the gasoline you have..if you meditate on this car you will go in the rapture. he takes you through mud everything. Then he puts the key.. He will spoil the girl. you will surely go in the rapture. my wife was telling me...” What is a thief? He doesn‟t come with fire-crackers. If I am a boy and I have a girl-friend.or with songs.. It doesn‟t tell you. you are mine”. “I am coming.. no doubt. Everybody is you please God. but he doesn‟t let daddy give him monthly 200 dollars. Because who will allow his Bride to be taken by somebody son doesn‟t work for me for salary. This Bible is for YOU.. believe Jesus is coming.. everything. Bride. But the Bride doesn‟t say He is coming because He said. Many .. a child of God. full of dust but if he wants to go to California or some other place he comes and takes the car. One day I was driving th e car. “I am coming as a thief. he takes it and puts a new muffler. That period when you should catch the Bridegroom is NOW.. I won‟t tell another boy to bring that girl-friend to my house. Sometimes he puts it in the car shed. everybody has got a car.. “Are you pleasing God. cleans it everything. “Please. you all came in cars.if anything is wrong who is worried? The owner.” He is coming down in the world to take you. God is our driver. If there is a muffler breaking.. Because the plan revealed to Brother Branham and he was supposed to go to the end but the Lord‟s plan was that He was not satisfied with anybody but Himself. Now listen my friends. everything is inside. He does a lot of work for me. He is not going to say. He drives us through all the thing. Does the car plan its life? Does it murmur why you put it out? Is it sorry because you put it in the mud? Is it sorry because you put it in sunlight? Is it sorry because it is raining? Does it complain to you if the muffler or something goes wrong? Does it come and tell you.~ 60 ~ God revealed the whole plan to Brother Branham. come do my wheel and steer it out. He serves me and when he wants. he comes in. cleans the mud.. So my friends. Muffler goes down.. Are you a child of God?” So what is a child of God. Yes.. I am waiting for you come on. but without that key. My wife doesn‟t help me for salary. But when he switches. that is why these are not new plans.puts the oil. the muffler is gone”. switch . You will get a revelation of Jesus Christ and you will walk with Him. why not? You are my driver. even the Devil is talking.. “Jesus is coming”. But it goes on. you don‟t go in your way. If you will just be like an automobile.. Even the Pope is talki ng. Everything is true and everything is going to happen. and in the car shed he doesn‟t touch it at all. You have got oil. That is the way of a son. that fellow will run away with the girl. he will take in a lump. I was her driver. When you say that girl is fixed. He said.

. he will come as a thief. 8:3). running out of oxygen..chicken and the egg. So he slowly comes. he doesn‟t make a noise. pastor. Zech. That is why the Bride is getting ready. takes your bath. come on. all these fingers do that. No! He comes like a thief. But the chicken is taking the oxygen and living. And the time is coming when we have no last oxygen. come on.. or some big outward manifestation. but it starts from the East. they are . If you have no fingers you won‟t be clean. Oh time is getting late where is the thief? He looks in the night. I agree with Brother Smith and say five-fold ministry. It moves like this and breaks the shell with it‟s beak and comes out.. I feel like that chicken. Now when everybody thinks they are in the Bride.. Sometimes people think t he thief will come lighting wherever he goes. How does the Bride get ready? Is getting all ready. mind you that. just getting out of oxygen. What does a thief come for? To steal the dirt and pins and bottles and all these things? Does he come to steal your ties and collar.. then they would find him out. I told you yesterday. it puts on the spectacles.. How does the chicken come out? There is a white skin full of oxygen.. come on. 12:2-3. the Bride knows He is coming to steal them. brothers. Zech. But if you are looking for somebody not like a thief. The best cream of the society. The lightning does not shine in the East but in the West. You know I feel like an egg. rubs your body..“Come on. Jerusalem is the centre and capital of the whole world. If the church is not a five-fold ministry. Now these five fingers. the City of our God. He doesn‟t put on a white dress you know. “Oh. and he comes in a dark night. all dark. evangelist. prophet and apostle. If God says I am coming as a thief. So we say Bride..takes him. washes your clothes. God comes like a thief. he is coming to steal. when everybody thinks everybody is going on in all right. puts the coat like this and does everything. The thief comes when everybody is sleeping.slowly slips in. combs your hair. But when he comes. then the chicken cannot live anymore. scratching the bill up and down like that. We will break through to the other world. “Put on light” and say.He comes to steal your jewellery. South and East should be reckoned from Jerusalem (2 Chron. what does it do for the body? It cleans your teeth.. when everybody is overconfident. if he makes a noise the people will kill him. He doesn‟t come with glamour and glitter.When He comes who knows it? The treasure knows that He is going to take. the Bride cannot catch it. He doesn‟t come with anything. we will break through and we will be fully grown. slowly comes. “Where is the road” like this. let us run!” And you say. he is coming that way? If anybody is come in a public way he is not a thief. Bride has got a great thing. North. Nothing can be seen. When fully grown the oxygen finishes. He slowly slips in. We are like that. teacher. 6:6..~ 61 ~ people think there is singing when the Lord comes. West. He doesn‟t say. the Bride will let him in.

My! I don‟t know. your son will build it. “Oh. they will get angry and get away. “Come I will take you to the land of milk and honey. he is a tall fellow dynamiting everything.” Oh I couldn‟t please everybody. he doesn‟t preach well”. But I started serving these people and pastoring them. he talked with that lady. comes to the city.~ 62 ~ unclean. you say. So that is the job. these very ungrateful people. And makes a beautiful building of the Bride. Take all the metals and go away.. You are saved. But I tell you. I could not please one sister. I got sick of pastoral work. So.. What do the people say? Everything is finished. Then the evangelist comes. is the ministry over? Come on.” The other man said “Pastor went to that house. “Pastor came. This is important. and here comes God. I thought please the people. I cannot do this I brought the metal. everybody says. Anything extra he cuts it off. you know. If you say this is over without the fingers you can‟t do anything. “Oh. you can‟t go to that house.. she gets angry because I went to another house.” I have fed sheep and got sick of the sheep. attends the meeting. God said finish with that. he didn‟t talk to me.” Then that man says “Pastor didn‟t come to my house. Makes a shape out of that. So I thought God called me. Oh. I must build it.I got sicker and sicker. I want a ministry with the Head! JESUS IS . Every stone but not building. I told you. I got hundreds of assemblies. takes the stone and puts it in the proper place with that. he didn‟t shake my hand. And these stones cannot be shaped near the temple because they are already made and then brought. He didn‟t fight for it. the prophet has come. with the polish and builds it one after that. You could tell some experiences. Everybody will blame the pastor. And his son built the temple. we are in the Bride ministry without a head”. My! Even after coming to America I had trouble. You preach about 300 sermons and see. he didn‟t look at me.. You know God said. So. finally I told my wife I got sick. So Brother Branham cut all the stones and put there. That is what God said to Peter. everything bursts. Do you think the ministry is over? What about this ministry? Come on. Then the poor unpopular prophet comes what does he do? He doesn‟t dynamite. To King David. takes the sword of the Lord and cuts it. dirty things. evangelist is a big man. King David did not say „Oh Lord.” So what do you do? If you are friendly to this person. You can‟t please the sheep. anything like that. You go to one man‟s house. You would simply laugh. God blesses the prophets to make the mile stones full of shape. he gave that person something. But it never took him to milk and honey but to bitterness and no water. puts a bomb. “Feed my sheep. All the sheep. he takes the stone. It is easy for an evangelist but not for a pastor. So these stones are shaped and put on the ground and then the prophet goes away. The people are telling. pastor is a small fellow. all the stones are scattered. “She is my enemy. pastor still small. to bear like that is a pastor‟s work. teacher is a small fellow. without God you have no head.

We thank you because you have called us for a great purpose. Lord. Amen. I thank you for this precious hour. Loving Saviour.A Date : 20. Lord. we thank you because we can feel you and we fear you and .Bro. We know that you left the mercy seat but come down to take the Bride. we know that you are the apostle of faith. Do you want HIM as your head? Then don‟t look at anything big.7. Illinois. let us pray. Paulaseer Lawrie THREE MEMORABLE DAYS OF GOD’S VISITATION IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO ON THE THREE GREAT MOON LANDING DAYS THIRD MESSAGE Place: Life Tabernacle.1969 (a. The time has come you can‟t look behind you. for eternity. Go with God and live forever. out of all veils. Lord. We thank you because you are living today. R. take them out. There is no mercy for the foolish virgins. Now the Bride must get in. make them a beautiful palace. go before.S. in the name of Jesus Christ. take the Bride and march on to victory. U. we thank you for this morning. we know you are going to judge this world without mercy. God bless you. we know that you are coming to take this world. Lord I pray that you will take the Bride out of all bondage.~ 63 ~ MY HEAD. JESUS NEVER FAILS ! . m. Lord. out of all darkness. but there is mercy for the Bride. love Him and follow Him. you are the beginner and ender of faith. Come Lord. Hold them and bring them out.) Let us pray. We know when the Bridegroom cometh. Chicago. Bless the people Lord. That cry has gone already. Catch hold of the apostle of the Bride and whole Body of Christ now to place you into the building. Lord. Loving God. you are a bigger apostle than we had.

like an ordinary book which you can read and finish it off there is no growth necessary there for a man. once you finish the book that is all. Suppose a child is born. “Get out boy and don‟t worry me”. but the father doesn‟t have patience. But before then how did man go along with God? Was God absent? No. The Zodiac signs. if you go to work among the hill tribes and you laugh at them they will kill you. If you go to the jungle. That clearly shows man has to grow. this morning open our understanding. we just keep very serious with a 6 O‟clock face. or do something like that. The Bride wants to hear from you Lord. Praise be to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. If you can learn the whole thing in one day.45 face. taught the people. They didn‟t know to write or read. That is why God wants the Bride to grow and tells the people in so many wonderful ways just like the mother teaching the children. Lord. Lord help us to meet thee. the 12 Zodiac signs were the redemption story. Sit down please. until Moses things were not written because God revealed the whole history to Moses in the vision on the mountain. I know a certain jungle in India. Lord we thank you for bringing us back to God’s Word through the prophet whom you raised up. There is no revelation. My wife read 15 times before marriage. they will not know how to read. they knew only to kill or fight. we don‟t laugh even if something funny happens. Lord. So this God of ours. king and the child says g-i-n-g. I have read for 25 years many times. Just like a teacher or mother teaching the children. Then the Devil perverted that into astrology. ging. over and over. You must therefore have a lot of patience to teach the children. Lord Father. So they tell you earlier don‟t laugh. the father wants to teach the child. “Say k-i-n-g. He has been teaching man to find God. Help us to know thy leadings and go with thee. You know sometimes when there is something new which is revealed to us from the Word it thrills us and as you know it gives us extra strength. “How did God teach man?” First of all. How did He teach about Jesus Christ? He just wrote in the heavens. suppose the mother says. And everyday something new appears. So God has been teaching man all along from creation. So we have to be very quiet. When a son comes and asks the lazy father doesn‟t hesitate to say. but many times you know we have a long 6 O‟clock face. Lord help us to understand thee. Because they think that you are fooling them and they will come and kill you. but when we read an ordinary book. Speak to us directly Lord. with pictures. But .” And to teach the children. And He said write this in the Book. Lord we like to hear from you. You may say. Open our understanding to know thy secrets of thy word. You know what a 6 O‟clock face is? Christians must have 2. all for thee. God was teaching them like children. In the name of Jesus Christ we ask. But what does the mother say? “Come on let me teach. But the Bible. So Moses wrote this in the Book.~ 64 ~ grow with you and walk with you. before anything was written.

He‟ll beat anybody. I have that . And that comes from the Virgo sign. when others come and fight with us. he‟ll chart his zodiac sign from goat. they forget and punch because I am a boxer. and he won‟t have mercy. So from the Virgin. why do you beat them? Can‟t you learn?” “Daddy. It was proof it was from God. Then there‟s a serpent there. And all these people would not have understood. That‟s judgement. virgo. if you take all the twelve zodiac signs. the good God of ours drew pictures for children to learn it easily. rejected people on the left side of God on judgement. “You‟ll never make a fighter like your daddy. That proves which is Devil and which is God. pictures. it ends in Leo. Lion. And I‟m sure God must have spoken to them and explained to them like a mother. Goat. you‟ll find that there‟s a man having a balance or scale. reading your horoscope. It‟ll be backward.~ 65 ~ if you will notice our Zodiac sign starts with virgin. we can‟t keep quiet. In all the zodiac signs. “Children. like that. And the teacher sometimes comes. So you see all along there.” And I call them. That‟s why Jesus is called the Branch and He comes in the sign of the virgin. Because I have seen in teaching my own children. “This week for you. My son went to the college. But God‟s people always start from virgin.” But actually what happens.” They‟ll say something is going to happen to you. athelete. So the children want to be boxers. “why?” “They beat the children. And there is a zodiac sign called twins. that real God has a star. virgin sign. it is the end of the redemption story. “Mr. So you see the astrologers in some newspapers. you know. And when the Lion roars. they‟ll tell. fights and boxes and beats everyone. virgo. If you see any astrologer. But the Devil‟s zodiac starts from Ram. your daddy was a terrible fellow. And then you can see what a goat is.” He said. from that sign. goat. what He looked like. Lawrie. Virgin. So he had everything in the picture. There‟s a fish. they‟ll say t-a-c. and someone told him.” I say. was a foremost foot-baller. They are exactly what you are. and that star is one in the constellation of stars called Branch. You know. children imitate the father. there is also a goat. “Your sons are fighting. and they said we saw His star. with a branch in the hand. And you can see all the things. you say c-a-t. So he told my boy. So we have come to the place where the Lion is roaring. Fish. we have to punch thier noses. your sons are mischievous. cat. And all along in the 12 zodiac signs. And then he called everything a name. but the fish opens the mouth and drinks all the water which signifies the Holy Spirit. And man was following God. he knows all the arts of figting. and he knew what God was. That is why the oriental kings or the wisemen of the East saw His star in heaven. what is your lucky star. the Lion. You‟ll find the whole redemption story there. two witnesses. But the teacher says. “Yes but. tac. and a man is pouring the water.

When I left my job. “why are you doing what I do?” And then he went to a meeting and said.. The people are healed. “Boy. So what did the people do? They wanted to see and believe. I said. but any moment it may fall down.” But when he came to the realization of God. Now listen. So what do you want us to do? We can‟t control that. What has he accomplished that God has not accomplished? He is going there to see what God has made. But man didn‟t make the moon. And he started praying for the sick. it never occurs to man what a big God we have. then we know who we are. So I slowly slipped off. Small fellow. they‟re still getting people saved. God always taught the people what to do. in the Song of Solomon. People are filled. Next day. all of them had water.” My son said. Now he looks at the moon trip . All of them had food. So what did he do? He set out. And he said all those that want to be baptised. But remember. to all of them everything came right to their home. just read it. Who hung that ball in the heavens.It was revealed to me from Canada to go to Chicago and I‟ll tell you. he changed the other way. I‟ll believe on God.Wonderful.. many people came for baptism. So I called my son and said. and most of the college boys took part. six and a half million people going from Egypt to Canaan. come tomorrow. First of all. But how did God manage? Some people say if all the people leave their jobs and go. But with all this moon landing. If you are patient enough. twenty two. Man never realizes that he is standing on something which keeps on rotating. but the trouble is.000 people sit before him. much more than that. carry on. Preaching. But God wants to show something big in the Word. do you think God will manage? Yes. there is something important. Some say yes. but never for a moment think what a great God we have. and he was one of the boys who finished this long ardurous race and got the prize. “Please leave Daddy. That‟s the trouble with man. But it is gripped by the Word of God. and study the Bible. “Daddy. 1. “Your son beat me here. day before yesterday he wrote. If we have that realization.” So now. the space. they have not that . So you can understand about the mercy seat. two hours. I thought God would let me down. Who created the moon? We think about the wonderful moon landing. You know. they want you to return soon to India to baptise them.” So he took a cycle and was in a cycle race. So don‟t think God has left everything and finished.” So I slowly took my car and went in the night and saw 5.. The foolish virgins want to see something BIG. took the Bible and started preaching. all Hindus. a boy came with a bleeding nose.~ 66 ~ courage in me. So if you have the Bible. this is the trouble all over. even today.000 people want baptism. you were just like that. you can take charge of my work in India. Then one day. don‟t come.

Lord. because I had no money. That‟s the God we have.” “Brother. You better go and ask your Daddy‟s God. but he tells me that he has no money. My wife used to depend on me.” “Pray for money?” “Yes. When she is in trouble. “Brother. So my wife said. God . not one day has God let us down.” They prayed. And I could not send money into India. not a small one. I have no money in my hand. “These Christians will never give you any money. Has God done such things to you in your life? It is wonderful. So one day the children wanted fish. So I told him. I got into some debts. Until now he has protected us. for the last 25 years.” That businessman asking a pauper for money. I don‟t know how I am going to live. you want the money. we want fish. here. God took me to England and money could not be sent here out of India.” That was exactly the amount which this fellow needed. Everyone eats fish. we want fish. “Oh. I had no money to send to my wife. many people say. I am a full-time worker. So when I‟m in trouble. “Your daddy went away somewhere and he never wrote us a letter even. your God is a wonderful God. she has the money. the money will come from the roof. Every man has a testimony. a big fish fell right in front of them out side the front door.~ 67 ~ heart to follow Him fully. yes I can pray. I don‟t know where he is. she‟ll send the telegram. I took it and said. And I tell you. “Brother Lawrie. I want some money. When they came to the door. and went out of the house. God visited that man. I send a telegram to my wife.” I prayed and within about five minutes a Hindu walked into the room.” A big fish. “Hey.” Now listen. Don‟t live on another man‟s testimony. and God helping this pauper to give that businessman money. we are near the seashore. many people say. So go and pray. Lord. and I‟ll send the money. So one brother said. not a cent for three months. not a little fish. “Oh. “Oh. “Lord.” WHAT ABOUT YOU? So. “Mummy. John and Jacob. But one day I was in a Christian Community. “Mummy. Three months my wife was telling. I used to depend on my wife.” He said. it is impossible. If I want money. is he here?” “Yes. “You want the money. They took the fish and said. What about YOU? When I was in England. I‟m in difficulty.” “Don‟t worry brother. my God can give that to you. They said. but you don‟t give us fish?” She got so worried and said. Today.” “He said. God was wonderful to Peter. The trouble is. But one day. “Brother. I want to give you money. she sends it. “I saw Brother go into this house.” So these boys took it seriously. and went to the room. He is a business man.” Three children were there. God has given fish.

You can have pictures of the eagle. they worship the eagle. my people whom I taught by pictures. You say God coming down is incredible? You want someone to say He can‟t do that? But I tell you. they‟ll worship it as their God. And what does it say? “And the voice of my beloved that knocketh. So. So he came down. But can man reach heaven by building a tower? If you read that particular book.. In every shop you find eagle pictures because they are saleable in America. an eagle took it and dropped it at our house. I enjoy the eagle. my. „Oh. they are worshipping the pictures instead of me. Everything is all over for the foolish virgins. but does the eagle do anything for you as it has done for my children? Try the eagle. what did they do? They put the whole zodiac signs in a picture form and put it on top of the tower. They want pictures everywhere. they are also worshipping the eagle‟. he‟ll do something for you. after three months we heard that this fish was bought by a big police inspector. and my locks with the drops of the night. “the top with heavens” so that they could think about and worship the zodiac signs instead of worshipping God through that. There‟s a lot of eagle business going on now. You say eagle. We can have the prophet‟s pictures no doubt. So they put up a big tower to reach these planet. God comes down. but I am thinking about God. Then she wrote to me and said. it is said about the foolish virgins. he will say. If you read that book clearly. you talk about eagle. That is the emblem now. as his wife went to wash the fish. God used pictures and everything and what did man do? He wanted to build a big tower. When something like that happens. you know some of the people are like Catholics now. dove.” She‟s undefiled. “My. my friends . Eagle now is on the top of the moon. So now don‟t think you are having pictures of the eagle just in your home. He was God‟s messenger to send fish for my children. my dove. everything. my undefiled. obeying the command of God to answer children‟s prayer. they see the eagle in flight. God is hearing the prayer of these children. my sister. “I sleep. saying. Song of Solomon 5:2 onwards. “My head is filled with dew.” Why not? They had a nice fish meal.” . So first of all. Open to me. he did do something on the tower. But in India.” What does it mean? I am sleeping. Now suppose an Indian comes to your house.” Then later on. but my heart waketh. if you turn to the Song of Solomon.~ 68 ~ hears your prayer also.. my love. It is going on the top of the moon.. You come to India. Now today what is that sign? It is the emblem of the people who are flying to the moon today. but they have become so fanatical on pictures. And what did he do in the tower? He wanted to put up a big tower. you can have pictures of eagle. we worship the eagle. reaching to heaven. So what happens? These people have the emblem of the zodiac signs on the tower and God said.

If you are a Bride there will be mercy through you. I will show him a vision or a dream? What did He say.~ 69 ~ What does the foolish virgin say? “I have put off my coat. He is saying I am knocking at the door. how shall I put it on? I have washed my feet. open. I‟m mistaken. washing the feet. Jesus Christ. I am going to go with the Lord Jesus when He comes. come to your heart and come to your life. GOD IS NOT DEAD! GOD IS LIVING! So God is livng even though He has come down from the mercy seat. you are dead. And if you open your heart. “I will sup with him and eat with him”. So they want to stick to their words and talk like that. now they have to eat their own words. There‟ll be revival through you. If you are not a foolish virgin. I‟ll come into your house. And the beloved comes and knocks at the door. or you won‟t be a Bride.” You are not going in the rapture. You‟ll see Him moving in your life. We are going to be eating. he has come down to see the Bride. that I‟m your leader. Jesus Christ will come to your home. you‟re going to see something different. If I could see Jesus Christ in my life. if you open the door. that‟s wonderful. Today He knocks at your door. What did he say in Laodicean Church Age? I‟ll knock at the door. when you put on the coat. I‟m not come to tell you that I am a big man. She says. GOD IS COMING TO EAT WITH YOU AND SUP WITH YOU. And if you are not a Bride. Jesus talking to them. dinner. Get rid of your crude ideas. walking with me. Do not look to a man. just like Adam and Eve had. no more saving of souls. everything. how will I eat my own words? You eat your own words. There is power through you. Some people have preached through their hat. how shall I defile them? What has she done now? She said. you are going through the tribulation. So there‟s mercy in the Bride. if any man opens the door. that close fellowship with God. talking to you and saying. because you have taken off your coat and washed your feet. Like Abraham and God had before destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. “I have finished brother. I have taken off my coat. We have one leader. and sup with you and you with me. But what do they say? I have taken off my coat. mercy seat is over. what does it mean? Going out for the service of the Lord. I‟m coming out to God. mercy seat is over. everything is finished. lunch. I am waiting. Why do you wash the feet? After doing all the ministry. You are going to have a fellowship. why can‟t you do so? Is this God partial? Bride is a part of . talking to me. you are to eat your own words and say I‟m sorry. How can a Bride live without God talking? How can the Bride live without God‟s message? You say everything is over? You are up to the boundary of Jordan. How can I put it on when I have taken it off? How can I go and preach the message of going to the people when I have preached already that the revival is over. What does He say? My beloved.

So what did He do for the Bride? He put the finger into the keyhole and said. and what happened? “I rose up to open to my beloved. But they‟re on GOD‟S WORD. nice tapes. nice scent. what does the Bible say? Go to the tapes through the Bible. And you must be a body of Christ or just be a worldly person? Just look at Christ and enter in and walk with Him. because you would not open the door. my friends. Move along with Him. everything. and my bowels were moved for him”. She‟s a foolish . But did you notice one thing? If there is scratching to be removed from the body. They don‟t have tape recorders. and my hands dropped with myrrh. God cannot do anything. Then the foolish Bride and good Bride all got up. If you want to clean God‟s face. to wake you up. she sees the FINGER OF TH E BRIDEGROOM. There‟s somebody there. you‟ll know that the Lord put his finger through the hole. how shall I defile them?” Then what does God do? “My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door. “Come on. then the heart is stirred. What has happened now? “I rose up to open to my beloved.” They‟re all sleeping. upon the handles of the lock. but they don‟t worship him. Now sleeping virgins. I‟m out here. that‟s the Lord Jesus Christ. everything nice.~ 70 ~ the Body of Christ. everything. Everything‟s smooth. You tell something. then you‟re all wrong. I‟m getting wet. but most of you have all the tapes. And the beloved sees what? What does she see? She doesn‟t see the Bridegroom. What‟s that nice singing. when he spoke. When she sees the finger. That is why people who know the Word of God. I do have a tape recorder. but my beloved had withdrawn himself. The whole body moves. He has to count on the body. and how shall I put it on? I have washed my feet. You don‟t open your heart to me”. and was gone. what does God do? He knocked and knocked and knocked.” Now she is telling. easily know Brother Branham is the prophet of God. this girl won‟t get up. and my hands dropped with myrrh and my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh. nobody has a tape recorder. I opened to my beloved. Without the body. But American people don‟t catch it. They say. The church people didn‟t open the door. and my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh. Then she opens the door. There. what does the tape say? Better say. The face cannot clean itself. Opened the door. So at last what did He try to do? He put His finger into the hole and tried to enter. And if you are a true seed of God. Nice picture. nice group. And what does this lady say? “I have put off my coat. the head. my soul failed. Don‟t go to the Bible through the tapes. my soul failed when he spake. But you mean to say in India these people are going to hell without these tapes? I believe there are genuine God‟s people in our country also. Take dictation from Him. I cannot manage without my fingers. they catch it. They know there‟s one to be worshipped. Without that I cannot do anything. Message is going on.

. Remember Moses. So she tells. that thief.. But she never had a full revelation of Christ. but he gave me no answer”. she gives the description of Bridegroom. Do you know why the foolish virgin can‟t see. Be ready to receive smiting. through the keyhole. His lips are red.. she is searching but God is gone. The watchmen that went about the city found me.” So she had a revelation of the Bridegroom. He is gone. she saw only the finger. Then what happens. but through the finger. so she tried to go.. Christ. he‟s gone. God‟s all gone. but I could not find him. “Oh. Now listen.. finger of God.. So what do the watchmen do? Preacher do? Take the stick and smite right on your head and say sit down. but the keepers of the wall.keepers of the denominations. the time is up. took away her veil. they smote me. They smote on your head.” Then she gives the description of the Bridegroom through the FINGER. What does the Bible say. “I sought him. but I could not find him. Why? Moses gave commandments like pictures for the Bride to come to full revelation. After going.. you stay here. sit down. They‟ll wound you. where is God?” Not only the watchmen smote them. “Oh. They‟ll smite you. But I know. she goes about now. and then give a burnt offering. “Oh my beloved is wonderful. she goes out. He is wonderful. I sought him.. They all were smiting. And what do the watchmen do? They took the stick and smote her... So now she says. that‟s what is happening today. they‟ll slander your reputation.. now what does God look like? Now suppose.” What do the watchmen do? They smote this foolish Bride.. Oh. Mercy Seat is gone. That is why God said. everything is over. they‟ll attack you. So she says. slandering. but he gave me no answer. Brother Lawrie. when He came. And what does the foolish virgin do? “I charge you.keepers of the denominational spirit. if ye find my beloved. and now she is naked. not by looking at face.the board and the committee. Everybody can see the nakedness. “my beloved is white and ruddy. Tomorrow they are going to do the same thing for me. white as snow”. that ye tell Him that I am sick of love.. Be ready to stand up. you must bring an ox. and what does she see. about the burnt sacrifice? If you want to atone for your sin. shut up. only through the finger. she gets a revelation of the finger.~ 71 ~ one. my lamps are running out. Oh I looked at his hand. I called him. O daughters of Jerusalem. not just the finger. the keepers of the walls took away my veil from me.. You know. all is over. So all is typed in the Old Testament. here the foolish virgin.. “The watchmen that went about the city found me. But the Bride will have a revelation of the head and everything. come to the church. sit in your seat. is blind? Because the veil is taken off. . She tries to see now. And she made a denomination out of that. I‟ll go and see Him”. Why? The door was shut. and said. they wounded me. I called him. the prophecy told that He will be going as a lamb for the slaughter. all right. revival is over. they smote me”. “Then.

You know something. But if you come into holiness. that is all. he is not in the message. you get Holiness. she will stop at Jordan. And the foolish virgins will have a book ministry. You don‟t struggle to get holiness. make a tabernacle. He said. she will find out the Lord.. Sometimes people think like this. So you must go to Moses‟ book. Oh! We are on the Books. everything. but when I go away I am happy because I am giving you something which is truth which is in the Bible. There was only one door. You know why? Jesus came to die once. If God died today. Branham. That is terrible joke now. Remember Moses. into the house. and I challenge anybody. “He will come like a lamb for the slaughter. I am the way. God has come there. And then. You are not in the message? Then what is the message. If you have a door. One day a man said. You may get angry with me. you are robbers. I tried . be careful”. Why? Because she has seen the Master. “Oh!. and come in that way. But WE are on the WORD OF GOD. They don‟t want to take it. I love Bro. quick work. SOMETHING HAPPENS. Because this is God taking charge. It is not a work going through Books or television and radio. Why? If you try to lead a holy life. They omitted also turning the hearts.. So the Bible said.. What is the meaning? I am the way. What an ox sacrifice is? Now let us come to that. It is His look-out. He is not coming down to die again. People do not tell me. Because here no man can interfere. get out.. And then who gets jealous? The book Bride. Branham represented the last stage of ministry. Bride loves Spoken Word ministry. I AM THE DOOR. I open the door and walk in. if you don‟t believe like this. You can‟t get holiness without Christ. I am a robber. again . But suppose I climb on the roof and everything. The books should bring you to the WORD OF GOD. he could not have died.. be careful”. It is by the SPOKEN WORD. I have seen him. That is why they omitted Moses. I said believe like what? Believe like we say. That is why people say. you are a robber. Thank God. THE Bride WILL HAVE THE SPOKEN WORD MINISTRY. You are not in the message? Then what is the message? To be on the Bible. Not to take you from here to eternity. That is not the Bride. Elijah comes to turn the hearts. What did He mean by I am the door. If the Bride doesn‟t see that. just into God. BUT TODAY. That is why He said the Lord will do a quick work. He will do the work. The Bride is still on the Word and watching. if you want to come to this building.. believe like this. That is the door. WHEN SHE TALKS.. What is a sacrifice? First of all. His work is over. So do you know why? If the Bride sees that Book. if Bro. people who are struggling for holiness. THE BOOKS TAKE THE PEOPLE AWAY FROM THE WORD OF GOD. This is not against the Word of God. So He told Moses.~ 72 ~ So I cannot understand why these people who are in this message omit those two verses. see what the lamb sacrifice is.. God wanted to talk with man. that tabernacle is the picture of the Gospel. I know what he is.

. Why? If a man has no vision of God. Go into their homes and see. If he is a hunchback. you cannot serve God. But we preach what we are. a blind man cannot serve God.. and then I will take it. Go into their homes and see. “Thus saith the Lord.. In fact I thank God He took me to every denomination.. or they will just come and sit on your head. No. That is scriptural. That is what the Bible says. Oh! They look like saints. when we get angry we were like tigers. So what happens here? Now. Now when the head is cut off. Branham told anything. compare the Word of God. because you must be guileless as doves inside. that preacher says. this preacher says. So those who cannot serve God in the Old Testament way exactly applies to the New Testament also. Then you know what they say? You must take all what he says. That is like the dead ox. Jesus Christ. “Hummm! If anybody tells anything. Then you say. in the spiritual way. But what did the priest do? He cuts the head off the ox. If you are a short-limbed man.. The wolves come in sheep‟s skin. “I may be wrong. and it is without blemish. no man is ever good. but they are hypocrites. Then they get angry. I won‟t take it just because of the Prophet. The Pope is infallible for them. you know. I will come back to the Word of God. You don‟t look like fools. not in any other way. And what did I find? They preach one thing. But we have an infallible God. You try and succeed ? Don‟t be liars. he cannot serve God without a calling of God. and the head falls down. I have travelled to many Pentecost churches. That is a short limbed man. I will slap them. What. So we look like sheep in wolf‟s skin. THE WORD IS INFALLIBLE! INFALLIBLE WORD! Not infallible man. be careful”. They say I am trusting God. I may be wrong”... this ox was caught from the jungle or somewhere... So they take an ox and tie it on the altar. When we were among the people in those days before our conversion. You must have a head. only if it is true to the Word of God. the body cannot do anything. . like a Pope. But this time the head is God. I failed. When I told a brother. Bible‟s messages and all. Without the head. not long enough to give offering to God. I don‟t know. they brought an ox for sacrifice. This all typifies people who are short-limbed. That is why people can see what is in the Bride. I will take only what he says on the Word. And now you say infallible. something against what they do inside. But there are places he himself said.” and it came true. some trouble comes. Always the private rooms. every time. Branham said. but outward you look like serpents. Now this present day ministry is going on without a head. There are places where Bro. So the wolves come only that way. And what happens? No blemished man could be a servant of God. he cannot serve God.~ 73 ~ and tried and tried. Sometimes people .. if Bro. And what happens here? Within these two. it has no life.

So this is not the Bride also. all is one colour. And in the Bride. “a fire devoureth before them. or spotted. and they shall not break their ranks”.. through the window. you don‟t have colours.. Some people are not clean. What happens? All the intestines are taken out. “A day of darkness and of gloominess.. Come on.. and behind them a desolate wilderness. and nothing shall escape them. the other man says no that is not correct. do you know what the Bride will look like? Turn to Joel second Chapter. Secondly.. Your stomachs will be cut off.. so shall they run. Nobody else will be like that. brown. An ox can be white. you may be a black fellow. two preachers cannot get on the stage. (How shall they leap? They leap . Now they are breaking their ranks. you are not fit for the altar. Today. The land is as the garden of Eden before them. and they shall march every one on his ways. One wants to be big. before the Armageddon. so naturally the Bride knows how to be as a thief. All faces will gather blackness). But one thing. white fellow. they shall march every one on his own way as God leads.. And that is not ready for sacrifice yet. and as horsemen. The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses. you meet people for whom we have natural aversion. black.) Like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble. The Bride will be like this. So what does the Bride do? You can climb over on the walls. Now the skin is already off. Come on.. behind a flame burneth. Now the priest takes the knife and cuts the stomach. Sometimes you know. when He comes to fight. they shall climb the wall like men of war.. When the Bridegroom comes as a thief. brown or white. What has happened? Fire devoureth before. they shall enter in at the windows like a thief”.. black. neither shall be any more after it. but it is caught and cut there. even to the years of many generations”. We must be skinned Christians.) Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap. We are to learn to be a thief. but they will not break their ranks. (Nothing shall escape them). there hath not been ever the like. and behind them a flame burneth”. When you take the skins away. Jealousy. (How shall they run? As horsemen. as a strong people set in battle array. everything is inside. First the priest takes off the skin. and just talks to you. You can‟t go near a man who doesn‟t clean his teeth.. There will be nobody before us or after us that will be like this. in the intestines. And the skin is taken off. Before their face the people shall be much pained: (When they see them. pride. “Neither shall one thrust another . It will stink. any place. as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong. Bride is to do that.~ 74 ~ So what happens? The ox is dead. the Bride will look like this. anybody but if you have not taken the skin off. they shall climb up upon the houses. . yea. And there the worms live. people will become afraid. They shall run like mighty men. They shall run up on the wall. Where did the Bride learn to become a thief? From the Bridegroom. So that is the difference. a day of clouds and of thick darkness.

Now listen. Other places are not world. go on the mountain. anger. and they will be vindicated. Larry Smith. Now today there is fighting on the platforms. Eighty thousand people waiting. Bro. all the dirty things are inside. Oh! That is the whole world. I don‟t want that God. he may say: Bro. So I must be careful. They think the whole world is only America. That is why I think God told me to come here. but no church for you. this is the way the Bride will be. So you must be happy about it because if you really think this is God. I went to a mountain. secondly. are you in the message?” “Don‟t come in”. crying for two or three hours. all pride. I will go and see”.. “Bro. but I don‟t know. today the Indian people may not . So he must be glad God spoke to me. They say Bro. Branham came. don‟t take it. But if that is such a God here. but these poor have faith. All nature is yours.. Nature obeys you! You think. what is pride? “Oh!.. Speak? Then something opened up to me. I challenge you. no matter how nice he preaches.. “I will go Lord.. I have a God who knows what is black and what is white and all our problems. You can rain anywhere. So bring all the people. And it was going to rain. Perhaps after the first message. Lawrie. but actually the message comes only through God‟s people. you speak”. A voice came. and it never rained on the compound. What does the Bible say? Oh! The rich may have plenty of worldly goods. Lord see that it doesn‟t rain. but not on the compound”. and the people came to the meeting. let them be vindicated. I have found out.. since Bro. Larry Smith. South is Florida. If they are not vindicated. Lawrie.. get away”. but my friends. A man will come with the message of God. we are loving you.. East is New York. There was a big ring around in the center. jealousy. Everybody wants to be a big man. many heads have come. it doesn‟t thrust a man. there was a big cloud. God‟s chosen people.~ 75 ~ and not only that. God has chosen your church for these little messages on the three moon landing days. West is California. “You clouds. you just command it. “Brother. You don‟t cry. Get away from that.. I thought. I am a big man”. but it rained right outside. but rich in faith. “You are a Bride. I have been left out of many churches. So I go away. even in this message. or something like that. “Hey you. many people. the skin is taken.. Will he come and tell me. not outside. He never asked me one word like that. Everybody wants to be a big man. “Go to Life tabernacle to give this last message”. Now I was wondering about Bro. North is Minnesota. India is poor. One day we were preaching. then accept it. Because he won‟t have the truth. Pride. you know in India. Another man may say. And those chosen people have the message. stop it”. I want to know what you are going to preach”. he has invited me. the stomach is taken. Oh! We have a God like that. And you know what happened.. because this church is a different church.. Lawrie. you don‟t come to my meeting place. it happens only in your country? Sometimes we are like children. So first of all..

But here. And the Hindu said. “Jesus Christ came to save the sinners”. something that will happen. But watch when the Prophet came.. but they have faith in a big God. you want to show something in India? The Indian people will hear you. red eagles.. Not this early are you going . Even non-Christians worship reality as mythology. When you speak something. Walking through hot coal fire. they didn‟t see anything nice there because they don‟t jump.~ 76 ~ have food. come on. So people who are looking for jumping and dancing. “You can‟t challenge us in this”. Christ Jesus came to save sinners‟. You can‟t convince a Hindu by visitations. We have plenty of eagles there. this fellow got burnt and the Hindu took the fire and put it on his body. So all right. Then the boy says. but they want to see something. they don‟t shout. my brothers. you are going to shout.. but he will say. sunlight on everyone. they are getting something spiritual. „My.. we have plenty of rocks there. up and down. you won't even allow one word to get out on the otherside‟. He pours the rain on everyone. we have many visitations there. So that is the way we fight. You ask one person. Starve for what? Starve for shouting. If you are in the Bride. God blesses the whole world. Don‟t be discouraged. “Boy.. If He gives you something that is worldly.. When the Bridegroom comes. nothing happened.. they may cry for their food.” So that is the way we fight. to catch the fish. One old lady got up. not Jesus Christ Christ came to save sinners. Bible says Christ Jesus came to save sinners.. You say. Christ Jesus came. stop that!” “Why?” “Don‟t twist the Word of God and change the Bible. And the other man said. Eternal life on everyone according to His choice. we must understand. And today. If they have something material missing in the world. how do the people fight. but they worship mythology as reality. When the Bridegroom comes. starve for praises. and he walked in and got burnt and had to stay at the hospital. We don‟t care. What about the Hindus? You go to the Hindus. yellow eagles. you are missing something spiritual. cried. search God more than ever before. You will talk about devil visitations. they fight with clouds and eagles and stones. Sacrifice your life. “My God is here”. walking up and down. And the life . “Oh! I am having God”. And the man walked right into the fire. One day a boy was preaching. he may be dying without food. One day a man said. we have got plenty of stones. And the man challenged. walk in the fire. He made the people starve. one foot thick. So that was a trick of the fisherman . we have seven stone mountains with an Indian god there. power. you are going to shout. your time is coming when you are going to shout. they put a fire about one foot thick. “I have got a living God”. my. you people are terrible. the man who had a living God. we have got seven stone mountains in India. golden eagles. Then he opened the Bible and said „Yes. So you are to run to God today..

„Lord catch me. And people say. and I run from the child. you will fall 20 times. It is all like a shadow. digested it. But if I catch the child. while the dead virgins. half of it is gone. and coming to run out like Lot. „You will have a child‟. Why? They have gone right into the World Church denominations. I have been catching you all these days. tribulation should start. no one will come out of denomination. you won‟t fall. When the preacher who realizes.. The pressure is going to come. and now no action? But the Bride has got to get sharp. I won‟t destroy‟. When we assimilate the message of the prophet . foolish virgins will lose everything. now you catch me tonight‟. I won‟t destroy it”. Why do you fall today? Because you are trying to catch God. it is good”. “Oh! Lord. But now. Oral Roberts. You will see. you will find you are a transformed person. you will keep on falling. they are bringing out somebody. is now outside.. How long are you going to keep on eating? It should be digested now. Bro. even Oral Roberts or Billy Graham. So that is what happens to the denomination. that is the start of a new era. Where? It is after the thing is gone. they are too late. Billy Graham. it won‟t fall. And that is going to happen right today.~ 77 ~ to shout. That is not a testimony. 100 times. But you know if two angels are with God. But now. Right before the rapture. God is going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. it is a shadow now. some foolish virgins are going to come out. Out of it. But in this message some people are coming out. putting on new strength. That is the thing which is hidden from the foolish virgins. this is the way. “Oh!. So God‟s condition is. Now the Bride is interceding. have mercy”. Ask God to catch you. “Why no oil?” Foolish virgins . if God touches you. A seven years period. Even if you fall. will lose the oil. It will be a different life. .. Then He said. And they will keep on crying. So one day. but life will be like in the land of Goshen.. four years. So there you will find a change comes and the Bride will be more powerful with ministry-gifts. they will be foolish virgins because they won‟t be taken up. they are not going right into the denominations. You have eaten it. When man reaches moon. Between that. So judgement will fall on the other people. Branham ministry. but there is going to be THUNDER.. but that is going to open for the Bride. taking God with your hand and going on. But if you try to catch God. and power. Suppose a child tries to catch me. it will fall. but it was finished with Sarah. They will be like Lot.. before the rapture. we will probably have another three and a half years . when the time is running out. That means God has left the mercy seat and come for judgement. God took Abraham outside. And you are beginning another dispensation. the Bride will be protected from now on. the Bride will go on to the rapture. He will drag you. God took Abraham and he is interceding in the destruction. „if you have ten people here. “If ten people are there. the discernment is gone..

“Oh! That man is in God”. and the fire. That fire came from God and that fire is consuming the altar. But the bones won‟t go easily. So now it is put on the altar. and that is the altar fire. tomorrow I don‟t know. So you need the fire. Lawrie. Blood is taken out of the side. I will be led by somebody. but other people who have programmes. that is the trouble today. you will be stinking. Some people say. all the things disappear. Now listen. it will change their life. „I. programme”.. You have not eaten. And now take it all and cut it into pieces. Then when they cut you to pieces. Now see. there is something wrong. When the Bride sees the Bridegroom. it changes his life. That is what people. The nerves won‟t get burnt easily. Without the Holy Ghost. but I don‟t feel anything”. Tomorrow you lead me in the way you like‟. I have a programme. They are seeing you. I am on the Word. They must see God in us. And the sacrifice is cut into pieces. „Lord! Today I want to serve thee.. If a man sees God. “Yes”. you don‟t see that anymore. I‟. If a man comes and tells you. if my arm is cut into a hundred pieces. The Bride will feel the Holy Ghost impact on the life.. “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”. not the next day. „I accept the Lord. So our self life has to be cut into so many pieces. “Oh.. I tell you. The foolish virgins will feel the impact of the books and the tapes. So this fire is not human fire. Because it looks by faith. “How do you get the Holy Ghost?” GO SEEK GOD ! He will see that you are filled. What is the fire like? It is not the fire burning from here. and you will know it. how do you feel the eating?” I say. I. When they start burning it. it wants one day leading. Some people say: “Oh! How will I know it?” Now suppose I eat food? You say. if they see God. I won‟t say I have eaten. foolish virgins say. Then how can you say I am going day after tomorrow to so and so place? He can change you. But that is not it. and lift you up to that place. “Brother. that is not enough because after you have worms. but I don‟t feel anything. you look to that day. that means you are artificial. stomach is taken. it changes her life. The Bride doesn‟t want a hundred days leading. you cannot cancel it. it won‟t have any stiffness. That is the Bride. that day will work out of that day. “Bro.. People should not see us. But if you have made a programme for day after tomorrow. only ashes left. It has to come from God. the marvellous hand of God will plan your life. You know. . The Bride has no self. we will eat a big cowboy steak and milk and you came and ask me: “How is your stomach. Better go and have something and see that you are filled.~ 78 ~ So. Not simply say. everyday. “Oh! That man is a mighty preacher”. Then all the things become ash and go down into the altar. they will be led by themselves. I am already for you. and they start burning it. do you know that you have eaten anything?” Yes. Now that is not enough. So if you are a Bride. Because she sees the Bridegroom. All the bones are broken. worms are taken. you do whatever you like‟.

Tom. But when you see Christ. That is sacrifice! In the same way. I said: “Awful”. If you see God. and your face is like a 6 „O clock face. “What does he think of me? You know. I am dead”. They can say. That is why today if we go to a Hindu. you don‟t see the animal anymore. “Hey. But they took His body and put Him out of the Camp.. and put on the dump and everybody tramples on it. then the true color comes. a sweet savour. One fellow will come and say. when the sacrifice is on the altar. You can prick some more. and Harry. That is why some people come and prick us. that is something else. and what do the priests do? When the altar. he takes a fork and pricks it and turns it over. The foolish virgins trample. when the Lamb of God came for sacrifice. The devil won‟t leave us free. I looked into the mirror. We say “Praise the Lord. You don‟t have any sense of feeling.. spat on His face but He kept quiet. and the Bride will be just laughing about it. Amen”. SEE GOD. and does the sacrifice so that party‟s sin will be finished. So God came down into this world. you seem to boast too much”. So everybody could trample. Even though you don‟t tell it. “Oh! There is a glow in the face”. The ashes are down. it is gone. if you are dead. something happens to you. trample the ash. ear. brother. in the spirit. Now suppose a small girl . you are not seeing God. I will break his teeth”. So it is burnt to ashes. And they took the ash. That is the sacrifice. “Brother I will pulverize him. He was dead already. He was outside the camp and that was the perfect type of the sacrifice. in the heart all these things are coming. They go behind and say. You can prick the Bride. So in the same way. “I will break his teeth. Then we get angry like that. they attacked Him.~ 79 ~ When you see God. everything. Are you a Bride? Jesus Christ was pricked and hurt every way. all the pricks do not hurt her. He didn‟t come as a King. “Praise the Lord.. And what do the priests do with the blood? He sprinkles on the toe. One day I was so angry and my wife put a mirror and just brought it before my face. you are to find out what type of God we have. But this girl will catch hold of anyone and say: “Hello. And get angry with somebody and look in the mirror. The unconverted. Everyone tramples and we are to be trampled. If somebody pricks us. wonderful. But God smelt the flames. I will pulverize him”. you can‟t be the same. But when somebody touches you in the easily provokable side. So the Bride was looking for a lamb which is exactly like the ox cut here. every Dick. But a Bride is dead. When Moses saw God. you can convert him through a sacrifice. pound him”. How do you feel? You won‟t be angry again. and this ash is taken out of the camp. But we seem to have a lot of sense of feeling. first to die as a sacrifice when the Bride was a small baby. one day she is going to become a big girl. his face was brightened. “Praise the Lord”. even today. So Jesus never spoke anything. . they cut Him to pieces. You go and pray and see in the mirror what your face look like. But then you will say. I will teach him a good lesson.

But there is a messenger called archangel. they are different. no denominational spirit can bind you. So there is only a little more. when Jesus came as a sacrifice. And Jesus took this small baby. You will be going on with God and then you will see .so this is the part of the sacrifice. go to your room. to turn you to Christ. you are to turn to Revelation 1:13 . on a long journey. how are you?” “I am all right”. These children are grown up already to big ones. He came to bring birth to people. turn there. clothed with a garment down to the foot. His head and his hairs were white like wool”.“And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of Man.. So now if you come to Revelation . a mighty angel. pray and meditate. there will be another person. Peter wanted to cut the ear of that man. Now if you really are sincere. What happened? They become fathers. but when they become big they are like this in India. the archangel comes after the seventh church messenger. No one can shake you.. and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. “Everything is finished with Bro. So every time you find from the beginning to the end.. Now the childre n are coming.. Then: “His eyes were as a . That is why God did not trust this last day ministry to anybody except for Him to come direct and take the Bride. And this archangel is the head. I shall not want”. That is what these fathers now stay in the borders of Jordan. you will do great things. But they all had to die in Jordan. you find in many places the Lord is doing a great work for the people and how can the Lord do it if you do not trust the Lord? The girl will trust the boy. So when you see the whole Bible. through the Prophet‟s message. So now God will not allow this girl to go along with anything else. You say. Michael was an archangel like that.. Branham”. they came to Jesus Christ. So here comes another angel. hello”. But all the fathers had to die. Now just three and a half years for the Bride to grow. And then you will say: “My Lord is my shepherd.~ 80 ~ hello. in between that we call archangel. But they will never come and catch your hand and come with you. to the Bride. “Hello girlie. in all those things they were children.. Seven Church messengers came. Now if you want to know who this is. So we are in that last day.. which has the significance of someone almighty. And she has decided to marry Christ. You will have the revelation of Jesus Christ. What was the hair like? White as wool. God will move in your life. That is why Jesus had so much trouble. Because she has attained maturity. So in the same way. if you see the whole Bible. They are very nice. Seven angels came. But when she becomes big will she go with everyone? I have small children as friends.. So when these children were walking through camp. So the prophet of the Word turns the heart of the people to Jesus Christ. Because you will be hearing from God direct and so many things. That was in small age but when they are changed with maturity.

and his feet as pillars of fire”. That has got a world wide significance. as if they burned in a furnace. So he is not putting the feet only in one land. Do you see what the cloud is like? Wool. for what? When he has caught the prey. Russia and America are going to the moon to take a rock.~ 81 ~ flame of fire.. and to take the Bride. So when I walk I put the right leg on the place. as when a lion roareth.” What did the eyes look like? Because his face was like the sun. So now the lion is not speaking through a prophet. Sea typifies “Sea of people” countless number like China. One in the sea and one in the earth. Lion o f the tribe of Judah coming for judgement. what did it say? A lion roars. He is so happy. Now hear. So His eyes were like flames of fire because His face was like the sun. “And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea. Because it has caught the Bride already which has free access to move. that it is not his own place. So every time the Bride is claimed for God. that will mean judgement there. Brass is a type of judgement . If you take a telescope and see the sun.. Who is this? Hummm? So he descends. So this angel here. I go.. Thirdly: “and his feet like unto fine brass. So you understand. We are made out of clay. But here he says.. and “Earth” signifies the most civilized and developed countries in the west. And the left leg is the place where he was just putting another step on. this is the type of the last ministry. So the flames are going out from his eyes. And also who rises? So what then happens is he cried with a loud voice. his hair was like wool”. So God has come down to take His clay and then make it immortal. you will see the flames jump up. “And his face was as it were the sun. and his voice as the sound of many waters”. the lion has come down to roar. then you will know the sun which you see is not white in colour but red flames going out from the sun.. If you see Christ today and are claimed by Him. that clay will make a hole there. flames of fire. “Oh! I am happy because I have caught something”. It is the ministry of the body of Christ.. 51:42. And this is something great. And the right leg was among the people.. I put the right leg behind and put the left leg on the earth. Daniel 7:3. The beast is rising from the people. India. So definitely putting the left leg means. Right leg is the place where he LANDED. man wants to disperse the rock. and his left foot on the earth. And the sea always means people. eyes . So we are now right in the day of judgement. immediately you have judgement in the home. without any water. Jer. clothed with a cloud.. You go and see the sunlight through a telescope. His feet were brass because feet is judgement.” Now listen.. the Revelation tenth Chapter angel: “I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven. God wants . and wanted to break the rock into pieces and scatter it throughout the world to find out how it was made.

in the three and a half years period when God came down. they were of one mind. Man wants to disperse the rock.. But in the time of Babel. they can do something. Look to Christ.. fire comes out.. they were scattered. God makes the rock to clay.. everything should unite.. Because Christ has come down just like man reaching the moon. you will have evangelists again. So don‟t think lightly. be careful. That former day. man cannot do all these things. you are missing it. they will have GOD! When they speak something HAPPENS!!! People are afraid. When man is going to the moon. So you can understand in this message when you are going to see a man going to land on the moon. So the World Council of Churches. This is the uniting time. makes that clay immortal. man built a big tower. Don‟t think that I am a big man come to tell you something.. GOD IS LANDING ON THE BRIDE. Why? That angel. and just in this very particular moment when man performs the impossible and lands on the moon which was never in the annuals of History. He doesn‟t attack the man or the rocket. so they did not unite. Man wanted to go to the tower. that will shake the whole world. but she is going down. God scattered in the beginning.. That is what God is going to do. takes the clay and man has got UNITED.. this age becomes very significant for the Bride. But these evengelists are not racqueteers getting money. And the Bride is going to build the five fold ministry. everything.. everything comes out. They don‟t try to make big money. Now see. Okay... one body. . we are weak‟. man will unite.. So if God tells man. This is the day when the Bride should look upto Christ. same angel takes the stone like a millstone and puts it in the water and says: “Thus Babylon will be destroyed”.. But God can make the weak thing to do mighty things. You will have prophecies again. “You take the moon clay and investigate it. now God is going to UNITE. Joel 2:1-6. Don‟t think it is long... not to any man ..~ 82 ~ to make the rock into one body. So this is the time of uniting. but God came down to scatter them into all the world. Larry Smith. He didn‟t reach the tower.. Bro. Do you see the Bride is a big thing? „The Bride will not do a big thing brother... Man should reach the moon. The army of God and body of Christ. man did not reach the heavens. when people are one mind. First of all He destroys by water to show an example to the people in tribulation. man destroys the rocks. And the first miracle happened in this period. He attacks the earth in judgement: Los Angeles will sink down! This is the age when it is going. it may be day after tomorrow. And if you say everything is finished. Man should reach the moon if the world should unite. So we are in the last days. But they will speak. it may be tomorrow. scatters the rock. So God wants to bring it together. God scattered. But now man reaches the moon. I will take this earth clay and make it immortal”... So when he reaches the moon.

. when the angel. thunder will come. God will keep on moving in His own plan and He will do a quick work because God does it. May God come. It descends and the signs. and sware by him that liveth for ever and ever. not by water. Lawrie finds scripture). listen to Jesus Christ. Babylon will be destroyed. may we be filled with His power.. So by fire. Sing a Chorus please. (Congregation sings song while Bro. . Don‟t listen Bride. THAT IS GOD! So in this period.. that mighty angel period is now. When the foolish virgins see that. then they say: “Oh! We won‟t bow down to the image..10:5-6. but here the angel. but what I want to say is. 5:34-36. So you see if you have friends...~ 83 ~ because it is the sign for the tribulation people saying. No man can do anything. and the earth. ask them to get out of the place soon. harlot of all religions will be destroyed by fire... And that is the angel. saying. and cast it into the sea... for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived”. “The angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven. and the voice of the Bridegroom and of the Bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth. and the things that therein are. that is a sign that God will judge her also”. It is God‟s work. “Babylon will be destroyed. And that is in the Bible. and the things that therein are. and trumpeters. But for the Bride. God promised I will not destroy the whole world by water. that there should be TIME NO LONGER: Rev. flames of fire. shall be heard no more at all in thee. “And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone. So Los Angeles will be destroyed because that death angel takes the millstone and takes it up and drops it right down into the sea. Los Angeles should be at the mercy of the Bride! If it does not sink at the swearing of the angel! So my friends.... „and when He speaks. but your church is open to me. It won‟t stand very long. so tribulation saints don‟t be afraid.. thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down. now I can tell you about so many things. when the tribulation saints see that. but I am not going to preach in every church. Now this is just a symbol that just like Los Angeles will sink down in the sea. to anybody. and of pipers.23. stand out boldly and do not take the mark of the beast”. here now no man can have any glory. a messenger swears . Jesus said not to sware at all according to Matt. I am going away. Babylon the great.. who created heaven. Clouds. on that day onward. So according to the Word of God. and shall be found no more at all. eyes. so He takes a portion of the earth and destroys by water but He is not going to destroy the whole world except by fire... when God descends to take the people in His hand. and the sea and the things which are therein.. Los Angeles is DOOMED. And the voice of harpers and musicians. destruction comes.. the Bride will find out... 18:21. Rev.

like the moon was made of cheese. Man has reached his destination. He has not only landed. Help us not to be playful. Now Lord. . But He was not just a man. Father. When man is at the height of his scientific knowledge. every man and woman. he is just going to step the first foot on the moon.A Date : 20. This is an important hour. we believe that you have been trying to get at man. and taking your Bride away. born of woman.) Let us pray. Having listened to that life which God wants you to lead. They have gone away unto dust from where they came. have died in this world. . We have talked about the planets and other things. Lord. Lord. that which they have been seeking for centuries. That a persecution which never a man has seen in this world is coming.1969 ( p. Illinois.Bro. when You are taking that dust to immortal life. You have taken mortal men to be immortal with thee. Chicago. If man in his knowledge could do that. we know that you are coming for the Bride. Bless each one of us. Before this meeting is over. help us to understand. Paulaseer Lawrie THREE MEMORABLE DAYS OF GOD’S VISITATION IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO ON THE THREE GREAT MOON LANDING DAYS FOURTH MESSAGE Place: Life Tabernacle. Just like that immortal God came down to become mortal with men. make us something immortal. let the Bride hear thy voice. but know the greatness of God. as never before in the history of man.S.7. to make him immortal. Only God could do that. Help us to be serious with thee. At the same time. to reach man. But now. let us understand that troublous times are coming again. But man has reached that place where it was thought incredible for man to be. foolish stories. Just like Jesus (man) prove s He is Lord by breaking Sabbath for good work. thousands of years. and in this day he has attained in his life. m. U. Loving Saviour. Lord in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord. we with the power of God can do much better. we thank you for this evening. fooling about. You have come to the place. So let us consider where has the Bride reached today? Surrender your life to God. Lord.~ 84 ~ breaking God‟s word. let the power of God strike us today. R. let us pray and rededicate our lives and look to God. laughing about. People have been dying. and have so many funny.

mostly. He prepared a nice velvet case inside. but notice the hand of God. England had its day. That country just went down. all over the world. throughout this world of what God has done for man.~ 85 ~ Sit down. and the ass his master‟s crib: but my people do not know me”. Rome had its day. Egypt had its day. But if you go into the desert. the sheep. What is the reason? Why this complaint of God against him? Because man does not realize what a great God he has. India had times to boast about. Suppose God never created in man a stomach? There won‟t be any business in the world. Why is man troubling himself in this life? Works each day morning to evening. Revelation 10:5. All is measured. till the child is able to walk. and the sea. Man is never satisfied. there is a Sind Valley culture 3000 years ago. These are the last days. father and mother. or farm. Why do you work? To get money. but there is oxygen. we are inside the mother. God prepared four hands. aeroplanes. but if that should come and fill the whole earth. too much heat will kill him. We have seen whole countries going down under the water. But does it SATISFY us? We came into this world. But God created hands to receive her. All the countries have been big. Big buildings. to lift that child. That is why God said. water. Greece had its day. Then there are dairy farms. and sware by him that liveth for ever and ever. Pop corn. and cannot walk about. Too much cold will kill him. What is the money for? To fill your stomach etc. please. and the things that therein are. Just imagine! The whole thing hinges on that. Everything in this world. who created heaven. tooth paste business. when a birth comes. In India. . he won‟t be ungrateful. “the ox knoweth his owner. everything. and that He has prepared everything for him. as young people. sunlight. Europe had its day. it mustn‟t be too much. Everything has a time. ships. there won‟t be any business in this world. Also two-thirds of the earth‟s surface is water. When she cannot move her hand or legs. If there is no oxygen then he will die. but when the baby comes. Praise be to the name of Jesus Christ. Now the sun is coming to the United States and is about to set and to go down. Now see. If he will only think. All because of the stomach.“And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven. and the things which are therein. big countries. babies. Civilization started in China. what is going to happen. hinges on that word called SATISFACTION. China had its day. Man is not like that. and the things that therein are. that baby did not ever worry. what man has done for his stomach throughout this world. India had its day. and the earth.6 . immediately the lamb walks. Christmas shopping. Before we were born. If only God did not create stomach for man. there won‟t be any earth any more. And other countries had their day. that there should be time no longer”.

The food comes up to the throat. If Jesus comes into you. You know. it has become uncivilization. You know I have been thinking always. So we have plenty of cloth. “They will land”. So some people. God has come from the mercy seat. goes to a hotel. you have got clo th shortage?‟ „No. They will say. The whole world is hanging on that. you have got no time. You know. everything is finished. people say. but they eat to live. come back and eat again. you know all around the world. But for the Bride. . I thought in another way that afterwards there is no time. the prophet said they won‟t make it. But God‟s people are not born for eating. it is eternity . now nudity has come to this day. But if you will notice for the Bride. Otherwise. Not just for one person. brother. You say food shortage. that Holy Ghost comes into you. I remember the time before conversion. time is over. So there is time no longer. and they don‟t have cloth. They are born for eating. There won‟t be any end for eating. because the stomach. No longer for everybody. eat in the home. You know. it is eternity. „Then why are these people going around naked like this?‟ In India. when they said time no longer. growing fatter and fatter and fatter. For the Bride. it will go on eating and asking. Just now. it is time no longer. But this morning I said. What is satisfaction? Now a man eats. all right. America and other countries have no cloth. There are two kinds of people. after this there is no time factor.~ 86 ~ Civilization has come so far. everything is here.if you can only think that. For us. America has a clothing shortage. man has reached his destination. Some people rule the stomach. But if I can rule the stomach. But for the foolish virgins. he will eat another beef steak. it will eat only when I say. So this factor of time-no-longer means. there shall be time no longer. we have got cloth‟. You know. eat in the hotel. everything is gone for them. So dresses are coming up and up and up. If India has a food shortage. they are subject to and are slaves to the stomach. foolish virgins and virgins. Civilization has gone so far. They don‟t live for eating. it will cry. satisfaction. What the angel said is. there is no time factor for the Bride. That is something. God is living today among us. eats and eats. He is satisfied. here. Adam and Eve were naked. So this word. When that is empty. There is no time factor for the Bride. I used to go and eat and eat and eat. like a buffalo. If you are a slave to the stomach. „Brother. For us. But never satisfied. is that the whole thing hinges on. there is mercy. Then they say. I say cloth shortage? Everybody is naked all over the place. eat in the friends‟ house. we have come to a great day. they don‟t have cloth shortage. nice beef steak. it starts crying. So I asked a man. there are some people who can‟t live without eating. start crying. to fool about. you know. because everyone has long dresses. some people say if he has a little space left. that man has come to nakedness.

But if somebody gives you a gift of a car. what shall I do? So I am preaching with arms . the devil has a right on you. I was preaching in a church and the meetings were going on. They all did not understand each other. God came down and scattered them into denominations . and they all were scattered throughout the world. And a little dirt comes. “He that toucheth you. I belong to Advent Mission. That was the first meeting . But if you give your body and soul. he came down and confounded the people. you will be gone. If you go to Jesus Christ like a taxi cab. So my wife was sitting there. Brother. and they know. Sometimes you can know something. Then that is the end. He came down. One big man came. So when I went to Germany I took my wife and I went. Suppose something happens and the two men did not land. But. as in the early days. So I was a bit worried. God doesn‟t care for you. and pay the money there. then he‟ll say. It just came . So the denominations. „I will beat you on the cheek and powder you and break your teeth and all the teeth‟. on Sunday service. and just sit back. Then everybody would shake their head. touches the apple of my eye”. You are bought with a price. when the spiritual people who want to build a big tower. you are not worried about cleaning the car. I belong to Pentecost. Jehovah Witness. this mission. that is all the German I know. that is the end. When our destination comes.~ 87 ~ It just came into my mouth.Advent missions. If somebody buys you. “Auf wieder sehan”. we must belong to somebody because you are not your own. you don‟t understand their language. So many people say. „Lucifer is here?‟ He took his hand like this and said. You will go preach about Jesus Christ. like that. I remember once. you rub it. God scattered the people. In cerain places. suppose the fellow says: „let‟s go with a blow‟. you know.I started in Madras State. nobody has any right except God. they‟ll come to kill you. pastor and Assemblies of God Missionary. when man built the tower of Babel. On that day. they say we believe in Jesus Christ. But the thing is. you go and talk to them and if you don‟t say you belong to a denomination. Pentecost. how can you call yourself your own? If you belong to a denomination or to the devil. I said. don‟t talk to me about denomination. I don‟t lend my car‟. But if you belong to God. you feel a stranger. your life is in danger. he stood there and said : „I am lucifer‟. He did not destroy the tower. In the same way. hundreds and thousands. you will take it and clean it. that mission. You are God‟s. Lutheran Mission. If somebody says. Remember in India. „Will you lend me your car?‟ „No.healing meeting . Now suppose you go to Germany. my relatives. We pay money for a taxi. So I am a boxer and all. you clean your car. You can‟t talk. you surrender your life. I am gone. how are you. and spirit to God as a gift. you go away. that is the end of your life to them. he said. So. Brethren Mission. the ministry in India is not easy. Some people take God like a taxi. I belong to the Catholic religion.

. they will leave their religion. “If you are with me unto the end of the world. they will sell their religion and go to another religion. Then I said. Then I took my hands down and spoke naturally. so that I can prevent it. A light came and struck that man. So if he comes to beat me. And he is looking at some invisible man and saying. So we are like children. I won‟t trouble your servant. When YOU move. I am going to beat you”. “You better come ahead”. Just sit and shut your mouth. you must be here”. arms high. What is an arm? When somebody comes and strikes you. he fell down. But the people did not realize that I am doing that to defend myself. you don‟t bother. But to have a big God.000. It is an experience. why is he looking at my right side. he cried out like this “Ahhh”. “Praise God. You go to a shop and try to buy something cheap for one dollar. He is attached to you in a different way like a wife and husband. you get one dollar stuff. He doesn‟t move. .. you have to pay heavy. you have to pay a high price for that. If you see a child. like that. Because Jesus paid a high price for that. He cares for you. But when you keep quiet. He is our will and arm. he was looking at my right side. He is our will. it will never keep quiet. “I am with you”. Next day. acting like that. I am gesturing with my arms high. And somebody was beating him which I cannot see. I will say. they want to go to Jesus Christ easily. But if we just keep quiet. So I said. even unto the end of the world”. we will be a mighty people. God is wonderful”. People will say: I will kill you. He does everything for you. For the sake of money. I was never afraid in my life. He said. And this fellow is saying. I am with you always. anything which is lightly got is of little value. If they don‟t get food for even one day. They carried him to the hospital. I wanted to believe it. God wants us to keep quiet. So this is not. He is our arm. You use YOUR arm. You know what is the greatest thing for a man to do? To keep quiet and shut his mouth. “I will take the Bible from you and tear it up”. “Here it is.. we can‟t keep quiet. I thought. this is our Bridegroom. And what do the people say. because I am here? I looked to my right.~ 88 ~ waving. “See. He is the man who is doing all the things for you. have a comfortable time. acting like this. I said. But the voice came. you strike back. something happens to them. doing nothing. That is why He said. you have to make a big sacrifice.. for the Lord to move through you. I remember at a big meeting of about 80. He will keep on doing that. We have got a big God. From that day. the Bride won‟t see Christ. God is wonderful”. But he was not looking at me. “Praise God. don‟t beat me!” But I couldn‟t see anyone beating him there. “Lo. But this we speak of is not a religion. But if you want to get a nice thing. Christ was standing there. so I will be ready to ward off his blow. Before he could take the Bible. Then a voice came. doing this. And you say. tear it”. people one man comes with a big gang. “I won‟t trouble your servant. Is that true? I didn‟t know it was true. Anything for which you pay a high price is valuable. my friends.

“No. “Are you talking nonsense?” “You were not on the platform.K. And what is that? God still has mercy. Then Brother Vayle said: “Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus”. Branham. And that man went home. So he came to Bro. everybody was seated. “I was there”. The dog came and took the ash tray and chewed it. Then two lights came out of your eyes and struck me. you were not there”. Then something told him. “Why do you want to spoil your friend?” Then he went and put it in the dust bin. he was looking at me and staring. In India many people tried to hit me. GOD HAS GOT MERCY! Don‟t doubt God. The dog went . I will do anything for God. I am a wife of a big officer. A man came smoking and when he came smoking. Because according to Bro... Otherwise God won‟t save hundreds of souls on that day. we are between 19731/2 and 19691/2. “Brother. He said. They operated.. Then he had an ash tray in the home... He was shivering. he came to me and said. I said. After the meeting. I saw something different”. So you can‟t fight with God. You will see. we preached there in the basement of a home. You were preaching. God has no mercy. He said. So time no longer applies to everyone. “I predict”.” I thought he was joking. You can fool about with denominations but not with the Bride. there is no more time. how is it that you disappeared on the platform”. What are you going to do? That is why the foolish virgins say everything is finished. I will see that something happens to you”. Did not God say “Keep quiet?” Other fellows will jump over their heads and you just sit quietly. Leagh Vayle‟s house in the morning and said. I didn‟t know why. Lawrie.. For judgement. she got so wild for preaching of true Word that one time she came up. “Brother Lawrie.. she got cancer. In this period. you know. He will get a lesson. So if tribulation comes in three and a half years. He was baptized in water and with the Holy Spirit and healed right there of a disease.~ 89 ~ God uses His arm.. the Chapter is closed by 1977 by the calender.. God is not dead. You were not on the platform and somebody else was there and there was that big bright light. People say judgement won‟t fall. but every time God punishes. “I am going to give to some friend”. Just about two weeks or three weeks ago. This man was sitting there. both breasts.. And she died crying. “Bro... I remember one lady in a big hospital. because God has touched me. he had a pack of cigarettes. she never got out of the bed after that. “O. I was in Ohio. And after that I didn‟t know what to do. It is going to fall because there is not much time left. and that arm is terrible. She went home. I said. You know who I am? I am your enemy. the Bride has to fit in. what is that? I am shivering from that moment”.. You can‟t fight with God‟s power. like flames of fire.

You are duty bound to check. everybody says we are on the Word of God. The anointing of your God will tell you if they are wrong. So. show me the way”. I never went out . never went wrong but something is his own views.. They do not know what they are doing. Then if he is wrong. But if he told anything wrong. I got into my room three months.. “Check with the Bible and see whether I am wrong”. “Oh! It is bitter”. preach”. he will become God‟s power.. they read gospels. And people say. So you must understand how God speaks. “Come on. man is man. Thus Saith the Lord. So when I was praying. Exodus. It may be some prediction. you have got all your food. Devils screamed..~ 90 ~ and chewed the cigarettes ash tray. coca-cola. When I preach I am different. I said. pick and choose. “Why?” . you have got pepper. After three months.. Tha is what he said.. I said.. everything. I was going on the road. tea. My wife brought some food in the afternoon.. We eat all kinds of things. but when it comes to Leviticus. The first thing when I got the Holy Ghost. suddenly I heard a voice. When you read the Bible... it has gone wrong. coffee. Never before did it do that. People go on without G od speaking to them.” That is when God first spoke to me. every day fifty chapters. Preachers said. In the home. And you say mercy seat is over? But these days there are many preachers come to God‟s Word and read from end to beginning and beginning to end and over again. But in the Bible. I have my views.. Lawrie. You are surely going to be dropped out.. red pepper.. I never saw anybody. you have got salt. Don‟t take it.. We have got many denominations in this world. that is from God.. When He said read my Word for power... But man as God sometimes becomes man also. So what you are to understand is. I want God to speak to me”. you got salt. Bro. But when you go to eat something.. he becomes a man. They have got Spoken Word Books. “Read my Word for power. morning till evening . green pepper. you are Holy Ghost witnesses. sweet. So we choose. that is all over”. You don‟t spit out t he bitter because everything has got power in your life... “Lord... People simply fell down on the ground when they saw me.. We are not bound to take anything wrong which is not in the Word of God. is very bad. they read Ruth. check with the Bible. I was praying to God... they read Esther. Branham‟s books are an explanation of the Word of God. you got pepper. In the pulpit.. so many names. You have got pickles. you don‟t want that.. three months Bible reading. Bitter. I came out.. . locked the room. They come to Chronicles .. everything is there. May be a slip of the tongue. But how do you know if they are correct? By the Holy Ghost. so and so begat so and so. you eat the whole thing. don‟t take it. “Oh! Brother. ice-cream. So and so begat so and so. night 12 O‟ clock. when I go home I am different. Some people read books like this. all kinds of things. “No.

Now don‟t be mistaken. not even salvation .. Man will not only go to the moon.. a small man. he will make it up.. when I opened my heart to Jesus Christ. for the stomach...... They must be satisfied. Now they are going to the moon. Suppose he failed? He feels the pain of all the suffering... I never knew that Jesus Christ was from Asia. he will build a nest in the stars .. doing all kinds of funny things.. Branham said... all over the place. he is satisfied..... When the results come .. They think He is the Son of God. So every man must be satisfied . But they do not know the same Jesus Christ who died for man is that Jehovah..~ 91 ~ I know people who preach one God. I don‟t want that God.. so and so passed the examination.. I will pull it down. If he passes.. he could not make it up. You may think it funny. But now I know He is not a white man‟s God .. Suppose you take a student. God came down as a man. That is the secret. everybody must be satisfied. In Bro.. all over wearing saffron robe. devil must be satisfied . Branham‟s age. He died for you.. Without Him there is no salvation... in South India. running. they won‟t make it up in his age. I went to Hindu temples.. where that name of Jesus is. His blood washes your sins away.. I was a Communist... So man. He writes the examination.. I had beaten missionaries.. I said this is a white man‟s God.. But in this age. One day I thought He was actually a white man‟ s God.... a sort of immortality in man‟s view.. I thought like that. Man thinks they will go to all the planets so they will live in other planets and preserve their seed when earth is destroyed (which man believes in this atomic age) he will yet live and be preserved. Man thinks in a different way. He burns the mid-night oil. Otherwise you will be a sinner. „He won‟t make it up‟. then the examination comes. Bro. “Will they reach the moon? Will they reach the moon?” These are days when man should reach the moon because the Bible tells. finishes.. reading all the Indian religions. In 1943... He studies in the college. One God theory . not an Asiatic God .. So you said. it was something different and today I am happy. they won‟t make it up. . BUT HE WAS GOD! But the day you realise that. Muslims preach Allah. I went all over the place. But when Jesus came into my life. he doesn‟t feel it. trembling. I wanted an Indian God. Man thinks there is no God. He goes down ...... then he waits for the results... in any other name.. HE IS GOD. even though as the eagle they build a nest in the stars.. he works hard day and night and he must be satisfied. Then he gives the papers. You know... For Moses also said.. Studies in the mid-night.. you get the power of the Holy Ghost. in this age. Because he has already landed... and reading Quoran. Now that means we are in a new era.. I went to Christian churches. But God‟s people marched on... Everybody had speculations.. I went to Muslim mosques.. works day and night.

What do you see in the world? You know. You play foot-ball. profit or loss. He would never raise him in America again. Even if God Himself comes. But I will tell you. So He finishes His work. He is our Leader today. it cannot be killed because it is God. You may say how. Chinese you know. he might even commit suicide. So you must pattern everything in this world. you kick the ball and take exercise and all kinds . he thinks. they have to read like this. One language. How many are vindicated today? Now everybody just because they were with Bro..left to right. So it is in everything. it is a shadow. everything. no. how are you going to obey if another man comes. This is yes. There is eternity”. that is no. As I told you.. So what happened? This business man.. “Oh! Business is gone.. We read like this . backward. another language you have to read like this (left to right). Why? No gain. He is roaring now. God will work also according to the time of what is happening in this world. yes. But suppose he lost. we are”. Then they feel something.. Then at the end of the year. “we are. right to left... we are. 6 O‟ clock face. there is eternity in heaven. “Oh!. you won‟t obey. when he saw that he gained. goes to the bank. he passes his examination like that and he is happy and satisfied. He will talk in a wonderful way. Their language is no. And who is their leader? Jesus Christ. Now you play day and night. He is satisfied. they read like this. Branham. So listen. not just jumping and shouting. business is gone”. And that is why the Bride cannot be killed easily. he is a different man. Now when a man does a business.. He raised the last man for you. If you don‟t obey him. it is the time for the Bride. there is eternity in the space. he puts in a lot of money. Look to Jesus. no. he takes an account. there is no satisfaction. he will look like this. Somewhere in this world God will have touched people. God put the net and caught the people. “Hey wonderful!”.. Because for man.. If man reaches the moon today. Even language is like that. If there is no gain. you have foot-ball. For others it will be too late. they feel something different. works day and night. I do not know how. But suppose he lost $5000. You know there are two languages . What does she think? “There is no more death any more. you are to read like this (up and down). And people seem to think everybody is a leader though not vindicated. Works day and night very carefully counting money. he is dissatisfied. it is eternity”.. So our language is yes. They will be coming to a new realization. There is no time element for the Bride because there is no time factor for them. Suppose he has gained a lot. But for the Bride. they start telling. they read like this. God also would have reached the earth today. Always there is a pattern. Because they have got something real. if God were to raise anybody. foot-ball practice.. I do not know. she has crossed the barrier.~ 92 ~ And what does the Bride do? She always thinks in a different way.

.... You do your work in the office. this is my hard-earned income. second day. Are you satisfied today? If you are satisfied. Then after nine months. same routine. whew! Thirty days you will work for twenty eight days. O. you go home. you go to work and at the end of the month. satisfaction. they want that one word. Come home in the afternoon. come to satisfaction through God.K. That is the secret of life. go in the mornings. Just imagine. She has a baby . Take a mother. We don‟t like our job. fourth day. she looks at the baby. here sister.. like going around and around and around .. then she is so happy. This money. Just like denominations. “Hey... Every day. She never thinks about the pain.. If you are not satisfied. say . Then our names are called when our salary time comes.. this salary you say. I know what office work is. he gives you to do some work. buy everything. when the baby comes. And this fellow is jumping inside. you feel big. every morning you go to the office and work another man‟s job... she feels the pain in her for ten months ... third day. “Oh!”. But in all the pain . New Year for all eternity. Pay-day spirit. You are getting the spirit now. wonderful child. I was in the office. They will take the life out of you.. fully tired. in all the different walks of life. Thirty days of hard work. for nine months. Will she think about her pain? No.. then go again to your job.. and come back home. Satisfaction takes all your worries away because when you are satisfied you are not worried about your trouble. do something in the routine.. That is different... going back to work. New Year. I earned it very hard.. Easter.. can‟t do any home-work.. But suppose the child dies or is deformed.. Without satisfaction. The secret of life is satisfaction. and you will give your children all nice dress. twenty eight days. you slowly go here and there to smell when is the salary coming.. Then again the pain starts.. Christ was not born . you forget it. such weight . everything.. But when the child is perfect and born and no trouble.. You know there are many kinds of spirit. There is a pay day spirit. married people know what the pain for a mother has. your salary. When that comes.. come back. Here Brother. Christimas. So satisfaction takes the pain away. You forget the thirty days of pain. “Today is pay day”.. Easter. And then somebody says. Spotless.. Christmas..~ 93 ~ of exercise. suffering. And with this money. man and human beings would never live in this world. That day is special . marketing . He gives you to type. That is what you want.. but we will do it. After sometime.. you want to get into a team and win the team. baby in the stomach . You are a big man in the home. eat something. She carries that baby all that while for nine months happily. She is not satisfied... but in everything. like carrying a big stone. come on man! We go marketing”. When you come back home .. So not only here.. come home in the evening..

~ 94 ~
on Christmas day. That was the Baal day ..... and they say Christmas day. And you know what the devil does? He even doesn‟t want the name Jesus Christ to put on the Christmas. X, X-mas. Happy X-mas to you, without Christ. He has cut the Christ also there, calls it X-mas. I said, where they get this X-mas? And we say Happy X-mas; what is the meaning of that? Man without Christ. And the devil is very careful, he will root out everything with that name. That is why he said, Father, a Son, and a Holy Ghost, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. When Bro. Austin and I were travelling from Chicago, when that Brother got into the car and opened the Bible and said: What is the name of your God? I said: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. He laughed. I am the son of my father, I am the father of my son, I am the husband to my wife. Suppose Bro. Larry Smith comes to the platform and says: Now here is father, son and husband. How would you feel? He will say here is Bro. Lawrie. So the devil has fooled everybody. Pentecost people, everybody placed out of the church because they don‟t have a name. Thank God, He brought us to His name, the revelation of that name. Is that all? Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed? Has God filled you with the Holy Ghost? That is an important factor because that is the token. Without that, you will never make it up. If you do not have oil, go to your room, pray night and day, “Lord, fill me”. Get two or three together, seek God, ask Him: “Lord, what is the secret?” He will speak to you directly my friends. He will talk to you many times. Our God is not dead. Only thing is He wants us to BELIEVE AND SEE. And we want to SEE AND BELIEVE. Suppose somebody gives me ten dollars and says: “Bro. Lawrie, do you believe?” I will believe. You give a child and say: Child, do you believe you have ten dollars? She will say, yes it is here. But suppose I say, I believe there is ten dollars in the name of Jesus, that ten dollars come right in the hand. That is real! You can stop trains, buses, everything. They cannot go leaving you. I know many times, I will be late for the bus and I say: “Lor d, don‟t allow that bus to go”. That bus never goes - many times, not just one time. One day, I said: “Lord, stop the bus”. I never asked for a seat. So when I went to the bus, the conductor said: “No seat”. Then I said: “I want a seat, Lord”. Then one man got off the bus and I got the seat. I believe. Believe God for everything. Not only for your tummy, but everything, EVERYTHING. You know, it is so wonderful that I travelled all over the world with 50 cents in my hand. Do you believe that? When I came in Scotland, I was just like landing ..... like man landed on the moon on Scotland ..... without knowing anyone. No money to eat. I had no friends. I stood there. Then the Conference was there, I went there. They said: Will you pay so many pounds for your stay here? I said, “Pounds? Yes, my God can pay”. Then one man jumped, “I will pay for him”. I went to the hotel and stayed there

~ 95 ~
for the meetings. Last day I had no money. One man comes in the night. “Bro. Lawrie?” “Yes!” “I had a dream just now, God told me, a man is thereby the name of Lawrie to give two pounds”. So I told him, “God told you to give only two pounds? Not more?” “Yes. I would have given more, but He told me only to give you two pounds”. I said, “God, you are a terrible God, you don‟t give me a lot of money”. So I went to the station ..... tickets to London was only two pounds ..... but no money for food. Then I said, “God, you are not worried about my stomach, but you are worried about my going to London. What shall I do for my stomach?” So I was sitting there. One man comes and says, “Hey Indian”. “Yes”. “What about eating something with us?” “Yes”. Oh! I had enough. Then I came to London. I said, “Lord, will you lead me from London or just land me in London without anything?” I got down from the train. Somebody shouted: “Hello, Lawrie”. I said, “What is this?” He said: “Bro. Lawrie, when we were in India, you helped us, we had no home So you came and took me to your home. Do you remember William”. “Yes”. “I am William”. “How did you know I was coming?” “Something just told me to come to the station, then I looked on the train and there you were. Come to my home”. But I had no overcoat, no shoes ..... proper shoes ...... all torn. But there was an overcoat hanging and new shoes, hanging for one year - new overcoat and new shoes. Then he said: Bro. Lawrie, you try this. Perfectly my size. One year it waited for Bro. Lawrie. You say God doesn‟t care for you? Behold the fowls of the air, they neither sow nor reap but God is careful about them; what about human beings? See the lilies of the field. You say God won‟t care for you. I tell you, if all of you leave your jobs and go on the road even, God will care for you. I believe God will hear. He has done that for twenty five years. He is not going to let me down like that. Every time ...... every time, not missing one day. You know, a pastor and myself were travelling. It was 12 O‟ clock in the night and we were on the road. In India, we don‟t get transportation very easily. So the Brother said: “How are you going? You have to walk twenty miles”. I said, “You don‟t have a bridegroom”. “So what bridegroom? You are a man?” “I have got a bridegroom”. “You have got a bridegroom?!” “Don‟t you know, Jesus Christ? Oh! But I believe too”. “But will you believe really that He will send some taxi for us?” “In this night?” He said, “No”. “Alright, I will ask my bridegroom”. He said, “No car will come at this late hour”. I prayed, “Lord, give me a car to go these twenty miles”. This man said: “Huh, do you mean to say your God will listen to such prayers?” Finally we see the car coming, I said, “Here is the car”. “No, that is not for you”. The car passed me, then this fellow is laughing, “What about your bridegroom now?” It went and stopped half a mile and turned again and came. The driver said “Lawrie”. “Yes”. “I saw your stomach, it was big all right, I know it must be you”. I got into the car and I said, “My bridegroom

~ 96 ~
has sent a car. Why do you think you are coming? You don‟t have a bridegroom. I will recommend you to my bridegroom and get you into the car”. So if you are a Bride, He will do anything for you. Then one day I was going by the plane, there was a taxi strike all over. So you could not go to the town. So some of my friends there said: “How are we going to the city?” I said, “My bridegroom will send a car”. “You have a bridegroom?” “Yes, wonderful bridegroom, He never fails”. Then they said, “All right, we will see”. ........ taxi strike everywhere. So they all came to the aerodrome ...... we came to the lobby and one man stands there and said, “Praise the Lord”. I said who is this military man saluting me saying „Praise the Lord‟. “Yes, Bro. Lawrie. I was saved in your meeting about five years ago in such ..... a new Cadillac not an old one. “I just took my manager to his place, where do you want to go? I will take you. So I got a car, when no one got a car. So this fellow said, “Brother, will you recommend me to your bridegroom”. He had no bridegroom, we have a bridegroom. So we went on like that and every place God protects your life. Not just like a parrot going to the service and going home. Does God do something in your personal life? Every one is important in the sight of God, my brother. And are you surprised to see that all the people are going mad ..... just with one purpose; never caring about their purpose with God. Go to your room. Pray: “Lord, why did you raise me? I surrender my whole life to fulfill that plan”. Then you will find God moving in your life in a different way. Everyone is important, you cannot put anybody out. But if you pray, He will reveal the plan of God for you. I cannot reveal that plan for you. What do the Americans want today? “Bro. Lawrie, close your eyes and tell us in a vision what will happen tomorrow”. I said, BELIEVE AND YOU WILL SEE. They want to see and believe ...... they are babies in the message, seeing and believing. That is just like when God took the Israelites out of Egypt through Moses ...... by seeing and believing for forty years. Still the Israelite babies could not have faith to cross the boundary and they said: “Everything is over”. But they do not know that this is the Bride ministry coming up; God is taking charge”. And you seem to have so many monsters today, guiding people in the wrong direction. I ask you my friend, are you satisfied? So now listen, suppose I want to do something, I have to have a plan. But when I see the result I am satisfied. A pastor starts his church ..... he works for it. And he sees the people and in the result, he is happy. That kind of satisfaction should come to everyone. If you work for God, you must see the results. What is the use of it, if you are seeing no results? If you plant a seed, you must see the fruit. What did John the Baptist say? The axe is laid at the

I woke up and opened the door. So everybody was worried. He cut it right out and put it right out of the place. Did anybody try to make Jesus big? No. so when I entered into the meet. If God wants good fruit in your life . I am the only Indian entering in the Ceylon athletic events. you must be having some diseases because you are growing lean. everybody else going behind. it was bitter like anything. Come to a doctor”. fine smell. And then I became very lean. paid him money . buried and resurrected with Jesus Christ. “My mango tree has given three fruits. so you must die. “Hey. one round. I said: “no”.. I don‟t live anymore. You must be crucified. that fellow is six footer. training.~ 97 ~ root of every tree and that which doesn‟t give good fruit will be cut down and put into the fire.. One day there were three beautiful yellow fruits . you will be satisfied”. Why? It didn‟t give good fruit.. But nevertheless I live. prayed. nice training. my daddy saw me and said: “Hey. it must be out by morning. One day they put in the papers. I want in my life to make Jesus big. my son is going to run with big mountain. So my daddy said. Then if you make Jesus big. I followed him. two round.. you are an Indian?” “Yes”.. he looked behind. So I told my daddy.. for one year. put on a sweater. The good smell was coming out.. That is the palce where Bride should stay. “You also run?” “Yes”. He said. I was taking training. So after fifteen days. mangoes are famous in India and I put on manure and watered it for many years. So when he came to the third round. And the faith I have is Christ‟s faith”. Will you bring up a tree which is false? I remember I had a nice mango tree .. “What satisfaction? Come to a doctor”.. I went to a wood-cutter. because every year he takes the cup. So we cut the mango and put it in the mouth. He wants to run with that fellow”. three years. brought it on the table. Early morning. you will see.. He went out. he came to me like this. athletic sports for Ceylon.. he is telling every one: “That is a fool. for one year. That is why you reckon yourself dead unto Christ. He will make you a big man. That fellow is front and me going behind... you are struggling for the fruit”. Then I told my daddy: “You will be satisfied one day daddy”. see that fellow‟s height? Six footer. 14 miles and 15 miles like that. yet not I. “You?” So my daddy comes to me and says: “Hey. I jumped . so we will eat tonight”.. everybody wants to be big. How do you die? Self life is everywhere . That is what Paul said: “I am crucified with the Lord Jesus. can you run with him?” “Daddy. So we started running. My face was black.... I also entered. ran 13 miles. I said: I will teach the tree a lesson.. So one day . fruit doesn‟t come by trying it on a tree. at 3 O‟ clock.. It has to come out from the heart. So will you say God will keep you if you give bad fruit? The axe is laid at the root of every bad tree.. I eat well every morning. thank God. but Christ liveth in me... Every year there is a six-footer who takes all the prizes. “Hey. So he was very happy. we took the fruit. Your faith cannot do anything..

“What do you do with all this money?” He said. Because I trained for one year. If you seek God in a big temple... this place looks like a box. These churches with buildings and everything. up in jungle land. Your thoughts are much below than God‟s thoughts. like a machine.. I got confidence. If you think this. they are monuments of a dead church.. “Life tabernacle.. then you will see that God is reaching that place. You know some people say. God will be in a small home. sold his property. If you want to meet God anywhere. And the whole Ceylon advertising . my! Who is waiting there to receive me . my son came first”. He bought 1000 acres of land. God will come down. the next day my name came in the papers. I know a man who was a very rich man.. in this way. nobody can find it because there is no sign there.. So this spiritual life is like a race. So the people are shouting and I see my daddy jumping. where is it? We don‟t find any name on a sign board”.~ 98 ~ on. But after that. passed him and I am going and I am going about half a mile ahead. I showed him about a half a mile difference. I am satisfied”. I would have run slowly without my father‟s knowledge and never attempted running anymore. You go here and there. But mind you. you can meet him on the road. So he is telling everyone: “My son came first. God will reveal that way to you. suffering went when I got the victory. “Now I know why you are lean. if you have a truth for God in your heart. So when I went there. you have problems. If you think just opposite of what man thinks.. you have got so many kinds of confusion. That is why I say.. Then you will be correct. God says my thoughts are not your thoughts. they are monuments of a dead church. If you think God will come down. “God show me the correct way” . “HEY!!!” So when I finished the race. It signifies the old Babel tower. just went on like that .. You don‟t get God by any of your own ideas. like this.. He will think the opposite. So he sold his house. If you say God will be in the air. And the wife asked him. So frineds. “You will be . He had to pay a heavy amount. you have to pay a price for satisfaction and this way you get satisfied. You know a rectangular box. So that one year‟s training. Don‟t think God is confined to something like big towers. I was satisfied. My ways are not your ways: our ways are so opposite. That has got life. So how can you know? God is quite the opposite of what you think. Suppose I came last. they want to have a name.. You have troubles. He will be in the air. Life tabernacle. He is quite opposite to what you think. If you go for money. dead men‟s bones. So how can you know God‟s way? Think opposite of what man thinks. if you place your faith in God. But we have a living church even if there is no sign in the front. But my friend. you will be caught. my daddy. put in the papers . took all his wife‟s jewels and moved to a rented house. Every church builds a big tower.

everything is good but you will see when you don‟t have money .. but God told me not to”.. Don‟t think preaching is the only ministry. he wanted some more money. atleast partially blind .. but I tell you that is where men have gone wrong. it is a treasure coming out. “Oh! Darling.. my darling”. open my eyes to behold the wondrous things of the Lord”.. Jesus never went to other homes. you know what happens? When I had some money.. “Lord. because they have no ministry. half-blind . dug wells. Then he came back. “Get out”. “My! If he swallowed that big thing like a stork. When you have no money. Ask God. What did Mary Magdalene do? What did Martha do? Jesus stayed in their home. So the tree which does not give good fruit will be cut off. cut all the trees. So how can you talk about Christ to a blind man? How can you talk to a spiritually blind man about God? First of all let us ask God... I tell you.. You can preach nonsense...~ 99 ~ satisfied one day.. Oh! Home was happy. I would rather have Jesus than preaching.. „a man died drinking milk‟. But the thing is many women are disturbed today. Suppose you talk to man . “White is like a stork bird”. quarter-blind . “It is like a stork”. they think is a great ministry. how did He come? People think that Jesus Christ was an ordinary man. open my blindness”. When you have a lot of money. Don‟t think the Bible is not for you. cataract eyes . why don‟t you go to work?” “I would work. “It is white”. He has .. if you are very well off. Not dictating to Christ..... but when you have plenty of money. The greatest lies are told from the platform .. “Oh! Wonderful” But to prove all that I said. “God won‟t make us hungry like this?” You know. they have got so many ways. to serve God. So the blind man said. she was very angry. But she was happy when the land started to bloom and he was satisfied of the wonderful fruit produced.. it will be true.. Then he went there. your wife will say: “Darling”. He asked his wife to give him the balance money. and then what did he do? He planted nice fruit trees.. Because God is moving and we are to taste God. three-fourths blind.. but they don‟t realize it. by showing his hand. That is the greatest prayer. how will he know it? One day there was a blind man.. but when you really starve. So this fellow doesn‟t know what milk was because he never tasted milk.. “Lord. “What is milk?” He said.. “What is white?” Then this man wanted to explain. women have a greater ministry in this world. So this fellow said. Mary and Martha were serving Jesus. What do you want more than that? .. Sometimes.. So when Christ came into this world. Somebody told him. she will say. a blind man about white colour. brother.. he will surely die”.. The blind man said. go to India and see. and when people hear the thing. She will set the children up and the children will come: “Daddy.. wife will look at you: “Can‟t you go and work somewhere and get some money?” And she won‟t keep quiet. We are all blind. Preaching.

He watered you.. land. we. you will go through tribulation. who is that hand? That is the Prophet. I can‟t talk about God . . I cannot explain to you. 2000 years He has been waiting for this fruit . sending the five-fold ministry. So He put a finger into the key hole. Oh! Yes if you don‟t have that personal touch. The people are planted by God because all of God‟s people. all creation come from God only. what will she say? “My bridegroom is black”. so the foolish virgin saw it. “Oh! My master‟s put in His hand. took off the coat. this is a prophetic ministry. and took off the shoes. Bro.~ 100 ~ changed my life.. „Oh! God is good‟. And the seventh angel messenger. sending Apostles. If you don‟t make it.. God‟s finger has come to man and she started describing God by the fingers. But she didn‟t see the face of God. Now it is the season. only the finger. But the real Bride found out the face and the body of the Bridegroom. Branham came. The Bride will know the face and body of the Bridegroom. at the Laodicean church He was knocking at the door. And then do we just sit there? You are to go a long way. So God said. Suppose He has put yellow gloves. what will she say? “My bridegroom is yellow”. this cursed land. and she is sleeping. You understand? So through the key hole. my friends. now through the prophet of God.. quite a long time. But the foolish virgin could not go with the Bridegroom after that. all the things going on during the seven church ages. You can talk about God. but the foolish virgin doesn‟t open the door. So my friends it is one thing to tell about the Prophet and another thing to act on what he says. Wonderful God. earth. Taste and see that the Lord is good. you will come back to God‟s word. this desert. And He planted. like a farmer. But you know what? The Lord put a hand into the key hole. I can‟t talk about honey to a man who has no tongue.. He plowed the land. He did everything good for you. bought this jungle. Suppose He has put black gloves. here you will have to get your heads cut off. So Jesus Christ came to this world. Every man in this world is planted by God. He is sending a prophet. Have you tasted Jesus Christ? Then you say. sending the evangelist. many people talk about God without knowing God. as I told you ... Now we are to run but the Bride will have found out and gone with Him. The foolish virgin will know only the finger. all over the place. She is sleeping and cleaning the dresses.. He lives in my heart. by His own blood.. you turn and then you go to your destination. not the finger only. cutting and pointing. But you know what. And how far is the time for your destination for the Bride? If you miss it. He took all things and planted you and me. You can go to a theological college and just talk about God. If we act on what he said. through the prophet.. what do you know”. Every time you need something. He is waiting for the fruit. As I told you. He put His finger and withdrew. Bride know the whole structure of God‟s perfect mystery has been revealed. So when He planted. Bu t taste and see that the Lord is good.

So then I was sitting on the bus. For a blind man only. I ate and ate and ate till I came to Chicago. The conductor said. Today is thanks-giving day. . But you had better really see that He leads you by catching your hand.. every day He has a plan for you in your life. So the people who are saved will have a difficult time.. Branham says in the Book that after tribulation. nobody will be saved. Now He is waiting for the fruit. you lead me”. would you like to eat it?” And when she opened the tin. “Praise the Lord” “Humm? You know the Lord?” “Yes”... Got only a ticket to come to Chicago. And He gave everything. Tomorrow we will see. you will be money.. get ready. Either bow to the image or take martyrdom. a dove tail joint. Got on the bus . You want to BELIEVE and see. “Praise the Lord!” I said.. go to another place”. That is why your plan is for a particular day. If you want to SEE and believe.. Because Bro.. God leads only the blind people.. there was turkey and everything. resurrection. suddenly a Negro lady came and sat down. Then Isaiah said. It is a famous food for me. What is He going to see in you? Are you going to give good fruit or bad fruit? What is prayer? It is a fruit. I forgot the rules and sat on the wrong place. My! I was coming from Springfield to Chicago . The best food she had. that is enough. you are not a blind man. no mercy. What did King David say. not for tomorrow. I sat there alone. Ask God. “Lead me on”... So we have a dove tail joint. When I went around the world. Lord.. You won‟t feel anything. then you are a blind man. lead me for today. He gives turkey. She looked at me. How are you going to graft it? If you want to graft two trees. You meet people and after some time... I brought a tin of food.. But when you come to the tribulation. or french fries. burial. otherwise you are a bad olive tree. If you allow yourself to be buried with God. hungry . You want to go through that? Do you think all your wealth and property and everything is worth going through the martyrdom? Search your life. and went back home and I looked back on all that happened.. “You lead me like a blind man”.? I am a blind man... your stomach will feel full. can the rod comfort him. When God gives. “Do you speak in tongues?” “Yes”. You can sing.. My food was usually potato chips and water . “Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”. “Reveal to me. water. So my! I couldn‟t eat it all. God is going to give a life without cutting off the head. you cut one branch and put it there.~ 101 ~ It won‟t be nice. you will see life coming out from you. Death. “This is not for coloured people. fertilizer. and come to me Lord: Lord.. And then you will see. That is what we are waiting for.. my stomach was simply burning. I didn‟t know anyone. Then God will lead you. “My brother. or popcorn and drink water. The Word of God is the rod for a blind man. crucifixion. “Are you saved?” “Yes”. God planted you and me. You must be grafted to Jesus Christ. So we are in the last days.

you are dead with Christ. all others are passing away. “How can you leave your habit? .. no... No devil can cross the boundary. She loses her name.. So we come to the last days and now man is getting out of the capsule onto the moon. One day she was married and the husband said. That is why the Bride is Eternal. And God‟s children. then you will see He will produce His power in your life. When you go on the road in India.. it can crack and if Russia could send a rocket to the moon controlled from the earth and go around and take the dirt and come back. Then the mother said. no.. Then you will see. waits like this. “When you marry a man. you will see the resurrection power by identifying yourself with the death of Christ. Because when this other is progressing. she loses her father‟s love. You are crucified with Christ. and you find right here everything equally progresses becuase the tares will have their convention. steel men to fight against any country. Now no man is needed to fight. mind you. Lawrie.. no man can take me away like that”. If you remain there. then she becomes Mrs. So now we have come to the age when the world is on the atomic bombs. I love you so much”. “No mummy. So under the blood of Christ.. we have power to stop any devil. “Mummy. How can I leave this bad habit? Why not? I remember a sister said to the mother. you will see everything is lost except the Bride. the Bride‟s spiritual life is also developed to such a great extent. you will produce power in your life. “I am going to Delhi. “Come on”. I can never leave you.. At any moment. no. attack and then take them back. God‟s wife is what Bride of Christ means. The blood has not lost it‟s power. and God must have come right onto the earth now. but by keeping and resting in Christ. That is why today many people do not know how to get the power. you will go away”.. So we are in an age when man‟s brain has developed to such an extent. reckoning yourself dead with Christ. it can send millions of men made like armies and send it to any country. they artificially try to get power..~ 102 ~ That is the dove tail joint. But the day I marry and say I wed thee. He will give you a ticket if you don‟t stop. This power doesn‟t come by artificial means. “No. mother‟s love. she loses her identity. how are you going to eat? He has to be . And I call her. God is progressing in His own way and the Devil is progressing in his own way .But one day. in the centre of the road the police. so everything progresses accordingly. And what is the Bride going to do? It is going to be like God .. you are buried with Christ.. So what is God going to do now? What is the devil going to do? The devil must have gone right into the Pope now. Now one is a shadow and one is a reality. my friend. constable. Now before marriage my wife was a stranger. It can send an army of men. you can come after a month”. Some people say. everything.

.. They were all sitting on the platform. “Oh! I can‟t leave it..Oral Roberts and all these people in Tulsa Auditorium .. they would shake hands and run away. fourth attempt will be like fire coming from the leg up to the whole body. then that is all.~ 103 ~ alone”. I never joined any denomination.. “My precious brother. Our destination is farther along. it is written.. And the last 25 yards. we can catch the world and say. If you love the Lord Jesus as your Bridegroom. How did she lose the love of the mother in a home. you don‟t have bullets. It is something like this. And now we don‟t stand by the sign board. My! My! My! My. Branham met me. third round will be like lightning.. If it doesn‟t bring you to God‟s Word. So we come to the last day and we are to leave tomorrow and you have been wonderful. we turn and go. a white man embracing a black man? But that was God in him. She doesn‟t say... But you know. How does the Bride attack. it is wonderful. How can you bring another man to the light without love? And now thank God for that man..?” So she went to Delhi next day and wrote a letter to the mother every week. “Who is this black man?” .. go forward. it is written‟. the trouble is when you run a race . every step like this. it is written.. Oh! God bless you”. And all the people were blinking. and after I met him . .. If you run.. Then came a letter once in two weeks. they all said. God raised that wonderful man. And when you finish it. you . Because if you don‟t know God‟s word.. you feel like the whole body is burning. all these worldly things and habits will pass away. “He was alone. you have caught the devil. you will see... he embraced me and said.. „it is written in the Spoken Word books‟. He brought me to God‟s Word... then once in a year. Let us all meditate on God‟s Word every day and read from the beginning to end and no one can deceive you. And today I am doubly strong on God‟s Word because when I read that thing.. The devil has not caught you... like fire. If you run. „it is written. you know. „it is written. You may be thinking I am not. all these days.... you know how I met him . Nobody can catch it. the first round will be slow. The devil has caught me”.. in front of all. From 1959 . then once in a month. I never had that embrace anywhere and in front of all .. Spoken Word books bring you to God‟s Word. I have been an athelete and I know . you are not a seed.. What can you do? We are to thank God for that sign. God‟s Word will be doubly confirmed by the Prophet of God. I went to all the people there. a new love has come. I was in a corner and he called me. Oh! When you force every step it will be like burning fire from the spine down. he embraced me and said. they were ashamed to see a black man. it is written‟. he never gave me any money. But when Bro. we are proud of it. but actually throughout India I preached that message. I went there. second round will be faster. And again ..... “My precious brother”. Because Jesus attacked the devil by the Word.. read the Word. why are you worried now?” “Anyhow he must eat something.

we BELIEVE and see. Oh! That is a lively Book! Do you see the Bible through Christ. They are finished with the Bible. not only reach the moon. my redeemer liveth. This Third pull will make you realize that time is no longer for us. who created heaven and the things that are therein. It clearly says. “My redeemer liveth. Job. and the earth and the things that are therein. even though you build a nest like eagles in the stars. Seek Him much more than gold and silver. He will stand on this earth in the last days. you are an Eternal being. man has landed on the moon and the Bible says. first when man tried to reach heaven. My redeemer liveth”. If you want. with my own eyes. in the last days. I know it. seek Him much more than anything. then we see the Bible through Christ. seek Him like you never sought before. He takes a different shape. But when the Bride reaches God. man will build a nest in the stars. my friend? Go today. She knows the mind of God. in these last days let us believe one thing. they are finished. when this flesh is rotten. So when the Bride touches God. they fall down. but this final stage is like a dash. They all say: “Brother.~ 104 ~ will see. what did he say? He went to that length and they said he had a vision. I will remind you “Time is no longer!” He swore by Him that liveth for ever and ever. I will pull you down. The Bride has no time anymore. everything is over”. You see that everything in the Bible was in the mind of God before it was written So my friends. they believe the Bible and see Christ. But I will tell you. In the last days. I will read it. They get a cramp or they get a sprain. because we don‟t SEE and believe. when you touch God in this second sphere. This book before it was written was in the mind of God. But once you have seen Him. when man builds a nest in the moon. have y ou got the vision. but when you see Christ. what did God do? He scattered them. it is the Spoken Word. but the people are not grown. we come to the Bible THROUGH God. . So now when you realize that. I will see Him. in Obadiah. And then again if you read that again. I will see Him”. that there should be time no longer. He scattered them. The Bride has gone on into eternity. we have come into a sphere when there is no time after the third pull. time is no longer because man has reached into space. But if you are alive. Some people have a dead vision. or through the Bible do you see Christ? The Bride sees the Bible through Christ. When the Holy Ghost has come and struck you. People who say miracles are over have fallen down long ago. you will say: “My God liveth. and the sea and the things that therein are. I will pull you down. When man wanted to make a name. And usually people run three-fourths of the distance. but we do not know who wrote it. we don‟t come through the Bible to God. In that case God would have said. they are finished but God is not finished. but in the last lap. The foolish virgins see the Bible too. Now we know only the Bible. And people have run these 2000 years. she knows the mind of God.

make the people powerful Lord.. that there should be time no longer”. mouth everything. Two here. two eyes. there is no more time for the Bride. one man there. Let us pray. And this body when it starts with unison that is only possible through the Holy Ghost and not through this artificial hypocritical love. and the Bride is getting united. and being hypocritical about it? That is not the Bride. Make the people happy Lord. Because you won‟t have pride. For the judgement. it all works in unison. And God will also have a Bride and the Bride will make herself ready. For a foolish virgin. The final day is union. and sware by him that liveth for ever and ever. that she has no time factor that you are come to take the Bride. you have landed on the earth to take the people for your name. The Bride can be put together only by the head and nothing else. the devil builds. and the earth. everything is getting united. who created heaven and the things that therein are. When God wants to take the church. world politics. it is union of all the tares. everybody . then he becomes the power. time is now finished. I will again read that verse. from all over the world. Let the world see that Bride in these days and make her ready so that when the time comes. Lord! We thank you for this precious hour. The world is getting united. make the Bride ready. it is something like God making a magic there bringing one man here. Lord that you are in our midst. because the time factor is ended for her.. So what happens? The tares are getting united. and the things that therein are. Lord make her understand that there is no time any longer. then you will find who is in the Bride because no man can come into that body without the true choice of God. For a wicked man. And that power will be used. So when Christ puts the Bride together.~ 105 ~ Now when man wants to make a name. For the Bride. trusting God that there is no longer time because when man reached moon. So now I will read that again and you go home thinking. two there. my friend. one nose. Close your eyes and rededicate your life. Have you been showing love. and the things which are therein. nobody fighting for a position because this finger doesn‟t fight for a position. world government. all the people are coming together. all together and breathes the spirit into him again. Lord. no pride there. time turns into eternity. the time factor is over for her. for everybody time factor is ended. He brings man together. not by any man. And when they come together. you will find that man will build his nest in the stars. two ears. So now it is not scattering. you won‟t push yourselves together. that means. that you are going to do mighty things just as man landing on the moon. he will go in wickedness more. So if you turn to Obadiah and read that Chapter. time is no longer. “And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven. she will come up with you in a . and the sea. the time factor is ended and judgement starts.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Lord bless the people. Let them realize that they could not sleep any more that they have to find their Christ. Amen. bless everyone. find their position on the body and make them walk. bless the pastor. . that you have given an opportunity to give the message here.Bro. bless their home. Thank you Lord. open their eyes in these last days. bless every member who comes here. find their Bridegroom. bless all who have taken part Lord.~ 106 ~ mighty way. Paulaseer Lawrie . so the world will be reproved and Your judgement will fall. R.