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Federal • Defence • Criminal law • Employment Insurance • Postal service • Census • Copyrights • Trade regulation • External relations • Money

and banking • Transportation • Citizenship • Indian affairs • Foreign Policy

Provincial • Property and civil rights • Administration of justice • Natural resources and the environment • Education • Health • Welfare • Provincial police services • Agriculture and food • Municipal government • Labour • Highways • Direct taxes • Prisons • Marriage

Territorial • Property and civil rights • Administration of justice • Education • Health • Welfare

Municipal • Water • Sewage • Waste collection • Public transit • Land use planning • Libraries • Emergency services • Animal control and • Economic development • Snow removal • Recreation • School Board

1. Grade 10 student Chloe is upset that her high school (230 students in a rural area) is scheduled to close next year. Chloe will be bused to another high school 35 kilometres away from her home. Whom should Chloe call? Provincial Minister of education Municipal School Board 2. Kesia learns that at age 16 she is eligible for a $100 provincial sales tax (PST) rebate if she fills out an income tax form and if no one else has claimed the sales tax credit for her. Whom should Kesia call? Provincial tax minister 3. Ted does not have a family. He lives on student welfare. Recently Ted tried to rent a small apartment. The landlord rejected Ted as a tenant because Ted is a student and because Ted gets his income from government support. Specifically, whom should Ted call? Provincial minister of property and civil rights 4. Nadim is concerned about the environment and the amount of landfill material in his city’s garbage. Nadim would like to see separate collections for recyclables such as paper and organic food wastes. Whom should Nadim call? Municipal council 5. Mika is upset at the number of students at her school who are using and selling marijuana. She would like to see more severe penalties for cannabis use and for cannabis trafficking. Whom should Mika call? Criminal law or administration of justice 6. Markus has been to Europe and noticed that many European countries have more relaxed drinking laws than those present in Canada. Markus is interested in having the drinking age reduced to age 16. Whom should Markus call? Property and civil rights 7. Eda is concerned about the amount of sexually explicit material available on the Internet. She is interested in seeing more government regulation of the Internet. Whom should Eda call? Federal census minister 8. Carson has read about the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. He believes the government

should increase foreign aid to the most affected African countries. Whom should Carson call? Foreign policy or external relations DFAIT, CIDA 9. Marisha has successfully completed the grade 10 civics course with a Level 4 evaluation. She believes that she is better informed than many adults about politics. She would like to see the voting age dropped from age 18 to age 16. Whom should Marisha call? Federal minister of citizenship 10. Mohammed’s grandfather is being told by his company that he must retire at age 70, but his grandfather does not wish to stop working. He feels that he is a victim of age discrimination. To help his grandfather, whom should Mohammed call? Property and civil rights or Administration of justice 11. Emily has watched television programs about Aboriginal children sniffing gasoline fumes in Nunavut and about the high rate of teenage suicide in Nunavut. She believes that new government policies are needed to address these problems. Whom should Emily call? Federal minister of indian affairs 12. Natasha is 16 years old and very much wants to marry her fiancée, David. Natasha has been told that she cannot marry David without her parents’ consent until she is 18. Natasha wants to see the marriage law changed. Whom should Natasha call? Provincial minister of marriage 13. Franco’s grandfather suffers from a painful terminal illness and wishes to die. Franco wishes to see the legalization of doctor-assisted suicide in Canada. Whom should Franco call? Provincial minister of health