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Lisa D.

Frazer 9685 Thomas Lane Avon, IN 46123 317-726-9415 Attention Human Resources Department: I am looking for an administrative, management , training, medical coding/billing/Electronic Health Records/scanning, customer service, and/or medical office position. I am interested in an open positions ou have !ithin our organi"ation that match m #ualifications. I am e$tremel hard%!orking, self%motivated and e$cel in multi%tasking. I am an e$cellent teacher/ trainer as !ell as a highl skilled office emplo ee !ith e$tensive medical coding and billing e$perience. I am e$cellent in m communication and management of others and finding !hat their specific needs are. I love helping, training, managing and serving others. I do !ell teaching and motivating others to succeed and be their best. I have strong computer skills and have !orked !ith &' (ord, )o!er%point, E$cel, *utlook, )ublisher and several t pes of medical soft!are. I have !orked as a leader in a variet of different capacities. I taught medical administrative classes as an instructor at +aplan ,ollege in -../ and oversa! the development of students training to become medical assistants. & role !as to help them understand the basics of ho! a medical office operates. I have varied e$perience in man different areas. I taught English for several ears in the public schools as !ell and often filled in for teachers in other sub0ects. I have helped manage and organi"e the front office in various medical establishments. I am ver fle$ible and am an e$tremel pleasant person !ith !hom to !ork. I al!a s !ork successfull and diligentl until all problems are resolved. I received m 1achelor of 'cience degree in Education in 2334. & area of stud !as secondar English Education as !ell as foreign language5 the have served me !ell in man different settings. )lease call me as soon as possible to set%up an intervie!. I am confident I !ould contribute greatl and be an indispensable asset to our organi"ation. & salar re#uirements are negotiable. I look for!ard to hearing from ou. 6hank ou immensel for our time and consideration. 'incerel and Respectfull , 7isa D. 8ra"er 7isfra" : Enclosure: resume/references

Lisa D. Frazer 9685 Thomas Lane Avon, IN 46123 317-726-9415

!"e#$ive% 6o utili"e m uni#ue leadership skills, e$cellent customer service, training and teaching abilit as !ell as m medical coding/billing/EHR skills to manage, train and educate others in a variet of different settings including an educational and office environment. &'i((s% &icrosoft *ffice 'oft!are//: !pm E$cellent !riter/editor/proofreader ,ertificate in medical coding/billing )roficient in ALL medical insurance )roficient in medical office soft!are 8luent 8rench/,onversational 'panish )roficient in Electronic Health Records )roficient in document scanning/filing )roficient in medical records management Education: Bachelor of Science in Education/English Indiana University May 1993 )*+erien#e% Insurance Biller/AR Representative August 2-, -.24 ;)resent A$ ,ome ,ea($h )-.i+men$ Indianapolis, I< Handle all insurance claims and !ork denials in order to receive pa ment. (rite appeal letters in order to process claims. Handle all patient accounts, bring in revenue. Front office/Surgery/Med.Records/Radiology Pre-Cert Officer =ul >, -.22% August .2, -.24 /ro(o01 o2 In3iana ,armel, I<
?reet and direct all patients to their destinations !ithin our office. 'cheduled appointments, verified A77 patient insurance. )re%certif all surgeries including researching clinical histor . )reparing charts and pre%certif ing radiolog procedures. Also responsible for medical records management, filing, scanning and creating patient charts. !ecutive Secretary 'eptember -..3 ; August -.22

Do33s 4asonr1, In#. &ooresville, I< 6 ped client correspondence. )lanned/scheduled meetings for e$ecutives. Handled all revenue. ,oordinated e$ecutive@s schedules. )repared documents for e$isting 0obs. Billing Manager *ctober 2>, -..: ; August -2, -..3 ,ami($on 5o.n$1 5hiro+ra#$i# <oblesville, Indiana Handled all insurance accounts and billing. (rote appeal letters in order to get claims paid. Handled all patient accounts including collections. 1rought all revenue into practice.'cheduled patients. )erformed chiropractic ph sical therap on patients. Medical Ad"inistration Instructor 'eptember /, -../ ;<ovember -..A 6a+(an 5o((e0e Indianapolis, Indiana 6rained students to operate a medical front office b focusing on ho! insurance !orks, medical la! and ethics, medical office simulation soft!are, bookkeeping and other duties. 6aught students ho! to use computers including soft!are such as &icrosoft (ord, )o!er%)oint, E$cel and )ublisher. Medical Front Office Assistant *ctober -..> ; 'eptember -../ A#$ion 7ra#e an3 8ros$he$i#, In#. Indianapolis, Indiana Dealt mostl !ith insurance companies, billing/ correcting claims, and !riting appeal letters to get claims paid. (orked on A/R to bring in revenue. 'cheduled appointments for patients, set%up charts. *btained clinical information from patients . )roficient on &edical 'oft!are. #icensed Su$stitute %eac&er *ctober -..- ; 'eptember -..> 4e$ro+o(i$an &#hoo( Dis$ri#$ o2 9a1ne To:nshi+ Indianapolis, Indiana Implemented lesson plans and disciplined students for grades +%2- !hen regular teachers !ere absent. #icensed nglis& %eac&er 'eptember 233B ; &a 233/ In3iana+o(is 8.!(i# &#hoo(s Indianapolis, Indiana 6aught English literature/ grammar skills to middle/high school students. (orked !ith special needs and highest achieving students. Handled disciplinar problems. (rote/designed curriculum for each grade level.

Lisa D. Frazer 9685 Thomas Lane Avon, IN 46123 317-726-9415

Lora 5oo+er A/>%/43%>/2A cell 8ormer 6eam 7ead at Crolog of Indiana, <o! at AH< A.3re1 9oo3 -2A%>3A%24B2 8ormer &edical Assistant Crolog of Indiana Dr. A!raham 7ea!er 42A%AA/%2./2 offie, 42A%443%:..> cell Doctor/*!ner, Hamilton ,ount ,hiropractic )nisha &mi$h 42A%44-%-4B3 cell, 42A%>/B%>2.:, !ork. &edical Assistant, 7ab ,oordinator, Crolog of Indiana 6a$h1 6e((1 42A%--4%43B2 *ffice &anager, Hamilton ,ount ,hiropractic 7e$$1 4#<.een 3B2%>43%B.-3 Dolunteer coordinator 'uncoast 1lood 1ank E8loridaF