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MSME TOOL ROOM ,JAMSHEDPUR (Indo Danish Tool Room, Jamshedpur) (Ministry of MSME, Govt.

of India) M-4 (Part), Phase-VI, Tata Kandra Main Road, P.O. Ga haria, !a shed"#r-$%& '($ Te)eL((*+,) &&('&*'-&&('&*&, .a/L ((*+,) &&(&,&% E!mail" rea0h1idtr2a shed"#r.0o ,. #e$si%e" 5"")i0ations are invited in the "res0ri6ed for at fro intendin4 0andidates for ad ission to the 4 years 7IP8OM5 I9 TOO8 : 7IE M5KI9G 0o#rse for the session &('4-&('$ a""roved 6y 5)) India ;o#n0i) for Te0hni0a) Ed#0ation (5I;TE), Govt. of India.

Eligibility: (I) Qualification: Matriculation or equivalent examination from a recognized Board/ University wit Mat ematics and !cience (" ysics and c emistry or #ot ) wit min$ %&' mar(s ()&' for !*/ !+ / ,B* /- ysically andica--ed)$ *andidates awaiting results of .& t classes can also a--ear for t e written test #ut t e result s ould #e availa#le at t e time of admission$ (II)$/ge:0Between .% to .1 years (22 years for !*/ !+/ ,B*/" ysically andica--ed) as on 31- 07-2014 (III) 3o$ of seats: 0 .&& (4eservations for !*/!+/,B*/" ysically 5andica--ed as -er 6,I norms) GIRL CANDIDATES CAN ALSO APPL S!l!"ti#$: !election will #e made on /ll India #asis t roug -reliminary admission test at 7ams ed-ur on 11%0&%14 (!unday)$ 8inal +est will #e conducted for t e s ort listed candidates from -reliminary +est on 0'%0(%14 (!unday)$ )#* t# A++ly : /--lication form along wit -ros-ectus and model question -a-ers can #e o#tained in -erson from I$9$+$4 office from Monday to !aturday (exce-t olidays) from .&$&&am to 2$&&-m from 12t, M-.", 2014 t# 07t, 2014 #y -aying 4s$ 1000/0 (4s$ &00/0 for !*/!+/" ysically 5andica--ed candidates) in cas or send demand draft for 4s$10&0/0 (4s$ &&0/0 for !*/ !+/ " ysically 5andica--ed candidates) in favor of Indo 9anis +ool 4oom -aya#le at 7ams ed-ur to receive t e /--lication form along wit -ros-ectus #y -ost $ *andidates ave to send two self addressed sli-s along wit t eir request for a--lication$ !*/ !+/ " ysically 5andica--ed *andidates s ould send -roof$ 9o not send original certificates wit a--lication$ /--lications can also #e downloaded from our we#site$ 9own loaded a--lications along wit demand draft for 4s$1000/0(4s$ &00/0 for !*/ !+/ " ysically 5andica--ed candidates) in favor of Indo 9anis +ool 4oom -aya#le at 7ams ed-ur s all also #e acce-ted$ 4eservations as -er 6ovt$ of India rules$ 22$% ' seats are reserved for !*/!+ candidates for w om no fees will #e c arged su#:ected to -roduction of two - oto co-ies of *ast *ertificates duly attested #y 6azetted ,fficer$ 5owever; caution de-osits are to #e in case of admission w ic will #e refunded after successful com-letion of training wit minimum <&' attendance$ *ast certificate in original from com-etent aut ority is #to #e -roduced for verification at t e time of admission w ic may #e re0verified from t e Issuing /ut ority$ *andidates s ould not send any certificate in original at t e time of a--lying$ N#t!: - P,y/i"-lly ,-$0i"-++!0 "-$0i0-t!/ /,#1l0 b! -bl! t# /t-$0 *it,#1t -$y /1++#.t -$0 *#.2 *it, b#t, t,! ,-$0/ 3.!!4 T,!y /,#1l0 b! "-+-bl! t# *!-. /-3!ty /,#!/4 L-/t 0-t! #3 .!"!i+t #3 3ill!0 i$ -++li"-ti#$ i/ 07%04%2014 $ /ll a--lications are to #e addressed to; T,! G!$!.-l M-$-g!. duly su-er scri#ed on t e envelo-e$ /--lication for =9i-loma in +ool > 9ie Ma(ing?$ *andidates ave to clearly mar( w et er t ey want t eir admit cards #y -ost or collect -ersonally from Indo 9anis +ool 4oom$ D5PLICATE ADMIT CARDS 6ILL NOT 7E ISS5ED TO AN CANDIDATE4 Those op%in& %o a'ail Admi% (ards $) hand, should (ome personall) *i%h %he prospe(%us on +,-+.-/+01 2rom 0+ ++am %o 3 ++pm %o (olle(% %heir admi% (ards I7TR 3i)) not 6e res"onsi6)e for "osta) de)ay. 5"")i0ations are to 6e "#r0hased fro I7TR on)y. N#t!: - .$ 5ostel will #e availa#le for outstation candidates su#:ect to availa#ility$ 2$ I9+4 as a -lacement cell$