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Lloyd's Register Integrity Management

Riser Caisson

Riser Caisson Design Review
Date 05/02/97 Location Room 12A B&R Colliers Wood Attendees Noel McCann Andy Humprhey Howard Wigg Tony Boyle Tom Tanser Keith Miller Grant Adam Jeff Pile Gary Pearn Chris Yexley Chelliah Selvapatt Failure Mechanism Internal Corrosion External Corrosion Mechanical Damage Component Caisson


System Summary

All hydrocarbon containing risers on PdR, excluding the Oil export, are within riser caissons. Four riser caissons, all on PdR, RC1, RC2, RC3 and RC4. PU riser spacers every 10 m in caisson. Bottom seal on caisson allows riser expansion. There is no access into the caisson for inspection purposes. Caisson internal environment is critical for riser integrity.

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Caisson Internal Environment
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Filled with potable water up to LAT. Potable water contains corrosion inhibitor and biocide. The air gap is constantly purged with inert gas.


Caisson Internal Environmental Controls

Conductivity meter is fitted inside the caisson to measure the conductivity of the potable water. Changes to the conductivity may indicate a leak. Level gauge detects if the water level falls too low.


Caisson Safety Features
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Caisson fitted with atmospheric vent line with a gas detector in the vent line. Caisson fitted with blow out panel facing away from the platform. Fails at 7 bar

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supported by dead weights at top and guided throughout caisson (not shown) to CMS to CMS Inert Gas Purge constantly pumps N2 into the caisson.doc .Lloyd's Register Integrity Management Riser Caisson Risers. supporting its entire weight Guide allows for thermal expansion of caisson Bursting Disc designed as "weak point" of caisson. during loss of containment within the caisson due to a riser rupture the bursting disc would rupture at 7 bar. riser caissons & supports covered in PFP for fire protection. (outboard direction) PFP to -1m wrt LAT gives 1 hour fire protection in the event of fire and explosion topsides LAT Level Gauge -4m wrt LAT Conductivity Meter monitors the integrity of the bottom seal by measuring the conductivity of potable H2O Caisson filled with inhibited potable water & biocide up to LAT Corrosion resistant materials & coatings for risers Bottom Seal allows expansion of the riser through the caisson and retains the caisson contents Gas Lift Riser   etap0042. keeping the caisson environment above the water level free of O2 Gas vent for riser leakage (outboard direction) Instrumented for hydrocarbons Dead Weight Support holds caisson in place at top.

Lloyd's Register Integrity Management Riser Caisson 1. Gas detection system. Air gap filled with inert gas.Carbon steel. Maintain gas detection system.4 1. Weekly Continuous As Required Topsides & Splash Zone Caisson (external) Subsea Caisson L Coating . Gas detection system. Air gap filled with inert gas. Carbon steel riser. Monitor gas detection system. Monitor gas detection system. Carbon steel Caisson coated with glassflake.PFP to LAT. Frequency Weekly Continuous As Required Corrosion Bare metal Riser inside caisson L Riser located in caisson. Material . Caisson filled with inhibited freshwater & biocide up to LAT. Visually inspect PFP for bare metal or corrosion. Maintain gas detection system. Caisson material and coating. coated in polychloroprene. Monitor caisson internal environment.4.Corrosion Components Caisson internal Risk L Design Features Caisson filled with inhibited freshwater & biocide up to LAT.1 Hazard Design Review Tables Failure Mechanism . 1 yearly L Carbon Steel Caisson Coated with flame sprayed Aluminium CP system Visual inspection for bare metal or corrosion Opportunist   etap0042.doc . Inspection / Monitoring / Control Monitor caisson internal environment.

M   etap0042. Visual inspection of PFP looking for damage.Lloyd's Register Integrity Management Riser Caisson 1. then review 2 yearly 2 yearly CP Failure Bolt HIC Corrosion Under Passive Fire Protection Caisson Topsides caisson M Feralium LM7 bolts on caisson bottom support and bottom seal flange. soft spots.4.1 Hazard Failure Mechanism . Bonded PFP from top of caisson to -1m wrt LAT. Visually inspect for missing bolts. corrosion. 2nd year. Inspection / Monitoring / Control CP potentials.doc . Frequency Baseline. water ingress.Corrosion Components Subsea Caisson Risk L Design Features Sacrificial CP system on structure. Corrosion coating.

2 Hazard Vessel Impact Failure Mechanism .) Inspect for movement. Monitor marine growth. BP Marine Operating Procedures.) Guided for the rest of length.Mechanical Damage Components Caisson Risk L Design Features Caisson located 2m inboard of structure. Guides.4. Verify procedures. Frequency Opportunist Inadequate Support Environ-m ental loading Caisson M Caisson dead weight support (+11m El. Riser in caisson at PdR. 1 yearly Subsea caisson M Dead weight support.Lloyd's Register Integrity Management Riser Caisson 1. Inspect dead weight support and guides. 1 yearly 1 yearly   etap0042.doc . (Detailed inspection of deadweight. Vessel operating procedures. Inspection / Monitoring / Control Inspect for damage.

Lloyd's Register Integrity Management Caisson   riser caisson design review .