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Glossary of Terms Ad An marketing communications message conveyed to the consumer. Ad impression Each instance a consumer is exposed to an online ad.

Ad click A Click on an ad impression served in the period being measured. Advertiser An organisation that wants to get its message to the right audience, eff iciently and effectively. Analytics The technology and measurement systems used to understand what is workin g within a digital marketing campaign and what is not, based on data collected d uring the campaign. App An app is a mobile application. App is short for "application". It is ty pically a small, specialised program which is downloaded onto the mobile device. Apps can be downloaded from an app store which is centralised repository of mob ile applications. These include: Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, the Black berry App World and Google Play Store. Banner ad A mobile ad unit that employs simple creative assets and hyperlinks. Blog A website with regular entries of commentary, description of events, and other embedded multimedia content such as graphics, videos, presentations. Conversion tracking Conversion tracking gives advertisers visibility into how consumers are interacting with their brand throughout the marketing funnel. Advertisers can d efine traceable events on mobile websites or within apps to assess consumer enga gement or the impact of direct response campaigns. Click If a customer sees your ad and clicks on it to learn more or to do busin ess with you, it's recorded in your account as a click. Click through Click through rate (CTR) is the number of clicks your ad receive s divided by the number of times your ad is shown (impressions). Conversion A conversion occurs when a user completes an action on your site , such as buying something or requesting more information. Cookie A text file placed on a web user's hard drive by a website to remember d ata about the website's user. Digital Display Advertising Digital Display Advertising is a form of digital marketing, which uses display adverts appearing on web pages as a means of comm unicating relevant commercial messages to a specific audience based on their pro file. Direct Marketing Direct marketing is a channel-agnostic form of advertisi ng that allows businesses and nonprofit organisations to communicate straight to the customer, with advertising techniques such as mobile messaging, email, inte ractive consumer websites, online display ads, fliers, catalogue distribution, p romotional letters, and outdoor advertising. Email Marketing Email marketing is a form of permission based direct marketing, which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating relevant commercial messa ges to a specific audience based on their profile. Followers Non-mutual connections where data and updates are subscribed to. Forum A Web site that allows the exchange of ideas and other

Permission based marketing Permission-based marketing refers to any marketing efforts where the recipient of the marketing has opted in or given their permission to the ma rketer to send them information. or paid for in some way. Skype. including the mobile web. Rich media Interactive media normally refers to products and services on di gital computer-based systems which respond to the user s actions by presenting con tent such as text. Quality Score Quality Score is a measure of relevance for your ad. HTML 5 HTML 5 is an emerging standard markup language for presenting and struct uring information on the web. a hashtag is a clickable keyword that sum s up the content of a tweet. Keyword The keywords you choose are the terms or phrases you want to "trigger" y our ad to appear. Page Impression A request for a page of a site's content made by a User of that site in the period being measured. or paid f or in any way. Mobile Marketing Mobile marketing is marketing using mobile devices in or der to disseminate promotional or advertising messages to targeted customers thr ough ubiquitous wireless networks. Landing page The page that a user lands on when they click on a link in a sea rch engine result page. Impression The number of times an advertisement is displayed. Most modern mobile and d esktop browsers support HTML 5. graphics. which is the set of commands u sed by Web browsers to interpret and display page content to Users. embedded audio and video. Examples of instant messaging exist on Facebook. video. The original SMS specification limited messages to 160 characters in length. or webpage. Hashtag A dominant feature of Twitter. Instant messaging Messages sent between two connections in real time throu gh a Social Media Network or Email platform. If multimedia elements are associated with a message. Link building Process of actively cultivating incoming links to a site. MSN. audio etc Rich media A broad range of interactive and engaging ad formats.information between users which is usually monitored by a moderator. Google +. including expandab le banners. it's referred to as an MMS. Paid search results Search engine results which are sponsored. Site map A page or structured group of pages which link to every user acc essible page on a website. SMS Stands for "short mobile service". animation. Natural search results Search engine results which are not sponsored." or un-paid ("orga nic") search results. SEO SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of improving the visibil ity of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural. Friends Mutual connections made on Social Networks where data and updates are ex changed. . HTML HTML refers to HyperText Markup Language. Generally used to describe text messa ges sent to a mobile device. keyword.

. Targeting Involves channeling marketing efforts and resources to specific market segments that have the highest payoff potential. Tweet Tweets come from the Twitter micro-blogging service that enables users t o send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters.g. a computer or mobile phone) that has made requests for content to the site in the period being measured Visit The total number of times that a User (a device) has engaged in a single burst of activity with less than 30 minutes between requests for content. Social Network A Web based platform which allows users to construct a personal or professional profile from which to share news and data and connect and commun icate with other users.g.: portable media players . pocket video cameras. A new visit when the gap between requests for content is at least 30 minutes. with more advanc ed computing and connectivity than a feature phone. contextual an d behavioural traits in order to reach a particular group of prospects. Social Media Marketing The process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social Media Social Media is a catch-all term used to describe the tools and technologies that facilitate social interaction over the Internet. only paying on a when someone clicks on your ad. Targeting The ability to aggregate inventory by demographic. low-end compact digital cameras.Smartphone Is a mobile phone built on a mobile computing platform. Unique user A unique device (e. and GPS navigation unit s. e. URL Uniform Resource Locator or Web Address Search Engine Marketing Advertising on a search engine in a bid to drive traffic to a website.