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THE HIGHWAY CODE OF LIFE Some readers may recall, even though it was several decades ago, the

issue of the first Highway Code which was delivered free of charge to every household in the U.K. Guidance which may now be regarded as quaint was given to the person in charge of a horse and cart while thoroughfares were, with few notable exceptions, single carriage-ways. Compulsory tests had only just been introduced for drivers of motor vehicles and the pace of life was sluggish compared with today's frenetic activity. Yet, even then, the authorities were concerned about road dangers to pedestrians and drivers alike, and had already introduced the Belisha Beacon to obviate one of many hazards. The original Highway Code brought together existing road statutes and sensible advice for the benefit of road users. This booklet encapsulates comparable guidelines for all on the paths of an earth life. Indeed the contents go further, since I am convinced that for each of us an earth life is merely a short phase in a spiritual existence which began thousands of years ago and which may still have a long way to go. If we are to follow a code of living it is helpful to know where we have come from and also whither we journey. And it is encouraging to know that, whereas we have to know the different traffic rules in foreign countries which we may choose to visit, the highway code of life is valid for all the planes of existence through which we pass. When we set out on a long car journey it is normally a circular one in that we start from home and plan to return there. If the roads are unfamiliar a map is consulted and, for journeys of any length, plans made to stay overnight. It is taken for granted that

and its destination or goal. On starting that spiritual journey the human spirit is as unaware of its environment as is the newborn babe on earth. of course. since at the end of each earth life we discard the earthly cloak . Paradise is thus our home and it is from there that we start our journey on the Highway of Life. as it is later in each subsequent incarnation on earth. the path of life starts from home. And it should not surprise you to know that the destination is its home . unforeseen circumstances may delay the journey or even mean that it cannot be completed. Being at first unconscious.the inner core of man is not of the dust of the earth but of an entirely different consistency. The account of creation as given in the Bible is sometimes interpreted as having taken place on earth. we now know that the inner core or ego of man is spirit and that it issued from the part of the Spiritual Planes known as Paradise. how much more care should we take for a journey on life's highway! Before we consider the Code let us examine the Highway. Even with the most careful planning. an earthly home but the home of all mature human spirits . We pass through many earth lives so our home cannot be an earthly one. As with most of our trips. If such planning is advisable for a relatively short holiday or business trip.not. however. and that the car is insured. it is guided and cared for. However. If this were so then the earth would indeed be man's home. And. .Paradise. described in Genesis as "the breath of life" which we know as spirit. the Code which it should follow.the driver has both vehicle and driving licenses.the physical body . Only later as it travels on the Highway of Life is it shown the direction which it should take.

provide shelter and food. how they instinctively care for their young. It was then aware of its spiritual origin to which it was linked by threads of radiation through which it received guidance. which the human spirit must follow. For a number of reasons it has failed to do so. Not only that. Nature determines that such conditions are found only in material planes of consciousness such as the earth. Many readers will have seen films showing the family life of animals in the wild. is determined by natural laws and by inclinations with which it has. the human spirit was first incarnated on earth. but developed human spirits such as the prophets and forerunners were sent at particular turning points in history in order to . Our task in examining this Highway Code must include some references to the causes of this failure. Thus the path. thousands of years ago. A plant seed must be sown where it has access to water. air and nutrients normally found in the soil in order that it may germinate. as it were. In much the same way the human spirit is intended to live in harmony with nature and to learn The Highway Code of Life by observation. Similarly. avoid danger and survive by observing the laws of nature. it was aware of the nature beings with whom it could communicate. the spirit seed must be exposed to those conditions which enable it to develop and mature. it was much easier than now for it to behave naturally.The unconscious spirit is unable to gain the degree of maturity necessary for its development whilst in Paradise any more than a seed can develop while it remains in the packet or attached to the fruit or flower. been programmed. grow and bear fruit. When. it was conscious of the path of development to be followed and was not tempted by distractions.

Rather than gain spiritual knowledge we have amassed worldly goods. We were given the opportunity to develop and become “Lords of Creation“by exercising free will in the correct way. we humans have been granted free will. You may well consider that it is only natural for us to be most aware of bodily needs. In spite of this help we have all strayed to the extent that many are completely unaware of their origin. The main reason for this is the fact that.ensure that we kept to the designated Highway. In other words. it is hard to find evidence of anything other than physical wants being satisfied. In lieu of spiritual goals we have chosen exclusively earthly ones. We have allowed the instrument of the spirit to atrophy and have over-developed the instrument which controls the body. we need . the driver on the Highway of Life must be the spirit. This was intended to motivate us to acquire knowledge by gaining those experiences which would assist our journey back to the Luminous Heights of Paradise. Yet. the balance must be restored. Instead we have directed our free will to less worthy goals. Everything is geared to stimulating and satisfying physical desires. It has already been indicated that the inner core of man is spirit. the body should be driven by the spirit and not the other way around. looking around today. unlike animals. and it is this which animates the various cloaks or bodies inhabited. Thus a state of imbalance has arisen and. let alone the fact that they should be observing a spiritual Highway Code. If the spirit is the driver then it is the body which represents the car. In their natural state animals have no choice but to follow their instinct. in order that we may complete the journey back to Paradise.

By maintaining purity of thought. but the usurper must be dethroned. If the Highway Code of Life is to be recognized then the spirit must be re-instated in the driving seat. not only is the spirit given opportunity to restore its power but also the channels to and within the brain are purged. in other words to show us direction to travel.warmth and shelter.a usurper. Having commenced the task of re-awakening the spirit and opened paths through which the intuition may offer guidance. love and appreciation. we now have a foundation for examining The Highway Code of . But the driver has been displaced for so long it will need time and effort to revive his abilities and faculties.and of course while it is right that these needs should be met what is not often realized is that the spirit has comparable needs of which most of us remain ignorant. it must be able to channel that guidance effectively and without distortion to the brain .. The Grail Message. This means that the car (representing the body) lacks a proper driver and has only a substitute . And for many it may remain so.the seat of the intellect which has hitherto usurped the position of the driver. In fact. No wonder there is an imbalance. These few words have great significance.. If the spirit is to be able to drive properly. is “to keep the hearth of your thoughts pure”. The first step as given in “In The Light of Truth”. food and drink. the part which should be driven is now actually the driver. and the usurper put in its proper place. This is because the existence of the spirit has been denied by so many for so long that to all intents and purposes it is inactive. The “hearth of the thoughts” is the intuition which is the voice of the spirit. Not only then must he be re-instated.

Everyone knows that if he plants potatoes those are what he will grow. the likely consequence is that growth will cease and the plant will die. Whereas earthly seed has its season. This is because from the first earthly incarnation. at other times as a number of laws to be observed. which results from seed sown in the past. if you sow a radish seed and the soil is fertile. however you are impatient and want to know if the seed is growing and dig it up in order to find out. However much as you wish it. And just as seed yields a multiple harvest so the results of our actions return to us magnified many times. thoughts and deeds are also seed. built by our thoughts. the fruit of which we will one day reap. that shall he also reap”. but you are invited to examine them as a combination of natural influences or inclinations as in a game of consequences! For example. nature provides that in due course a radish plant will appear. However the Law not only applies to the seed we put into the ground. good and bad. a fixed period of growth.Life. This example of cause and effect was simply expressed by Christ as: “Whatsoever a man soweth. We remain connected as if by an umbilical cord with the seed that has been sown until the reaction brought about by “cause and effect “has been “worked out”. In this way our destiny or karma has been formed. So the first observation from the Highway Code is that you reap as you sow. This has sometimes been described as a collection of rules. If. it is not possible to determine when the fruits of our deeds will appear. each of us has continually sown "seed" from which the fruit is . words and deeds. Our intuitive perceptions. Indeed we continually stand in the middle of a harvest of fruit. beetroot will not grow where radish seed is sown.

Justice demands that we must make amends for wrongdoing. Let us call the first section of the Highway Code "cause and effect". We meet only that to which we have first given cause. a day will come when redemption is complete. and is the next step to the one on which we stood on leaving the previous earth life. each human spirit will be faced with what it has previously put into the world. Whether rich or poor. there is nothing new in it. in what we call "the other side". It offers just the opportunities we need. What may be new to some is the fact that the happenings. We should always look for the good in people and in life generally. There are no injustices of birth. on the other hand. fate is just the settling of old debts. the time and the place at which we are allowed a new earth life which is intended to show us how best to progress and mature. by continuous observance of the Highway Code. Provided progress is made. sooner or later. joy and happiness arise from the good thoughts and deeds for which we are responsible.continually being harvested. so that every misfortune is seen as an opportunity to progress on life's journey. of course. The elements of The Highway Code bring reward as well as punishment. in apparently favourable or unfavourable circumstances. we leave the earth plane for the last time. indeed. build a protective wall around us so that only a symbolic atonement is required. the consequences. Each of us has heard of it before. the load of debt is shed and. we ourselves provided the reason. The reciprocal action may take effect in the same earth life as the seed was sown. Equally. Counter currents of good fruit. . in a subsequent incarnation or. Rest assured that.

Even in the most minute things the lesson manifests in the union of the same atoms or molecules. Earth is a great school for mankind. The goal of the human spirit is to attain perfection. to learn lessons. and to redeem past errors. Always people who in some way are suited to each other will come together. That "like attracts like" is evident from even a casual observation of daily life. A single incarnation is not sufficient for it to attain the maturity which would allow it to ascend to the Luminous Heights.” The lesson of “like attracts like” also determines activity in an entirely different field . The scientist can observe it in nature. Whether it concerns a union for religious. The whole social life of earthly mankind takes place under its compulsion. The second section of the Highway Code to be covered will be equally familiar to you as "like attracts like". and each spirit is attracted both to the next class he must attend and to his initial teachers the parents. as for example with the growth of crystals. As Herbert Vollman writes in his essay “The environment of man”: “The solution of social questions and problems is also based on the … Attraction of Homogenous Species. It should not be imagined that this may be accomplished in one earthly life. So within the longer cycle of existence are many shorter cycles of incarnation on earth which provides opportunities to understand the purpose of each earth life. professional. economic or political reasons.that of incarnation. This fact applies to the entire Highway Code of Life. .are ubiquitous throughout Creation.

Normally the spirit awaiting incarnation is attracted by the parent with whom there is greatest affinity. . Additional power is developed in a thought centre so that. it seeks to join with similar thoughts released by others and a thought collective or thought centre is formed. The inclinations which the spirit has in common with the parent cause it to approach one of a similar type.It is often assumed that talents are inherited. Another field in which this quality is evident is that of thought forms. artistic talents manifest generation after generation. envy and violence. our thoughts are added to those woven by others. only material or physical attributes may be inherited from parents. having the same deficiencies and attributes. The apparent heredity of talents is accounted for by the operation of “like attracts like”. Talents are an attribute of the spirit and therefore cannot be inherited. the same trend may often be observed in distant lands. As a thought is sent out by its originator. to a greater or lesser extent. In a way similar to that in which people of like mind are attracted to one another. This is fine when the thought is of an upbuilding nature. Whether we like it or not. There are families in which. in accordance with “like attracts like”. The universal and neutral power which is drawn upon and developed by thought forms is very potent and much more attention should be given to our thoughts. so thoughts are attracted to those of the same kind. Unfortunately many of the thoughts upon which men dwell today are of greed. when a new trend appears in one part of the world. However. Spiritually each person is a complete being with complete and sole responsibility for himself. They bring about blessing or disaster for the individual as for whole nations and no one can escape responsibility for them.

Through using "like attracts like" we may thus focus and direct the power of thought so that those who are open to good influences are strengthened. emanates from the higher spheres of the Cosmos. Conversely we can through thoughts of hatred. In this way we may be involved in deeds of a horrific nature because we strengthened the perpetrator through similar thought forms which emanated from us. Ignorance of the Highway Code is no excuse for failing to observe it! As mentioned earlier. and. the last of these being the astral and physical bodies. also attracted coverings or cloaks from the spheres through which it passed. of course. however. but also of word and deed. During this process the energy is. as it passes through the various spheres down to the material globes. coming from its high origin. particles from each sphere are attracted to it. we should each strive for purity not only of thought. the sick healed and those in distress are comforted. exert an influence on someone unknown to us to commit an offence which he would not otherwise dream of doing. Those who have learned to ride a bicycle will know that initially it was difficult to remain in the saddle and that when you lost your balance there was only one result. Thus it is that the spirit of man. for example. The source of the energy which we know as gravity is therefore at . which is generally considered as the attraction of objects to the center of the earth. an effect associated with Sir Isaac Newton.Since thoughts use spiritual power they affect not only the originator but also others who are open to them. you fell off! We know that this is due to the effect of gravity. All energy. Since then many have attempted to explain the source or reason for gravitational energy. transformed so that it is suitable for the various uses made of it.

And the talking epidemic. and in this way powers will be stored up within you. because they also hold threads which run and knot in the same way as the threads of your thoughts and actions. If you have ever tuned your radio in to a talk radio station you will hear examples of this. and all that is disturbing sinks downwards in accordance with the Law of Gravity. rather than speed us on our way. As soon as you desire to say only what is useful. you will become more silent and reserved.the highest point of Creation and the energy is present throughout Creation and not merely on earth. which I already described as the power of silence. Many of them will drag us down. and you yourselves will become lighter and be uplifted in the light of your words. as man should always have done from the outset. Observation of our fellow man will show that a common weakness . when you no longer wish to speak needlessly. many of which are useful but most of which are not. There are so many ways in which gravity affects our progress on the Highway of Life but I wish to mention only two of them. Inevitably on our paths we collect various items. . We should learn to guard our words. it will become natural to you. Then man will hardly take up a third of that time with his talking which he still spends upon it today. maybe in order to be sociable or perhaps we just like expressing our views on different subjects. In this connection may I again quote from “The Grail Message”: “If your speech is true and good you will have a furthering effect.which we all share . With the best of intentions we engage in conversations about this and that. because all that is unnecessary is disturbing in Creation.

is at the end of an earth life. On so-called death. the nether regions. it must either sink to a level where the same spiritual density and weight prevail as that which it bears within. which I wish to give. he allows himself to be drawn ever further downwards in accordance with the Law of Gravitation. allowing it to sink away as being useless. Today many human spirits are weighed down with guilt to the extent that they descend to regions lower than the earth. The next to be examined concerns movement. or it can ascend to those heights also equal to its weight. on departing from it he has no choice but to move to that plane determined by gravitation. Others less heavy find themselves earth-bound. elsewhere the Law determines that he is attracted to those of like "weight". thus. Once again simple observation shows that everything in Creation is motion. . It will be understood that the three main features of the Highway Code so far examined interact so that the path followed by a human spirit may be determined by the operation of more than one. Other influences operate harmoniously in conjunction with these three. which presses downwards all that is unnecessary in Creation. and do not regard the evil of thoughtless prattling too lightly!” The other example of the effect of gravity. while only a few progress to the ethereal.Unfortunately. Therefore heed your words. animistic or spiritual planes. however. as man's spirit leaves the earth following the Law of Gravitation. On earth he may associate with whom he pleases. you men. he prefers superficial chatter to a noble silence. Man may choose where he lives on earth.

a goal which is a spiritual one as well as an earthly one. leading to birth in the beyond. While on earth and enjoying his free will. while others find themselves so occupied that they wonder how they ever found time to work! Often those who keep active enjoy a healthier and longer period of "retirement" than the less active. Reference has already twice been made for the need for balance. On "retirement" many seek a life of ease and comfort. The saying "stagnation is retrogression. A balance is needed between work and play. . Everything in Creation is subject to this influence. if it is persistently ignored. therefore. in giving and receiving. in what we eat and drink. And that is why man should always have a goal towards which he directs his energy. Death is merely the closing of one door and the opening of another.In many cases the degree of movement is not perceptible to the physical eye but neither mountains nor heavenly bodies remain static.” reminds us that movement alone ensures progress and preservation of everything that is to be found in Creation. How ironic it is. man may choose to ignore the fact of constant motion but he is subject to it nonetheless. at funeral services to hear the words "Let his soul rest in peace" or "may he have eternal rest". once in connection with riding a bicycle and once about balancing our physical and spiritual needs. whether it be the interaction of the forces of the celestial bodies or the sense of balance of the physical body. Although unconsciously. we all sense the need to maintain balance each day in the process of breathing in and out. complete downfall. We are disturbed when something "upsets our balance" because imbalance causes obstruction and disquiet and.

comprising many millions of years. on his path through life. In the same way that each is aware of the need for balance. by his greed.Perhaps the greatest outrage perpetrated by man is his exploitation of the earth whereby the balance of nature has been disrupted. so is it also with the Universes. fresh Universes and celestial bodies are then formed. Think of how quickly congestion builds up on a motorway when traffic is held up for any reason! Or how a drought can cause a clear stream to become a series of stagnant pools. Man has. Retribution will be exacted for the willful disregard of this need and for which all will suffer. this is a Cosmic Turning Point. in the dipping of sheep to the elimination of whole species of birds and animals. Naturally . during which a certain phase of development is concluded and a new one prepared. animals and human beings there are transitions in the process of maturing. there comes for every Universe a last Turning Point. and each time a Universe turns from its previous state of development towards a new state of maturity. after which it enters the state of over ripeness. the pollution of sea and earth by the dumping of poisonous wastes and spraying of harmful chemicals. It is said that such a last Turning Point has now come for our planet because its cycle is coming to the end and thus to dissolution. Just as in a small way in the case of plants. But at some time in the cycle. This is followed by decomposition and dissolution into the original substance. from which new. demonstrated contempt for the need for balance. he observes this aspect of the Highway Code. The devastation of the rain forests. These too have states of maturity from one stage to the next. Each of us should try to ensure that. so we know the importance of keeping on the move.

At the next service station we pulled in to see if we. From other drivers who had done the same. As it was dark and I was tired. hazard lights flashing. had sustained damage. too. there to help in continuing the work which is the ultimate goal. By the time I was fully awake all was quiet and my wife was driving serenely on. We found later that the car's steering .this is a process covering thousands of years during which everincreasing revolutionary events of all kinds manifest. However. Suddenly there was a bang as the car hit something. we learned that we also had clipped a large wheel which had been jettisoned by a lorry. There it has the opportunity of germinating and gaining consciousness in order to mature to self-consciousness and then completing the cycle by being drawn back to its spiritual home. continuing in those planes through which it passes in order to reach the earth. the further development of Creation. to a greater or lesser extent delay our journey. we may be overtaken by unforeseen events which. It could never re-enter the spiritual sphere had that not been its point of origin. my wife was driving and I was just dozing off. the drivers inspecting their damaged cars. Regardless of how careful we are to observe the Highway Code. For man the operation of the Cycle is not limited to his incarnations on earth which are merely stages in a much longer and more significant cycle. After visiting London my wife and I were motoring home on an unlit stretch of the M1. we noticed several vehicles had drawn up on the hard shoulder. starting as an unconscious spirit seed in the spiritual sphere. That cycle concerns his existence.

words and actions are in accord with the spiritual Highway Code we will know that every event is meant to help us find the way home and speed us on that journey. But we should also remember that "like attracts like". If thoughts. Thus. The spirit within is gradually released and unfolds so that it is able unconsciously to absorb guidance from Above. We should remember that there is a reason for everything which happens to us whether it be reward or punishment. If the fruit is unpleasant then we are inclined to blame anything or anyone but ourselves. Some of us are rightly concerned about the effect of karma. Since we took that first decisive step to "keep the hearth of our thoughts pure" we continued to attract similar attributes. when the fruit is some kind of reward when an unexpected gift falls into our lap we generally accept it as our due without expressing a word of thanks. although we had driven safely home. The result is that as we keep to the Highway Code we change inwardly. when the reaction of bad karma hits us. As we recall the fact that we must "reap as we sow".had been quite badly damaged. it has only a symbolic effect on . The relevance of this story is that we cannot expect our journey on life's highway to be uneventful. And it is true that we and we alone must remove them. we fear that we have placed many obstacles on the path ahead. On the other hand. Either in this life or in a previous one we have sown a seed and probably forgotten all about it which has borne fruit just when we least expected it. we ourselves are responsible for the obstruction. But we should remember that when the path is blocked by stones or some other obstacle.

It is from such a “map” that The Highway Code Of life has been traced. The “map” is the Grail Message. They may indeed reach their destination-but after taking how many wrong roads? Surely it is better to have. Such an understanding is partial and not knowledge. writing and talking which enable an understanding to be gained are necessarily intellectual. both on earth and in the beyond. therefore. in addition to a Highway Code. real progress is made on the highway. would you not look up the route on a map or perhaps consult the AA? How much more vital it is to know the route to your spiritual home! Yet many people. we are looking at parts of a spiritual Highway Code. it is vital to have a destination in mind and know the way. If you were visiting a strange town in an unknown area. details of which are given at the end of this booklet. relatively speaking. At least one of the obstacles on our path has automatically been removed! It is emphasized that the actions of reading. True maturity comes more through spiritual development than from intellectual erudition. . When we allow the spirit to gain knowledge by experiencing the ups and downs of life. In referring to the need for movement. balance. a map which shows not only the road to be followed but also the possible dangers to be avoided.what is now. the completion of the cycle and the significance of gravity. are content to keep driving in the hope that the signpost-which they themselves placed-will show the way. No matter how well we know the Highway Code or how efficient our mode of transport. good.

the Highway Code is given as The Eternal Laws. however. These. in the order which they are presented are: The Law of Reciprocal Action The Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species The Law of Gravitation The Law of Movement The Law of Balance The Law of the Cycle .In the Grail Message. .