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The Latest Open Source Software Available and the Latest Development in ICT

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Nur Fatin Liyana Bt Rosli 4sn2/2013 970523 0! 542!

The binary code coming out of the computer must also be translated into something usable for the operator.1"0 Intro#u$tion %eanin& o' ()en *our$e *o't+are . Since a computer s primary language is binary. and improve the software. spreadsheets. 2" /))li$ation so't+are! "ncludes programs that do real wor# for users. This permits users to use. devices are necessary to convert our input into that language. and database management systems fall under the category of applications software. . %eanin& o' .ar#+are A computer s hardware consists of the physical components necessary to operate and interact with a computer. $or e%ample. and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified forms. %eanin& o' *o't+are Software is often divided into two categories! 1" *ystem so't+are: "ncludes the operating system and all the utilities that enables the computer to function.(**Open source software (OSS) is defined as computer software for which the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license that meets the Open Source Definition or that is in the public domain. change. word processors.

$edora is always free for anyone to use.(*2"1 %eanin& o' ()en *our$e (* Open Source Operating System is the most important program that runs on a computer that is free to use. "mproved des#top.01inu% distribution for everyone. "t is built by people across the globe who wor# together as a community! the $edora 2ro-ect. . 2"2 23am)les o' ()en *our$e (* A user friendly operating system based on )D&. )ubuntu is the . change. 4ubuntu Linu3 *ith a predictable + month release cycle and part of the . and improve the software. updated applications and increased usability features are -ust a few of the surprises with this latest release. the ) Des#top &nvironment./. The $edora 2ro-ect is open and anyone is welcomed to -oin. #eeping trac# of files and directories on the dis#. and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified forms. sending output to the display screen. modify.buntu pro-ect.2"0 01e Latest ()en *our$e ()eratin& *ystem . &very general'purpose computer must have an operating system to run other programs. and controlling peripheral devices such as dis# drives and printers. Fe#ora Linu3 A 1inu%'based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. such as recogni(ing input from the #eyboard. and distribute. Operating systems perform basic tas#s.

/"4 systems.3"0 01e Latest ()en *our$e /))li$ation *o't+are 3"1 %eanin& o' ()en *our$e /))li$ation *o't+are Open Source Application Software (also called as end'user programs) includes database programs. change. *5uirrel %ail An email application (for reading and writing email through a web client program) supporting "3A2 and S3T2 and available for *indows and 3ac as well as 1inu% and other ./"4 systems. . ()en (''i$e picture drawing and data base access) compatible with all other ma-or office application sets such as Office and available for *indows and 3ac as well as 1inu% and other . "t is free to use. and spreadsheets. and improve the software. and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified forms. spreadsheet manipulation. word processors. 3"2 23am)les o' ()en *our$e /))li$ation *o't+are An office application set (for word processing.

< 8ro$essor %o#el (8N 0ray (8N 8IB ()eratin& %o#e 32 Bit ()eratin& %o#e !4 Bit *o$9et Re7ision Base *)ee# .S64 ..+99 .@nm 7 7 Oct @@.:.4"0 01e Latest 6e7elo)ment in IC0 4"1 ..4BL2 Ca$1e Count L3 Ca$1e *i:e ..=99 ?@99 .@98@ .:*ystem Bus *)ee# .:Boost *)ee# .%.4BC%(* Release #ate A3D $4 7'5ore 6lac# &d $4'7899 $D7899*3*7).ar#+are A3D $4 +'5ore 6lac# &dition $4 +899 $D+899*3*+).>99 A9 5 =? * 7> + 89@7 + >8=@ .S64 :es :es A3.99 . $D+899*3.. $D7899*3.olta&es %a3 0em)s .%..%.4BL1 Ca$1e Count L2 Ca$1e *i:e .C<atta&e L1 Ca$1e *i:e . @98@ 87 Bun.

is identical to the concurrently released update for 2hotoshop 5S?. added new creative design tools and provided a redesigned interface with a focus on enhanced performance.9. 5S+ also features a customi(able auto'save feature.D ob-ectst. and 5or#. it boasts a more unified.8. .9 new features and improvements were included by reFuest. the development team revealed the new technologies under development. 5S? introduces new tools such as the 5ontent'Aware $ill. with new versions of some of the applications. are among a few things that are featured in this new editor. as well as layers.ser "nterface accordingly. the Eule'of'Thirds cropping tool. 8@. and the canvas will reorient itself so that the line drawn becomes hori(ontal. 5S+ allows bac#ground saving.? (5S?. Adobe has responded to feedbac# from graphic designers and has modified the . Adobe 5reative Suite ?.7.SD+== and the e%tended version is . The price for 5S+ is . This was created with the intention that users will draw a line parallel to a plane in the image. the tools can be applied to over more than one frame in a video seFuence.. it is possible to simultaneously edit an image. 5olor and e%posure ad-ustments. A new materials library was added.?. 6ristle Tips and 2uppet *arp. The community also had a hand in the additions made to 5S? as . Adobe 2hotoshop 5S+ brought a suite of tools for video editing.D and video editing. . providing more options such as 5hrome. and reorient the image to that plane to easier achieve certain perspectives. Eefine &dge. where a user simply draws a line anywhere on an image. and ad-usts the media accordingly. "n 3ay @988. /#obe )1otos1o) C*5 2hotoshop 5S? was launched on 8@ April @989. 3i%er 6rush. and is easier to #eep trac# of all the palettes and documents. @98@. including three'dimensional brushes and warping tool. /ew features have been added to the 5ontent'Aware tool such as the 5ontent'Aware 2atch and 5ontent'Aware 3ove. the user is presented with a handful of options of e%porting into a few popular formats. 5S+ brings the CstraightenC tool to 2hotoshop.These include automatic image straightening. 5S? &%tended includes everything in 5S? plus features in . released in 3ay @98@.lass.The new Shadow 5atcher tool can be used to further enhance .pon completion of editing.$or motion graphics. . color pic#up and saving an 8+'bit image as aB2&.SD===. preventing any wor# from being lost. Another feature includes the Adobe 3ini 6ridge which allows for efficient file browsing and management. which means that while another document is compiling and archiving itself. "ts version of 2hotoshop. /ow.4"2 *o't+are /#obe )1otos1o) $s! 2hotoshop 5S+. "n a video posted on its official $aceboo# page. 2hotoshop 5S+ was released on 3ay A. static loo#. e%cept for support for the new subscription pricing that was introduced with 5S?. version 8@.?) was released.

Adobe Authori(ed Eesellers and Adobe direct sales. "nternet and e' boo# reader capabilities. it is a miniature computer that has phone capability. $or others.A connector. pervasive computing is the result of computer technology advancing at e%ponential speeds ' a trend toward all man'made and some natural products having hardware and software. "n other words.6oth products are compatible with "ntel'based 3ac OS and *indows 42. "nternet capability and artificial intelligence. *indows Gista. 2ervasive computing goes beyond the realm of personal computers. can be imbedded with chips to connect the device to an infinite networ# of other devices. is to create an environment where the connectivity of devices is embedded in such a way that the connectivity is unobtrusive and always available.SD+== and the e%tended version is . Also called ubiFuitous computing. 8ersonal 6i&ital /ssistant .SD===. and0or a built'in full #eyboard or e%ternal .86/- . There is no industry standard definition of a smartphone. The goal of pervasive computing. and *indows A 5"0 8er7asi7e Com)utin& 5"1 %eanin& The idea that technology is moving beyond the personal computer to everyday devices with embedded technology and connectivity as computing devices become progressively smaller and more powerful. voice recognition.6oth 5S? and 5S? &%tended are offered as either a stand' alone application or feature of Adobe 5reative Suite ?. 5"2 23am)les A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities. a smartphone is a phone that runs complete operating system software providing a standardi(ed interface and platform for application developers.The price for 5S? is . a smartphone is simply a phone with advanced features li#e e'mail. often with *mart)1one 25'li#e functionality. from clothing to tools to appliances to cars to homes to the human body to your coffee mug.S6 #eyboard and G. $or some. "t is the idea that almost any device.5S? and 5S? &%tended were made available through Adobe s online store. which combines current networ# technologies with wireless computing.

org0en02ractice/ote. or portable media players.htm http!00downloadpedia.webopedia.org0wi#i0Juman'computerKinteraction http!00www. also #nown as a palmtop 6esides that.webopedia.html http!00www. so users are free to use. or *ireless *ide'Area /etwor#s (**A/s).asp%HidI.com0T&E30S0software. web browsers.indiana. 3any 2DAs employ touch screen technology. 7"0 Re'eren$e http!00answers.html http!00en. we can easily give the computer commands and the computer will grant your wish.au0@99A0880@+0pentium'. change.edu0Lovpit0presentations0ipcres0tsld99?.wi#ipedia.org0wi#i0AdobeK2hotoshopM5S+ .com0articleK+A.wi#ipedia.org0OpenKSourceKOperatingKSystems http! enabling them to be used as mobile phones.com0T&E30J0hardware. 3any 2DAs can access the "nternet via *i'$ and improve the software.wi#ipedia.articlealley.A personal digital assistant (2DA) is a handheld computer. 2ervasive 5omputing is to ma#e our lives easier because we can interact with computers. /ewer 2DAs also have both color screens and audio capabilities.+=7K88.org0wi#i0OpenKsourceKsoftware http!00www. !"0 Con$lusion Open Source can be used by anyone and because it has no copyright claims.8>@ http!00etbe.html http!00www.'vs'pentium'70 http!00www.ictregulationtool#it. and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified forms.com0Fuestion0inde%HFidI@99>9A8=@887?8AA=/$vs http!00en.