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ENGL5008 Introduction to the Sound System of English 3 5

Pre- /Co-requisite / Exclusion: ENGL5001, ENGL500 !nd ENGL500" Exclusion Objectives #his is ! course to introduce the sound system of English to students $ho h!%e no &!c'ground 'no$ledge in (honetics or (honology) In this course, the &!sic conce(ts in (honetics $ith reference to the (roduction of English sounds !re introduced) Students $ill le!rn !&out the (hysiologic!l !s(ects of hum!n s(eech sounds, $ith em(h!sis on English sounds, !nd ho$ linguists ch!r!cteri*e !nd study them) #he differences &et$een English !nd other sound systems +such !s ,!ntonese !nd -!nd!rin. !re !lso highlighted for further underst!nding of ho$ these differences m!y le!d to s(eci!l fe!tures in the s(o'en English (roduced &y le!rners of English) /(on com(letion of the su&0ect, students $ill &e !&le to: !) underst!nd the (rinci(les of the I12 sym&ols !nd &e !&le to use them, &) ch!r!cteri*e their o$n (ronunci!tion !s $ell !s th!t of others, !nd c) identify fe!tures rele%!nt to the le!rning of English sounds) • 3h!t is (honetics4 • Sounds !nd s(elling !nd the use of I12 +Intern!tion!l 1honetic 2l(h!&et. • 3h!t is (honics4 • 1roduction !nd descri(tion of English conson!nts: o&struents • 1roduction !nd descri(tion of English conson!nts: sonor!nts • 1roduction !nd descri(tion of English %o$els: mono(hthongs • 1roduction !nd descri(tion of English %o$els: di(hthongs !nd tri(hthongs • Some &!sic conce(ts in stress !nd inton!tion • 5!ri!tions in (ronunci!tions: (honetic %!ri!tions • 5!ri!tions in (ronunci!tions: region!l %!ri!tions • Some fe!tures of s(o'en English in 6ong 7ong Inter!cti%e lecture8semin!rs $ill hel( le!rners ex(lore the conce(ts used in the descri(tion !nd !n!lysis of the English sounds) In the lecture8semin!rs, le!rners $ill h!%e the o((ortunity to (r!ctice the use of the I12 sym&ols, to descri&e !nd ch!r!cteri*e English s(eech sounds, to discuss issues !rising from the !((lic!tion of the &!sic conce(ts of (honetics in their o$n e%eryd!y s(o'en English !s $ell

Intended Learning Outcomes

Subject S no!sis/ Indicative S llabus

Teac"ing / Learning #et"odolog

) Doston. #he mini8(ro0ect $ill en!&le students to further integr!te the s'ills !nd conce(ts in the !n!lysis of !uthentic d!t!) Student Stud E&&ort 'equired . $eighting Intended su&0ect le!rning outcomes to &e !ssessed ! &   c   1) 2n in8cl!ss o(en &oo' <ui* ) 2 mini (ro0ect !n!ly*ing some !uthentic English s(eech #ot!l 30.!m&ridge /ni%ersity 1ress) L!defoged. #ot!l student study effort 'eading List and 'e&erences Required text 2sh&y. ?ther student study effort:  1> $'s. . 1!trici!) 005) Speech Sounds) + Ne$ Bor': @outledge) nd Lecture8semin!r +3 hrs x 1> > 6rs) Exercise (re(!r!tion + hr x @e!ding m!teri!ls +3 hr x 8 6rs) > 6rs) 11 6rs) Edition.!m&ridge: .) London A Highly recommended texts @o!ch. 1eter) 00") English Phonetics and Phonology +>th Edition. =0.l!ss cont!ct:  $'s.) . +1.h!rles 3) 00C) Describing spoken English: an .!s the !n!lysis of other le!rners9 s(o'en English) $ssessment #et"ods in $lignment %it" Intended Learning Outcomes S(ecific !ssessment methods:t!s's .   100. #he in8cl!ss <ui* $ill en!&le le!rners to use !nd !((ly the conce(ts le!rned in the su&0ect in ! (r!ctic!l sense) + . -!ss: #homson 3!ds$orth) 7reidler. 1eter) 00C) A Course in Phonetics) +5th Edition.  1> $'s.

-!ri!nne. 1eter !nd Sus!n Ehrlich) 1"" ) Teaching American English Pronunciation) ?xford: ?xford /ni%ersity 1ress) . 0to. 2) B) 3). /7: . -!r') 1""5) Pronunciation !ames) . 1ronunci!tion (!ge htt(:::elc)(olyu)edu)h':. 0! . /7: . E) .!m&ridge.) S) 000) English !nd .ILL:(ronunci)htmJListen.elce8-urci!. #) 000) #o$!rds ! (honology of 6ong 7ong English) $orld Englishes 1"+3.introduction) London: @outledge) Further reading on Teaching Pronunciation 2%ery.!m&ridge. 0$ord  Sounds of English htt(:::$$$)soundsofenglish)org: 1re(!red !nd u(d!ted &y .!ntonese (honology in contr!st: ex(l!ining .h!n. .!ntonese ESL le!rners9 English (ronunci!tion (ro&lems) anguage" Culture and Curriculum# 6ung.!m&ridge /ni%ersity 1ress) 6!ncoc'.: 33=835C) (se&ul )ebsites  Intern!tion!l 1honetic 2ssoci!tion htt(:::$$$)l!ngsci)ucl)!c)u':i(!:  1honetic Gl!sh htt(:::$$$)(hon)ucl)!c)u':home:0ohnm:fl!sh:fl!shin)htm  English sounds $ith !nim!ted demonstr!tion !t htt(:::$$$)uio$!)edu:H!c!dtech:(honetics:english:fr!meset)ht ml  #he ?/1 $e&site $ith English sound demonstr!tion htt(:::$$$)ou()com:elt:glo&!l:(roducts:englishfile:englishfile1 :*I(ronunci!tion:  671/ EL. Eonn! -) Drinton !nd F!net -) Good$in) 1""C) Teaching Pronunciation: A Reference for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other anguages) . A Li.!thy S)1) 3ong + > -!y 010.!m&ridge /ni%ersity 1ress) Selected References on Hong Kong English .