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Application of Entrepreneur / Incubate

1. APPLICANT INFORMATION A) Applicant' !entrepreneur) na"e #) A$e% C) E&ucational 'ualification % () Po tal A&&re % N.C.MAULIKA 18 B-Tech Department of Civil En ineerin ! "#KA$A%U $AN"A$A%U IN&TITUTE #' EN"INEE$IN" AND TEC(N#L#")! Bach*pall+! (+,era-a,! A.. /1/011120003 N# ma*li4anc5 No B tech 6Civil En ineerin 7 Thir, +ear! 3n, 8eme8ter

E) Telep)one/"obile% F) Fa*% +) E"ail% ,) -eb ite !if an.)% I) Current profe tatu % ional/ e"plo."ent

/. COMPAN0 INFORMATION A) ,a1e .ou re$i tere& a co"pan.2 $i1e &etail % #) Na"e of applicant co"pan./fir"% C) Location fro" 3)ic) co"pan. i operatin$ () Relation )ip 3it) t)e #u ine No NIL NIL

Incubator/,o t In titute NIL NIL ector)

E) Co"pan. ector Manufacturin$/4er1ice

F) In1e t"ent in plant an& "ac)iner. !R 555555555555 la6) ) !For "anufacturin$ ector)/In1e t"ent in e7uip"ent !For er1ice +) Co"pan. (efinition are $i1en in Micro/4"all/Me&iu" )ttp%//333.&c" "e.$ iin&ia/&efination5" "e.)t"

ition of 8*ch an a ent to the concrete mi. novel -acteria -a8e. &+nthetic pol+mer8 8*ch a8 epo. (ence! a . a -enefit -+ e.e.ecrea8e8 the permeation propertie8 of concrete.e. al8o re:*ire8 e.ama e.*ce. poro8it+.*ce8 repair co8t8 8i nificantl+.pen8ive maintenance in the form of repair8. Micro-crac48 are therefore the main ca*8e to 8tr*ct*ral fail*re. concrete 8tr*ct*re8 -+ emplo+in a 8elective micro-ial pl* in proce88! in 9hich meta-olic activitie8 promote precipitation of calci*m car-onate in the form of calcite.iation of ./inno1ation % Development of Bacteria -a8e.+ treatment etc are c*rrentl+ -ein *8e.e the concrete! re.i8tri-*te. concrete matri.*ction an.t*re 9o*l.e o. Micro-ial car-onate precipitation 9ater. re. o*t! an. re. an. #ne 9a+ to circ*mvent co8tl+ man*al maintenance an.ten.*ction -eca*8e precipitation occ*r8 a8 a -+pro. . in a .l+ repair material i8 nee.i. et8 activate. PRO9ECT INFORMATION A .in the life of the concrete 8tr*ct*re. An inte rate.e-nitrification! 8*lfate re.. that almo8t all -acteria are capa-le of CaC#= pro.ten. *8e of environmental frien. repair an. #*r propo8e. >hen crac4 i8 forme. Thi8 emer in technolo + provi. 8elf healin mechani8m i8 eco-frien. moreover increa8e 8tr*ct*re . A.e ra. anaero-ic 8*lphi. mineral8.epo8ition7 .*cin the performance of the 8tr*ct*re an. -acterial 8pore8 in har.ea i8 to .in the perio. to -e carrie. 8ave man*al in8pection an. for repair of concrete are harmf*l to the environment! hence the *8e of a -iolo ical repair techni:*e in concrete i8 foc*8e.erformance Concrete .ecrea8e of 9ater a-8orption an.ene.8 at 9hich maintenance ha..8.epo8ition of a la+er of calci*m car-onate on the 8*rface of concrete re8*lte.ama e it 8*8taine.evelop an innovative an. 9ater to enter an. 8elf healin mechani8m for the reme. $ecentl+! micro-ial mineral precipitation re8*ltin from meta-olic activitie8 of 8ome 8pecific microor ani8m8 in concrete to improve the overall -ehavior of concrete ha8 -ecome an important area of re8earch. 9ater enter8 the crac4 8*-8e:*entl+ the homo eneo*8l+ . at the 8ta e of preparation of the concrete -+ mi.*ct of common meta-olic proce88e8 8*ch a8 photo8+nthe8i8! ammonification! .*ra-ilit+. i. -+ incorporatin 8pore8 of -acteria of a 8pecial 4in. &elf $eme.iatin (i h .8 into in8ol*-le inor anic calci*m car-onate -a8e. 8elf-healin concrete i8 pro.*cin the . healin a ent 9o*l. A1) Title of t)e tec)nolo$.l+! 8*8taina-le an. (etail of Propo e& I&ea/Inno1ation% It i8 a 9ell 4no9n fact that concrete 8tr*ct*re8 are ver+ 8*8cepti-le to crac4in 9hich allo98 chemical8 an. Bacteria-a8e. th*8 8ave -oth mone+ an.! e. the environment a8 le88 maintenance an. Thi8 -io -a8e.. 6Bacillus subtilis7! in the concrete matri.ation. erminate to -ecome meta-olicall+ active ve etative cell8 that are a-le to convert the or anic n*trient compo* the 8pore 8*8pen8ion in concrete mi. repair i8 to incorporate an a*tonomo*8 8elf -healin mechani8m in concrete. It ha8 -een h+pothe8i<e.

9ill provi.7 *8in environment frien.*rin mi. Ammonification *8*all+ occ*r8 *n.*ra-ilit+ propertie8 . in 9ater. into the concrete .e the con. car-onate 6C#=3-7 ion8. a8 the crac4 fill *p! the 8*ppl+ of o. o-8erve the crac4 healin efficienc+ an. i8 4no9n to .A/) Cate$or.+ en! moi8t*re an.l+ -acteria precipitate calcite 6CaC# =7 cr+8tal8 .+ en. al8o maintain8 the p( of concrete.iate. 637 incorporatin -acteria 9ith n*trient8 into concrete .ation) i8 me. -on. -e active in concrete@8 environment of hi h al4alinit+ an.+ en an. calcite precipitation .ition8 64no9n a8 the -acteria that 9o*l.er8tan. in concrete crac4 reme. 9ill provi.eamination7 9ith the li-eration of ammonia 6N( =7 or ammoni*m ion8 6N(27 9hen .epo8it the calcite mineral8 9hen it i8 8*pplie. The microor ani8m8 9ill . hi hl+ impermea-le 9hich 8eal8 the crac48 in the concrete -+ enhancin the mechanical an.epo8it calci*m car-onate! the cate or+ of application of -io -a8e. The precipitate. Bacterio enic mineral pl* in i8 D -+ 8pra+in -acteria D n*trient 8ol*tion on the prevailin In. proce application/ot)er)% /pro&uct/ne3 Thi8 innovation fall8 * the novel approach in concrete crac4 reme. lo9 o. car-on .*rin it8 micro-ial activitie8 *n. for C the+ are 617 e.e ra. . eval*ate it8 8tren th an.ition8. -acteri*m Bacillus subtilis i8 a-le to precipitate calci*m car-onate 6CaC#=7 in it8 micro-environment -+ the ammonification of amino aci. of tec)nolo$.i. No e. -io-CaC#= ha8 a reat potential a-ilit+ to heal concrete crac48 -eca*8e it i8 nat*ral! environmentall+ frien.i.8 of -io 8ealin approache8 are propo8e.+ crac4e.! ca*8in the microor ani8m8 to hi-ernate a ain! en8*rin the contin*al effectivene88 of the microor ani8m8 in fillin *p crac48 at the 8ame location. .ition8 to ro9. compati-le 9ith the concrete matri.i./inno1ation ! pecif. .*ra-ilit+ re ain an. it8 effect on enhancement of 8tren th proce88 9ill form 8pore8 in the hi hl+ al4aline environment of concrete.ition8 favora-le for ro9th an.*rin mi. car-on . T9o metho.. 9ith n*trient8 an.e at the crac4 face 9ill activate the microor ani8m8 an.e the con.ian con.ition8 favora-le for ro9th. The com-ination of the p( . Bacillus subtilis a non-patho enic al4alophilic microor ani8m commonl+ fo*n.i8tin comm*nit+ innovation proAect i8 8imilar to thi8 propo8e.ative .8 into ammoni*m 6N(2?7 an. Calcite i8 a nat*ral calcareo*8 cementin material! a oo. ri ht con.perimente. Bio-minerali<ation -+ Ammonification 6Ammo aci. a flo9 of o.*ce.*ce. 9or4B therefore! thi8 9ill -e a -i 8tep in *n. The ammonia li-erate.*ce. 8ample 8*rface an.po8*re to air. #nce a crac4 form8! the p( level at the crac4e.*ra-ilit+ propertie8 of the concrete.rop .in a ent an. 8*rface 9ill . -+ Bacillus subtilis %C=.i88olve. 8elf healin material8 a8 civil en ineerin 8ol* 8ta e an. The -acteria intro. .iation in 9hich micro-iolo icall+ in.*e to the e. calcite precipitation 6MIC. The propo8e.ternal reme. in 8oil an. B*t the challen e 9a8 fin.rop 9ill -e interr*pte.iation -+ micro-iolo icall+ aero-ic con.l+ an. to -e te8te.

.itional toppin material. Improve . in8tant pavement8.eterioration of -ric4 8tr*ct*re8 ta4e8 place -eca*8e of the pre8ence of moi8t*re. . i8 availa-le from 8oil an.eterioration. i8 non-patho enic ram-po8itive -acteria.epo8ition on cementitio*8 material-Cementitio*8 material8 68tone! concrete! mortar7 are prone to in re88 of 9ater an. 13.*cin 9ater a-8orption 11. Bioconcrete. other partic*late matter. Bio-man*fact*re. 8ealant a8 it form8 a ne9 la+er a-ove the 8*rface of the ol.ation 2. 11. i8 environmental frien.. . . Thi8 f*rther enhance8 the 8tren th an. -ric48. 8tat*ar+B 3. 8.iation of crac48 D MIC. 8an.re8ervation an.pen8ive -*t thi8 approach of healin crac48 i8 le88 e.e an. i8 a oo.l* in the pore8 of the oil-recover re8ervoir roc4 an. con8oli. re8toration of lime8tone mon*ment8 an.ation technolo + 0. t)e potential area of application in in&u tr.ecrea8e in 9ater permea-ilit+.rotection an.) 4pecif. . . to their . &o MIC. A -acteri*m *8e.A8) If t)e i&ea in1ol1e u e of e*i tin$ intellectual propert. 1. ne3ne I"pro1e"ent ) /uni7uene of inno1ation !better perfor"ance/ne3 feature / Thi8 -io approach of repairin concrete techni:*e i8 a lo9 to.evelopment. 8elf healin approach 9ill not onl+ achieve 8tr*ct*ral inte rit+! -*t al8o foc*8 on ae8thetic8! 8eal a ain8t intr*8ion of forei n material8! protect a ain8t car-onation! protect a ain8t chlori. Thi8 metho. other . 9ater in re88B an.pen8ive.*ra-le concrete an.2 $i1e &etail of t)e o3ner of t)e a"e an& arran$e"ent of ourcin$ t)e inno1ation an& ter" of it co""erciali:ation% NIL A. &lope 8ta-ili<ation in eotechnical en ineerin F.*ction of -iolo ical mortar8 or cement8B =. Bio.! mo8t of 9hich con8i. for p*rpo8e8 other than 8tren th . .Enhancement of 8tren th an. re8toration of hi8toric herita e 8tr*ct*re8 E.*ra-ilit+ of the 8tr*ct*re a8 thi8 crac4 8ealin re8*lt8 in .Gor 8eal-in preparation for a.eleterio*8 8*-8tance8 that lea. /. Bioreme./"ar6et% There are 8everal application8 for MIC. -ric48. #ther crac4 repair techni:*e8 are e.ere. Bio ro*t-ena-le8 to 8ta-ili<e 8oil an. con8oli. concrete la+er.*ra-ilit+ of concrete 8tr*ct*re8 A<) 4pecif. i8 a-le to increa8e -ric4 8tren th -+ re. proce88 a8 a 8*-8tit*te to cla+-fire. Bio-cementation or Bio-"ro*t i8 a 8an. i8 *8ef*l for t*nnelin ! earth:*a4e repair an.ic 8ol*tion for .l+.-+*ra-ilit+ of -ric48-Mo8t of the . Thi8 -io -a8e.

iation e. a8 or anic fi-er8 9itho*t an+ a. The co8tG-enefit anal+8i8 of -acterial concrete -alance8 the increa8e. for thi8 8t*.ecrea8e of it8 permeation propertie8.e. -+ the fla98 that form the 9ea4e8t lin4! -e the inhomo eneitie8 or capillar+ pore8.pen8ive 8o other .itional repair 8+8tem8 i.ten. a8 -oth are calci*m -a8e.*ct8.eman. to the . Thi8 -io -a8e.8 to a re. Thi8 emer in technolo + provi.! 8+nthetic pol+mer8 have a n*m-er of .ten.8! an.ama e it 8* the perio. a -enefit -+ e. treatment! other 8+nthetic pol+mer treatment8. The -acterial cell8 either .en8it+ an. in a .*e to pore 8tr*ct*re mo.l+ an.evelopment of -acterial concrete i8 n*trient8. re8i8tance to9ar.vanta eo*8 a8pect8 8*ch a8 .pan8ion coefficient than concrete an.*cin the . performance of the fini8he. in n*clear po9er plant8 9here there co*l.pen8ive conventional crac4 repair metho. . the lifetime an. coatin ha8 the life of the concrete 8tr*ct*re. The pre8ence of -io enic calcite cr+8tal8 in pore8 of concrete re8*lte..e mi ration! re8i8tance to aci.8 at 9hich maintenance ha.ver8e effect on the propertie8 of to improve the 8tren th of the pa8te a8 a 9hole! all 8*ch fla98 m*8t -e minimi<e. act a8 or anic fi-er an.8 . pa8te 8tren th.i8a.+ treatment! late. hence improve.ifferent thermal e. for e. o*t! an. allo98 8elf reme. A8 a re8*lt! an increa8e. pac4in . crac4 repair techni:*e i8 environmental frien.*rin man*fact*rin an.ten. '*rthermore the effect of mineral precipitation homo eno*8l+ in -acterial concrete lea..po8*re ri84. 9ill l*e to ether the h+. &elf repair innovation 9ill e. particle8 9hich re. capillar+ poro8it+.8 of crac4 repair 8*ch a8 epo. co8t of the concrete a ain8t 8*-8tantial repair material co8t8! enhance.pen8ive component in the . The 8tren th of the pa8te 9ill -e limite. N*trient8 *8e. or t*rn into en.ification. pro. ae8thetic -enefit8. repairin 8+8tem8 are or anic coatin 8 con8i8tin of volatile or anic compo*n.hi-it a compo8ition 8imilar to cement. -e a ra. to -e carrie. 'or crac4 repair! a variet+ of techni:*e8 are availa-le -*t tra. attac4 an.! e.+ are la-orator+ n*trient8 9hich are :*ite e.Thi8 -io -a8e.*ce8 . free<in an. .8 9here a8 thi8 -io -a8e. tha9in 9a8 notice.*ce. The -enefit8 are apparent at 8tren th an. re.evelopment of ne9 form*lation8 8*ch a8 inor anic coatin material8 ma. In or. The calcite cr+8tal8 forme. al8o po8e environmental an. ma+ 8impl+ remain in the matri. concrete ha8 increa8e. &o -acteria incorporate.e.*ction in inhomo eneitie8 9ithin the pa8te an. #nl+ e.*ce the inter8titial poro8it+ -et9een them. 8elf healin approach i8 a 8*8taina-le alternative to other availa-le chemical metho. The air poll*tin effect of the8e compo*n.8 chlori.*ra-ilit+ an.o8pore8 an.e *p of calci*m-8ilicate compo*n.8.iation in h*man inacce88i-le location8 partic*larl+ in 8e9era e t*nnel area8 an. Thi8 mechani8m i8 of reat intere8t for repair in concrete 8tr*ct*re8 a8 no h*man intervention i8 re:*ire.*ct.rate. in compati-le 9ith concrete matri. 8afet+ of concrete 8tr*ct*re8! re. &everal of the pol+mer -a8e.8! 9hich e. health ha<ar. re.

o*8 for h*man -ein 8 8*ch a8 n*clear po9er plant8 9here f*el 8tora e8 8ho*l. in In. Moreover the+ ma+ .o9n the plant or it i8 ha<ar. repair8! it 9ill *ltimatel+ re. re. . to other co8tl+ crac4 reme. the -iocalcification proce88 in concrete. 8elf healin material8 co*l. &ometime8 repair i8 carrie.iation treatment8 9hich nee.+ in In. an. a8 recommen.*ce8 . A=) 3)at i alrea&.iation -eca*8e -acteria i8 ver+ ine. in repair8 of ancient hi8toric herita e 8tr*ct*re8 of importance it ma+ have potential mar4et val*e. If 8elf-healin concrete can len then the life of the concrete an. ro9n7 . once .8 of crac4 repair8 of the concrete 8tr*ct*re8 partic*larl+ in the area of n*clear 8tr*ct*re8 or ha<ar. prevailin con.*ction of e.iation of the8e 8tr*ct*re8 can -e avoi. (ence! in treatin 8*rface8 of 8tr*ct*re8 9ith 8trate ic an.er8tan. #.*ce the commercial pro. or pol+mer8 for reme.ce88 amo*nt8 of concrete an.*ce maintenance an. compati-ilit+ pro-lem8 alon 9ith hi h ecolo ical footprint. &o finall+ m+ innovative 8ol*tion for 8elf crac4 repair i8 -acterial concrete ! 9hich co*l.ia for pro.*8trial 9a8te8 8*ch a8 corn 8teep li:*or 6C&L7 or lacto8e mother li:*or 6LML7 effl*ent from 8tarch in.*cin -acterial concrete of hi h performance. to re.ian environment con. -e the -e8t 8ol*tion 9hen comin to crac4 reme.*ction co8t of -acterial concrete. Thi8 metho. hi8toric herita e importance! -io -a8e.ifferent material 8+8tem of .ama e the ae8thetic appearance of the 8tr*ct*re8. -e lea4 proof ! repair of 9a8te 9ater 8e9a e pipe8 etc.o*-tf*l lon term performance an. the+ ma+ re8*lt in comple. (o9ever! an+ n*trient8 8*ch a8 ine. Therefore! the 8t*.*ce the pro. to launc))% 1.ine.ition8 i8 ver+ m*ch e88ential to *n.ie8! late. a1ailable in "ar6et> -)at i t)e "ar6et potential > -)at 1alue it -oul& a&& to t)e "ar6et Not m*ch inve8ti ation i8 reporte. Current (e1elop"ent 4tatu of Inno1ation #1) -)at i t)e current &e1elop"ent tatu of t)e Inno1ation / pro&uct or er1ice !-)et)er till an i&ea or rea&.ition8 are totall+ in the U&A 9here the environment an.ia.e. Bacill*8 8*-tili8 i8 availa-le 6i8olate. 9ill -rin revol*tionar+ chan e8 in the approach for metho. Mo8t of the 9or4 i8 . inve8ti ation8 cannot -e 8 an.8 84ille.o*8 9a8te 8tora e 8tr*ct*re8 an.pen8ive an.ecrea8e in C# 3 emi88ion8. A8 a matter of fact! the cement in.ifferent than in In. 8o that overall proce88 co8t re. &o *8e of 8+nthetic a ent8 8*ch a8 epo. re8*lt in a . Thi8 i8 8till in re8earch 8ta e.pen8ive! hi h-proteincontainin in.pen8ive n*trient 8o*rce8 can al8o -e trie.ramaticall+.*8tr+ can al8o -e *8e. -eca*8e the+ intro.eal choice. o*t in the area8 9here it i8 not po88i-le to 8h*t . -e i.evelope. manpo9er.*ce a . ea8il+ availa-le in la-oratorie8 9hen compare.ation8. (ence! their fin.*8tr+ i8 re8pon8i-le for a-o*t 31 percent of all C# 3 emi88ion8 in the 9orl.

*ce maintenance an. of repair8 of the concrete 8tr*ct*re8 partic*larl+ in the area of n*clear 8tr*ct*re8 or ha<ar. e. re8*lt in a . 9ith thi8 re8earch.ecrea8e in C#3 emi88ion8. &o -a8e.era-a.ie8 an.raft. Financial Re7uire"ent C1) (o .olo ie8 are form*late. environmental impact8 are 8t*. A8 a matter of fact! the cement in. an. Hario*8 te8t8 to -e . repair8! it 9ill *ltimatel+ re.At thi8 8tep 9e are in re8earch 8ta e to prove it8 performance fea8i-ilit ! active re8earch an. 9ill chan e con8i.evelopment 6$ID7 i8 initiate. The8e 8t*. on the on mechanical an.ation8 from thi8 re8earch it8 techno-commercial 8tat*8 can -e eval*ate.5Rea&ine T$L = . concrete are i.ie8 an.ie8 can -e . 8t*. =. #8) 4pecif.3.e on it8 commercial fea8i-ilit+.ea a88ociate.roce88e8! concept8 an. B*t if co8t effectivene88! health an.*ction of e.. te8tin metho.our o3n for"at) No A8 of no9 there i8 no commercial i. availa-le in .. in repair8 of ancient hi8toric herita e 8tr*ct*re8 of importance. Thi8 8elf healin techni:*e once .*ra-ilit+ propertie8 of -acteria incorporate.e in -iotechnolo + la-8 of "$IET. . &e1elope& for fiel& te tin$/rea&.*8tr+ i8 re8pon8i-le for a-o*t 31 percent of all C# 3 emi88ion8 in the 9orl. concrete technolo + la-8 9here a8 micro8tr*ct*re 8t*. con8tit*te Jproof-of-conceptJ vali. Nano technolo + la-8 in %NTU (+.entifie. IICT (+.ate that the anal+tical pre.. 9or48 can -e . #/) I&ea rea&ine le1el% 5Le1el)% !a per )ttp%//en. to a88e88 it8 commercial val*e an.or$/3i6i/Tec)nolo$.ou )a1e a bu ine !Attac) bu ine plan for ta6in$ inno1ation fro" lab to "ar6et plan in .era-a. . an. . Both anal+tical 8t*.reparation of -acteria c*lt*re of optim*m cell concentration can -e ma.ie8 to ph+8icall+ vali. concrete in "$IET at rep*te.ce88 amo*nt8 of concrete an. .era-l+ the metho..o*8 9a8te 8tora e 8tr*ct*re8 an.era-a. an.periment8 co*l. %NTU (+.iction8 are ma.3i6ipe&ia. for inten&e& en&?u er>% 1E month8 C. then a relevant recommen. . la-orator+-a8e. patenta-ilit+.ation8 can -e ma. re.e. If 8elfhealin concrete can len then the life of the concrete an. t)e ti"e perio& in "ont) re7uire& for inno1ation to be co"pletel. 2.evelope.*ce the pro.ation of the application8Gconcept8 form*late.

ation8 a-o*t it8 practical *8a-ilit+ an.our inno1ati1e proAect. #) Infor"ation on Patent file&/$rante& !if an.era-a. If o $i1e na"e an& co"plete contact a&&re 3it) p)one an& e?"ail7C Mr. ive recommen.8 alon 9ith techno-commercial val*e! (ence! it can -e A*8tifie.ian con. health ha<ar.rofe88or Department of Civil En ineerin "o4araA* $an araA* In8t. Thi8 i8 an inter. in Concrete 8tr*ct*re8 for In. that -acterial concrete co*l. II OT.) C) NIL An. an.i8ciplinar+ innovative re8earch 9or4 propo8e. C/ -)at le1el of fun&in$ i re7uire& for "a6in$ inno1ation "ar6et rea&.*ct of in. H &riniva8a $e.Thi8 8t*. a3ar& or reco$nition relate& to t)e inno1ation NIL () Plea e inclu&e an.. tea" "e"ber /partner an& "entor / $ui&e in .*8trial or commercial val*e. to .-03 . of En Bach*pall+!(+.@< la6) A4 per MoM4ME c)e"e anne*ure ii C8) Plea e $i1e acti1it. Tech. -e a co8t effective an.+ A88ociate .iation pro. environmental footprint8. fea8i-ilit+ in term8 of co8t 8avin 8! ener + 8avin 8! ecolo ical I environmental effect8 (e1elop"ent/benc)/lab ca/ pro&uction/profe ional er1ice /)irin$ taff/trial /te t "ar6etin$/"i cellaneou )!u e anne*ure if pace i not ufficient) $efer ANNEKU$E I an.?3i e brea6?up !Acti1itie inclu&e &e i$n/protot. to inve8ti ate an.ition8 an.+ i8 mainl+ foc*8e. furt)er infor"ation t)at .evelop a 8*8taina-le concrete material 9ith lo9 car-on an.a5 mail. . efficient 8elf crac4 reme.ER RELATE( INFORMATION A) Are t)ere an.ou 3i ) to co""unicate to u to )elp u in Au&$in$ .com .our application% 1. form*late a 8trate + to pre8ent Bacterial Concrete a8 -e8t innovative 8elf healin metho.honeC /012F8=12/ EmailC vempa. <.

o*8 for h*man -ein 8 8*ch a8 n*clear po9er plant8 9here f*el 8tora e8 8ho*l. thin4in ! to fin. 6no3le&$e.a t)e application been creene& an& e1aluate& at local le1el. ea8il+ availa-le in la-oratorie8 9hen compare. -e lea4 proof ! repair of 9a8te 9ater 8e9a e pipe8 etc.ama e the ae8thetic appearance of the 8tr*ct*re8.eal choice =.MABLICA2 )ereb. innovation8 for9ar.ent8! for o*t-of--o. &ometime8 repair i8 carrie. Moreover the+ ma+ . to thi8 i. &o *8e of 8+nthetic a ent8 8*ch a8 epo. the+ ma+ re8*lt in comple.ifferent material 8+8tem of . 8elf healin material8 co*l. RECOMMEN(ATION4 OF T.iate crac48 -eca*8e -acteria i8 ver+ ine. +i1e &etail ANNEEBRE I Li6el. 8ol*tion8 to concrete pro-lem8. 2.ie8! late.o9n the plant or it i8 ha<ar. (ence! in treatin 8*rface8 of 8tr*ct*re8 9ith 8trate ic an.&eraba& 4i$nature of t)e Applicant =. -eca*8e the+ intro.iation treatment8 9hich nee. to other co8tl+ crac4 reme. 9ith 8elf confi.ea& of t)e or$ani:ation 3it) eal . o*t in the area8 9here it i8 not po88i-le to 8h*t . Thi8 proAect ma+ in8pire an.C. compati-ilit+ pro-lem8 alon 9ith hi h ecolo ical footprint. hi8toric herita e importance! -io -a8e.ea help8 me to ta4e *p m+ re8earch oriente. -e the -e8t 8ol*tion to reme. or pol+mer8 for reme. i true2 co"plete an& to t)e be t of ".iation of the8e 8tr*ct*re8 can -e avoi. enco*ra e 8t*. OT. In La6) ) Non? Recurrin$ E*pen&iture !E7uip"ent)? .ence. manpo9er. -e i. An+ financial ai. (ate an& Place% .ER I2 N. certif.e..E FOR-AR(IN+ OR+ANIDATION (ate an& Place% 4i$nature of t)e .*ce a . M+ innovative 8ol*tion of -io -a8e. E*pen&iture !R . t)at t)e infor"ation furni )e& in t)e application for" fro" Ite" 1?.o*-tf*l lon term performance an.pen8ive an. 8elf crac4 repair in concrete co*l.8 84ille.3. <.

Ma4e an. reaction! activation of c*lt*re8 'or 8tora e of -iochemical8! me. Contin encie8 1. preparation of concrete te8t 8ample8*re - .roc*re.ropo8e.32 $ec*rrin E. to &ri Hen4ate89ara Heterinar+ Univer8it+.+ the pre8ence of calcite cr+8tal8 11.11 No No 8. 1.3E )e8 !a 8mall one F. 1. A*toclave &ecor 1. Mo.pen. 1.e.11 No No! 8ho*l. another for thi8 re8earch e.e.F0 )e8! a 8mall one )e8 -*t nee.&l.No Name of E:*ipmentG 'acilitie8 to -e .1F 1.el of the E:*ipment Total . 0.+ E. #r-ital 8ha4er $emi 1.ropo8e. 1. -e o*t8o*rce.or*8ivel+ Nee. me. 9ater -ath Am-a88a.i8t8 in the Department 6)e8GNo7 1.F1 'or ro9in Inoc*late. Bacteriolo ical Inc*-ator 6one7 Thermo8taticall+ temperat*re controlle. c*lt*re maintenance 'or heatin an. Cinte.11 .ia in re. E:*ipment Alrea.ia preparation 'or mea8*rin p( 'or c*lt*rin an. Co8t in La4h8 %*8tification for .=F 2.e.ient8 an.11 'or accelerate. another one for re8earch =.roc*rement >hether the .aper pre8entation8 Total Co8t in la4h8 A L E.11 To 8t*. for ma4in concrete 8ample8 Bi one i8 re:*ire. "a8 p( meter Chemical8! Bacteria C*lt*re! Material8 for concrete 8pecimen8 DNA &e:*encin ! K$D!&EM!TEM etc B. for ma88 8terili<ation 'or ro9in cell8 at optim*m temperat*re No 3. c*lt*re nee. ro9in -acteria an. /. $efri erator L" 1.

31 1.pen. Co8t in la4h8 (elper 5 $8.ropo8e.32 1.0E la4h8 ANNEEBRE II (uration of ProAect .E1 Total Li4el+ E.No Item &alarie8G>a e8 "*i.3111 p.ance fee for mentor8 Travel 9ithin Co*ntr+ for paper pre8entation8 Total .m for 13 month8L1.&*re 6A?B7 L E.10 Total Co8t in la4h8 B L 1.

temperat*re8 an. 13 month8 E. 6in month87 3.7 To 8t*.+ the efficienc+ Time $e:*ire. 9ith -acteria6&EM !TEM an.E month 1 month 1E month8.. te8tin them to 8t*. cell concentration an.+ the mechanical an. accelerate.entification of the al4aliphilic -acteria 9hich precipitate8 calcite6caco=7 con8tantl+ &creenin for Effectivene88C To 8t*. . concrete at vario*8 a e86 1 +ear ma. -acteria on the . choo8in the optim*m cell concentration for te8t 8ample8 Concrete te8t 8ample8 preparation *8in optim*m 2. 1.epo8ition in F. of -acteria ro9n in .*ra-ilit+ of concrete -+ te8tin them on concreteGmortar 8pecimen8 an. 8afet+ a8pect86to. To 8t*.*ra-ilit+ propertie8 of Bacteria em-e. there -+ choo8in the optim*m me. the crac48 9hen treate. concrete 9hen 8*-Aecte. . to elevate.reparation Total TimeC - 0.*ra-ilit+ of concrete an.E month8 =.+ the rate of amo*nt of calcite .i*m to ro9 the -acteria for te8t 8ample8 To &t*..e.Activit+ 1.e.+ the -ehavior of -acteria em-e. Activit+ Bloc4 &creenin for Calci*m car-onate proC I8olation! characteri<ation I i. a ein . practical economic! environmental an.icolo ical te8t87 'inal . 8.+ the effect of . K$D anal+8i87 To 8t*.ia on the .+ the reali8tic an.roAect $eport .ifferent me.ifferent cell concentration8 of 1.

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